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Note: There are a number of existing guides and lists of links. These are quite comprehensive and well-organized, and will get you started.

WWW Philosophy Sites (U of Waterloo, Canada)

A Guide to Philosophy on the Internet (Peter Suber, Earlham College)

Episteme Links (Tom Stone)

Philosophical Events Directory at "The Philosophers' Web Magazine". (You can send your event announcements to them at

Also of Interest: Philosophy Search Engine, Hippias

From: Peter Suber

I'm pleased to announce the launch of HIPPIAS, a peer-reviewed search engine for philosophy at

Hippias covers philosophy on the internet comprehensively, yet reduces information overload. It includes all and only those sites judged to be relevant to philosophy by the Hippias editors. Unlike other search engines without this peer-review component, it returns very few false positives. For example, Alta Vista returns about 40,000 hits on "Descartes" these days, most of them irrelevant to philosophers (for example, a software company and a consulting service). Hippias returns around 200 hits, each of them relevant.

We encourage philosophical sites to link to Hippias, even to include a Hippias search box on their pages. See the site for more information.

Peter Suber, Professor of Philosophy
Earlham College, Richmond, Indiana 47374 USA
Voice 765/983-1214, Email

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