University of Houston Political Economy Conference

February 10-11, 2017

Hosted by the UH Economics and Political Science departments

Location: CBB 110, University of Houston


Friday, 2/10


12.15-1.30    Lunch


1.30-2.20      Guy Grossman (UPenn): “Information Dissemination, Competitive Pressure, and Politician Performance between Elections: A Field Experiment in Uganda”

Discussant: Willa Friedman (UH)

2.20-3.10      Horacio Larreguy (Harvard): “A Market Equilibrium Approach to Reduce the Incidence of Vote-Buying: Evidence from Uganda”

Discussant: Ed Malesky (Duke)


3.10-3.30      Break


3.30-4.20      Miriam Golden (UCLA): “Biometric Identification Machine Failure and Electoral Fraud in a Competitive Democracy”

Discussant: Francisco Cantu (UH)

4.20-5.10      Paul Schuler (U of Arizona): “Preference Falsification or Sincere Preference by Default? An Alternative Theory of Public Support for Party Labels in Single-Party Regimes”

Discussant: Beth Simas (UH)


7.30              Conference dinner (by invitation)


Saturday, 2/11


8.30-9.00      Breakfast


9.00-9.50      Gregory Martin (Emory): “Agency Problems in Political Campaigns: Media Buying and Consulting”

Discussant: Brian Richter (UT Austin)

9.50-10.40    Carlo Prato (Columbia): “How Outside Spending Shapes American Democracy”

Discussant: Vikram Maheshri (UH)


10.40-11.00  Break


11.00-11.50  Kei Kawai (Berkeley): “Voter Turnout and Preference Aggregation”

Discussant: Hulya Eraslan (Rice)


11.50-1.00    Lunch


1.00-1.50      Leonard Wantchekon (Princeton): “Policy Deliberation and Voter Persuasion: Experimental Evidence from an Election in the Philippines”

Discussant: Aimee Chin (UH)


1.50-2.00      Break


2.00-2.50      Jessica Gottlieb (Texas A&M): “When Political Competition Leads to Bad Outcomes: Evidence on the Role of Coordination Failure From A Developing Democracy”

Discussant: Pablo Pinto (UH)

2.50-3.40      Sandip Sukhtankar (U of Virginia): “Electoral competition and political rents: Evidence from India”

Discussant: Gergely Ujhelyi (UH)