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''' 1581/82'''
The date of the Bills of Complaint.
Bills dated to a term in two regnal years have been put into the second year.
Bills not yet dated, and other case papers are not included.
''' A '''
*STAC 5/A1/34 see [[STAC Arscott]] - STAC 5/A3/5 see [[STAC Arundell]] - STAC 5/A4/16 see [[STAC Aldersey]] - STAC 5/A4/17 see [[STAC Aldham]] - STAC 5/A4/19 see [[STAC Alexander]] - STAC 5/A4/20 see [[STAC Apled]] - STAC 5/A23/4 see [[STAC Atwood]] - STAC 5/A28/39 see [[STAC Alchorne]] - STAC 5/A33/25 see [[STAC Adam]] - STAC 5/A36/38 see [[STAC Arscott]] - STAC 5/A46/37 see [[STAC Archer]] - STAC 5/A52/25 see [[STAC Avery]] - STAC 5/A58/5 see [[STAC Alexander]]
*STAC 5/B25/20 see [[STAC Browse]] - STAC 5/B24/19 see [[STAC Bedow]] - STAC 5/B27/10 see [[STAC Batisford]] - STAC 5/B28/29 see [[STAC Brereton]] - STAC 5/B39/19 see [[STAC Brasbridge]] - STAC 5/B47/10 see [[STAC Baker]] - STAC 5/B53/13 see [[STAC Boughton]] - STAC 5/B62/35 see [[STAC Becher]] - STAC 5/B63/5 see [[STAC Booth]] - STAC 5/B67/27 see [[STAC Berry]] - STAC 5/B67/31 see [[STAC Barnwell]] - STAC 5/B71/40 see [[STAC Bailey]] - STAC 5/B72/28 see [[STAC Burton]] - STAC 5/B76/3 see [[STAC Beresford]] - STAC 5/B77/4 see [[STAC Bulstrode]]
'''C '''
*STAC 5/C3/2 see [[STAC Collier]] - STAC 5/C5/3 see [[STAC Carter]] - STAC 5/C5/4 see [[STAC Coode]] - STAC 5/C5/5 see [[STAC Colley]] - STAC 5/C5/6 see [[STAC Crocker]] - STAC 5/C5/7 see [[STAC Cobbe]] - STAC 5/C5/8 see [[STAC Cooper]] - STAC 5/C5/9 see [[STAC Champernowne]] - STAC 5/C5/10 see [[STAC Clothworkers]] - STAC 5/C5/11 see [[STAC Cumberland]] - STAC 5/C5/12 see [[STAC Crawley]] - STAC 5/C5/19 see [[STAC Cowley]] - STAC 5/C15/14 see [[STAC Crimes]] - STAC 5/C15/18 see [[STAC Caldicott]]  - STAC 5/C19/35 see [[STAC Cole]] - STAC 5/C21/30 see [[STAC Claxton]] - STAC 5/C24/15 see [[STAC Cromwell]] - STAC 5/C24/16 see [[STAC Calveley]] - STAC 5/C26/9 see [[STAC Cambell]] - STAC 5/C26/10 see [[STAC Clark]] - STAC 5/C33/23 see [[STAC Carminowe]] - STAC 5/C33/39 see [[STAC Clement]] - STAC 5/C34/21 see [[STAC Comberford]] - STAC 5/C35/4 see [[STAC Culverwell]] - STAC 5/C36/11 see [[STAC Croft]] - STAC 5/C38/40 see [[STAC Cole]] - STAC 5/C48/10 see [[STAC Cobbe]] - STAC 5/C48/19 see [[STAC Celey]] - STAC 5/C56/3 see [[STAC Cachmade]] - STAC 5/C57/32 see [[STAC Cue]] - STAC 5/C60/34 see [[STAC Crompton]] - STAC 5/C71/9 see [[STAC Coxon]] - STAC 5/C73/36 see [[STAC Crompton]] - STAC 5/C74/6 see [[STAC Carr]]
'''D '''
