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Metabocentric Biotechnologies, Inc. (MBI) is an early stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel cancer chemotherapeutics that target the unique metabolic vulnerabilities of metastatic cancer cells. We have identified a new approach to treating and, possibly, preventing brain metastases, in particular breast cancer brain metastases. Furthermore, we have created a first-­‐in-­‐class polypeptide drug that kills cancer cells by down-­‐regulating the epidermal growth factor receptor protein.


MBI's mission is to identify novel targets of opportunity for the treatment and prevention of cancer metastases, and to develop chemotherapeutic agents of high efficacy and low toxicity for this purpose.

Technology and Systems

When cancer cells spread from the tissue in which the cancer originated to different tissues or organs (i.e., metastasis), they must evolve new metabolic strategies to allow them to survive and thrive in a nutrient micro-­‐environment that may be much different from that of the source tissue. We have developed patented technologies that serve as a gateway for the development of completely new approaches by disabling cancer cell specific metabolism, and degrading oncogenic proteins to treat cancers (US patents 9,334,307 and 9,522,139).

Business Strategy

MBI is in the business of drug discovery, from basic research to clinical trials. However, the company does not plan to produce, market, distribute, or sell the finished product to consumers. Rather, we will seek strategic partnerships with large pharmaceutical firms that control the resources to bring our products to market. Ultimately, we envision an exit strategy involving a merger/acquisition with/by such a firm.


The vast majority of cancer deaths occur as a consequence of the spread of the cancer from the tissue of origin to other tissues and organs throughout the body. MBI aspires to service the entire market for drugs that prevent the spread of cancer. Initially, we will focus on the breast cancer and ovarian cancer market, which we estimate to be worth approximately $1.5 to 4 Billion per year in the US alone.


Currently, the company is managed by the three founders, Drs Rea, Briggs, and Weihua. All are Professors of Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Houston. Together, they bring over 50 years of research experience as Principal Investigators in the fields of cancer biology, structural biology and neuroscience. Dr Weihua’s breakthrough work at UH provides the scientific foundation for MBI’s proprietary technology. Drs Rea and Briggs bring entrepreneurial expertise, having co-­‐founded, together with other UH colleagues, a successful biotechnology company, VisiGen Biotechnologies, Inc., which was acquired in 2008 by Invitrogen (now Life Technologies) for $25M.