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The date of the Bills of Complaint.
Bills dated to a term in two regnal years have been put into the second year.
Bills not yet dated, and other case papers are not included.
''' A '''
*STAC 5/A2/9 see [[STAC Andrews]] - STAC 5/A5/27 see [[STAC Alderford]] - STAC 5/A7/21 see [[STAC Acton]] - STAC 5/A13/14 see [[STAC Arnold]] - STAC 5/A17/2 see [[STAC Aske]] - STAC 5/A19/33 see [[STAC Alport]] - STAC 5/A23/11 see [[STAC Alport]] - STAC 5/A30/13 see [[STAC Ashley]] - STAC 5/A34/20 - B A C I D - 34 Eliz - AG v Walter Agard see [[STAC Agard]] - STAC 5/A39/33 see [[STAC Ashe]] - STAC 5/A40/21 see [[STAC Alford]] - STAC 5/A40/39 see [[STAC Atkinson]] - STAC 5/A43/6 see [[STAC Allett]] - STAC 5/A45/36 see [[STAC Andrews]]
*STAC 5/B12/32 see [[STAC Bardney]] - STAC 5/B21/20 see [[STAC Bishop]] - STAC 5/B21/35 see [[STAC Batten]] - STAC 5/B23/18 see [[STAC Berkeley]] - STAC 5/B23/22 see [[STAC Batten]] - STAC 5/B24/4 see [[STAC Bardney]] - STAC 5/B24/27  see [[STAC Bradey]] - STAC 5/B24/29 see [[STAC Barnaby]] - STAC 5/B25/19 see [[STAC Baldwin]] - STAC 5/B26/27 see [[STAC Bacon]] - STAC 5/B27/2 see [[STAC Bridges]] - STAC 5/B27/11 see [[STAC Beswick]] - STAC 5/B29/9 see [[STAC Bartlett]] - STAC 5/B30/18 see [[STAC Bohun]] - STAC 5/B31/12 see [[STAC Babington]] - STAC 5/B36/24 see [[STAC Boyle]] - STAC 5/B40/34 see [[STAC Bond]] - STAC 5/B41/1 see [[STAC Bideawhile]] - STAC 5/B45/1 see [[STAC Bootey]] - STAC 5/B48/15 see [[STAC Browse]] - STAC 5/B49/19 see [[STAC Ballard]] - STAC 5/B50/24 see [[STAC Ballard]] - STAC 5/B72/32 see [[STAC Baker]] - STAC 5/B73/4 see [[STAC Bush]] - STAC 5/B75/8 see [[STAC Bredon]] - STAC 5/B75/33 see [[STAC Brown]] - STAC 5/B78/24 see [[STAC Batey]]
'''C '''
*STAC 5/C3/4 see [[STAC Clark]] - STAC 5/C4/15 see [[STAC Cotton]] - STAC 5/C5/27 see [[STAC Cave]] - STAC 5/C5/33 see [[STAC Colby]] - STAC 5/C6/21 see [[STAC Child]] - STAC 5/C14/5 see [[STAC Cage]] - STAC 5/C15/12 see [[STAC Chaldecot]] - STAC 5/C15/27 see [[STAC Cooke]] - STAC 5/C16/40 see [[STAC Cox]] - STAC 5/C17/28 see [[STAC Cole]] - STAC 5/C17/35 see [[STAC Cowdrey]] - STAC 5/C21/6 see [[STAC Cleveland]] - STAC 5/C21/7 see [[STAC Child]] - STAC 5/C24/11 see [[STAC Calcott]] - STAC 5/C30/15 see [[STAC Cole]] - STAC 5/C30/31 see [[STAC Cotton]] - STAC 5/C33/1 see [[STAC Colley]] - STAC 5/C33/24 see [[STAC Crane]] - STAC 5/C39/2 see [[STAC Champley]] - STAC 5/C44/5 see [[STAC Coleman]] - STAC 5/C46/24 see [[STAC Codrington]] - STAC 5/C47/13 see [[STAC Crawley]] - STAC 5/C47/22 see [[STAC Chock]] - STAC 5/C50/30 see [[STAC Carlton]] - STAC 