*STAC 5/D3/15 see [[STAC Dunch]] - STAC 5/D3/16 see [[STAC Day]] - STAC 5/D4/5 see [[STAC Davis]] - STAC 5/D8/29 see [[STAC Dowman]] - STAC 5/D10/19 see [[STAC Dowes]] - STAC 5/D12/10 see [[STAC Dove]] - STAC 5/D12/27 see [[STAC Diggon]] - STAC 5/D12/36 see [[STAC Drew]] - STAC 5/D12/37 see [[STAC Daniel]] - STAC 5/D12/40 see [[STAC Dillon]] - STAC 5/D14/9 see [[STAC Doddington]] - STAC 5/D21/15 see [[STAC Dawley]] - STAC 5/D23/25 see [[STAC Durant]] - STAC 5/D23/31 see [[STAC Derby]] - STAC 5/D26/8 see [[STAC David]] - STAC 5/D28/20 see [[STAC Downes]] - STAC 5/D28/29 see [[STAC Donne]] - STAC 5/D33/1 see [[STAC Driver]] - STAC 5/D35/35 see [[STAC Draper]] - STAC 5/D38/25 see [[STAC Driver]]
*STAC 5/E7/27 see [[STAC Evans]] - STAC 5/E8/24 see [[STAC Elmes]] - STAC 5/E15/30 see [[STAC Edgar]] - STAC 5/E16/12 see [[STAC Edgar]] - STAC 5/E16/37 see [[STAC Evans]]
*STAC 5/F2/9 see [[STAC Foxcroft]] - STAC 5/F10/27 see [[STAC Fanstone]] - STAC 5/F11/15 see [[STAC Favell]] - STAC 5/F11/31 see [[STAC Fanshaw]] - STAC 5/F12/17 see [[STAC Flint]] - STAC 5/F23/21 see [[STAC Farnall]] - STAC 5/F23/23 see [[STAC Farnaby]] - STAC 5/F24/33 see [[STAC French]] - STAC 5/F26/9 see [[STAC Fox]] - STAC 5/F27/6 see [[STAC Francis]] - STAC 5/F30/13 see [[STAC Farnaby]]
''' G '''
*STAC 5/G2/34 see [[STAC Gunne]] - STAC 5/G9/27 see [[STAC Glanfield]] - STAC 5/G12/19 see [[STAC Godbold]] - STAC 5/G12/33 see [[STAC Goldsborough]] - STAC 5/G15/23 see [[STAC Gunter]] - STAC 5/G34/33 see [[STAC Gee]] - STAC 5/G35/32 see [[STAC Gibson]] - STAC 5/G44/12 see [[STAC Gervaise]]
*STAC 5/H2/10 see [[STAC Huffield]] - STAC 5/H5/21 see [[STAC Hatcher]] - STAC 5/H6/25 see [[STAC Howard]] - STAC 5/H6/26 see [[STAC Hilling]] - STAC 5/H6/27 see [[STAC Heskins]] - STAC 5/H6/28 see [[STAC Hassel]] - STAC 5/H6/29 see [[STAC Hale]] - STAC 5/H16/22 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H20/6 see [[STAC Huffield]] - STAC 5/H25/6 see [[STAC Hale]] - STAC 5/H29/6 see [[STAC Hellis]] - STAC 5/H34/14 see [[STAC Hulse]] - STAC 5/H37/23 see [[STAC Hammond]] - STAC 5/H43/6 see [[STAC Hammond]] - STAC 5/H43/23 see [[STAC Horner]] - STAC 5/H48/33 see [[STAC Hush]] - STAC 5/H49/16 see [[STAC Hill]] - STAC 5/H56/17 see [[STAC Harry]] - STAC 5/H57/30 see [[STAC Harcourt]] - STAC 5/H58/28 see [[STAC Horsey]] - STAC 5/H60/16 see [[STAC Hassel]] - STAC 5/H60/38 see [[STAC Hale]] - STAC 5/H62/33 see [[STAC Headon]] - STAC 5/H63/18 see [[STAC Harcourt]] - STAC 5/H65/40 see [[STAC Hale]] - STAC 5/H67/14 see [[STAC Hammond]]
*STAC 5/J2/13 see [[STAC Jermyn]] - STAC 5/J6/19 see [[STAC Johnson]] - STAC 5/J15/30 - STAC 5/J8/4 see [[STAC Jackson]] - STAC 5/J9/8 - STAC 5/J8/14 see [[STAC Jarrett]] - STAC 5/J2/12 STAC 5/J22/15 see [[STAC Jones]]
