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! Robert Mastian
! Robert Mastian
| Thomas Nurse; Simon Sackett; et al
| Thomas Nurse; Simon Hacbett; et al
| (M1641) Link[http://aalt.law.uh.edu/C1/C33no182/IMG_7707a.htm]  
| (M1641) Link[http://aalt.law.uh.edu/C1/C33no182/IMG_7707a.htm]  
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== N ==
== N ==

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By Robert C. Palmer

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Caution: Successive enrollments of a single case follow the order of the volume; the volume is roughly in chronological order, but not strictly so. The successive enrollments of a single case thus may not be in chronological order.



Plaintiff Defendant Subject Matter First Volume Link Other Volume Links Final Decree Reference
Absalon Henshawe; and Elizabeth Henshawe Abraham Baker (E1642) Link[2] C33/182, p. (E1642) 398r
Rowland Lacon, armiger William Childe, armiger (E1642) Link[3] (E1642) Link[4]; (T1642) [5] C33/182, p. (E1642) 380v, 434r ; (T1642) 483r
Lacy Clarke; and Tayler (E1642) Link[6] C33/182, p. (E1642) 460r
George Lacy; John Harris; et al Nowell Warner; Robert Clarke; and John Taylor (E1642) Link[7] (T1642) Link[8] C33/182, p. (E1642) 460r ; (T1642) 566r
William Lacy;; and John Baker Thomas Venn; William Emery (H1642) Link[9] (E1642) Link[10]; (T1642) [11] C33/182, p. 301r ; (E1642) 428v ; (T1642) 531r
Lake Headon (E1642) Link[12] C33/182, p. (E1642) 432v
Lake Kinge (E1642) Link[13] C33/182, p. (E1642) 259r
Mary Lake by Henry Farmer, knight; Richard Farmer, knight; et al Lancellot Lake, armiger (T1642) Link[14] C33/182, p. (T1642) 511r
John Lambe Roger Thorne & Elizabeth his wife; and John Sage (T1642) Link[15] C33/182, p. (T1642) 505r
Nicholas Lambe Richard Hilton; et al (M1641) Link[16] Link[17] C33/182, p. 31v, 116r
Thomas Lambe; et al Richard Morpeth; Willliam Davison; Francis Redman & his wife; Martin Maltby & his wife; and Richard Hartbourne (T1642) Link[18] C33/182, p. (T1642) 529v
William Lambe Richard Smith; Henry Leytrigt; Richard Hall; and Valence Beal (M1641) Link[19] C33/182, p. 53r
Samuel Lambert Anthony Clifford (H1642) Link[20] (T1642) Link[21] C33/182, p. (H1642) 202r ; (T1642) 568r
Jeremia Lambert & Ann his wife Elizabeth Spencer, widow (E1642) Link[22] (T1642) Link[23] C33/182, p. (E1642) 458v ; (T1642) 515v
Mary Lambshead, widow Alice Smale; and Hugh Smale (E1642) Link[24] C33/182, p. (E1642) 450v
Jeremia Lambert & Ann his wife Lizabeth Spencer, widow (H1642) Link[25] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340v
Lampert Margerum (E1642) Link[26] C33/182, p. (E1642) 396r
John Lanbery / Lanbry; et al John Cordwell; et al (H1642) Link[27] (H1642) Link[28]; (E1642) [29]; (T1642) [30] C33/182, p. (H1642) 258r, 329r ; (E1642) 370v ; (T1642) 521r
John Lancaster Hugh Crosse (E1642) Link[31] C33/182, p. (E1642) 428v
Land Bidgood (M1641) Link[32] C33/182, p. 84r
Land; et al Crosse (M1641) Link[33] (bis) C33/182, p. 174v (bis)
Land Pasmore (H1642) Link[34] C33/182, p. (H1642) 347v
Robert Land by his guardian Thomasina Salter, widow; and Joan Bidgood, widow (H1642) Link[35] C33/182, p. (H1642) 237v
Charles Lane & Mary his wife John Coldinge, armiger (M1641) Link[36] Link[37] C33/182, p. 7r, 78r
John Lane; and Thomas Lane Peter Gifford, armiger (M1641) Link[38] (T1642) Link[39] C33/182, p. 69v ; (T1642) 541r
William Langdon Agnes Hitchcocke, widow (H1642) Link[40] (H1642) Link[41]; (E1642) [42], [43] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254r, 264r ; (E1642) 407v, 414v
John Langham; and Richard Piggott Joan Clarke; William Smith; Amphillida Musters (H1642) Link[44] C33/182, p. (H1642) 208r
Samuel Langham Samuel Langham; Humfrey Steward; John Flowerdeu (H1642) Link[45] C33/182, p. (H1642) 233r
Langhorne Bryan (H1642) Link[46] C33/182, p. (H1642) 211r
Langhorne Dobson (E1642) Link[47] C33/182, p. (E1642) 445v
Phillip Langley, executor of William Vawer, armiger Thomas, William, John, Mary, and Margaret Vawer; et al (M1641) Link[48] (H1642) Link[49] C33/182, p. 131r; (H1642) 243r
Thomas Langley; and Edward Withers Sible Stubbes; and Bazall Stubbes (E1642) Link[50] C33/182, p. (E1642) 395r
Langmer Langmer (E1642) Link[51] C33/182, p. (E1642) 388r
Langrish Bornefield (H1642) Link[52] C33/182, p. (H1642) 281v
Hercules / Henry Langrish & his wife William Lewes, knight; et al (M1641) Link[53] (H1642) Link[54], [55] C33/182, p. 26v; (H1642) 219v, 225r
Hercules Langrish, armiger Mary Tirrell, widow (E1642) Link[56] C33/182, p. (E1642) 424v
Langston Backe (H1642) Link[57] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340r
Langston Barker (H1642) Link[58] (E1642) Link[59] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340r ; (E1642) 460v
William Langston Abraham Boone, gent; et al (M1641) Link[60] Link[61]; (H1642) [62], [63]; (E1642) [64]; (T1642) [65], [66], [67], [68], [69], [70] C33/182, p. 41r, 119r; (H1642) 212r, 296v ; (E1642) 390v ; (T1642) 509r, 549r, 551r, 566v, 567r, 585v
Thomas Langton Thomas Vincent; and John Vincent (E1642) Link[71] C33/182, p. (E1642) 429v
Mary Langworth Thomas Challoner, armiger (M1641) Link[72] C33/182, p. 25v
Richard Lanyon; and Anthony Moreinge / Mooringe Robert Doylie (M1641) Link[73] (H1642) Link[74], [75] C33/182, p. 77v; (H1642) 191v, 219r
Alexandria Lapworth Martin Holbeech (M1641) Link[76] Link[77], [78] C33/182, p. 96r, 122v, 155v
William Large Elizabeth Egglton; et al (M1641) Link[79] C33/182, p. 91r
Larkin Burlingham (M1641) Link[80] C33/182, p. 71v
John Laster Henry Browning (T1642) Link[81] C33/182, p. (T1642) 490v
John Latham, armiger; and John Newport Alexander Hooker; et al (H1642) Link[82] (E1642) Link[83], [84], [85], [86] C33/182, p. (H1642) 338v ; (E1642) 372v, 392v 401r, 418v
William Latham; Andrew Morison; and Henry Stephens, creditors of the earl of Carlisle James Hay, knight and baronet; and Archibold Hay (M1641) Link[87] ; (H1642) Link[88]; (E1642) [89] (ter), [90] C33/182, p. 136r ; (H1642) 253r ; (E1642) 462v (ter), 465v
William Latham; David Morehead; et al, creditors of the earl of Carlisle James, earl of Carlisle; Lady dowager countess of Carlisle; James Haye, knight and baronet; et al (H1642) Link[91] (H1642) Link[92] C33/182, p. (H1642) 273r, 299r
Henry Laugher Edward Turvey; Giles Blisford; et al (M1641) Link[93] C33/182, p. 91r
Thomas Laugher Abraham Ash; et al (M1641) Link[94] C33/182, p.
James Launce John Slany (H1642) Link[95] (H1642) Link[96], [97] C33/182, p. (H1642) 192r, 202r, 289v
Launder Adney (T1642) Link[98] C33/182, p. (T1642) 538v
James Launder William Farthinge; et al (H1642) Link[99] C33/182, p. (H1642) 322v
James Launder Francis Licet; Thomas Parkhouse; Newlett; Ferthing (E1642) Link[100] (E1642) Link[101] C33/182, p. (E1642) 415v, 458v
William Launder Mathew Holliday & his wife (E1642) Link[102] (T1642) Link[103] C33/182, p. (E1642) 411v ; (T1642) 560v
William Launder William Pargiter (T1642) Link[104] C33/182, p. (T1642) 567r
Laurence Bartlett (M1641) Link[105] Link[106] C33/182, p. 10r, 130v
Lavendar Wells (H1642) Link[107] C33/182, p. (H1642) 197v
Thomas Lavile Walter Hill (M1641) Link[108] Link[109], [110], [111], [112] C33/182, p. 18v, 28r, 55r, 103r, 123v
Elizabeth Law, widow Gilbert Law; and Humfrey Lawe (M1641) Link[113] (T1642) Link[114] C33/182, p. 100r ; (T1642) 567v
John Law Thomas Law & Mary his wife; and Thomas Flint, armiger (M1641) Link[115] C33/182, p. 182r
Thomas Lawe Isaac Drake (E1642) Link[116] (E1642) Link[117] C33/182, p. (E1642) 384r, 402v
Roger Lawdall Thomas Southley; et al (M1641) Link[118] C33/182, p. 130v
Thomas Lawley; Barney Reymes; et al John Bundocke; and William Pennoyer (H1642) Link[119] (T1642) Link[120], [121] C33/182, p. (H1642) 289v ; (T1642) 480r, 545r
Lawne Walker (E1642) Link[122] C33/182, p. (E1642) 464r
Lawrence Porter (M1641) Link[123] C33/182, p. 130v
Edward Lawrence & Susanna his wife Thomas Somervile & Mary his wife; and Judith Tompkins (M1641) Link[124] (H1642) Link[125]; (T1642) [126] C33/182, p. 23r ; (H1642) 350r  ; (T1642) 558v
Edward Lawrence Thomas Somerfield & Mary his wife; Judith Somervile (And Thomas Somerfield; et al v. Edward Lawrence; et al) (M1641) Link[127] (H1642) Link[128], [129]; (E1642) [130]; (T1642) [131] C33/182, p. 52v; (H1642) 227r, 350r ; (E1642) 388v ; (T1642) 556v
Thomas Lawrence, infant Francis Broughton (T1642) Link[132] C33/182, p. (T1642) 539v
William Lawrence John Riddlsdale & his wife (T1642) Link[133] C33/182, p. (T1642) 485r
Lawson Brabant (H1642) Link[134] C33/182, p. (H1642) 274v
Lawson Cholmeley & his wife (H1642) Link[135] C33/182, p. (H1642) 274v
Edward Lea Walter Stead; and Thomas / John Aston (E1642) Link[136] (E1642) Link[137], [138], [139], [140] C33/182, p. (E1642) 376r, 418r, 436r, 437r, 437v
John Lea, clerk Richard Wallett; Edward Rogers; and John Somerby (M1641) Link[141] C33/182, p. 37v
Leach Hamet (H1642) Link[142] C33/182, p. (H1642) 280r
Leach Staninge (E1642) Link[143] C33/182, p. (E1642) 457v
Henry Leach Nicholas / Francis Harrison; and Richard Harrison (E1642) Link[144] (T1642) Link[145] C33/182, p. (E1642) 375r ; (T1642) 549r
Nicholas Leach, armiger Richard Deane, armiger; Roger Deane, son of Richard; John Webb; and Robert Cockram (M1641) Link[146] (H1642) Link[147] C33/182, p. 83r ; (H1642) 259r
Leadome Scaggle; Thorpe; Wilkinson; and Fletcher (M1641) Link[148] C33/182, p. 33r
Leadowne Willson (H1642) Link[149] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340v
Hewett / Huet Leate; et al Anthony Ward (M1641) Link[150] (H1642) Link[151], [152] C33/182, p. 164v; (H1642) 190r, 220r
Hewett Leate; et al Richard Bateman & Elizabeth his wife, administratrix of Robert Burdit (deceased); Beata Burdett; and William Startatt (H1642) Link[153] C33/182, p. (H1642) 229r
John Leaver Thomas Dobbins (T1642) Link[154] C33/182, p. (T1642) 547v
Anthony Ledder & his wife John Gill (H1642) Link[155] C33/182, p. (H1642) 213r
Ledgeingham Cooke (M1641) Link[156] Link[157] C33/182, p. 120r, 143r
Gervase Lee, armiger Robert Barker (M1641) Link[158] C33/182, p. 52r
Gervase Lee, armiger, for himself and ex parte Elizabeth, Brigit, Katherine, Mary, Lee, Pidgid, Penelope, and Ellianor, infant children of said Gervase; et al John Lee, jr, executor of William Lee, infant, by Edward Cliff; et al (M1641) Link[159] C33/182, p. 56v
Mary Lee, widow; and Andrew Smith Anna Bird, widow; and Randolph Willett (M1641) Link[160] Link[161] C33/182, p. 104v, 168r
Michael Lee; et al, creditors of Thomas Atchorn / Althorne Roger Drury; et al (M1641) Link[162] Link[163], [164] C33/182, p. 95r, 128r, 160v
Richard Lee George Lewes; William Tuncks; and James Lewes (T1642) Link[165] C33/182, p. (T1642) 500v
Robert Lee John Clapsam; et al (M1641) Link[166] Link[167] C33/182, p. 31v, 78r
Simon Lee Judith Wattes (T1642) Link[168] C33/182, p. (T1642) 550v
Edward Leech, knight, one of the masters of Chancery Thomas Challenor; et al (E1642) Link[169] (E1642) Link[170], [171], [172]; (T1642) [173], [174], [175] C33/182, p. (E1642) 366r, 369r, 385r, 429v ; (T1642) 473v, 490r, 589r
Edward Leech, knight John FitzHerbert, knight (M1641) Link[176] Link[177]; (H1642) [178] C33/182, p. 107v; (H1642) 224v
Edward Leech, knight Richard Graves / Greaves, gent (H1642) Link[179] (H1642) Link[180]; (E1642) [181]; (T1642) [182] C33/182, p. 296v ; (H1642) 333r ; (E1642) 406r ; (T1642) 538v
Edward Leech John Neville, armiger (H1642) Link[183] C33/182, p. (H1642) 203v
William Leeke Thomas Bury (E1642) Link[184] C33/182, p. (E1642) 390r
Leeke Holmes (M1641) Link[185] C33/182, p. 162r
Leeke Leeke (M1641) Link[186] C33/182, p. 162r
William Leeke, armiger William Foliambe (M1641) Link[187] Link[188]; (E1642) [189] C33/182, p. 45v, 109v ; (E1642) 378r
William Leeke, armiger William Greene; et al (M1641) Link[190] Link[191] C33/182, p. 7v, 59v
Thomas Legat Francis Brett (H1642) Link[192] C33/182, p. (H1642) 277r
Isaac Legay; Daniel Fairenacke William Dipford; and Edward Knowles (M1641) Link[193] C33/182, p. 53r
John Legg & his wife Robert Fox & his wife (M1641) Link[194] (E1642) Link[195] C33/182, p. 54r ; (E1642) 372v
Richard Legg; and William Legg John Saundell; William Saundell; et al (H1642) Link[196] C33/182, p. (H1642) 239r
Nicholas Legg; and John Legg Charles Hoppinge (E1642) Link[197] C33/182, p. (E1642) 414v
George Lehunt, knight; et al Thomas Wolrich, armiger; Carew Wolrich (E1642) Link[198] (T1642) Link[199] C33/182, p. (E1642) 429r ; (T1642) 506r
Leigh Taile (H1642) Link[200] C33/182, p. (H1642) 337r
Humfrey Leigh, armiger William Methold (M1641) Link[201] C33/182, p. 14v
John Leigh Thomas Farnefolde (T1642) Link[202] C33/182, p. (T1642) 489v
Thomas Leigh; and Charles Leigh William Readinge (H1642) Link[203] C33/182, p. (H1642) 193v
Leighton Harbert alias Candmore; and Harbert alias Candmore (E1642) Link[204] C33/182, p. (E1642) 423r
Edmond Leighton Richard Harding (T1642) Link[205] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595v
Harcort Leighton, armiger Lancelot Corfield (M1641) Link[206] C33/182, p. 11r
Edward Lelam; and John Lelam, infant, by Edward Lelam his father and guardian Martha Tillott, widow, administratrix of John Tillott, lately her husband, one ofthe executors of Leonard Tillott, gent (M1641) Link[207] C33/182, p. 130r
Leman Pointz (H1642) Link[208] C33/182, p. 298v
John Leman; Robert Markall; and Thomas Harris William Bellet, gent (H1642) Link[209] (H1642) Link[210] C33/182, p. 331v ; (H1642) 337r
William Leman, armiger Joseph Soame; and William Wallis (H1642) Link[211] C33/182, p. (H1642) 190v
Lenthall, knight Bromhall (H1642) Link[212] C33/182, p. (H1642) 224v
Richard Lenthall; and Thomas Lenthall, infants, by John Lenthall, guardian Edward Ford; and John Ford (T1642) Link[213] C33/182, p. (T1642) 565v
John Lepiper; and Francis Lepiper Jane Lepiper; et al (H1642) Link[214] C33/182, p. (H1642) 225v
Peter Lequeux Marshall; et al (M1641) Link[215] C33/182, p. 72v
Lester Lapworth; and Lapworth (T1642) Link[216] C33/182, p. (T1642) 561r
Robert Lettice & Martha his wife Thomas Lockwood (H1642) Link[217] (E1642) Link[218] C33/182, p. (H1642) 261v ; (E1642) 459r
Richard Leversage alias Jefferies James Thynn, knight; Henry Gould; and John Taylor (H1642) Link[219] (H1642) Link[220] C33/182, p. (H1642) 260v, 301r
Richard Leveson, knight William Wilkes (H1642) Link[221] (H1642) Link[222]; (E1642) [223] C33/182, p. (H1642) 202r, 221r ; (E1642) 449r
Thomas Leving, gent Cornelius Wall; et al (M1641) Link[224] Link[225] C33/182, p. 33r, 39r
Levins Hicksea; Shamton; and Hodgekis (E1642) Link[226] C33/182, p. (E1642) 457v
Lewellin Ap Hugh (M1641) Link[227] C33/182, p. 33r
Lewes Holmes (M1641) Link[228] C33/182, p. 156v
Lewes Lewes; ap John; and Jones (M1641) Link[229] (T1642) Link[230] C33/182, p. 171r ; (T1642) 493v
Lewes David John; William Readinge; Rees John; and Griffiths (H1642) Link[231] C33/182, p. (H1642) 283v
Edmund Lewes Evans (M1641) Link[232] (E1642) Link[233] C33/182, p. 111v ; (E1642) 442r
Edmund Lewes Henry Lewes (T1642) Link[234] C33/182, p. (T1642) 566v
Evan Lewes Thomas Howell; John Thomas; William Roudinge; et al (T1642) Link[235] (T1642) Link[236] C33/182, p. (T1642) 505r, 540r
Evan Lewes Morris Morgan; Thomas Griffith; Howell Griffith; David John Griffith; et al (M1641) Link[237] Link[238] C33/182, p. 31v, 156v
Evan Lewes Morrice Morgent; Ralph David; et al (H1642) Link[239] C33/182, p. (H1642) 234r
James Lewes, armiger John Awbrey; et al (M1641) Link[240] Link[241] C33/182, p. 179v
James Lewes, armiger John Morley; et al (M1641) Link[242] C33/182, p. 22r
Richard Lewes, gent; et al Richard Price & his wife; et al (T1642) Link[243] C33/182, p. (T1642) 554v
Robert Lewes & his wife Ann Corbet, widow; et al (H1642) Link[244] C33/182, p. 298r
Thomas Lewes, sr, John Gumblden, cleric & his wife; and Phillip Gagnage / Gamage, gent (H1642) Link[245] (E1642) Link[246]; (T1642) [247], [248] C33/182, p. (H1642) 209v ; (E1642) 441v ; (T1642) 528v, 537r
Thomas Lewes, armiger; Thomas Lovett, armiger; John Levett, doctor of laws James Morley, armiger; et al (M1641) Link[249] (H1642) Link[250], [251], [252], [253]; (E1642) [254]; (T1642) [255] C33/182, p. 137v; (H1642) 213r, 244v, 269r, 284v ; (E1642) 438r ; (T1642) 559r
William Lewes John Clarke; et al (M1641) Link[256] Link[257] C33/182, p. 25v, 60r
William Lewes; et al William Yeomans; et al (M1641) Link[258] Link[259] C33/182, p. 9r, 58r
Lewin, doctor in medicine Cooper; et al (M1641) Link[260] C33/182, p. 103r
Christopher Lewknor; and Richard Williams Henry Strudwicke (M1641) Link[261] C33/182, p. 111v
John Lewthwaite Richard Berney, knight and baronet (M1641) Link[262] (H1642) Link[263]; (E1642) [264] C33/182, p. 175v; (H1642) 256r ; (E1642) 384v
Richard Libb, armiger (deceased) Tobias Martin, armiger & his wife; and George Snapes (M1641) Link[265] C33/182, p. 25a
Mathew Lidford Robert Colbourne & Ann his wife; and John Camadge (M1641) Link[266] Link[267]; (E1642) [268], [269]; (T1642) [270], [271] C33/182, p. 36v, 73r ; (E1642) 368v, 412r ; (T1642) 481v, 540v
Edward Lydiatt Francis Littleton (M1641) Link[272] (H1642) Link[273] C33/182, p. 31r ; (H1642) 252r
James Lidsey Ann Longe; et al (T1642) Link[274] C33/182, p. (T1642) 495r
Richard Lidley / Lidsey & his wife William Dyer / Syer & his wife; William Smith & his wife; and Mary Hurdman (M1641) Link[275] Link[276], [277]; (H1642) [278], [279], [280]; (E1642) [281], [282]; (T1642) [283], [284] C33/182, p. 136r, 161r, 173r ; (H1642) 271r, 325v, 339v ; (E1642) 377v, 452r ; (T1642) 479v, 552r
Lightbourne Oddy; and Procter (E1642) Link[285] (T1642) Link[286] C33/182, p. (E1642) 419r ; (T1642) 555r
Richard Liker Joan Sellecke, widow (M1641) Link[287] Link[288], [289] C33/182, p. 30r, 31v, 65v
Laurence Lyle Francis Coggs, widow (H1642) Link[290] C33/182, p. (H1642) 344v
Richard Lile / Lyell; et al Thomas Bird sr; Thomas Bird, jr (H1642) Link[291] (E1642) Link[292], [293], [294] C33/182, p. (H1642) 338r ; (E1642) 366r, 395v, 407v
Lillingston Grosvenor; and Watkins (M1641) Link[295] C33/182, p. 168r
Anthony Lilwall Saham Rich, executor of Edward Rich, armiger (E1642) Link[296] (E1642) Link[297] C33/182, p. (E1642) 406r, 435r
Lilly Clarke (M1641) Link[298] C33/182, p. 120r
John Linby William Selsby (H1642) Link[299] C33/182, p. (H1642) 209r
Robert Linden; et al Jane Bynes, widow; Richard Kilverton; and Humfrey Mason, cleric (M1641) Link[300] C33/182, p. 157r
Lindsey Franckland (T1642) Link[301] C33/182, p. (T1642) 553v
Henry Lindsey & Alice his wife John Garway / Gariway, armiger; and Roger Bretridge, executor of Anne Brittridge executrix of Roger Brettridge (AND John Garroway v. said Roger Betteridge; et al) (M1641) Link[302] Link[303]; (E1642) [304]; (T1642) [305] C33/182, p. 173r, 176v ; (E1642) 384r ; (T1642) 548v
Elizabeth Lindo, widow; et al James Provinder (E1642) Link[306] C33/182, p. (E1642) 447v
Henry Lingden, armiger John Cooke; Edward Higgins; et al (T1642) Link[307] C33/182, p. (T1642) 567v
Linun Pinchbacke; and Bowde (E1642) Link[308] C33/182, p. (E1642) 461v
John Lipscombe William Goble (M1641) Link[309] C33/182, p. 32v
John Lisset Henry Steavers; et al (T1642) Link[310] C33/182, p. (T1642) 521v
Little Draicot; et al (E1642) Link[311] C33/182, p. (E1642) 459r
Littlton Clark (E1642) Link[312] C33/182, p. (E1642) 444v
Littlton Seast; and Darby (M1641) Link[313] (E1642) Link[314] C33/182, p. 115v ; (E1642) 441v
John Littleton Edward Littleton (M1641) Link[315] C33/182, p. 1r
William Litton, knight; and Rowland Litton, armiger Christopher Thorneton, armiger (M1641) Link[316] Link[317] C33/182, p. 14v, 143v
William Llanden, armiger; et al Robert Power (T1642) Link[318] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595v
Lodge Phillipps (E1642) Link[319] C33/182, p. (E1642) 433v
Lucy Lodge, widow Henry Lodge (H1642) Link[320] (E1642) Link[321], [322] C33/182, p. (H1642) 352r ; (E1642) 377r, 409v
Loid Bishopp (H1642) Link[323] C33/182, p. (H1642) 280r
Lloid Brooke; and James (E1642) Link[324] C33/182, p. (E1642) 444v
Lloid Cadwallader; and Griffith (H1642) Link[325] C33/182, p. (H1642) 324v
Loid Jones (H1642) Link[326] (T1642) Link[327] C33/182, p. (H1642) 282r ; (T1642) 560v
Loid Lewes (H1642) Link[328] C33/182, p. (H1642) 215r
Lloid William; and Owen (H1642) Link[329] C33/182, p. 324v
Benedict Lloid & Judith his wife, lately wife of Edward Clive, armiger Paul Harris, knight and baronet; Roger Martin (M1641) Link[330] Link[331], [332], [333], [334]; (H1642) [335]; (E1642) [336] C33/182, p. 8v, 18r, 42r, 115r, 151r ; (H1642) 296v ; (E1642) 367v
David Lloid, gent Owen David; Thomas Lloid; and Thom ap Hugh (H1642) Link[337] (H1642) Link[338] C33/182, p. 298r ; (H1642) 324r
Evan Lloid, gent Fulk Simonds; et al (H1642) Link[339]

(E1642) [340]

C33/182, p. (H1642) 238r ; (E1642) 374v
Henry Lloid, gent Robert Coylmore; et al (M1641) Link[341] (H1642) Link[342] C33/182, p. 128v; (H1642) 198r
Jane Lloid Mathew Garland; and John Basfield (M1641) Link[343] Link[344], [345]; (H1642) [346], [347], [348], [349]; (E1642) [350], [351], [352] C33/182, p. 13v, 23v, 59v; (H1642) 216v, 284v, 298r, 329r ; (E1642) 366v, 378r, 404v
Jona Lloid Mathew Garland (M1641) Link[353] (H1642) Link[354], [355] C33/182, p. 71v ; (H1642) 300v, 329r
John Lloid, gent Robert Gethinge; and Richard Griffith (M1641) Link[356] (H1642) Link[357], Link[358], Link[359] C33/182, p. 41v; (H1642) 209r, 215r, 320v
John Lloid William Lloid; et al (T1642) Link[360] C33/182, p. (T1642) 566v
Margaret Lloid, widow, executrix of Evan Lloid Thomas ap Rice; et al (T1642) Link[361] C33/182, p. (T1642) 488r
Phillip Lloid, gent & Mary his wife Francis Browne, armiger (H1642) Link[362] (E1642) Link[363]; (T1642) [364], [365], [366] C33/182, p. (H1642) 337v ; (E1642) 417r ; (T1642) 479v, 530r, 566v
Robert Lloid John Ensor; George Brudenell, administrator of Thomas Brudenell; et al (M1641) Link[367] Link[368]; (H1642) [369]; (T1642) [370], [371] C33/182, p. 90, 110v; (H1642) 211v ; (T1642) 521v, 581r
Thomas Lloid William Edwards (E1642) Link[372] (T1642) Link[373] C33/182, p. (E1642) 426v ; (T1642) 545r
Thomas Lloid Simon Lloid; Thomas ap Robert Lloid (T1642) Link[374] C33/182, p. (T1642) 543r
William Lloid alias Joiner Richard Bailey (H1642) Link[375] C33/182, p. (H1642) 240v
Locke Gunter; and Avis (T1642) Link[376] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595r
John Locke; William Kinge; et al, creditors of Augustine Mathewes Nicholas Nicholls (H1642) Link[377] C33/182, p. (H1642) 291r
William Locke Francis Grove; Anne Archer; and John Heyman (M1641) Link[378] Link[379]; (H1642) [380]; (E1642) [381] C33/182, p. 33v, 86v; (H1642) 211v ; (E1642) 386v
Thomas Lockey Lewis Keate & his wife; William Kinmell; et al (T1642) Link[382] C33/182, p. (T1642) 520v
Gilbert Loder John Fisher, gent (M1641) Link[383] C33/182, p. 100r
Gilbert Loder William Frampton (E1642) Link[384] (E1642) Link[385] C33/182, p. (E1642) 406r, 411v
Hellen, Ann, and Joan Lunnis, infants by George Wells, guardian; and said George Wells Edward Lavender; and Francis Lynn, gent (AND Edward Lavender v. George Wells) (E1642) Link[386] (T1642) Link[387], [388], [389] C33/182, p. (E1642) 435v ; (T1642) 487r, 488r, 499r
Francis London, gent Francis Stiles; John Beaslin; Christopher Jetter; and Robert London, gent (H1642) Link[390] (T1642) Link[391] C33/182, p. (H1642) 214r ; (T1642) 486r
Longbothum Carrier (E1642) Link[392] C33/182, p. (E1642) 458r
Ann Longe, widow; et al Maurice Carent; William Carent; James Carent; et al (M1641) Link[393] Link[394] C33/182, p. 85r, 147v
John Longe John Trevelian, armiger (M1641) Link[395] C33/182, p. 99v
Mary Longe, widow William Wise, armiger (M1641) Link[396] (E1642) [397]; (T1642) [398], [399] C33/182, p. 108r ; (E1642) 375v ; (T1642) 493r, 498v
Thomas Longe, gent; and Thomas Newman John Bartlett, gent & his wife; John Slade, gent; Richard Slade; William Goulsborowe; William Yerbury; and John Webb (M1641) Link[400] (ter) (E1642) Link[401] C33/182, p. 168r (ter) ; (E1642) 409v
William Longe Thomas Swiffe, cleric & his wife (T1642) Link[402] C33/182, p. (T1642) 566r
Longmore Longmore (M1641) Link[403] C33/182, p. 109r
Lonte Ball (H1642) Link[404] C33/182, p. (H1642) 282r
Nevill Lorimer, administrator of Ann Ashton Richard Fulmell; William Bowler; Katherine Moseden; John Moseden; et al (E1642) Link[405] (T1642) Link[406] C33/182, p. (E1642) 397v ; (T1642) 474r
George Loud Ann Bennett, widow (E1642) Link[407] C33/182, p. (E1642) 397r
John Lound Humfrey Middlehurst (M1641) Link[408] Link[409]; (T1642) [410] C33/182, p. 26v, 33r ; (T1642) 545v
John Louthwaite Richard Benney, baronet (T1642) Link[411] C33/182, p. (T1642) 544v
Hercules Loveden William Tayler; et al (AND William Tayler; et al v. Hercules Loveden (M1641) Link[412] C33/182, p. 153r
Jeremia Loveland Mathew Jenkinson (M1641) Link[413] C33/182, p. 94r
Phillip Lovell George Fursden, armiger & Grace his wife; Elizabeth Lovell, now wife of George Southcott (M1641) Link[414] Link[415]; (H1642) [416]; (E1642) [417] (bis), [418]; (T1642) [419] C33/182, p. 35r, 133r ; (H1642) 267v ; (E1642) 400v (bis), 446v ; (T1642) 568v
Lovet Underwood; and Dale (E1642) Link[420] C33/182, p. (E1642) 466r
Mary Lovinge, widow; Richard Lovinge; and Mary Salter; et al William Newnhan; and Richard Jolliffe (H1642) Link[421] (E1642) Link[422]; (T1642) [423] C33/182, p. (H1642) 262r ; (E1642) 458v ; (T1642) 516v
Lowe Bridgewater (T1642) Link[424] C33/182, p. (T1642) 561v
Lowe Ewre (M1641) Link[425] C33/182, p. 72r
Lowe Hoalte & his wife (H1642) Link[426] C33/182, p. (H1642) 282r
Lowe Powell; and Price (H1642) Link[427] C33/182, p. (H1642) 338r
Alice Lowe, widow Anthony Lowe, gent (M1641) Link[428] (H1642) [429]; (E1642) [430] C33/182, p. 163v; (H1642) 193v ; (E1642) 412v
Edward Lowe; Anthony Lowe Richard Nevill (H1642) Link[431] (H1642) Link[432]; (E1642) [433], [434], [435] C33/182, p. (H1642) 289r, 343v ; (E1642) 392v, 401r, 421r
George Lowe, armiger; William Sackler Thomas Sadler, armiger; William Sackler; and George Duncombe, armiger (M1641) Link[436] (H1642) Link[437], [438], [439], [440], [441]; (E1642) [442]; (T1642) [443], [444], [445] C33/182, p. 167v; (H1642) 224r, 247r, 256v, 269r, 287v ; (E1642) 383r; (T1642) 478v, 514r, 590v
Rotheram Lowicke Humfrey Jefferies (M1641) Link[446] C33/182, p. 80v
John Lownes Humfrey Middlhurst, administrator of William Webb; Richard Gauntlett (M1641) Link[447] C33/182, p. 89v
Richard Lowther, armiger; and William Carrer, gent Hugh Wye; and Mary Taylor (M1641) Link[448] C33/182, p. 6v
John Lowthwaite Richard Verney, baronet (T1642) Link[449] C33/182, p. (T1642) 513r
Nicholas Lubbacke Richard Bartram (M1641) Link[450] C33/182, p. 53v
Lucas Hobbes (M1641) Link[451] (H1642) Link[452]; (E1642) [453] C33/182, p. 138r ; (H1642) 289r ; (E1642) 388v
Lucas Partridge (M1641) Link[454] C33/182, p. 169r
Robert Lucas Anthony Salter (T1642) Link[455] C33/182, p. (T1642) 566v
Roger Lucas, gent Richard Weston; John Fleming; et al (M1641) Link[456] C33/182, p.
