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The date of the Bills of Complaint.
Bills dated to a term in two regnal years have been put into the second year.
Bills not yet dated, and other case papers are not included.
''' A '''
*STAC 5/A2/2 see [[STAC Allyson]] - STAC 5/A4/9 see [[STAC Albany]] - STAC 5/A13/33 see [[STAC Austin]] - STAC 5/A13/35 see [[STAC Atkinson]] - STAC 5/A16/4 see [[STAC Atkins]] - STAC 5/A16/18 see [[STAC Antys]] - STAC 5/A16/27 see [[STAC Ashfield]] - STAC 5/A20/9 see [[STAC Artis]] - STAC 5/A23/28 see [[STAC Atmere]] - STAC 5/A27/39 see [[STAC Agard]] - STAC 5/A31/31 see [[STAC Abergavenny]] - STAC 5/A32/14 see [[STAC Albany]] - STAC 5/A33/17 see [[STAC Anton]] - STAC 5/A34/18 see [[STAC Ashley]] - STAC 5/A46/28 see [[STAC Allen]] - STAC 5/A48/23 see [[STAC Atmere]] - STAC 5/A50/12 see [[STAC Archard]] - STAC 5/A50/24 see [[STAC Aston]] - STAC 5/A52/28 see [[STAC Ashley]] - STAC 5/A53/27 see [[STAC Albany]]
*STAC 5/B20/11 see [[STAC Bolton]] - STAC 5/B21/32 see [[STAC Brackenbury]] - STAC 5/B21/40 see [[STAC Blenerhasset]] - STAC 5/B23/8 see [[STAC Billingsley]] - STAC 5/B25/29 see [[STAC Bailey]] - STAC 5/B24/17 see [[STAC Battell]] - STAC 5/B28/16 see [[STAC Blowfield]] - STAC 5/B31/15 see [[STAC Baker]] - STAC 5/B31/16 see [[STAC Billing]] - STAC 5/B32/3 see [[STAC Brasier]] - STAC 5/B35/29 see [[STAC Brooke]] - STAC 5/B42/34 see [[STAC Bence]] - STAC 5/B42/40 see [[STAC Beare]] - STAC 5/B43/2 see [[STAC Bower]] - STAC 5/B43/22 see [[STAC Bedell]] - STAC 5/B44/4 see [[STAC Blount]] - STAC 5/B54/28 see [[STAC Brayne]] - STAC 5/B55/13 see [[STAC Bird]] - STAC 5/B55/29 see [[STAC Bradford]] - STAC 5/B57/39 see [[STAC Bussey]] - STAC 5/B62/27 see [[STAC Brereton]] - STAC 5/B63/30 see [[STAC Bothomley]] - STAC 5/B63/38 see [[STAC Bozam]] - STAC 5/B64/38 see [[STAC Bull]] - STAC 5/B66/33 see [[STAC Berkeley]] - STAC 5/B67/1 see [[STAC Bedford]] - STAC 5/B67/17 see [[STAC Borough]] - STAC 5/B70/2 see [[STAC Bailey]] - STAC 5/B70/22 see [[STAC Berkeley]] - STAC 5/B76/11 see [[STAC Barrowe]]
'''C '''
*STAC 5/C1/17 see [[STAC Chambers]] - STAC 5/C1/23 see [[STAC Cheyney]] - STAC 5/C3/27 see [[STAC Cutts]] - STAC 5/C4/27 see [[STAC Chambers]] - STAC 5/C5/28 see [[STAC Chambers]] - STAC 5/C6/29 see [[STAC Calveley]] - STAC 5/C14/29 see [[STAC Cooper]] - STAC 5/C14/34 see [[STAC Conquest]] - STAC 5/C16/32 see [[STAC Coe]]  - STAC 5/C15/28 see [[STAC Clark]] - STAC 5/C22/31 see [[STAC Chester]] - STAC 5/C23/25 see [[STAC  Clarys]] - STAC 5/C23/29 see [[STAC Carminowe]] - STAC 5/C24/4 see [[STAC Collier]] - STAC 5/C24/13 see [[STAC Chambers]] - STAC 5/C26/2 see [[STAC Cooke]] - STAC 5/C26/4 see [[STAC