''' K '''
*STAC 5/K4/39 see [[STAC Knight]] - STAC 5/K1/38 see [[STAC Kepas]] - STAC 5/K1/39 see [[STAC Kelleway]] - STAC 5/K1/20 see [[STAC Kidwell]] - STAC 5/K7/22 see [[STAC Kitchin]] - STAC 5/K11/1 see [[STAC Kendall]] - STAC 5/K12/34 see [[STAC Keate]] - STAC 5/K12/35 see [[STAC Kingswell]] - STAC 5/K12/8 - STAC 5/K2/4 see [[STAC Kirk]] - STAC 5/K4/33 - STAC 5/K9/20 see [[STAC King]] - STAC 5/K5/22 - STAC 5/K1/28 see [[STAC Keynsham]] - STAC 5/K10/35 - STAC 5/K1/11 see [[STAC Knype]]
''' L'''
*STAC 5/L30/16 see [[STAC Lloyd]] - STAC 5/L40/6 see [[STAC Lewen]] - STAC 5/L48/27 see [[STAC Lefevre]] - STAC 5/L43/24 see [[STAC Looker]] - STAC 5/L37/16 - STAC 5/L2/37 see [[STAC Langton]] - STAC 5/L32/37 - TAC 5/L12/24 see [[STAC Lewis]]
''' M '''
*STAC 5/M4/25 see [[STAC Moore]] - STAC 5/M4/26 see [[STAC Miller]] - STAC 5/M4/27 see [[STAC Mason]] -STAC 5/M4/28 see [[STAC Marlow]] - STAC 5/M3/31 see [[STAC Morris]] - STAC 5/M2/2 see [[STAC Meere]] - STAC 5/M14/1 see [[STAC Meryvall]] - STAC 5/M28/3 see [[STAC Molineaux]] - STAC 5/M28/34 see [[STAC Marrow]] - STAC 5/M21/39 see [[STAC Mayle]] - STAC 5/M58/38 see [[STAC Musgrave]] - STAC 5/M13/34 see [[STAC Meysey]] - STAC 5/M38/34 - STAC 5/M10/25 see [[STAC Millard]]
''' N '''
*STAC 5/N1/28 see [[STAC Newce]] - STAC 5/N5/25 see [[STAC Ninge]] - STAC 5/N7/3 see [[STAC Northumberland]] - STAC 5/N9/15 see [[STAC Nicholas]] - STAC 5/N10/15 see [[STAC Nangrew]] - STAC 5/N13/11 see [[STAC Neild]]
*STAC 5/O8/36 see [[STAC Ognell]]
''' P '''
*STAC 5/P5/19 see [[STAC Pett]] - STAC 5/P5/20 see [[STAC Pilfold]] - STAC 5/P5/21 see [[STAC Pate]] - STAC 5/P5/22 see [[STAC Pigott]] - STAC 5/P20/22 see [[STAC Patrick]] - STAC 5/P17/20 see [[STAC Poole]] - STAC 5/P21/22 see [[STAC Peniston]] - STAC 5/P26/2 see [[STAC Philips]] - STAC 5/P38/34 see [[STAC Prowe]] - STAC 5/P41/21 see [[STAC Pott]] - STAC 5/P42/34 see [[STAC Poton]] - STAC 5/P47/11 see [[STAC Paslowe]] - STAC 5/P58/40 see [[STAC Powys]] - STAC 5/P62/19 see [[STAC Popham]] - STAC 5/P13/29 - STAC 5/P23/39 see [[STAC Pitford]] - STAC 5/P29/40 - STAC 5/P19/37 see [[STAC Powell]] - STAC 5/P53/6 - STAC 5/P5/23 see [[STAC Price]]
*STAC 5/A18/33 see [[STAC Pitford]]
''' R '''
*STAC 5/R3/16 - STAC 5/R37/29 see [[STAC Roscarrock]] - STAC 5/R40/26  - STAC 5/R4/11 see [[STAC Revell]] - STAC 5/R37/34 see [[STAC Riding]] - STAC 5/R26/7 see [[STAC Raunce]] - STAC 5/R22/1 see [[STAC Richardson]] - STAC 5/R19/23 see [[STAC Rope]] - STAC 5/R19/27 see [[STAC Reynell]] - STAC 5/R3/14 see [[STAC Rither]] - STAC 5/R3/30 see [[STAC Rigdon]] - STAC 5/R4/10 see [[STAC Rosse]] - STAC 5/R33/12 see [[STAC Rawnson]] - STAC 5/R12/29 see [[STAC Rolle]] - STAC 5/R13/8 see [[STAC Ramsay]] - STAC 5/R15/19 see [[STAC Reynell]] - STAC 5/R15/20 see [[STAC Roa]]
