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Bagshawe, Edward

  • STAC 5/B2/13 - B Dr - 31 Eliz - Edward Bagshawe v Robert Dale

Bagshawe, George

  • STAC 5/B98/18 - B - 19 Eliz - George Bagshawe v Edward Wright, John Latham et al

Bagshaw, Henry

  • STAC 5/B37/20 - I D - 19 Eliz - Henry Bagshaw v William Wright, Francis Wright
  • STAC 5/B2/27 - B - 23 Eliz - Henry Bagshaw, Thomas Daken v Ralph Ashenhurst et uxor, Alexander Carte, Wiliiam Daken, George Carte, Wiliiam Bennet et al
  • STAC 5/B4/31 - B A C - 24 Eliz - Henry Baggshawe v Ralph Ashenhurst et uxor, Alexander Carte, Wiliiam Dakin, George Carte et al

Bagshawe, Thomas

  • STAC 5/B64/34 - I D - 24 Eliz - Thomas Bagshawe, Henry Dakyn v Ralph Ashenhurst, William Bennet, George Hall
  • STAC 5/B3/26 - B A - 41 Eliz - Derbyshire - Thomas Bagshaw, Thomas Yeveley, Richard Yeveley v Stephen Staley, Thomas Furnesse, Wiliiam Whittle, John Hall et al
  • STAC 5/B15/1 - I D - 42 Eliz - Derbyshire - Thomas Bagshawe, Thomas Eveley, Richard Eveley v William Whitle, Richard Needham

Attorney General

  • STAC 5/A41/27 - B A - 43 Eliz - AG v Thomas Bagshaw, William Penfold, Henry Cowper et al
  • STAC 5/A22/8 - B - 43 Eliz - AG v Thomas Bagshawe, Henry Cowper

Bevan Case Index

  • Bagshaw v Ashenhurst - STAC 5/B2/27, STAC 5/B4/31, STAC 5/B64/34
  • Bagshaw v Dale - STAC 5/B2/13
  • Bagshaw v Staley - STAC 5/B3/26, STAC 5/B15/1
  • Bagshaw v Wright - STAC 5/B98/18, STAC 5/B37/20
  • Attorney General v Bagshaw - STAC 5/A22/8, STAC 5/A41/27

Notes, Additions and Corrections

  • STAC 5/A41/27 - Answer of Henry Cowper. Answer of Clyfford Master and Christopher Skinner. Answer of William Stone, locksmith. Answer of John Harryson and John Watts. Answer of James Powell, Edward Cotton, John Rowse, William Evrey and Henry Gisborne. Answer of Fraunces Clarke - an ironmonger selling seacoal. Answer of William Penfolde, woodmonger. Answer of Thomas Bagshawe.
  • STAC 5/B3/26 - Castleton, Derbs. Theft with violence of wool & corn belonging to the complt on several occasions.(dk)