5/C51/18 see [[STAC Cooke]] - STAC 5/C51/39 see [[STAC Combes]] - STAC 5/C54/8 see [[STAC Courtney]] - STAC 5/C56/9 see [[STAC Chadwell]] - STAC 5/C59/17 see [[STAC Colley]] - STAC 5/C63/34 see [[STAC Carey]] - STAC 5/C64/36 see [[STAC Chambers]] - STAC 5/C66/14 see [[STAC Campion]] - STAC 5/C68/2 see [[STAC Carter]] - STAC 5/C69/16 see [[STAC College]] - STAC 5/C69/33 see [[STAC Columbell]] - STAC 5/C73/9 see [[STAC Cooke]] - STAC 5/C74/13 see [[STAC Cranmer]] - STAC 5/C81/25 see [[STAC Chibnall]]
*STAC 5/A5/17 see [[STAC Carrell]]
'''D '''
*STAC 5/D1/35 see [[STAC Digby]] - STAC 5/D1/37 see [[STAC Digges]] - STAC 5/D2/8 see [[STAC Davis]] - STAC 5/D2/11 see [[STAC Davenport]] - STAC 5/D2/16 see [[STAC Dobson]] - STAC 5/D2/40 see [[STAC Danvers]] - STAC 5/D3/13 see [[STAC Dawson]] - STAC 5/D3/27 see [[STAC Dale]] - STAC 5/D4/13 see [[STAC Daniel]] - STAC 5/D8/33 see [[STAC Dawson]] - STAC 5/D8/36 see [[STAC Davenport]] - STAC 5/D9/17 see [[STAC Denny]] - STAC 5/D10/10 see [[STAC Davis]] - STAC 5/D11/7 see [[STAC Danby]] - STAC 5/D11/16 see [[STAC Dobbes]] - STAC 5/D11/33 see [[STAC Downes]] - STAC 5/D15/25 see [[STAC Dyer]] - STAC 5/D18/29 see [[STAC Danby]] - STAC 5/D22/5 see [[STAC Digges]] - STAC 5/D25/3 see [[STAC Dennys]] - STAC 5/D26/27 see [[STAC Davis]] - STAC 5/D27/15 see [[STAC Dacre]] - STAC 5/D27/31 see [[STAC Dagge]] - STAC 5/D27/39 see [[STAC Duckett]] - STAC 5/D33/38 see [[STAC Digges]] - STAC 5/D34/38 see [[STAC Derby]] - STAC 5/D36/27 see [[STAC Dixon]] - STAC 5/D42/11 see [[STAC Dyer]] - STAC 5/D42/17 see [[STAC Dawson]] - STAC 5/D42/21 see [[STAC Draper]]
*STAC 5/E1/1 see [[STAC Ecclestone]] - STAC 5/E1/6 see [[STAC Edwards]] - STAC 5/E2/14 see [[STAC Eyre]] - STAC 5/E4/28 see [[STAC Edey]] - STAC 5/E4/29 see [[STAC Evans]] - STAC 5/E4/35 see [[STAC Earth]] - STAC 5/E5/5 see [[STAC Easton]] - STAC 5/E5/23 see [[STAC Egerton]] - STAC 5/E5/28 see [[STAC Egerton]] - STAC 5/E13/25 see [[STAC Eaton]] - STAC 5/E15/9 see [[STAC Egerton]] - STAC 5/E17/15 see [[STAC Errington]]
*STAC 5/F2/10 see [[STAC Fulmerston]] - STAC 5/F2/30 see [[STAC Fayle]] - STAC 5/F5/40 see [[STAC Fitzwilliam]] - STAC 5/F7/3 see [[STAC Fisher]] - STAC 5/F7/21 see [[STAC Foxcroft]] - STAC 5/F7/34 see [[STAC Fawkener]] - STAC 5/F7/35 see [[STAC Fothergill]] - STAC 5/F8/2 see [[STAC Fitzwilliam]] - STAC 5/F8/26 see [[STAC Flower]] - STAC 5/F11/26 see [[STAC Fletcher]] - STAC 5/F15/38 see [[STAC Fletcher]] - STAC 5/F19/2 see [[STAC Foljambe]] - STAC 5/F19/38 see [[STAC Futter]] - STAC 5/F20/7 see [[STAC Floyd]] - STAC 5/F21/11 see [[STAC Fisher]] - STAC 5/F21/12 see [[STAC Foljambe]] - STAC 5/F22/4 see [[STAC Fishe]]  - STAC 5/F22/31 see [[STAC Finch]] - STAC 5/F24/1 see [[STAC Franklin]] - STAC 5/F24/5 see [[STAC Foxley]] - STAC 5/F24/36 see [[STAC Fletcher]]