Crossman]] - STAC 5/C28/20 see [[STAC Cockeyne]] - STAC 5/C28/24 see [[STAC Carle]] - STAC 5/C30/12 see [[STAC Cromwell]] - STAC 5/C32/16 see [[STAC Cromwell]] - STAC 5/C35/14 see [[STAC Carminowe]] - STAC 5/C35/26 see [[STAC Coole]] - STAC 5/C36/7 see [[STAC Cartwright]] - STAC 5/C39/11 see [[STAC Cheyney]] - STAC 5/C42/22 see [[STAC Carlton]] - STAC 5/C47/11 see [[STAC Cooke]] - STAC 5/C59/23 see [[STAC Combes]] - STAC 5/C61/28 see [[STAC Clark]] - STAC 5/C62/4 see [[STAC Cooke]] - STAC 5/C62/20 see [[STAC Claver]] - STAC 5/C66/3 see [[STAC Cullyn]] - STAC 5/C69/19 see [[STAC Corkonskell]] - STAC 5/C71/1 see [[STAC Crouch]] - STAC 5/C73/34 see [[STAC Chivichey]]
'''D '''
*STAC 5/D4/1 see [[STAC Day]] - STAC 5/D4/10  see [[STAC Delabere]] - STAC 5/D6/31 see [[STAC Dive]] - STAC 5/D9/22 see [[STAC Dorton]] - STAC 5/D14/4 see [[STAC Dodwell]] - STAC 5/D14/29 see [[STAC Delabere]] - STAC 5/D15/21 see [[STAC Denton]] - STAC 5/D18/28 see [[STAC Debden]] - STAC 5/D19/17 see [[STAC Derby]] - STAC 5/D20/5 see [[STAC Dent]] - STAC 5/D20/23 see [[STAC Dryden]] - STAC 5/D22/14 see [[STAC Delaware]] - STAC 5/D25/26 see [[STAC Danger]] - STAC 5/D26/5 see [[STAC Dussilyn]] - STAC 5/D28/3 see [[STAC Dewe]] - STAC 5/D28/7 see [[STAC Day]] - STAC 5/D28/11 see [[STAC Dewsnappe]] - STAC 5/D33/23 see [[STAC Dowes]] - STAC 5/D34/3 see [[STAC Duncombe]] - STAC 5/D35/24 see [[STAC Doble]] - STAC 5/D37/37 see [[STAC Dackham]]
*STAC 5/E5/19 see [[STAC Elliott]] - STAC 5/E6/12 see [[STAC Edgley]] - STAC 5/E6/31 see [[STAC Eastgate]] - STAC 5/E7/4 see [[STAC Erglefelde]] - STAC 5/E8/5 see [[STAC Elandes]] - STAC 5/E10/38 see [[STAC Edgar]] - STAC 5/E8/17 see [[STAC Elwes]] - STAC 5/E16/43 see [[STAC Eyre]]
*STAC 5/F1/11 see [[STAC Fuller]] - STAC 5/F1/27 see [[STAC Ferror]] - STAC 5/F2/4 see [[STAC Figgins]] - STAC 5/F2/17 see [[STAC Flower]] - STAC 5/F10/36 see [[STAC Fairfax]] - STAC 5/F11/4 see [[STAC Field]] - STAC 5/F12/12 see [[STAC Fowler]] - STAC 5/F14/26 see [[STAC Fuller]] - STAC 5/F16/30 see [[STAC Freeman]] - STAC 5/F17/14 see [[STAC Flower]] - STAC 5/F17/34 -  [[STAC Fairfax]] - STAC 5/F19/27 see [[STAC Fox]] - STAC 5/F24/15 see [[STAC Fitch]] - STAC 5/F25/3 see [[STAC Ferrers]] - STAC 5/F24/34 see [[STAC Frost]] - STAC 5/F28/8 see [[STAC Fitch]] - STAC 5/F28/17 see [[STAC Flower]] - STAC 5/F28/35 see [[STAC Fairfax]]
''' G '''
