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''' 1577/78 '''
The date of the Bills of Complaint.
Bills dated to a term in two regnal years have been put into the second year.
Bills not yet dated, and other case papers are not included.
''' A '''
*STAC 5/A4/21 see [[STAC Adam]] - STAC 5/A4/22 see [[STAC Amys]] - STAC 5/A4/23 see [[STAC Astry]] - STAC 5/A5/10 see [[STAC Abney]] - STAC 5/A18/37 see [[STAC Anderson]] - STAC 5/A26/37 see [[STAC Adam]] - STAC 5/A28/32 see [[STAC Adam]] - STAC 5/A32/13 see [[STAC Avery]] - STAC 5/A34/2 see [[STAC Ashford]] - STAC 5/A34/14 see [[STAC Ayer]] - STAC 5/A44/26 see [[STAC Addenbrook]] - STAC 5/A52/4 see [[STAC Adam]] - STAC 5/A52/8 see [[STAC Allen]] - STAC 5/A52/29 see [[STAC Arundell]] - STAC 5/A56/30 see [[STAC Atwell]] - STAC 5/A58/33 see [[STAC Astley]] - STAC 5/A58/40 see [[STAC Atkinson]] - STAC 5/A27/34 see [[STAC Jennettes]]
*STAC 5/B29/33 see [[STAC Baxter]] - STAC 5/B30/2 see [[STAC Bayard]] - STAC 5/B30/5 see [[STAC Bennett]] - STAC 5/B30/29 see [[STAC Blank]] - STAC 5/B37/14 see [[STAC Brinde]] - STAC 5/B39/27 see [[STAC Berston]] - STAC 5/B39/30 see [[STAC Baines]] - STAC 5/B39/39 see [[STAC Bowes]] - STAC 5/B40/26 see [[STAC Bird]] - STAC 5/B41/16 see [[STAC Bromehall]] - STAC 5/B41/8 see [[STAC Berkeley]] - STAC 5/B43/1 see [[STAC Bridges]] - STAC 5/B44/23 see [[STAC Bartlett]] - STAC 5/B48/22 see [[STAC Brooke]] - STAC 5/B53/34 see [[STAC Butler]] - STAC 5/B54/22 see [[STAC Bellow]] - STAC 5/B55/6 see [[STAC Butts]] - STAC 5/B57/37 see [[STAC Broome]] - STAC 5/B68/4 see [[STAC Bonnythorne]] - STAC 5/B77/40 see [[STAC Byrom]] - STAC 5/B78/37 see [[STAC Birkenshaw]]
'''C '''
*STAC 5/C5/13 see [[STAC Cholmondeley]] - STAC 5/C13/33 see [[STAC Chamberlain]] - STAC 5/C14/1 see [[STAC Carr]] - STAC 5/C17/9 see [[STAC Cromwell]] - STAC 5/C19/5 see [[STAC Cholmondeley]] - STAC 5/C19/14 see [[STAC Cross]] - STAC 5/C19/17 see [[STAC Christian]] - STAC 5/C32/10 see [[STAC Copland]] - STAC 5/C35/36 see [[STAC Cade]] - STAC 5/C37/11 see [[STAC Chafn]] - STAC 5/C39/35 see [[STAC Copley]] - STAC 5/C40/25 see [[STAC Carle]] - STAC 5/C40/37 see [[STAC Collard]] - STAC 5/C40/39 see [[STAC Chetham]] - STAC 5/C43/8 see [[STAC Carlton]]  - STAC 5/C51/4 see [[STAC Calmady]] - STAC 5/C52/23 see [[STAC Cholmondeley]] - STAC 5/C54/34 see [[STAC Collier]]  - STAC 5/C55/32 see [[STAC Courtney]] - STAC 5/C55/39 see [[STAC Chatterton]] - STAC 5/C57/36 see [[STAC Chapman]] - STAC 5/C60/14 see [[STAC Colby]] - STAC 5/C62/21 see [[STAC Cotton]] - STAC 5/C62/28 see [[STAC Courtney]] - STAC 5/C65/1 see [[STAC Conway]] - STAC 5/C65/3 see [[STAC Croft]] - STAC 5/C65/25 see [[STAC Cromwell]] - STAC 5/C72/17 see [[STAC Crompton]] - STAC 5/C75/40 see [[STAC Cambridge U]] - STAC 5/C76/23 see [[STAC Curry]]
