RSO Contest

Congratulations to our winners, UNICEF!

One Word: Multicultural

#IAMUH because UNICEF at UH is composed of students from many different cultural backgrounds from around the world who work together to accomplish similar goals to make our organization greater and spread awareness of UNICEF's mission to aid children in need around the world in areas troubled by war or famine.

Global Medical Brigade

One Word: Humility

#IAMUH because Global Medical Brigades unite the diverse student body with the common goal of helping those in need by providing access to health care to underserved communities while spreading knowledge and empowering women and children in the world.

Society of Automotive Engineers

One Word: Innovative

#IAMUH because… The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has combined education, innovation and dedication to successfully develop the University of Houston’s first Formula style car in 7 years! We are determined to reestablish the legacy of U of H’s participation in the international F-SAE competition, which began at U of H in 1979. We compete in Lincoln, Nebraska this summer.

Hallyu Club

One Word: Diversity

#IAMUH because Hallyu Club is the most diverse student organization on this campus! We are the Korean Entertainment Club and focus on not just the Korean Entertainment Industry, but we also talk about Korean Drama, Korean Culture, Korean Food! Our club promotes unity within our club, and talk about our love for the Korean Culture! Join Hallyu Club today!

International Student Organization

One Word: Diversity

I am UH because The International Students Organization comes together and shares each other's cultures; we unite. Unity is strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Catholic Student Organization

One Word: Unity

#IAMUH because even though we come from different cultures and religions, we find ways to share our lives with one another. We strive to be brothers and sisters of peace. We hope that our acts of kindness and love break through the barriers of race and religion. We are UH because we are intricately diverse yet wonderfully and perfectly united.

Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.

One Word: Multiculturalism

#IAMUH because all of our members truly understand and embody diversity through our tenets. We live by these five tenets, scholarship service, sisterhood, leadership, and multiculturalism.