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The date of the Bills of Complaint.
Bills dated to a term in two regnal years have been put into the second year.
Bills not yet dated, and other case papers are not included.
''' A '''
*STAC 5/A1/32 see [[STAC Ashley]] - STAC 5/A16/25 see [[STAC Anton]] - STAC 5/A20/19 see [[STAC Ashe]] - STAC 5/A21/6 see [[STAC Arundell]] - STAC 5/A34/32 see [[STAC Audley]] - STAC 5/A40/22 see [[STAC Ashton]] - STAC 5/A41/24 see [[STAC Avery]] - STAC 5/A44/33 see [[STAC Andrews]] - STAC 5/A47/15 see [[STAC Avery]] - STAC 5/A49/4 see [[STAC Albany]]
''' B '''
*STAC 5/B12/7 see [[STAC Batten]] - STAC 5/B21/1 see [[STAC Britten]] - STAC 5/B24/1 see [[STAC Bellingham]] - STAC 5/B23/21 see [[STAC Brown]] - STAC 5/B26/38 see [[STAC Brown]] - STAC 5/B27/24 see [[STAC Bushell]] - STAC 5/B28/2 see [[STAC Bath]] - STAC 5/B30/7 see [[STAC Blacklock]] - STAC 5/B31/9 see [[STAC Bartlett]] - STAC 5/B31/27 see [[STAC Barber]] - STAC 5/B31/29 see [[STAC Beckett]] - STAC 5/B34/25 see [[STAC Bagnall]] - STAC 5/B40/2 see [[STAC Bence]] - STAC 5/B42/36 see [[STAC Bean]] - STAC 5/B48/16 see [[STAC Bower]] - STAC 5/B50/7 see [[STAC Bill]] - STAC 5/B53/8 see [[STAC Buck]] - STAC 5/B54/13 see [[STAC Bennett]] - STAC 5/B54/17 see [[STAC Brudenell]] - STAC 5/B54/18 see [[STAC Barwell]] - STAC 5/B54/27 see [[STAC Brooke]] - STAC 5/B54/36 see [[STAC Brooke]] - STAC 5/B55/34 see [[STAC Bourdfield]] - STAC 5/B56/7 see [[STAC Bennett]] - STAC 5/B56/32 see [[STAC Banks]] - STAC 5/B57/10 see [[STAC Burgess]] - STAC 5/B59/21 see [[STAC Barwell]] - STAC 5/B61/38 see [[STAC Bourne]] - STAC 5/B62/15 see [[STAC Bainbridge]] - STAC 5/B65/18 see [[STAC Brompton]] - STAC 5/B69/14 see [[STAC Berry]] - STAC 5/B70/33 see [[STAC Bulwer]] - STAC 5/B72/31 see [[STAC Bedell]] - STAC 5/B74/10 see [[STAC Bodnam]] - STAC 5/B75/15 see [[STAC Berkeley]] - STAC 5/B79/34 see [[STAC Bassett]] - STAC 5/B80/11 see [[STAC Bainton]] - STAC 5/A23/23 see [[STAC Brice]] - STAC 5/A31/18 see [[STAC Bulforth]]
'''C '''
*STAC 5/C1/24 see [[STAC Cornwallis]] - STAC 5/C1/31 see [[STAC Couch]] - STAC 5/C2/20 see [[STAC Carlton]] - STAC 5/C2/25 see [[STAC Cutler]] - STAC 5/C3/5 see [[STAC Curtis]] - STAC 5/C3/21 see [[STAC Culverwell]] - STAC 5/C5/32 see [[STAC Carter]] - STAC 5/C6/25 see [[STAC Conningsby]] - STAC 5/C6/33 see [[STAC Chidley]] - STAC 5/C14/7 see [[STAC Croste]] - STAC 5/C16/29 see [[STAC Carter]] - STAC 5/C20/6 see [[STAC Curtis]] - STAC 5/C20/15 see [[STAC Chambers]] - STAC 5/C20/38 see [[STAC Crockett]] - STAC 5/C20/40 see [[STAC Cooke]]  - STAC 5/C22/7 see [[STAC Castelyn]] - STAC 5/C23/7 see [[STAC Cole]] - STAC 5/C25/29 see [[STAC Couch]] - STAC 5/C28/32 see [[STAC Cholmondeley]] - STAC 5/C30/37 see [[STAC Cavendish]] - STAC 5/C31/29 see [[STAC Clark]] - STAC 5/C32/7 see [[STAC Calton]] - STAC 5/C33/9 see [[STAC Cooke]] - STAC 5/C35/8 see [[STAC Cotton]] - STAC 5/C40/17 see [[STAC Charlton]] - STAC 5/C41/1 see [[STAC Colbrand]] - STAC 5/C41/13 see [[STAC Carlton]]  - STAC 5/C42/20 see [[STAC Croft]] - STAC 5/C43/37 see [[STAC Cooper]] - STAC 5/C44/24 see [[STAC Cherrington]] - STAC 5/C50/35 see [[STAC Cotton]] - STAC 5/C51/40 see [[STAC Combes]] - STAC 5/C55/5 see [[STAC Crayford]] - STAC 5/C56/38 see [[STAC Clere]] - STAC 5/C57/20 see [[STAC Charlton]] - STAC 5/C62/34 see [[STAC Clere]] - STAC 5/C65/19 see [[STAC Clark]] - STAC 5/C66/2 see [[STAC Crompton]] - STAC 5/C66/6 see [[STAC Clutton]]  - STAC 5/C67/8 see [[STAC Clere]] - STAC 5/C73/8 see [[STAC Clifton]] - STAC 5/C75/7 see [[STAC Cooke]] - STAC 5/A38/3 see [[STAC Curwen]]
'''D '''
*STAC 5/D9/8 see [[STAC Davison]] - STAC 5/D9/19 see [[STAC Darneton]] - STAC 5/D10/13 see [[STAC Doyley]] - STAC 5/D12/25 see [[STAC Dennyson]] - STAC 5/D16/3 see [[STAC Dixon]] - STAC 5/D22/39 see [[STAC Doddington]] - STAC 5/D23/23 see [[STAC Dorne]] - STAC 5/D24/9 see [[STAC Deane]] - STAC 5/D25/33 see [[STAC Drowte]] - STAC 5/D26/18 see [[STAC Drury]] - STAC 5/D28/12 see [[STAC Dive]] - STAC 5/D28/14 see [[STAC Draycott]] - STAC 5/D29/11 see [[STAC Doughty]] - STAC 5/D33/7 see [[STAC Denton]] - STAC 5/D34/16 see [[STAC Denny]] - STAC 5/D38/24 see [[STAC Dowriche]]
*STAC 5/E1/2 see [[STAC Edolph]] - STAC 5/E1/10 see [[STAC Edowe]] - STAC 5/E1/17 see [[STAC Evans]] - STAC 5/E1/24 see [[STAC Edwards]] - STAC 5/E4/9 see [[STAC Evans]] - STAC 5/E6/20 see [[STAC Ecclestone]] - STAC 5/E7/1 see [[STAC Edgecombe]] - STAC 5/E7/3 see [[STAC Eslyby]] - STAC 5/E7/12 see [[STAC Egerton]] - STAC 5/E7/18 see [[STAC Edgecombe]] - STAC 5/E7/40 see [[STAC Elte]] - STAC 5/E8/1 see [[STAC Ekin]] - STAC 5/E10/7 see [[STAC Elmer]]
*STAC 5/F3/26 see [[STAC Fleming]] - STAC 5/F3/27 see [[STAC Farmer]] - STAC 5/F8/29 see [[STAC Fyfield]] - STAC 5/F11/3 see [[STAC Fisher]] - STAC 5/F11/5 see [[STAC Fleming]] - STAC 5/F11/7 see [[STAC Fryer]] - STAC 5/F11/12 see [[STAC Frowick]] - STAC 5/F11/32 see [[STAC Flower]] - STAC 5/F11/33 see [[STAC Finch]] - STAC 5/F12/15 see [[STAC Felton]] - STAC 5/F13/19 see [[STAC Fishe]] - STAC 5/F14/8 see [[STAC Foljambe]] - STAC 5/F16/3 see [[STAC Ferris]] - STAC 5/F16/4 see [[STAC French]] - STAC 5/F23/17 see [[STAC Feversham]] - STAC 5/F23/25 see [[STAC Farnaby]] - STAC 5/F30/39 see [[STAC Farmer]]
