STAC 5/L18/15r

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  • Case Book BL Harley MS 2143 fo. 66v.

Enforced compositions and moneys to be paid by bill thereupon staid after execution sued out by order of this court. Lovyes, plaintiff; Upcote et al, defendants: the court being informed that the defendant being arrested upon an attachment out of this court and imprisoned at the plaintiff’s own house and threatened that he would undo the defendant unless he would compound with him whereupon he exacted £9 for a composition of the cause of the defendant and a release of the attachment and the plaintiff took a friend of the defendant to give his bill for the payment thereof which being not paid the plaintiff sued the bill to execution and the court informed of this ordered to stay the execution and that the plaintiff should be examined whether the execution were executed or no and if it were not executed then to stay for that compositions so enforced by the such covenous means tendeth to the dishonor of the court.

Trinity 38 Elizabeth