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It Counts Campaign

The Women and Gender Resource Center (WGRC) is excited to announce the launch of our new “It Counts” Campaign.

The campaign was created in response to the comments we received during workshops, and through our Sexual Misconduct Support Services (SMSS) program. We continue to hear so often, “I did not think that counted”. The belief that someone’s experience does not count or does not reach the same level of significance as other forms of sexual violence – can become a barrier to reporting and getting support. On the other hand, some individuals expressed not realizing their actions could count as a form of sexual violence. Our goal through this campaign is to not only bring awareness to support services available on campus- but to also support our community in recognizing, naming, and addressing the experiences they may be having related to sexual violence. With the help of students, we were able to come with over 20 different scenarios based on real life experiences. Each scenario stated is followed by the simple statement- “It Counts”. The scenarios were used to create a series of posters and other forms of digital media that will be posted across campus.

Sexual violence occurs on a continuum, and even a similar experience may impact each person differently. The It Counts Campaign was designed to support each person’s individual experiences- because it matters, and we are here to offer support. For more information about the It Counts Campaign or SMSS email us at