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Cool Comic Creations

Cool Comic Creations (CCC) is a multi-media entertainment company focused primarily in the Video Game, Animation, and Comics Industry. Cool Comic Creations was initially made by the 2 brothers Cameron and Jacob Neal at the very young ages of 5 and 7. Throughout the years they grew in their skills and knowledge and created many ideas and plans to eventually become industry leaders in their field. In 2015 Cool Comic Creations became fully incorporated and the dream turned into a reality when they were petitioned and contracted to design a game for the risk-assessment and personality diversity company Equilibria. Cool Comic Creations has over 15 years of analyzing industry trends and developing ideas and now seeks to take the first steps to realizing its long dreamed goals.


Cool Comic Creations’ mission is to innovate the field of entertainment and provide opportunities to all artists and creative types who seek to inspire worldwide. Our goal is to make all of our products a phenomenal and unique experience that leaves our fans with a sense of awe and satisfaction. We strive to one day get rid of the concept of remote, inaccessible artists and creators and make all entertainment markets accessible and sustainable for all innovative upstarts. We intend to prove 100 times over that creativity is not dead; that it can come from the most innocuous of places, and that those who follow the creative spirit will always lead the industry. Our vision is to bring about a future where the creative force of small-time innovators will make a significant impact and visible change to the current standard. We seek to lead Video Games, Animation and Comics into an era of sophistication, progress, acceptance, and accessibility as never before seen or done in time. We won’t rest until we’ve become the Gold Standard for creative integrity in our respective fields and a beacon of hope and inspiration for innovators worldwide.

Technology and Systems

Cool Comic Creations has created many systems of operations for each of its respective production cycles. Each cycle typically goes through the standard procedure of any product development, pre-production, production, and post production. We are vision centered however, and place an emphasis on this throughout the whole company to spread the kernel of inspiration and imagination throughout the entire production process. This being the information age, we utilize fully the available technologies and virtual software that can both speed up production and increase chances for qualitative products. Staying virtually fluent is key in utilizing assets that would otherwise be inaccessible via Cool Comic Creations’ physical geography.

Business Strategy

Cool Comic Creations’ business strategy is to do two things. The first is to make qualitative media products with available resources. With each product released on the market we use a portion of the revenue to invest in technological advancements and better capital to increase both our production output and quality in future production cycles. The second is to create and invest in technologies that will increase smaller media entertainment companies’, like ourselves, chances of breaking down industry barriers, increasing consumer reach, and maximizing profit potential. The goal here is to reach the middle ground of profits that major companies like Disney, Sony, and Nintendo ignore. Stabilizing a dedicated market that benefits companies of our size can eventually lead to market and company growth which Cool Comic Creations will utilize to rise to the levels of our top competitors.


The Media and Entertainment market is a rapid growth market thanks to current technologies and the internet. With widely consumed technologies like Mobile Phones helping media products to be easily assessable, and with increasingly cheap and effective media production software like, Toonboom, Amazon Lumberyard, Blender, Unity, Photoshop becoming subscription based the market could potentially see market growth like never before. Each portion of Cool Comic Creations’ target markets has seen a marked difference in their conditions due to these things. Within the Video Game market for the year 2017 Mobile Game production is now the second most type of video game produced behind the PC. Within the Animation industry we seem to see a bit of a lull in commercial production for television, however the trend of online streaming and content production seems to be increasing, which provides opportunities for growth in this industry as well. The Comics industry could technically be considered at an all-time low in terms of paper back sales. However, the recent successes of websites like Line Webtoon in turning published web comics into profitable mass media markets indicates that web comics may take over a larger profitable margin in the long run within the industry.


The managers of Cool Comic Creations are its co-founders Cameron and Jacob Neal. Both are visionaries with their own synergetic talent and abilities that allow them to maneuver the company towards great success. Cameron’s key skills boil down to team motivation, visualization, product ideation, market analysis, sales, building production procedures, and project management. Jacob’s key skills boil down to visualization, product ideation, finding key talent, risk assessment, research and development, and task management.