*STAC 5/G1/22 see [[STAC Gladwin]] - STAC 5/G1/26 see [[STAC Gore]] - STAC 5/G1/29 see [[STAC Gwalter]] - STAC 5/G2/17 see [[STAC Gardiner]] - STAC 5/G5/7 see [[STAC Green]] - STAC 5/G13/35 see [[STAC Gay]] - STAC 5/G18/11 see [[STAC Gilmer]] - STAC 5/G19/36 see [[STAC Giles]] - STAC 5/G20/9 see [[STAC Goldsborough]] - STAC 5/G27/17 see [[STAC Grills]] - STAC 5/G28/5 see [[STAC Grosvenor]] - STAC 5/G29/6 -  [[STAC Gering]] - STAC 5/G29/36 see [[STAC Goodwin]] - STAC 5/G21/29 see [[STAC Gwyn]] - STAC 5/G31/11 see [[STAC Gale]] - STAC 5/G33/1 see [[STAC Girling]] - STAC 5/G33/13 see [[STAC Gomersall]] - STAC 5/G35/27 see [[STAC Gloucester]] - STAC 5/G35/5 -  [[STAC Gayer]] - STAC 5/G36/12 see [[STAC Green]] - STAC 5/G36/40 see [[STAC Giles]] - STAC 5/G40/6 see [[STAC Gibbs]] - STAC 5/G41/1 see [[STAC Goldsborough]] - STAC 5/G41/21 see [[STAC Gildon]] - STAC 5/G43/1 see [[STAC Goddard]] - STAC 5/G43/18 see [[STAC Goodchild]] - STAC 5/G43/24 see [[STAC Gist]] - STAC 5/G44/15 see [[STAC Goodrick]] - STAC 5/A36/17 see [[STAC Grey]] - STAC 5/A42/15 see [[STAC Grengore]]
*STAC 5/H2/34 see [[STAC Hill]] - STAC 5/H5/30 see [[STAC Hobby]] - STAC 5/H5/32 see [[STAC Hill]] - STAC 5/H6/5 see [[STAC Hender]] - STAC 5/H8/11 see [[STAC Hughes]] - STAC 5/H23/38 see [[STAC Hooper]] - STAC 5/H27/15 see [[STAC Hobbes]] - STAC 5/H28/21 see [[STAC Holland]] - STAC 5/H28/40 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H29/32 see [[STAC Hawkins]] - STAC 5/H32/40 see [[STAC Hanbury]] - STAC 5/H38/11 see [[STAC Hayes]] - STAC 5/H38/16 see [[STAC Harrison]] - STAC 5/H39/11 see [[STAC Hill]] - STAC 5/H34/16 see [[STAC Haystell]] - STAC 5/H41/9 see [[STAC Hawkins]] - STAC 5/H42/4 see [[STAC Hill]] - STAC 5/H44/28 see [[STAC Hughes]] - STAC 5/H46/22  see [[STAC Hodge]] - STAC 5/H51/2 see [[STAC Harrison]] - STAC 5/H52/22 see [[STAC Hammond]] - STAC 5/H56/31 see [[STAC Holland]] - STAC 5/H56/34 see [[STAC Hatch]] - STAC 5/H58/26 see [[STAC Homan]] - STAC 5/H60/1 see [[STAC Hedd]] - STAC 5/H60/29 see [[STAC Horne]] - STAC 5/H61/1 see [[STAC Hanmer]] - STAC 5/H62/38 see [[STAC Haskerd]] - STAC 5/H63/16 see [[STAC Hurlestone]] - STAC 5/H70/23 see [[STAC Hurlestone]] - STAC 5/H71/21 see [[STAC Hendy]] - STAC 5/H71/24 see [[STAC Hoblow]] - STAC 5/H71/36 see [[STAC Harris]] - STAC 5/H73/21 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H74/26 see [[STAC Huddleston]] - STAC 5/H75/29 see [[STAC Handford]] - STAC 5/H78/29 see [[STAC Humberstone]]
*STAC 5/A5/34 see [[STAC Harpam]]
*STAC 5/J5/28 see [[STAC Jackson]] - STAC 5/J12/6 see [[STAC Johnson]] - STAC 5/J19/8 see [[STAC James]] - STAC 5/J12/16 - STAC 5/J20/15 see [[STAC Jones]]
''' K '''
*STAC 5/K11/29 see [[STAC Kirle]] - STAC 5/K12/5 see [[STAC Kent]] - STAC 5/K13/9 see [[STAC Knollys]] - STAC 5/K8/14 see [[STAC Killigrew]] - STAC 5/K10/17 see [[STAC Knightley]] - STAC 5/K9/2 see [[STAC King]] - STAC 5/K9/29 see [[STAC Kite]] - STAC 5/K2/23 see [[STAC Knappe]]
''' L'''