'''D '''
*STAC 5/D3/17 see [[STAC Downing]] - STAC 5/D3/18 see [[STAC Downing]] - STAC 5/D3/19 see [[STAC Dale]] - STAC 5/D4/3 see [[STAC Davidge]] - STAC 5/D12/7 see [[STAC Dawson]] - STAC 5/D14/28 see [[STAC Denton]] - STAC 5/D15/27 see [[STAC Dacre]] - STAC 5/D16/5 see [[STAC Derby]] - STAC 5/D16/11 see [[STAC Dallyson]] - STAC 5/D16/30 see [[STAC Darrell]] - STAC 5/D18/7 see [[STAC Dodson]] - STAC 5/D18/37  see [[STAC Dormer]] - STAC 5/D20/13 see [[STAC Dodson]] - STAC 5/D20/30 see [[STAC Dinley]] - STAC 5/D21/5 see [[STAC Debham]] - STAC 5/D23/18 see [[STAC Dighton]] - STAC 5/D23/28 see [[STAC Dansford]] - STAC 5/D27/3 see [[STAC Delaware]] - STAC 5/D40/13 see [[STAC Derby]] -
*STAC 5/E9/16 see [[STAC Edmonds]] - STAC 5/E10/25 see [[STAC Eastwood]] - STAC 5/E15/16 see [[STAC Edgecock]] - STAC 5/E17/2 see [[STAC Erisey]]
*STAC 5/F2/14 see [[STAC Foster Forster]] - STAC 5/F2/38 see [[STAC Foster Forster]] - STAC 5/F6/35 see [[STAC Farr]] - STAC 5/F11/23 see [[STAC Flower]] - STAC 5/F12/7 see [[STAC Fox]] - STAC 5/F12/16 see [[STAC Fortescue]] - STAC 5/F17/20 see [[STAC Fitzjames]] - STAC 5/F19/7 see [[STAC Flower]] - STAC 5/F25/1 see [[STAC Flower]]
''' G '''
*STAC 5/G1/16 see [[STAC Goulding]] - STAC 5/G2/1 see [[STAC Godden]] - STAC 5/G2/39 see [[STAC George]] - STAC 5/G4/10 see [[STAC Greville]] - STAC 5/G4/11 see [[STAC Gill]] - STAC 5/G14/1 see [[STAC Garboldisham]] - STAC 5/G15/31 see [[STAC Le Gris]] - STAC 5/G16/6 see [[STAC Gilbert]] - STAC 5/G16/40 see [[STAC Grey]] - STAC 5/G17/33 see [[STAC Gilbert]] - STAC 5/G20/7 see [[STAC Gerrard]] - STAC 5/G20/12 see [[STAC Gilbert]] - STAC 5/G20/17 see [[STAC Guyes]]  - STAC 5/G23/35 see [[STAC Glynn]] - STAC 5/G24/8 see [[STAC Greville]] - STAC 5/G25/22 see [[STAC Gibson]] - STAC 5/G27/19 see [[STAC Le Gris]] - STAC 5/G30/13 see [[STAC Gildon]] - STAC 5/G31/6 see [[STAC Gwalter]] - STAC 5/G36/32 see [[STAC Gayer]] - STAC 5/G39/23 see [[STAC Gonnell]] - STAC 5/G45/1 see [[STAC Gonnell]] - STAC 5/G46/13 see [[STAC Griffin]]
*STAC 5/H1/40 see [[STAC Huckmore]] - STAC 5/H2/21 see [[STAC Heley]] - STAC 5/H2/37 see [[STAC Hogbend]] - STAC 5/H4/8 see [[STAC Hewes]] - STAC 5/H6/30 see [[STAC Holden]] - STAC 5/H6/31 see [[STAC Herbert]] - STAC 5/H6/32 see [[STAC Hall]] - STAC 5/H6/33 see [[STAC Hunsdon]] - STAC 5/H13/38 see [[STAC Hopkins]] - STAC 5/H16/32 see [[STAC Howes]] - STAC 5/H17/23 see [[STAC Hayward]] - STAC 5/H22/29 see [[STAC Humfrey]] - STAC 5/H23/39 see [[STAC Highmore]] - STAC 5/H24/20 see [[STAC Hanmer]] - STAC 5/H24/27 see [[STAC Hewett]] - STAC 5/H25/39 see [[STAC