The Office of Equal Opportunity Services is staffed by a dedicated and professional group of equal opportunity specialists.

Equal Opportunity Services Staff

Dr. Richard Anthony Baker
Assistant Vice Chancellor/Vice President
UH Title IX Coordinator
B.S.W., University of Texas at Austin
J.D., M.P.A., Texas Tech University
Ph.D., Texas Tech University

Mr. Brian A. Schaffer
Director of Investigations, Equal Opportunity Services
B.A., Stony Brook University
J.D., American University Law School
LL.M., Georgetown University Law Center

Ms. Erika Harrison
Equal Opportunity Specialist
B.A., University of Missouri
J.D., University of Missouri School of Law

Ms. Daniela A. Monkiewicz
Equal Opportunity Specialist
B.A., University of Texas at San Antonio
J.D., Michigan State Univeristy College of Law

Ms. Mandisa Oliver - Hughes
CAAP, American Association for Access, Equity & Diversity
Equal Opportunity Coordinator

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