Ruth Applegate, Wife of John Dye

Ruth Applegate was the wife of John Dye was born in 1761 in Middlesex County, New Jersey, and died in 1840 in Brown County, Ohio. Two primary sources exist for the information which follows:

  1. The Applegate Family in America produced by Hugh Vorees. Follow the line 5F. The Applegate children noted in the following are descendents of Benjamin Applegate.

  2. Historical Collections of Brown County, Ohio by Thompson, published in 1968.

They were married on Apr. 6, 1779 in Elizabeth, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania. They moved c1785 to Mason Co., Ky. where they stayed several years before moving to Illinois. They didn't stay there very long before returning to Kentucky. They moved to Brown Co., Ohio c1795 and lived near her sisters' family -- the Evans Family.

Recall that Ezekiel Dye's mother may have been Mary Applegate and her genealogy is reasonably well known - the great grandaughter of Thomas Applegate (II). Ruth Applegate, wife of John Dye was also the great grandaughter of Thomas Applegate (II)

An outline of her genealogy is presented below as it helps understand the migration patterns of these families:

  1. Thomas Applegate, born c1632; died 1699. He married (1)_______, born ; died ; (2) to Joanna Gibbons, born ; died after 1699, daughter of Richard Gibbons, who was one of the twelve patentees of Monmouth Co., NJ. He apparently moved to New Jersey sometime in the 1660's as his cattle mark was recorded in the town book of Middletown on Jan. 4, 1668. On Mar. 8, 1674, Thomas petitioned along with his brother, Bartholomew for land in the Neversinks. On Apr. 21, 1676, John Fenwick gave a deed to Thomas Applegate, weaver, of New Shrewsberry, NJ for 600 acres in Fenwick's Colony. There was a second deed on Sept. 20, 1677 to Thomas Applegate of the Falls in New Shrewsberry in NJ, weaver, of 480 acres in the allotment of Cohanzick along the Marsh, part of Edward Boarnes 2000 acres. On Oct. 19, 1677, he secured by a quit-claim deed, two hundred and forty acres of upland and meadow in Shrewsbury Twp., Monmouth Co., NJ. There are records that he served on jury duty in Middlesex Co., NJ. On Feb. 14, 1679, Thomas Applegate along with 12 others obtained a charter to hunt whales. He made his will on Feb. 1, 1698 and it was proved on Mar. 29, 1699; his death must have occured between these dates, probably in Feb. 1699. His wife, Joanna and her father, Richard Gibbons, were the executors of his estate.

    1. [5F]. Benjamin Applegate, born c1686; died 1753. He married Elizabeth Morford, born ; died apparently before her husband, daughter of John Morford. Benjamin was probably a farmer and was constable in 1732 for New Windsor. In 1750, he was living in New Windsor, Middlesex Co., NJ. His will was proved on May 16, 1753 in Nottingham Twp., Burlington Co., NJ and it bequeathed, "son Thomas, 5 shillings and demand of 13 pounds; sons Benjamin, William and Richard, each 5 shillings; daughter Johannah, a bed, real and personal estate. Son, Daniel, to be put to a trade, and when 21, to have 1/3 of the estate. daughter Alse, when 18, and daughter Jomine, the rest".

      1. 5F1. Thomas Applegate, born c1723; died probably before 1790, probably in Allegheny or Washington Cos, Pa. The name of Thomas' wife is unknown, but she is probably the Mrs. Applegate who married on Sept. 29, 1796 with Squire Joseph Beckett, officiating, to Andrew McKeth, born ; died . Thomas joined the Tonaway Baptist Church in Bedford Co., Pa. prior to 1770. Thomas is supposed to have fought in the French and Indian War (family tradition). He may be the Thomas Applegate who served 10 days with an Maryland Unit during the French and Indian War. He is listed on the taxpayers list for 1773 in Rosstraver Twp. which was then in Bedford Co., Pa. He also appears on the list of members of the Peters Creek Baptist Church on Nov. 10, 1773 but not on the list for 1789. His name appears on a number of transactions in Yohogania Co., Va. during the years, 1777-80. (Yohogania Co., Va. became part of Washington Co., Pa. in the 1780's). An example of one of these transactions(deeds) is one given on Sept. 24, 1778 by Andrew McMeans to Thomas Applegate of Yohogania Co. which was witnessed by John Rubicum and Henry Westley. In deed book "C", of Washington Co., Pa. shows a tract of 224 acres in the name of Thomas Applegate. A warrent was issued on Jan. 10, 1786, and the tract was surveyed on May 28, 1787; but the patent was issued to Richard Johnston on Nov. 14, 1806. In 1786, Thomas Applegate was listed as owning 300 acres in Elizabeth Twp., Allegheny Co., Pa. which was then Rosstraver Twp., Westmoreland Co., Pa.