*STAC 5/L11/17 see [[STAC Lyllgrave]] - STAC 5/L43/30 see [[STAC Lingwood]] - STAC 5/L27/5 see [[STAC Lawson]] - STAC 5/L45/20 see [[STAC Lovell]] - STAC 5/L30/30 see [[STAC Leigh]] - STAC 5/L9/14 see [[STAC Lacy]] - STAC 5/L35/31 see [[STAC Lee]] - STAC 5/L35/30 see [[STAC Lewen]] - STAC 5/L39/33 see [[STAC Leman]] - STAC 5/L10/6 see [[STAC Lougher]] - STAC 5/L4/3 see [[STAC Litchfield]] - STAC 5/L3/21 see [[STAC Lord]] - STAC 5/L3/8 see [[STAC Lilly]] - STAC 5/L1/37 see [[STAC Longe]] - STAC 5/L15/40 see [[STAC Lloyd]] - STAC 5/L18/1 - STAC 5/L2/28 see [[STAC Lamplughe]] - STAC 5/L25/30 - STAC 5/L31/13 see [[STAC Lewis]] - STAC 5/L31/2 - STAC 5/L23/32 see [[STAC Leake]] - STAC 5/L42/21 - STAC 5/L36/18 - STAC 5/L30/33 see [[STAC Love]]
''' M '''
*STAC 5/M27/16 see [[STAC Markham]] - STAC 5/M26/33 see [[STAC Mills]] - STAC 5/M29/4 see [[STAC Millisent]] - STAC 5/M29/5 see [[STAC Mason]] - STAC 5/M33/14 see [[STAC Marke]] - STAC 5/M33/27 see [[STAC Mauley]] - STAC 5/M33/33 see [[STAC Marsh]] - STAC 5/M34/28 see [[STAC Meere]] - STAC 5/M37/6 see [[STAC Merton]] - STAC 5/M11/34 see [[STAC Mennell]] - STAC 5/M2/36 see [[STAC Meggs]] - STAC 5/M5/25 see [[STAC Middleton]] - STAC 5/M12/12 see [[STAC Mounslowe]] - STAC 5/M11/34 see [[STAC Mennell]] - STAC 5/M17/11 see [[STAC Morris]] - STAC 5/M17/31 see [[STAC Meggs]] - STAC 5/M26/32 see [[STAC MacWilliams]] - STAC 5/M22/14 see [[STAC Martin]] - STAC 5/M55/16 see [[STAC Maltby]] - STAC 5/M52/33 see [[STAC Malham]] - STAC 5/M51/28 see [[STAC Marshall]] - STAC 5/M41/18 see [[STAC Massey]] - STAC 5/M42/12 see [[STAC Mainwaring]] - STAC 5/M22/38 - STAC 5/M1/28 see [[STAC Monday]] - STAC 5/M33/19 - STAC 5/M51/9 see [[STAC Miller]] - STAC 5/M44/1 - STAC 5/M22/40 see [[STAC Mewtes]] - STAC 5/M17/33 - STAC 5/M55/36 see [[STAC Maudley]] - STAC 5/M2/3 - STAC 5/M2/13 - STAC 5/M47/37 - STAC 5/M35/6 - STAC 5/M17/6 see [[STAC Morgan]]
*STAC 5/A5/23 see [[STAC Martin]] - STAC 5/A5/28 see [[STAC Miller]] - STAC 5/A22/1 see [[STAC Martin]]
''' N '''
*STAC 5/N5/21 see [[STAC Naylor]] - STAC 5/N9/23 see [[STAC Nile]] - STAC 5/N9/27 see [[STAC Newdigate]] - STAC 5/N9/28 see [[STAC Nott]] - STAC 5/N7/13 see [[STAC Nuttall]] - STAC 5/N17/12 see [[STAC Norman]] - STAC 5/N14/15 see [[STAC Newton]] - STAC 5/N13/14 see [[STAC Nicholls]] - STAC 5/N13/33 see [[STAC Newball]] - STAC 5/N14/36 see [[STAC Norwich]] - STAC 5/N16/9 - STAC 5/N4/5 see [[STAC Northumberland]] - STAC 5/N6/29 - STAC 5/N7/8 see [[STAC Norwood]] - STAC 5/N12/15 - STAC 5/N6/1 see [[STAC Nettleton]]
*STAC 5/A31/19 see [[STAC Nicholls]]
'''O '''