William Lucas William Hobson (M1641) Link[457] Link[458] C33/182, p. 15r, 29v
Lucas Luce / Lucy John Dickens (M1641) Link[459] (H1642) Link[460], [461]; (E1642) [462], [463], [464]; (T1642) [465], [466] C33/182, p. 157r ; (H1642) 297r, 297v ; (E1642) 410r, 431v ; (T1642) 474r, 574r
Lucy Lucy (H1642) Link[467] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254v
Richard Lucy; and Henry Thompson John Croxton; Richard Carriar; Edward Colles; William Peach; Mathew Colles; et al (M1641) Link[468] (H1642) Link[469], [470], [471] C33/182, p. 127v; (H1642) 189r, 193v, 288v
William Lucy; and John Baker Venn (M1641) Link[472] C33/182, p. 114v
William Luckin, baronet Edward Elton, sr, armiger; Edward Therle (T1642) Link[473] C33/182, p. (T1642) 566r
Henry Ludlow (deceased); William Ludlow; George Ludlow by said Henry Ludlow , guardian; Ann Jewell, widow; Letitia Ludlow; Bridget Ludlow; and Katherine Ludlow, infant by siad Henry, guardian Edmund Ludlow, armiger (T1642) Link[474] C33/182, p. (T1642) 582r
Humfrey Ludlow, armiger Anthony Clifford, gent (H1642) Link[475] C33/182, p. (H1642) 206v
Ludon Robinson, knight (H1642) Link[476] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340v
Luffe Soda (H1642) Link[477] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254v
Lumis; et al Lavendar (H1642) Link[478] C33/182, p. (H1642) 197v
John Lumley William Selsby (E1642) Link[479] C33/182, p. (E1642) 413r
Martin Lumley, (knight and baronet) son, heir, and executor of Martin Lumley lately alderman of London George Garrett, alderman of London now knight (and vice versa) (M1641) Link[480] Link[481], [482], [483], 172r ; (H1642) [484]; (E1642) [485]; (T1642) [486], [487] C33/182, p. 99v, 122r, 136v ; (H1642) 336v ; (E1642) 417v ; (T1642) 507r, 567r
Martin Lumley, armiger (now knight and baronet) John Hall & Sara his wife (T1642) Link[488] (T1642) Link[489] C33/182, p. (T1642) 506r, 516r
Lunbrey Cordell; Langham; and Ramborough (H1642) Link[490] (E1642) Link[491] C33/182, p. (H1642) 289r ; (E1642) 381v
Lunbrey Edmund Browne; Gaire Abdy; et al (H1642) Link[492] C33/182, p. (H1642) 289r
John Luntley Mathew Allen; and John Allen (M1641) Link[493] (H1642) Link[494], [495], [496] C33/182, p. 110r; (H1642) 219r, 221v, 279r
Phillip Luntley, armiger Thomas Vawer; William Vawer; et al (H1642) Link[497] C33/182, p. (H1642) 222r
Edward Lusher Guibbert Lowbell; and William Berkeley (M1641) Link[498] C33/182, p. 84v
John Luster Henry Rowneing (M1641) Link[499] C33/182, p. 81r
Richard Lutman; Richard Bennington; and Christopher Hardy William Pierson; John Pockley (T1642) Link[500] C33/182, p. (T1642) 567r
Lutterell Norris (H1642) Link[501] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254v
Richard Luxton, gent John Tredinham, gent (M1641) Link[502] C33/182, p. 55v
William Lyde alias Joyner Richard Bayly; and Humfrey Yorke (M1641) Link[503](H1642) [504] C33/182, p. 54r; (H1642) 200r
Edward Lydey Francis Littlton, armiger (H1642) Link[505] C33/182, p. 307v
Lyes Bird (M1641) Link[506] C33/182, p. 104r
Paul Lyford & Jane his wife Francis Bredds & his wife; Robert Tucker; and Thomas Tuckere; and Nicholas Burnell & his wife; Jane Brackely; ___ Rothwell; and Samuel Forrest (H1642) Link[507] (E1642) Link[508]; (T1642) [509] (bis) C33/182, p. (H1642) 289r ; (E1642) 413v ; (T1642) 555r (bis)
Lyford Rothwell (H1642) Link[510] C33/182, p. (H1642) 289r
John Lynby William Selsby (M1641) Link[511] Link[512] C33/182, p. 99r, 173v
Elizabeth Lyndo, widow; et al James Provendor (E1642) Link[513] C33/182, p. (E1642) 371r
Lynes Hodgekin & his wife (M1641) Link[514] C33/182, p. 168v
John Lunne Thomas Sadler (E1642) Link[515] C33/182, p. (E1642) 420r
Henry Lyon George Lyon (M1641) Link[516] C33/182, p. 109r
Lyon Sturlinge (M1641) Link[517] C33/182, p. 108r
Paul Lyscod & Jane his wife Francis Brends & his wife; Robert Tucker; Thomas Tucker; Nicholas Burnell & his wife; Jane Brackley; Robert Rothwell; and Samuel Forrest (T1642) Link[518] C33/182, p. (T1642) 543r


Plaintiff Defendant Subject Matter First Volume Link Other Volume Links Final Decree Reference
Samuel Machett, gent & Mary his wife Richard Worts (M1641) Link[519] C33/182, p. 152v
Humfrey Machin Francis Bromfield (T1642) Link[520] C33/182, p. (T1642) 493v
Mackley Kent (M1641) Link[521] C33/182, p. 168r
Lionel Maddison, knight; Alexander Davison, knight; Robert Bewicke; John Clavering; Robert Shafto, armiger; Alexander Hall, knight Ralph Cole; and Leonard Carr (M1641) Link[522] Link[523], [524], [525], [526] C33/182, p. 8r, 21r, 32r, 121r, 148r
John Maddocke Elizabeth Coppleston (H1642) Link[527] C33/182, p. (H1642) 248r
Margaret Madox, widow Thomas James; et al (T1642) Link[528] C33/182, p. (T1642) 513v
Madson Harrison (T1642) Link[529] C33/182, p. (T1642) 537v
Meredith Mady, cleric Robert Senior; William Elliott; John Viccars; and Helen Speringe (M1641) Link[530] Link[531] C33/182, p. 37r, 100v
Mag Glynn (M1641) Link[532] C33/182, p.
Mahewe Higman (H1642) Link[533] C33/182, p. (H1642) 337r
Maidwell Pagett (T1642) Link[534] (bis) C33/182, p. (T1642) 494a (bis)
Henry Mainwaringe, armiger Thomas Venables,gent; Anthony Mainwaringe, gent (M1641) Link[535] C33/182, p. 91v
Richard Maior John Caws (H1642) Link[536] C33/182, p. (H1642) 215v
Henry Maister Elizabeth Longe, widow (H1642) Link[537] C33/182, p. (H1642) 275r
Mary Maisterman; et al Walter Faulkes & Mary his wife; et al (H1642) Link[538] C33/182, p. (H1642) 203r
Peter Malbon, gent & his wife The Mayor, Bailiffs, and Community of the City of Coventry; Thomas Forest; et al (AND vice versa) (M1641) Link[539] C33/182, p. 164v
John Maliverer, armiger; et al William Tarbut, armiger; et al (AND vice versa) (M1641) Link[540] Link[541], [542]; (E1642) [543] C33/182, p. 11r, 36r, 84r ; (E1642) 398r
Thomas Maliverer, now baronet Christopher Dickenson (M1641) Link[544] Link[545]; (H1642) [546] C33/182, p. 8r, 155r ; (H1642) 249r
Ann Mallabarr James Wright (M1641) Link[547] C33/182, p. 3r
Grace Mallett, widow Nicholas Lindsey, armiger (M1641) Link[548] (H1642) Link[549] C33/182, p. 5r; (H1642) 206r
Mavin Mallet Elizabeth Pawlet, widow (E1642) Link[550] C33/182, p. (E1642) 427r
Robert Maltwood Bassett Cole, armiger & Ann, lady Mordant, his wife (M1641) Link[551] C33/182, p. 28r
Man Losthouse; and Horner (H1642) Link[552] C33/182, p. (H1642) 281v
John Man by Thomas Coppin his guardian John Webb (M1641) Link[553] (H1642) Link[554], [555]; (E1642) [556], [557] C33/182, p. 38v; (H1642) 197v, 301v ; (E1642) 384v, 415r
John Man; Thomas Mews; Michael Banks; et al Samuel Thomas; John Knight; and Arthur Bowen (H1642) Link[558] (H1642) Link[559], [560]; (E1642) [561] C33/182, p. (H1642) 217v, 266r, 298r ; (E1642) 402r
Manby, doctor in divinity Wright (E1642) Link[562] (T1642) Link[563] C33/182, p. (E1642) 397r ; (T1642) 476v
John / Thomas Manby, doctor in divinity Richard Smith, cleric (M1641) Link[564] (E1642) Link[565], [566]; (T1642) [567], [568], [569], [570] C33/182, p. 168v ; (E1642) 371r, 408r ; (T1642) 491r, 506r, 526v, 543v
John Maneringe, rector of Stoke on Trent John Shane (E1642) Link[571] C33/182, p. (E1642) 435r
George Manett, gent William Lane, gent (E1642) Link[572] C33/182, p. (E1642) 402r
Anthony Maninge Peter Doyly, sr (T1642) Link[573] C33/182, p. (T1642) 520v
Gershon Maninge Edward Woodward (E1642) Link[574] (E1642) Link[575], [576]; (T1642) [577] C33/182, p. (E1642) 374v, 457v, 463v ; (T1642) 561r
Humfrey Maninge, executor of Samuel Maninge Robert Kindon (H1642) Link[578] (E1642) Link[579] C33/182, p. (H1642) 290v ; (E1642) 386v
John Maninge & his wife; Thomas Stone John Helling (E1642) Link[580] (T1642) Link[581] , [582] C33/182, p. (E1642) 424r ; (T1642) 529v, 545r
Joseph Maninge; Edward Margets; et al Thomas Burroughes; et al (E1642) Link[583] C33/182, p. (E1642) 367r
Moses Maninge Richard Ward; Marra Ward; and Edward Venton (H1642) Link[584] (E1642) Link[585]; (T1642) [586] C33/182, p. (H1642) 279r ; (E1642) 404r ; (T1642) 487r
Richard Maninge Christopher Colcott & Mary his wife; John Wislake & Ann his wife (E1642) Link[587] (E1642) Link[588]; (T1642) [589] C33/182, p. (E1642) 394v, 435r ; (T1642) 510r
Richard Maninge, armiger; Samuel Gookin; and Richard Ward Henry Ludlowe, knight; Edward Maninge, armiger; and Henry Kelsey, gent (M1641) Link[590] Link[591], [592] C33/182, p. 27v, 68v, 107r
Thomas Manley Phillip Welbie, armiger; Gervase Stroupe, knight (H1642) Link[593]  ; (E1642) Link[594]; (T1642) [595] C33/182, p. (H1642) 339v ; (E1642) 358v ; (T1642) 512v
Edward Manley Francis Somerford (M1641) Link[596] Link[597]; (H1642) [598], [599]; (E1642) [600] C33/182, p. 64v, 147r; (H1642) 218v, 279r ; (E1642) 388v
George Manley, armiger Richard Manley, knight; et al (M1641) Link[601] (H1642) Link[602] C33/182, p. 157r; (H1642) 190r
John Manley, doctor in divinity John Wright (E1642) Link[603] C33/182, p. (E1642) 372r
Charles Manners, knight; and Alexander Dorrington Henry Manners & his wife; and John Dalton (T1642) Link[604] C33/182, p. (T1642) 577v
Mansell Whitwick (H1642) Link[605] C33/182, p. (H1642) 339v
Joseph Mansergh, gent Thomas Wilsonby; ___ Bateman; et al (H1642) Link[606] C33/182, p. 310r
Mansfield Tucker (M1641) Link[607] C33/182, p. 99r
Richard Mansuer, armiger & Sibel his wife Abraham Church; et al (T1642) Link[608] C33/182, p. (T1642) 516r
John Mantle / Mantell Walter Mantle, Richard Only (deceased); and Phillip Strechey (M1641) Link[609] Link[610], [611]; (E1642) [612]; (T1642) [613] C33/182, p. 3v, 19r, 167v ; (E1642) 427r ; (T1642) 558r
Richard Mantle & Elizabeth his wife John Basher & his wife; Suzanna Knight; Robert Platt & Rebecca his wife; Salomon Huffan; and Clement Harrison (H1642) Link[614] (E1642) Link[615]; (T1642) [616], [617] C33/182, p. (H1642) 223v ; (E1642) 409r ; (T1642) 517v, 582r
John Manwering John Shawe, jr (E1642) Link[618] C33/182, p. (E1642) 412r
John Manwood, knight; et al Thomas Eyres; Leach Marriot; Margaret Pistor; and Nicholas Pistor (E1642) Link[619] (E1642) Link[620] C33/182, p. (E1642) 397v, 406v
Thomas Manwood, gent & Ann his wife; et al Christopher Estcott, gent (M1641) Link[621] C33/182, p. 35r
Malborough Hodge (M1641) Link[622] C33/182, p. 115v
Thomas Marchant Lawrence Baker; and Thomas Baker (T1642) Link[623] C33/182, p. (T1642) 583v
Marden Chipp (M1641) Link[624] C33/182, p. 169r
John Mare Jarvis Shellett; et al (H1642) Link[625] C33/182, p. (H1642) 208r
Henry Marker Thomas Mercer; Thomas Morris; and Christopher Ooner (T1642) Link[626] C33/182, p. (T1642) 502r
Marks Rowe (H1642) Link[627] C33/182, p. (H1642) 333r
Robert Marks & Ellianor his wife Mathew / Mark / Martha Tomes; Mere / Meeres; Washer; White; and Richard Hawkins (M1641) Link[628] (H1642) Link[629], [630] (bis), [631]; (E1642) [632]; (T1642) [633], [634], [635] C33/182, p. 20v; (H1642) 209r, 254v (bis), 346v ; (E1642) 449v ; (T1642) 515v, 565v, 569r
Francis Marley, gent Thomas Preston, gent (M1641) Link[636] C33/182, p. 120v
Marlow Keene (E1642) Link[637] C33/182, p. (E1642) 432v
Marquess of Winchester; et al William Kinge (AND John Wickham; et al v. William Kinge; AND William Kinge v. Henry Foyle; et al) (H1642) Link[638] (H1642) Link[639] C33/182, p. (H1642) 335v
Elizabeth Marsden, widow; et al Arthur Rowthwell (M1641) Link[640] C33/182, p. 97v
Marsh Houseman (M1641) Link[641] C33/182, p. 162r
Richard Marsh (son and heir of Richard Marsh, gent) William Brigham, cleric (Silvestra his wife; Judith Fouch, widow; Henry Fouch; and John Fouch, infants by Judith Fouch, mother) (M1641) Link[642] Link[643], [644] C33/182, p. 26v, 47v
William Marsh William Whitley; and William Smithson (H1642) Link[645] (E1642) Link[646] C33/182, p. (H1642) 191r ; (E1642) 404r
Marshall Anderson (E1642) Link[647] C33/182, p. (E1642) 442r
Marshall Anderson; Anderson; Anderson; and Anderson; Fetherston; and Killinghill (E1642) Link[648] C33/182, p. (E1642) 442r
Marshall Bronnan (M1641) Link[649] C33/182, p. 31r
Marshall Ripley (E1642) Link[650] C33/182, p. (E1642) 442r
Marshall Tucker (H1642) Link[651] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254r
Francis Marshall Zacharia Steward; and Trotter (M1641) Link[652] (H1642) Link[653], [654] C33/182, p. 46v; (H1642) 216v, 252r
Marshall Walter (M1641) Link[655] C33/182, p. 46v
John Marshall Morgan Gloughlen; Richard Okeley; and William Crowther (M1641) Link[656] Link[657], [658] C33/182, p. 59v, 108v, 141v
John Marshall Ann Marshall; Thomas Errington (T1642) Link[659] C33/182, p. (T1642) 551v
Richard Marshall & Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Edward Stowell, gent, and administratrix of Edward Stowell, jr, son and heir of said Edward Stowell, sr Robert Burges, executor of Thomas Burgs, executor of Edward Stowell, sr (M1641) Link[660] (H1642) Link[661] C33/182, p. 30r; (H1642) 245v
Thomas Marshall Robert Dixon, armiger; Henry Weekes, gent (M1641) Link[662] C33/182, p. 141v
William Marshall & Rebecca his wife; and Bridget Roe John Nelson, cleric; and William Thomasine (E1642) Link[663] C33/182, p. (E1642) 386r
Thomas Marsham, armiger Thomas Hughes & Margaret his wife; et al (M1641) Link[664] (E1642) Link[665], [666] C33/182, p. 3r ; (E1642) 389v, 428v
Marston De Crith (M1641) Link[667] C33/182, p. 109r
Robert Marston Theodore Deodate; John Deodate; John Houseman & his wife (M1641) Link[668] Link[669]; (H1642) [670]; (E1642) [671], [672] C33/182, p. 42r, 103r ; (H1642) 325r ; (E1642) 366r, 455r
Tobias Marston John Marston; Andrew Collin; Thomas Collin; Valentine Goodman; et al (H1642) Link[673] C33/182, p. (H1642) 250r
Marten Rowse; and Husband (E1642) Link[674] C33/182, p. (E1642) 462r
Marthwaite Bredcake (E1642) Link[675] (bis) C33/182, p. (E1642) 441v (bis)
Abraham Martin William King, administrator of John Togy (M1641) Link[676] C33/182, p. 154r
Henry Martin; et al George Harris; et al (H1642) Link[677] C33/182, p. (H1642) 244r
John Martin Richard Sculthropp (T1642) Link[678] C33/182, p. (T1642) 515r
John Martyn, infant by Katherine Hopkin his guardian Thomas Williams (M1641) Link[679] Link[680] C33/182, p. 137r, 174v
Richard Martin & Alice his wife; and Margaret Paice Thomas Baulch; and William Michell (T1642) Link[681] C33/182, p. (T1642)
Richard Martin John Bright; Wilmot his wife; Thomas Smith; and Hugh Martin (H1642) Link[682] (H1642) Link[683] C33/182, p. (H1642) 260r
Robert Martin Theodore Deodatus; et al (M1641) Link[684] C33/182, p. 155v
Robert Martin & his wife Nevill Masklin, gent & Sibel his wife; and Edmund Masklin (H1642) Link[685] (H1642) Link[686], [687] C33/182, p. (H1642) 190r, 301v, 313v
Robert Martin & his wife Samuel Saltonstall; Barbara Bateman; and John Ambler (T1642) Link[688] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595v
Thomas Martin, gent; and Edward Taylor, gent John Borras alias Borraston; et al (H1642) Link[689] C33/182, p. (H1642) 223r
Thomas Martin; and Lawrence Adams Katherine Luscombe, widow; et al (H1642) Link[690] (E1642) Link[691]; (T1642) [692] C33/182, p. 299v ; (E1642) 433r ; (T1642) 577r
Thomas Martin; et al Christopher Peter; et al (E1642) Link[693] C33/182, p. (E1642) 247v
William Martin Henry Faldo (E1642) Link[694] C33/182, p. (E1642) 424v
William Martin John Griffin; et al (H1642) Link[695] C33/182, p. (H1642) 231v
Richard Marworth John Chare & Jane his wife; and Christopher Hodgson (E1642) Link[696] C33/182, p. (E1642) 398v
Mason Maior (E1642) Link[697] C33/182, p. (E1642) 406r
Mason Townrowe (M1641) Link[698] C33/182, p. 15v
Augustine Mason William Salman (T1642) Link[699] (T1642) Link[700] C33/182, p. (T1642) 507v, 568r
Christopher Mason Mary Camell; Francis Thorne; Ann his wife; Ann Hitchcocke; George Hitchcocke; et al (M1641) Link[701] Link[702], [703], (H1642)[704]; (E1642) [705], [706]; (T1642) [707] (bis), [708], [709], [710], [711] C33/182, p. 38r, 59r, 67v ; (H1642) 282r ; (E1642) 400v, 445v ; (T1642) 473v (bis), 484v, 485r, 597v
Grace Mason Dorothy Norton; et al (M1641) Link[712] (H1642) Link[713] C33/182, p. 57r ; (H1642) 525v
Henry Mason, gent William Mason; Francis Nevill; John Carrill; and Orlando Bridgeman (H1642) Link[714] (E1642) Link[715] C33/182, p. (H1642) 204v ; (E1642) 401v
William Mason William Stroude (H1642) Link[716] C33/182, p. (H1642) 201r
Isabel Massie, widow John Goodwin, armiger; and William Michell, armiger (T1642) Link[717] C33/182, p. (T1642) 482v
Richard Massie, sr; Richard Massie, jr; and Richard Eltonhead John Eardley, armiger (M1641) Link[718] Link[719], [720], [721] ; (H1642) [722] C33/182, p. 109r, 123r, 158r ; (H1642) 265v
Master of the College Great Hall (commonly called University College), Oxford University and the Fellows of the same college George Crooke, knight; Arthur Ingram,knight; Francis Faith, armiger; Simon Bennit, armiger; Thomas Hampson; Thomas Hopkins; John Gibson, knight; Nicholas Hampson (deceased) (H1642) Link[723] (H1642) Link[724] C33/182, p. (H1642) 216r, 227v
Master, Fellows, and Scholars of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge Charles Blunt, knight; Lewis Conquest; et al (T1642) Link[725] C33/182, p. (T1642) 508r
Master, Fellows, and Scholars of St John's College, Cambridge Edward Fitton, baronet; Robert Platt; et al (M1641) Link[726] (T1642) Link[727] C33/182, p. 21r ; (T1642) 519v
Master, Fellows, and Scholars of Holy Trinity College, Cambridge; Katherine Pearse John Temple, armiger (H1642) Link[728] (H1642) Link[729]; (E1642) [730] C33/182, p. (H1642) 252v, 274v ; (E1642) 465r
Master, Warden, and Fellows of Gods Gift College in Dulwich Edmund Bowyer, knight; George Hanger; and Roger Kilvert (M1641) Link[731] Link[732], [733]; (E1642) [734], [735] C33/182, p. 40r, 68r, 112r ; (E1642) 370v, 373r
Master, Warden, and the Society of Cordwinders, London Ralph Hantley (T1642) Link[736] (T1642) Link[737] C33/182, p. (T1642) 554v, 559v
Sara Masterman, widow; Thomas Masterman; and Samuel Masterman, executors of Thomas Masterman Walter Fowkes & his wife (H1642) Link[738] (T1642) Link[739], [740] C33/182, p. (H1642) 345r ; (T1642) 503r, 504r
Henry Masters Elizabeth Longe (M1641) Link[741] C33/182, p. 37r
Rachael Masters, widow Lancelot Hardy & his wife; Jophn Hoskins; and Peter Hoskins (E1642) Link[742] C33/182, p. (E1642) 425r
Robert Mastian Thomas Nurse; Simon Hacbett; et al (M1641) Link[743] C33/182, p. 36v
John Maston Benjamin Wright; Mathew Wright; Geoffrey Ingleton; and Nathaniel Wright (T1642) Link[744] (T1642) Link[745] C33/182, p. (T1642) 484v, 499r
Henry Mather; and Thomas Gosse John Woodcocke, sr; John Woodcocke, jr & his wife (H1642) Link[746] (T1642) Link[747], [748] C33/182, p. (H1642) 209v ; (T1642) 512r, 564v
Mathew William; and Mathew (H1642) Link[749] C33/182, p. (H1642) 263v
Giles Mathew & Elizabeth his wife, administratrix of Ann Evans Francis Barnard; and Barnard (E1642) Link[750] (E1642) Link[751] C33/182, p. (E1642) 367r, 419r
John Mathew John Fownes, gent; et al (E1642) Link[752] C33/182, p. (E1642) 434v
Thomas Mathew Mary Drewe, executrix of Robert Drew (T1642) Link[753] C33/182, p. (T1642) 541r
William Mathew Francis Knight; and Daniel Adams (H1642) Link[754] C33/182, p. (H1642) 242v
Mathewes Lane; and Lane (E1642) Link[755] (bis) C33/182, p. (E1642) 442r (bis)
Francis Mathewes, armiger James Altham (M1641) Link[756] C33/182, p. 49v
John / Joachim Mathewes, gent Thomas Maninge; and Edmund Maninge (M1641) Link[757] Link[758], [759] C33/182, p. 55v, 83v, 171v
John Mathewes, gent Richard Marshall, knight; et al (E1642) Link[760] C33/182, p. (E1642) 402r
Joachim Mathewes, gent, executor of Michael Waver Edward Smith & Katherine his wife (H1642) Link[761] (H1642) Link[762], [763], [764]; (E1642) [765], [766], ; (T1642) [767] C33/182, p. (H1642) 284v, 313r, 327v, 328r ; (E1642) 391r, 452v ; (T1642) 505r
Robert Mathew & Elizabeth his wife William Williams (M1641) Link[768] Link[769] C33/182, p. 105v, 128v
Thomas Maunce & Elizabeth his wife; Christopher Heale & Joan his wife; John Peake & Ann his wife; and Thomas Hawkey (H1642) Link[770] (E1642) Link[771] C33/182, p. (H1642) 346r ; (E1642) 422v
Andrew Maunder Richard Calme, armiger (M1641) Link[772] (T1642) Link[773] C33/182, p. 91r ; (T1642) 555v
Thomas Maundes & his wife Nicholas Warrington; et al (T1642) Link[774] C33/182, p. (T1642) 517v
Richard Mawingham, cleric Martha (???) Waferrer, cleric (???) (M1641) Link[775] C33/182, p. 49r
Maxey Jones (T1642) Link[776] C33/182, p. (T1642) 476v
William Maxey, cleric & Frances his wife George Morecroft (M1641) Link[777] C33/182, p. 46r
Ralph Maxon; Jahannus Ornell, infant by Thomas Grove, his guardian; Thomas Middlton by Elizabeth lately wife of John Grove Andrew Wheatley, executor of Andrew Wheatley, sr, executor of Robert Wheatley; and Thomas Paine (M1641) Link[778] (T1642) Link[779], [780] C33/182, p. 71v ; (T1642) 487r, 502v
Harbert May Martin Collilns alias Collis (H1642) Link[781] C33/182, p. (H1642) 238v
Joseph May Walter Glynn; et al (H1642) Link[782] C33/182, p. 299r
John Maynard, knight of the Bath John Peyton; Edward Peyton; Robert Peyton; et al (M1641) Link[783] C33/182, p. 114v
Thomas Maynard John Hickes; et al (E1642) Link[784] C33/182, p. (E1642) 395r
Mayne Robert Banister, knight (M1641) Link[785] Link[786] C33/182, p. 112r, 164r
Phillip Mayo, gent John / Phillip Page; and Richard Deane (M1641) Link[787] (H1642) Link[788], [789]; (E1642) [790], [791], [792]; (T1642) [793] C33/182, p. 75r ; (H1642) 255r, 318v ; (E1642) 393r, 431r, 437r ; (T1642) 528r
Thomas Mayo George Twynny (M1641) Link[794] C33/182, p. 141v
Mayor and Burgesses of the Borough of Arundell John Hall alias Hull (M1641) Link[795] (E1642) Link[796] C33/182, p. 78v ; (E1642) 416r
Mayor and Burgesses of the Borough of Boston, Lincs John Digges, cleric (E1642) Link[797] C33/182, p. (E1642) 445r
Mayor, Bailiffs, and Community of the City of Exeter Hugh Jermin / Germin; et al (M1641) Link[798] (E1642) Link[799], [800] C33/182, p. 99r ; (E1642) 426, 460v
Mayor, Sheriffs, Citizens, and Commonalty of the City of Norwich; et al Mary Braunthwaite, widow; and Arthur Braunthwaite, armiger (M1641) Link[801] (H1642) Link[802]; (E1642) [803]; (T1642) [804] C33/182, p. 103v ; (H1642) 300r ; (E1642) 427v ; (T1642) 502r
Mayor and Burgesses of Shaftesbury, Dorset; Bailiffs and Burgesses of Blanford Forum; John Williams; Robert Burbridge; et al, inhabitants of Sturminster Newton, Dorset, for themselves and ex parte of the rest of the inhabitants of said town Arthur Squibb, armiger; John Ficke, armiger; Richard King, armiger; et al (M1641) Link[805] Link[806] C33/182, p. 37r
Mayor and Community of the Town of Tiverton, Devon and Supervisor of the Parish Church there ex parte the Poor of the same town Zacharia Cadmore; and Humfrey Cadmore, gent, executors of Daniel Cadmore (M1641) Link[807] C33/182, p. 150r
Meade Meade; and Emory (T1642) Link[808] C33/182, p. (T1642) 553v
Mead Peasley (E1642) Link[809] C33/182, p. (E1642) 459v
John Mead William Benson (M1641) Link[810] C33/182, p. 20r
John Mead Abraham Jenings; Justin Peard; and Ambrose Jenings (M1641) Link[811] Link[812], [813], [814]; (H1642) [815], [816]; (E1642) [817] C33/182, p. 25v, 49r, 90r, 168v; (H1642) 239r, 300r ; (E1642) 436v
John Mead Abraham Jenings; Justinian Peard; Moses Goodyear; et al (H1642) Link[818] C33/182, p. (H1642) 194v
John Mead Anthony Wagstaffe; et al (AND Anthony Wagstagge v. John Mead, Anthony Ditchfield; et al) (M1641) Link[819] Link[820], [821]; (H1642) [822], [823]; (T1642) [824], [825] C33/182, p. 142r, 150v, 156v ; (H1642) 293v, 335r ; (T1642) 472r, 519v
Richard Mead Anthony Salter; and John Parr (H1642) Link[826] (H1642) Link[827]; (E1642) [828], [829] C33/182, p. (H1642) 214r, 327r ; (E1642) 385r, 448r
Robert Mead; Edward Mead Dudley Carleton, knight (M1641) Link[830] (H1642) Link[831], [832]; (E1642) [833] C33/182, p. 65r; (H1642) 232r, 291v ; (E1642) 466r
Thomas Mead; and Richard Sheppard Robert Morgan; and James Brooke (T1642) Link[834] C33/182, p. (T1642) 544v
Thomas Mead John Stephens; Hugh Stephens; and Roger Peard (M1641) Link[835] Link[836] C33/182, p. 131r, 163v
Nicholas Meager Roger Meager; Thomas Bold alias Boud; et al (T1642) Link[837] C33/182, p. (T1642) 473v
Mease Chambers (M1641) Link[838] C33/182, p. 168v
Medley Ward (T1642) Link[839] C33/182, p. (T1642) 561r
Anthony Meeres Edmund Skerne, knight (M1641) Link[840] (H1642) Link[841], [842] C33/182, p. 109r; (H1642) 200v, 300r
William Meese Richard Longe (M1641) Link[843] C33/182, p. 164r
William Meggs, et al, administrators of Henry Meggs William Lunbrey (M1641) Link[844] Link[845] C33/182, p. 41v, 156r
David Melior by Hugh ap Evan ap Owen William, Lewes, Anwill, and David ap William (M1641) Link[846] Link[847] C33/182, p. 81v, 95v
Mellarsh Carleton (M1641) Link[848] C33/182, p. 112v
Meller Daweney (M1641) Link[849] C33/182, p. 109r
Melin Whetcombe (M1641) Link[850] C33/182, p. 169r
Mennell Morley; et __ (E1642) Link[851] C33/182, p. (E1642) 442r
Mennes, knight Thorpe (E1642) Link[852] C33/182, p. (E1642) 375r
Mathew Mennes, knight of the Bath Orlando Bridgeman, armiger (M1641) Link[853] Link[854], [855] C33/182, p. 35r, 79v, 91v
Mathew Mennes, knight Richard Crane, armiger; Hilliard; and George; Thomas Jessopp; Thomas Thorpe (E1642) Link[856] (T1642) Link[857] C33/182, p. (E1642) 458r ; (T1642) 536v
Mathew Mennes, knight of the Bath Robert Holland (M1641) Link[858] Link[859], [860] C33/182, p. 15r, 59r, 106v
Mathew Mennes, knight of the Bath Mary Drake, widow (THEN: Phillip Baldwin; John Watkin; et al) (M1641) Link[861] (H1642) Link[862] C33/182, p. 99r; (H1642) 194v
Mathew Mennes, knight of the Bath; et al Eudimion / Edmund / Giles Porter, armiger; and Fabian Phillipps (M1641) Link[863] (H1642) Link[864], [865]; (T1642) [866], [867] C33/182, p. 166v; (H1642) 208r, 322v ; (T1642) 525v, 549v
Peter Mennes & his wife Geoffrey Cobb & his wife (H1642) Link[868] (bis) (E1642) Link[869] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340v (bis) ; (E1642) 397r
Sara Mercer; et al Margaret Tiffany his wife of Thmas Tiffany (M1641) Link[870] C33/182, p. 143r
John Meredith, cleric Richard Harrison (M1641) Link[871] (H1642) Link[872]; (E1642) [873]; (T1642) [874] C33/182, p. 137v ; (H1642) 289r ; (E1642) 388v ; (T1642) 555r
John Meredith Robert Townsend, armiger; and Abraham Johnson (H1642) Link[875] C33/182, p. (H1642) 241v
Judith Merefield / Mereford, widow Mary Atkins, widow, now wife of Phillipp Cotton (M1641) Link[876] Link[877], [878], [879]; (T1642) [880] C33/182, p. 2r, 4r, 9r, 14r ; (T1642) 554r
Judith Merefield Phillip Cotton & Margery his wife (H1642) Link[881] (H1642) Link[882]; (T1642) [883] C33/182, p. (H1642) 194r, 291r ; (T1642) 486v
Judith Merefield, widow Mary Cotton, now wife of John Cotton (E1642) Link[884] C33/182, p. (E1642) 395r
George Ravenscroft; et al, children of Robert Ravenscroft by Elizabeth, mother and guardian Thomas Ravenscroft, armiger (H1642) Link[885] C33/182, p. (H1642) 347r
Richard Meriweather, knight & Mary his wife Samuel Ravenscroft; and John Meriweather (M1641) Link[886] Link[887] C33/182, p. 3v, 62r
Merritt Whittorne (H1642) Link[888] C33/182, p. (H1642) 339r
Robert Metcalfe Thomas Gray (M1641) Link[889] (T1642) Link[890] C33/182, p. 173v ; (T1642) 528v
Metcalfe, knight Price; and Moore (M1641) Link[891] C33/182, p. 33r
Metcalfe Ramsdon (H1642) Link[892] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340r
Christopher Metcalfe William Wall (M1641) Link[893] (H1642) Link[894], [895] C33/182, p. 10v ; (H1642) 288r, 335r
Robert Metham Francis Whetston, armiger; John Wetherall, cleric & his wife (H1642) Link[896] (E1642) Link[897]; (T1642) [898] C33/182, p. 312v ; (E1642) 383v; (T1642) 510r
John / Nicholas Michelbourne James Middlcott; and John Glouster (H1642) Link[899] (H1642) Link[900] C33/182, p. (H1642) 209v, 310r
Richard Michebourne; Mary Michelborne; and Dorothy Michelborne by Barbara, their mother Francis Michelborne, executor of John Michelborne; Timothy Michelborne, executor of Arthur Michelborne (T1642) Link[901] C33/182, p. (T1642) 546v
Timothy Michelbourne, executor of Arthur Michelbourne John Davy; Nicholas Davy; and Lawrence Davy (M1641) Link[902] (H1642) Link[903] C33/182, p. 47; (H1642) 192r
Timothy Michelbourne, executor of Arthur Michelbourne Nathaniel Harvies (E1642) Link[904] C33/182, p. (E1642) 378r
Timothy Michelbourne, executor of Arthur Michelbourne James Medlicott; and John Glauster (M1641) Link[905] (H1642) Link[906], [907] C33/182, p. 47, 86r; (H1642) 192r, 251v
William Michelbourne, armiger William Thomas, gent; and William Michelbourne, gent (M1641) Link[908] (H1642) Link[909]; (E1642) [910] (bis) C33/182, p. 18r; (H1642) 220v ; (E1642) 441v (bis)
Michell Osbolston (E1642) Link[911] C33/182, p. (E1642) 444v
Michell Fortescue (H1642) Link[912] C33/182, p. 324v
Edward Michell Ferdinand Clutterbucke (H1642) Link[913] (E1642) Link[914], [915], [916], [917], [918]; (T1642) [919], [920] (bis) C33/182, p. 300r ; (E1642) 391r, 393r, 395r, 439v ; (T1642) 527v, 568v (bis)
George Michell Humfrey Sweete (E1642) Link[921] C33/182, p. (E1642) 380v
John Michell John Baker (H1642) Link[922] (H1642) Link[923] C33/182, p. (H1642) 288r, 340v
John Michell, knight (now deceased) Thomas Farnfold, knight (E1642) Link[924] C33/182, p. (E1642) 428v
John Michell, sr & his wife William Ruydinge; et al (E1642) Link[925] (E1642) Link[926]; (T1642) [927] C33/182, p. (E1642) 448r, 463v ; (T1642) 519v
Richard Michell, cleric William Collingwood, cleric (E1642) Link[928] C33/182, p. (E1642) 432r
Richard Michell Christopher Tooker; Alice Tooker; and John Marke (T1642) Link[929] C33/182, p. (T1642) 546v
Thomas Michell; Jon_es Bowtle; Ann Bowtle; and John Bowtle infants by said Thomas Michell, guardian Isaac Bowtle; and Robert Bowtle (E1642) Link[930] C33/182, p. (E1642) 433v
Michell Radens (H1642) Link[931] C33/182, p. (H1642) 211r
John Michellson & Elizabeth his wife Elizabeth Ruydinge, widow; William Ruydinge; and Margaret Ruydinge (M1641) Link[932] Link[933]; (H1642) [934] C33/182, p. 60r, 108r ; (H1642) 300v
Middlcott Michelbourne (E1642) Link[935] C33/182, p. (E1642) 458r
Humfrey Middlhurst Gervase Wawen; et al (E1642) Link[936] (T1642) Link[937] C33/182, p. (E1642) 405r  ; (T1642) 331v
John / Joseus Middlmore George Middlmore (H1642) Link[938] (E1642) Link[939] C33/182, p. (H1642) 250r ; (E1642) 426v
Middlton Mallett (M1641) Link[940] C33/182, p. 168r
Middlton Middlton (M1641) Link[941] C33/182, p. 168v
Middlton Robson (H1642) Link[942] C33/182, p. (H1642) 255r
Samuel Middlton Robert Watson (E1642) Link[943] (T1642) Link[944] C33/182, p. (E1642) 447r ; (T1642) 517r
Thomas Middlton, armiger (now deceased) Richard Jackson; et al (M1641) Link[945] (H1642) Link[946]; (T1642) [947] C33/182, p. 91v; (H1642) 237v ; (T1642) 547v
William Middlton, baronet John Lenthall, knight and his wife; et al (M1641) Link[948] (H1642) Link[949], [950], [951] C33/182, p. 161v; (H1642) 189v, 199v, 266r
Richard Miles Silvester Bancroft; and Christofer Bancroft, gent (M1641) Link[952] (T1642) Link[953] C33/182, p. 32v ; (T1642) 489v