        1. [5F1A] Thomas Applegate, Jr., born c1745; died 1808 in Louisville, Ky. He married Mary______, born ; died . There is no record of Mary except her name. Thomas was the first Applegate who went to the vicinity of Allegheny Co., Pa. with the Wall brothers about the year 1766. He probably brought back the news of the land when he returned and the westward migration began. Thomas received a warrent for 137 1/2 acres in Westmoreland Co., Pa. on July 10, 1786 which was transferred to Robert McFarland on Aug. 20, 1805. Thomas brought his family to Kentucky probably about 1781. It is thought that their son, Elisha, was the only one born in Kentucky, having been the first white child born in Jefferson Co., Ky.(p. 98 of Louisville, Past and Present; Its Industrial History). Thomas had no land grant in Kentucky so he purchased 79 acres of land on July 20, 1792 from the Alexander Hite heirs. He also bought several city lots in Louisville which were divided among his heirs. His will, dated Dec. 25, 1806, names wife Mary and sons, Samuel, Hezekiah, Benjamin, Tunis, Elijah, and Elisha, and daughter Joanna.

      2. [5F2] Benjamin Applegate, born 1725; died May 31, 1823 in Allegheny Co., Pa. He married (1) Rebecca Wall, born 1730; died Nov. 25, 1781; daughter of James Wall; (2) to Hannah_______, born ; died . (It is interesting to note what had happened since the will of Benjamin-3 was probated in Burlington Co., NJ on May 16, 1753. Several of Benjamin's sons had settled in Allegheny Co., Pa. or what is now Washington Co., Pa., but at time claimed by Virginia and called Yohogania Co. Harvey Linn Applegate, writing in 1915, gave the following account. "Benjamin-4 emigrated to Rostraver Twp., Westmoreland Co., Pa.(now Forward Twp., Allegheny Co., Pa.) in 1766, "in company with James and Walter Wall(his brother-in- law)". They returned to "the east" in the fall of 1768, and they brought their families to Rostraver Twp. in the spring of 1769).* Recently, it was discovered that the Applegate who accompanied the Wall brothers, was Benjamin's nephew, Thomas Applegate, Jr. Garrett Applegate(1758-1837) perhaps the second son of Benjamin-4 after Walter, states in his Revolutionary War pension application (S32098) that he was born in Berkeley Co., Va. on Nov. 2, 1758 and lived there until 1774. (Berkeley Co., Va. was formed in 1772 from Frederick Co., Va. and included what is now the eastern panhandle of WV, Morgan, Berkeley and Jefferson Cos., WV). Benjamin-4 was in the Revolutionary War, serving with Capt. Thomas Moore's Co. of Rangers(1778-83).(Pa. Arch. 3, Ser. Vol. 23, p.322). Benjamin was granted a tract of 397 acres of land on Nov. 23, 1787 by the Supreme Executive council of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The deed for this property was recorded in the Rolls Office in Patent Book, Vol. 11, page 407 in Harrisburg, Pa. Benjamin lived on this land and he and Rebecca were buried there. There are no traces of their tombstones now as a barn was built over that area, formerly his cemetery. Benjamin's will was dated Jan. 20, 1821 and it listed all of his children and a few of his grandchildren.

      3. [5F3] William Applegate, born c1733 in Burlington Co., NJ; died in Corydon, Ind. c1838. (This latter date is mentioned in several references((e.g. History of Brown Co., Ohio)) but has not been confirmed; in fact no official record of him exists after 1801). He married in NJ to Mrs. Sarah Catherine Wiggins, born ; died . He came to western Pennsylvania about 1768-70, probably with his brother(s). The first tax list of Rosstraver Twp., Bedford Co., Pa. in 1772 lists William and his three brothers, Benjamin, Thomas and Daniel. He is taxed 3.0 in 1773. He was listed as a "Ranger on the Frontier" Continental Line, 1778-83 and served in Hugh Goudy's Company. In 1783, the Westmoreland Co., return-transcript of property, lists William as possessing 300 acres of land, 3 horses, 5 head of cattle, 8 sheep, and 11 white inhabitants. In 1786, he was taxed 8.5 in Westmoreland Co., Pa. The 1790 census, lists males over 16 (2); males under 16 (1); females(all ages) 5. He received a patent of land formerly owned by James Dean. This tract was surveyed on Sept. 16, 1790 and was patented to William Applegate on June 23, 1794 and which was called, "Apple Orchard". In 1791, he was taxed 18.4 in Elizabeth Twp., Allegheny Co., Pa. On Apr. 15, 1801, William and his wife Sarah, now living in North Beaver Twp., Allegheny Co., Pa. transferred this property to sons Isaiah, William, and Robert. If he moved to Indiana, it is probable that it occurred after this property transfer. The 1830 census of Indiana lists a William Applegate, Sr.