''' G '''
*STAC 5/G1/27 see [[STAC Gerrard]] - STAC 5/G2/22 see [[STAC Gipps]] - STAC 5/G3/21 see [[STAC Good]] - STAC 5/G4/20 see [[STAC Gee]] - STAC 5/G4/32 see [[STAC Game]] - STAC 5/G5/16 see [[STAC Godden]] - STAC 5/G5/19 see [[STAC Garnons]] - STAC 5/G9/5 see [[STAC Grey]] - STAC 5/G10/19 see [[STAC Gardiner]] - STAC 5/G11/13 see [[STAC Gawen]] - STAC 5/G11/25 see [[STAC Grimston]] - STAC 5/G11/26 see [[STAC Grey]] - STAC 5/G14/30 see [[STAC Gauntlett]] - STAC 5/G16/3 see [[STAC Gardiner]] - STAC 5/G17/15 see [[STAC Goodwin]] - STAC 5/G18/13 see [[STAC Gifford]] - STAC 5/G19/18 see [[STAC Garmond]] - STAC 5/G21/1 see [[STAC Garter]] - STAC 5/G24/9 see [[STAC Gillam]] - STAC 5/G24/32 see [[STAC Green]] - STAC 5/G22/3 see [[STAC Gellibrand]] - STAC 5/G22/19 see [[STAC Gwillim]] - STAC 5/G23/8 see [[STAC Gotts]] - STAC 5/G25/32 see [[STAC Gate]] - STAC 5/G27/1 see [[STAC Graunt]] - STAC 5/G27/38 see [[STAC Graves]] - STAC 5/G34/19 see [[STAC Garnish]] - STAC 5/G34/38 see [[STAC Gorges]] - STAC 5/G36/31 see [[STAC Gilbert]] - STAC 5/G37/22 see [[STAC Grey]] - STAC 5/G38/16 see [[STAC Gorges]] - STAC 5/G39/26 see [[STAC Goldsborough]] - STAC 5/G41/8 see [[STAC Green]] - STAC 5/G43/14 see [[STAC Grey]] - STAC 5/G43/30 see [[STAC Grey]] - STAC 5/G45/19 see [[STAC Goldsborough]]
*STAC 5/H2/28 see [[STAC Hiscock]] - STAC 5/H2/30 see [[STAC Halmark]] - STAC 5/H4/35 see [[STAC Hayes]] - STAC 5/H5/3 see [[STAC Higgins]] - STAC 5/H5/15 see [[STAC Hungerford]] - STAC 5/H5/39 see [[STAC Hughes]] - STAC 5/H6/4 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H6/23 see [[STAC Hill]] - STAC 5/H7/28 see [[STAC Hassel]] - STAC 5/H7/37 see [[STAC Hardy]] -  STAC 5/H7/39 see [[STAC Halton]] - STAC 5/H15/38 see [[STAC Herbert]] - STAC 5/H17/4 see [[STAC Herbert]] - STAC 5/H17/28 see [[STAC Holman]] - STAC 5/H19/12 see [[STAC Hewton]] - STAC 5/H19/31 see [[STAC Higginson]] - STAC 5/H20/1 see [[STAC Hilton]] - STAC 5/H20/18 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H20/35 see [[STAC Halton]] - STAC 5/H21/27 see [[STAC Hartley]] - STAC 5/H22/20 see [[STAC Heath]] - STAC 5/H24/24 see [[STAC Harrison]] - STAC 5/H26/14 see [[STAC Huntingdon]] - STAC 5/H27/11 see [[STAC Hilton]] - STAC 5/H29/33 see [[STAC Harris]] - STAC 5/H31/34 see [[STAC Holland]] - STAC 5/H32/14 see [[STAC Harris]] - STAC 5/H36/36 see [[STAC Hick]] - STAC 5/H37/4 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H39/17 see [[STAC