''' G '''
*STAC 5/G2/10 see [[STAC Giles]] - STAC 5/G2/35 see [[STAC Garnet]] - STAC 5/G3/26 see [[STAC Gargrave]] - STAC 5/G3/39 see [[STAC Grimwood]] - STAC 5/G9/7 see [[STAC Gervaise]] - STAC 5/G9/13 see [[STAC Groom]] - STAC 5/G15/18 see [[STAC Grosvenor]] - STAC 5/G16/25 see [[STAC Giles]] - STAC 5/G16/31 see [[STAC Gavis]] - STAC 5/G21/12 see [[STAC Garrett]] - STAC 5/G24/11 see [[STAC Garlick]] - STAC 5/G25/14 see [[STAC Gardiner]] - STAC 5/G26/25 see [[STAC Gibson]] - STAC 5/G35/29 see [[STAC Geff]] - STAC 5/G37/23 see [[STAC Gifford]] - STAC 5/G38/20 see [[STAC Green]] - STAC 5/G43/34 see [[STAC Gawen]] - STAC 5/G46/36 see [[STAC Gargrave]] - STAC 5/A40/13 see [[STAC Godstow]]
*STAC 5/H1/10 see [[STAC Holway]] - STAC 5/H2/2 see [[STAC Heath]] - STAC 5/H3/35 see [[STAC Hulton]] - STAC 5/H5/23 see [[STAC Hillesden]] - STAC 5/H5/28 see [[STAC Hunt]] - STAC 5/H5/35 see [[STAC Hanmer]] - STAC 5/H6/12 see [[STAC Headon]] - STAC 5/H7/1 see [[STAC Hatch]] - STAC 5/H11/32 see [[STAC Hill]] - STAC 5/H17/2 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H18/3 see [[STAC Horner]] - STAC 5/H19/25 see [[STAC Hone]] - STAC 5/H20/16 see [[STAC Hill]] - STAC 5/H22/27 see [[STAC Haselwood]] - STAC 5/H23/29 see [[STAC Haynes]] - STAC 5/H23/32 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H23/37 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H24/6 see [[STAC Hinde]] - STAC 5/H25/14 see [[STAC Hoddesden]] - STAC 5/H25/18 see [[STAC Henneage]] - STAC 5/H25/28 see [[STAC Holt]] - STAC 5/H31/8 see [[STAC Hewes]] - STAC 5/H31/35 see [[STAC Hill]] - STAC 5/H31/37 see [[STAC Hassel]] - STAC 5/H33/6 see [[STAC Hergest]] - STAC 5/H38/39 see [[STAC Hobby]] - STAC 5/H43/12 see [[STAC Huddleston]] - STAC 5/H43/38 see [[STAC Harris]] - STAC 5/H45/40 see [[STAC Hill]] - STAC 5/H46/2 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H52/31 see [[STAC Hurlestone]] - STAC 5/H57/10 see [[STAC Harlackenden]] - STAC 5/H62/35 see [[STAC Hildreth]] - STAC 5/H64/25 see [[STAC Hurlestone]] - STAC 5/H65/8 see [[STAC Harry]] - STAC 5/H65/25 see [[STAC Harnage]] - STAC 5/H66/6 see [[STAC Hill]] - STAC 5/H69/35 see [[STAC Hill]] - STAC 5/H78/36 see [[STAC Hodge]]
*STAC 5/J6/29 see [[STAC Ide]] - STAC 5/J19/12 see [[STAC Isted]] - STAC 5/J16/16 see [[STAC Jackson]] - STAC 5/J9/7 see [[STAC Jones]] - STAC 5/J9/28 see [[STAC Jameson]]
''' K '''