Horton]] - STAC 5/H26/16 see [[STAC Hulmes]] - STAC 5/H29/20 see [[STAC Hamlyn]] - STAC 5/H30/30 see [[STAC Hayes]] - STAC 5/H32/28 see [[STAC Holcroft]] - STAC 5/H32/29 see [[STAC Hebblethwait]] - STAC 5/H32/39 see [[STAC Haughton]] - STAC 5/H47/39 see [[STAC Hooper]] - STAC 5/H50/9 see [[STAC Harrison]] - STAC 5/H50/18 see [[STAC Hunt]] - STAC 5/H51/27 see [[STAC Hengscott]] - STAC 5/H53/24 see [[STAC Hatton]] - STAC 5/H58/19 see [[STAC Harrison]] - STAC 5/H59/40 see [[STAC Haynes]] - STAC 5/H60/32 see [[STAC Hodge]] - STAC 5/H61/36 see [[STAC Huntley]] - STAC 5/H62/31 see [[STAC Hale]] - STAC 5/H64/9 see [[STAC Hurston]] - STAC 5/H64/12 see [[STAC Higgins]] - STAC 5/H64/19 see [[STAC Hartwell]] - STAC 5/H65/39 see [[STAC Hawkins]] - STAC 5/H68/40 see [[STAC Hood]] - STAC 5/H74/22 see [[STAC Hellier]] - STAC 5/H76/18 see [[STAC Harris]] - STAC 5/H76/21 see [[STAC Hammond]] - STAC 5/H76/40 -see [[STAC Highgate]] - STAC 5/H79/16 see [[STAC Handy]] - STAC 5/H81/5 see [[STAC Hill]]
*STAC 5/J14/39 see [[STAC Impey]] - STAC 5/J13/10 see [[STAC Jennettes]] - STAC 5/J7/1 see [[STAC Jenk]] - STAC 5/J19/28 see [[STAC Joll]] - STAC 5/J9/6 see [[STAC Jenkins]] - STAC 5/J9/24 see [[STAC Jeffrey]] - STAC 5/J14/6 - STAC 5/J2/14 - STAC 5/J9/17 - STAC 5/J15/8 - STAC 5/J19/31 see [[STAC Jones]] - STAC 5/J2/15 - STAC 5/J7/4 see [[STAC Johnson]] - STAC 5/J20/7 - STAC 5/J8/36 see [[STAC Jordan]]
''' IJ '''
''' K '''
*STAC 5/K10/10 see [[STAC Kirle]] - STAC 5/K10/34 see [[STAC Knight]] - STAC 5/K10/18 see [[STAC Kendall]] - STAC 5/K1/40 see [[STAC Keeper]] - STAC 5/K15/2 see [[STAC Keilway]] - STAC 5/K12/29 see [[STAC Kay]] - STAC 5/K13/23 - STAC 5/K4/23 see [[STAC Kiffin]] - STAC 5/K13/31 see [[STAC Kennaston]] - STAC 5/K6/9 - STAC 5/K9/11 see [[STAC Knottesford]]
''' L'''
*STAC 5/L19/38 see [[STAC Lowe]] - STAC 5/L41/27 see [[STAC Lancaster]] - STAC 5/L31/18 see [[STAC Lisle]] - STAC 5/L36/32 see [[STAC Lambert]] - STAC 5/L44/40 see [[STAC Lewis]] - STAC 5/L14/9 see [[STAC Lomas]] - STAC 5/L3/36 see [[STAC Luttrell]] - STAC 5/L13/20 see [[STAC Leane]] - STAC 5/L13/22 see [[STAC Lake]] - STAC 5/L25/16 see [[STAC Livers]] - STAC 5/L16/2 see [[STAC Lloyd]] - STAC 5/L29/8 see [[STAC Ladstock]] - STAC 5/L33/15 see [[STAC Lovick]] - STAC 5/L30/18 see [[STAC Lennox]] - STAC 5/L27/16 - STAC 5/L30/22 see [[STAC Lacy]] - STAC 5/L16/30 - STAC 5/L13/23 see [[STAC Lee]]
''' M '''