Hoo]] - STAC 5/H41/32 see [[STAC Holloway]] - STAC 5/H42/14 see [[STAC Hayes]] - STAC 5/H43/3 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H47/29 see [[STAC Howell]] - STAC 5/H48/3 see [[STAC Handford]] - STAC 5/H48/38 see [[STAC Hilton]] - STAC 5/H55/32 see [[STAC Hopton]] - STAC 5/H55/35 see [[STAC Hunt]] - STAC 5/H56/21 see [[STAC Hudson]] - STAC 5/H61/6 see [STAC Hopton]] - STAC 5/H63/20 see [[STAC Hewton]] - STAC 5/H67/19 see [[STAC Holland]] - STAC 5/H68/5 see [[STAC Heron]] - STAC 5/H69/40 see [[STAC Harris]] - STAC 5/H76/23 see [[STAC Hayes]] - STAC 5/H77/40 see [[STAC Hilton]] - STAC 5/H78/22 see [[STAC Halswell]] - STAC 5/H81/13 see [[STAC Hayward]] - STAC 5/H81/14 see [[STAC Horsey]] - STAC 5/H81/17 see [[STAC Hungerford]] - STAC 5/H81/21 see [[STAC Hubbard]] - STAC 5/H81/37 see [[STAC Hunt]]
*STAC 5/J12/36 see [[STAC Isloppe]] - STAC 5/J7/6 - STAC 5/J10/39 see [[STAC Ingram]] - STAC 5/J5/24 see [[STAC Jackson]] - STAC 5/J13/35 see [[STAC John]] - STAC 5/J17/6 see [[STAC Jermyn]] - STAC 5/J19/39 see [[STAC Jordan]] - STAC 5/J20/14 see [[STAC Jessop]] - STAC 5/J11/39 - STAC 5/J13/1 see [[STAC James]] - STAC 5/J3/28 - STAC 5/J14/37 see [[STAC Johnson]] - STAC 5/J9/3 - STAC 5/J4/40 see [[STAC Jenkins]] - STAC 5/J10/21 - STAC 5/J14/25 - STAC 5/J20/8 see [[STAC Jones]]
''' K '''
*STAC 5/K4/4 see [[STAC Kinnersley]] - STAC 5/K5/1 see [[STAC Knoyll]] - STAC 5/K1/21 see [[STAC Knighton]] - STAC 5/K9/34 see [[STAC Keate]] - STAC 5/K9/23 see [[STAC Kirford]] - STAC 5/K6/10 see [[STAC Knowles]] - STAC 5/K13/3 see [[STAC Knollys]] - STAC 5/K15/5 see [[STAC Keble]]
''' L'''
*STAC 5/L3/11 see [[STAC Legge]] - STAC 5/L3/20 see [[STAC Lewkener]] - STAC 5/L36/21 see [[STAC Lamplughe]] - STAC 5/L39/38 see [[STAC Lightfoot]] - STAC 5/L37/36 see [[STAC Lancaster]] - STAC 5/L43/40 see [[STAC Levins]] - STAC 5/L44/2 see [[STAC Lockwood]] - STAC 5/L44/32 see [[STAC Lacy]] - STAC 5/L41/9 see [[STAC Lister]] - STAC 5/L32/33 see [[STAC Leeds]] - STAC 5/L33/26 see [[STAC Lowe]] - STAC 5/L21/26 see [[STAC Lomas]] - STAC 5/L22/26 see [[STAC Littleton]] - STAC 5/L19/36 see [[STAC Leigh]] - STAC 5/L2/34 see [[STAC Lilly]] - STAC 5/L9/39 see [[STAC Lanyson]] - STAC 5/L2/16 see [[STAC Lockey]] - STAC 5/L16/17 see [[STAC Longham]] - STAC 5/L13/14 see [[STAC Longford]] - STAC 5/L37/18 - STAC 5/L43/8 - STAC 5/L34/38 - STAC 5/L11/29 - STAC 5/L3/23 see [[STAC Lloyd]] - STAC 5/L23/33 - STAC 5/L27/4 see [[STAC Latham]] - STAC 5/L44/9 - STAC 5/L46/13 - STAC 5/L47/3 see [[STAC Lee]] - STAC 5/L12/21 - STAC 5/L3/35 - STAC 5/L2/8 - STAC 5/L16/9 - STAC 5/L46/14 - STAC 5/L49/28 see [[STAC Lewis]]