*STAC 5/K2/5 see [[STAC Keynsham]] - STAC 5/K2/11 see [[STAC Kirkby]] - STAC 5/K4/36 see [[STAC Knollys]] - STAC 5/K5/5 see [[STAC Kighley]] - STAC 5/K7/23 see [[STAC Kyme]] - STAC 5/K9/25 see [[STAC Kendall]] - STAC 5/K12/6 see [[STAC Kett]] - STAC 5/K12/22 see [[STAC Kerne]]
''' L'''
*STAC 5/L22/10 see [[STAC Leadall]] - STAC 5/L25/9 see [[STAC Lassells]] - STAC 5/L40/21 see [[STAC Lougher]] - STAC 5/L23/22 see [[STAC Lawton]] - STAC 5/L44/19 see [[STAC Lancelott]] - STAC 5/L2/32 see [[STAC Leeds]] - STAC 5/L3/25 see [[STAC Lloyd]] - STAC 5/L8/36 see [[STAC Leake]] - STAC 5/L20/17 see [[STAC London]] - STAC 5/L39/35 - STAC 5/L10/24 see [[STAC Lee]] - STAC 5/L38/24 - STAC 5/L23/6 see [[STAC Lynacre]] - STAC 5/L23/15 - STAC 5/L16/4 see [[STAC Lawson]] - STAC 5/L29/17 - STAC 5/L43/23 see [[STAC Lister]] - STAC 5/L19/33 - STAC 5/L27/18 see [[STAC Lincoln]] - STAC 5/L45/26 - STAC 5/L3/14 see [[STAC Lucas]] - STAC 5/L10/27 - STAC 5/L16/28 - STAC 5/L2/2 see [[STAC Leigh]]
''' M '''
*STAC 5/M28/12 see [[STAC Moody]] - STAC 5/M24/8 see [[STAC Mewtes]] - STAC 5/M24/20 see [[STAC Mounslowe]] - STAC 5/M22/39 see [[STAC Mills]] - STAC 5/M54/24 see [[STAC Montagu]] - STAC 5/M56/39 see [[STAC Matthew]] - STAC 5/M59/13 see [[STAC Meakin]] - STAC 5/M48/37 see [[STAC Michell]] - STAC 5/M42/23 see [[STAC Machin]] - STAC 5/M2/7 see [[STAC Mawe]] - STAC 5/M2/12 see [[STAC Manley]] - STAC 5/M19/10 see [[STAC Moggeridge]] - STAC 5/M3/27 see [[STAC Miller]] - STAC 5/M5/20 see [[STAC Marriott]] - STAC 5/M3/39 see [[STAC Markham]] - STAC 5/M4/40 see [[STAC Manseur]] - STAC 5/M2/11 see [[STAC Monday]] - STAC 5/M5/14 see [[STAC Mascall]] - STAC 5/M10/14 see [[STAC Mortlacke]] - STAC 5/M22/25 - STAC 5/M51/4 - see [[STAC Mason]] - STAC 5/M38/31 - STAC 5/M16/18 see [[STAC Marshall]] - STAC 5/M42/38 - STAC 5/M30/36 see [[STAC Moore]] - STAC 5/M55/7 - STAC 5/M2/5 see [[STAC Morgan]] - STAC 5/M19/13 - STAC 5/M24/9 - STAC 5/M49/32 - STAC 5/M45/5 see [[STAC Middleton]]
''' N '''
*STAC 5/N3/35 see [[STAC Newport]] - STAC 5/N6/13 see [[STAC Norris]] - STAC 5/N6/14 see [[STAC Niphus]] - STAC 5/N8/26 see [[STAC Nettleton]] - STAC 5/N9/13 see [[STAC Newcome]] - STAC 5/N9/32 see [[STAC Noke]] - STAC 5/N9/38 see [[STAC Needham]] - STAC 5/N10/31 see [[STAC Naylor]] - STAC 5/N13/21 see [[STAC Naylder]] - STAC 5/N4/38 - STAC 5/N16/2 see [[STAC Northumberland]] - STAC 5/N1/19 - STAC 5/N2/38 see [[STAC Noye]] - STAC 5/N1/3 - STAC 5/N5/17 - STAC 5/N13/26 see [[STAC Nicholls]]
*STAC 5/O1/9 see [[STAC Odell]] - STAC 5/O3/35 see [[STAC Oxford]] - STAC 5/O1/19 see [[STAC Osbaston]] - STAC 5/O4/26 see [[STAC Oldfield]] - STAC 5/O4/24 see [[STAC Okebank]]
