REQ 1/19. List, Michaelmas Term 40/41 Eliz I (1598)

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This page contains a list of the contents of pages nnn - nnn of orders, memoranda & decrees from Volume REQ 1/19 (orders, decrees and memoranda of the Court of Requests), covering dates xxx 1598 - xxx 1598.

For further details of the whole volume, conventions used and guidance on locating images, see REQ 1/19.


Orders & memoranda

Page Date of Entry Plaintiff(s)/Complainant(s) Defendant(s) Notes/Comments
547[1] 9 Oct John Burton Cadwallader Robertes, clerk Mem: Deft appearing by virtue of an attachment for refusal to perform a decree was committed to the Fleet
547[2] 9 Oct William Holland William Armiger the elder Mem: Mansuer Armiger, son of the deft, delivered £40 19s in open court to the complt as per decree of 4 July
547[3] 9 Oct Henry Lovell & Anne his wife John Loveden
547[4] 9 Oct Christopher Baker Oliver Stone
547[5] 9 Oct Andrew Fisher Sir Stephen Slany, Alderman of the City of London & others
547[6] 9 Oct John Viccarie Christopher Chollacombe Attachment awarded against the deft for his contempts
548[7] 9 Oct Nicholas Stephens Richard Goddard
548[8] 9 Oct Nicholas Overall John Overall Court informed this matter has been heard in this court 14 years ago. Deft to attend and specify this either in his answer, or in a demurrer
548[9] 9 Oct Richard Baispoole Simon Fairewether Meets and bounds of an area of marsh ground called Shipsgrasse
548[10] 9 Oct Thomas Thimblethorpe Elizabeth Thimblethorpe, widow Stay of defts proceedings at common law
548[11] 9 Oct Anthony Palmer William Hickman & others
549[12] 9 Oct Charles Cornewallis William Swanton If complt brings in the sum of £100 and an obligation of £200 an injunction will be awarded for stay of defts proceedings at common law
549[13] 9 Oct John Pettus James Medlecote & Lore his wife
549[14] 9 Oct Jane Goddard William Goddard
549[15] 10 Oct Rowland Eyre Thomas Catcher Court is informed of disorderly proceedings practiced by the complt about the execution of the commission awarded in this cause. Depositions to be suppressed and a new joint commission awarded
549[16] 10 Oct Lawrence Evans & Lettice his wife Richard Warren Deft to enter bond to adhere to any order, and pay costs to complt. Complt to provide his answer to the defts cross bill.
550[17] 10 Oct Michael Potter Richard Wynde
550[18] 10 Oct Richard Taylor John Trott
550[19] 10 Oct George Dutton Nicholas Elton
550[20] 10 Oct Reignald Hockson William Ivie
551[21] 10 Oct Alice Hunt, widow Richard Gey
551[22] 10 Oct Richard Payne Richard Parramore
551[23] 10 Oct Richard Ironsyde John Harrison
551[24] 10 Oct Francis Atmere & others Francis Woodhowse
551[25] 10 Oct John Roche Francis Metcalf, clerk
552[26] 11 Oct Lawrence Evans & Lettice his wife Richard Warren Mem: Lawrence Evans has received the sum of 40s for costs
552[27] 13 Oct Benedict Sharpe & others William Grannge & others
552[28] 13 Oct Reignald Golding & Johan his wife Henry Ringe & Richard Ring Concerning 30 acres of copyhold land. Was previously ordered on 24 November last to be tried at common law, and verdict has now been passed for the complt
552[29] 13 Oct Richard Christopher William Baylie & others Defts other than William Baylie, in regards of their poverty & poor estate, discharged of further attendance
552[30]553[31] 13 Oct Michael Potter Richard Wynde Court informed that the complt is not in fact a pauper. Deft at liberty to examine the complt touching his sufficiency of living.
553[32] 13 Oct Anne Gostling, widow Thomas Osborne & James his son
553[33] 13 Oct Anthony Palmer William Hickman
553[34] 13 Oct John Hilpe Henry Parmiter & others
553[35] 13 Oct Robert Cole, clerk Adam Holmes
553[36] 13 Oct John Cotton William Weilde & Susan his wife Concerning a legacy, and is depending in the Court of Arches. Complt to attend & show cause why it should not be dismissed