        1. [5F3A] Robert Applegate, born Mar. 13, 1759 near Princeton, NJ; died 1848 at Mauchport, Harrison Co., Ind. He married Mary________, born ; died . He served in the Revolutionary War; his declaration of May 15, 1843 in Harrison Co., Ind. stated that he had volunteered under Gen. Hand and Col. Gibson; later he was drafted at Walltowers Station in Westmoreland Co., Pa. "One tour of service was a a substitute for his father who gave him a good farm for doing it". He was also a private under Capt. Minton, Youghiogheny Co., Va. In Pa. Arch. S. Ser. V. 4, p428, Robert is listed as a private in Westmoreland and a private in the Continental Line. In 1782, Robert Applegate acknowledged receiving several sums annexed to his name. In 1786, Robert Applegate, single, was taxed 10.6. In the 1790 census, he was listed as having 2 sons and 1 daughter. In 1791, he was taxed 1.0. On Apr. 15, 1801, he received 100 acres of land called "Apple Orchard" in Elizabeth Twp., from his parents. This land was sold to James Wall, Jr. on Apr. 1, 1842 with Robert, Irwin, Mary, and Catherine signing the deed.

        2. [5F3B] Ruth Applegate, born 1761 in Middlesex Co., NJ; died c1840 in Georgetown, Brown Co., Ohio. She married on Apr. 6, 1779 in Elizabeth, Allegheny Co., Pa. to John Dye, born 1754 in Middlesex Co., NJ; died Apr. 23, 1836 in Georgetown, Ohio, son of James Dye and Sarah Dye. They moved c1785 to Mason Co., Ky. where they stayed several years before moving to Illinois. They didn't stay there very long before returning to Kentucky. They moved to Brown Co., Ohio c1795 and lived near her sisters family, the Evans Family. John served in the 11th Pa. Inf. during the Revolutionary War. He received a pension on June 22, 1819; Ruth received a pension for his service on Apr. 23, 1836.

        3. [5F3C] Catherine Applegate, born c1762 in NJ; died c1839 in Brown Co., Ohio. She married c1780 to Robert Wright, born May 19, 1758; died 1840. Robert served in the Revolutionary War from Massachusetts. They moved first to Mason Co., Ky from Allegheny Co., Pa.

          1. Elijah Wright, born c1782; died .
          2. Mary Wright, born 1785 in Mason Co., Ky.; died June 4, 1864.
          3. William Wright, born Jan. 23, 1787; died . He married (1) to Mary Patton, born ; died ; (2) to Harriet Taylor, born ; died .
          4. Joseph Wright, born Apr. 2, 1796; died Oct. 9, 1887. He married on Jan. 21, 1823 in Brown Co., Ohio to Matilda Drishell, born Nov. 16, 1802; died Aug. 1863.
          5. Robert Wright, Jr., born ; died .
          6. John Wright, born ; died .
          7. Hugh Wright, born ; died . He was a river pilot. He did not marry.
          8. James Edward Wright, born ; died 1845. He married Malinda Kendall, born Dec. 22, 1812; died June 4, 1902.

