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ILAS 2350 Introduction to Liberal Studies

ILAS 2350 “Introduction to Liberal Studies” is a “learning-how-to-learn” course. It is offered as a Language, Philosophy and Culture core course. It is a required course for the Liberal Studies major. Enrollment in this course has risen to between 150 and 200 students per semester in just three years due to our increasing numbers of majors and also due to the approximately one-third non-majors taking the course. It is offered as a hybrid and as an all-online course. Students study Adler’s How to Read a Book, and How to Speak, How to Listen, and watch video lectures on the techniques exposited in those books and take a quiz. Each week students also do a written exercise to practice the techniques they are learning for analyzing complicated texts and talks across various genres and disciplines.

ILAS 3350 Power Writing (not required)

ILAS 3350 “Power Writing” is a combined job-readiness and professional communications course that is offered to Liberal Studies majors as one of the four options for satisfying their “Practicum” requirement for graduation (the others being job internship, study abroad, or senior thesis). This course is offered all online. Besides learning and practicing business communications of all sorts from emails to research memoranda, students have three projects that include preparation of their job materials, identification and interview with a professional working in their desired field, preparation and delivery of a business presentation grounded in their desired field of employment.

ILAS 4350 * Senior Seminar in Liberal Studies

ILAS 4350 “Senior Seminar in Liberal Studies” is a knowledge integration course, with readings selected across disciplines and genres (natural science, social science, philosophy, imaginative literature), involving weekly essays and seminar discussions that engage students coming from multidisciplinary experiences in deeper consideration of the perennial questions of life. The course aims to hone skills for life-long learning, professional and personal growth, and participation in the global public square. It is a required and restricted enrollment course for Liberal Studies majors. It is offered face-to-face and future plans include offering it via synchronous video conferencing for distance students.

* permission of the instructor is required