554[37] 13 Oct Rowland Parnell Thomas Lucke & others Defts to attend & show why they should not deliver unto the complt the body of Henry Byam according to the effect of the will of William Biam
554[38] 13 Oct Thomas Heathe Alexander Van Enden Parties are both complt & deft
554[39] 13 Oct Mary Cowper, widow John Lyon
554[40] 13 Oct Richard Payne Richard Parramore
554[41] 13 Oct Steven Harvey Robert Beck
555[42] 13 Oct Ellis Brame & others John Posford & Jane his wife
555[43] 14 Oct Anne Carewe, widow Christopher Gayler Mem: Deft has brought in writings & evidences which are to remain in the safety of the court, and not delivered to the complt, until the defts counsel shall be heard regarding the stay of delivery
555[44] 14 Oct John Haydon John Sansom Mem: The exemplified decree made in the Marches of Wales, and which was left in this court by the complt, is redelivered to John Parkins to the use of the complt
555[45] 14 Oct Thomas Page Giles Wiggington
555[46] 14 Oct John Ashfield Christopher Thompson Deft has offered to accept the principal debt due to him & any costs, without seeking to recover any penalties at common law. Complt ordered to bring in the principal debt.
556[47] 14 Oct Richard Allen Thomas Evans & Allen Hendre
556[48] 14 Oct Henry Lewkenor Peter Musheron
556[49] 14 Oct Isabel Kirkland, widow & Walter her son John Hordwick & others
556[50] 14 Oct Stephen Goldwell William Lambert Injunction for stay of defts proceedings at common law until such time as he makes his answers to the complts bill.
556[51] 14 Oct John Harrison Richard Chambers
557[52] 17 Oct Noell de Caroone, Lord of Sconwall & Agent for the United Provinces in the Low Countries John Watson
557[53] 17 Oct William Catcott & Margaret his wife Robert Bowden & Elizabeth his wife
557[54] 17 Oct Nicholas Stephens Richard Goddard
557[55] 17 Oct John Paine Owen Lloide & others
558[56] 17 Oct Frances Moore, widow Reignald Elliott & James Moore
558[57] 17 Oct William Beale Ambrose Warde. clerk & Roger Beale
558[58] 17 Oct Thomas Foster Elizabeth Foster & others
558[59] 17 Oct Richard Ironside John Harrison the elder
558[60]559[61] 19 Oct Nicholas Bonde, President of Magdalen College, Oxford & the Scholars Thomas Eversfeild & John Person
559[62] 19 Oct Richard Baispoole Simon Fairewether
559[63] 19 Oct Thomas Alees John Morley
559[64] 19 Oct John Sewell Robert Jeckes
559[65] 19 Oct Richard Saunders Edward Cave & others
560[66] 19 Oct Thomas Travis & Judith his wife Mary Dingley, widow
560[67] 19 Oct John Pettus James Medlecott & Lowre his wife
560[68] 19 Oct Paul Peck Oliver Scrogges & John Storer
560[69] 19 Oct Ambrose Button Francis Kelway
560[70] 19 Oct Peter Staple Agnes Staple, widow
561[71] 19 Oct John Mansfeild Sebastian Harvey Attachment awarded against the deft as he has failed to answer as per order of 3 July, and also injunction for stay of defts proceedings at common law
561[72] 19 Oct Richard Beadle Stephen Challice
561[73] 19 Oct Raffe Whittle William Joure
561[74]562[75] 19 Oct Robert Gibbes Mildred Maxfeild A special process under Privy Seal was awarded & directed to the sheriff of Gloucs for the apprehending of the deft for diverse & sundry contempts. Deft has been apprehended & remains in the county goal for Gloucs. Ordered that the deft be detained in goal without bail or mainprise until this court signify their pleasure
562[76] 19 Oct Edward Crofte John Mansfeild & others
562[77] 19 Oct Edmond Bridges John Grimsteed & others
562[78] 19 Oct John Aldridge William King
562[79] 19 Oct John Boughan William Ritche
563[80] 19 Oct William Neave Robert Neave
563[81] 19 Oct John Lyle Nicholas Mitton & others
563[82] 19 Oct Elizabeth Chapman, widow & others John Readman
563[83] 19 Oct James Winstanley & Mary his wife Thomas Forman & others
563[84] 19 Oct Richard Hanbury of London, goldsmith John Baker Refs decree of 13 Feb last
563[85] 19 Oct John Haydon John Sansom
564[86] 19 Oct Richard Ironside John Harrison To be referred to John Pyne & Jonas Waterhouse for final determination
564[87] 19 Oct Isaac Albert, Robert Stacie & Sarah his wife Peter Samborne & Audrey Arnold
564[88] 21 Oct Robert Bridger William Newman, Margaret his wife & others
564[89] 21 Oct Peter Prestwood John Goodwin & George Hubert
564[90] 21 Oct Thomas Blome Robert Braynford & others
565[91] 21 Oct William Whitlock Thomas Milward Mem: £11 6s paid to James Whitlock as per order
565[92] 21 Oct Richard Wright William Acocke, Edmund Holmes, Humfrey Holmes & Mark Holmes
565[93] 21 Oct Arthur Lewes & others Thomas Phetiplace
565[94] 21 Oct Mark Ive & William Ive William Gilling John Ive of the Crown Office has informed the court that the complts have paid unto the deft £120 mentioned in a decree of 24 July 39 Eliz. Deft ordered to bring in all bills, bonds, statutes & assurances as he has had of the complt
565[95] 21 Oct William White Thomas Thoroughgood
566[96] 21 Oct Robert Haynes & Alice his wife William Allen & others
566[97] 24 Oct Robert Monck George Hall Mem: Obligation of £200 delivered to Edward Jurden, servant to Robert Martin, to the use of the said Robert Martin to be cancelled
566[98] 24 Oct Edward Jewkes Nicholas Smith & William Gardiner
566[99] 25 Oct Anne Lloid Humfrey Lloid, complts husband Mem: Deft appearing by virtue of an attachment awarded against him for his contempts, was comitted to the Fleet. There to remain until such time as he can show, either by the return of the sheriff of Glamorgan or some other sufficient manner, that the former order or decree has been performed
566[100] 25 Oct Edward Sulyard John Raymond
566[101] 25 Oct Ellis Brame & others John Posford
566[102] 25 Oct Thomas Andrewe John David Lloid & others
567[103] 25 Oct George Froome John Travis
567[104] 25 Oct Robert Coverdall & Margaret his wife John Copping
567[105] 25 Oct John Baldero Percival Stile
567[106] 25 Oct William Thorneborowe Christopher Martindale, William Kempe & others
567[107] 25 Oct Thomas Pope & Thomas Adams Thomas Tasker
567[108] 25 Oct Sir Drewe Drewrie [blank] Whitlock
567[109] 26 Oct William Waller Thomas Chornley To be heard again on the depositions of William Shishe
567[110] 26 Oct Richard Madockes William Kinge & Thomas Eles
568[111] 26 Oct Michael Godwin Edward Younge, clerk
568[112] 26 Oct John Holmes Robert Andrewes als Painter & John Clay
568[113] 26 Oct Jane Goddard William Goddard
568[114] 26 Oct Richard Jentleman Thomas Holbuck & others
568[115] 26 Oct Paul Richardes John Hollinshed
568[116] 26 Oct Edward Sulyard John Raymond Deft to bring in the money due by the decree dated 16 April 39 Eliz to remain in safe custody until the said Edward Sulyard shall have made his answer upon his oath unto a bill of complaint exhibited by the said John Raymond
569[117] 26 Oct John Aldridge William King Deft has departed from town without performing a former order. Attachment awarded
569[118] 26 Oct Mathie Grey & Jane his wife Jeffrey Robertes & others Attachment awarded against the deft Robertes for his contempts in breach of an order of 9 May last
569[119] 26 Oct John Haydon John Sansom
569[120] 26 Oct Thomas Good Elizabeth Shipper, widow
570[121] 26 Oct Elizabeth Langley, widow & John Langley her son John Canterton
570[122] 26 Oct Anthony Sandford Robert Drake & others
570[123] 26 Oct Robert Dowley & others Thomas Dowley
570[124] 26 Oct John Evenishe John Thaier
570[125] 26 Oct Peter Cuffley Thomas Gardiner & others
570[126] 26 Oct Thomas Pettit Mayor, Commonalty & Citisens, Governors of the Hospital of St Bartholomew near West Smithfield, London

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