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Policies and Procedures

College of Education
Faculty Activities
Promotion and Tenure
General Information
University Wide Business Management
Baseline Standards Policy
Farish Hall Room Request Form
Human Resources
Classification of Staff Jobs Policy
Overtime/Compensatory Time Procedure

Graduate Student Positions and Definitions

Family and Medical Leave Procedure
Employee Relations
New Hire/Onboarding Form

Termination/Offboarding Form

Discipline/Dismissal of Staff Employees Policy
Termination Clearance Procedure

Epar Authorization Worksheet

General Ethics Principles Guide

Time and Effort Reporting Policy
Time and Effort Reporting Procedure
Procurement - General 
Procurement - General Procedure
Procurement - Forms

P-card Business Meal

Contract Administration
Contracting - General Procedure
Finance and Accounting
Check and Cash Handling
Cash Handling Policy
Expenditure Management
Official Functions and Discretionary Expenditures Policy
Finance and Accounting – Forms

Request to budget new revenue

Request to budget fund balance

Purchase Form

Travel Receipts

Travel Rules for the College of Education

Travel Request Form

Information Technology

Education IT policy

Off-Campus Property Addendum

User Guidelines and Responsibilities; Security
Employee Responsibilities - Telecommunications Resources Policy

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