Miller Clarke; and Steward (H1642) Link[954] C33/182, p. 246r
Miller Grove (T1642) Link[955] C33/182, p. (T1642) 538v
Miller Washer (H1642) Link[956] C33/182, p. 246r
John Miller John Cotton & his wife; et al (T1642) Link[957] (T1642) Link[958] C33/182, p. (T1642) 523r, 595r
Michael Miller; and John Miller Robert Mansell, knight (E1642) Link[959] (T1642) Link[960] C33/182, p. (E1642) 384v ; (T1642) 503v
Thomas Miller Thomas Hawes (E1642) Link[961] (T1642) Link[962], [963] C33/182, p. (E1642) 401r ; (T1642) 497v, 506v
Millett Launder (E1642) Link[964] C33/182, p. (E1642) 411v
John Millett Edward Claxton; and Thomas Page (M1641) Link[965] (H1642) Link[966] C33/182, p. 110r; (H1642) 207r
William Millett Mary Clapham, widow; Gilbert Nevill, armiger; Lady Ann Darrell; Robert Lee; Thomas Ryton; John Let; Luke Clapham; John Jorden; Humfrey Jordan; Mathew Cradocke; William Martin, knight; Robert Salmon; et al (AND Luke Clapham v. William Millett; Mary Clapham; et al) (H1642) Link[967] C33/182, p. (H1642)
John Millingate Willilam Mollins, sr, armiger (M1641) Link[968] (H1642) Link[969]; (E1642) [970] C33/182, p. 49v ; (H1642) 281v ; (E1642) 450v
Mary Millington, widow Thomas Bould, armiger; and Mary Jerningham; Edward Bosden, armiger (E1642) Link[971] (T1642) Link[972] C33/182, p. (E1642) 397v ; (T1642) 547v
Mills Grove (E1642) Link[973] C33/182, p. (E1642) 388r
Launcelot Mills William Tanner; and Edwin Clare (M1641) Link[974] Link[975] C33/182, p. 11v, 36r
Roger Mills Baptista Tooker (M1641) Link[976] C33/182, p. 110v
Milnes Milnes (M1641) Link[977] C33/182, p. 169r
Edward Milson & his wife John Wellings & his wife (E1642) Link[978] (E1642) Link[979] C33/182, p. (E1642) 369v, 466v
Mary Milton; et al Robert Marks & his wife; et al (AND Henry Amery; et al v. Robert Marks; et al) (E1642) Link[980] (T1642) Link[981] C33/182, p. (E1642) 400v ; (T1642) 548r
Milward Prigeon (H1642) Link[982] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254r
George Mince Robert Leigh, armiger (H1642) Link[983] C33/182, p. (H1642) 265v
Minde Bufford (M1641) Link[984] (H1642) Link[985] C33/182, p. 5r ; (H1642) 280r
John Missenden; et al John Chatterton (H1642) Link[986] C33/182, p. (H1642) 225v
Edward Mitchell Robert Farrant (H1642) Link[987] C33/182, p. (H1642) 235r
Thomas Mitton Henry Gosnell (E1642) Link[988] (T1642) Link[989] C33/182, p. (E1642) 389v ; (T1642) 539r
Thomas Mitton, armiger; et al Andrew Lloid, armiger; and John Biddon (M1641) Link[990] (H1642) Link[991]; (E1642) [992] C33/182, p. 129r; (H1642) 223r ; (E1642) 412v
Thomas Mitton, armiger; et al Humfrey Mackworth, armiger; et al (T1642) Link[993] (T1642) Link[994], [995] C33/182, p. (T1642) 481r, 523r, 584r
Moggeridge Seaman (M1641) Link[996] (bis) (H1642) Link[997] C33/182, p. 168v (bis) ; (H1642) 288r
Robert Moggeridge Roger Hill; Jasper Chaplin; John Trowbridge; et al (H1642) Link[998] C33/182, p. (H1642) 209v
Thomas Moggs by Francis Yeomans guardian Samuel Moggs; and James Clapton (E1642) Link[999] C33/182, p. (E1642) 427r
Henry Moize, gent Frances Moize, widow; and Christopher Buckle, knight (M1641) Link[1,000] C33/182, p. 19v
John Mole, armiger Thomas Lenthall (M1641) Link[1,001] (H1642) Link[1,002], [1,003] C33/182, p. 99r; (H1642) 195v, 215r
John Mole; et al, creditors of Thomas Vosse Nicholas Francklin, armiger; et al (T1642) Link[1,004] C33/182, p. (T1642) 567v
John Mollett, armiger William Dunes, armiger (M1641) Link[1,005] C33/182, p. 92v
William Mollins, armiger Michael Alexander (T1642) Link[1,006] C33/182, p. (T1642) 505r
Elizabeth Molton Philemon Chapman; et al (H1642) Link[1,007] (T1642) Link[1,008] C33/182, p. (H1642) 292r ; (T1642) 517r
Charles Moncke & lade Rebecca his wife; Roger Lloid & Alice his wife Elizabeth Thimble, widow (H1642) Link[1,009] (H1642) Link[1,010] C33/182, p. (H1642) 300r, 343v
Monday Bradshawe (E1642) Link[1,011] C33/182, p. (E1642) 424v
Henry Monday Edward Rolte; Henry Rolt; William Crowe; John Goltelowe; and George Gregorie (E1642) Link[1,012] C33/182, p. (E1642) 412r
Robert Monday Robert Southey; and James Fursland (T1642) Link[1,013] C33/182, p. (T1642) 518r
John Moody Robert Fairebeard & Mary his wife, executrix of Nicholas Banister (M1641) Link[1,014] Link[1,015]; (H1642) [1,016]; (E1642) [1,017]; (T1642) [1,018], [1,019] C33/182, p. 122r, 144r ; (H1642) 346v ; (E1642) 441v ; (T1642) 494r, 522r
Moore Armested; and Stackhouse (T1642) Link[1,020] C33/182, p. (T1642) 561r
Moore Broughton (M1641) Link[1,021] Link[1,022] C33/182, p. 79v, 109r
Moore Cooper (H1642) Link[1,023] C33/182, p. (H1642) 201v
Moore Gifford (T1642) Link[1,024] C33/182, p. (T1642) 537v
Moore Moore; and Hinde (T1642) Link[1,025] C33/182, p. (T1642) 553v
Moore Simpson (T1642) Link[1,026] C33/182, p. (T1642) 525r
Daniel Moore Daniel Hollingworth; and Ozias Churchman (E1642) Link[1,027] C33/182, p. (E1642) 381r
George Moore Henry Beomond, knight; Thomas Beomond; et al (E1642) Link[1,028] C33/182, p. (E1642) 439v
George Moore, cleric George Morton, gent & Elizabeth his wife; Francis Mascall & Mary his wife; Henry Burley, gent & Hester his wife (H1642) Link[1,029]; (E1642) [1,030], [1,031] C33/182, p. (H1642) 227v ; (E1642) 370r, 467v
Henry Moore, gent Robert Saunders & Ann his wife; and Margaret Willmost, widow, administratrix of Richard Willmot, gent (E1642) Link[1,032] C33/182, p. (E1642) 464v
George Moore, armiger Pescodd (M1641) Link[1,033] C33/182, p. 2r
John Moore & his wife Edward Bury & his wife (M1641) Link[1,034] C33/182, p. 23v
John Moore Ambrose Moore (M1641) Link[1,035] Link[1,036], [1,037], [1,038] C33/182, p. 21r, 43r, 84v, 168r
James Moore Mathew Palmer, knight; et al (E1642) Link[1,039] C33/182, p. (E1642) 384v
Jane Moore; et al, infant of George Moore, deceased by George Moore, guardian Henry Fynes, armiger; Anthony Wilkinson; Thomas Lamyas; et al (E1642) Link[1,040] C33/182, p. (E1642) 452v
Thomas Moore, armiger Edward Blundell; Richard Overy; et al (M1641) Link[1,041] C33/182, p. 26r
Thomas Moore, armiger Margaret, lady Melton; et al (M1641) Link[1,042] C33/182, p. 110r
Thomas Moore Thomas Sweetland (M1641) Link[1,043] (T1642) Link[1,044] C33/182, p. 169v ; (T1642) 504r
William (?) Moore; and Thomas Tomlinson John Cotton (H1642) Link[1,045] C33/182, p. (H1642) 348v
Richard Moorecocke Robert Austin; and Francis Austin (T1642) Link[1,046] C33/182, p. (T1642) 553v
John Moose Geoffrey Booth (E1642) Link[1,047] C33/182, p. (E1642) 423v
Morden Taylor (M1641) Link[1,048] C33/182, p. 169r
Richard More; et al William Harris; et al (T1642) Link[1,049] C33/182, p. (T1642) 567v
Anthony Moreing Bennet Peterfield; Nicholas Read; et al (T1642) Link[1,050] C33/182, p. (T1642) 584r
George Moreton, knight Lewis Watson, knight; and Edward Watson, knight (M1641) Link[1,051] C33/182, p. 17r
Margaret Moreton, spinster Thomas Stephenson, jr; Godfrey Castle; Lawrence Castle; and Thomas Stephenson, sr (E1642) Link[1,052] (T1642) Link[1,053] C33/182, p. (E1642) 445v ; (T1642) 581r
Morgan, knight Arnold (H1642) Link[1,054] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340v
Morgan Collins; Stockes; and Soames (H1642) Link[1,055] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340v
Morgan Evans; et al (M1641) Link[1,056] Link[1,057] C33/182, p. 54v, 72r
Morgan Hales; Baker (H1642) Link[1,058] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340v
Morgan Morgan (M1641) Link[1,059] (H1642) Link[1,060], [1,061] C33/182, p. 1v; (H1642) 239v, 338r
Morgan Spencer (M1641) Link[1,062] C33/182, p. 98v
Morgan Williams (H1642) Link[1,063] (H1642) Link[1,064] C33/182, p. (H1642) 336v
Edmund Morgan, knight Rice Thomas; et al (H1642) Link[1,065] (T1642) Link[1,066] C33/182, p. (H1642) 224v ; (T1642) 520v
George Morgan Stephen Scott, knight; Edmund Scott; et al (M1641) Link[1,067] Link[1,068]; (H1642) [1,069] C33/182, p. 41r, 164r; (H1642) 196v
Jenkin Morgan by John Byde Richard Seys & his wife; et al (H1642) Link[1,070] C33/182, p. (H1642) 214r
John Morgan, infant, by his guardian William Gunter (H1642) Link[1,071] (H1642)Link[1,072] C33/182, p. (H1642) 225r, 239v
Mabel Morgan, widow; Mary Harris, widow; John Jackson, armiger; Thomas Jackson; and George Ward & Katherine his wife; George Varris & Dorothy his wife Ann Thorpe, widow, relict of Robert Thorpe, armiger; Oliver Cloverry; and John Moore (H1642) Link[1,073] C33/182, p. (H1642) 278r
Robert Morgan The Master, Fellows, and Society of Scriveners of London; Francis Kempe; Richard Wootton (E1642) Link[1,074] (T1642) Link[1,075] C33/182, p. (E1642) 460 ; (T1642) 507r
Thomas Morgan James Jones (E1642) Link[1,076] C33/182, p. (E1642) 463r
Thomas Morgan Thomas Webb (H1642) Link[1,077] C33/182, p. (H1642) 342v
Turbervile Morgan Charles Powell; Henry Rutter & his wife (M1641) Link[1,078] C33/182, p. 34r
William David Morgan Milo Roster; and Ann Roster (E1642) Link[1,079] C33/182, p. (E1642) 404r
William Morgan, armiger Thomas Howell, doctor in divinity (?) (M1641) Link[1,080] (H1642) [1,081] C33/182, p. 89v(H1642) 236v
William Morgan Thomas Price & Cicily his wife (M1641) Link[1,082] C33/182, p. 132v
Christopher Morley Richard Mooringe (M1641) Link[1,083] Link[1,084] C33/182, p. 40r, 119r
Francis Morley, gent Thomas Preston (M1641) Link[1,085] Link[1,086]; (H1642) [1,087]; (T1642) [1,088] C33/182, p. 2r, 133v; (H1642) 244r ; (T1642) 511v
Francis Morley, armiger Richard Sherbourne; et al (and Richard Sherbourne v. Francis Morley; Elizabeth Gerlington; et al (M1641) Link[1,089] Link[1,090], [1,091]; (T1642) [1,092] C33/182, p. 10r, 125r, 133v ; (T1642) 532v
Judith Morley Elizabeth Locke (H1642) Link[1,093] (E1642) Link[1,094]; (T1642) [1,095], [1,096], [1,097] C33/182, p. (H1642) 236v ; (E1642) 447r ; (T1642) 475r, 486v, 530r
Peter Morolois James Deliew; Henry Ketter; John Adrian; Ambrose Guddins; and William Stilton (M1641) Link[1,098] Link[1,099] C33/182, p. 18r, 115r
Morrell Coke (H1642) Link[1,100] C33/182, p. (H1642) 338r
Morrell Selliard (M1641) Link[1,101] Link[1,102]; (E1642) [1,103] C33/182, p. 11r, 27v ; (E1642) 421v
Morrell Shorte (H1642) Link[1,104] C33/182, p. 298v
Ann Morrell Mountjoy, earl of Newport (M1641) Link[1,105] C33/182, p. 15v
Morris Bowyer (E1642) Link[1,106] C33/182, p. (E1642) 462r
Morris Jones (T1642) Link[1,107] C33/182, p. (T1642) 559r
Morris Lill, armiger; and Parsons (H1642) Link[1,108] (bis) C33/182, p. (H1642) 341v (bis)
Morris Mall (M1641) Link[1,109] Link[1,110] C33/182, p. 10r, 130v
Theodore Morris, gent Edward Morris, armiger; Thomas ap Evan; and Griffith (M1641) Link[1,111] (T1642) Link[1,112], [1,113], [1,114] C33/182, p. 26v ; (T1642) 520r, 522v, 595r
Morris Nicholls (M1641) Link[1,115] C33/182, p. 169v
John Morris John Pease; Thomas Pease (H1642) Link[1,116] (E1642) Link[1,117]; (T1642) [1,118] C33/182, p. (H1642) 281v ; (E1642) 463r ; (T1642) 490r
Francis Morris Francis Lill, armiger; Dorothy Parsons, widow; Hugh Parsons; et al (E1642) Link[1,119] C33/182, p. (E1642) 367r
Francis Morris William Persons (E1642) Link[1,120] C33/182, p. (E1642) 366r
Morris Wells (M1641) Link[1,121] C33/182, p. 27v
John Morris John Junett (M1641) Link[1,122] C33/182, p. 112r
John Morris & Frances his wife Jasper Despataid (M1641) Link[1,123] C33/182, p. 58r
Theodore Morris Arthur Winwood; and ___ Carey (T1642) Link[1,124] C33/182, p. (T1642) 511v
Thomas Morris John Bowen; Humfrey Nicholas; Charles Morris; and Vaughan (E1642) Link[1,125] (E1642) Link[1,126], [1,127] C33/182, p. (E1642) 386r, 417r, 441r
William ap William Morris Evan Lloid & his wife (T1642) Link[1,128] C33/182, p. (T1642) 569r
John Morse Geoffrey Booth (E1642) Link[1,129] C33/182, p. (E1642) 428r
Phillip Morse; et al Abraham Hamond (H1642) Link[1,130] C33/182, p. (H1642) 345r
Morville Selliard (H1642) Link[1,131] C33/182, p. (H1642) 211r
Moseley Wollaston, armiger (E1642) Link[1,132] C33/182, p. (E1642) 444v
Nicholas Moseley; Ann Moseley; Thomas Symonds Ralph Hough; and John Robinson (M1641) Link[1,133] Link[1,134]; (E1642) [1,135] C33/182, p. 79v, 168r ; (E1642) 439v
Moseley Whitgrove (M1641) Link[1,136] C33/182, p. 28r
Thomas Mosier, armiger John Eastoft; and Thomas Eastoft, armiger (H1642) Link[1,137] C33/182, p. (H1642) 280v
Joseph Mosse; and John Smith Christopher Pudney (H1642) Link[1,138] C33/182, p. (H1642) 203r
Esaia Motham Thomas Farnefeld, knight & his wife (T1642) Link[1,139] C33/182, p. (T1642) 566r
Mott Liveritt (M1641) Link[1,140] C33/182, p. 120r
Arthur Moule; et al, creditors of William Gunley Thomas Soutley; et al (E1642) Link[1,141] C33/182, p. (E1642) 437v
Edward Moulton & Mary his wife Adam Strode; and William Moulton (E1642) Link[1,142] (E1642) Link[1,143], [1,144] C33/182, p. (E1642) 410r, 412r, 418v
John Moulton Henry Girdall alias Knight (T1642) Link[1,145] C33/182, p. (T1642) 568v
Mounkes Gouldland; et al (M1641) Link[1,146] Link[1,147]; (H1642) [1,148] C33/182, p. 10v; (H1642) 198v
Mounson, knight Love (M1641) Link[1,149] Link[1,150] bis C33/182, p. 125v, 126r
Anthony Mounson, armiger; John Mounson, armiger; et al John Formery (M1641) Link[1,151] Link[1,152] C33/182, p. 70v 104v
Thomas Mounson, knight and baronet; William Mounson, knight; et al Everard Dighton; Robert Chreswell; et al (M1641) Link[1,153] Link[1,154]; (H1642) [1,155], [1,156]; (T1642) [1,157], [1,158] C33/182, p. 55r, 132v; (H1642) 187r, 251v ; (T1642) 514v, 518v
Viscount Mounson Collins; Thacker; and Hampden (T1642) Link[1,159] C33/182, p. (T1642) 559v
Viscount Mounson Richard Humfrey; and John Dunker (T1642) Link[1,160] C33/182, p. (T1642) 559v
William Mounson, knight; John Mounson, armiger Thomas Remington & Mary his wife; and Mary Harrison (M1641) Link[1,161] (H1642) Link[1,162] ; (T1642) [1,163] (bis) C33/182, p. 163r ; (H1642) 281r ; (T1642) 553r (bis)
Mountard Pike (T1642) Link[1,164] C33/182, p. (T1642) 559v
William Monson, knight Frances, lady Browne (T1642) Link[1,165] C33/182, p. (T1642) 548v
Thomas Mounte & Elizabeth his wife; Christopher Hearle & Joan his wife Henry Peake & Anne his wife; and Thomas Hawkey (H1642) Link[1,166] C33/182, p. (H1642) 285v
Mountford Steward (T1642) Link[1,167] C33/182, p. (T1642) 473v
Mouse Stone (H1642) Link[1,168] C33/182, p. (H1642) 258r
Arthur Mouse Thomas Hornsey, cleric (E1642) Link[1,169] C33/182, p. (E1642) 432r
John Mouse Kaleb Chambers ( & Mary his wife); and John Wright (M1641) Link[1,170] Link[1,171]; (H1642) [1,172], [1,173], [1,174] (bis), [1,175]; (E1642) [1,176], [1,177]; (T1642) [1,178] C33/182, p. 25r, 114v; (H1642) 196r, 227v, 245r (bis), 279r ; (E1642) 379r, 384a ; (T1642) 522v
William Mouse John Snow; and Foulke Wormelacton / Wormeleighton (M1641) Link[1,179] (H1642) Link[1,180] C33/182, p. 171v; (H1642) 232v
Nicholas Mowson Ann Davies; William Davies (E1642) Link[1,181] C33/182, p. (E1642) 423r
Edward Moyne Robert Banister, armiger; et al (H1642) Link[1,182] C33/182, p. (H1642) 261v
Mules Chichester (H1642) Link[1,183] C33/182, p. (H1642) 207r
Henry Munday Edward Rolte; and Henry Rolte, armiger; et al (M1641) Link[1,184] (T1642) Link[1,185] C33/182, p. 126r ; (T1642) 565r
Suzanna Munden; et al John Notley; et al (H1642) Link[1,186] (T1642) Link[1,187] C33/182, p. (H1642) 260r ; (T1642) 502r
Suzanna Mundin; et al John Webb; et al (T1642) Link[1,188] (T1642) Link[1,189] C33/182, p. (T1642) 569v, 577v
Francis Mundyn John Notley & his wife (M1641) Link[1,190] C33/182, p. 152r
Peter Munns, gent & Ann his wife Geoffrey Cobb & Abraham (sic) his wife, lately Abrian Seaman executrix of John Seaman her husband (T1642) Link[1,191] (T1642) Link[1,192] C33/182, p. (T1642) 533r, 536r
Munsell, armiger Olliver Rees & Margaret his wife (H1642) Link[1,193] C33/182, p. (H1642) 249r
Murcott Stavely (M1641) Link[1,194] C33/182, p. 62v
William Murran & Ann his wife Robert, bishop of Lichfield and Coventry & his wife; and William Clements (E1642) Link[1,195] (T1642) Link[1,196] C33/182, p. (E1642) 440r ; (T1642) 529v
Muschampe Isaac & his wife (M1641) Link[1,197] C33/182, p. 80r
William Muschampe William Duncombe, armiger; and Richard Kinsman (M1641) Link[1,198] C33/182, p. 162v
Musgrave Willson (M1641) Link[1,199] C33/182, p. 104r
Musgrave Woodall (M1641) Link[1,200] C33/182, p. 169v
John Musgrave, gent John Vaux, gent (M1641) Link[1,201] Link[1,202] C33/182, p. 83v, 108r
Phillip Musgrave Thomas Hilton, gent (M1641) Link[1,203] C33/182, p. 114r
William Musgrave, armiger Thomas Isaacke; et al (E1642) Link[1,204] C33/182, p. (E1642) 416v
Musket Newman; and Cobbold (H1642) Link[1,205] (H1642) Link[1,206] C33/182, p. (H1642) 284r, 341v
William Musson Lambert Osbaldston; Mathew Brockesby; et al (H1642) Link[1,207] (H1642) Link[1,208], [1,209]; (T1642) [1,210], [1,211] C33/182, p. (H1642) 218v, 256r, 269v ; (T1642) 508r, 521r
Robert Mustian; et al Thomas Nurse; Simon Hackett; et al (M1641) Link[1,212] (H1642) Link[1,213]; (E1642) [1,214]; (T1642) [1,215], [1,216] C33/182, p. 166v ; (H1642) 336v ; (E1642) 440r ; (T1642) 487v, 551r
George Mynce Robert Leigh, armiger (M1641) Link[1,217] C33/182, p. 162v
John Mynge Ellen Mathewes; and Edward Thicknes (M1641) Link[1,218] (H1642) Link[1,219]; (E1642) [1,220], [1,221], [1,222]; (T1642) [1,223], [1,224], [1,225] C33/182, p. 118v ; (H1642) 282r ; (E1642) 371v, 391v, 431r ; (T1642) 481r, 499v, 580r
John Minge Thomas Mathewes; et al (T1642) Link[1,226] (T1642) Link[1,227] C33/182, p. (T1642) 509v, 569r
George Mynn Robert Leigh (M1641) Link[1,228] C33/182, p. 94v
Mynnes, knight Mynnes (E1642) Link[1,229] C33/182, p. (E1642) 375r


Plaintiff Defendant Subject Matter First Volume Link Other Volume Links Final Decree Reference
James Nalton; et al Roger Fielding (E1642) Link[1,230] C33/182, p. (E1642) 424r
Napper Pearce (M1641) Link[1,231] C33/182, p. 100v
Juliana Napper; et al Thomas Napper; et al (M1641) Link[1,232] Link[1,233]; (T1642) [1,234] C33/182, p. 18v, 86r ; (T1642) 538r
Napper Strudwicke; and Strudwicke (E1642) Link[1,235] C33/182, p. (E1642) 441v
James Naylor; Ann Bourne; Ann Novell; and Thomas Parsons Richard Baldwin & Ann his wife; George Higgens & his wife; William Tirrell; and Anthony Rothwell (M1641) Link[1,236] (T1642) Link[1,237] C33/182, p. 130v ; (T1642) 565r
Neale Piggott & his wife (H1642) Link[1,238] C33/182, p. (H1642) 333r
James Neav & his wife Thomas Taylor (M1641) Link[1,239] C33/182, p. 36r
Nelson Wilkinson (M1641) Link[1,240] (E1642) Link[1,241] C33/182, p. 162r ; (E1642) 442r
William Nelson, gent Edward Hawkins; and John Davenport, armiger (M1641) Link[1,242] C33/182, p.
John Nelson, cleric John Sheppard; William Field; Thomas Hale; William Chesyter; John Cooper; and Robert Briant (T1642) Link[1,243] C33/182, p. (T1642) 522r
John Nellson; John Deane lately called Waller Edmund Waller (M1641) Link[1,244] C33/182, p. 64r
John Nellson, cleric; and Edward Nellson, infant by said John Nellson his guardian William Marshall & his wife (now deceased); and Bridgit Rowe (M1641) Link[1,245] Link[1,246] C33/182, p. 6v, 12v
John Nesse Thomas Allen & Elizabeth his wife; and Richard Allen (H1642) Link[1,247] (H1642) Link[1,248]; (E1642) [1,249] C33/182, p. (H1642) 287r, 303r ; (E1642) 371v
Thomas Nesse Thomas Allen (T1642) Link[1,250] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595v
Nesse Harbert; and Smith (E1642) Link[1,251] C33/182, p. (E1642) 442r
Nevett Everton (M1641) Link[1,252] C33/182, p. 140v
Thomas Nevett John Haies (M1641) Link[1,253] (H1642) Link[1,254], [1,255] C33/182, p. 33v; (H1642) 199r, 299v
Nevill Ashfield (M1641) Link[1,256] (T1642) Link[1,257] C33/182, p. 6v ; (T1642) 516r
Nevill French (H1642) Link[1,258] C33/182, p. (H1642) 222v
Nevill Sand (M1641) Link[1,259] C33/182, p. 1v
Edward Nevill, armiger; et al Edward Hollingworth; et al (T1642) Link[1,260] C33/182, p. (T1642) 539r
Francis Nevill, armiger William Vavisor & Ann his wife (M1641) Link[1,261] Link[1,262] C33/182, p. 22r, 115v
Gilbert Nevill, armiger (now deceased) & Ann, lady Darrell, his wife Elizabeth, lady Darrell (also deceased); Hampden Ashfield, gent, executor of Elizabeth (H1642) Link[1,263] (E1642) Link[1,264]; (T1642) [1,265] C33/182, p. (H1642) 191v ; (E1642) 376v ; (T1642) 481v
Henry Nevill & Elizabeth his wife Francis Braughton; William Staverton; Arnold Harbert, knight; Thomas Hampson; and Edward Cosins (M1641) Link[1,266] C33/182, p. 40r
Henry Nevill Richard Joad; William Browne; Benjamin Oldfield; et al (E1642) Link[1,267] (E1642) Link[1,268], [1,269] C33/182, p. (E1642) 426r, 427r, 443r
Henry Nevill; Humfrey Abdy; et al Henry Watson; John Watson; et al (E1642) Link[1,270] (E1642) Link[1,271]; (T1642) [1,272], [1,273], [1,274] C33/182, p. (E1642) 374v, 423r ; (T1642) 482r, 492v, 545v
Francis Newberry, gent Henry Rowe, knight (H1642) Link[1,275] (T1642) Link[1,276], [1,277] C33/182, p. (H1642) 248r ; (T1642) 550v, 569v
Jonathan Newcomen Francis Soame (M1641) Link[1,278] C33/182, p. 58r
John Newcourte George Beare; et al (E1642) Link[1,279] C33/182, p. (E1642) 420v
William Newdigate, armiger William Hide, armiger & his wife (E1642) Link[1,280] C33/182, p. (E1642) 423v
Newett Eyerton (M1641) Link[1,281] C33/182, p. 168r
William Newey & his wife John Stamford / Stanford, armiger (M1641) Link[1,282] Link[1,283]; (H1642) [1,284]; (E1642) [1,285] C33/182, p. 28r, 82r; (H1642) 211r; (E1642) 410r
Richard Newhouse Averill Skepper; John Ewbanke; et al (T1642) Link[1,286] C33/182, p. (T1642) 522r
Newland Thomas Hill; et al (T1642) Link[1,287] C33/182, p. (T1642) 511r
James Newland; et al Robert Shersteed; et al (M1641) Link[1,288] (H1642) Link[1,289], [1,290]; (T1642) [1,291] C33/182, p. 56r; (H1642) 194v, 282v ; (T1642) 516v
Francis Newman by Hugh Fletcher, guardian John Newman (M1641) Link[1,292] C33/182, p. 108r
Richard Newman John Marshall; John Hart; and William Jaggard (H1642) Link[1,293] C33/182, p. (H1642) 212r
William Newman John Aberry (T1642) Link[1,294] C33/182, p. (T1642) 569r
Richard Newnam John Manser; John _yart; William Jaggard (M1641) Link[1,295] (H1642) Link[1,296] C33/182, p. 155v ; (H1642) 269r
Richard Newport, knight Thomas Butler (M1641) Link[1,297] C33/182, p. 178r
Newton Combeare; et al (H1642) Link[1,298] C33/182, p. (H1642) 342r
Newton Connybeard (M1641) Link[1,299] Link[1,300] C33/182, p. 115v, 168v
Thomas Newton, armiger Richard Darley (AND vice versa) (T1642) Link[1,301] C33/182, p. (T1642) 559r
Newton Garbut (H1642) Link[1,302] C33/182, p. (H1642) 274v
Humfrey Newton, armiger William Plumer, armiger; et al (H1642) Link[1,303] (E1642) Link[1,304] C33/182, p. (H1642) 264r ; (E1642) 464r
Richard Newton Nicholas / Michael Grace & Dorothy his wife; et al (M1641) Link[1,305] Link[1,306], [1,307](H1642) [1,308] C33/182, p. 3v, 66r, 92v ; (H1642) 299v
Richard Newton Edward Walker (E1642) Link[1,309] C33/182, p. (E1642) 425r
Edward / Edmund Nicholas, knight; et al Edward Powell, knight; and Thomas Crampton (E1642) Link[1,310] (T1642) Link[1,311] C33/182, p. (E1642) 404r ; (T1642) 515r
Robert Nicholas, armiger; et al Francis Sheldon, armiger (E1642) Link[1,312] C33/182, p. (E1642) 456v
Nicholl Kempe (E1642) Link[1,313] C33/182, p. (E1642) 375v
Nicholls Skipwith (M1641) Link[1,314] C33/182, p. 109r
Nicholls Watkinson (M1641) Link[1,315] C33/182, p. 71a
Elizabeth Nicholls, widow Richard Winsor (M1641) Link[1,316] (E1642) Link[1,317] C33/182, p. 182r ; (E1642) 440v
Humfrey Nicholl, armiger; and Tristram Arscott John Trefuzis, armiger, administrator of Jane Trefuzis; Robert Nunn, guardian of Ann Trefuzis (M1641) Link[1,318] C33/182, p. 42v
Thomas Nicholls, armiger; et al James Higgins; and Richard Lake (M1641) Link[1,319] Link[1,320] C33/182, p. 24v, 28v
Thomas Nicholls Edward Knolles (M1641) Link[1,321] C33/182, p. 97v
Thomas Nicholls Alexander Leake / Leaky; and Barton (M1641) Link[1,322] (H1642) Link[1,323] C33/182, p. 146v ; (H1642) 339v
Thomas Nicholls; and Judith Briant Daniel Briant; and Thomasd Briant (H1642) Link[1,324] C33/182, p. (H1642) 228r
William Nicholls John Garroway; Stephan Skipwith; et al (H1642) Link[1,325] (H1642) Link[1,326] C33/182, p. (H1642) 259v, 316r
Nicholson Bungey (M1641) Link[1,327] C33/182, p. 162r
Nicholson Lettany; Burt; and Taylor (M1641) Link[1,328] C33/182, p. 162r
Nicholson; et al Tillson; ___ (H1642) Link[1,329] C33/182, p. 324v
Christopher Niccolson William Bromley (H1642) Link[1,330] (H1642) Link[1,331]; (E1642) [1,332]; (T1642) [1,333] C33/182, p. 327r ; (H1642) 337v ; (E1642) 417r ; (T1642) 500r
Edmund Nichollson, gent Robert Barley; William Read; Thomas Marham; et al (T1642) Link[1,334] (T1642) Link[1,335] C33/182, p. (T1642) 497v, 518v
Edmund Nichollson; et al George Tilson; et al (M1641) Link[1,336] C33/182, p. 113r
Edmund Nichollson John Wimberley, armiger; William Chadwicke; Erasmus Burdet; Thomas Love; et al (T1642) Link[1,337] (bis) (T1642) Link[1,338] C33/182, p. (T1642) 501v (bis), 569v
Edmund Nicholson Simon Wood, armiger; et al (T1642) Link[1,339] C33/182, p. (T1642) 577v
Ellen Nichollson Milo Faller (M1641) Link[1,340] C33/182, p. 27r
Nightingale, baronet Huddleston; and Huddleston (E1642) Link[1,341] C33/182, p. (E1642) 461r
Nightingale, baronet Littlebury (E1642) Link[1,342] C33/182, p. (E1642) 461r
Nightingale; et al Sheldon (T1642) Link[1,343] C33/182, p. (T1642) 474r
Thomas Nightingale, knight and baronet Samuel Biggs; and William Curteene (E1642) Link[1,344] C33/182, p. (E1642) 405v
Thomas Nightingale Thomas Cornell; and William Cole (M1641) Link[1,345] (H1642) Link[1,346], [1,347], [1,348], [1,349] C33/182, p. 169r, (H1642) 187r, 217r, 245v, 340r
Luke Nightingale John Hersey; George Barker; et al (and Robert Siggenson v. Luke Nightingale et al) (M1641) Link[1,350] C33/182, p. 2r
Nixon Holden (E1642) Link[1,351] C33/182, p. (E1642) 406r
Nobbes Edgar (M1641) Link[1,352] C33/182, p. 168v
Edmund Noble & Joyce his wife William Cundall (T1642) Link[1,353] C33/182, p. (T1642) 504r
Margery Noble Ann Symason (M1641) Link[1,354] C33/182, p. 155r
Noell, infant, by guardian Crompton & his wife (T1642) Link[1,355] C33/182, p. (T1642) 515r
John Noell John Wood & his wife (T1642) Link[1,356] C33/182, p. (T1642) 529v
Francis Noone, gent Henry Harrison & Frances his wife; and William Barlange (M1641) Link[1,357] C33/182, p. 127r
Walter Norbourne, armiger Roger Cally / Ulley, gent (M1641) Link[1,358] (H1642) Link[1,359], [1,360]; (T1642) [1,361] C33/182, p. 86r; (H1642) 191r, 262v ; (T1642) 487v
Edward Norden George Moreton (M1641) Link[1,362] C33/182, p. 78v
Thomas Norgate; Mary his wife; and Henry Norgate, gent, his son John Reymes; and John Kempe; and Robert Reymes (M1641) Link[1,363] Link[1,364], [1,365], [1,366]; (H1642) [1,367], [1,368]; (T1642) [1,369] C33/182, p. 66v, 69v, 95r, 168v; (H1642) 219v, 249v ; (T1642) 533v
Norinecott Low; and Lowe (E1642) Link[1,370] C33/182, p. (E1642) 457v
Norris Norris (M1641) Link[1,371] C33/182, p. 71r
John Norris, armiger Richard Viccaris; Henry Hazell / Richard Hatsell (M1641) Link[1,372] (T1642) Link[1,373], [1,374] C33/182, p. 40v ; (T1642) 542r, 569v
John Norris; et al William Goddard (M1641) Link[1,375] (H1642) Link[1,376] C33/182, p. 4d ; (H1642) 254r
John Norris Walter Hatsell (H1642) Link[1,377] C33/182, p. (H1642) 299v
John Norris Edward Viccares; and Henry Hatsell (M1641) Link[1,378] (E1642) Link[1,379]; (T1642) [1,380] C33/182, p. 106v ; (E1642) 431r ; (T1642) 509r
John Norris Richard Viccary (M1641) Link[1,381] C33/182, p. 20r
Nicholas Norris Richard Evans; Stephen Evans; and Robert Mainwaringe (M1641) Link[1,382] Link[1,383]; (E1642) [1,384]; (T1642) [1,385] C33/182, p. 94v, 136r ; (E1642) 425v ; (T1642) 541v
Richard Norris & Alice his wife Ann Fearne, widow; Ellianor Williams, widow; and John Underhall (M1641) Link[1,386] C33/182, p. 21v
Thomas Norris, gent Thomas Bainbridge, professor of Sacred Theology and the Master, Fellows, and Scholars of Christ Church College, Cambridge (T1642) Link[1,387] C33/182, p. (T1642) 536r
North Phipps (H1642) Link[1,388] C33/182, p. (H1642) 276r
Dudley North, knight of the Bath Henry Ludlow, knight; Richard Maninge (M1641) Link[1,389] C33/182, p. 69v
Thomas North Thoomas Lotherington (T1642) Link[1,390] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595v
Northcott Lange (E1642) Link[1,391] C33/182, p. (E1642) 428r
Northend, widow; et al Michell; Crowther; and Hopkin (T1642) Link[1,392] C33/182, p. (T1642) 545v
David Northend Thomas Holdsworth (H1642) Link[1,393] (T1642) Link[1,394] C33/182, p. (H1642) 211r ; (T1642) 534v
John Northmore William Stronge (H1642) Link[1,395] (T1642) Link[1,396] C33/182, p. (H1642) 281v ; (T1642) 568r
Norton Baron (M1641) Link[1,397] Link[1,398] C33/182, p. 137v, 138r
Henry Norton, infant, by Robert Becket, guardian Thomas Langley (E1642) Link[1,399] (T1642) Link[1,400] C33/182, p. (E1642) 390r ; (T1642) 579r
Norton Lirpin (T1642) Link[1,401] C33/182, p. (T1642) 496r
Norton Parker; Fletcher; and Younge (E1642) Link[1,402] C33/182, p. (E1642) 406r
Norton Willoughby (H1642) Link[1,403] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254v
Edmund Norton; John Norton Richard Harman (M1641) Link[1,404] (H1642) Link[1,405]; (T1642) [1,406] C33/182, p. 97r; (H1642) 247r ; (T1642) 522v
Richard Norton, knight and baronet John Garway / Garroway, armiger; and Nevill Cradock (M1641) Link[1,407] (T1642) Link[1,408], [1,409] C33/182, p. 117r ; (T1642) 476v, 483r
Roger Norton, gent Robert Barker; Sara Barker, widow; et al (H1642) Link[1,410] (E1642) Link[1,411], [1,412] C33/182, p. (H1642) 203a ; (E1642) 372v, 406r
Roger Norton Thomas Cowper; Elianor and Roger Bernolls (M1641) Link[1,413] C33/182, p. 30v
Roger Norton John Wright; et al (E1642) Link[1,414] C33/182, p. (E1642) 380v
William Norton, armiger Richard Darley, gent (M1641) Link[1,415] (E1642) Link[1,416], [1,417]; (T1642) [1,418], [1,419] C33/182, p. 93r ; (E1642) 379r, 447v ; (T1642) 476r, 560r
Nott Chetwind (H1642) Link[1,420] C33/182, p. (H1642) 240v
Nott Kenn; et al (E1642) Link[1,421] C33/182, p. (E1642) 458r
Nott Delabarre (E1642) Link[1,422] C33/182, p. (E1642) 458r
Nott Thomas (M1641) Link[1,423] C33/182, p. 115v
Henry Nott, gent Henry Smith; et al (E1642) Link[1,424] (T1642) Link[1,425] C33/182, p. (E1642) 456v ; (T1642) 502v, 523r
Roger Nott John Kipp (M1641) Link[1,426] Link[1,427] C33/182, p. 6r, 161r
Nourse Wintershall (E1642) Link[1,428] C33/182, p. (E1642) 458r
John Nourse; and Walter Nourse Francis Theobolds (M1641) Link[1,429] C33/182, p. 29r
Daniel Nower; et al Edward Nower & his wife; et al (T1642) Link[1,430] C33/182, p. (T1642) 577v
Noy Bersey (M1641) Link[1,431] C33/182, p. 166r
Edward Noy, cleric Humfrey Noy, cleric, doctor in divinity / armiger (M1641) Link[1,432] (H1642)Link[1,433]; (E1642) [1,434]; (T1642) [1,435], [1,436] C33/182, p. 77v; (H1642) 240r ; (E1642) 417v ; (T1642) 483v, 541r
Noy Trevillian; and Steere (H1642) Link[1,437] (E1642) Link[1,438] C33/182, p. (H1642) 281v ; (E1642) 412v
Robert Nunn & Thomazina his wife, executrix of Robert Hill her father Richard Deuxwell (H1642) Link[1,439] (E1642) Link[1,440] C33/182, p. (H1642) 268r ; (E1642) 447r
Nurse Hornblowe (E1642) Link[1,441] (T1642) Link[1,442] C33/182, p. (E1642) 388v ; (T1642) 555r