        4. [5F3D] William Applegate, Jr., born c1765/66; died Mar. 8, 1844 in Harrison Co., Ind. He married in Dec. 1790 to Mary Walker, born 1777; died Jan. 18, 1858 in Harrison Co., Ind., aged 80. William may have been born in Princeton, NJ as was his brother, Robert. The first record of William was in 1786, when William Applegate, single, was taxed 10.0 in Westmoreland Co., Pa.; however, he was still a member of his father's household in 1790, but was taxed that year as a single man 3.9. In 1800, he was listed as married, 26-45 years old, with a male of similar age living with them; a male 16-26, and 2 females under 10. In 1819, in addition to his wife, his family was 2F 10-16; 2Mu10; 1M10-16; and 2M16-26. On Apr. 15, 1801, his father, William Applegate, Sr. gave 113 acres of a tract known as "Apple Orchard" for $553. This tract was bounded by land of Isaiah Applegate, Garret Applegate, Benjamin Applegate, Sr. to the post on the corner of Robert Applegate's land and Richard Manown. This deed, witnessed by Hugh Gaston and John Butcher with William Conner, J.P., was recorded on June 20, 1804. On Apr. 1, 1812, William sold 106 acres of this tract to William Stockdale, for $1100. He apparently went to Indiana following this transaction and received a land warrant as a resident of Harrison Co., Indiana Territory on Feb. 27, 1813. This warrant, signed by Pres. James Madison and Edward Tiffin, first Governor of Ohio, in Washington, DC, states that having deposited in the treasury, a certificate of Register of the Land Office at Vincennes whereby it appears that full payment has been made for "the southeast quarter of section Three of Township Five(South of the base line) in range Three(East of the second principal heirs meridian line)"........there the said William Applegate, his and assignees forever. William's will was probated in May 1844, recorded in Will Book No. 3 at the Court House, Corydon, Harrison Co., Ind. Children mentioned include John, Charles, William, Noah, Elizabeth, Sarah, Indiana, Samuel, Harvey H., Mary's will leaves land to her grandson, Milton Applegate, which had been left to her sons, Samuel and Noah, by their father's will, but they had died before Mary.

        5. [5F3E] Alice Applegate, born c1770/72; died . She married (1) in 1790/91 to William Wall , born ; died 1799, son of James Wall and Catherine Vanaman; and (2) c1800 to John T. Parker, born June 2, 1766 in NJ; died Jan. 9, 1853 in Ill., son of Thomas Parker and Amy James and grandson of David Parker and Mary Rhea.

        6. [5F3F] Jemina Applegate, born Jan. 2, 1776; died Jan. 7, 1844 at Russellville, Brown Co., Ohio. She married at Devore's Ferry, Pa. to Edward Evans, born Apr. 23, 1760 in Bedford Co., Pa.; died Nov. 3, 1843 at Russellville, Brown Co., Ohio, son of Hugh Evans. "His family had been Quakers (Shakers?) until the injustices of King George made them fighters. When Edward was 12 he made the trip over the mountains to procure salt which he retailed at $12.00 a bushel. Hugh, his father, went to the War but being lame he had to return home and his 16 year old son took his place."

          "He served with the 11th Pa. during the Revolutionary War. He was at Valley Forge, Pa. and the battle of Monmouth during that period of the war. He saw Martha Washington knitting for the soldiers when she came on a visit to her illustrious husband's camp. When the British crossed Brandywine, they piled debris on the bridge, which Evans, with 12 others, was ordered to remove under fire.

          He served until after the Battle of Monmouth when he left the service on account of illness. He was near the Battle of Monmouth on that memorable hot Sunday, June 28, 1778, was on the sick list but laso wanted to fight. He Captain refused and detailed him as a guard to a wagon train. He also served as a private in Lt. Col., Hubley's 10th Pennsylvania Regiment.

          He was the only son of Hugh Evans of Bedford County, Pennsylvania, who served in Captain Samuel Dawson's Company, Col. Richad Humpton's 11th Pennsylvnia Regiment.

          After his marriage they setteled in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, later moving to Washington, Kentucky and lived there from 1785 to 1799. In 1799 he came to Brown County, Ohio where he lived until his death. He was a farmer and an Indian Scout."

          1. Elijah Evans, born ; died .
          2. William Evans, born Jan. 23, 1787(?); died . He married (1) to Mary Patton, born ; died ; (2) Harriet Taylor, born ; died .
          3. Joseph Evans, born Apr. 2, 1796; died Oct. 8, 1887. He married Jan. 21, 1823 in Brown Co., Ohio to Matilda Drishell, born Nov. 16, 1802 in Mason Co., Ohio; died Aug. 1863.
          4. Robert Evans, born ; died .
          5. John Evans, born ; died .
          6. Hugh Evans, born ; died . He was a Mississippi River boatman. He did not marry.
          7. James Edward Evans, born ; died 1845. He married Melinda Kendall, born Dec. 22, 1812; died .

        7. [5F3i] Isaiah Applegate, born Dec. 24, 1781 in Allegheny Co., Pa.; died in Harrison Co., Ind. on Apr. 11, 1838. He married Hannah Applegate, born 1779; died Oct. 24, 1868, daughter of Garrett Applegate and Mary Johnson (5F2B). In 1850, she was living with her children. Isaiah received 100 acres of land on Apr. 15, 1801 in Allegheny Co., Pa. from his parents; the same day as his brothers. He sold it on Mar. 8, 1817 and presumably came to Harrison Co., Ind. shortly thereafter.