*STAC 5/S70/40 see [[STAC Smith, J]] - STAC 5/S5/27 see [[STAC Smith, S-Z]] - STAC 5/S1/12 see [[STAC Sydenham]] - STAC 5/S5/22 see [[STAC Sydenham]] - STAC 5/S70/34 - STAC 5/S5/24 see [[STAC Sherington]] - STAC 5/S5/23 see [[STAC Stubbes]] - STAC 5/S5/25 see [[STAC Stephens]] - STAC 5/S5/26 see [[STAC Singleton]] - STAC 5/S6/30 see [[STAC Sprye]] - STAC 5/S15/2 see [[STAC Shenton]] - STAC 5/S15/21 see [[STAC Sepens]] - STAC 5/S23/39 see [[STAC Stourton]] - STAC 5/S31/6 see [[STAC Sloper]] - STAC 5/S34/2 see [[STAC Stipkin]] - STAC 5/S37/1 see [[STAC Steere]] - STAC 5/S38/3 see [[STAC Sandford]] - STAC 5/S39/30 see [[STAC Swift]] - STAC 5/S39/32 see [[STAC Southwell]] - STAC 5/S43/31 see [[STAC Salisbury]] - STAC 5/S45/1 see [[STAC Shouldham]] - STAC 5/S45/6 see [[STAC Sherley]] - STAC 5/S45/30 see [[STAC Scoley]] - STAC 5/S51/23 see [[STAC Sweete]] - STAC 5/S54/1 see [[STAC Stringfellow]] - STAC 5/S61/29 see [[STAC Skinner]] - STAC 5/S64/32 see [[STAC Sepens]] - STAC 5/S76/21 see [[STAC Stephens]] - STAC 5/S78/30 see [[STAC Saville]] - STAC 5/S79/14 see [[STAC Standish]] - STAC 5/S78/34 see [[STAC Sacheverell]] - STAC 5/S78/22 see [[STAC Stone]] - STAC 5/S77/28 see [[STAC Smallbrook]]
*STAC 5/T13/30 see [[STAC Tharby]] - STAC 5/T8/25 see [[STAC Thornton]] - STAC 5/T23/9 see [[STAC Tylesley]] - STAC 5/T30/7 see [[STAC Tenow]] - STAC 5/T30/20 see [[STAC Trafford]] - STAC 5/T13/27 - STAC 5/T2/7 see [[STAC Tyrrell]]
''' W '''
*STAC 5/W35/11 see [[STAC Waters]] - STAC 5/W14/27 see [[STAC Witherington]] - STAC 5/W14/37 see [[STAC Westden]] - STAC 5/W2/37 see [[STAC Whitton]] - STAC 5/W3/39 see [[STAC Wigley]] - STAC 5/W4/24 see [[STAC Wearter]] - STAC 5/W5/19 see [[STAC Whitney]] - STAC 5/W5/22 see [[STAC Wolridge]] - STAC 5/W5/24 see [[STAC White]] - STAC 5/W5/25 see [[STAC Wigmore]] - STAC 5/W18/10 see [[STAC Wroth]] - STAC 5/W21/26 see [[STAC Wentworth]] - STAC 5/W30/24 see [[STAC Watkin]] - STAC 5/W49/33 see [[STAC Writtington]] - STAC 5/W51/10 see [[STAC Winter]] - STAC 5/W65/6 see [[STAC Welchen]] - STAC 5/W67/33 see [[STAC Walgrave]] - STAC 5/W78/4 - STAC 5/W5/21 see [[STAC Woodward]] - STAC 5/W4/23 - STAC 5/W20/16 see [[STAC Webb]] - STAC 5/W5/23 - STAC 5/W56/35 - STAC 5/W24/26 - STAC 5/W5/20 see [[STAC Wright]]
*STAC 5/Y3/32 see [[STAC Young]]
''' Welsh names '''
*STAC 5/A4/18 see [[STAC Welsh names Almoner]] - STAC 5/D1/30 see [[STAC Welsh names D]]

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