Fill-In-The Blanks for Sedimentary Rocks - Chapter 6

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  1. The most abundant type of sedimentary rocks are the .

  2. Of the common rock forming silicates is stable at the surface of the Earth.

  3. Coarse clastics which have a high mineralogical maturity are the .

  4. A coarse clastic with abundant rock fragments as the framework grains is a .

  5. Texturally mature sedimentary rocks are sorted.

  6. Coal is formed by the of terrestrial plant remains.

  7. Oil and gas are formed by the metamorphism of of organisms.

  8. The largest percentage of sedimentary rocks in the rock record accumulated in the .

  9. Beach deposits characteristically have a high .

  10. In deep sea sedimentary rocks there is often a coarse, terrestrial component and a finer grained component.