        8. [5F3H] Rebecca Applegate, born Jan. 15, 1784; died on Aug. 15, 1871 in Brown Co., Ohio. She married on Feb. 2, 1805 to Lines Pangburn, born Sept. 8, 1783; died Sept. 28, 1863, son of William Pangburn (b.1744; died , married Dec. 30, 1770 at 1st Presbyterian Church, Cranbury, NJ) and Hannah FitzRandolph (born Jan. 5, 1746 in Princeton, NJ; died June 11, 1835 in Brown Co., Ohio). Lines and Rebecca lived in Brown Co., Ohio.

        9. [5F3I] Elizabeth Applegate, born in Allegheny Co., Pa. on Jan. 15, 1786; died Feb. 11, 1865. She married William Pangburn, born in NJ on June 10, 1775; died in Clark Co., Ind. on May 26, 1853.

      4. [5F4] Richard Applegate, born c1733 in New Jersey; died 1800 in Scott Co., Ky. He married (1) probably in Albany, NY, to_______Wiggins, born ; died c1779; (2) probably in Allegheny Co., Pa. to Mrs. Rebecca Sparks, born ; died after 1800 probably in Scott Co., Ky. Richard served in the French and Indian War; his name appears on the Muster Roll of Major James Burd's Co., 1st Pa. Regiment on Apr. 2, 1756, aged 23. (Pa. Arch. Vol. 1, 5th Ser., p60. Thomas L. Montgomery, ed. Harrisburg, Pa.; Harrisburg Publ. Co. 1906). Richard was listed among others in Ulster Co., NY in May 1768 where an indictment was drawn up against Cornelius Wood of Newburgh, NY who was fraudulently collecting taxes. On Dec. 24, 1769, Richard Applegate was assigned to prosecute Mr. Wood(Ulster Co., NY Records published in the National Geneal. Soc. Quart. 61, 296(1973). Richard apparently moved his family closer to New Jersey, possibly in Northhampton Co., Pa. about the start of the Revolutionary War. About 1778, Richard enlisted in the Revolutionary War with two of his sons, Benjamin and William. His name appears on the roll on May 14, 1778 in the 6th Batt., Northhampton Co., Pa. Militia. (Pa. Arch. Ser. 5, Vol. 8, p435). Not long afterwards, his first wife died and he placed his son, Daniel, with a "Dutch farmer". After the war, he apparently moved to western Pennsylvania where he married his second wife. They moved to Scott Co., Ky. where he was listed as a member of the Great Crossing Baptist Church on June 1, 1785. He purchased property in Fayette Co., Ky. on Nov. 29, 1789 and was among the inhabitants of Woodford Co., Ky. who petitioned the Virginia Legislature on Oct. 25, 1790 for a division of their county. His will was signed on July 1, 1789 and was probated late in the year 1800. The records of the Great Crossing Baptist Church reported him alive on June 1, 1800; but dead in Nov. 1800.

      5. [5F5] Daniel Applegate, born c1740; died c1812 in Allegheny Co., Pa. He married Mrs. Elizabeth ( Harvey ) Brown, born ; died c1816 in Allegheny Co., Pa., supposedly of German parentage. Her son, Frederick Brown, born Dec. 1, 1759; died , was apparently adopted and considered Daniel's son in his will. Frederick Brown married Christina Smith and their daughter, Ruth Brown, married William Applegate, Daniel's grandson and son of John Applegate. Daniel was apparently under age at his father's death and was bound out to learn "a useful trade". Just when he joined his brothers in Allegheny Co., Pa. is not known, but he probably joined his brothers as soon as he was released from "learning his trade". Daniel is supposed to have served in the Westmoreland Co., Pa. Militia or the Continental Line during the Revolutionary War, but did not receive a pension, probably because he died before the Act of 1818 which was the first act to take care of aging Revolutionary War veterans. He patented his land in Allegheny Co., Pa., calling it "Orchard".

      6. [5F6] Joanna Applegate, born ; died . She married on Mar. 11, 1737 to John Feavel, of Upper Freehold, husbandman, born ; died .

      7. [5F7] Alse Applegate, born ; died .

      8. [5F8] Jomine Applegate, born ; died .

Thus, three Applegate sisters (Ruth, Catherine and Jemina) and their husbands (John, Edward, and Robert) whose paths intersected during the Revolutionary War ended up in Brown County, Ohio.

"Many a tale was told by these three partiots when the log fires leaped high"

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