More #IAMUH Stories

"I am UH because I am a francophone of the Americas. I overcome cross-cultural language barriers and represent linguistic diversity." #Jesuisuh

Andre Brown

"I am UH because I work at the best institution in America and we pursue excellence in everything we do."

Tom Herman
UH Football Head Coach

"I am UH because I am part of the rich fabric of student veterans transitioning from the service of our country abroad to the service of our communities at home."

Shaun Theriot-Smith
UH SGA President and Civil Engineering Student Veteran

"I am UH because I am committed to creating memorable experiences for every student that is a apart of UH’s diverse population.”

Ashriel Dunham
Student Center Marketing Manager

"I am UH because I am a strong woman who loves every bit of my interracial marriage and beautifully bi-racial children."

Dr. Tina Powellson
Director for Center for Student Involvement

"I am UH Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life at their summer retreat." #IAMUH


"I am UH because I refuse to fail and prove anyone who told me I could not do something to make my parents proud of all of my accomplishments."

Rosaura Martinez
CDI Ambassador

"I am UH because I have a passion for building Champions for life, by creating opportunities for our student-athletes to succeed academically, athletically and as leaders"

Hunter Yurachek
VP, Intercollegiate Athletics

#IAMUH because we are growing the Pride with our Little Cougars at the UH Children's Learning Centers.