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STAC 5/R1/38 - B - 44 Eliz - Lancashire - James Rydynges v Jervise Trevis, Troylus Trevis, Ralph Trevis see STAC Riding

Transcribed by Helen Good

To the Queens most excellent Majestie

In most humble wyse Complayninge showeth and enformeth your most excellent Majestie your true faithfull and obedyent Subject James Rydinges of Chytham in the parishe of Manchester in your Countie of Lancaster Lynnen Draper That whereas one Jervis Travys of the saide parishe of Manchester Miller hath for these dyvers yeares borne extreame hatred and malice towardes your said Subject, and and he /\ the said Travis /\ having had for these many yeares and /\ hathe /\ for dyvers yeares yet to come a Corne Mill in Manchester aforsaide out of which he maketh a great yearely Commoditie, which Mill standeth nere a house and Close of your Subjectes which he holdeth for the lyfe of one John Barlowe scytuate in the saide parishe of Manchester aforsaide and the streame or Water Course that serveth To dryve the saide Mill runneth betwene the Myll Bancke of the saide Mill and the saide Close of your said Subjectes adjoyninge to his saide House And by reason of a Weare of the said Jarvis Trevis standinge upon the saide streame or Water Course your said Subject is /\ hath bene /\ dyvers tymes dampnyfyed and greatly annoyed, And that happeneth the more often for that the saide Jervis Trevis /\ desyrous to enforce your subject to sell his said Close to him the said Jervis & to . . . yt from your subject /\ Commaundeth his Miller and servantes without other Cause then to Annoye your Subject, to breake downe the said some parte of the saide Weare which maye most annoye your Subject /\ whereby the said subjectes said Close is open where he should injoye [ . . . ] surrounded /\ Nowe soe yt is and it please your most excellent Majestie that the saide Jervis Travis beinge a Man of a most wicked vyle and bad disposition and burneinge in Revenge and Malice towardes your said Subject and overgreedely /\ for that he cannot got the said house & close he /\ practised for these many yeares to get the said House and Close of your Subjectes to laye to his saide Mill, without havinge that due regard to your Majesties Lawes which everye good Subject ought to have, did Combyne and Conspyre with hiis two Sonnes the one named Troylus Trevis and the other Raphe Trevys howe to enter into the saide House and Close of your Subjectes and to get and keepe the possession thereof from your Subject /\ & deface the said house & spoyle the said close /\ and they resolved to doe yt by force /\ to put downe the house /\ And in performance of that resolution in or upon the tenth daye of Januarye last past in the foure and Forteth yeare of your most happie Reigne beinge Sondaye the saide Jervys and his saide twoe Sonnes like Irreligiouse persons Carelesse of God and of Devyne service /\ they /\ in the tyme of devyne prayer, they armed and weaponed themselves with Bills swordes and longe staves and accompanyed and attended upon with dyvers Ryotous persons to the nomber of twelve persons or thereabout /\ by them then there assembled /\ whose names are yet unknowen to your saide Subject they /\ all /\ beinge fytt instrumentes to execute what mischeife soever should be requyred of them to goe about Attempt or performe, beinge servantes and workemen of the said Jarvis your Subject humbly prayeth they/\re names /\ maye be herein inserted when he knoweth them. All of them beinge likewise unlawfully Armed and weaponed some with swordes and daggers, longe pikes staves, and others with pitchforkes Mattockes and other unlawfull weapons aswell invasyve as defensyve Ryotously Rowtouslye and unlawfullye and in warlike manner the said Jervis Travis as there Champion or Ringleader, marchinge towardes your Subjectes said house nere to the said Mill and then and there Ryotouslye Rowtouslye and forceblye wth there said weapons assaulted the saide house, broke open the dores and wyndowes thereof /\ & so entered therein /\ and pulled downe the thatch of the house, and after with Ingens of Iron and other tooles that they then brought thether with them for that purpose, they pulled downe the Rafters and the walles of the said house even downe to the ground and utterly distroyed and defaced yt, And when they the said Ryotors had soe pulled the said house downe they tooke dyvers parcells of the tymber, dores and stones thereof and caused the same to be presentlye Carryed to the saide Mill and placed there about the damm or bancke thereof and the saide Weare beinge then /\ on /\ one parte or syde broken the said Ryotors did with /\ sum of /\ the saide Tymber and stone stopp that parte of the said weare soe broken and made up the bancke thereof therewith to the greate damage and losse of your saide Subject, And the saide Ryotors the same tyme on the saide Sondaye not leavinge any thinge undone that might Annoye your said Subject did then and there forcebly and Ryotouslye pull downe the hedge and moundes of your said Subjectes said Close and then and there did cast the said hedge and mound into the saide water or Mill bancke, and did laye the said Close as Common or wast to your Subjectes great losse and damage /\ which outragious ryotts now commytted /\ to the great disquyet of your people thereabour enhabitinge. Maie it therefore please your most excellent Majestie in tender Consyderacion of the premisses and for that all such Ryottes Rowtes unlawfull Assemblyes forceble entryes combynacions Conspiracies and other the Offences and Misdemeanors aforesaid are most greyvouse offences and deserve most severe punishment and were Commytted since your Majesties last generall pardon and yf the saide Offendors shoulde escape Condigne punishment for there soe wicked lewde and bad misdemeanors and offences others of like lewde and bad disposition woulde be encoraged to Commytt the like, to graunt your Majesties most gratiouse writtes of Subpena to be directed to the said Jarvis Trevis Troylus Trevis and Rephe Trevis [blank for other names] Commaundinge them thereby at a Certeine daie and under a Certaine peane therein to be lymyted personallie to appeare before the Lordes of your Majesties most honorable previe Councell in your highnes most honorable Court of Starrechamber then and there to Aunswere the premisses and to abyde such further order and direction therein as to their Lordshippes good discretions shalbe thought most meete and convenyent, And your said Subject shall praye for the longe and happie Contynuance of your most gratiouse and happie Reigne over us.