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A Roman 
Stoa in Athens
Inside a Roman Stoa in Athens From The Ancient City of Athens. Image Copyright 1995-2000. All rights reserved. Kevin T. Glowacki and Nancy L. Klein of the Department of Classical Studies at Indiana University, Bloomington.

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A Timeline of Hellenistic Philosophy, with background information and an overview of the period (by Dr. Freeland)


Bibliography of Readings

On-Line Articles

Zeno of Citium, by Robin Turner

Stoicism, by Dirk Baltzly, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Stoicism, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Other Resources

Crane, Gregory R. (ed.) The Perseus Project,, May 2000.

Stoicism on the Web

Stoa, an article from the Perseus encyclopedia.

Stoa, search results on Perseus, includes links to many images of buildings.

Great aerial view of Athens' Agora, from Perseus

Voice of the Shuttle, Texts, Courses, etc., organized by time period and subject area

On-Line Texts and Specific Philosophers

Perseus Base Page for Texts and Translations (To find Stoic authors, you will want to check the Latin text section. There are no Greek Stoic authors on Perseus at this point.)


Zeno of Citium and the Cynics

Marcus Aurelius

All About Rome

Virtual Rome, On-Line tours, with links on life, mythology, history, Latin language and literature, etc.

Lacus Curtius: Into the Roman World, a Multi-Mega Resource for Information about Rome. Done by Prof. Bill Thayer of the University of Kansas. This site cannot be topped!

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