Lecture 2: Minoan Crete

Additional Resources

Timeline of Greek history and Literature by Laurel Bowman

You can read a condensed version of Thomas Martin's Ancient Greece on-line on The Perseus Project.

Dartmouth's Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean contains in depth lectures on Minoan history, architecture, and art. See also this special issue of the Athena Review on the Minoan palaces. Explore the archaeological site of Knossos here and here.The British School at Athens (which oversees excavations there) has published a 3-D tour of the palace at Knossos here. Extensive pictures of a variety of Minoan sites (and a great deal of information about them) are available here.

This Italian website has great images of the myth of Zeus and Europa in both ancient and modern art.

See also the More Resources page of this web site.



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