Nurse Nurse; Mayfield (E1642) Link[1,443] C33/182, p. (E1642) 459v
Nuttall Habirgham (T1642) Link[1,444] C33/182, p. (T1642) 497v
Edward Nuttall, gent John Newporte, armiger; et al (M1641) Link[1,445] C33/182, p. 109v


Plaintiff Defendant Subject Matter First Volume Link Other Volume Links Final Decree Reference
George Oakes & his wife John Lourdale & his wife; et al (AND John Lourdale v. Walter Barker; and George Oakes & his wife) (E1642) Link[1,446] C33/182, p. (E1642) 391r
Oates Ainsworth (T1642) Link[1,447] C33/182, p. (T1642) 552v
Ann Oates, widow James Oates; Michael Whitley; et al (E1642) Link[1,448] (T1642) Link[1,449] C33/182, p. (E1642) 431v ; (T1642) 569v
James Oates; John Whitley; John Whitley, executors of Thomas Whitley Edward Manley, administrator of John Waterhouse (M1641) Link[1,450] C33/182, p. 112v
Thomas Oatley, armiger; and Francis Oatley his son Henry Fox, armiger; and Edward Fox, gent (H1642) Link[1,451] C33/182, p. (H1642) 250v
Thomas Oddy; ad Edward Oddy Henry Ellis (E1642) Link[1,452] (T1642) Link[1,453] C33/182, p. (E1642) 413r ; (T1642) 510r
Okes & his wife Barker; et al (H1642) Link[1,454] C33/182, p. (H1642) 344r
Oldesworth Wood; and Traford (H1642) Link[1,455] C33/182, p. 324v
John Offley, knight Thomas Clarke, armiger / knight; Zachary Musgrave; Thomas Denham; and Ann Williams (M1641) Link[1,456] Link[1,457], [1,458]; (H1642) [1,459], [1,460], [1,461], [1,462]; (T1642) [1,463], [1,464] C33/182, p. 28r, 29r, 142r; (H1642) 211r, 254v, 287r, 294r ; (T1642) 483v, 592v
John Offley, knight Arthur Jenney, knight; et al (M1641) Link[1,465] (H1642) Link[1,466], [1,467]; (E1642) [1,468], [1,469], [1,470] C33/182, p. 81v; (H1642) 241r, 242r ; (E1642) 370v, 388r, 441v
Thomas Offley, armiger William Geyre; Simon Osboldstone; et al (H1642) Link[1,471] C33/182, p. (H1642) 337r
Thomas Ogle; et al Mary Errington (H1642) Link[1,472] (E1642) Link[1,473] C33/182, p. (H1642) 337r ; (E1642) 437r
Sutton Oglethorpe, armiger Christopher Bowman; and Richard / Francis Bastard (H1642) Link[1,474] (E1642) Link[1,475], [1,476]; (T1642) [1,477] C33/182, p. 306r ; (E1642) 415v, 429r ; (T1642) 575r
Phillip Oldfield, cleric Edmond Plowden, knight; et al (H1642) Link[1,478] (E1642) Link[1,479]; (T1642) [1,480] C33/182, p. 326v ; (E1642) 392r ; (T1642) 494r
Richard Oldnall; Joan his wife; and Thomas Oldnall, son of said Richard Elizabeth Grace, administrator of James Grace; and Haut Grace, son and infant of Elizabeth (M1641) Link[1,481] (H1642) Link[1,482]; (T1642) [1,483] C33/182, p. 158v ; (H1642) 330v ; (T1642) 491v
Oldsworth Wood (M1641) Link[1,484] C33/182, p. 162r
Michael Oldsworth, armiger; et al William Adams; et al (M1641) Link[1,485] C33/182, p. 113r
Michael Oldsworth, armiger Benjamin Hodson; et al (T1642) Link[1,486] C33/182, p. (T1642) 556v
Oldsworth Holt and Kempe (T1642) Link[1,487] C33/182, p. (T1642) 596r
Olliver Carr (M1641) Link[1,488] C33/182, p. 169v
Olliver Swaine (M1641) Link[1,489] C33/182, p. 169v
Edward Olliver, cleric John Cooper; William Duncombe, cleric; Richard Sewett (H1642) Link[1,490] (H1642) Link[1,491], [1,492]; (E1642) [1,493], [1,494] C33/182, p. (H1642) 267r, 308v, 315r ; (E1642) 377v, 420v
Francis Olliver Charles Horsley; Jane May; and Mary Hay (T1642) Link[1,495] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595v
Thomas Olliver William Tirwhitt, armiger; John Dalton; and Thomas Lees (T1642) Link[1,496] C33/182, p. (T1642) 528r
Job Olney & Gartrude his wife; and Mary Willis Peter Willis (H1642) Link[1,497] (E1642) Link[1,498]; (T1642) [1,499] C33/182, p. (H1642) 198v ; (E1642) 437v ; (T1642) 507r
Thomas Onge John Browne; and Ambrose Paine (M1641) Link[1,500] Link[1,501]; (H1642) [1,502], [1,503]; (E1642) [1,504], [1,505]; (T1642) [1,506], [1,507], [1,508] C33/182, p. 70r ; (H1642) 271v, 300v ; (E1642) 404v, 436r ; (T1642) 497r, 502r, 513v
Ongham Belstead, sr (T1642) Link[1,509] C33/182, p. (T1642) 553r
Ongham Ongham (E1642) Link[1,510] C33/182, p. (E1642) 441v
Onslowe Atkins (M1641) Link[1,511] C33/182, p. 74r
George Onthwaite & Elizabeth his wife Robert Otterbourne (E1642) Link[1,512] C33/182, p. (E1642) 386r
John Orlibeere Stephen Ward; et al (M1641) Link[1,513] (H1642) Link[1,514], [1,515]; (T1642) [1,516], [1,517] C33/182, p. 67r ; (H1642) 196r, 308v ; (T1642) 512v, 570r
Orne Phipson (E1642) Link[1,518] C33/182, p. (E1642) 389r
Orpheur Hodgson; Sibson; and Pearson (E1642) Link[1,519] C33/182, p. (E1642) 461r
Orton Orton (E1642) Link[1,520] C33/182, p. (E1642) 403v
Osbourne Waller (E1642) Link[1,521] C33/182, p. (E1642) 441v
Osbourne Worrall (H1642) Link[1,522] C33/182, p. (H1642) 241v
Elizabeth Osbourne, widow Robert Whitney, gent (M1641) Link[1,523] C33/182, p. 175r
Richard Osbourne John Ford (M1641) Link[1,524] C33/182, p. 38v
Samuel Osbourne Thomas Dottaige (H1642) Link[1,525] C33/182, p. 245v
Humfrey Osey; et al James Tutt, armiger; Leonard Greene; et al (H1642) Link[1,526] (E1642) Link[1,527] C33/182, p. (H1642) 238v ; (E1642) 465v
Osmotherley Musgrave (H1642) Link[1,528] C33/182, p. (H1642) 338r
Thomas Otley; and Francis Otley, gent, his son Henry Fox, armiger; and Edward Fox, his son (H1642) Link[1,529] (H1642) Link[1,530]; (E1642) [1,531] C33/182, p. (H1642) 316r, 338r ; (E1642) 411r
Frances Ottleshaw, widow, executrix of Henry Ottlehaw Thomas Mullineux (T1642) Link[1,532] C33/182, p. (T1642) 570r
Otway, gent Wellinge (H1642) Link[1,533] C33/182, p. (H1642) 333r
Ouby Moncke (H1642) Link[1,534] C33/182, p. (H1642) 345v
George Outhwaite & his wife Robert Otterbourne (T1642) Link[1,535] C33/182, p. (T1642) 570r
Thomas Outlaw; William Baifield; and John Hunt Francis Heyward, gent; Francis Heyward and Edward Heyward (M1641) Link[1,536] Link[1,537]; (T1642) [1,538] C33/182, p. 28r, 105r ; (T1642) 593r
George Overend, gent Henry Ratcliffe (H1642) Link[1,539] C33/182, p. 303v
Valentine Overton William Rolfe; et al (H1642) Link[1,540] (H1642) [1,541], [1,542] C33/182, p. (H1642) 200v, 235r, 267v
Owen Owen; Williams; and Clarkson (H1642) Link[1,543] (E1642) Link[1,544] C33/182, p. (H1642) 333r ; (E1642) 406r
Owen Savadge (H1642) Link[1,545] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340v
Richard Owen, rector of St Swithins, London and church warden and supervisor of the poor Gershon Maninge (H1642) Link[1,546] C33/182, p. (H1642) 259r
Owens Townsend (H1642) Link[1,547] C33/182, p. (H1642) 281v
Robert Oxenbridge, armiger John Mounson, knight of the Bath & Ursula his wife; Henry Wallopp, knight; and Robert Wallop, armiger (H1642) Link[1,548] (T1642) Link[1,549] C33/182, p. (H1642) 347v ; (T1642) 524v
William Oxenham Simon Oxenham (E1642) Link[1,550] (T1642) Link[1,551] C33/182, p. (E1642) 404v ; (T1642) 512v
Oxley Walker (T1642) Link[1,552] C33/182, p. (T1642) 559v
Robert Oxwicke Henry Austin; et al (M1641) Link[1,553] Link[1,554] (bis) C33/182, p. 96v, 169v (bis)


Plaintiff Defendant Subject Matter First Volume Link Other Volume Links Final Decree Reference
Humfrey Packer Edward Packer (M1641) Link[1,555] (H1642) Link[1,556] C33/182, p. 100r; (H1642) 195v
Robert Pacy & Jane his wife Thomas Munday (E1642) Link[1,557] C33/182, p. (E1642) 415v
Page Belfield; Hayward; and Clinch (T1642) Link[1,558] C33/182, p. (T1642) 560v
Page Greene; et al (H1642) Link[1,559] (H1642) Link[1,560]; (E1642) [1,561] C33/182, p. (H1642) 279v, 332r ; (E1642) 462r
Edward Page George Bland; Richard Stanley; et al (E1642) Link[1,562] (T1642) Link[1,563], [1,564], [1,565] C33/182, p. (E1642) 425v ; (T1642) 475r, 494r, 571r
Henry Page, cleric John Skipp (M1641) Link[1,566] C33/182, p. 149r
John Page; and Thomas Page, infant sons of George Page by John Millett John Page, armiger master in chancery; William Page, armiger; and George Page, gent (H1642) Link[1,567] C33/182, p. 321r
John Page, armiger, one of the masters in Chancery Edward Randall, knight (H1642) Link[1,568] C33/182, p. 326v
Paine Denton (E1642) Link[1,569] C33/182, p. (E1642) 437v
Paine Gosse (E1642) Link[1,570] C33/182, p. (E1642) 459r
John Paine George Twigg / Twegg (H1642) Link[1,571] (T1642) Link[1,572] C33/182, p. (H1642) 229v ; (T1642) 560r
Edmund Paine, jr John Battinge; et al (M1641) Link[1,573] C33/182, p. 26v
John Paybody Phillip Wale (H1642) Link[1,574] C33/182, p. (H1642) 295v
Nicholas Paine Gilbert Loder; George Lodore; et al (E1642) Link[1,575] C33/182, p. (E1642) 416v
Richard Payne; Petere Hall; et al John Willins & his wife; and Gilbert Loder (H1642) Link[1,576] C33/182, p. (H1642) 264r
Thomas Paine John Peeter, armiger (H1642) Link[1,577] (H1642) Link[1,578], [1,579] C33/182, p. (H1642) 231v, 277v, 298r
William Paine John Convers; et al (T1642) Link[1,580] C33/182, p. (T1642) 495v
Timothy Paisey, armiger Mathew Bates; John Harris; Thomas Mynors; et al (M1641) Link[1,581] C33/182, p. 45v
Paiton, armiger Cliston; and Middlton (M1641) Link[1,582] C33/182, p. 57v
Henry Paiton, armiger Richard Pirke (M1641) Link[1,583] Link[1,584] C33/182, p. 33r, 65v
Henry Paiton, armiger Thomas Bullocke (M1641) Link[1,585] C33/182, p. 33r
Daniel Palford Thomas Barker, knight; et al (E1642) Link[1,586] C33/182, p. (E1642) 453r
Richard Palfrey & Sara his wife Robert Mead; Randolph Fairebanke; et al (H1642) Link[1,587] C33/182, p. (H1642) 275v
Tobias Pallavicine Francis Clarke, knight; Rose Mead; Fuller Mead (M1641) Link[1,588] Link[1,589], [1,590], [1,591]; (E1642) [1,592] C33/182, p. 30v, 65r, 152r, 154v ; (E1642) 383r
Palmer Catford (E1642) Link[1,593] C33/182, p. (E1642) 388r
Palmer Colman (E1642) Link[1,594] C33/182, p. (E1642) 388r
Palmer Shackwell (T1642) Link[1,595] C33/182, p. (T1642) 559v
George Palmer Henry Holford / Handford; and Thomas Jaques (E1642) Link[1,596] (E1642) Link[1,597] C33/182, p. (E1642) 374v, 445r
Hugh Palmer Bartholomew Meredith; et al (T1642) Link[1,598] C33/182, p. (T1642) 494r
John Palmer & Elizabeth his wife Thomas Shackle; and Adam Scamble, armiger (T1642) Link[1,599] C33/182, p. (T1642) 483r
Richard Palmer Margaret Davies (H1642) Link[1,600] (E1642) Link[1,601]; (T1642) [1,602] C33/182, p. (H1642) 237v ; (E1642) 405v ; (T1642) 535v
Robert Palmer William Smith; et al, creditors of William Smith (M1641) Link[1,603] Link[1,604]; (H1642) [1,605], [1,606] C33/182, p. 127v, 139r; (H1642) 187v, 277v
Guy Palmes, knight William Bosevile (M1641) Link[1,607] C33/182, p. 48r
Thomas Pamphlin William Simonds & his wife (M1641) Link[1,608] Link[1,609], [1,610], ; (H1642) [1,611] C33/182, p. 4r, 51r, 134r; (H1642) 306v
Pancke Molliner (H1642) Link[1,612] C33/182, p. (H1642) 281v
Thomas Panke John Needham; Francis Needham; and Phillip Gest (H1642) Link[1,613] C33/182, p. (H1642) 217r
Pannell Walker (M1641) Link[1,614] C33/182, p. 169r
John Pannell Thomas Townsend, gent; et al (H1642) Link[1,615] C33/182, p. (H1642) 208r
Thomas Panting & Elizabeth his wife Earl of Marlborough; and Mathew Ley; et al (M1641) Link[1,616] C33/182, p. 135v
John Pargiter Mercher Ballmo & Mary his wife; et al (M1641) Link[1,617] (T1642) Link[1,618], [1,619] C33/182, p. 113r ; (T1642) 497v, 546r
William Pargiter, gent William Launder (T1642) Link[1,620] C33/182, p. (T1642) 487v
Edward Parker Savill Ratcliffe (E1642) Link[1,621] C33/182, p. (E1642) 424r
Francis Parker; Clement Parker; and Clement Russell William Knight & his wife (M1641) Link[1,622] (T1642) Link[1,623] C33/182, p. 82r ; (T1642) 540v
Henry Parker Nicholas Bradshaw (M1641) Link[1,624] C33/182, p. 58v
Robert Parker William Flacke; and his wife; and John Purcas (M1641) Link[1,625] (H1642) Link[1,626] C33/182, p. 62v ; (H1642) 293v
Selwin Parker, knight Leonard Bowyer; et al (M1641) Link[1,627] (E1642) Link[1,628]; (T1642) [1,629] C33/182, p. 137v ; (E1642) 396v ; (T1642) 479v
Thomas Parker John Hewett, baronet (M1641) Link[1,630] C33/182, p. 8v
John Parkehurst; and Robert Parkehurst John Mayny, knight; and Robert Parkehurst, knight (T1642) Link[1,631] C33/182, p. (T1642) 578r
Robert Parkehurst, knight, son, and heir and executor of Robert Parkehurst, knight, lately alderman of London Abraham and Thomas Chamberlen (M1641) Link[1,632] Link[1,633], [1,634] C33/182, p. 110r, 165v, 173r
Robert Parkehurst, knight; John Baker, baronet; et al Thomas Brocas, armiger (T1642) Link[1,635] C33/182, p. (T1642) 565r
William Parkehurst; et al Robert Stretfield; et al (M1641) Link[1,636] Link[1,637] C33/182, p. 26r, 85r
Parks Leveson; and Potts (T1642) Link[1,638] C33/182, p. (T1642) 581r
John Parlby / Purleby William Chapman; Thomas Coachman; and John Barker (H1642) Link[1,639] (E1642) Link[1,640], [1,641] C33/182, p. (H1642) 208v ; (E1642) 379v, 460v
Leonard Parley William Blundston (E1642) Link[1,642] C33/182, p. (E1642) 433r
Parlitt Burnewell (H1642) Link[1,643] C33/182, p. (H1642) 223v
Anthony Parmiter /Parminter Isaac Woodcocke; William Woodcocke; Thomas Cowper & Katherine his wife (H1642) Link[1,644] (E1642) Link[1,645], [1,646] C33/182, p. (H1642) 209r ; (E1642) 424r, 428r
John Parnell, sr; and John Parnell, jr Phillip Leman; et al (E1642) Link[1,647] (T1642) Link[1,648] C33/182, p. (E1642) 440v ; (T1642) 595v
John Parr; and Thomas Duncan Walter Chancey; Thomas Greene; and John Wright (M1641) Link[1,649] C33/182, p. 106r
Henry Parramore John Bagshaw; and John Harris (M1641) Link[1,650] Link[1,651]; (H1642) [1,652]; (E1642) [1,653] C33/182, p. 8r, 128r ; (H1642) 263r ; (E1642) 400v
Agnes Parris, widow Henry Bowringe (E1642) Link[1,654] C33/182, p. (E1642) 448r
Martin Parris William Gurney (E1642) Link[1,655] C33/182, p. (E1642) 433r
Thomas Parrat Humfrey Slany (E1642) Link[1,656] (T1642) Link[1,657] C33/182, p. (E1642) 466r ; (T1642) 552v
Jane Parry, widow David Parry, gent (T1642) Link[1,658] (T1642) Link[1,659] C33/182, p. (T1642) 561v, 594v
Parry Powell (H1642) Link[1,660] C33/182, p. (H1642) 281v
Parry Spicer (M1641) Link[1,661] C33/182, p. 169r
John Parry William Carpenter & his wife; Joan Verch Harry (E1642) Link[1,662] (T1642) Link[1,663], [1,664] C33/182, p. (E1642) 466v ; (T1642) 597v
Parslake Melhaish (M1641) Link[1,665] C33/182, p. 113v
Parsons Smith; and Smith (H1642) Link[1,666] (E1642) Link[1,667] C33/182, p. (H1642) 282r ; (E1642) 464r
Parsons Davis (T1642) Link[1,668] C33/182, p. (T1642) 507v
Paul Parthoon & his wife John Kipp (M1641) Link[1,669] Link[1,670], [1,671], [1,672], [1,673], [1,674], [1,675]; (H1642) [1,676] C33/182, p. 6r, 20r, 30r, 78r, 86r, 113r, 130v ; (H1642) [1,677]
Thomas Partridge & Elizabeth his wife Earl of Marlborough; Thomas Leigh; et al (M1641) Link[1,678] C33/182, p. 45r
Partridge Paschall (M1641) Link[1,679] Link[1,680] C33/182, p. 78r, 80r
Partridge Pelham (M1641) Link[1,681] C33/182, p. 16r
Bartholomew Partridge; et al, creditors of Thomas Pelham William Newce; Thomas Hamond; James Pinckney; et al (H1642) Link[1,682] C33/182, p. (H1642) 291v
John Partridge & Margaret his wife Thomas Earle; et al (M1641) Link[1,683] C33/182, p. 23r
John Partridge Francis Wye; and Hugh Fysfry (M1641) Link[1,684] C33/182, p. 65v
Walter Partridge Richard Hunter; and George Hunter (H1642) Link[1,685] C33/182, p. (H1642) 342r
Phillip Pascovett Anthony Hooper; and Richard Bennet (T1642) Link[1,686] C33/182, p. (T1642) 560r
Passion Somner (M1641) Link[1,687] C33/182, p. 168r
John Paston, armiger Samuel Cicell; James Vade & Sara his wife; and William Burtby (E1642) Link[1,688] (T1642) Link[1,689] C33/182, p. (E1642) 387v ; (T1642) 550v
John Patch Margaret Thorner / Turner; et al (H1642) Link[1,690] (E1642) Link[1,691]; (T1642) [1,692] C33/182, p. (H1642) 224r ; (E1642) 403r; (T1642) 507r
Joseph Patrickson, gent Mabel Lawrence (M1641) Link[1,693] Link[1,694], [1,695], [1,696] C33/182, p. 45r, 57r, 64r, 90v
Robert Patrickson Phillip Parker; and John Parker, his son; John Benn, sr; John Benn, jr; and Thomas Voun (H1642) Link[1,697] C33/182, p. (H1642) 197r
Pattison Richardson (H1642) Link[1,698] C33/182, p. (H1642) 333r
Robert Pattison John Hall; and Jane Pattison, widow (T1642) Link[1,699] C33/182, p. (T1642) 517v
Thomas Paule John Leigh (M1641) Link[1,700] C33/182, p. 60r
Amos Paulet, armiger John Girdler (T1642) Link[1,701] C33/182, p. (T1642) 493r
John Pavyer Charles Benyon & Ellen his wife; Thomas Short & Abigale his wife; William Pierce; and Mary Pavyer (AND Sara Pavyer; and Mary Pavyer now executrix of Elizabeth Pavyer, lately orphan and daughter of Thomas Pavyer v. Joseph (?) Pavyer & his wife) (E1642) Link[1,702] C33/182, p. (E1642) 469r
Elizabeth Pawlet Arthur Mallet; et al (E1642) Link[1,703] (E1642) Link[1,704], [1,705] C33/182, p. (E1642) 367v, 380r, 383v
Roger Peachell John Pymme; James Pinckney; and John Sidey (H1642) Link[1,706] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254v
Peacocke Fitch (H1642) Link[1,707] C33/182, p. (H1642) 255r
Peacocke Willimot (T1642) Link[1,708] C33/182, p. (T1642) 531r
John Peacocke Dorothy Peacocke, widow; and William Peacocke, sr; and William Peacocke, jr (H1642) Link[1,709] (H1642) Link[1,710], [1,711] C33/182, p. (H1642) 204r, 206r, 212v
Pead Harsuit (T1642) Link[1,712] C33/182, p. (T1642) 497v
Peade Hassell, professor of Sacred Theology; Roberts, cleric; Spendtlow, cleric (T1642) Link[1,713] C33/182, p. (T1642) 597v
Peade Howlett, cleric; Cary, cleric; Parker, cleric; and Younge, professor of Sacred Theology (T1642) Link[1,714] C33/182, p. (T1642) 597v
Nicholas Pead; Nicholas Pead, jr Peter Withericke (M1641) Link[1,715] C33/182, p. 59r
Richard Pead John Masters; and Robert Masters (AND said Richard Pead v. Richard Woodward; et al) (E1642) Link[1,716] C33/182, p. (E1642) 436r
Edward Peahay Thomas Came; et al (H1642) Link[1,717] C33/182, p. (H1642) 238v
Thomas Peake; and Alice Peake his mother Abigale Snowden, widow; and Rutland Snowden, armiger (AND Thomas Peake; et al v. Abigale Snowden, widow) (M1641) Link[1,718] Link[1,719] (bis); (H1642) [1,720], [1,721]; [1,722] C33/182, p. 97v, 138r (bis); (H1642) 206v, 213v, 221r
Pearce Combe & his wife; Penkevall, sr & his wife; and Penkevall, jr & his wife (T1642) Link[1,723] C33/182, p. (T1642) 512v
Pearce Cooke (T1642) Link[1,724] C33/182, p. (T1642) 525r
Pearse Lloid (H1642) Link[1,725] C33/182, p. (H1642) 339v
Pearce Rosecola (E1642) Link[1,726] C33/182, p. (E1642) 465r
John Pearse Edward Colfer (M1641) Link[1,727] (H1642) Link[1,728] C33/182, p. 32r ; (H1642) 339v
Thomas Pearse John Bird (T1642) Link[1,729] C33/182, p. (T1642) 546r
John Peashouse Ellen Peashouse (E1642) Link[1,730] C33/182, p. (E1642) 421v
Peasley Jackson (E1642) Link[1,731] (T1642) Link[1,732] C33/182, p. (E1642) 258v ; (T1642) 529r
Elizabeth Peasley, administratrix of Richard Peasley Margaret Peasley; et al (E1642) Link[1,733] (E1642) Link[1,734], [1,735]; (T1642) [1,736], [1,737] C33/182, p. (E1642) 366v, 428r, 428v ; (T1642) 517v, 544v
Peate Farmer alias Duncastle (T1642) Link[1,738] C33/182, p. (T1642) 560v
Pecke Peacocke (E1642) Link[1,739] (T1642) Link[1,740] C33/182, p. (E1642) 460v ; (T1642) 507v
George Pecke Charles Cox, armiger; Francis Quigley; William Jokins; John Herssall (E1642) Link[1,741] C33/182, p. (E1642) 366r
Benjamin Peere Anthony Willins & his wife (AND vice versa) (M1641) Link[1,742] (T1642) Link[1,743], [1,744], [1,745], [1,746], [1,747] C33/182, p. 131r ; (T1642) 488v, 500r, 513v, 549r, 570r
Peisley Haies (H1642) Link[1,748] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340r
Pell; et al Morley; et al (E1642) Link[1,749] (E1642) Link[1,750]; (T1642) [1,751] C33/182, p. (E1642) 375r, 377v ; (T1642) 476v
William Pell John Viccars (H1642) Link[1,752] (T1642) Link[1,753] C33/182, p. (H1642) 346v ; (T1642) 595v
Anthony Pell, knight John Blewit, armiger; et al (T1642) Link[1,754] C33/182, p. (T1642) 572r
Henry Pell Henry Bagaley (M1641) Link[1,755] C33/182, p. 138r
John Pemberton David ap John ap David; David Price; et al (E1642) Link[1,756] C33/182, p. (E1642) 461r
Thomas Pemberton Gilbert Keale; Thomas Jennings; et al (E1642) Link[1,757] C33/182, p. (E1642) 369r
Pembridge, widow; et al Perrott (H1642) Link[1,758] C33/182, p. 325r
Pendarvis Cosen (M1641) Link[1,759] C33/182, p. 109r
Humfrey Penn, gent William Hoyle & Hester his wife; Arthur ___; William Wood; et al (T1642) Link[1,760] (T1642) Link[1,761] C33/182, p. (T1642) 507r, 528v
Pennant Ap Rice (E1642) Link[1,762] C33/182, p. (E1642) 404v
John Pennell Thomas Townshend, gent; et al (M1641) Link[1,763] C33/182, p. 87r
Allan Penny David Thowbaud; Thomas Batty; et al (M1641) Link[1,764] C33/182, p. 160r
Giles Penney & Lady Silvestry his wife Thomas Lutterell (H1642) Link[1,765] (H1642) Link[1,766] C33/182, p. 303r , (H1642) 346v
Penicott Perry (E1642) Link[1,767] C33/182, p. (E1642) 465r
Penton Alexander & his wife (M1641) Link[1,768] C33/182, p. 109r
Penrice Abrahall (M1641) Link[1,769] C33/182, p. 178r
Penruddock Asbrigge (T1642) Link[1,770] C33/182, p. (T1642) 535r
Perkins Aglionby (H1642) Link[1,771] C33/182, p. (H1642) 290r
George Perkins, armiger & Elizabeth his wife; and Samuel Sewster, infant Christopher Fulwood, armiger (M1641) Link[1,772] C33/182, p. 138r
Margaret Perkins, widow Richard Robinson; and John Walters (H1642) Link[1,773] C33/182, p. 326r
Perks Underhill (M1641) Link[1,774] Link[1,775] C33/182, p. 80r, 90r
Thomas Perks; et al Howell Jenkin; and Lewis Jenkin (H1642) Link[1,776] (E1642) Link[1,777] C33/182, p. (H1642) 281r ; (E1642) 428r
Thomas Perman; et al Thomas Stanley (M1641) Link[1,778] C33/182, p. 116v
Perrin Palfrey (E1642) Link[1,779] C33/182, p. (E1642) 442r
John Perriman & Jane his wife, executrix of Stephen Spry / Sprey, gent, executor of Nicholas Spry, gent Oliver Dinham (now deceased); and Otwell Dinham, gent (M1641) Link[1,780] Link[1,781], [1,782], , [1,783]; (H1642) [1,784], [1,785], [1,786], [1,787]; (T1642) [1,788] C33/182, p. 10r, 76v, 98r, 116v ; (H1642) 265r, 290r, 302r, 348r ; (T1642) 585r
John Perryman, gent Francis Wills, armiger (M1641) Link[1,789] Link[1,790] C33/182, p. 87v, 98r
John Perryman, gent John Hicks, gent (E1642) Link[1,791] (E1642) Link[1,792] C33/182, p. (E1642) 406r, 441v
Margaret Perry, widow Edward Ware (M1641) Link[1,793] C33/182, p. 79r
Mary Perry, lately wife and relict of Thomas Perry, mother and guardian of Samuel and Robert Perry, infants Robert Fenn (H1642) Link[1,794] C33/182, p. (H1642) 231r
Perrott Holditch (E1642) Link[1,795] C33/182, p. (E1642) 460v
John Pershouse Ellen Pershouse (M1641) Link[1,796] (E1642) Link[1,797], [1,798] C33/182, p. 27v ; (E1642) 397r, 452r
Persing Baskett (M1641) Link[1,799] C33/182, p. 157r
Nicholas Pescodd John Compton, knight; and Hampton (M1641) Link[1,800] (H1642) Link[1,801] (bis) C33/182, p. 28r ; (H1642) 333r (bis)
Nicholas Pescodd Mary Boxold; et al (T1642) Link[1,802] C33/182, p. (T1642) 483v
John Pester William Sage; and Thomas Rawlings (M1641) Link[1,803] C33/182, p. 8v
Mary Petchell, widow; Edward Davies Thomas Bushell, armiger; John Bushel & Rebecca his wife; Thomas Stepheson (H1642) Link[1,804] (E1642) Link[1,805] (bis), [1,806] C33/182, p. (H1642) 282r ; (E1642) 411v (bis), 431v
William Pettus Margaret Bancroft, widow and executor of Thomas Bancroft, gent; and William Gilstropp (and vice versa) (M1641) Link[1,807] Link[1,808]; (H1642) [1,809], [1,810], [1,811], [1,812], [1,813], [1,814], [1,815], [1,816]; (E1642) [1,817]; (T1642) [1,818], [1,819] C33/182, p. 58v, 164r; (H1642) 197v, 215v, 247r, 284v, 289v, 326v, 328v, 343r ; (E1642) 395v ; (T1642) 509v, 561v
Dormer Petty Abraham Chambers, ____; and Robert Burrowes (M1641) Link[1,820] C33/182, p. 156r
William Poe, armiger John Jones; Lewis Morgan; and John Saunders (E1642) Link[1,821] (E1642) Link[1,822]; (T1642) [1,823] C33/182, p. (E1642) 389r, 410v ; (T1642) 498v
George Pierce Elizabeth Pierce; Thomas Ramsbury; John Harte; John Walker; and James Wright (H1642) Link[1,824] (H1642) Link[1,825]; (E1642) [1,826] C33/182, p. (H1642) 226r, 326r ; (E1642) 385r
Hugh Pierce Robert Davies; and William Thomas (M1641) Link[1,827] (T1642) Link[1,828], [1,829], [1,830] C33/182, p. 90r ; (T1642) 485r, 493v, 520r
Piercey Warr (M1641) Link[1,831] C33/182, p. 168r
Richard Pierson Clement Skelton; John Brisco; et al (T1642) Link[1,832] (T1642) Link[1,833], [1,834] C33/182, p. (T1642) 534r, 559v, 561v
Giles Pigeon Alice Forrest, widow (E1642) Link[1,835] C33/182, p. (E1642) 466v
Joell Pigeon James Tongue; Thomas Catlet; and Thomas Hillis, infant by said James Tonge; and Thomas Catlet, their guardians (H1642) Link[1,836] C33/182, p. (H1642) 290v
Phillipps Barnes (M1641) Link[1,837] Link[1,838] C33/182, p. 78r, 80r
Phillipps Bithell (T1642) Link[1,839] C33/182, p. (T1642) 561r
Phillipps Hamond (E1642) Link[1,840] (T1642) Link[1,841] C33/182, p. (E1642) 405r ; (T1642) 528r
Phillipps Haute (M1641) Link[1,842] C33/182, p. 162r
Edward Phillipps & Ann his wife John Hayman (E1642) Link[1,843] (T1642) Link[1,844] C33/182, p. (E1642) 380v ; (T1642) 515r
Phillipps Langley (M1641) Link[1,845] C33/182, p. 174v
Phillipps Maddocke (M1641) Link[1,846] C33/182, p. 60r
Phillipps Travis (T1642) Link[1,847] C33/182, p. (T1642) 550r
Ann Phillipps, executrix of James Phillipps Richard Rogers & Millicent his wife (M1641) Link[1,848] C33/182, p. 92r
James Phillipps Henry Phillipps; et al (M1641) Link[1,849] Link[1,850] C33/182, p. 27r, 83v
Ralph and Thomas Phillipps Edward Claver; Thomas Claver; Mary Longvill, widow; et al (T1642) Link[1,851] C33/182, p. (T1642) 495r
Richard Phillipps William Buckenham; and Joseph Wasse (T1642) Link[1,852] C33/182, p. (T1642) 499v
Richard Phillipps William Hunte (T1642) Link[1,853] C33/182, p. (T1642) 544v
Thomas Phillipps & Suzanna his wife by their guardian Henry Lloid (H1642) Link[1,854] C33/182, p. (H1642) 237r
William Phillipps, gent James Phillipps; Katherine Lacie, widow; et al (E1642) Link[1,855], [1,856] C33/182, p. (E1642) 368v ; (E1642) 405v
Mathew Phillipson Jane Crackplace; Thomas Gilson; and Rebecca Ducket (T1642) Link[1,857] C33/182, p. (T1642) 482v
Richard Phillis Ann Chaundler (H1642) Link[1,858] C33/182, p. (H1642) 230v
John Phillpott, armiger; and Richard Cooper, gent, guardians of William Cooper, infants John Cooper; and John Stacey (M1641) Link[1,859] Link[1,860] C33/182, p. 71v, 124r
John Phillpott William Withais; and Thomas Hend (T1642) Link[1,861] C33/182, p. (T1642) 500r
Elizabeth Philpe Henry Philpe (T1642) Link[1,862] C33/182, p. (T1642) 570v
Robert Phillpott Edward Hawker (E1642) Link[1,863] C33/182, p. (E1642) 418v
Picke Ailwicke; et al (E1642) Link[1,864] C33/182, p. (E1642) 388v
Agmondisham Pickaies Mary Wakefield, widow, executrix of Thomas Wakefield (H1642) Link[1,865] (E1642) Link[1,866], [1,867] C33/182, p. 328v ; (E1642) 387r, 465v
James Pickeringe James Dassett (M1641) Link[1,868] C33/182, p. 7791r
James Pickeringe John Dasset (H1642) Link[1,869] (H1642) Link[1,870] C33/182, p. 328v ; (H1642) 329v
John Pierce Edward Colfer (M1641) Link[1,871] C33/182, p. 102v
John Pierce Anthony Penkevill (T1642) Link[1,872] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595r
Thomas Pierse / Pearse, gent John Bird, gent (H1642) Link[1,873] (E1642) Link[1,874] C33/182, p. (H1642) 273v ; (E1642) 394v
Agnes Pike, widow William Coker, armiger; et al (E1642) Link[1,875] (E1642) Link[1,876]; (T1642) [1,877], [1,878] C33/182, p. (E1642) 385r, 415v ; (T1642) 518r, 531v
William Pike Cecilia, lady Baltimore; Nathan Knipe, cleric; and Richard Beeseley (M1641) Link[1,879] [1,880] C33/182, p. 22v, 27r
Arthur Pilkington, knight Francis Shawe, gent (M1641) Link[1,881] C33/182, p. 111v
John Pincbacke George Anger; Robert Spalding; and Richard Cooke (H1642) Link[1,882] (T1642) Link[1,883] C33/182, p. (H1642) 282r ; (T1642) 508r
Thomas Pinchback, armiger & Lota his wife Henry Hustinges, armiger (T1642) Link[1,884] C33/182, p. (T1642) 508r
John Pinchon, armiger Thomas Utber (M1641) Link[1,885] C33/182, p. 33v
Peter Pinden & his wife Richard Freeland (T1642) Link[1,886] C33/182, p. (T1642) 538r
William Pinge; Thomas Pinge; et al William Bewicke (M1641) Link[1,887] C33/182, p. 11r
John Piott, armiger Thomas Lake, knight (T1642) Link[1,888] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595r
Walter Pipe Walter Wrottesley, armiger (H1642) Link[1,889] C33/182, p. 246v
Piseinge Baskett (H1642) Link[1,890] C33/182, p. (H1642) 337r
Pitkin Wigg (E1642) Link[1,891] C33/182, p. (E1642) 432r
George Pitt, armiger Elizabeth DeLaFoundtaine (M1641) Link[1,892] (H1642) Link[1,893] C33/182, p. 107v; (H1642) 224r
John Pitt Richard Cox & his wife; and Mary Cox (H1642) Link[1,894] C33/182, p. 303r
Stephen Pitts Thomas Crosse (M1641) Link[1,895] Link[1,896] C33/182, p. 74v, 98r
Suzanna Pitts, widow Ambrose Tawley (E1642) Link[1,897] C33/182, p. (E1642) 447v
Pix Langston (T1642) Link[1,898] C33/182, p. (T1642) 553r
Francis Plaile Mary Clapham, widow (E1642) Link[1,899] C33/182, p. (E1642) 463v
Plaiters Crowfoote (M1641) Link[1,900] C33/182, p. 14v
Lionel Plaiters Mary Plaiters; Samuel Smith & his wife; et al (M1641) Link[1,901] C33/182, p. 36v
Richard Planner Robert Batten (M1641) Link[1,902] (H1642) Link[1,903] C33/182, p. 13r; (H1642) 226r
Richard Plannitt Robert Batton (M1641) Link[1,904] C33/182, p. 104v
Ann Platt alias Wrigley; et al John Ramsdon, knight; et al (M1641) Link[1,905] (E1642) Link[1,906]; (T1642) [1,907] C33/182, p. 11r; (E1642) 460r ; (T1642) 522r
Platt Tucker (M1641) Link[1,908] Link[1,909]; (H1642) [1,910] C33/182, p. 125v, 126r ; (H1642) 344r
Robert Platt, gent; and Edmund Fitton, baronet Mary Platt, relict and executor of William Platt, armiger; Master and Scholars of St John's College, Cambridge (M1641) Link[1,911] Link[1,912]; (H1642) [1,913] C33/182, p. 29v, 42r ; (H1642) 302v
Charles Pleydall, knight Leventhorpe Francke, knight; et al (M1641) Link[1,914] C33/182, p. 124v
Ann Plottes alias Rigley; et al John Ramsden, knight; et al (E1642) Link[1,915] C33/182, p. (E1642) 414v
Henry Plucknett John Michell, gent (M1641) Link[1,916] Link[1,917] C33/182, p. 36v, 100v
William Plumbe, armiger Thomas Adams, gent (H1642) Link[1,918] C33/182, p. (H1642) 247v
Henry Plumbleigh Richard Hopkins (H1642) Link[1,919] C33/182, p. (H1642) 203v
William Plumleigh Nicholas Hopkins (M1641) Link[1,920] (H1642) Link[1,921], [1,922]; (T1642) [1,923] C33/182, p. 106v ; (H1642) 277r, 309r ; (T1642) 491r
John Plumpton Robert Benson (M1641) Link[1,924] Link[1,925]; (H1642) [1,926], [1,927], [1,928], [1,929], [1,930], [1,931] C33/182, p. 170v, 171r; (H1642) 211r, 222r, 243v, 267v, 281r, 291r
Katherine Plumpton Edmund Lassells; Robert Walland; and Richard Dingworth (T1642) Link[1,932] C33/182, p. (T1642) 559v
Plumptree Gilstropp (E1642) Link[1,933] C33/182, p. (E1642) 430r
Pocock Kynnaston (H1642) Link[1,934] (E1642) Link[1,935] C33/182, p. (H1642) 337r ; (E1642) 459v
Pococke Raph (H1642) Link[1,936] C33/182, p. (H1642) 261v
Poe Jones (E1642) Link[1,937] C33/182, p. (E1642) 419r
Poe Ethel (M1641) Link[1,938] C33/182, p. 171r
Nicholas Pointz, armiger & Ellianor his wife; Thomas Smith; and William Winter Roger Willins, armiger & his wife; Nicholas Browne & his wife; William Cox (H1642) Link[1,939] (E1642) Link[1,940] (bis); (T1642) [1,941], [1,942] (?) C33/182, p. (H1642) 276v ; (E1642) 461v (bis) ; (T1642) 489v, 532r (?)
