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Worsam, Thomas

  • STAC 5/W3/1 - B A C I D - 43 Eliz - Hampshire - Thomas Worsam v William Habyn et Elizabeth uxor, Susan Edsell
  • STAC 5/W58/13 - I D - 44 Eliz - Thomas Worsham v William Habyne et al
  • STAC 5/W60/33 - I D - 44 Eliz - Thomas Worsam v Elizabeth Habin, William Habin, Suzan Edsoll

Bevan Case Index

  • Worsham v Habyn - STAC 5/W3/1, STAC 5/W58/13, STAC 5/W60/33

Notes, Additions and Corrections

  • STAC 5/W3/1 - Bill of Thomas Worsam of Lassam on co South yeoman, had a messuage and forty acres of land in Benstead co South. Wm Habyn of Benstead husbandman. Depositions taken at Winchester.