Paul Saka
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BA in liberal arts, University of Chicago
PhD in linguistics, University of Arizona
PhD in philosophy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Selected Work

  1. "Quotation and the Use-Mention Distinction." Mind 107: 113-35 (Jan. 1998). [abstract]

  2. "Ought Does Not Imply Can."
    American Philosophical Quarterly 37: 93-105 (April 2000). [abstract]

  3. "Pascal's Wager and the Many Gods Objection."
    Religious Studies 37: 321-41 (Sept. 2001). [abstract]

  4. "Pascal's Wager." Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (2002).

  5. "Quotational Constructions." Hybrid Quotations, edited by Philippe de Brabanter,
    published by John Benjamins, pp. 187-212 (2005). Reprinted in [8].

  6. "The Demonstrative and Identity Theories of Quotation." Journal of Philosophy
    103.9: 452-71 (September 2006).
    Reprinted in [8].

  7. "The Argument from Ignorance against Truth-Conditional Semantics."
    American Philosophical Quarterly 44.2: 157-69 (April 2007).

  8. How to Think about Meaning. Philosophical Studies Series, Springer (2007). [abstract]

Area Editor, Philosophy of Language: Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Consultant Editor, Episteme

Extra-curricular Interests

I love to read, especially history, (auto)biography, popular physics and biology and engineering, science fiction, and utopian literature. I enjoy collecting art books, traveling, hiking, skindiving, caring for my pet hamster, and spending time with friends.