Richard Poinz; et al Robert Williams, armiger; et al (M1641) Link[1,943] C33/182, p. 19v
John Pole, cleric Anthony Roper, armiger; George Pulton; and John Bawd, gent (M1641) Link[1,944] Link[1,945] C33/182, p. 45, 87r
Pollard Neeve (H1642) Link[1,946] C33/182, p. 322v
William Pollard Simon Agar; and William Salisbury (E1642) Link[1,947] (T1642) Link[1,948] C33/182, p. (E1642) 408v ; (T1642) 575v
Henry Pollixfen; Richard Cole; and Peter Treby, gent, executors of John Fortescue Elizabeth Fortescue, widow; William Sparke & his wife (H1642) Link[1,949] (T1642) Link[1,950], [1,951] C33/182, p. 308r ; (T1642) 532v, 533r
William Pomeroy, gent; and John Smith John Call (H1642) Link[1,952] C33/182, p. (H1642) 257v
Robert Poms Francis Jordan (M1641) Link[1,953] C33/182, p. 8r
Pond, executor Stoner (M1641) Link[1,954] C33/182, p. 98v
John Pond Thomas Atkinson; et al (M1641) Link[1,955] (E1642) Link[1,956] C33/182, p. 90r ; (E1642) 410r
Ann Poole, widow John Field & his wife; Gilbert Hill; and William Fetherston (H1642) Link[1,957] (T1642) Link[1,958] C33/182, p. (H1642) 240r ; (T1642) 520v
John Poole, cleric Anthony Roper, armiger; George Poulton; and John Bawde (H1642) Link[1,959] C33/182, p. 312r
John Poole Mary Browne (E1642) Link[1,960] (T1642) Link[1,961] C33/182, p. (E1642) 420r ; (T1642) 505v
John Poole; and Mary Browncohn Giles White (T1642) Link[1,962] C33/182, p. (T1642) 532r
John Pool, armiger John Simcocks (M1641) Link[1,963] C33/182, p. 82r
Richard Poole Richard Poole; et al (H1642) Link[1,964] (H1642) Link[1,965], [1,966]; (E1642) [1,967]; (T1642) [1,968] C33/182, p. (H1642) 236v, 264v, 281v ; (E1642) 457v ; (T1642) 525v
Rowland Poole James Poole; et al (E1642) Link[1,969] (T1642) Link[1,970] C33/182, p. (E1642) 408v ; (T1642) 503r
William Poole; Mathew Greene; and Henry Poole Thomas Barnes; Elizabeth Poole, widow; and John Browninge (M1641) Link[1,971] Link[1,972], [1,973], [1,974]; (H1642) [1,975], [1,976] C33/182, p. 59v, 69r, 82r, 150v; (H1642) 198r, 315v
John Pooler John Sancox; et all (E1642) Link[1,977] C33/182, p. (E1642) 408r
John Pooler Thomas Smith (M1641) Link[1,978] C33/182, p. 14r
The Poor of Wandsworth, Surrey Hamond (M1641) Link[1,979] C33/182, p. 113v
The Poor of Wandsworth town, Surrey Lord Lumley; __ Gurney, knight; Mayor of London; and ___ Rolfe, executors of Henry Smith; et al (H1642) Link[1,980] C33/182, p. 325v
Alice Poore, widow; et al Joseph Butler; and William Hancocke; and Robert Coward (M1641) Link[1,981] (H1642) Link[1,982]; (T1642) [1,983] C33/182, p. 162v; (H1642) 240r ; (T1642) 531r
Richard Poore Thomas Coghell, knight; et al (and Richard Poore v. Thomas Tawyer; et al) (M1641) Link[1,984] Link[1,985], [1,986], [1,987]; (H1642) [1,988], [1,989], [1,990], [1,991] C33/182, p. 11r, 35v, 149r, 170r; (H1642) 223r, 225v, 290r, 326r
Robert Poore Margaret, lately widow, now wife of William Landen, armiger; et al (H1642) Link[1,992] C33/182, p. 303v
Robert Poore, gent John Lovegrove, sr; John Lovegrove, jr; et al (M1641) Link[1,993] Link[1,994], [1,995], [1,996]; (E1642) [1,997] C33/182, p. 17v, 100r, 169v, 174v ; (E1642) 457v
Andrew Pope James Warwicke (E1642) Link[1,998] (E1642) Link[1,999], [2,000] C33/182, p. (E1642) 388v, 402v
Ralph Pope Mathew Parker (E1642) Link[2,001] (T1642) Link[2,002] C33/182, p. (E1642) 412r ; (T1642) 522r
Francis Popham, knight Thomas Barnes (M1641) Link[2,003] (H1642) Link[2,004] C33/182, p. 157r ; (H1642) 253v
Francis Popham, knight; and Alexander Popham, armiger William Tiler; and Thomas Tiler (T1642) Link[2,005] (T1642) Link[2,006], [2,007], [2,008] C33/182, p. (T1642) 472r, 498v, 510v, 523r
John Pople Robert Masters (T1642) Link[2,009] C33/182, p. (T1642) 487v
Edward Porter, cleric John Hobart, knight and baronet; Thomas Trevor, knight (H1642) Link[2,010] (H1642) Link[2,011]; (E1642) [2,012] C33/182, p. (H1642) 209r, 246v ; (E1642) 411v
Henry Porter Nicholas Taylor (H1642) Link[2,013] C33/182, p. (H1642) 204r
James Porter Nicholas Taylor (H1642) Link[2,014] C33/182, p. (H1642) 236r
John Porter William Astley (M1641) Link[2,015] C33/182, p. 157v
William Portman, baronet William Carford; et al (T1642) Link[2,016] C33/182, p. (T1642) 500v
Richard Portsmouth John Blanch; and Thomas Blanch (M1641) Link[2,017] (E1642) Link[2,018], [2,019], [2,020]; (T1642) [2,021], [2,022], [2,023] C33/182, p. 178r ; (E1642) 378v, 379r, 402v ; (T1642) 477v, 479r, 482v
Edward Postle William Aunson; and Ann Smalepeece, widow (M1641) Link[2,024] C33/182, p. 70v
Richard Potinger, by Mary his daughter, wife of William Turner and by Richard and Mary, daughter of said William and his wife (of Richard Potinger) Christopher Turner (T1642) Link[2,025] (T1642) Link[2,026] C33/182, p. (T1642) 492v, 575r
Pott Gibson (H1642) Link[2,027] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340v
Potter; et al Bridgman (E1642) Link[2,028] C33/182, p. (E1642) 433v
Christopher Potter Jane Potter (H1642) Link[2,029] (H1642)Link[2,030] C33/182, p. (H1642) 247v, 257v
Hannibal Potter Robert Mees; George French; Thomas Nutt; William Nurse; Bennet Smith; Hercules Aris; William Tey; Edward Bates; John Bignell; and Edward Maynard (H1642) Link[2,031] C33/182, p. (H1642) 285r
Henry Potter, gent Henry Watson (E1642) Link[2,032] C33/182, p. (E1642) 419v
Henry Potter, armiger; and George Potter, merchant, executor of Thomas Bridgman Oliver Clobery; and Humfrey Slaney (T1642) Link[2,033] C33/182, p. (T1642) 480v
Poulter Winter (M1641) Link[2,034] C33/182, p. 74r
Powell Paston (T1642) Link[2,035] (bis) (T1642) C33/182, p. (T1642) 552v (bis)
Thomas Pound Robert Couch; and James Couch (H1642) Link[2,036] C33/182, p. (H1642) 244v
Pountney Pountney (T1642) Link[2,037] C33/182, p. (T1642) 560v
Powell, knight and baronet Crompton / Crumpe, gent (M1641) Link[2,038] (H1642) Link[2,039] C33/182, p. 174r ; (H1642) 283v
Walter Powell, cleric Ralph Dutton, knight (AND vice versa) (E1642) Link[2,040] (T1642) Link[2,041] C33/182, p. (E1642) 414r ; (T1642) 534v
Powle Beadle & his wife (H1642) Link[2,042] C33/182, p. (H1642) 338v
Powle Knight; and Klover (?) (H1642) Link[2,043] C33/182, p. (H1642) 338v
Powell Probarte (H1642) Link[2,044] C33/182, p. (H1642) 239v
Powell Watkins (E1642) Link[2,045] C33/182, p. (E1642) 441v
Edward Powell, knight and baronet Peter Vanlore, baronet (M1641) Link[2,046] (H1642) Link[2,047], [2,048]; (E1642) [2,049] C33/182, p. 174v; (H1642) 233v, 267r ; (E1642) 424r
Edward Powell, knight and baronet Arthur Duck; et al (M1641) Link[2,050] C33/182, p. 121r
Phillip Powell, gent Henry Inckersell; and William Staples (M1641) Link[2,051] Link[2,052] (bis) C33/182, p. 169v (bis)
Phillip Powell Thomas Price, armiger (H1642) Link[2,053] C33/182, p. (H1642) 249r
Richard Powell, sr; Richard Powell, jr Griffith ap John (H1642) Link[2,054] C33/182, p. (H1642) 266v
Thomas Powell, gent Thomas Lea, knight; et al (E1642) Link[2,055] C33/182, p. (E1642) 410r
Thomas Powell Thomas Loid, armgier; Dorothy his wife; and Samuel Powell (M1641) Link[2,056] C33/182, p. 103r
Power Abbott (M1641) Link[2,057] C33/182, p. 169v
Richard Powre, gent Thomas Coghill, knight; et al (T1642) Link[2,058] C33/182, p. (T1642) 558v
Suzanna Power, widow Thomas Wibergh & Matilda his wife (E1642) Link[2,059] (E1642) Link[2,060]; (T1642) [2,061], [2,062], [2,063] C33/182, p. (E1642) 382v, 450v ; (T1642) 551r, 555v, 585r
Barnard Powis; et al John Chamblen; et al (E1642) Link[2,064] (T1642) Link[2,065] C33/182, p. (E1642) 406v ; (T1642) 477r
Thomas Powne Peacke, Charles, Tingcombe (M1641) Link[2,066] C33/182, p. 83v
Thomas Powne Robert Coucy (M1641) Link[2,067] C33/182, p. 73v
Thomas Powne John, lord Roberts (H1642) Link[2,068] C33/182, p. (H1642) 243r
Powte Oxenbridge (E1642) Link[2,069] C33/182, p. (E1642) 441r
Thomas Pratt William Mowe / Meace; Bridget his wife; and John Lobb (E1642) Link[2,070] (E1642) Link[2,071] C33/182, p. (E1642) 421r, 452r
Prees Prichard & his wife (H1642) Link[2,072] C33/182, p. (H1642) 283v
Pregion Pregion (H1642) Link[2,073] C33/182, p. (H1642) 239v
John Prentice Thomas Parrish; et al (M1641) Link[2,074] Link[2,075] C33/182, p. 27r, 154v
President and Scholars of the College of Mary Magdalene, Oxford Thana Kippinge; et al (M1641) Link[2,076] C33/182, p. 18r
Thomas Prestwicke Edmund Jodderell (H1642) Link[2,077] C33/182, p. (H1642) 222v
Thomas Prestwood Richard Giles, armiger (H1642) Link[2,078] (E1642) Link[2,079]; (T1642) [2,080] C33/182, p. (H1642) 272v ; (E1642) 461r ; (T1642) 570r
John Prettiman, armiger Henry Peyton, armiger; and Willilam Kaigston, armiger (E1642) Link[2,081] C33/182, p. (E1642) 554r
John Prettiman, armiger Robert Pleydell, armiger (M1641) Link[2,082] C33/182, p. 148v
Pretty Wall (E1642) Link[2,083] C33/182, p. (E1642) 445r
Pretty Webb (T1642) Link[2,084] C33/182, p. (T1642) 493v
Price Davids (M1641) Link[2,085] C33/182, p. 72r
Agnes Price Henry Price (E1642) Link[2,086] C33/182, p. (E1642) 432v
Ann Price Henry Price (M1641) Link[2,087] (H1642) Link[2,088]; (E1642) [2,089] C33/182, p. 63r; (H1642) 237r ; (E1642) 418v
David Price Richard Kenton & his wife (H1642) Link[2,090] (H1642) Link[2,091]; (E1642) [2,092]; (T1642) [2,093] C33/182, p. (H1642) 206r, 244r ; (E1642) 449r ; (T1642) 497r
John Price William Hall; William Watkin; Charles Watkin; James Watkin; John Roster (M1641) Link[2,094] Link[2,095]; (H1642) [2,096]; (T1642) [2,097] C33/182, p. 8r, 90v; (H1642) 190r ; (T1642) 530r
John Price William Russell; William Watkin; et al (E1642) Link[2,098] C33/182, p. (E1642) 392v
John Price William Watkin; John James, jr; and David Williams; et al (H1642) Link[2,099] (T1642) Link[2,100] C33/182, p. (H1642) 239v ; (T1642) 509r
Owin Price Francis Betton (H1642) Link[2,101] (H1642) Link[2,102] C33/182, p. (H1642) 223r, 283v
Richard Price, gent Francis Britten (M1641) Link[2,103] (H1642) Link[2,104] C33/182, p. 15v ; (H1642) 264r
Thomas Price, armiger Henry Price, gent; Giles Morgan (M1641) Link[2,105] Link[2,106]; (H1642) [2,107], [2,108]; (E1642) [2,109] C33/182, p. 12r, 54v; (H1642) 194r, 331v ; (E1642) 432r
Prickman Walker (E1642) Link[2,110] (T1642) Link[2,111] C33/182, p. (E1642) 376v ; (T1642) 545r
John Priddy Hugh Carter (M1641) Link[2,112] Link[2,113], [2,114], [2,115], [2,116], [2,117]; (H1642) [2,118], [2,119], [2,120], [2,121]; (T1642) [2,122] C33/182, p. 11v, 32r, 64v, 89v, 146v, 155r; (H1642) 217r, 250v, 269r, 289r ; (T1642) 529r
Prideaux Prideaux (E1642) Link[2,123] C33/182, p. (E1642) 428r
Richard Prideaux Thomas Theasler (H1642) Link[2,124] (H1642) Link[2,125], [2,126]; (T1642) [2,127] C33/182, p. (H1642) 290r, 302v, 346r ; (T1642) 526r
Prince Scarlett (E1642) Link[2,128] C33/182, p. (E1642) 464r
Thomas Prince Gawun Champneis (M1641) Link[2,129] C33/182, p. 55v
Principal and Scholars of Brasenose College, Oxford William Sheppard, armiger; William Bradley; et al (M1641) Link[2,130] (E1642) Link[2,131] C33/182, p. 2v; (E1642) 446r
Ann Pritchard, widow, administratrix of Edward Pritchard William Loadar; and Whistler (H1642) Link[2,132] (H1642) Link[2,133]; (E1642) [2,134], [2,135]; (T1642) [2,136] C33/182, p. 246r ; (H1642) 254r ; (E1642) 373v, 460r ; (T1642) 474r
Andrew Probert William Jones; and John Martin (M1641) Link[2,137] C33/182, p. 4v
Proby Newsam (M1641) Link[2,138] C33/182, p. 169r
Katherine Procter Robert Twistleton; et al (M1641) Link[2,139] C33/182, p. 182v
Thomas Proctor, armiger; and Henry Proctor Samuel Waddington (T1642) Link[2,140] C33/182, p. (T1642) 526r
Thomas Proctor & Lady Losse his wife Robert Strickland (T1642) Link[2,141] C33/182, p. (T1642) 331r
James Provendor Mary Coxwell, widow; John Coxwell; Jane Coxwell; Katherine Coxwell; Henry Coxwell (M1641) Link[2,142] (H1642) Link[2,143]; (T1642) [2,144] C33/182, p. 13r ; (H1642) 286r ; (T1642) 508v
David Prucke Richard Loveday (M1641) Link[2,145] C33/182, p. 137v
Michael Prynn George Clements; and Ann Corbett; and William Greene (AND vice versa) (M1641) Link[2,146] (E1642) Link[2,147], [2,148] C33/182, p. 146v ; (E1642) 372r, 444r
Henry Puckering alias Newton, baronet; et al John Whitwicke, serjeant at law; Simon Archer, knight; Francis Grammer; et al (T1642) Link[2,149] C33/182, p. (T1642) 493v
Edward Pugh Grace Pugh (E1642) Link[2,150] (T1642) Link[2,151], [2,152], [2,153] C33/182, p. (E1642) 447r ; (T1642) 526r, 527r, 570v
Elianor Pugh Jane Moreton (T1642) Link[2,154] C33/182, p. (T1642) 568r
John Pugh John Lloid (T1642) Link[2,155] C33/182, p. (T1642) 526r
Thomas Pugh Jane Moreton (T1642) Link[2,156] C33/182, p. (T1642) 518r
Daniel Pulford Thomas Barker, knight (T1642) Link[2,157] C33/182, p. (T1642) 481r
Isaac Puller, gent Alice Hailin, widow; and __ Bovy (E1642) Link[2,158] C33/182, p. (E1642) 420r
William Pumbley, armiger Thomas Adams, gent (M1641) Link[2,159] C33/182, p. 43r
William Pume (Puwe?) & his wife William Cocke; and Phillip Feethey (H1642) Link[2,160] C33/182, p. (H1642) 344r
Pumplin Simonds (M1641) Link[2,161] C33/182, p. 80r
Purefie Barnabye (H1642) Link[2,162] C33/182, p. 322v
Gamaliel Purifie, armiger; John Barker; et al Henry Horne (H1642) Link[2,163] (H1642) Link[2,164] C33/182, p. (H1642) 236r, 266v
Leonard Purley William Blundeston (M1641) Link[2,165] (T1642) Link[2,166] C33/182, p. 171r ; (T1642) 542v
Anthony Pury & Mary his wife Robert Hill; et al (M1641) Link[2,167] Link[2,168] C33/182, p. 13r, 17r
Timothy Pusey, armiger Mathew Bate; John Bate; (H1642) Link[2,169] C33/182, p. (H1642)
Nicholas Putt, armiger; and William Putt, gent, son and heir of Michael John Perry (M1641) Link[2,170] C33/182, p. 82v
Pyat Lake (E1642) Link[2,171] C33/182, p. (E1642) 380v
Roger Pye Robert Harrison; and William Hall (H1642) Link[2,172] (H1642) Link[2,173] C33/182, p. (H1642) 231r, 303r
John Pym, armiger; et al William Hudelstouer (M1641) Link[2,174] C33/182, p. 56r
Hugh Pynnar Bartholomew Meredith & his wife; and London (E1642) Link[2,175] (T1642) Link[2,176] C33/182, p. (E1642) 466r ; (T1642) 522v


Plaintiff Defendant Subject Matter First Volume Link Other Volume Links Final Decree Reference
Francis Quarles Francis Egglesfield; and John Williams (H1642) Link[2,177] (H1642) Link[2,178] C33/182, p. (H1642) 235v, 263v
John Quarrell, gent Thomas Webb; and John Minde (M1641) Link[2,179] Link[2,180]; (H1642) [2,181], [2,182] C33/182, p. 33v, 66r ; (H1642) 330v
Henry Questenbury, gent Margaret Mathewes, executrix of Robert Mathewes; and Nicholas Snott (M1641) Link[2,183] C33/182, p. 26r
Henry Questenbury Henry Ellis, executor of Ellis Ellis (M1641) Link[2,184] (T1642) Link[2,185] C33/182, p. 232r ; (T1642) 585r
Humfrey Quicke Joan Pococke, widow; John Holwell; and Edwared Ceely (E1642) Link[2,186] (E1642) Link[2,187] C33/182, p. (E1642) 371v, 384v


Plaintiff Defendant Subject Matter First Volume Link Other Volume Links Final Decree Reference
Rabbitt Fullford (M1641) Link[2,188] C33/182, p. 130v
Rabet Sheppard (E1642) Link[2,189] C33/182, p. (E1642) 441v
John Rackham Samuel Cooper by Richard Sewett; et al (M1641) Link[2,190] C33/182, p. 93r
Radcliffe Adams; and Wilson (T1642) Link[2,191] C33/182, p. (T1642) 567r
Radcliffe Willson (H1642) Link[2,192] C33/182, p. (H1642) 255r
Alexander Radcliffe, knight Edmund Burman (M1641) Link[2,193] C33/182, p. 60r
John Radcliffe by Alice Radcliffe his guardian Thomas Kelsicke (H1642) Link[2,194] C33/182, p. (H1642) 239v
John Radford, cleric William Darte (E1642) Link[2,195] (E1642) Link[2,196]; (T1642) [2,197] C33/182, p. (E1642) 441r, 441v ; (T1642) 494v
John Radford; et al John Pitt, gent; et al (M1641) Link[2,198] C33/182, p. 64v
Radford Wheller (M1641) Link[2,199] C33/182, p. 1r
John Radley Robert Fage (M1641) Link[2,200] C33/182, p. 112v
James Ragg Rebecca Turner, widow (M1641) Link[2,201] C33/182, p. 34v
Thomas Ragge Henry Taylor (AND Henry Taylor v. Thomas Ragg; and Robert Ragg (M1641) Link[2,202] (H1642) Link[2,203] C33/182, p. 120v; (H1642) 227v
Rain Sheffield (E1642) Link[2,204] C33/182, p. (E1642) 458v
Rainford & his wife Bellin (?) Nutt (H1642) Link[2,205] C33/182, p. (H1642) 338r
Prosper Rainsford, armiger Thomas Bellingham; and Richard Bellingham, armiger; Richard Butcher; Allan Piper; John Butcher alias Piper; and John Gowry; and John Miles (H1642) Link[2,206] (E1642) Link[2,207]; (T1642) [2,208] C33/182, p. 304v ; (E1642) 378v ; (T1642) 591r
Richard Rainsford; and Thomas Hilliard Richard Cobb, gent (H1642) Link[2,209] (E1642) Link[2,210] C33/182, p. (H1642) 238r ; (E1642) 400r
Richard Rainsford & his wife Thomas Benton & Mary his wife; Thomas Bennet; and John Holmes (E1642) Link[2,211] C33/182, p. (E1642) 379v
Samuel Rainsford & Margaret his wife Mathew Bellingham; and William Nutt (M1641) Link[2,212] Link[2,213]; (H1642) [2,214]; (T1642) [2,215], [2,216] C33/182, p. 168v, 169r; (H1642) 208r ; (T1642) 486v, 511v
John Raison George Gainford & his wife (T1642) Link[2,217] C33/182, p. (T1642) 525v
George Raleigh, armiger John Rowse, knight; William Draper; et al (H1642) Link[2,218] (E1642) Link[2,219] C33/182, p. (H1642) 214v ; (E1642) 429r
William Raleigh / Rawleigh Thomas Aldridge / Aldriche (M1641) Link[2,220] Link[2,221]; (H1642) [2,222]; (E1642) [2,223] C33/182, p. 7v, 54v; (H1642) 206v ; (E1642) 425v
Francis Ramme Sampson Sheffield; Jane his wife; Daniel Joyner; and John Greene (T1642) Link[2,224] C33/182, p. (T1642) 497v
George Ramsden; Henry Inman Christopher Metcalfe (H1642) Link[2,225] C33/182, p. (H1642) 243r
Joseph Ramsden; Henry Inman; et al Christopher Metcalfe; et al (M1641) Link[2,226] C33/182, p. 170r
Nicholas Ramsey; et al Robert Ramsey; et al (H1642) Link[2,227] (H1642) Link[2,228], [2,229]; (T1642) [2,230], [2,231] C33/182, p. (H1642) 294r, 310r, 344v ; (T1642) 483r, 507r
Randall Harris (H1642) Link[2,232] C33/182, p. (H1642) 282r
Noah Randall William Gapper; John Lyninge; and William Michell (M1641) Link[2,233] (H1642) Link[2,234] C33/182, p. 116v ; (H1642) 262r
Morgan Randall, knight Edward Randall, knight (E1642) Link[2,235] C33/182, p. (E1642) 407r
Thomas Randall; et al, inhabitants of Folwell Robert Wace; Thomas Woodhouse, knight and baronet; Edmund Wandford, knight; et al (H1642) Link[2,236] (H1642) Link[2,237], [2,238] bis, [2,239], [2,240][2,241], [2,242], [2,243]; (T1642) [2,244], [2,245] C33/182, p. (H1642)51r, 65a, 80r, 90r; 190r, 207v, 265v, 274r, 293v ; (T1642) 504r, 558v
Randell Peeke (E1642) Link[2,246] C33/182, p. (E1642) 432r
Randell Yelland (M1641) Link[2,247] C33/182, p. 131v
Edward Randolph William Ryley (M1641) Link[2,248] Link[2,249]; (H1642) [2,250] C33/182, p. 99v, 131v; (H1642) 187r
John Randolph; and John Bayly Michael Searle (M1641) Link[2,251] Link[2,252]; (H1642) [2,253] C33/182, p. 169r, 173v ; (H1642) 267v
Rastell Oviat (T1642) Link[2,254] C33/182, p. (T1642) 553v
Alexandria Ratcliffe, knight of the Bath Edmund Burman (M1641) Link[2,255] C33/182, p. 65v
John Raven, armiger John Browne & his wife (M1641) Link[2,256] (E1642) Link[2,257] C33/182, p. 36r ; (E1642) 400v
John Raven, armiger Edward Trussell; and George Pitts (M1641) Link[2,258] (H1642) Link[2,259], [2,260], [2,261]; (E1642) [2,262] C33/182, p. 67v; (H1642) 206r, 211v, 277v ; (E1642) 378r
George Ravenscroft; et al, children of Robert Ravenscroft by Elizabeth, their mother and guardian Thomas Ravenscroft, armiger (M1641) Link[2,263] C33/182, p. 71r
John Ravenscroft, gent John Clarke, doctor in medicine; and William Kempton (M1641) Link[2,264] C33/182, p. 118v
Noah Rawdet & Joan his wife John Devernish, cleric; William Capper; et al (E1642) Link[2,265] C33/182, p. (E1642) 453v
Rawe Moile (E1642) Link[2,266] C33/182, p. (E1642) 442r
Rawen Mile & wife (?) (H1642) Link[2,267] C33/182, p. (H1642) 342r
Rawlin Heely; and Heely (H1642) Link[2,268] C33/182, p. 321r
Rawlings Johnson (M1641) Link[2,269] C33/182, p. 168r
Giles Rawlins; Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Roan, armiger, guardians of Mary Swillan and Margaret Swillan for and ex parte of said Thomas Roan, guardian Thomas Man; and Thomas Gwillian (H1642) Link[2,270] C33/182, p. (H1642) 256r
Henry Rawlins Edward Wardour, knight (E1642) Link[2,271] (T1642) Link[2,272], [2,273] C33/182, p. (E1642) 440r ; (T1642) 475v, 501r
James Raworth; and Thomas Pocher; et al John Soanes / Somes; and Richard / Nicholas Browninge (H1642) Link[2,274] (E1642) Link[2,275]; (T1642) C33/182, p. (H1642) 289r ; (E1642) 429v ; (T1642) 493v
Edward Ray ___ Hartwell; et al (E1642) Link[2,276] C33/182, p. (E1642) 429v
Edward Ray Richard Locket; et al (AND said Edward Ray v. William Beachamp; et al) (T1642) Link[2,277] C33/182, p. (T1642) 496v
Edward Ray John Pinfold; et al (E1642) Link[2,278] C33/182, p. (E1642) 429v
George Ray Jeremia Restorne (T1642) Link[2,279] (T1642) Link[2,280] C33/182, p. (T1642) 489r, 499v
William Rayly John Simonds, sr; et al (H1642) Link[2,281] C33/182, p. (H1642) 265r
George Raymond William Latton (M1641) Link[2,282] (E1642) Link[2,283] C33/182, p. 94r ; (E1642) 435v
John Raymond, administrator of Thomas Hodge John Churchill; and Robert Constable, gent (M1641) Link[2,284] C33/182, p. 147v
Read Fortescue (H1642) Link[2,285] C33/182, p. 329v
Read, widow Hubberd (E1642) Link[2,286] C33/182, p. (E1642) 458r
Reade, armiger Panlore, knight (H1642) Link[2,287] C33/182, p. (H1642) 209r
Read Rogers; and Mabb (H1642) Link[2,288] (H1642) Link[2,289] C33/182, p. (H1642) 330r, 330r
Read Way (H1642) Link[2,290] C33/182, p. (H1642) 330r
Alice Read, widow; and Adam Read Charles Howland (E1642) Link[2,291] (T1642) Link[2,292], [2,293] C33/182, p. (E1642) 409r ; (T1642) 480r, 578v
Elizabeth Read Hamond Upton (E1642) Link[2,294] C33/182, p. (E1642) 431v
Gabriel Read, gent Gabriel Painter; Samuel Painter; et al (T1642) Link[2,295] C33/182, p. (T1642) 511r
John Read; and Joseph Dowell Richard Johnson; John Joslin; John Sherwood; and Richard Hickes (T1642) Link[2,296] C33/182, p. (T1642) 543r
John Read & Sara his wife, relict and executrix of Edward Keyes William Sydey (M1641) Link[2,297] C33/182, p. 127r
Richard Reade, sr; et al Edward Read, armiger (T1642) Link[2,298] (T1642) Link[2,299] C33/182, p. (T1642) 520v, 565v
Robert Read; and John Read Bridget Bowle, widow; and Richard Bowle (T1642) Link[2,300] C33/182, p. (T1642) 518v
Richard Readinge Peter Chamberlen, doctor in medicine (AND vice versa) (E1642) Link[2,301] C33/182, p. (E1642) 397v
George Reason Elizabeth Reason; et al (H1642) Link[2,302] C33/182, p. (H1642) 239r
John Reason George Sandford (H1642) Link[2,303] (H1642) Link[2,304] C33/182, p. (H1642) 247r
Rector and Scholars of Lincoln College, Oxford John Perry, armiger; et al (M1641) Link[2,305] C33/182, p. 57r
Godfrey Redferne, infant, by Godfrey Stubbins guardian John Goslinge & his wife (T1642) Link[2,306] C33/182, p. (T1642) 533r
Richard Reed / Read; Fulk Reed; and Richard Reed, armiger & Ellianor his wife Edward Reed, armiger; et al (M1641) Link[2,307] (H1642) Link[2,308], [2,309] C33/182, p. 131v; (H1642) 212r, 347v
Edward Reed, armiger Richard Reed; Fulk Reed; at al (M1641) Link[2,310] (H1642) Link[2,311] C33/182, p. 273r; (H1642) 237r
Richard Redhill; Ann his wife; and Margery Gibson John Gibson (M1641) Link[2,312] Link[2,313] C33/182, p. 7r, 28v
Thomas Reeve & Elizabeth his wife Robert Chapman, cleric (H1642) Link[2,314] (E1642) [2,315] C33/182, p. (H1642) 252r ; (E1642) 408v
William Ren; and Anthony Ren William Rend; et al (T1642) Link[2,316] C33/182, p. (T1642) 537v
Repley King (E1642) Link[2,317] C33/182, p. (E1642) 462r
Mary Reppington infant, by John Roe, guardian John Poole, knight and baronet; and Thomas Sampson (H1642) Link[2,318] (H1642) Link[2,319]; (E1642) [2,320] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254r, 267r ; (E1642) 385v
John Reresbie, baronet / gent; et al Emanuel Bourne, cleric (M1641) Link[2,321] (E1642) Link[2,322]; (T1642) [2,323] C33/182, p. 68 ; (E1642) 426v ; (T1642) 489r
