Amos Dye, Brother of Ezekiel Dye

Amos Dye was born in 1749/50 in Middlesex County, New Jersey. He died in October, 1797 in Prince William County, Virginia. He married Mary Chamberlin on February 2, 1778 before moving to Virginia.

Regina Barry provided the text of a marriage bond between Amos Dye and Mary Chamberlin:

An image of this Marriage Bond is also available.

[He may have migrated with his older brother John Dye, Sr. around 1776 to Virginia. This is being researched.]

Amos and Mary had 7 children:

  1. Mary Dye was born in 1779 and married Matson Riley in 1801 in Wood County, West Virginia. He was from Loudoun County, Virginia. They had 10 children and owned a small farm on the Little Kanawha River in Wood County. There is quite a compilation available about the family of Matson Riley. The family is assumed to have come to Virginia from northern Ireland before 1750. The family apparently owned slaves and land in Loudon County.

    Matson's brother Joseph Riley married a Rachel Dye in 1790 in Prince William County, Virginia. She was probably the daughter of Amos' Dye uncle Vincent Dye. One of their sons was named Artipe - the maden name of Vincent's wife Sarah and four of the Riely children had the same names as daughters of Vincent. Joseph purchased several items at the estate sale of Vincent's property.

  2. John Dye was born about 1780 (?) in Virginia (?) and died May 27, 1843 in Wood County, (West) Virginia. His will lists 6 children:

    1. Amos Dye married (1) Margaret Heaton on November 4, 1827 in Wood County, West Virginia, and (2) Sarah Copin on May 30, 1841 in Wood County, West Virginia.

    2. Henry Dye born January 23 1806 in VA. Henry married Sarah Leach on August 9 1827 in Wood Co. West Virginia. Sarah was born about 1809. Henry died October 12 1875 in Vinton Co. Ohio and is buried in Hamden Cemetery in Hamden, Vinton Co. Ohio ( red dot on the map above).

      Henry Dye purchased land from the Government through the Chillicothe Land Office on Nov 5 1835 of 39.04 acres in Washington Towsnhip of Jackson Co. Ohio and on Aug 5 1837 purchased 49.44 acres in Milton Township of Jackson Co. ( Vinton County was formed in1850.) Thus, Henry Dye , son of John Dye, son of Amos Dye, appears to be the Dye that moved to Vinton County who was referred to in the history of Ezekiel Dye. Ezekiel would have been Henry's great uncle.

      The children of Henry and Sarah that are known currently are:

      1. Nancy Elizabeth Dye was born May 26, 1828 in Wood Co., Virginia (now West Virginia) and died January 1, 1916 in Jackson Co., Ohio. Nancy married James Patrick on April 18, 1847 in Jackson Co., Ohio in a village of the county, called Hamden, that would later become Vinton County. [Larry Patrick]

      2. David Benjamin Dye born November 18 1840 in Ohio and died 1928. He married Nancy J Wyman in 1863 in Vinton County, Ohio.
      3. Alfred Henry Dye born March 12, 1843 Ohio. He married Hanna L. Smith in 1869.
      4. Julia Ann Dye born about 1848 Ohio
      5. Andrew J. Dye born Dec 29 1856 Ohio. He married Annie Alvira Wilbur in 1877.
      6. Lemire Alice Dye born about 1854 Ohio

    3. Thomas Dye married Mary Dye on October 28, 1827 in Wood (was she related?)

    4. John Dye - was born on June 16, 1810 in West Virginia and died September 22, 1876. He married Amelia O. Leach on November 22, 1832 in Wood County, Virginia. She was the daughter of Thomas Leach and Sarah Owens. They had 10 children:

      1. Elizabeth
      2. Sarah
      3. Phebe
      4. Harrison
      5. Franklin
      6. Jane
      7. Margaret
      8. Amelia
      9. Hannah
      10. John W.

    5. James Dye - was born 1815 and married Sarah Ann Leach

    6. David Dye - was born 1818 and married Louisa Dawkins on April 1, 1841 in Wood County, West Virginia.

  3. Ezekiel Dye
  4. Thomas Dye
  5. Henry Dye
  6. David Dye
  7. Hannah Dye married ____ Johnson and they had 4 children : Judge Okey Johnson, Col. Dan D. Johnson, David D. Johnson and Rev. Thomas Johnson

[Laura Myers - FamTree and Judy Riley provided much of the information about Amos Dye and his children.]

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