''' M '''
*STAC 5/M1/22 see [[STAC Morgan]] - STAC 5/M2/27 see [[STAC Molineaux]] - STAC 5/M3/21 see [[STAC Mundy]] - STAC 5/M3/22 see [[STAC Meredith]] - STAC 5/M4/38 see [[STAC Mellior]] - STAC 5/M5/2 see [[STAC Mansell]] - STAC 5/M12/39 see [[STAC Morris]] - STAC 5/M15/11 see [[STAC Monday]] - STAC 5/M10/40 see [[STAC Marbury]] - STAC 5/M14/27 see [[STAC Martin]] - STAC 5/M13/36 see [[STAC Mowsherste]] - STAC 5/M12/33 see [[STAC Monnoxe]] - STAC 5/M26/7 see [[STAC Massam]] - STAC 5/M13/1 see [[STAC Moreton]] - STAC 5/M28/40 see [[STAC Miller]] - STAC 5/M38/2 see [[STAC Modicliffe]] - STAC 5/M58/17 see [[STAC Muscot]] - STAC 5/M56/13 see [[STAC Middleton]] - STAC 5/M48/40 see [[STAC Matthew]] - STAC 5/M50/25 see [[STAC Marewent]] - STAC 5/M50/23 see [[STAC Mayne]] - STAC 5/M51/20 see [[STAC Moore]] - STAC 5/M44/36 see [[STAC Muning]] - STAC 5/M4/2 - STAC 5/M59/21 see [[STAC Milner]] - STAC 5/M48/27 - STAC 5/M37/40 see [[STAC Markham]]
*STAC 5/A42/11 see [[STAC Moss]] - STAC 5/A42/38 see [[STAC Mitchell]]
''' N '''
*STAC 5/N15/6 see [[STAC Nuttall]] - STAC 5/N4/34 see [[STAC Nundy]] - STAC 5/N4/16 see [[STAC Norton]] - STAC 5/N5/14 see [[STAC Napper]] - STAC 5/N9/5 see [[STAC Neale]] - STAC 5/N10/30 see [[STAC Newman]] - STAC 5/N10/40 - STAC 5/N4/14 see [[STAC Neville]] - STAC 5/N17/4 - STAC 5/N15/38 see [[STAC Northumberland]]
*STAC 5/O1/36 see [[STAC Okeley]] - STAC 5/O3/3 see [[STAC Osborne]] - STAC 5/O5/10 see [[STAC Oglander]] - STAC 5/O5/26 see [[STAC Osborne]] - STAC 5/O6/35 see [[STAC Oland]] - STAC 5/O6/38 see [[STAC Offley]]
''' P '''
*STAC 5/P41/8 see [[STAC Plandon]] - STAC 5/P42/3 see [[STAC Parkins]] - STAC 5/P42/32 see [[STAC Pistor]] - STAC 5/P43/18 see [[STAC Proctor]] - STAC 5/P45/20 see [[STAC Pawn]] - STAC 5/P50/40 see [[STAC Pelland]] - STAC 5/P5/39 see [[STAC Penkevell]] - STAC 5/P6/20 see [[STAC Playstead]] - STAC 5/P6/37 see [[STAC Peniston]] - STAC 5/P5/34 see [[STAC Penny]] - STAC 5/P1/24 see [[STAC Purcell]] - STAC 5/P2/4 see [[STAC Pearce]] - STAC 5/P5/1 see [[STAC Philpott]] - STAC 5/P14/13 see [[STAC Prichard]] - STAC 5/P15/13 see [[STAC Pollstagge]] - STAC 5/P15/20 see [[STAC Pannel]] - STAC 5/P27/29 see [[STAC Payne]] - STAC 5/P27/37 see [[STAC Purslow]] - STAC 5/P21/5 see [[STAC Paver]] - STAC 5/P21/25 see [[STAC Parry]] - STAC 5/P36/10 see [[STAC Prowse]] - STAC 5/P37/7 see [[STAC Passemere]] - STAC 5/P35/32 see [[STAC Parsemere]] - STAC 5/P33/13 see [[STAC Parvis]] - STAC 5/P3/38 - STAC 5/P15/9 see [[STAC Phitton]] - STAC 5/P15/26 - STAC 5/P41/34 see [[STAC Porter]] - STAC 5/P56/31 - STAC 5/P44/4 see [[STAC Poyntz]] - STAC 5/P56/26 - STAC 5/P46/38 see [[STAC Parker]] - STAC 5/P43/15 - STAC 5/P63/32 see [[STAC Portman]] - STAC 5/P20/35 - STAC 5/P12/20 see [[STAC Partridge]] - STAC 5/P2/11 - STAC 5/P26/11 see [[STAC Philips]] - STAC 5/P60/11 - STAC 5/P6/24 - STAC 5/P27/33 see [[STAC Price]]
