(1) "Development of HTS Receiver Probes for High-Resolution MR Imaging", Develop HTS radiofrequency (rf) receiver probes for: 1) enhanced-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the spine; 2) Low-field MRI system.
Supported by TCSUH, Texas Advanced Technology Program, ISSO and NASA.

(2) "Resonant microwave methods for characterization of dielectrics and ferromagnetics,", J. Wosik supported by TCSUH, Design, construct, and utilize microwave resonators for characterization of superconductors, semiconductors, normal metals, and dielectrics.

(3) "Magnetically Tunable Microwave Devices Based on Perovskite Thin Film Structures,"
The goal of this proposed program is to develop novel magnetically tunable microwave devices which combine perovskite films exhibiting ferromagnetic properties and high-Tc superconducting (HTS) films.
Supported by Texas Advanced Research Program and TCSUH.

1- MRI


2- Power Handling Capability of Superconductors


3- Magnetically Tuned Superconductor Resonators