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Liberal Studies at UH

News and Events

Practicum Orientation Sessions

Director of Liberal Studies Dr. Behr held orientation Q&A sessions with about 50 students total this semester as students are approaching the new Practicum requirement for graduation. The Practicum options (study abroad, internship, thesis) give students an excellent credential and distinction on their resumé no matter what direction their LS degree takes them: job market, professional or graduate school. See the FAQ page for more information and the required forms.

Check out our FAQ page!

Spend Summer 2013 in Europe!

June in the heart of Rome, the Eternal City, for ILAS 4350 "Senior Seminar" in the Great Books, ARTH "Roman Art and Architecture in Historical Context," or ITAL 1501 "Elementary Italian I." And/or July in Heidelberg with our affiliate program at the European Study Center with courses in SOC "Cross Cultural Communication," and POLS "European International Politics."

You can do either one, or BOTH for a great European adventure. Add our Winter Session in France and Switzerland next year, and WOW... stay tuned!"

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Winter Session in France! New Year's Eve in Paris! Ski in the Alps!

Winter Session

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Spend your winter break in Europe, earn 3 credits for ILAS 2350 or just go for the fun! Alumni, family and friends even from other schools are welcome to apply. Contact Dr. Behr for more information,

UH in Rome 2012! Applications will soon be accepted for the 2nd running of our exciting, five-week UH program in Rome. Stay tuned!

Itinerary - winter in France

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Rome Tri-fold

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Strasbourg (France, Germany, Switzerland) Winter Session itinerary now available!

What a great way to do your ILAS 2350, "Intro to Liberal Studies" course! The prices can go down based on enrollment, so tell your friends! Non-UH students can take this course for transfer credit. Deadline is October 1st. Contact Dr. Behr for more information:

Itinerary - winter in France

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Winter Session Study Abroad in France

This Winter Session you can take the 3-credit hour ILAS 2350 "Introduction to Liberal Studies" with a two week seminar in Strasbourg, France! The course is open to all students, at UH or from other universities too! The course covers the fundamentals of higher education and life-long learning. It is a "hybrid" class, with an online lecture/reading component that students will do from home in December, and the seminar component conducted in Europe. There will be lots of excursions, cultural visits, including THREE NIGHTS IN PARIS, and an optional four-day trip to the Swiss Alps.

liberal arts

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Liberal Studies is now in new Department of Comparative Cultural Studies

The Liberal Studies B.A. is now a program under CCS! The new Department of Comparative Studies is a bold new initiative of the University of Houston to combine the strengths of the Religious Studies program and the former Anthropology department into a synergistic program that can integrate a number of cultural studies programs dispersed throughout the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. The new CCS department will offer the minor and major in Anthropology, the minor in Religious Studies, and soon its own minor with various "tracks." It is planned that the new India Studies minor will also be among our offerings there. Stay tuned!

Liberal Studies launches new course

The Liberal Studies program has launched its new course, ILAS 2350 "Introduction to Liberal Studies" for the Fall semester. This course will be required for L.S. majors and starting in Fall 2012 will also be a Humanities Core course, open to all students and a great intro to higher education and life-long learning.

In the can: Liberal Studies Senior Seminar in Rome

Wow! Liberal Studies Senior Seminar in Rome, 2011, is 'in the can'! (That's Hollywood lingo for 'all wrapped up, finito.) Fifteen wonderful students, from many different majors, spent 5 weeks in Rome, enjoying the ancient ruins, baroque glories, and late-night frivolities that only Rome has to offer. There is nothing like studying the Great Ideas in the home of so many of them. Students also had the option of taking a course in "Roman Civilization in Art and Architecture" that could apply to history, art history, and classics minors. If you're looking towards Senior Seminar and would love a study abroad with an intense experience of one of the world's great cities, start thinking about 'UH Rome 2012'! Check out out UH Rome 2011 Facebook page!

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Summer Seminar in Rome
Summer 2011

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Info Updated January 2011

Flyer that promotes

Summer Seminar in Rome
Summer 2011

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Info Updated December 2010

Rome 2011 Summer Seminar Course Syllabi: ILAS 4350 "Senior Seminar" and HIST 4395 "Roman Civilization"