''' P '''
*STAC 5/P61/7 see [[STAC Prust]] - STAC 5/P41/32 see [[STAC Parry]] - STAC 5/P41/39 see [[STAC Powell]] - STAC 5/P42/19 see [[STAC Philips]] - STAC 5/P46/35 see [[STAC Price]] - STAC 5/P47/17 see [[STAC Partridge]] - STAC 5/P1/26 see [[STAC Paulett]] - STAC 5/P4/1 see [[STAC Pewe]] - STAC 5/P6/33 see [[STAC Pugh]] - STAC 5/P2/33 see [[STAC Pratt]] - STAC 5/P17/33 see [[STAC Player]] - STAC 5/P29/38 see [[STAC Powtrell]] - STAC 5/P23/31 see [[STAC Prichard]] - STAC 5/P27/11 see [[STAC Percival]] - STAC 5/P21/6 see [[STAC Poole]] - STAC 5/P36/37 see [[STAC Pocock]] - STAC 5/P37/4 see [[STAC Phelpes]] - STAC 5/P38/5 see [[STAC Parsons]] - STAC 5/P13/22 - STAC 5/P17/15 see [[STAC Pepys]] - STAC 5/P4/10 - STAC 5/P55/25 see [[STAC Parker]] - STAC 5/P27/17 - STAC 5/P45/22 see [[STAC Pusey]]
*STAC 5/A29/5 - B - 19 Eliz - AG v James Parry, Gregory Price et al see [[STAC Parry]]
''' R '''
*STAC 5/R15/26 see [[STAC Ryton]] - STAC 5/R37/40 see [[STAC Rither]] - STAC 5/R38/6 see [[STAC Reeve]] - STAC 5/R16/8 see [[STAC Reynolds]] - STAC 5/R1/18 see [[STAC Rake]] - STAC 5/R4/8 see [[STAC Ridley]] - STAC 5/R13/35 see [[STAC Rogers]] - STAC 5/R14/8 see [[STAC Robotham]] - STAC 5/R14/39 see [[STAC Roche]] - STAC 5/R15/18 see [[STAC Raynton]] - STAC 5/R37/28 see [[STAC Richardson]]
*STAC 5/S21/22 see [[STAC Smith, F-H]] - STAC 5/S23/12 see [[STAC Smith, J]] - STAC 5/S59/13 see [[STAC Smith, S-Z]] - STAC 5/S36/38 see [[STAC Smith, S-Z]] - STAC 5/S78/38 see [[STAC Smith, S-Z]] - STAC 5/S66/31 - STAC 5/S62/27 - STAC 5/S61/17 - STAC 5/S43/17 see [[STAC Sapcott]] - STAC 5/S72/38 - STAC 5/S1/20 see [[STAC Shepherd]] - STAC 5/S71/30 - STAC 5/S15/19 see [[STAC Salkeld]] - STAC 5/S17/38 - STAC 5/S1/33 see [[STAC Steward]] - STAC 5/S24/25 - STAC 5/S16/3 see [[STAC Sherman]] - STAC 5/S14/21see [[STAC Stoner]] - STAC 5/S59/40 see [[STAC Stoner]] - STAC 5/S26/12 see [[STAC Skerne]] - STAC 5/S74/13 - STAC 5/S1/18 see [[STAC Scott]] - STAC 5/S7/12 see [[STAC Slynner]] - STAC 5/S16/13 see [[STAC Saunders]] - STAC 5/S23/11 see [[STAC Snell]] - STAC 5/S23/25 see [[STAC Spooner]] - STAC 5/S24/21 see [[STAC Symeon]] - STAC 5/S24/32 see [[STAC Seale]] - STAC 5/S25/36 see [[STAC Souche]] - STAC 5/S26/27 see [[STAC Sydall]] - STAC 5/S29/11 see [[STAC Sleeford]] - STAC 5/S30/37 see [[STAC Skinner]] - STAC 5/S33/26 see [[STAC Savaker]] - STAC 5/S52/13 see [[STAC St John]] - STAC 5/S43/18 see [[STAC Spark]] - STAC 5/S43/22 see [[STAC Sherington]] - STAC 5/S45/21 see [[STAC Sandford]] - STAC 5/S62/16 see [[STAC Stacey]] - STAC 5/S66/40 see [[STAC Salisbury]] - STAC 5/S68/20 see [[STAC Slade]] - STAC 5/S72/26 see [[STAC Sedgwicke]] - STAC 5/S72/31 see [[STAC Stretton]] - STAC 5/S75/36 see [[STAC Snagge]]
