TNA SP12/1, 10

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TNA SP 12/1, 10 ff.17-18

[Transcribed by Helen Good]


It may please your Majestie to understand that according to your commaundment and thorder given in writing by your hieghnes Counsell I with Sir Gawin Carw and Sir Nicholas Throgmorton made repaire with speede unto Lambeth And there first proceding in talke with Senior Priola, he semed to take your Majesties pleasr and doinges in very good parte Then fourthwith upon my request he shewed the late Cardinals will (a true copie wherof I caused to be taken) whiche I thought mete to send by this berer unto your hieghnes Counsell / And it maie also please your Majestie to understande that the knowelege of the legacies maie be privately opened unto your Majestie and not communicated to any other, for that (as he allegeth) he is not yet certen howe thinges will suffice to the performance therof / He hath made a Kalender of the said Legacies in writing and declared therin the respectes whie he wold have the same kept secreate Which Kallender I thought it convenient to send herwith presently by the said Sir Gawin Carro, that he maie open and declare aswell the [same unto your] Majestie as other our procedinges here We [. . . . . . . . . ] unto your heighnes counsell Thinventory of all suche thinges as we think moost nedefull at this present And for thother thinges not so necessarie we shall use our diligence according to our Dutie and make advertisement therof assone as tyme will serve us to go throughe and despeche the same. Thus Almightye god preserve your Majestie From Lambeth this xxj of Novembre 1558

Rutland Ga Carew N Throckmorton


To the Quenes moost excellent Majestie

Therle of Rutland Sir Gawyn Carew and Sir Nicolas Throgmorton to the quenes Majeste xxj November 1558