*STAC 5/O7/37 see [[STAC Onslowe]] - STAC 5/O8/7 see [[STAC Onslowe]] - STAC 5/O1/16 see [[STAC Orme]] - STAC 5/O2/32 see [[STAC Offley]] - STAC 5/O4/12 see [[STAC Oswestry]] - STAC 5/O4/8 see [[STAC Oresbey]] - STAC 5/O5/18 see [[STAC Okeley]]
''' P '''
*STAC 5/P1/30 - STAC 5/P64/25 see [[STAC Pomerey]] - STAC 5/P51/2 - STAC 5/P60/30 see [[STAC Perrott]] - STAC 5/P2/38 - STAC 5/P57/22 see [[STAC Parry]] - STAC 5/P57/34 see [[STAC Parkes]] - STAC 5/P53/7 see [[STAC Pooley]] - STAC 5/P42/16 see [[STAC Parmenter]] - STAC 5/P19/11 - STAC 5/P42/8 see [[STAC Page]] - STAC 5/P5/7 - STAC 5/P45/8 see [[STAC Palmer]] - STAC 5/P47/39 see [[STAC Penruddock]] - STAC 5/P49/1 see [[STAC Purslow]] - STAC 5/P51/39 see [[STAC Pembroke]] - STAC 5/P52/18 see [[STAC Partridge]] - STAC 5/P2/16 see [[STAC Powle]] - STAC 5/P2/24 see [[STAC Piers]] - STAC 5/P2/27 see [[STAC Pencot]] - STAC 5/P3/7 see [[STAC Pesnall]] - STAC 5/P4/25 see [[STAC Powell]] - STAC 5/P30/11 see [[STAC Pilkington]] - STAC 5/P38/21 see [[STAC Peniston]] - STAC 5/P31/18 see [[STAC Partington]] - STAC 5/P31/35 see [[STAC Parlett]] - STAC 5/P32/3 see [[STAC Paschall]] - STAC 5/P32/14 see [[STAC Pile]] - STAC 5/P34/25 see [[STAC Parlett]] - STAC 5/P57/8 see [[STAC Pell]]
*STAC 5/A40/29 see [[STAC Pembridge]]
''' R '''
*STAC 5/R38/13 see [[STAC Richardson]] - STAC 5/R40/28 see [[STAC Rivett]] - STAC 5/R21/22 see [[STAC Rothesay]] - STAC 5/R30/19 see [[STAC Rous]] - STAC 5/R30/27 see [[STAC Ridler]] - STAC 5/R33/19 see [[STAC Robsart]] - STAC 5/R11/6 see [[STAC Rowley]] - STAC 5/R13/10 see [[STAC Rice]] - STAC 5/R13/14 see [[STAC Rooe]] - STAC 5/R14/22 see [[STAC Rathbond]] - STAC 5/R36/10 see [[STAC Read]] - STAC 5/R36/26 see [[STAC Risedon]] - STAC 5/R37/5 see [[STAC Rowland]] - STAC 5/R20/34 - STAC 5/R25/32 see [[STAC Rookewood]]
*STAC 5/S31/31 see [[STAC Smith, A-E]] - STAC 5/S18/31 - STAC 5/S19/22 - STAC 5/S51/8 see [[STAC Smith, S-Z]] - STAC 5/S20/10 - STAC 5/S1/10 see [[STAC Seaman]] - STAC 5/S75/19 - STAC 5/S66/14 see [[STAC Stringer]] - STAC 5/S71/38 - STAC 5/S75/22 see [[STAC Symes]] - STAC 5/S1/26 see [[STAC Springe]] - STAC 5/S1/36 see [[STAC Stutville]] - STAC 5/S63/1 - STAC 5/S32/11 see [[STAC Symcocks]] - STAC 5/S1/34 see [[STAC Savage]] - STAC 5/S3/14 see [[STAC Samford]] - STAC 5/S4/37 see [[STAC Sydenham]] - STAC 5/S5/10 see [[STAC South]] - STAC 5/S14/33 see [[STAC Slade]] - STAC 5/S19/19 see [[STAC Shadwell]] - STAC 5/S24/31 see [[STAC Stradling]] - STAC 5/S33/1 see [[STAC Sollers]] - STAC 5/S35/19 see [[STAC Stanney]] - STAC 5/S49/30 see [[STAC Salmon]] - STAC 5/S53/40 see [[STAC Stone]] - STAC 5/S55/19 see [[STAC Sey]] - STAC 5/S55/40 see [[STAC Speak]] - STAC 5/S56/29 see [[STAC Steward]] - STAC 5/S56/31 see [[STAC Sture]] - STAC 5/S57/20 see [[STAC Sibbell]] - STAC 5/S60/11 see [[STAC Sawle]] - STAC 5/S63/25 see [[STAC Steadman]] - STAC 5/S66/25 see [[STAC Sewell]] - STAC 5/S68/4 see [[STAC Smallwood]] - STAC 5/S69/9 see [[STAC Sherington]] - STAC 5/S83/33 see [[STAC Sutton]] - STAC 5/S77/16 see [[STAC Sprint]] - STAC 5/S78/18 see [[STAC Shepherd]] - STAC 5/S78/26 see [[STAC Slader]] - STAC 5/S80/34 see [[STAC Stepneth]]
