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Les reportes del cases in Camera Stellata, 1593 to 1609 from the original ms. of John Hawarde edited by William Paley Baildon Published 1894 Pages 450-452

To the Quene's most excellent Matye.

Humblye complayninge sheweth vnto yor most excellentt Matie yor Highnes' true, Faithffull and obedient Subiect, John Hayward, of Clyffordes Inne, wthin the parishe of Saynt Dunstones on the West, gentelman, That whereas yor Highnes Subiect by Reason of some nessary [sic] and vrgent busynes vupon the First daye of January now last past Repared to the Towne of Maydestone in your Highnes' County of Kent, Beinge Newyeres Daye, youer subiect passinge throwe the Towne one Fonteone leading his gelding by hym, and tow gentelmen Talking wth hym, Determyned not to staye in the Towne drawing towardes Eaveninge, and to Followe one his Determynatt affayres and Bussynes, and as he was passinge Forth of the Towne in quiett and peceable manner, There happened one Gabrell Warcope suddenly to Come vnto hym, They and as yett vnknowne to yor subiectt. To Come into yor subiecte's Company, who entered into many vayne and Friuelosse discourses wth yor subiect, and in manner enfforsed yor subiect to answere to many very ydle and Folishe questyons and demaundes. To th'ende as hytt should seme to drawe yor subiect into some such Convenyent place For his purposse as he expected, and passinge one in this manner wth many Crosse and overthwart speaches to the end to move yor Highnes' subiect to some ympatience distemperature of mynde, But yor Highnes' subiect, perceavinge the dryfte and determynatt purposse of the sayd Gabrill Warcopp to be to quarrell, still suppressed hie Coller and contynewed hyme selff wth in the Boundes of patience ; And in th'ende when the sayde Warcopp had brought yor Highnes' subiect to his desyered place, and had provided hym selff of such Company as he thought Featt For his purpose, So hytt is, pleseth yor most Excelent Ma"' that the sayd Gabrill Warcopp, assoeyatiug to hym selff Richard Reve, Thomas Reve, Katheryn Reve, Thomas Fylcott, Anne Fylcott, Fraunces Bourne and John Bourne, and Dyuerse others lyke Ryotours, Routors, and evell disposed persones To the number of Twenty or thereaboutes, the Resydewe beinge as yett to yo"^ Highnes' subiect vnknowe, and being armed w"' swordes, dages, longe picle-staues, Forrest Bylles, -w'h such warlick and vulawffull weapons, aswell invasiue as defensyve,- one the sayd First daye of January nowe last past, att and in the sayd Towne of Maydstone, did assembell them selues together, and not haueing the Feare of god beffore their Eyes, n^ [neither] dewe Regard of yo'" Highnes' good and Comendable Lawes, Statutes and Ordynaunces mayd and provyded against Ryottes, Routes, vnlawfull assembles and such lyke misdemenures, no"^ the punishment dewe For the same, yo Highnes' subiect then and there being in gode's peace and yo highnes', they, the sayd GabriU Warcopp, [and the others], In and vppon yo highnes' subiect did make an assault and hym did beate, hurt, wounde and evell entreate, and hym did put in greate perill of his lyffe, and yo"" highnes' subiect haueing a long whined Hauke of Great vallewe vppon his Fist, They the sayd Gabrill Warcopp w**" the Resydewe of the sayd maleffacto^ in most Bucherly, and Ryetous mannor the sayd Hauke, being one yo"" sayd subiect Fist, dyd kyll, spoyle and Teare asunder, one lyme From another. And the sayd Richard Reve, Thomas Reve, Thomas Filleott, Anne Fylcott, Fraunces Bourne and John Bourne, Crying maynely out, " Downe w* hym, kyll hym & kyll hym." W"" w" wordes of Incoredgment, the sayd Ryotors so Fiersly Followed yo subiect, as he grevesly beaten, wounded and leaft for dead, to the greatt losse, hinderaunce and indempnity of yo"" subiectes, and Contrary to dyuerse yo"" highnes' good and Comendable Lawes and statutes in thatt behalfe mayd and provyded ; In Tender Con- sideration whereof and For somuch as Ryottes, Routes and vnlawffull assembles, and such lyke misdemenures, so donne and Comytted by the sayd Gabrill Warcopp, Richard Reve and other the maleifactors and Ryotors afforesayd, arehateffull to god and hurtflfull to the Comen-wealth and nearely Repugnant to dyuersse yC Highnes' good and wholesome Lawes, statutes and ordynaunces mayd and provyded in thatt behalffe. The Presydent and example whereof ys such and so perillowes, as yf spedy Remedy and Refformation be not therein had, and seveare punish- ment mynistred to the offendors accordingly, maye tends to the deeaye of Justis, to the subbernation and overthrowe of diuerse yo"" Hignes' good and Comendable lawes and statutes, & to th' encoraging and ymbolding of such lyke Eiotous, wicked, & evell disposed personis to attempt practice & put in vre the lyke, Hyt maye thereffore plesse yo"' most excelent Ma*'^, the premyses Considered, to graunt vnto yo Highnes' subiect yo gratious wryttes of Subpenas to be dyrected vnto the sayd Gabrill Warcopp [and the others] & dyuerse others, To Commaund them and every of them Thereby att a Certen daye and vnder a Certen payne therein to be lymyted, personably to be and appeare Beffore yo"' most excelent Ma*'« in yo Highnes' Court of Star- chamber, tlien and there to answere to the premyses and to stande to and abide such further order & direction therein as to yo"' Highnes' and yo Ma'^'* most ho : privie Counsell shalbe thought meete. And yo said Subiect accordinge to his bounden duetie shall daielye praie to god for the preservacion of yo"' most ex- celent Ma"^ longs to Eule & Eayne over vs.


Indorsed : Martis, primo Februarii, Anno xxxix" Elizabeth Eegine [1597] ; Will'm Mill.

Warcopp, Eichard Eive and Thomas Eive put in a joint defence ; each of them ' saith that he is not guilty of the rioutes, Eoutes & speeches mencioned in the said Bill, nor of anie of them, nor of anie othe the Misdemeanoures mencioned in the same, determinable in this most honorable cote, in suche sorte, mann & forme as in y^ said Bill of Compl' is most vntrewely surmised.'