Fill-In-The Blanks for Plate Tectonics - Chapter 19

Position the cursor on the small box, click, type in your answer and push return. If you are correct, the answer is given in green. If you are wrong, the correct answer is given for you in red.

  1. A piece of former oceanic lithosphere is an: .

  2. Approximately how fast is North America separating from Eurasia : ______ cm/year .

  3. The Gulf of Mexico is a _________ margin. .

  4. The age of oceanic lithosphere increases with increasing distance from a .

  5. Deep-sea trenches are associated with __________plate boundaries.

  6. The Hawaiian Islands are caused by a .

  7. The supercontinent Pangaea began to break up during the _________ Era.

  8. The Moho lies within the .

  9. Typically, the youngest unit is an ophiolite sequence is .

  10. Melange deposits are associated with _______________ plate boundaries. .