Women Philosophers

Note: This list is roughly chronological and far from complete especially as it approaches more recent times; it has few images but you will find more, plus critical] discussion and some on-line texts, by following the links below. For more images, see the Women in Philosophy Gallery, maintained by Karla Tonella

Hypatia, 370-415

See also Also (II), (III) (with another picture), and IV (list of links at the Episteme Links page).

Sophie, Electress of Hanover (1630-1714), Biographical Discussion with images, by Greg Brown

Queen Sophie Charlotte (1668-1705), biographical remarks with links by Greg Brown
Queen Charlotte, 1744-1818: A Bilingual Exhibit, by Angelika S. Powell and Jean L. Cooper, with one nice image: .
Die Lange Nacht der Sophie Charlotte.

Princess Caroline of Ansbach

Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-97). See also More on Wollestonecraft. And More (at the Episteme Links page). And more at this location.

Hannah Arendt (List of links from the Episteme Links page).

Simone de Beauvoir, 1908-86; Links at Episteme Links page.

Ayn Rand, from the Episteme Links page.

Simone Weil.

Women in Philosophy Gallery, courtesy of Karla Tonella

"Philosophers All-Stars Trading Cards" site (sic) has images of Rosa Luxemburg, Emma Goldman, and Mary Wollstonecraft -- the format is rather silly, but at least some women are included.

APA Directory of Women PhilosophersA list of living women philosophers, with information on education, interests, publications, and current location (self-submitted).

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