*STAC 5/T1/33 see [[STAC Trefusis]] - STAC 5/T1/40 see [[STAC Thorey]] - STAC 5/T9/13 see [[STAC Tye]] - STAC 5/T9/17 see [[STAC Townley]] - STAC 5/T19/11 see [[STAC Tottell]] - STAC 5/T19/20 see [[STAC Tempest]] - STAC 5/T20/25 see [[STAC Turgess]] - STAC 5/T13/32 see [[STAC Trevanion]] - STAC 5/T14/29 see [[STAC Tunks]] - STAC 5/T11/15 see [[STAC Thurman]] - STAC 5/T25/40 see [[STAC Thornborough]] - STAC 5/T32/12 see [[STAC Tay]] - STAC 5/T10/24 - STAC 5/T9/4 see [[STAC Talbot]] - STAC 5/T10/33 - STAC 5/T20/19 - STAC 5/T1/36 see [[STAC Taylor]]
''' W '''
*STAC 5/W38/12 see [[STAC Wolfrys]] - STAC 5/W38/3 see [[STAC Wheathill]] - STAC 5/W7/3 see [[STAC Wykes]] - STAC 5/W7/4 see [[STAC Woodward]] - STAC 5/W1/4 see [[STAC Walford]] - STAC 5/W2/7 see [[STAC Wilne]] - STAC 5/W2/27 see [[STAC Waight]] - STAC 5/W3/29 see [[STAC Worlich]] - STAC 5/W5/34 see [[STAC Weltden]] - STAC 5/W44/7 see [[STAC Wichehalse]] - STAC 5/W41/12 see [[STAC Woodborn]] - STAC 5/W29/9 see [[STAC Worseley]] - STAC 5/W31/2 see [[STAC Williams]] - STAC 5/W33/37 see [[STAC Wight]] - STAC 5/W34/7 see [[STAC Winter]] - STAC 5/W46/21 see [[STAC Walpole]] - STAC 5/W46/26 see [[STAC Watts]] - STAC 5/W46/27 see [[STAC WIdoson]] - STAC 5/W46/32 see [[STAC Wakering]] - STAC 5/W47/33 see [[STAC Weeks]] - STAC 5/W47/34 see [[STAC Wightman]] - STAC 5/W48/10 see [[STAC White]] - STAC 5/W50/11 see [[STAC Worral]] - STAC 5/W58/7 see [[STAC Waight]] - STAC 5/W65/4 see [[STAC Wolcock]] - STAC 5/W65/15 see [[STAC Worseley]] - STAC 5/W70/22 see [[STAC Warmincham]] - STAC 5/W67/37 see [[STAC Warner]] - STAC 5/W71/2 see [[STAC Windeson]] - STAC 5/W71/36 see [[STAC Woodward]] - STAC 5/W73/32 see [[STAC Wood]] - STAC 5/W75/14 see [[STAC Walker]] - STAC 5/W76/6 see [[STAC Willstrop]] - STAC 5/W78/30 see [[STAC Willoughby]] - STAC 5/W76/21 see [[STAC Wigmore]] - STAC 5/W79/10 see [[STAC Wilcox]] - STAC 5/W46/37 - STAC 5/W75/34 - STAC 5/W36/16 - STAC 5/W27/5 see [[STAC Weston]] - STAC 5/W75/1 - STAC 5/W28/16 see [[STAC Wright]] - STAC 5/W45/17 - STAC 5/W2/1 see [[STAC Walsh]]
*STAC 5/A18/3 see [[STAC Waller]] - STAC 5/A36/10 see [[STAC Woodland]]
*STAC 5/Y3/8 see [[STAC Young]] - STAC 5/Y1/31 see [[STAC Yarnold]]
'''Welsh names'''
*STAC 5/M57/9 see [[STAC Welsh names M]]

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