John Reymond, administrator of Thomas Hodges John Churchill; and Robert Constable (M1641) Link[2,324] C33/182, p. 61v
Reynoles King (E1642) Link[2,325] C33/182, p. (E1642) 388v
Reynolds Paine (T1642) Link[2,326] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595r
Mary Reynell, widow, executrix of Richard Reynell, armiger William Cotton, cleric, executor of Mary Cotton, widow, executrix of William Cotton late her husband (H1642) Link[2,327] (T1642) Link[2,328] C33/182, p. 302v ; (T1642) 492v
William Reynell, widow William Cotton, executor of Mary Cotton, widow, executor of William Cotton lately bishop of Exeter (M1641) Link[2,329] C33/182, p. 118v
Thomas Reyner by Thomas Lawrence, gent, guardian William Lilly; and Edward / Thomas Bainton (H1642) Link[2,330] (H1642) Link[2,331] C33/182, p. (H1642) 232v, 319r
Reynolds Kinge (H1642) Link[2,332] C33/182, p. (H1642) 342r
Reynolds Prideaux (E1642) Link[2,333] C33/182, p. (E1642) 432v
Reynolds Weald (M1641) Link[2,334] C33/182, p. 30v
Randolph and Thomas Reynolds William Summer (M1641) Link[2,335] C33/182, p. 43v
Robert Reynolds, armiger Milo Sands / Sandys (knight); et al (M1641) Link[2,336] Link[2,337], [2,338], [2,339] C33/182, p. 5r, 111v, 122v, 135v
Thomas Reynolds John Payne; Dorothy his wife; John Reynolds, infant, by said Dorothy his guardian (E1642) Link[2,340] C33/182, p. (E1642) 417v
Rice Allen (H1642) Link[2,341] C33/182, p. (H1642) 289r
Ann Rice, relict of Edward Rice Thomas Chapman; Nicholas Wilson (M1641) Link[2,342] (H1642) Link[2,343] C33/182, p. 103r; (H1642) 226v
Edmund Rich Thomas Rich (M1641) Link[2,344] (H1642) Link[2,345] C33/182, p. 72r; (H1642) 222r
Lucy Rich, widow Thomas Rich, armiger (M1641) Link[2,346] Link[2,347], [2,348]; (H1642) [2,349], [2,350]; (E1642) [2,351] C33/182, p. 65v, 130r, 133r; (H1642) 199v, 259r ; (E1642) 420v
Robert Rich, knight John Lee (M1641) Link[2,352] (H1642) Link[2,353], [2,354]; (E1642) [2,355], [2,356] C33/182, p. 96v; (H1642) 191v, 228r ; (E1642) 394v, 417v
William Rich Peter __ Calloway & Dorothy his wife (H1642) Link[2,357] C33/182, p. (H1642) 261v
Peter Richaunt George Clement; William Cutler; John Barker; Henry Fetherston; Robert South; William Hurt; Daniel Collins; et al (M1641) Link[2,358] (H1642) Link[2,359], [2,360] C33/182, p. 25v; (H1642) 188r ; (T1642) 382v
Richard Richant John Lee (E1642) Link[2,361] C33/182, p. (E1642) 415r
Edward Richards, knight Robert Carpenter, gent (AND Grace Cole, widow v. said Edward Richards, knight) (M1641) Link[2,362] (E1642) Link[2,363]; (T1642) [2,364], [2,365] C33/182, p. 74r ; (E1642) 443r ; (T1642) 479r, 483r
Richards Seymor (H1642) Link[2,366] C33/182, p. (H1642) 209v
John Richards; et al, inhabitants of Wolverhampton Henry Polsteed; et al, merchant tailors of London (M1641) Link[2,367] Link[2,368] C33/182, p. 106v, 140v
Thomas Richardson William Shircliffe; et al (T1642) Link[2,369] C33/182, p. (T1642) 535v
William Richardson Peter Monckhouse & his wife (M1641) Link[2,370] C33/182, p. 18r
William Richatson alias Richardson Hugh Coatsworth (T1642) Link[2,371] C33/182, p. (T1642) 597v
Richardson Pierson; et al (E1642) Link[2,372] C33/182, p. (E1642) 458v
Riketts Osborne (E1642) Link[2,373] C33/182, p. (E1642) 459v
Rider Cumber (E1642) Link[2,374] C33/182, p. (E1642) 442r
John Ridge John Windham; John Windham; Peter Ridge & his wife (H1642) Link[2,375] C33/182, p. (H1642) 232v
Ridley Freeswell (H1642) Link[2,376] C33/182, p. (H1642) 339v
John Ridley George Savage & his wife (H1642) Link[2,377] (H1642) Link[2,378] C33/182, p. (H1642) 192r, 196r
Daniel Rigsby John Gill (H1642) Link[2,379] C33/182, p. (H1642) 220r
Brian Ripling Samuel Thomas, son of Anthony Thomas; and Peter Theobold (H1642) Link[2,380] C33/182, p. (H1642) 224r
John Rishworth John Byns (T1642) Link[2,381] C33/182, p. (T1642) 511v
Richard Rishworth Thomas Walker (M1641) Link[2,382] (H1642) Link[2,383] C33/182, p. 85v; (H1642) 214v
Risley Risley; and Holcroft (T1642) Link[2,384] C33/182, p. (T1642) 561r
Rives Lad (M1641) Link[2,385] C33/182, p. 169r
Robbins Lodge (M1641) Link[2,386] C33/182, p. 156v
Roberts Gravener; Gravener; Gravener; Price; and Gravener (E1642) Link[2,387] C33/182, p. (E1642) 462v
Roberts, knight and baronet Sheppard (M1641) Link[2,388] C33/182, p. 115v
Roberts Short & his wife (E1642) Link[2,389] C33/182, p. (E1642) 382r
Alexander Roberts William Browne; et al (T1642) Link[2,390] C33/182, p. (T1642) 474r
Giles Roberts, gent; and William Roberts Richard Colchester, armiger (H1642) Link[2,391] C33/182, p. (H1642) 341r
John Roberts Achilles Fortescue (M1641) Link[2,392] (H1642) Link[2,393] C33/182, p. 48r; (H1642) 214v
Joseph Roberts Willilam Meriweather (T1642) Link[2,394] C33/182, p. (T1642) 525v
Robert Roberts William Aston; and William Edwards (M1641) Link[2,395] Link[2,396]; (H1642) [2,397], [2,398], [2,399], [2,400] (ter); (E1642) [2,401], [2,402], [2,403]; (T1642) [2,404], [2,405] C33/182, p. 49v, 151r; (H1642) 193r, 211v, 269v, 339r (ter) ; (E1642) 393r 393v, 431v ; (T1642) 482r, 484r
Thomas Roberts Anthony Appltree; Richard Appltree; et al (H1642) Link[2,406] C33/182, p. (H1642) 198v
Thomas Roberts Edward Gold; et al (M1641) Link[2,407] (E1642) Link[2,408], [2,409] C33/182, p. 50v ; (E1642) 381v, 404r
Walter Roberts, knight and baronet Thomas Bludder, knight & lady Jane his wife; and ___ Bill (H1642) Link[2,410] C33/182, p. (H1642) 192r
William Roberts Benjamin Hill; et al (E1642) Link[2,411] (E1642) Link[2,412] C33/182, p. (E1642) 369v, 414r
Robins, widow Powell (H1642) Link[2,413] (H1642) Link[2,414] C33/182, p. (H1642) 336v
Elizabeth Robins, widow, administratrix of Nathaniel Robins, lately her husband Leonard Ward, gent (T1642) Link[2,415] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595v
Nathaniel Robins; et al John Hide (M1641) Link[2,416] Link[2,417] C33/182, p. 101r, 119v
William Robins Thomas Heyton, doctor in medicine; et al (M1641) Link[2,418] C33/182, p. 124v
Robinson Browne & his wife (T1642) Link[2,419] C33/182, p. (T1642) 552v
Robinson Clark (E1642) Link[2,420] C33/182, p. (E1642) 414r
Robinson Fletcher (H1642) Link[2,421] C33/182, p. (H1642) 339r
Robinson Fox (T1642) Link[2,422] C33/182, p. (T1642) 498v
Robinson Lutton (H1642) Link[2,423] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340r
Robinson Pearson (M1641) Link[2,424] C33/182, p. 108r
Robinson Riddell (H1642) Link[2,425] C33/182, p. (H1642) 211r
Henry Robins John Phippen (T1642) Link[2,426] C33/182, p. (T1642) 533v
Henry Robinson Humfrey Fulwood; and George Seaton (E1642) Link[2,427] C33/182, p. (E1642) 414v
Henry Robinson James Oxenden, kight; and Gervase Maplesden; et al (M1641) Link[2,428] Link[2,429]; (T1642) [2,430] C33/182, p. 28r, 44v ; (T1642) 480v
John Robinson Ralph Baynes (H1642) Link[2,431] C33/182, p. (H1642) 205r
John Robinson John Hawkins (M1641) Link[2,432] Link[2,433]; (H1642) [2,434] C33/182, p. 55r, 135v ; (H1642) 344r
John Robinson Edward Hawkins (T1642) Link[2,435] C33/182, p. (T1642) 504r
John Robinson, armiger John Taylor (M1641) Link[2,436] C33/182, p. 174r
Richard Robinson Richard Finch (M1641) Link[2,437] (H1642) Link[2,438] C33/182, p. 24v; (H1642) 238r
Robert Robinson Ellen Swaile, widow (T1642) Link[2,439] C33/182, p. (T1642) 515v
Thomas Robinson Henry Peyton; and Michael Farndon (H1642) Link[2,440] (H1642) Link[2,441], [2,442], [2,443]; (T1642) [2,444] C33/182, p. (H1642) 235v, 256v, 302v, 324v ; (T1642) 510v
Robert Robotham, doctor in divinity Thomas Bennet (E1642) Link[2,445] (T1642) Link[2,446], [2,447] C33/182, p. (E1642) 406v ; (T1642) 474v, 520r
Robert Robotham & his wife Francis Kerry; George Benson, doctor in divinity (T1642) Link[2,448] C33/182, p. (T1642) 519r
Thomas Robotham William Manby; et al (M1641) Link[2,449] C33/182, p. 76r
Roch Naunten; et al (E1642) Link[2,450] (bis) C33/182, p. (E1642) 465v (bis)
Jeremia Roch John Pige (M1641) Link[2,451] C33/182, p. 96v
Mary Roch, widow Richard Minshall,knight; Carew Mildmay; Luke Roch; et al (M1641) Link[2,452] C33/182, p. 49r
Richard Roch Thomas West (and vice versa) (M1641) Link[2,453] C33/182, p. 99r
John Rochell Jolly Stone; and John Perry (H1642) Link[2,454] C33/182, p. 322r
Thomas Rocke & Martha his wife; et al Edward Mountgomery; and Richard Gibbons, executor of Richard Scott (M1641) Link[2,455] (T1642) Link[2,456] C33/182, p. 96r ; (T1642) 534r
Rocks Littlebury (M1641) Link[2,457] C33/182, p. 168r
Rodd Grismond (H1642) Link[2,458] C33/182, p. 324v
Roe, knight Culverhouse (H1642) Link[2,459] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254r
Peter Roe; et al Francis Crocker; et al (H1642) Link[2,460] ; (E1642) [2,461] C33/182, p. 296v ; (E1642) 412r
Peter Rokford; et al Simon Turgis; et al (M1641) Link[2,462] C33/182, p. 40v
Rogers Howell (T1642) Link[2,463] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595r
Rogers Ball (E1642) Link[2,464] (bis) C33/182, p. (E1642) 459v (bis)
Rogers Clarke (H1642) Link[2,465] C33/182, p. (H1642) 339v
Edmund Rogers Joan Rogers, widow (T1642) Link[2,466] C33/182, p. (T1642) 540v
Edward Rogers Richard Gardiner, jr; et al (and vice versa) (H1642) Link[2,467] (H1642) Link[2,468], [2,469]; (E1642) [2,470]; (T1642) [2,471], [2,472], [2,473], [2,474] C33/182, p. (H1642) 211v, 216v, 325v ; (E1642) 377v ; (T1642) 513r, 539v, 570v, 571r
Edward Rogers John Rogers (T1642) Link[2,475] C33/182, p. (T1642) 537r
John Rogers Simon Courte, executor of George Joice (E1642) Link[2,476] C33/182, p. (E1642) 407r
John Rogers John Cradocke (H1642) Link[2,477] C33/182, p. (H1642) 341r
John Rogers Thomas Reynes; et al (T1642) Link[2,478] C33/182, p. (T1642) 570v
John Rogers Thomas Smith (E1642) Link[2,479] (T1642) Link[2,480], [2,481] C33/182, p. (E1642) 456r ; (T1642) 488v, 538r
Rogers Price and Moore (M1641) Link[2,482] C33/182, p. 33r
Joan Rogers, alias Sparrowe, widow Thomas Smith, gent (M1641) Link[2,483] Link[2,484], [2,485], [2,486]; (H1642) [2,487], [2,488], [2,489] C33/182, p. 9v, 24r, 86v, 109v ; (H1642) 282v, 295r, 341v
Richard Rogers, armiger George Throckmorton, knight (M1641) Link[2,490] Link[2,491] C33/182, p. 42v, 109r
Thomas Rogers, gent Andrew Saunders, armiger; et al (M1641) Link[2,492] Link[2,493], [2,494]; (H1642) [2,495]; (E1642) [2,496], [2,497], [2,498] C33/182, p. 120r (bis), 151v, 160v ; (H1642) 325r ; (E1642) 401r, 403r, 410v
Thomas Rogers, gent & Martha his wife Edward Harris; William Burles; Robert Banbury; and William Normansett (M1641) Link[2,499] (E1642) Link[2,500] C33/182, p. 87v ; (E1642) 445r
Thomas Rogers William Westwood (H1642) Link[2,501] C33/182, p. (H1642) 258v
William Rogers, gent Robert Coward (M1641) Link[2,502] (E1642) Link[2,503]; (T1642) [2,504] C33/182, p. 20v ; (E1642) 434v ; (T1642) 595r
Francis Rolfe Robert Rolfe; and William Simpson (E1642) Link[2,505] C33/182, p. (E1642) 373r
William Rolfe William Blake, armiger & Ann his wife (M1641) Link[2,506] Link[2,507], [2,508], [2,509], [2,510], [2,511], [2,512]; (H1642) [2,513], [2,514] C33/182, p. 13v, 86v, 125v, 133r, 161r, 172r; (H1642) 222r, 329r
Rolfe Bradshaw (H1642) Link[2,515] C33/182, p. (H1642) 288r
Roll Trefry (H1642) Link[2,516] C33/182, p. (H1642) 257v
Rolleston Pinsent (M1641) Link[2,517] C33/182, p. 168v
William Rollinson Francis Ewre; and Samuel Trotman (T1642) Link[2,518] C33/182, p. (T1642) 578v
Nicholas Romery; et al Thomas Darker (M1641) Link[2,519] Link[2,520], [2,521]; (H1642) [2,522]; (E1642) [2,523], [2,524]; (T1642) [2,525] C33/182, p. 9r, 102r, 164v ; (H1642) 291r ; (E1642) 367r, 372r ; (T1642) 549v
Romiswall Veysey (H1642) Link[2,526] C33/182, p. (H1642) 342r
Nicholas Romsey; et al Robert Romsey; et al (E1642) Link[2,527] C33/182, p. (E1642) 424v
Henry Roote, cleric; Thomas Phipps, gent; John Toucks William Hopper; and Elizabeth Toucks (M1641) Link[2,528] (T1642) Link[2,529] C33/182, p. 53v ; (T1642) 541v
Thomas Roper, armiger; et al Roger Riggs, gent; et al (M1641) Link[2,530] C33/182, p. 44
Roscarrocke Nicholls (M1641) Link[2,531] C33/182, p. 126r
Edward Rose Giles Horsington v. James Gay (M1641) Link[2,532] (H1642) Link[2,533] C33/182, p. 31r; (H1642) 229v
Edward Rose Giles Horsington; et al (M1641) Link[2,534] Link[2,535], [2,536]; (H1642) , [2,537] C33/182, p. 31r, 62v, 89r; (H1642) 248r
James Rose / Rosse, armiger Henry Hodges, armiger (M1641) Link[2,538] (E1642) Link[2,539], [2,540] C33/182, p. 13r ; (E1642) 434v, 454r
Richard Rose Humfrey Jolliffe (E1642) Link[2,541] (T1642) Link[2,542] C33/182, p. (E1642) 394r ; (T1642) 545r
Thomas Rosa & Mary his wife Thomasd Basnet; and John Wightwicke, executor of Elizabeth Murdocke, widow; Mathew Smith; Thomas Barker & his wife (E1642) Link[2,543] C33/182, p. (E1642) 464r
Henry Rosewell, knight John Bagwell; and John Sweete (E1642) Link[2,544] (T1642) Link[2,545] C33/182, p. (E1642) 431r ; (T1642) 539v
Edmond Rosingham Robert Ramsey; and William Dalliday (H1642) Link[2,546] C33/182, p. (H1642) 333r
Peter Roskrow Henry Carverth; et al (M1641) Link[2,547] (H1642) Link[2,548] C33/182, p. 66v ; (H1642) 299r
George Rosse William Faldo (M1641) Link[2,549] C33/182, p. 8v
Robert Rosse William Gidley; and Thomas Burton (M1641) Link[2,550]; (H1642) [2,551]; (E1642) Link[2,552], [2,553] C33/182, p. 83v ; (H1642) 350v ; (E1642) 366r, 459v
Elleanor Rother Priscilla Hette, widow (M1641) Link[2,554] C33/182, p. 126v
James Rotherech Henry Gibb, knight and baronet (E1642) Link[2,555] C33/182, p. (E1642) 412v
Roupe Shapley & his wife; and Amestry (M1641) Link[2,556] C33/182, p. 168v
Roupe Wise, widow (H1642) Link[2,557] C33/182, p. (H1642) 342r
Roward Mason; and Mason (T1642) Link[2,558] C33/182, p. (T1642) 561r
Rowe Rowe; et al (M1641) Link[2,559] C33/182, p. 109r
Rowe Satchfield (H1642) Link[2,560] C33/182, p. (H1642) 237r
Francis Rowe & Elizabeth his wife Thomas Coombe; John Rowe, gent; Nicholas Rowe; et al (M1641) Link[2,561] C33/182, p. 180r
Peter Rowe; William Stevens Francis Crocker; John Pearse; et al (T1642) Link[2,562] C33/182, p. (T1642) 543v
William Rowe, knight Henry Anderson, knight; et al (M1641) Link[2,563] Link[2,564] C33/182, p. 174v
Grace Rowell, widow William Killingbecke; and Benjamin Woodley (H1642) Link[2,565] (T1642) Link[2,566] C33/182, p. (H1642) 346v ; (T1642) 8191a
Rowland Firebrast (E1642) Link[2,567] C33/182, p. (E1642) 457v
Ann Rowland alias Steyner / Stainer Francis Street & Mary his wife (M1641) Link[2,568] Link[2,569], [2,570]; (H1642) [2,571]; (E1642) [2,572]; (T1642) [2,573], [2,574] C33/182, p. 16v, 49v, 58r ; (H1642) 253v ; (E1642) 369v ; (T1642) 536v, 572v
John Rowland, cleric George Spier; Richard Matkins; John Browne (H1642) Link[2,575] (E1642) Link[2,576] C33/182, p. (H1642) 330v ; (E1642) 390r
Thomas Rowland Henry Samwaies & his wife; Richard Beard; and John Parphett (M1641) Link[2,577] C33/182, p. 52v
William Rowland; et al Timothy Gibbenes; Edmund Davies & his wife (E1642) Link[2,578] (E1642) Link[2,579]; (T1642) [2,580] C33/182, p. (E1642) 407v, 463r ; (T1642) 541v
Rowles Bennett (M1641) Link[2,581] C33/182, p. 108r
William Rowles Edward Torknell (M1641) Link[2,582] Link[2,583], [2,584] C33/182, p. 12v, 27v, 108r
Rowlett Farmerly (H1642) Link[2,585] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340r
Rowley Nevill (H1642) Link[2,586] C33/182, p. (H1642) 193r
Rowley & his wife Windell (M1641) Link[2,587] Link[2,588] C33/182, p. 69v, 72r
Henry Rowley Ozia Churchman (E1642) Link[2,589] C33/182, p. (E1642) 398r
John Rowley & his wife William Allen; Richard Sparks; et al (M1641) Link[2,590] Link[2,591], [2,592] C33/182, p. 5r, 49v, 127r
John Rowley & his wife Thomas Nevill (T1642) Link[2,593] C33/182, p. (T1642) 536r
William Rowley Katherine Webster, widow (H1642) Link[2,594] C33/182, p. (H1642) 336v
William Rowsby Michael Hardy; et al (H1642) Link[2,595] (H1642) Link[2,596]; (E1642) [2,597], [2,598] C33/182, p. (H1642) 243r, 329v ; (E1642) 390r, 408r
John Rowse John Bennall & his wife (H1642) Link[2,599] (E1642) Link[2,600] C33/182, p. (H1642) 241r ; (E1642) 401v
John Rowse, plaintiff and executor of Thomas Maples, baronet Thomas, earl Rivers; Martha, countess Rivers; Harbottle Grimston, knight and baronet; John, Edward, and William Browne (E1642) Link[2,601] C33/182, p. (E1642) 461v
John Rowse, knight Thomas Tirrell, armiger (E1642) Link[2,602] (T1642) Link[2,603], [2,604] C33/182, p. (E1642) 437v ; (T1642) 473r, 581v
Robert Royden Robert Stebbinge (E1642) Link[2,605] (E1642) Link[2,606], [2,607], [2,608]; (T1642) [2,609] C33/182, p. (E1642) 381v, 383v, 435r ; (T1642) 510v
Rudd Bromshall (E1642) Link[2,610] C33/182, p. (E1642) 259r
Rudd Rudd (E1642) Link[2,611] C33/182, p. (E1642) 441r
Rudd Siggins (T1642) Link[2,612] C33/182, p. (T1642) 522v
Robert Rudd, infant son and heir of John Rudd by Thomas Potter, and Isabel his wife; and White Winter Thomas Broxholme (H1642) Link[2,613] (E1642) Link[2,614]; (T1642) [2,615] C33/182, p. (H1642) 255r ; (E1642) 419r ; (T1642) 528r
Ruddocke Younge (M1641) Link[2,616] Link[2,617] C33/182, p. 10r, 162r
Ruddy Brumsell (M1641) Link[2,618] C33/182, p. 162r
John Rudge Peter Rudge & his wifge (H1642) Link[2,619] C33/182, p. (H1642) 227v
Rudgeley, armiger Skeffington (M1641) Link[2,620] C33/182, p. 14r
Simon Rudgley / Rugeley, armiger Edward Littleton, armiger & Mary his wife (now deceased); Walter Chetwind, armiger (H1642) Link[2,621] (H1642) Link[2,622]; (E1642) [2,623]; (T1642) [2,624], [2,625] C33/182, p. (H1642) 221v, 259r ; (E1642) 407v ; (T1642) 473r, 547r
John Rudley Robert Fage (M1641) Link[2,626] (E1642) Link[2,627]; (T1642) [2,628] C33/182, p. 38r ; (E1642) 413v ; (T1642) 571r
Simon Rugeley, armiger Edward Littlton; Walter Chetwind; et al (H1642) Link[2,629] (H1642) Link[2,630]; (E1642) [2,631] C33/182, p. (H1642) 207v, 235r ; (E1642) 448v
Rugely Rugeley (H1642) Link[2,632] C33/182, p. (H1642) 211v
Rugeley Yates (H1642) Link[2,633] C33/182, p. (H1642) 211v
Thomas Rugge Henry Tayler (H1642) Link[2,634] (T1642) Link[2,635] C33/182, p. (H1642) 282v ; (T1642) 496r
Nicholas Rumny; and Edward Spurr Thomas Darber (T1642) Link[2,636] C33/182, p. (T1642) 543v
___ Rumsley, widow, executrix of Michael Slater Sra Richardson, widow (E1642) Link[2,637] C33/182, p. (E1642) 421r
Timothy Rushbrooke; and Giles Bookes John Porter; et al (M1641) Link[2,638] C33/182, p. 63v
Rushout Rolfe (M1641) Link[2,639] C33/182, p. 130r
William Rushton Henry Hamond; and James King (M1641) Link[2,640] C33/182, p. 137v
Russell Burton (H1642) Link[2,641] C33/182, p. (H1642) 198v
Russell Cotton (H1642) Link[2,642] C33/182, p. (H1642) 269r
Russell Goodwin (M1641) Link[2,643] Link[2,644] C33/182, p. 18v, 51r
Russell Handford (E1642) Link[2,645] C33/182, p. (E1642) 459v
Jane Russell, widow Francis Streete (T1642) Link[2,646] C33/182, p. (T1642)
John Russell, sr; et al Robert / Thomas Russell; and William Russell (M1641) Link[2,647] (H1642) Link[2,648], [2,649] C33/182, p. 116v ; (H1642) 296r, 324r
William Russell, baronet John Egiocke; Thomas Chreshield; et al (M1641) Link[2,650] Link[2,651], [2,652]; (E1642) [2,653]; (T1642) [2,654] C33/182, p. 23r, 78r, 175r ; (E1642) 375v ; (T1642) 489v
William Rutland Francis Read & Frances his wife (M1641) Link[2,655] (H1642) Link[2,656] C33/182, p. 78r; (H1642) 205r
Henry Rutter Thomas Cotes; and Richard Cotes (Coates) (M1641) Link[2,657] (H1642) Link[2,658]; (E1642) Link[2,659] C33/182, p. 176r ; (H1642) 263r ; (E1642) 414v
Ruttle Harrison (H1642) Link[2,660] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340r
William Ryme Richard Danyell; Samuel Jowett; et al (T1642) Link[2,661] (T1642) Link[2,662] C33/182, p. (T1642) 570v, 571r


Plaintiff Defendant Subject Matter First Volume Link Other Volume Links Final Decree Reference
Sacheverell Bennington (H1642) Link[2,663] (T1642) Link[2,664] C33/182, p. (H1642) 338r ; (T1642) 537v
Sackvile Barker (T1642) Link[2,665] C33/182, p. (T1642) 555r
Alice Sackvile, widow Martin Jeffery & his wife; et al (AND vice versa) (M1641) Link[2,666] C33/182, p. 178r
Sadler Saunders (M1641) Link[2,667] C33/182, p. 98v
Thomas Sadler, armiger John Lynn, executor of Marmaduke Lynn, doctor of laws (H1642) Link[2,668] C33/182, p. (H1642) 255v
Edward Saffin George Moore (H1642) Link[2,669] C33/182, p. (H1642) 263v
Richard St George, gent Edward Aldred; et al (M1641) Link[2,670] (H1642) Link[2,671] C33/182, p. 159v ; (H1642) 339r
John St John, knight and baronet Nicholas St John, armiger; et al (H1642) Link[2,672] (H1642) Link[2,673]; (E1642) [2,674]; (T1642) [2,675] C33/182, p. (H1642) 264r, 322r ; (E1642) 377v ; (T1642) 550r
Oliver St John, armiger; Elizabeth, lady Gascoigne his wife John Gascoigne, armiger (M1641) Link[2,676] Link[2,677], [2,678], [2,679]; (H1642) [2,680], [2,681] C33/182, p. 51v, 123r, 138r; (H1642) 245r, 257r
Anthony St Leger, armiger Richard Norwood, armiger (M1641) Link[2,682] C33/182, p. 130r
Elizabeth St Nicholas Vespatian Harris; Ann his wife; and John Gesquares (M1641) Link[2,683] (H1642) Link[2,684], [2,685] C33/182, p. 85r; (H1642) 206v, 212r
St Quinten Bucke, knight (T1642) Link[2,686] C33/182, p. (T1642) 531r
William Salisbury; and Mary, lady Conway; and Thomas Davies William Conway, armiger (H1642) Link[2,687] (H1642) Link[2,688], [2,689]; (E1642) [2,690], [2,691], [2,692], [2,693]; (T1642) [2,694], [2,695], [2,696] C33/182, p. (H1642) 226v, 325r, 336v ; (E1642) 419r, 422v, 441r, 454v ; (T1642) 487v, 501r, 576v
Salkield Aray (E1642) Link[2,697] C33/182, p. (E1642) 429r
Salkield Hudson (H1642) Link[2,698] C33/182, p. (H1642) 338r
Elizabeth Salmon, widow Stephen Alcocke (M1641) Link[2,699] (H1642) Link[2,700], [2,701]; (E1642) [2,702], [2,703]; (T1642) [2,704] C33/182, p. 121v; (H1642) 202v, 209r ; (E1642) 394v, 444v ; (T1642) 545r
Elizabeth Salmon, widow Peter Salmon; and Thomas Pom__ep (E1642) Link[2,705] C33/182, p. (E1642) 437r
Salter John Aiscough (H1642) Link[2,706] C33/182, p. (H1642) 198r
John Salter by Lewis Salter, his father and guardian John Burrish alias Burrage; and Giles Notley (M1641) Link[2,707] C33/182, p. 97r
Nicholas Salter, knight Dorothy Bennett; Richard Bennett; and Thomas Bennett (M1641) Link[2,708] (H1642) Link[2,709] C33/182, p. 75v ; (H1642)
Saltmarsh Williamson (M1641) Link[2,710] C33/182, p. 162r
Edward Saltmarsh, gent John Breers; Richard Bell; and Robert Bell (T1642) Link[2,711] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595v
Saltonstall Garner (M1641) Link[2,712] C33/182, p. 169r
Nathaniel Salworth John Howlett (M1641) Link[2,713] C33/182, p. 106v
Samborne Wharton (E1642) Link[2,714] C33/182, p. (E1642) 462v
Richard Sambourne Ellen Lane, widow; et al (M1641) Link[2,715] (H1642) Link[2,716]; (E1642) [2,717] C33/182, p. 146r; (H1642) 242v ; (E1642) 420r
John Sampson William Fisher, gent; et al (E1642) Link[2,718] (E1642) Link[2,719] C33/182, p. (E1642) 405r, 417v
John Sampson Nicholas Humfry & Constance his wife; and William Fisher (H1642) Link[2,720] (H1642) Link[2,721]; (E1642) [2,722]; (T1642) [2,723], [2,724] C33/182, p. (H1642) 226r, 265r ; (E1642) 247r ; (T1642) 547r, 593v
John Sampson William Winford & his wife; Henry Ladd; and Richard Somerbut (H1642) Link[2,725] (E1642) Link[2,726], [2,727] C33/182, p. (H1642) 341v ; (E1642) 380v, 452v
Richard Samuell Mathew Wheelowes (H1642) Link[2,728] C33/182, p. 306r
John Sandall, gent Stephen Carleton (E1642) Link[2,729] C33/182, p. (E1642) 404r
Sandford Birkbeck (E1642) Link[2,730] C33/182, p. (E1642) 461r
Edward Sandford Edward / James Sedgewicke (E1642) Link[2,731] (T1642) Link[2,732] C33/182, p. (E1642) 432v ; (T1642) 514v
Richard Sandford, knight Edward / Edmund Sandford (M1641) Link[2,733] (E1642) Link[2,734]; (T1642) [2,735], [2,736] C33/182, p. 112v ; (E1642) 448r ; (T1642) 515v, 541r
William Sandford; Robert Dover; et al Thomas Sanford; Richard Bravell; Michael Rutter (M1641) Link[2,737] C33/182, p.
