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1267 Mustarder. Seman le mustarder' [1]



E1309 A: Smith. Alice who was the wife of John de Montfort v. William Moryn de Kynton. Trespass: entering the castle of Alice at Beaudesert and taking goods. William related that one Henry was a public smith within the gate of the castle and worked all manner of iron instruments. Henry had some of William's iron to sharpen and repair of William's four millstone bills. But he did not want to deliver the iron, imputing to William that he would then owe a sum of money, whereas he owed nothing. William thus went to the king's bailiff, and by gage and pledges the iron was delivered to William by the king's bailiff. [2]



  • T1344 A: Middlesex. de eo quod est receptatorum Katerine de Lenne, Isabelle de Ryshton, Cecilie de Cauford, et Agnetis vocate Blak' Anneys, que sunt communes meretrices et receptatrices diversorum hominum infra parochiam sancte Marie atte Stroude. [3] rcp


1390 Thomas Coventre, travelyngman [4]








  • M1530 A: Musician. Error. Great Totton (21 Henry VIII). Defamation. John Heyth (a musician) v. Edmund Stokephorte cleric. Case in English. [5] rcp
  • M1530 B: Innkeeper liability: Andover, Hampshire. John Plumley v. John Waterman de Anover innholder. [6] rcp



  • H1590 A: Mercer apprentice agreement in Ipswich. Oliver Cowper v William Bultor, concering the apprenticeship of Thomas Wildes. [7] rcp