*STAC 5/T1/28 see [[STAC Thorowgood]] - STAC 5/T8/39 see [[STAC Thickness]] - STAC 5/T2/6 see [[STAC Tuke]] - STAC 5/T14/10 see [[STAC Thompson]] - STAC 5/T15/3 see [[STAC Tolson]] - STAC 5/T15/31 see [[STAC Travers]] - STAC 5/T15/5 see [[STAC Turner]] - STAC 5/T15/6 see [[STAC Thickill]] - STAC 5/T15/11 see [[STAC Tonkyn]] - STAC 5/T15/16 see [[STAC Thursby]] - STAC 5/T15/18 see [[STAC Thomas]] - STAC 5/T23/19 see [[STAC Tingleden]] - STAC 5/T22/37 see [[STAC Taverner]] - STAC 5/T21/22 see [[STAC Tempest]] - STAC 5/T21/37 see [[STAC Tregodick]] - STAC 5/T22/14 see [[STAC Tamworth]] - STAC 5/T22/30 see [[STAC Temple]] - STAC 5/T31/37 see [[STAC Tilney]] - STAC 5/T32/21 see [[STAC Trewartha]] - STAC 5/T33/23 see [[STAC Trelodivas]] - STAC 5/T35/23 see [[STAC Thurnall]] - STAC 5/T3/34 - STAC 5/T17/26 see [[STAC Taylor]]
''' W '''
*STAC 5/W37/9 see [[STAC Wolhouse]] - STAC 5/W38/13 see [[STAC Wellington]] - STAC 5/W38/10 see [[STAC Wolfreston]] - STAC 5/W32/5 see [[STAC Woodward]] - STAC 5/W34/2 see [[STAC Walcott]] - STAC 5/W7/1 see [[STAC Waters]] - STAC 5/W2/33 see [[STAC Wolverston]] - STAC 5/W4/15 see [[STAC Wills]] - STAC 5/W5/40 see [[STAC Watmough]] - STAC 5/W23/3 see [[STAC Waller]] - STAC 5/W37/6 see [[STAC Wrightington]] - STAC 5/W35/38 see [[STAC Ward]] - STAC 5/W46/2 see [[STAC Wilkins]] - STAC 5/W46/39 see [[STAC Wright]] - STAC 5/W49/15 see [[STAC Wotton]] - STAC 5/W52/18 see [[STAC Wolfe]] - STAC 5/W52/38 see [[STAC Willoughby]] - STAC 5/W53/8 see [[STAC Woodborn]] - STAC 5/W53/32 see [[STAC Wyatt]] - STAC 5/W57/18 see [[STAC Windham]] - STAC 5/W75/18 see [[STAC Winter]] - STAC 5/W70/26 see [[STAC Whichcot]] - STAC 5/W72/14 see [[STAC Watts]] - STAC 5/W67/4 see [[STAC Wace]] - STAC 5/W65/37 - STAC 5/W15/1 see [[STAC Wentworth]] - STAC 5/W32/39 - STAC 5/W34/25 see [[STAC Woodruff]] - STAC 5/W3/35  - STAC 5/W23/9 see [[STAC Wilson]] - STAC 5/W23/19 - STAC 5/W37/34 - STAC 5/W5/11 - STAC 5/W14/14 see [[STAC White]] - STAC 5/W58/40  - STAC 5/W1/20 - STAC 5/W45/28 - STAC 5/W23/14 see [[STAC Wood]]
*STAC 5/Y3/23 see [[STAC Yate]] - STAC 5/Y1/38 - STAC 5/Y2/2 - STAC 5/Y2/16 see [[STAC Young]] - STAC 5/Y1/13 see [[STAC York]]
''' Welsh names '''
*STAC 5/C54/17 see [[STAC Welsh names C]] - STAC 5/D1/34 see [[STAC Welsh names D]] - STAC 5/P64/5 see [[STAC Welsh names P]]

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