*STAC 5/M58/13 see [[STAC Matthew]] - STAC 5/M59/5 see [[STAC Middleton]] - STAC 5/M59/15 see [[STAC Moggeridge]] - STAC 5/M43/10 see [[STAC Moyse]] - STAC 5/M40/31 see [[STAC Machett]] - STAC 5/M38/20 see [[STAC Maddock]] - STAC 5/M38/27 see [[STAC Mawde]] - STAC 5/M38/38 see [[STAC Meere]] - STAC 5/M28/7 see [[STAC Moy]] - STAC 5/M28/10 see [[STAC Mellor]] - STAC 5/M23/10 see [[STAC Moore]] - STAC 5/M22/20 see [[STAC Martin]] - STAC 5/M19/12 see [[STAC Mower]] - STAC 5/M4/29 see [[STAC Monday]] - STAC 5/M4/30 see [[STAC Manley]] - STAC 5/M16/32 - STAC 5/M15/17 see [[STAC Morris]] - STAC 5/M13/30 - STAC 5/M19/23 - STAC 5/M13/30 see [[STAC Massey]]
*STAC 5/A2/15 see [[STAC Moody]]
''' N '''
*STAC 5/N5/20 see [[STAC Noodes]] - STAC 5/N1/29 see [[STAC Neale]] - STAC 5/N1/30 see [[STAC Nightgale]] - STAC 5/N7/17 see [[STAC Nurse]] - STAC 5/N10/37 see [[STAC Nicholson]] - STAC 5/N12/33 see [[STAC Norton]] - STAC 5/N7/7 - STAC 5/N5/34 see [[STAC Norwich]] - STAC 5/N7/12 - STAC 5/N1/20 see [[STAC North]]
*STAC 5/O1/26 see [[STAC Oles]] - STAC 5/O1/27 see [[STAC Odey]] - STAC 5/O4/27 see [[STAC Ogden]] - STAC 5/O4/32 see [[STAC Otwaye]] - STAC 5/O4/36 see [[STAC Okebank]] - STAC 5/O8/8 see [[STAC Oxford]]
''' P '''
*STAC 5/P2/25 see [[STAC Poynton]] - STAC 5/P3/3 see [[STAC Puttenham]] - STAC 5/P5/24 see [[STAC Peyton]] - STAC 5/P5/25 see [[STAC Pott]] - STAC 5/P6/26 see [[STAC Perrott]] - STAC 5/P7/2 see [[STAC Pill]] - STAC 5/P3/25 see [[STAC Parker]] - STAC 5/P18/40 see [[STAC Pitfold]] - STAC 5/P19/8 see [[STAC Player]] - STAC 5/P19/9 see [[STAC Powell]] - STAC 5/P13/8 see [[STAC Piper]] - STAC 5/P17/5 see [[STAC Partridge]] - STAC 5/P28/36 see [[STAC Penry]] - STAC 5/P21/12 see [[STAC Powell]] - STAC 5/P32/28 see [[STAC Pendlebury]] - STAC 5/P49/29 see [[STAC Paule]] - STAC 5/P41/24 see [[STAC Pagett]] - STAC 5/P57/23 see [[STAC Pleydell]] - STAC 5/P66/30 see [[STAC Pepper]] - STAC 5/P42/36 see [[STAC Pudsey]] - STAC 5/P66/22 - STAC 5/P18/6 see [[STAC Philips]]
*STAC 5/A4/33 see [[STAC Pleasants]]
''' R '''
*STAC 5/R25/35 see [[STAC Reeve]] - STAC 5/R20/28 see [[STAC Rugge]] - STAC 5/R21/16 see [[STAC Rice]] - STAC 5/R1/13 see [[STAC Robinson]] - STAC 5/R26/40 see [[STAC Rochester]] - STAC 5/R26/5 see [[STAC Read]] - STAC 5/R12/2 see [[STAC Rolle]] - STAC 5/R8/31 see [[STAC Rogers]] - STAC 5/R33/11 see [[STAC Rayner]] - STAC 5/R32/38 see [[STAC Welsh names R]] - STAC 5/R18/15 see [[STAC Redge]] - STAC 5/R13/6 - STAC 5/R34/21 see [[STAC Rolfe]] - STAC 5/R20/24 - STAC 5/R20/10 see [[STAC Richard]]
''' S'''
*STAC 5/S36/28 see [[STAC Smith, J]] - STAC 5/S48/7 - STAC 5/S63/26 see [[STAC Smith, K-P]] - STAC 5/S58/5 see [[STAC Smith, R]] - STAC 5/S30/34 see [[STAC Smith, S-Z]] - STAC 5/S2/1 see [[STAC Skirdon]] - STAC 5/S15/4 see [[STAC Stanley]] - STAC 5/S2/15 see [[STAC Stanley]] - STAC 5/S3/20 see [[STAC Somaster]] - STAC 5/S5/30 - STAC 5/S5/28 see [[STAC Sprint]] - STAC 5/S5/29 see [[STAC Shere]] - STAC 5/S5/32 see [[STAC Sygney]] - STAC 5/S24/5 - STAC 5/S5/33 see [[STAC Symcocks]] - STAC 5/S5/40 see [[STAC Somerford]] - STAC 5/S70/26 - STAC 5/S11/18 see [[STAC Scott]] - STAC 5/S62/18 - STAC 5/S14/30 see [[STAC Savage]] - STAC 5/S16/25 see [[STAC Salven]] - STAC 5/S23/31 see [[STAC Samford]] - STAC 5/S24/15 see [[STAC Stuckeley]] - STAC 5/S28/10 see [[STAC Shepham]] - STAC 5/S30/24 see [[STAC Scott]] - STAC 5/S36/34 see [[STAC Sapcott]] - STAC 5/S38/38 see [[STAC Stepneth]] - STAC 5/S54/40 see [[STAC Sutton]] - STAC 5/S57/14 see [[STAC Stafford]] - STAC 5/S59/4 see [[STAC Sherington]] - STAC 5/S63/19 see [[STAC Stidson]] - STAC 5/S70/39 see [[STAC Stone]] - STAC 5/S71/40 see [[STAC Shoesmith]] - STAC 5/S72/14 see [[STAC Spratling]] - STAC 5/S83/36 see [[STAC Sonky]] - STAC 5/S84/13 see [[STAC Savery]] - STAC 5/S84/16 see [[STAC Skeggs]] - STAC 5/S85/37 see [[STAC Skipwith]] -
''' T '''
*STAC 5/T2/3 see [[STAC Truxton]] - STAC 5/T3/25 see [[STAC Tyrrell]] - STAC 5/T3/27 see [[STAC Taylor]] - STAC 5/T20/16 see [[STAC Tedd]] - STAC 5/T15/7 see [[STAC Tapper]] - STAC 5/T15/12 see [[STAC Thorley]] - STAC 5/T15/14 see [[STAC Timperley]] - STAC 5/T22/5 see [[STAC Thompson]] - STAC 5/T38/34 see [[STAC Tempest]] - STAC 5/T35/24 see [[STAC Tawyer]] - STAC 5/T3/26 - STAC 5/T38/32 see [[STAC Turville]] - STAC 5/T3/24 - STAC 5/T3/23 see [[STAC Thomas]] - STAC 5/T12/7 - STAC 5/T12/21 - STAC 5/T15/2 see [[STAC Trafford]]
*STAC 5/A2/7 see [[STAC Tubb]] - STAC 5/A49/22 see [[STAC Thimithorpe]]
''' W '''
*STAC 5/W5/27 see [[STAC Withers]] - STAC 5/W5/28 see [[STAC Worral]] - STAC 5/W5/29 see [[STAC Walcott]] - STAC 5/W3/3 see [[STAC Wilson]] - STAC 5/W2/5 see [[STAC Walwyn]] - STAC 5/W1/40 see [[STAC Welstead]] - STAC 5/W1/33 see [[STAC Wroughton]] - STAC 5/W15/21 see [[STAC Wynne]] - STAC 5/W22/10 see [[STAC Winter]] - STAC 5/W39/24 see [[STAC Whiskins]] - STAC 5/W40/18 see [[STAC Whitehurst]] - STAC 5/W33/28 see [[STAC Wray]] - STAC 5/W34/19 see [[STAC Wellins]] - STAC 5/W54/11 see [[STAC Whittaker]] - STAC 5/W46/11 see [[STAC Wightman]] - STAC 5/W60/4 see [[STAC Welsh names W]] - STAC 5/W63/8 see [[STAC Wirkes]] - STAC 5/W63/19 see [[STAC Wake]] - STAC 5/W67/2 see [[STAC Whiddon]] - STAC 5/W71/8 see [[STAC Weighill]] - STAC 5/W74/18 see [[STAC Waller]] - STAC 5/W74/24 see [[STAC Williams]] - STAC 5/W78/40 see [[STAC Whittington]] - STAC 5/W74/38 - STAC 5/W42/37 see [[STAC Woodhouse]] - STAC 5/W78/24 - STAC 5/W39/8 see [[STAC Watkin]] - STAC 5/W5/26 - STAC 5/W35/17 see [[STAC Ward]]
* STAC 5/Y3/5 - STAC 5/Y3/12 see [[STAC Young]]
''' Welsh names '''
*STAC 5/H21/4 - STAC 5/H23/10 see [[STAC Welsh names H]]

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