William Sands Thomas Flower (H1642) Link[2,738] (H1642) Link[2,739]; (E1642) [2,740]; (T1642) [2,741] C33/182, p. (H1642) 283v, 317r; (E1642) 419r ; (T1642) 566v
Edwin Sands, armiger Richard Sands, armiger (M1641) Link[2,742] Link[2,743]; (H1642) [2,744], [2,745], [2,746]; (E1642) [2,747], [2,748] C33/182, p. 54v, 169v; (H1642) 193r, 270v, 338r ; (E1642) 435v, 441v
Francis Sands, armiger Thomas Duncombe; and ___ Duncombe (M1641) Link[2,749] C33/182, p. 51v
Richard Sands, armiger Robert Robinson, gent (H1642) Link[2,750] C33/182, p. (H1642) 201v
Richard Sands, armiger Edward Sands, armiger; and Thomas Bulkeley (M1641) Link[2,751] Link[2,752], [2,753], [2,754]; (H1642) [2,755] C33/182, p. 48r, 70v, 104r, 171v ; (H1642) 289r
Richard Sands, armiger Edwin Sands, armiger (M1641) Link[2,756] Link[2,757], [2,758], [2,759]; (H1642) [2,760] [2,761], [2,762] C33/182, p. 54v, 92r, 114r, 156v; (H1642) 201v, 262v, 266v
William Sands, knight Nicholas Trott, knight & Mary, lady Trott, widow (M1641) Link[2,763] Link[2,764], [2,765]; (H1642) [2,766]; (E1642) [2,767], [2,768], [2,769], [2,770], [2,771] C33/182, p. 3v, 25r, 39r ; (H1642) 292r ; (E1642) 389r, 394r, 395v, 405r, 420r
John Sangworth Richard Hodge; and Ralph Curle (T1642) Link[2,772] C33/182, p. (T1642) 532r
Thomas Santy George Bownest & Jane his wife; Richard Field; Henry Sweetinge & Grissell his wife (M1641) Link[2,773] C33/182, p. 116v
Thomas Santy John Rumsdon, knight & Lady Ann his wife; Thomas Poole, executor of Alderman Poole; Thomas Brocket; Nicholas Hooke; et al (E1642) Link[2,774] C33/182, p. (E1642) 455v
Sapcote, viscount Beaumont John Barrodall; Thomas Parsons; Thomas Robins; Edward Litherland; et al (H1642) Link[2,775] (E1642) Link[2,776] C33/182, p. (H1642) 245r ; (E1642) 464v
Sarfield Trevillion (M1641) Link[2,777] C33/182, p. 166r
Saunders Brooke (H1642) Link[2,778] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254v
Saunders Foxley (H1642) Link[2,779] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254r
Saunders Merrer (H1642) Link[2,780] C33/182, p. (H1642) 342r
Saunders Saunders (H1642) Link[2,781] (bis) (E1642) Link[2,782] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254r (bis) ; (E1642) 431v
Thomas Saunders James David & his wife; Thomas Price & his wife; et al (H1642) Link[2,783] (E1642) [2,784] C33/182, p. (H1642) 336v ; (E1642) 366v
Dorcas Saunders, widow Hugh Hester (M1641) Link[2,785] (H1642) Link[2,786], [2,787] C33/182, p. 29r; (H1642) 229r, 261r
Francis Saunders, armiger; and Richard / Robert Pleistow Elizabeth Bosse, widow by Thomas Bosse her guardian; Nicholas Francklin, armiger; et al (M1641) Link[2,788] (H1642) Link[2,789], [2,790], [2,791]; (E1642) [2,792], [2,793], [2,794] C33/182, p. 172r; (H1642) 207r, 229v, 275v ; (E1642) 386v, 393v, 454r
Francis Saunders, armiger William Duncombe, jr; Henry Duncombe; Thomas Duncombe (H1642) Link[2,795] (E1642) Link[2,796], [2,797] C33/182, p. 312r ; (E1642) 380r, 450v
John Saunders Edward Barrett; Thomas Gower; Edward Cowper, cleric (M1641) Link[2,798] (E1642) Link[2,799], [2,800], [2,801]; (T1642) [2,802], [2,803], [2,804], [2,805], [2,806] C33/182, p. 38r ; (E1642) 410v, 422v, 437v ; (T1642) 490r, 510v, 522r, 560v, 584v
Richard Saunders John Bishop (T1642) Link[2,807] C33/182, p. (T1642) 503v
Robert Saunders & his wife Henry Moore, gent; Margaret Willmott, widow, administratrix of Richard Willmott; William Moore; and Thomas Hickman, cleric (M1641) Link[2,808] Link[2,809], [2,810]; (H1642) [2,811] C33/182, p. 68v, 108r, 131r; (H1642) 236r
William Saunders, armiger Edward Astell (M1641) Link[2,812] C33/182, p. 63r
William Saunders; and William Jones Michael Sarkham; and Thomas Strode (T1642) Link[2,813] C33/182, p. (T1642) 584r
Raleigh Saunderson; et al Thomas Smith; et al (M1641) Link[2,814] Link[2,815], [2,816]; (E1642) [2,817] C33/182, p. 11v, 32r, 116r ; (E1642) 462v
Savage Smith (T1642) Link[2,818] C33/182, p. (T1642) 476v
Savage Walker (T1642) Link[2,819] C33/182, p. (T1642) 566v
Savage Wills (H1642) Link[2,820] C33/182, p. (H1642) 197v
Edward Savage, knight James Cambell; Thomas Cambell; Elizabeth Morris, widow; et al (M1641) Link[2,821] (H1642) Link[2,822], [2,823], [2,824]; (T1642) [2,825], [2,826] C33/182, p. 2v; (H1642) 243v, 292v, 339r ; (T1642) 527v, 572v
Edward Savage, knight, administrator of Lady Alice, lately wife of Robert Cambell Agnes Morris, widow; et al (H1642) Link[2,827] C33/182, p. 246v
Edward Savage, knight Thomas Puckeridge, sr; and Thomas Puckeridge, jr (M1641) Link[2,828] (H1642) Link[2,829] C33/182, p. 27v; (H1642) 237r
Katherine Savage, widow John Turner; Giles Davis; et al (E1642) Link[2,830] C33/182, p. (E1642) 452r
Thomas Savage, cleric William Brandon; et al (T1642) Link[2,831] C33/182, p. (T1642) 573v
Robert Savery, armiger; William Bagan; and John Upton, armiger (recently deceased) Anthony Champernoone, armiger; and Henry Champernoone, gent (E1642) Link[2,832] C33/182, p. (E1642)
Thomas Savile, armiger; John Jebson; and Bridget Nicholls Joseph Bridges; Abraham Normington; and Abraham Midgeley (E1642) Link[2,833] C33/182, p. (E1642) 395v
Sawer Adamthwaite (M1641) Link[2,834] C33/182, p. 169v
John Sawkins Richard Francklin; et al (and vice versa) (M1641) Link[2,835] (H1642)Link[2,836], Link[2,837], Link[2,838] C33/182, p. 132v; (H1642) 238r, 263r, 264v
William Saxby, guardian of Dorothy and Ann Kippinge, infant Martin Jefferys (M1641) Link[2,839] Link[2,840], [2,841], [2,842], [2,843]; (H1642) [2,844]; (E1642) [2,845], [2,846], [2,847], [2,848]; (T1642) [2,849], [2,850] C33/182, p. 2v, 21r, 46r, 59v ; (H1642) 258r ; (E1642) 377r, 389v, 416r, 453r ; (T1642) 490v, 594r
William Say, armiger John Twyninge (T1642) Link[2,851] C33/182, p. (T1642) 515v
Richard Sayer Robert Kinge Blundevile (H1642) Link[2,852] C33/182, p. 305r
James Scamler / Scambler Martin Calthropp; and John Calthropp (AND John Colthropp v. James Scamler; et al) (E1642) Link[2,853] (T1642) Link[2,854] C33/182, p. (E1642) 450r; (T1642) 509r
Scargill Whitfield (M1641) Link[2,855] C33/182, p. 30v
Henry Scarlett Henry Scarlett; Ann Ward, widow; Randolph Bleverhalsett; and Humfrey Rant (H1642) Link[2,856] C33/182, p. 267r
Ezechias Scarninge Gilbert Fitch (M1641) Link[2,857] (E1642) Link[2,858] C33/182, p. 3r ; (E1642) 380v
Ezechias Scarninge Giilbert Griffith (H1642) Link[2,859] C33/182, p. (H1642) 222r
Richard Scaundrett; Richard Allington; and William Lightfoote Thomas Price (M1641) Link[2,860] Link[2,861], [2,862], [2,863]; (E1642) [2,864] C33/182, p. 17v, 24a, 41r, 77r ; (E1642) 401v
Stephen Scaundret, gent George Garrett, knight; Oliver Scaundret; Joseph Valiant; et al (E1642) Link[2,865] (E1642) Link[2,866], [2,867]; (T1642) C33/182, p. (E1642) 387v, 395r, 451v ; (T1642) 552v
Scholefield Lomax (T1642) Link[2,868] C33/182, p. (T1642) 551v
Elizabeth Scorpe, widow George Scarpe (H1642) Link[2,869] C33/182, p. (H1642) 271v
James Scott John Butterworth (M1641) Link[2,870] (T1642) Link[2,871] C33/182, p. 105v ; (T1642) 505v
Marmaduke Scot Richard Crow / Crew (H1642) Link[2,872] (H1642) Link[2,873], [2,874]; (E1642) [2,875]; (T1642) [2,876] C33/182, p. (H1642) 270v, 303r, 338v ; (E1642) 398v ; (T1642) 478r
Scott Duppie (M1641) Link[2,877] C33/182, p. 9r
John Scott Earl of Dover; John, lord Rochford; Thomas Vincent; Richard Marsden; et al (M1641) Link[2,878] Link[2,879] C33/182, p. 123r, 149r
John Scott John Hamond (E1642) Link[2,880] C33/182, p. (E1642) 423r
Leonard Scott, jr Luke Whittington (M1641) Link[2,881] Link[2,882]; (H1642) [2,883], [2,884], [2,885], [2,886], [2,887] C33/182, p. 101r, 116r; (H1642) 230r, 264v, 296r, 312v ; (E1642) 434v
Stephen Scott; John Willamott; Brian Coniers; Margaret his wife Richard Allard; James May; and Ruth Scott, widow (T1642) Link[2,888] C33/182, p. (T1642) 480v
William Scott Thomas Jones; Elizabeth his wife; and James Hinton (T1642) Link[2,889] C33/182, p. (T1642) 488r
William Scott; et al Brian Nelson (M1641) Link[2,890] C33/182, p.
Henry Scras, infant, by William Hay, curator George Bedford, executor of Richard Scras; Charity Rivers, relict and executrix of James Rivers; Richard Unedale; Edward Blaker (H1642) Link[2,891] (H1642) Link[2,892], [2,893], [2,894], [2,895], [2,896], [2,897]; (E1642) [2,898], [2,899]; (T1642) [2,900], [2,901], [2,902] C33/182, p. (H1642) 196r; (H1642) 241r, 284v, 287r, 310r, 335r, 339r ; (E1642) 376v, 384r ; (T1642) 473r, 558v, 561v
John Scriven; and John Hall, gent Thomas Thackwell, cleric (T1642) Link[2,903] C33/182, p. (T1642) 502r
Mary Scroope; Elizabeth Scroope; and Annabel Scroope by Martha Janes, their guardian Moses Janes; and Matheas Gaile (M1641) Link[2,904] C33/182, p. 145r
Mary Scroope; Elizabeth Scroope; and Annabel Scroope by Martha Janes, their guardian John Webbe (E1642) Link[2,905] C33/182, p. (E1642) 374v
Thomas Scudder William Garnons (M1641) Link[2,906] (H1642) Link[2,907], [2,908], [2,909]; (E1642) [2,910], http://aalt.law.uh.edu/C1/C33no182/IMG_8065.htm] C33/182, p. 33v; (H1642) 194v, 237r, 269v ; (E1642) 377r, 381r
John Scutt Thomas Blumfield, sr (M1641) Link[2,911] (bis) (H1642) Link[2,912] C33/182, p. 169r (bis); (H1642) 221v
Mary and Elizabeth Scut, infants by William Scut, guardian; and Ann Scut Thomas Blowfield, sr; and Thomas Blowfield, jr (H1642) Link[2,913] C33/182, p. (H1642) 343r
Allan Scutten, gent John Sherman; et al (H1642) Link[2,914] C33/182, p. (H1642) 241v
Seabourne Moore (E1642) Link[2,915] (E1642) Link[2,916] C33/182, p. (E1642) 420v, 425r
Seabrooke Allen; and Watkin; Mady (T1642) Link[2,917] C33/182, p. (T1642) 561r
Ann Seabrook Edward Garrett; Edward Seabrooke; and Robert Fisher (M1641) Link[2,918] (T1642) Link[2,919] C33/182, p. 69v ; (T1642) 595v
Seaman Simonds (H1642) Link[2,920] C33/182, p. (H1642) 243v
Thomas Seaman Herbert Finch & his wife; William Coudall; Edward Noble & his wife (AND Herbert Finch; et al v. Thomas Seaman) (M1641) Link[2,921] (H1642) Link[2,922], [2,923], [2,924], [2,925], [2,926], [2,927]; (E1642) [2,928] C33/182, p. 38v; (H1642) 205r, 265r, 279v, 316v, 320r, 343v ; (E1642) 382r
Thomas Seaman Robert Finch; et al (AND Thomas Seaman v. Edmund Noble & his wife; AND Edmund Noble & his wife v. Thomas Seaman et al) (H1642) Link[2,929] C33/182, p. (H1642) 294v
Seriant Wade; Wade; and Wade (T1642) Link[2,930] C33/182, p. (T1642) 539r
Thomas Seriant Thomas Sallowes; et al (H1642) Link[2,931] C33/182, p. (H1642) 342v
Searle Collins (H1642) Link[2,932] C33/182, p. (H1642) 342r
Searle Gadd (M1641) Link[2,933] C33/182, p. 115v
Christopher Searle; et al Samuel Client; Henry Faldo; et al (M1641) Link[2,934] (E1642) Link[2,935]; (T1642) [2,936] C33/182, p. 8v ; (E1642) 393r ; (T1642) 484v
Edward Searle Francis Dyer (H1642) Link[2,937] C33/182, p. (H1642) 189r
George Searle; et al William Meade; et al (H1642) Link[2,938] C33/182, p. (H1642) 234v
John Searle; et al Christopher Isaacke; and Nicholas Isaacke; et al (AND said Christopher Isaacke; and Nicholas Isaacke v. John Searle; Thomas Searle & Ann his wife; et al) (H1642) Link[2,939] (H1642) Link[2,940] C33/182, p. (H1642) 252v, 271v
Thomas Searle; and John Searle William Isaacke, sr; Christopher Isaacke; and Nicholas Isaacke (T1642) Link[2,941] C33/182, p. (T1642) 586r
Seaward, gent Collins; Collins; and Sherman (E1642) Link[2,942] C33/182, p. (E1642) 433r
John Seaward Henry Russell (M1641) Link[2,943] ; (H1642) (H1642) Link[2,944] C33/182, p. 101v ; (H1642) 254r
Henry Sedgewicke Phillipp Lassells; and Ralph Appleby (E1642) Link[2,945] C33/182, p. (E1642) 429v
Henry Sedgewicke & Rose his wife Richard Shelley & his wife (M1641) Link[2,946] C33/182, p. 149v
Sefton Harvy (M1641) Link[2,947] C33/182, p. 168r
William Selby; George Selby; et al Nicholas Temple / Tempest, knight; Francis Anderson; Charles Brandlinge; William Lampton, knight; Humfrey Shelcrosse; et al (E1642) Link[2,948] (E1642) Link[2,949] C33/182, p. (E1642) 442r, 451r
Elizabeth Selby, widow William Selby, knight; George Selby; and Thomas Selby (H1642) Link[2,950] C33/182, p. (H1642) 344r
Francis Selden, armiger Thomas Younge; William Habberfield; and Thomas Heyson (H1642) Link[2,951] C33/182, p. 304r
David Sellecke Joan Sellecke, widow, relict of William Sellecke, administratrix during the minority of Robert Sellecke, son (M1641) Link[2,952] (H1642) Link[2,953] C33/182, p. 3v ; (H1642) 254r
John Sellecke, administrator of William Sellecke during the minority of Robert Sellecke, executor of William Sellecke Dorothy Sidenham, widow (M1641) Link[2,954] C33/182, p. 61v
Sara Selwin; et al William Selwin, armiger; et al (M1641) Link[2,955] bis (H1642) Link[2,956]; (E1642) [2,957] C33/182, p. 87r ; (H1642) 325r ; (E1642) 422v
William Selwin Thomas Hancox / Hancocke; et al (M1641) Link[2,958] (E1642) Link[2,959] C33/182, p. 94r ; (E1642) 428v
Semer Rosewell, knight (E1642) Link[2,960] C33/182, p. (E1642) 388r
Ann Senhouse Archibold Armestronge; and Cuthbert Urphow (H1642) Link[2,961] (E1642) Link[2,962] C33/182, p. (H1642) 251r ; (E1642) 378r
Nicholas Senyor; et al Henry Rosewell, knight (M1641) Link[2,963] (H1642) Link[2,964] C33/182, p. 91r ; (H1642) 309v
Ralph Seracold; and Francis Soyon William Beale (M1641) Link[2,965] C33/182, p. 124r
John Savenakre John Milbourne; Henry Milbourne; Charles Milbourne; and Edward Tovy (H1642) Link[2,966] C33/182, p. 311v
Roger Seale Thomas Greene (T1642) Link[2,967] C33/182, p. (T1642) 493v
William Setcole Richard Scarye; and William Lodge (T1642) Link[2,968] C33/182, p. (T1642) 597v
John Severne Thomas Evans; et al (T1642) Link[2,969] (T1642) Link[2,970] C33/182, p. (T1642) 537r, 577r
Sevaker / Seaveaker Chaffin (H1642) Link[2,971] (E1642) Link[2,972] (bis), [2,973] C33/182, p. (H1642) 337r ; (E1642) 423v (bis), 441
Saveaker Land (T1642) Link[2,974] C33/182, p. (T1642) 532r
Seveaker Milborne; and Milborne (E1642) Link[2,975] C33/182, p. (E1642) 459r
Shackforth Shackforth (H1642) Link[2,976] C33/182, p. (H1642) 243v
John Shackston Robert Waller; et al (E1642) Link[2,977] C33/182, p. (E1642) 446v
John Shackston Nicholas Willimot, armiger; John Willymot; and Robert Meller (T1642) Link[2,978] C33/182, p. (T1642) 537r
Shafto Perryman (H1642) Link[2,979] C33/182, p. (H1642) 248v
Shapcott Crachett (M1641) Link[2,980] (bis) C33/182, p. 168r(bis)
Thomas Shapcott Martin Sandford (M1641) Link[2,981] Link[2,982], [2,983] C33/182, p. 26r, 51v, 87v
Henry Sharpe James Carver (M1641) Link[2,984] C33/182, p. 115r
Robert Sharpe; et al James Carver (H1642) Link[2,985] C33/182, p. (H1642) 194r
Robert Sharpe; and Henry Sharpe James Cranmer & his wife (H1642) Link[2,986] C33/182, p. (H1642) 191v
Robert Sharpeigh, knight & Jane his wife, guardian of Jane Locksmith Robert Creswell (M1641) Link[2,987] (H1642) Link[2,988]; (H1642) [2,989] C33/182, p. 156v; (H1642) ; (H1642) 199r
Phillipa Sharrocke, widow, executrix of Mathew Sharrocke John Hickes; Andrew Tregennow; and Patrick Blake (E1642) Link[2,990] C33/182, p. (E1642) 408r
Shasteed Newman (T1642) Link[2,991] C33/182, p. (T1642) 537r
Shawe Honor (M1641) Link[2,992] C33/182, p. 171r
Robert Shaw, armiger John Sandle; William Sandle; et al (E1642) Link[2,993] C33/182, p. (E1642) 466r
Shaxton Shalcrosse; FitzRandolfe; and Milward (T1642) Link[2,994] C33/182, p. (T1642) 596r
Shaxton Willamott (E1642) Link[2,995] C33/182, p. (E1642) 465r
George Sheeres / Sheires, armiger Adrian Metcalfe; and Francis Metcalfe (M1641) Link[2,996] (H1642) Link[2,997]; (E1642) [2,998], [2,999] C33/182, p. 78v ; (H1642) 321r ; (E1642) 386v, 425r
Scropsheire Beardmore (T1642) Link[3,000] C33/182, p. (T1642) 559r
Sheires Coker (E1642) Link[3,001] (bis) C33/182, p. (E1642) 444v (bis)
Sheires, armiger Lady Cope, widow; and Eure (H1642) Link[3,002] C33/182, p. 321r
Sheldon Huttoft; and Burton (M1641) Link[3,003] (H1642) Link[3,004] C33/182, p. 157r ; (H1642) 337r
Francis Sheldon, armiger Thomas Younge, gent; William Habfield; and Thomas Heihoe (H1642) Link[3,005] C33/182, p. (H1642) 288r
John Sheldon John Middlmore, gent; et al (M1641) Link[3,006] Link[3,007]; (H1642) [3,008] C33/182, p. 164v ; (H1642) 281v
William Shelley & his wife George Bewes (M1641) Link[3,009] C33/182, p. 70v
Thomas Shelston John Dassett (E1642) Link[3,010] C33/182, p. (E1642) 367r
Shelton Meade (E1642) Link[3,011] C33/182, p. (E1642) 441a
Anthony Shelton Christopher Yardley (M1641) Link[3,012] C33/182, p. 125v
Edward Shelton & Mary his wife, executrix of Alice Roe alias Wilkinson Jonathan Hopkinson; and Thomas Wilkinson (M1641) Link[3,013] Link[3,014], [3,015], [3,016], [3,017] C33/182, p. 24r, 93v, 113v, 121r, 133v
Sheppard Pocklington; Sugdon; Tailor; and Thompson (H1642) Link[3,018] C33/182, p. (H1642) 339v
Sheppard Stanley (E1642) Link[3,019] (E1642) Link[3,020] C33/182, p. (E1642) 397r, 441v
Sheppard Stowe (E1642) Link[3,021] C33/182, p. (E1642) 405r
Alice Sheppard, widow William Hancocke; et al (E1642) Link[3,022] C33/182, p. (E1642) 405r
Benjamin Sheppard William Sedgewicke (E1642) Link[3,023] (T1642) Link[3,024] C33/182, p. (E1642) 429v ; (T1642) 556r
Benjamin Sheppard, gent Gervase Nevill (T1642) Link[3,025] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595v
Benjamin Sheppard, gent George Stowe (T1642) Link[3,026] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595v
William Sheppard John Carter; and Thomas Layford (M1641) Link[3,027] Link[3,028] C33/182, p. 12v, 97v
William Sheppard, armiger Thomas Warmall (H1642) Link[3,029] C33/182, p. (H1642) 266r
Sherbourne Morley (E1642) Link[3,030] (E1642) Link[3,031] C33/182, p. (E1642) 420r, 459r
William Sherecroft Joseph Holden (T1642) Link[3,032] C33/182, p. (T1642) 516r
Edward Shergall Edward Randall, knight; et al (H1642) Link[3,033] (T1642) Link[3,034] C33/182, p. (H1642) 269r ; (T1642) 548v
William Shergall; et al Agnes St Ibury; et al (M1641) Link[3,035] C33/182, p. 52r
Sheriffe Cornish; and Lea (E1642) Link[3,036] C33/182, p. (E1642) 461v
Barnard Sherley; Rebecca Sherley; Robert Lanhell & his wife John Woodcocke (M1641) Link[3,037] C33/182, p. 54r
Daniel Sherley Edward Burton; Joan his wife; et al (H1642) Link[3,038] (H1642) Link[3,039]; (T1642) [3,040] C33/182, p. (H1642) 221r, 254r ; (T1642) 591v
Daniel Sherley William Wilder & Jane his wife (M1641) Link[3,041] (H1642) Link[3,042], [3,043]; (E1642) [3,044], [3,045] C33/182, p. 54r; (H1642) 209r, 242v ; (E1642) 414r, 431v
Sherrard Menns (H1642) Link[3,046] C33/182, p. (H1642) 342r
Rowland Sherrard Lady Francis Wingfield, widow (E1642) Link[3,047] C33/182, p. (E1642) 428r
William Sherrin John Miller, knight; and Tristram Turgis (M1641) Link[3,048] (H1642) Link[3,049] C33/182, p. 78v ; (H1642) 282r
John Sherrington George Tompson & Mary his wife; Thomas Leeder; et al (E1642) Link[3,050] C33/182, p. (E1642) 450r
Sherrock Hicks; Tregennowe; and Blake (E1642) Link[3,051] C33/182, p. (E1642) 458v
Anthony Sherston, gent Henry Nevill; and Andrew Cole, cleric (M1641) Link[3,052] C33/182, p. 12r
John Sherwill (deceased); and Abraham Sherwill Thomas Sherwill (M1641) Link[3,053] (H1642) [3,054]; (E1642) [3,055] C33/182, p. 65r; (H1642) 238v ; (E1642) 426r
Sherwood Kent (H1642) Link[3,056] C33/182, p. (H1642) 195r
Lionel Sherwood; and John Gray William Pantall; and Thomas Scott (H1642) Link[3,057] C33/182, p. (H1642) 212r
Shield Gray, armiger (H1642) Link[3,058] C33/182, p. (H1642) 283v
Mathew Shipp Thomas Parker & his wife; William Allington, armiger; Simon Jackson & his wife (M1641) Link[3,059] C33/182, p. 43r
Richard Shoreditch Edward Say; and William Say (M1641) Link[3,060] Link[3,061] C33/182, p. 31v, 75v
Barnard Shorey; Robert Shorey; Robert Samuel & his wife John Woodcocke (H1642) Link[3,062] C33/182, p. (H1642) 267r
Shorver Leech (M1641) Link[3,063] C33/182, p. 77v
John Shorter & Grace his wife Thomas Sheppard & Margaret his wife (M1641) Link[3,064] Link[3,065] C33/182, p. 40v, 169v
Stephen Shortred Sara Cox, widow; William Cox; and Francis Hooke & his wife (H1642) Link[3,066] C33/182, p. (H1642) 240v
Shoulder Chittenden; and Chittenden (H1642) Link[3,067] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340r
Barnard Shovey; and Robert Lamsell & his wife John Woodcocke (T1642) Link[3,068] C33/182, p. (T1642) 533r
Allan Shrubb John Baldwin (M1641) Link[3,069] Link[3,070]; (H1642) [3,071], [3,072]; (T1642) [3,073], [3,074] C33/182, p. 19r, 89r; (H1642) 238r ; (H1642) 431v ; (T1642) 475v, 499r
Shute Seaman (M1641) Link[3,075] C33/182, p. 13r
Shute Shute (M1641) Link[3,076] C33/182, p. 98v
Francis Shute; et al Henry Wallopp; Robert Wallopp; Richard Wallopp; and William Boycott (E1642) Link[3,077] (T1642) Link[3,078] C33/182, p. (E1642) 422r ; (T1642) 570r
Richard Shutlworth & Sara his wife; Francis Jones; et al Francis Foster; John Lockley; Roger Ashwood (M1641) Link[3,079] Link[3,080]; (H1642) [3,081]; (E1642) [3,082] C33/182, p. 83r, 104v; (H1642) 200r ; (E1642) 432v
Richard Sibb, armiger Tobias Martin & his wife; Tobias Snapes (M1641) Link[3,083] C33/182, p. 118v
William Siday John Spicer & Mary his wife; and James Holmes (H1642) Link[3,084] C33/182, p. (H1642) 240r
John Sidey Sidney / Sidrach Smith (H1642) Link[3,085] (H1642) Link[3,086], [3,087], [3,088]; (E1642) [3,089], [3,090]; (T1642) [3,091], [3,092], [3,093] C33/182, p. (H1642) 307r, 338v, 342r, 342v ; (E1642) 366r, 419r ; (T1642) 524r, 576r, 579r
Sigsworth Gardiner (T1642) Link[3,094] C33/182, p. (T1642) 544r
John Silbourne; et al Charles Horsley (M1641) Link[3,095] Link[3,096]; (T1642) [3,097] C33/182, p. 114v, 168v ; (T1642) 572v
Silly Tooker (M1641) Link[3,098] C33/182, p. 97r
John Silly Henry Michell; Thomas Mereford; and Humfrey ___, armiger (M1641) Link[3,099] (E1642) Link[3,100] (bis); (T1642) [3,101] C33/182, p. 10v ; (E1642) 428r (bis) ; (T1642) 475v
John Silly Jonathan Rushley, armiger (T1642) Link[3,102] C33/182, p. (T1642) 574r
Silson Arundell; and Lee & his wife (M1641) Link[3,103] C33/182, p. 169r
Sim Fern, lady Bacon; and Baldwin (M1641) Link[3,104] C33/182, p. 170r
Thomas Simcocks / Simcox; and Thomas Samwaies Richard Billinge (M1641) Link[3,105] Link[3,106], [3,107]; (H1642) [3,108], [3,109] C33/182, p. 13r, 15r, 94r; (H1642) 216r, 240v
Francis Simondes & Bridget his wife; Alice, John, Abraham, Mathew; Joan, Elizabeth, George, and Robert the children of Richard Pley (deceased) by Edward Pitt their guardian John Gominge, jr (E1642) Link[3,110] C33/182, p. (E1642) 415r
Thomas Simonds Richard Simonds; John Maney; and Thomas Seaman (M1641) Link[3,111] Link[3,112], [3,113] C33/182, p. 2v, 34v, 58v
Simons Martin; and Kaypes (T1642) Link[3,114] C33/182, p. (T1642) 331r
Simons Seriant (H1642) Link[3,115] C33/182, p. (H1642) 280r
Geoffrey Simpkins, cleric; and William Simpkins Richard Powell, cleric; Roger Garnons; Timothy Gates; and Tristram Bridges (M1641) Link[3,116] (E1642) Link[3,117] C33/182, p. 159r ; (E1642) 427v
Simple Atkinson (T1642) Link[3,118] C33/182, p. (T1642)
Simpson Lowry (E1642) Link[3,119] C33/182, p. (E1642) 457v
Henry Simpson John Gorron (H1642) Link[3,120] (H1642) Link[3,121], [3,122], [3,123], [3,124]; (E1642) [3,125] C33/182, p. (H1642) 195r, 224v 258r, 265r, 265v ; (E1642) 376r
Henry Simpson William Husband; John Husband; et al (H1642) Link[3,126] C33/182, p. 310v
John Simpson Francis Woolley; Francis Archer; and Robert Shaddocke / Chaddock (M1641) Link[3,127] (E1642) Link[3,128]; (T1642) [3,129] C33/182, p. 151v ; (E1642) 379r ; (T1642) 478r
John Simpson Zouch Wilde; et al (E1642) Link[3,130] C33/182, p. (E1642) 230v
John Simpson William Winford (E1642) Link[3,131] C33/182, p. (E1642) 462v & his wife; Henry Ladd; and Richard Somerbut
Richard Simpson; Edward Perryman; and Richard Lacy Thomas Prestwicke & Elizabeth his wife (Thomas Prestwicke v. Robert Atkinson) (M1641) Link[3,132]; (E1642) [3,133] C33/182, p. 4 ; (E1642) 442rv
Thomas Simpson Francis Hodges, widow (M1641) Link[3,134] C33/182, p. 56v
William Simpson John Bolte; and Thomas Sheldon (and William Simpson v. Baldwin Sheldon) (and Humfrey Hugford v. John Westcott) (M1641) Link[3,135] Link[3,136]; (H1642) [3,137] (bis); (E1642) [3,138], [3,139], [3,140] C33/182, p. 12r, 94r ; (H1642) 285v (bis); (E1642) 366r, 421v, 464r
Robert Sims; Richard Sims; John Sims; at al ( / Symms) William Boulton & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Willett (M1641) Link[3,141] (H1642) Link[3,142], [3,143]; (E1642) [3,144] C33/182, p. 33v ; (H1642) 292v, 341r ; (E1642) 421v
Roger Sindrey John Hall; John Mathew; and Charles Townsend (M1641) Link[3,145] (H1642) Link[3,146] C33/182, p. 82v; (H1642) 213r
Ann Sinhouse Archibald Armestronge; Cuthbert Orfewr (M1641) Link[3,147] C33/182, p. 26v
Sitwell Cowper (M1641) Link[3,148] C33/182, p. 171r
John Skeale / Skeile John Easte; et al (T1642) Link[3,149] (T1642) Link[3,150] C33/182, p. (T1642) 546r, 555r
Edward Skelton & his wife, executrix of Alice Roe alias Wilkinson Jonathan Hopkinson; et al (H1642) Link[3,151] C33/182, p. (H1642) 202v
Thomas Skelton John Robinson; and Thomas Gibson; and John Carrington (T1642) Link[3,152] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595v
William Skelton Thomas Vaux (T1642) Link[3,153] C33/182, p. (T1642) 535r
Elizabeth Skepper, widow; et al Edward Bee, gent (M1641) Link[3,154] (H1642) Link[3,155], [3,156], [3,157] C33/182, p. 147v; (H1642) 207v, 275r, 302r
Thomas Skipwith & his wife, administratrix of John Blewet Richard Pell et al (M1641) Link[3,158] Link[3,159], [3,160]; (H1642) [3,161] C33/182, p. 15v, 34v, 80r ; (H1642)
Skynner Harrison (H1642) Link[3,162] C33/182, p. (H1642) 338v
Skynner Hills (M1641) Link[3,163] C33/182, p. 156v
Skynner Wells (H1642) Link[3,164] C33/182, p. (H1642) 338v
Elizabeth Skynner, executor of John Skynner; and Thomas Skynner William Chapman (T1642) Link[3,165] C33/182, p. (T1642) 573r
John Skynner James Holmes (M1641) Link[3,166] C33/182, p. 54v
Slaney Carson (M1641) Link[3,167] (H1642) Link[3,168] C33/182, p. 98v ; (H1642) 253v
Humfrey Slaney John Slany; and Richard Wright (T1642) Link[3,169] C33/182, p. (T1642) 541v
Slegge Musgrave; and Musgrave (M1641) Link[3,170] C33/182, p. 168v
Edward Slegge John Manby, doctor in divinity (M1641) Link[3,171] Link[3,172], [3,173]; (H1642) [3,174] C33/182, p. 70v, 93r, 156r; (H1642) 247v
Sleigh Gerrard (H1642) Link[3,175] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340r
John Slipper Ann Allen, widow; et al (M1641) Link[3,176] (H1642) Link[3,177] C33/182, p. 14r; (H1642) 199r
Small Woodhouse; and Robinson (H1642) Link[3,178] C33/182, p. (H1642) 282r
Smalley Clitherow; et al (T1642) Link[3,179] (bis) C33/182, p. (T1642) 561r (bis)
Navus (?) Smalley; and John Smalley Francis Offley; et al (H1642) Link[3,180] (H1642) Link[3,181]; (E1642) [3,182] C33/182, p. 328r; (H1642) 332r ; (E1642) 376r
Smarte Adams (E1642) Link[3,183] C33/182, p. (E1642) 441v
John Smart A(mos?) Ameridith, baronet (M1641) Link[3,184] C33/182, p. 96v
Smith Bennett (M1641) Link[3,185] (T1642) Link[3,186] C33/182, p. 105v ; (T1642) 555r
Smith Bleigh (H1642) Link[3,187] C33/182, p. (H1642) 337r
Charles Smith, knight Adam Crampe (T1642) Link[3,188] C33/182, p. (T1642) 583v
Smith Foster (T1642) Link[3,189] C33/182, p. (T1642) 560v
Smith Freeman; and Harris (T1642) Link[3,190] C33/182, p. (T1642) 560v
Smith Geyton / Gaiton (M1641) Link[3,191] Link[3,192]; (H1642) [3,193] C33/182, p. 79v, 109r; (H1642) 197v
Smith Hobbs (H1642) Link[3,194] C33/182, p. (H1642) 337v
Smith Robinson, cleric; Brooke; and Gibson & his wife (H1642) Link[3,195] (T1642) Link[3,196] C33/182, p. 329v ; (T1642) 545r
Smith Smith (T1642) Link[3,197] (T1642) Link[3,198] C33/182, p. (T1642) 560v, 595r
Anthony Smith; and George fSmith Richard Hampdon, armiger (M1641) Link[3,199] (H1642) Link[3,200]; (E1642) [3,201] C33/182, p. 17r; (H1642) 324v ; (E1642) 423v
Smith Harper (M1641) Link[3,202] (H1642) Link[3,203]; (E1642) [3,204]; (T1642) [3,205] C33/182, p. 15r ; (H1642) 338r ; (E1642) 457v ; (T1642) 561r
___ Smith Nicholas Overbury / Overberry, knight (H1642) Link[3,206] (T1642) Link[3,207] C33/182, p. 324v ; (T1642) 540v
Smith Wilder; and Wilder (E1642) Link[3,208] C33/182, p. (E1642) 379r
Smith Williams & his wife (M1641) Link[3,209] C33/182, p. 72r
Dudley Smith, armiger Thomas Knight; Alice his wife; and James Jeninges (M1641) Link[3,210] (E1642) Link[3,211]; (T1642) [3,212] C33/182, p. 107r ; (E1642) 395v ; (T1642) 485v
Elizabeth Smith by Robert Pointon / Panton, her guardian Ann Smith, widow; Richard Diaper (M1641) Link[3,213] Link[3,214]; (H1642) [3,215]; (E1642) [3,216], [3,217]; (T1642) [3,218] C33/182, p. 54r, 121v; (H1642) 194r ; (E1642) 456v, 458v ; (T1642) 481r
George Smith Michael Gatwood (T1642) Link[3,219] C33/182, p. (T1642) 493r
George Smith & Ann his wife Leonard Greene (T1642) Link[3,220] C33/182, p. (T1642) 505v
George Smith Katherine Haynes, widow, executor of Thomas Minshin (M1641) Link[3,221] C33/182, p. 26v
Henry Smith Ezechial Grosse (H1642) Link[3,222] C33/182, p. 322r
John Smith John Braine; Roger Smith; Robert Webb; Henry Wall; Henry Morris; and Thomas Grismond (H1642) Link[3,223] C33/182, p. (H1642) 233r
John Smith Ann Norton, widow; et al (T1642) Link[3,224] C33/182, p. (T1642) 513v
John Smith & his wife William Temple; and John Seare (M1641) Link[3,225] (E1642) Link[3,226] C33/182, p. 39v ; (E1642) 428r
John Smith & Alice his wife, executrix of Richard Smith Thomas Carman (M1641) Link[3,227] (T1642) Link[3,228], [3,229] C33/182, p. 139r ; (T1642) 518v, 594v
John Smith alias Luke, infant, by his guardian Richard Balthropp; et al (H1642) Link[3,230] C33/182, p. 326r
John Smith, infant, by Robert Pigget his guardian Elizabeth Smith, widow; Hugh Champion & Elizabeth his wife (E1642) Link[3,231] (E1642) Link[3,232] C33/182, p. (E1642) 403v, 420v
Katherine Smith, widow Samuel Stringham; John Stringham; and Richard Hancocke (H1642) Link[3,233] C33/182, p. (H1642) 217r
Lambert Smith John Killvington; and Thomas Oddey (T1642) Link[3,234] C33/182, p. (T1642) 542r
Leonard Smith; and George Clarke Richard Harrison & his wife (T1642) Link[3,235] C33/182, p. (T1642) 536v
Richard Smith John Goodiere (T1642) Link[3,236] (T1642) Link[3,237] C33/182, p. (T1642) 4776v, 578r
Richard Smith Richard Whestons; John Whestons; Ann Huddocke; and Thomas Wattes (H1642) Link[3,238] (H1642) Link[3,239] C33/182, p. (H1642) 218v, 314v
Robert Smith, sr; Robert Smith, jr; et al William Friske; et al (T1642) Link[3,240] C33/182, p. (T1642) 572v
Robert Smith Edward Taylor; et al (E1642) Link[3,241] (T1642) Link[3,242] C33/182, p. (E1642) 392r ; (T1642) 521v
Robert Smith; et al Robert Valance; Gorshon Maninge; Richard Mattocke; Dean and Chapter of Westminster; et al (M1641) Link[3,243] Link[3,244]; (H1642) [3,245]; (T1642) [3,246], [3,247] C33/182, p. 21v, 67v; (H1642) 204r ; (T1642) 551r, 583v
Robert Smith; et al, creditor of Richard Maddocke Robert Valence, gent; and Richard Maddocke (M1641) Link[3,248] (H1642) Link[3,249] C33/182, p. 50v ; (H1642) 292r
Robert Smith Thomas Cresheire / Chesheire (M1641) Link[3,250] (H1642) Link[3,251], [3,252]; (E1642) [3,253]; (T1642) [3,254], [3,255], [3,256], [3,257], [3,258] C33/182, p. 7700v; (H1642) 214r, 248r ; (E1642) 457r; (T1642) 472v, 488v, 494v, 506v, 527v
Samuel Smith James Mountague (H1642) Link[3,259] C33/182, p. (H1642) 202v
Simon Smith Alice, lady Smith (H1642) Link[3,260] (E1642) Link[3,261] C33/182, p. (H1642) 202r ; (E1642) 384v
Thomas Smith et al William Spence, knight and baronet; Richard Bramthwaite, armiger; John Browne, armiger; James Pescodd; et al (M1641) Link[3,262] C33/182, p. 2v
Thomas Smith & Jane his wife; and Jane Foster, infant Arthur Foster; Richard Wright; Francis Goodier; John Fish & his wife; and John Foster (M1641) Link[3,263] Link[3,264], [3,265]; (E1642) [3,266], [3,267], [3,268], [3,269], [3,270]; (T1642) [3,271], [3,272], [3,273], [3,274] C33/182, p. 14v, 103v ; (H1642) 324r ; (E1642) 382r, 388v, 394v, 429r, 433r ; (T1642) 474v, 476r, 493r, 510r
Thomas Smith & his wife Christopher Taylor (T1642) Link[3,275] C33/182, p. (T1642) 574v
Thomas Smith William Willoughbie, armiger (M1641) Link[3,276] (H1642) Link[3,277]; (E1642) [3,278] C33/182, p. 38r; (H1642) 220r ; (E1642) 402r
Thomas Smith, armiger; Thomas Leighton, armiger; William Mountjoy Richard Halett; and Huddy / Huddin Harris (And Huddy Harris v. Thomas Smith; et al) (M1641) Link[3,279] Link[3,280]; (H1642) [3,281], [3,282] C33/182, p. 54v, 143v ; (H1642) 268r, 311r
Thomas Smith, armiger; et al Raleigh Saunderson, armiger; et al (AND Rawleigh Saunderson v. Thomas Smieth; et al) (M1641) Link[3,283] Link[3,284]; (H1642) [3,285], [3,286], [3,287], [3,288] (bis); (T1642) [3,289] C33/182, p. 74r, 1126v; (H1642) 196v, 228r, 310v, 311r (bis) ; (T1642) 477v
Thomas Smith, armiger Nathaniel Tompkins, armiger (H1642) Link[3,290] (E1642) Link[3,291], [3,292] C33/182, p. (H1642) 230v ; (E1642) 369r, 418v
Thomas Smith John Ramsden, knight & Agnes, lady Ramsden his wife; Thomas Poole; et al (H1642) Link[3,293] (H1642) Link[3,294]; (E1642) [3,295] C33/182, p. (H1642) 284r, 331v ; (E1642) 381v
William Smith & his wife Dorothy Alsopp; and Rutland Mullineux (M1641) Link[3,296] Link[3,297], [3,298] C33/182, p. 4v, 67v, 80v
William Smith Thomas Sumer / Somer; and William Burnell (M1641) Link[3,299] Link[3,300], [3,301] C33/182, p. 37v, 55r, 133r
Thomas Snelgrave, armiger, son and heir of Henry Snelgrave, knight Richard Hubert, knight, executor of Thomas Wroughton (T1642) Link[3,302] C33/182, p. (T1642) 500v
Thomas Snelgrave, armiger Thomas Hussey, armiger; and Thomas Hallis (T1642) Link[3,303] C33/182, p. (T1642) 553v
William Snell, sr (?) William Snell, jr; et al (M1641) Link[3,304] C33/182, p. 122r
William Snell, jr Thomas Snell; et al (H1642) Link[3,305] C33/182, p. (H1642) 219r
Snelling Moore (M1641) Link[3,306] C33/182, p. 104r
Snellinge Snellinge (M1641) Link[3,307] C33/182, p. 173v
William Snigg, armiger Thomas Chester; and Thomas Jefferies (M1641) Link[3,308] Link[3,309]; (H1642) [3,310] C33/182, p. 33v, 123v ; (H1642) 305v
Snowe Lincke (H1642) Link[3,311] C33/182, p. (H1642) 289r
Nicholas Snow John Staney; et al (M1641) Link[3,312] C33/182, p. 39v
Nicholas Snowe John Gilbert, gent (E1642) Link[3,313] C33/182, p. (E1642) 426v
Abigale Snowden, widow Daniel Waldoe; Edward Clapton; et al (E1642) Link[3,314] (T1642) Link[3,315], [3,316] C33/182, p. (E1642) 423r ; (T1642) 512r, 527v
Rutland Snowdon, armiger William Twentyman (M1641) Link[3,317] (H1642) Link[3,318]; (E1642) [3,319], [3,320], [3,321]; (T1642) [3,322] C33/182, p. 84r; (H1642) 233v ; (E1642) 420v, 424r, 455v ; (T1642) 504v
William Snowden, sr; William Snowden, jr William Thompson; George Hopwood (E1642) Link[3,323] (T1642) Link[3,324] C33/182, p. (E1642) 448v ; (T1642) 538v
George Soame John Mills (M1641) Link[3,325] (H1642) Link[3,326], [3,327]; (E1642) [3,328], [3,329]; (T1642) [3,330], [3,331], [3,332] C33/182, p. 85r ; (H1642) 337v, 339r ; (E1642) 366r, 434r ; (T1642) 483r, 506v, 509r
Thomas Soame, knight, alderman of London; et al George Sands, knight of the Bath (H1642) Link[3,333] C33/182, p. (H1642) 237v
Ex parte Francis Soane (M1641) Link[3,334] C33/182, p. 19r
George Soane John Mill (E1642) Link[3,335] (E1642) Link[3,336] C33/182, p. (E1642) 374r, 406v
Solomon Faxmere (H1642) Link[3,337] C33/182, p. (H1642) 338r
Elizabeth Solomon, widow William Dickenson; et al (M1641) Link[3,338] C33/182, p.
