Scribes of Edward I and Edward II

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Names on membranes (alphabetical order)

Term/Year/Roll Name/Abbreviated Name Writer of Roll/Writs Membrane(Image) Additional Information
Trin/1308/CP40/171 Baketon’ yes/? 77(0157)
Beverley/Beverle yes/? 51(0104) Burgh’ Burnedissh Cambridge, Roger of/Cant’ Chambre, John de la of Athelingflete, West Riding Yorkshire/Atheling Elmham, Bartholomew or John of/Elmham Richard de Eton/Eton attorney, Midd (0153) Gisburgh Gislingham Gotham Hampton Hawkedon, Stephen of/Haukedon Haxay Hengham, Gilbert of/Hengham Keleby/- yes/yes from 1296 onwards 2 (0006); 56 (0114); 95 (0193); 114 (0293); 163 (0331); 200 (0405); 235 (0475); Laughale, Thomas of/Laugh’, Laug’ Loddon, John of/Lodne Ludington/Luding’, Ludingh’ Marlinford Poynton Pykeryng Repinghale, Rep’ Rothleye/Roth’ Scothowe Surlingham Suth’ Tameworth/Tam’ Thweyt Tuttington, J. of /Tutyng’, Tutyngh Warrewyk Wickelwood, Robert of/Wicl’ Wolverneh/Wul’ Wrattynge, Gilbert of/Wrattynge, Wratt Wynneferth/Wynnef’