''' R '''
*STAC 5/R18/33 see [[STAC Roche]] - STAC 5/R32/26 see [[STAC Ratcliffe]] - STAC 5/R32/28 see [[STAC Read]] - STAC 5/R41/12 see [[STAC Raynton]] - STAC 5/R11/33 see [[STAC Rous]] - STAC 5/R7/11 see [[STAC Reynolds]] - STAC 5/R14/19 see [[STAC Raunce]] - STAC 5/R10/6 see [[STAC Rodney]] - STAC 5/R4/13 see [[STAC Ruggeley]] - STAC 5/R23/18 see [[STAC Ratsey]] - STAC 5/R2/30 see [[STAC Rither]] - STAC 5/R3/2 see [[STAC Richard]] - STAC 5/R4/4 see [[STAC Rice]] - STAC 5/R40/16 see [[STAC Ringwood]] - STAC 5/R32/30 - STAC 5/R24/17 see [[STAC Rider]] - STAC 5/R3/20 - STAC 5/R14/4 see [[STAC Rooe]] - STAC 5/R37/15 - STAC 5/R38/8 see [[STAC Rushbrook]] - STAC 5/R42/35 - STAC 5/R3/10 - STAC 5/R31/20 see [[STAC Rogers]]
*STAC 5/A27/16 see [[STAC Roos]]
*STAC 5/S85/1 see [[STAC Smith, J]] - STAC 5/S78/40 see [[STAC Smith, K-P]] - STAC 5/S81/25 - STAC 5/S81/38 see [[STAC Smith, S-Z]] - STAC 5/S81/3 see [[STAC Smith, R]] - STAC 5/S6/9 - STAC 5/S44/33 see [[STAC Strickland]] - STAC 5/S6/3 - STAC 5/S48/31 see [[STAC Slocombe]] - STAC 5/S82/40 - STAC 5/S53/15 see [[STAC Shrewsbury]] - STAC 5/S3/10 see [[STAC Stephens]] - STAC 5/S3/24 see [[STAC Segar]] - STAC 5/S3/26 see [[STAC Sternhold]] - STAC 5/S3/40 see [[STAC Swaine]] - STAC 5/S4/7 see [[STAC Sweete]] - STAC 5/S4/10 see [[STAC Swettenham]] - STAC 5/S4/15 see [[STAC Somerset]] - STAC 5/S4/20 see [[STAC Strelley]] - STAC 5/S5/7 see [[STAC Sands]] - STAC 5/S5/18 see [[STAC Sey]] - STAC 5/S6/1 see [[STAC Stapers]] - STAC 5/S15/8 see [[STAC Stafford]] - STAC 5/S17/9 see [[STAC Shaw]] - STAC 5/S24/4 see [[STAC Slingesby]] - STAC 5/S26/15 see [[STAC Skylhorne]] - STAC 5/S26/38  see [[STAC Stumpe]] - STAC 5/S29/8 see [[STAC Stoughton]] - STAC 5/S30/23 see [[STAC Sullock]] - STAC 5/S35/22 see [[STAC Symes]] - STAC 5/S44/38 see [[STAC Shetterden]] - STAC 5/S45/27 see [[STAC Stringer]] - STAC 5/S47/1 see [[STAC Sacheverell]] - STAC 5/S54/34 see [[STAC Symonds]] - STAC 5/S59/16 see [[STAC Savage]] - STAC 5/S60/15 see [[STAC Strowde]] - STAC 5/S61/12 see [[STAC Sydenham]] - STAC 5/S62/7 see [[STAC Stafford]] - STAC 5/S64/38 see [[STAC Stot]] - STAC 5/S71/13 see [[STAC Sutton]] - STAC 5/S74/25 - see [[STAC Sydley]] - STAC 5/S85/2 see [[STAC Syllet]] - STAC 5/S85/4 see [[STAC Straite]] - STAC 5/S85/17 see [[STAC Sykes]] - STAC 5/S77/27 see [[STAC Strelley]] - STAC 5/S78/35 see [[STAC Salway]] - STAC 5/S79/3 see [[STAC Sleeford]]