Somaster Fellowe (E1642) Link[3,339] (E1642) Link[3,340] C33/182, p. (E1642) 461r
Samuel Somaster, knight John Kellaird (M1641) Link[3,341] C33/182, p. 55v
Thomas Somaster & his wife; et al John North; et al (M1641) Link[3,342] Link[3,343] C33/182, p. 71r, 105v
George Some John Mille (M1641) Link[3,344] C33/182, p. 6r
Somerby Radcliffe; and Dixon (E1642) Link[3,345] C33/182, p. (E1642) 457v
Richard Somerby, armiger Arthur Dixon; and Henry Radcliffe (E1642) Link[3,346] C33/182, p. (E1642) 458v
Lewis Somersall; and George Lloid John Russell (M1641) Link[3,347] (T1642) Link[3,348] C33/182, p. 138r ; (T1642) 573r
John Somersett, knight John Ewbancke, armiger & his wife (H1642) Link[3,349] (T1642) Link[3,350] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340v ; (T1642) 516r
John Somerset George Edmunds (M1641) Link[3,351] (H1642) Link[3,352]; (T1642) [3,353] C33/182, p. 104r; (H1642) 188v ; (T1642) 555r
Thomas Somerwile; et al Edward Lawrence; et al (M1641) Link[3,354] C33/182, p. 167r
Joan Sorrell Ann Sorrell, widow; and William Paine (T1642) Link[3,355] C33/182, p. (T1642) 518r
Thomas Sorell Henry Nevill armiger (M1641) Link[3,356] C33/182, p. 112r
Joan Southam, widow Ricahrd Cosens; and James Cosens (M1641) Link[3,357] C33/182, p. 130v
Southby Emerson (H1642) Link[3,358] C33/182, p. (H1642) 338r
George Southcott; and John Shorte Samuel Isaacke (M1641) Link[3,359] Link[3,360] C33/182, p. 112r, 169v
John Southwell Magdalen Mercer, widow (E1642) Link[3,361] C33/182, p. (E1642) 425v
Mohn Southwood Mary, lady Hamersley, widow (M1641) Link[3,362] Link[3,363] C33/182, p. 1v, 135r
Phillip Southwood; and George Edmunds v. Francis Lippingcott (M1641) Link[3,364] C33/182, p. 104r
Robert Sparhawke & his wife Thomas Wright, armiger; et al (E1642) Link[3,365] C33/182, p. (E1642) 424r
Francis Sparks Richard Brigham (M1641) Link[3,366] (T1642) Link[3,367] C33/182, p. 126v ; (T1642) 530v
Francis Sparks & his wife William Portington (T1642) Link[3,368] C33/182, p. (T1642) 597v
Robert Sparold John Kitchin (T1642) Link[3,369] C33/182, p. (T1642) 514v
John Sparry; et al, ex parte the grammar school in Stonebridge Michael Welsh, gent (M1641) Link[3,370] C33/182, p. 88v
George Sparston Reignold Grahams & his wife (H1642) Link[3,371] C33/182, p. (H1642) 335r
Francis Spatchurst, gent Robert Reekes, gent & his wife (M1641) Link[3,372] Link[3,373]; (H1642) [3,374]; (E1642) [3,375]; (T1642) [3,376], [3,377] C33/182, p. 37v, 147r ; (H1642) 334r ; (E1642) 459v ; (T1642) 481v, 573r
Speccot Dodge (T1642) Link[3,378] C33/182, p. (T1642) 475r
Speccot George (T1642) Link[3,379] C33/182, p. (T1642) 476r
Speccot Treise (T1642) Link[3,380] C33/182, p. (T1642) 472v
Clement Spellman John Carrill (M1641) Link[3,381] Link[3,382] C33/182, p. 131v, 173r
Charles Spence Thomas Spence (AND vice versa) (M1641) Link[3,383] Link[3,384] (bis), [3,385], [3,386], [3,387]; (H1642) [3,388], [3,389], [3,390], [3,391], [3,392]; (T1642) [3,393], [3,394], [3,395] C33/182, p. 14v, 35v, 44v, 68v, 80v; (H1642) 229v, 250r, 271r, 272r, 287v ; (T1642) 524r, 562r, 587r
Edward Spence Thomas Lusher; Thomas Moore (M1641) Link[3,396] Link[3,397], [3,398], [3,399], [3,400], [3,401]; (H1642) [3,402], [3,403]; (E1642) [3,404]; (T1642) [3,405], [3,406] C33/182, p. 2v, 50r, 70v, 75v, 101r, 111r ; (H1642) 268v, 286v ; (E1642) 461v ; (T1642) 539r, 579v
Michael Spence Richard Webster; et al (T1642) Link[3,407] C33/182, p. (T1642) 572v
Thomas Spence Charles Spence (M1641) Link[3,408] C33/182, p. 28v
Spencer Hobb; and Sandall (M1641) Link[3,409] C33/182, p. 79v
Spencer Sadler (M1641) Link[3,410] C33/182, p. 77v
Spencer Sleigh (H1642) Link[3,411] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340r
Edward Spencer, knight George, earl of Desmond; et al (M1641) Link[3,412] (H1642)[3,413], [3,414], [3,415] C33/182, p. 126r; (H1642) 249r, 257r ; (E1642) 416r
George Spencer Ralph Bromsall (M1641) Link[3,416] C33/182, p. 92v
Joan Spencer Anthony Hobart, jr; et al (M1641) Link[3,417] (H1642) Link[3,418], [3,419], [3,420] C33/182, p. 168r; (H1642) 190v, 274r, 305r
Margaret Spencer by her guardian William Spencer, knight; Thomas Slegg & his wife (H1642) Link[3,421] C33/182, p. (H1642) 231v
William Spencer, knight and baronet Elizabeth Farmer, widow, executrix of Dutton Farmer, executor of Richard Farmer, gent (H1642) Link[3,422] C33/182, p. (H1642) 227r
William Spencer, knight and baronet Daniel Johnson and Mary his wife; William Winter; and Arthur Winter (M1641) Link[3,423] Link[3,424], [3,425]; (H1642) [3,426]; (E1642) [3,427] C33/182, p. 45r, 73r, 96r; (H1642) 208v ; (E1642) 446r
William Spicer, gent William Lewes Anwell, armiger (M1641) Link[3,428] C33/182, p.
John Spiller Henry Smith & Mary his wife; and Henry Mints (M1641) Link[3,429] Link[3,430] C33/182, p. 9v, 26v
William Spiller Nicholas Pynney; and John Spiller (M1641) Link[3,431] Link[3,432]; (H1642) [3,433]; (E1642) [3,434] C33/182, p. 46r, 92r; (H1642) 244r ; (E1642) 447r
John Spillman Gervase Wareinge; Gervase Clifton; et al (M1641) Link[3,435] Link[3,436]; (E1642) [3,437], [3,438] C33/182, p. 47r, 90v ; (E1642) 371r, 381r
Spindlow Rednall (E1642) Link[3,439] C33/182, p. (E1642) 457v
Henry Sponge Henry Utfield (M1641) Link[3,440] C33/182, p. 170r
Spooner Swillevant (M1641) Link[3,441] (T1642) Link[3,442] C33/182, p. 68r ; (T1642) 535v
Thomas Spooner John Hargrave; et al (E1642) Link[3,443] C33/182, p. (E1642) 413v
Phillip Sprey; et al Robert Cuter; William Roskarrock; et al (T1642) Link[3,444] C33/182, p. (T1642) 573r
Spurling Grigg (E1642) Link[3,445] C33/182, p. (E1642) 459r
Robert Spurlinge; and Robert Gipps Thomas Lowdall; Edmund Browne; et al (M1641) Link[3,446] C33/182, p. 64r
George Spurstowe, armiger Reynold Gresunds & Jane his wife, executrix of Gervase Smithson (M1641) Link[3,447] Link[3,448]; (T1642) [3,449] C33/182, p. 11r, 27v ; (T1642) 557v
Spurstowe Marshall; and Searle (M1641) Link[3,450] C33/182, p. 40v
George Spurstowe Reignold Grahams & Jane his wife, executrix of Gervase Smithson (H1642) Link[3,451] (E1642) Link[3,452]; (T1642) [3,453], [3,454] C33/182, p. (H1642) 342v ; (E1642) 424r ; (T1642) 478r, 495v
John Squire; et al Mary Gibs, widow (T1642) Link[3,455] C33/182, p. (T1642) 594r
John Squire Thomas Hulbert; et al (E1642) Link[3,456] (E1642) Link[3,457] C33/182, p. (E1642) 407r, 426r
Squire Hancocke Y his wife; and Lutterell (E1642) Link[3,458] C33/182, p. (E1642) 442r
Squire Handwicke (T1642) Link[3,459] C33/182, p. (T1642) 560v
Jeremia Stafford Thomas Needham; and Francis Theobald, armgier (M1641) Link[3,460] (E1642) Link[3,461] C33/182, p. 128r ; (E1642) 441r
John Staines Thomas Hendries alias Heveringham; and Richard Nicholas (E1642) Link[3,462] C33/182, p. (E1642) 437r
John Stakers & Suzanna his wife; John Leder; and Andrew Leder John Jenings & Joan his wife (AND John Jenings v. John Stakers; Thomas Leder; et al) (M1641) Link[3,463] Link[3,464]; (H1642) [3,465], [3,466], [3,467]; (E1642) [3,468] C33/182, p. 13v, 33r; (H1642) 203r, 235v, 342r ; (E1642) 258v
Anthony Stampe, gent Roger Hereford (T1642) Link[3,469] C33/182, p. (T1642) 519r
Standard Carwarthen (T1642) Link[3,470] C33/182, p. (T1642) 555r
Standard Chervinge (T1642) Link[3,471] C33/182, p. (T1642) 555r
Standen Standen (M1641) Link[3,472] C33/182, p. 108r
Thomas Standish; and Thomas Hill William Burbridge / Burbage & his wife (M1641) Link[3,473] Link[3,474] C33/182, p. 85r, 137v
Robert Stane Richard Finch; and Edward Sandford (M1641) Link[3,475] C33/182, p. 73r
John Stanger Richard Tukell; et al (T1642) Link[3,476] C33/182, p. (T1642) 547v
Edward Stanhope,knight of the Bath; and William Fantman Robert Robinson (H1642) Link[3,477] C33/182, p. (H1642) 236r
Ferdinand Stanhopp, armiger Roger Cooper, knight (T1642) Link[3,478] C33/182, p. (T1642) 506r
William Staninge William Loach (M1641) Link[3,479] C33/182, p. 81v
William Stanley Woodhowse (H1642) Link[3,480] C33/182, p. 324v
Mary Stanney / Stancy; and John Dane Bridget Stanney (E1642) Link[3,481] (E1642) Link[3,482]; (T1642) [3,483] C33/182, p. (E1642) 435v, 555r ; (T1642) 513r
Samuel Stanton & Mary his wife Ann Davies (E1642) Link[3,484] (T1642) Link[3,485], [3,486] C33/182, p. (E1642) 381v ; (T1642) 503r, 537v
Deborah Staple Edward Brograve; Alice his wife; and Roger Burgis (T1642) Link[3,487] C33/182, p. (T1642) 492r
Staples Adnett (H1642) Link[3,488] C33/182, p. (H1642) 226v
William Staples; and Charles Chapman William Hubbert (M1641) Link[3,489] C33/182, p. 36v
William Staples Jane Willson, widow (M1641) Link[3,490] (E1642) Link[3,491]; (T1642) [3,492], [3,493] C33/182, p. 37r ; (E1642) 401r ; (T1642) 489v, 523v
Staplhill Colleton (H1642) Link[3,494] C33/182, p. (H1642) 282r
Staplton Hodgeson (M1641) Link[3,495] C33/182, p. 164v
Stappe Costimton (E1642) Link[3,496] C33/182, p. (E1642) 428r
Jane State, widoe; and Grislilla State her daughter Richard Spier; and Anthony Spier (H1642) Link[3,497] (E1642) Link[3,498] C33/182, p. (H1642) 247r ; (E1642) 391r
Staten Whitehead (H1642) Link[3,499] C33/182, p. (H1642) 233v
Anthony Staughton, armiger, administrator of Thomas Staughton, armiger Arthur Bromfield, armiger; et al (M1641) Link[3,500] (H1642) [3,501] C33/182, p. 76v ; (H1642) 328r
Tobias Staughton Peter Malbon, gent & Prudence his wife (AND sdaid Peter Malbon & his wife, administratrix of Prudence Stone v. Mayor, Bailiffs and Commonalty of the City of Coventry; Tobias Staughton; James Illedge & his wife; et al; AND Mayor, Bailiffs; and Commonalty of the City of Coventry; Tobias Staughton; James Illedge & his wife v. Peter Malbon & his wife) (H1642) Link[3,502] C33/182, p. (H1642) 334r
Magdalen Staunton, widow, administratrix of Robert Staunton Nicholas Manuder; Henry Davy; Anthony Webb; and William Heighman (H1642) Link[3,503] (H1642) Link[3,504] C33/182, p. (H1642) 212v, 272r
Reginald Stead John Parker; and Zacharia Parker (H1642) Link[3,505] (H1642) Link[3,506] ; (T1642) [3,507] C33/182, p. (H1642) 259v, 304r ; (T1642) 526v
Stebbing Kinman (M1641) Link[3,508] (bis) C33/182, p. 137v (bis)
Stedman Lloid, knight (M1641) Link[3,509] C33/182, p. 130v
Stephens Haukin (E1642) Link[3,510] C33/182, p. (E1642) 421r
Stephens Lewes (H1642) Link[3,511] (E1642) Link[3,512] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254r ; (E1642) 405v
Stevens Trevanion (M1641) Link[3,513] C33/182, p. 24r
Jeremia Stephens Samuel Horne / Herne (AND vice versa) (H1642) Link[3,514] (T1642) Link[3,515] C33/182, p. (H1642) 259v ; (T1642) 566r
Jeremia Stevens Hanibal Potter, doctor in divinity (H1642) Link[3,516] (H1642) Link[3,517] C33/182, p. (H1642) 235r, 273r
Stephenson Alcocke (M1641) Link[3,518] C33/182, p. 120v
Stephenson Baker (H1642) Link[3,519] C33/182, p. (H1642) 248v
Stephenson Eastoft (H1642) Link[3,520] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340r
John Stephenson Ann Stephenson; and William Baker (H1642) Link[3,521] C33/182, p. 305r
John Stepkins, armiger Richard Pitt; and John Tollis (E1642) Link[3,522] (T1642) Link[3,523] C33/182, p. (E1642) 396r ; (T1642) 499v
George Sterling, gent & Joan his wife; et al Richard Keble, armiger; and Robert Buttes, gent, executor of Robert Hitcham, knight (AND Master, Fellows, and Scholars of Pembroke Hall, Cambridge v. said Richard Keble; and Robert Buttes (E1642) Link[3,524] (T1642) Link[3,525] C33/182, p. (E1642) 392v ; (T1642) 574v
Sterte Cause (M1641) Link[3,526] C33/182, p. 115v
Steward Lucas (E1642) Link[3,527] C33/182, p. (E1642) 459r
Steward Morphewe (E1642) Link[3,528] C33/182, p. (E1642) 459r
Steward Pickerd (E1642) Link[3,529] C33/182, p. (E1642) 428r
Mary Steward Jenings (M1641) Link[3,530] C33/182, p. 6v
Robert Steward; et al Thomas Morphew & Elizabeth his wife; John Lucas & his wife (E1642) Link[3,531] C33/182, p. (E1642) 428r
Zacharia Steward; Marmaduke Notliffe Peter Jenings (H1642) Link[3,532] C33/182, p. (H1642) 201r
Zacharia Steward Peter Picke; and Peter Swailes (M1641) Link[3,533] Link[3,534] C33/182, p. 52r, 83r
Stileman Wills (E1642) Link[3,535] C33/182, p. (E1642) 457v
Mathias Stiles, doctor in divinity; Robert Goodspeed; and Edward Calcocke The Mayor and Commonalty of London, Governors of the revenues of the house called Christ, Bridewell, and St Thomas the Apostle (H1642) Link[3,536] C33/182, p. 322v
Thomas Stiles; et al Richard Bateman; and Richard Middleton; et al (M1641) Link[3,537] (H1642) Link[3,538], [3,539]; (E1642) [3,540], [3,541] C33/182, p. 174v; (H1642) 229r, 283v ; (E1642) 372r, 396v
Stiles Dickenson (M1641) Link[3,542] C33/182, p. 71v
John Stiles & Mary his wife John Carpenter (M1641) Link[3,543] Link[3,544] C33/182, p. 7v, 27v
Thomas Stiles Robert Stiles; et al (then added: Thomas Stiles & Alice his wife) (M1641) Link[3,545] Link[3,546] C33/182, p. 33r, 57v
Hanna Stockarth, widow Jacob, knight; Vere Harcourte, cleric; Mathew Bridges (H1642) Link[3,547] (H1642) Link[3,548] C33/182, p. (H1642) 284r, 347r
Stephen Stocke, son of John Stocke Robert Petty (M1641) Link[3,549] C33/182, p. 26r
William Stocks Thomas Lee (M1641) Link[3,550] C33/182, p. 113r
Stocker Josley (H1642) Link[3,551] C33/182, p. (H1642) 237v
John Stocker Henry Heringe (E1642) Link[3,552] (T1642) Link[3,553] C33/182, p. (E1642) 446v ; (T1642) 566r
Robert Stocker John Chamberlein; and John Ilsley (M1641) Link[3,554] (E1642) Link[3,555]; (T1642) [3,556], [3,557] C33/182, p. 74v ; (E1642) 392r ; (T1642) 479r, 485v
John Stoddar Thomas Jenkin; and Henry Jenkin (H1642) Link[3,558] (H1642) Link[3,559], [3,560]; (E1642) , [3,561]; (T1642) [3,562] C33/182, p. (H1642) 216v, 278r, 329v ; (E1642) 457v ; (T1642) 496r
Richard Stoford, gent Emanuel Ford; and Nathaniel Ford (M1641) Link[3,563] (T1642) Link[3,564] C33/182, p. 80r ; (T1642) 508v
Hugh Stoford Gertrude Barry; et al (E1642) Link[3,565] C33/182, p. (E1642) 436r
Samuel Stokes, gent James Hollister; Thomas Hollister; et al (E1642) Link[3,566] C33/182, p. (E1642) 401v
Thomas Stollard & Mary his wife Edward Godbold & Elizabeth his wife, executrix of Robert Barlowe; and Richard Griffin (M1641) Link[3,567] Link[3,568], [3,569] C33/182, p. 26r, 48r, 133r
Thomas Stollard & his wife Richard Griffin; and Edward Godbold (E1642) Link[3,570] C33/182, p. (E1642) 385v
Stollers Jenings (M1641) Link[3,571] C33/182, p. 169v
Nathaniel Stolworthie John Howlet; et al (H1642) Link[3,572] C33/182, p. 302r
Robert Stone Richard Finch; Edward Sandford (E1642) Link[3,573] C33/182, p. (E1642) 379v
Thomas Stone; John Maninge & Grace his wife Hellinge (H1642) Link[3,574] (H1642) Link[3,575]; (E1642) [3,576] C33/182, p. (H1642) 246r, 298v ; (E1642) 409r
Thomas Stone, armiger James Oxenden, knight (E1642) Link[3,577] C33/182, p. (E1642) 447v
William Stone Richard Belring; and Hugh Stones (H1642) Link[3,578] C33/182, p. (H1642) 311v
Angel Stoner & Constance his wife Richard Tilney, sr, armiger; Francis Tilney, gent; and Richard Tilney, sr, gent (H1642) Link[3,579] (H1642) Link[3,580]; (E1642) [3,581], [3,582], [3,583], [3,584]; (T1642) [3,585] C33/182, p. (H1642) 230r, 295v ; (E1642) 376r, 396v, 397v, 414r ; (T1642) 576v
John Stopes, cleric William Hayward, cleric (E1642) Link[3,586] C33/182, p. (E1642) 375v
Storey Storey (E1642) Link[3,587] C33/182, p. (E1642) 380v
Anthony Stoughton, armiger, administrator of Thomas Stoughton, armiger Arthur Bromfield, armiger; et al (E1642) Link[3,588] C33/182, p. (E1642) 448v
Anthony Stowe John Lee / Leigh; and John Thasker (M1641) Link[3,589] Link[3,590]; (H1642) [3,591]; (E1642) [3,592] C33/182, p. 57v, 146v ; (H1642) 303r ; (E1642) 378v
Benjamin Stowe Richard Hanmer; Robert Bradley; and Thomas Britton (T1642) Link[3,593] C33/182, p. (T1642) 540r
George Stowe Benjamin Sheppard; Benjamin Lloid; Consolation Fox; et al (thereafter: And George Sharpe v. Benjamin Lloid, Consolation Fox, et al) (M1641) Link[3,594] Link[3,595], [3,596]; (H1642) [3,597], [3,598], [3,599], [3,600]; (E1642) [3,601], [3,602]; (T1642) http://aalt.law.uh.edu/C1/C33no182/IMG_8178a.htm] C33/182, p. 9r, 31r, 85v; (H1642) 192v, 224r, 262v, 274r ; (E1642) 368r, 416v ; (T1642) 491v
Thomas Stowe James Oxenden, knight; Elizabeth Dallison, widow; et al (M1641) Link[3,603] C33/182, p. 109v
Peter Stowell; and James Taylor John (Thomas) Younge, armiger (M1641) Link[3,604] (H1642) Link[3,605], [3,606], [3,607], [3,608]; (E1642) [3,609] C33/182, p. 114r; (H1642) 192a, 244r, 248r, 271r ; (E1642) 374r
Henry Strachie Edward Nicholls; and Thomas Colton (M1641) Link[3,610] Link[3,611] C33/182, p. 84v, 121v
Stracy Watson (M1641) Link[3,612] C33/182, p. 40r
John Strangwaies, knight; et al William Pawlett, armiger (M1641) Link[3,613] Link[3,614] C33/182, p. 14r, 146r
Ellianora Streete, widow Richard Belfield (M1641) Link[3,615] (E1642) Link[3,616] C33/182, p. 168r ; (E1642) 427v
Steete Bowers (H1642) Link[3,617] C33/182, p. (H1642) 338r
Samuel Stoakes, gent Daniel Hollister; Thomas Hollister; et al (E1642) Link[3,618] C33/182, p. (E1642) 405v
William Strechley; et al Abraham Slowman (E1642) Link[3,619] C33/182, p. (E1642) 433v
Streete Longeere / Lougher (H1642) Link[3,620] (H1642) Link[3,621] C33/182, p. (H1642) 193r, 321r
Elizabeth Streete; and Cicilia Streete Paul Streete (M1641) Link[3,622] C33/182, p. 102r
Elizabeth Streete by John Lane, guardian Richard Belfield (T1642) Link[3,623] C33/182, p. (T1642) 546r
William Streete William Griggs; and Geoffrey Ives (M1641) Link[3,624] (bis) (H1642) Link[3,625], [3,626]; (E1642) [3,627] C33/182, p. 168r (bis); (H1642) 241r, 346r ; (E1642) 395r
Stringer Jordan (E1642) Link[3,628] C33/182, p. (E1642) 459v
Strode Carkeele (M1641) Link[3,629] C33/182, p. 40v
George Strode, armiger William Terwhitt (H1642) Link[3,630] C33/182, p. (H1642) 228r
John Strode, knight Richard Strode, knight; et al (M1641) Link[3,631] (H1642) Link[3,632] C33/182, p. 48v ; (H1642) 261r
Thomas Stroud Joan Soane; Thomasd Bead; William Poole; Thomas Kinge; Abigail Davies; and John, an infant by his guardian Henry Hardcastle (M1641) Link[3,633] C33/182, p. 68r
Margaret, lady Stroud; et al Richard Corbett, professor of Sacred Theology; and Peter Hoskins, armiger (AND Robert Pinkney; and Peter Hoskins v. Henry Hillary; et al) (E1642) Link[3,634] C33/182, p. (E1642) 436v
Thomas Strudd Anthony Smith (M1641) Link[3,635] C33/182, p. 147r
Henry Strudwicke Henry Strudwicke (E1642) Link[3,636] (E1642) Link[3,637]; (T1642) [3,638] C33/182, p. (E1642) 369v, 405r ; (T1642) 493r
Ralph Strudwicke Robert Knight (M1641) Link[3,639] C33/182, p. 174r
John Stukely & Agnes his wife John Rouse, armiger (H1642) Link[3,640] (H1642) Link[3,641]; (E1642) [3,642] C33/182, p. (H1642) 257v, 304r ; (E1642) 368v
Richard Stucley, gent Andrew Stucley (H1642) Link[3,643] (H1642) Link[3,644]; (E1642) [3,645] C33/182, p. (H1642) 251r, 341v ; (E1642) 366r
John Stubbs Henry Tookey alias Tuckell (T1642) Link[3,646] C33/182, p. (T1642) 383v
Stucy Hatton (H1642) Link[3,647] Link[3,648] C33/182, p. (H1642) 193r
Francis Sturdy John Stokes / Stookes; and Hamond Lewknor, armiger (M1641) Link[3,649] Link[3,650]; (H1642) [3,651] C33/182, p. 71v, 102r ; (H1642) 263r
William Starlinge Christopher Hindes; and John Richer (E1642) Link[3,652] (T1642) Link[3,653] C33/182, p. (E1642) 389r ; (T1642) 555v
Henry Stratford John Hilliard; and Katheriner Hilliard (AND said Henry Stratford v. said John Hilliard; and Katherine Hilliard (T1642) Link[3,654] C33/182, p. (T1642) 584r
Henry Stury Elizabeth Watson, widow; John Watson (H1642) Link[3,655] C33/182, p. (H1642) 241r
Sudbury Clowth, armiger (M1641) Link[3,656] C33/182, p. 5r
Sulladine Phillipps (E1642) Link[3,657] C33/182, p. (E1642) 398r
Thomas Sumpner Thomas Smith, armiger (H1642) Link[3,658] (E1642) Link[3,659] C33/182, p. (H1642) 295v ; (E1642) 404r
Richard Sumpner George Brett; et al (E1642) Link[3,660] (E1642) Link[3,661] C33/182, p. (E1642) 374r, 435r
Sunderland Willimson; and Sureforth (E1642) Link[3,662] C33/182, p. (E1642) 406r
Abraham Sunderland, armiger Grace Lee, widow (T1642) Link[3,663] C33/182, p. (T1642) 525r
Abraham Sunderland Samuel Michell (M1641) Link[3,664] C33/182, p. 76v
Abraham Sunderland, armiger Francis Mouncton (T1642) Link[3,665] C33/182, p. (T1642) 519r
Samuel Sunderland Nathaniel Birkehead, armiger (M1641) Link[3,666] C33/182, p. 55r
Sutton Blathwaite (T1642) Link[3,667] C33/182, p. (T1642) 560v
Sutton Hayes (M1641) Link[3,668] C33/182, p. 168v
Alice Sutton Henry Pettingale & his wife (M1641) Link[3,669] Link[3,670] C33/182, p. 40r, 89r
Anthony Sutton Richard Rowe / Roe (M1641) Link[3,671] (H1642) Link[3,672]; (E1642) [3,673] C33/182, p. 101r ; (H1642) 254v ; (E1642) 451r
Anthony Sutton; and William Atwood Sampson Sheffield; and his wife; Daniel Joyner; et al (M1641) Link[3,674] C33/182, p. 21r
Christopher Sutton Robert Pullen (E1642) Link[3,675] C33/182, p. (E1642) 379r
Thomas Sutton John Hemingway; Simon Walter; et al (E1642) Link[3,676] (T1642) Link[3,677], [3,678] C33/182, p. (E1642) 383v; (T1642) 501v, 528r
William Sutton; and Thomas Brewer, gent Richard Vyman alias Hyggard; and Mary Meader (E1642) Link[3,679] C33/182, p. (E1642) 407r
Swadlin Hatch; et al (M1641) Link[3,680] C33/182, p.
Salomon Swaile, armiger; et al William Ingleby, armiger (T1642) Link[3,681] C33/182, p. (T1642) 534r
William Swaine Irons & his wife (H1642) Link[3,682] C33/182, p. 331r
William Swaine William Wall (AND Elizabeth Wynn v. William Swaine) (M1641) Link[3,683] Link[3,684], [3,685]; (H1642) [3,686], [3,687], [3,688], [3,689], [3,690], [3,691], [3,692], [3,693]; (E1642) [3,694], [3,695], [3,696], [3,697], [3,698]; (T1642) [3,699] C33/182, p. 16r, 52r, 148r ; (H1642) 252r, 271r, 287v, 289r, 293r, 315r, 331r, 332v ; (E1642) 368r, 378r, 381r, 396r, 417r ; (T1642) 549v
Solomon Swale, armiger; and Solomon Wivell, gent William Ingilby, armiger (H1642) Link[3,700] (E1642) Link[3,701] C33/182, p. (H1642) 213v ; (E1642) 426v
John Swan, infant, by Thomas Swan, guardian Robert Horner & Frances his wife, executrix of John Swan (T1642) Link[3,702] C33/182, p. (T1642) 583r
Sweete Osbourne (H1642) Link[3,703] C33/182, p. (H1642) 288r
Sweetinge Dotheridge (T1642) Link[3,704] C33/182, p. (T1642) 531r
Francis Swift, knight John Brooke, armiger; George Colte, armiger; and John Hollam (deceased) (M1641) Link[3,705] C33/182, p. 159v
Anthony Swinbourne; and William Swinbourne George Wharton (E1642) Link[3,706] (T1642) Link[3,707] C33/182, p. (E1642) 375r ; (T1642) 525v
George Syme, administrator of William Bullmer; Stephen Hutchingson; and Thomas Mandike Jane, lady Bacon; Edward Baldwin; et al (M1641) Link[3,708] (T1642) Link[3,709] C33/182, p. 97r ; (T1642) 536r
Symonds Paine (M1641) Link[3,710] C33/182, p. 74r


Plaintiff Defendant Subject Matter First Volume Link Other Volume Links Final Decree Reference
Tailor, widow Hall; et al (E1642) Link[3,711] C33/182, p. (E1642) 388r
John Tailor William Curteene (E1642) Link[3,712] C33/182, p. (E1642) 393r
William Tailor; et al Robert Carr, earl, viscount; and Elizabeth Bourman (T1642) