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  • see STAC Vaughan - see STAC Vernon
  • Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 35v. (kk) Misdemeanor in an officer for making a false and undue certificate of a recovery whereby the defendants lost their offices. Vernon and Vernon, plaintiffs; Dr John Throgmorton, knight, justice of the county of Montgomery, John Price, armiger, protonotary of the same county, and Robert Birkenshaw, clerk in the office to the said Price, defendants: for a false and undue certificate, made of a recovery plea roll, original writ, and warrant of attorney, concerning the barony of Powes, upon several writs of error directed to the said Sir John out of Her Majesty’s bench for the certifying the other the premises for which vidt the said Sir John for abusing his office and calling being a justice of the said county, committed to the Fleet and to pay £1000 fine and sequestered from his place, and Price for his fraudulent neglecting of his office and for his subtle device in contriving his said false certificate to be committed, and to pay £500 fine, and Birkenshaw for his corrupt and false dealing in the falsifying of the said transcript committed and to stand on the pillory here and at Montgomery assizes and Price to be put from his place and office otherwise. Trinity 21 Elizabeth (kk) see STAC Vernon





Welsh names

more in A Catalogue of Star Chamber Proceedings Relating to Wales compiled by Ifan ab Owen Edwards, Cardiff U P 1929

  • TNA E159/401 Fines Paid Hilary Term, 33 Elizabeth. Fines Paid 1591
    • From John Owen Vaughan de Lloydiarte, Montg, armiger: 100 marks.
    • From Howel Vaughan de Caytalloge, Montg, gent: £40.
    • From John Lloyde Vaure de Lloydiarte, Montg, gent: £20.
    • From Oliver David ap Rees of the parish of Llanervell, Montg, gent: £40.
    • From Thomas Griffith de Lloydiarte, Montg, yeoman: £20.
    • From Jevan Tudder de Maighloyde, Montg, yeoman: £10.
    • From James David Lloyde of the parish of Llanvayre, Montg: £10.
    • From Maurice ap Owen of the parish of Garthbibio, Montg: £10.
    • From Jevan ap Morrice late of Garthbibio, Montg: £10.
    • From David ap James de Llanvayre: £10.
    • From John ap Harry de Llanervell, yeoman: £10.
    • From Rothergh ap John ap Hughe de Lanervell, yeoman: £10.
    • From William Purslowe of Holborne, Middx, gent: £10.
    • From John ap Rothergh de Llanervell, yeoman: £10.
  • TNA E159/408 Michaelmas Term, 36-37 Elizabeth. Fine Paid 1594
    • From Griff ap Howell de Llanervile, Montg, gent: £10.
    • From John Griffith ap John de Llanvillinge, Montg, gent: £10.
    • From Thomas Tannatt de Llanvervile, Montg, gent: £10.
    • From John David ap Ithell of the vill and county of Montgomery, gent: £10.
    • From David ap Watkyn de Llanvervile, Montg: £10.
    • From Thomas Tannat de Llanvervile, Montg: £33 6s 8d.
    • From Thomas Tyler de Llanervile, Montg: £10.
    • From John David ap Ithell, Montg: £10.
    • From Griff Powell de Llanvervile: £10.
    • From said Griff Powell: £10.
    • From Oliver ap Olyver de Llanervile: £10.
    • From John ap Price ap David ap Owen de Llanvervile: £10.
    • From Humfrey ap John Owen de Poole, Montg, gent: £10.
    • From Edward Harbert Bach de Kerry, Montg, gent: £40.
    • From Edmund ap Rees de Kerry, Montg: £20.
    • From John ap Rees de Benyew, Montg: £40.
    • From Richard Harbert bastard de Benyewe, Montg: 20 marks.
    • From Edward Price de Llanvillinge, Montg: £50.