*STAC 5/T17/23 see [[STAC Tooke]] - STAC 5/T1/10 see [[STAC Trevithick]] - STAC 5/T2/16 see [[STAC Trueman]] - STAC 5/T10/16 see [[STAC Tyrrell]] - STAC 5/T12/40 see [[STAC Thetford]] - STAC 5/T12/30 see [[STAC Tankard]] - STAC 5/T18/12 see [[STAC Thornhagh]] - STAC 5/T21/39 see [[STAC Tristram]] - STAC 5/T24/17 see [[STAC Tomyns]] - STAC 5/T25/13 see [[STAC Tenant]] - STAC 5/T26/39 see [[STAC Thornborough]] - STAC 5/T36/28 see [[STAC Tomlyn]] - STAC 5/T33/35 - STAC 5/T11/30 - STAC 5/T25/19 see [[STAC Trenance]] - STAC 5/T10/12 - STAC 5/T29/12 see [[STAC Thynne]] - STAC 5/T4/3 - STAC 5/T19/27 see [[STAC Taverner]] - STAC 5/T11/11 - STAC 5/T3/1 - STAC 5/T1/26 see [[STAC Taylor]]
''' W '''
*STAC 5/W40/27 see [[STAC Wirley]] - STAC 5/W21/25 see [[STAC Wilkinson]] - STAC 5/W24/24 see [[STAC Warner]] - STAC 5/W30/16 see [[STAC Whittington]] - STAC 5/W17/4 see [[STAC Wheatley]] - STAC 5/W3/27 see [[STAC Wood]] - STAC 5/W1/39 see [[STAC Wortley]] - STAC 5/W28/30 see [[STAC Warren]] - STAC 5/W28/5 see [[STAC Waywys]] - STAC 5/W29/34 see [[STAC Wardley]] - STAC 5/W32/6 see [[STAC Windley]] - STAC 5/W33/9 see [[STAC Wardeboise]] - STAC 5/W49/12 see [[STAC Webster]] - STAC 5/W50/3 see [[STAC Wales]] - STAC 5/W47/3 see [[STAC Weston]] - STAC 5/W58/34 see [[STAC Whittingham]] - STAC 5/W65/3 see [[STAC Winston]] - STAC 5/W64/32 see [[STAC Wheeler]] - STAC 5/W80/23 see [[STAC Wallis]] - STAC 5/W80/31 see [[STAC Walker]] - STAC 5/W68/22 - STAC 5/W58/25 see [[STAC Wadham]] - STAC 5/W32/9 - STAC 5/W61/8 see [[STAC Wright]] - STAC 5/W66/18 - STAC 5/W65/9 see [[STAC Webb]] - STAC 5/W67/38 - STAC 5/W27/23 see [[STAC Wynne]] - STAC 5/W69/16 - STAC 5/W66/39 see [[STAC Wotton]] - STAC 5/W68/1 - STAC 5/W61/40 - STAC 5/W56/8 - STAC 5/W20/25 - STAC 5/W40/36 see [[STAC Williams]] - STAC 5/W1/13 - STAC 5/W3/32 see [[STAC Wright]] - STAC 5/W1/14 - STAC 5/W3/22 see [[STAC Whynett]] - STAC 5/W2/18 - STAC 5/W16/31 - STAC 5/W15/16 see [[STAC Ward]] - STAC 5/W15/15 - STAC 5/W40/15 see [[STAC White]] - STAC 5/W7/22 - STAC 5/W40/38 see [[STAC Woodcock]] - STAC 5/W26/18 - STAC 5/W41/18 - STAC 5/W44/2 see [[STAC Worcester]]
*STAC 5/Y1/35 see [[STAC Yarnold]] - STAC 5/Y3/34 see [[STAC Yeo]]
'''Z '''
*STAC 5/Z1/1 see [[STAC Zinzam]]
''' Welsh names '''
*STAC 5/E1/16 see [[STAC Welsh names E]] - STAC 5/H41/17 see [[STAC Welsh names H]] - STAC 5/J1/28 - STAC 5/J4/35 see [[STAC Welsh names IJ]] - STAC 5/L11/8 - STAC 5/L4/21 see [[STAC Welsh names L]] - STAC 5/M13/14 - STAC 5/M49/4 see [[STAC Welsh names M]]

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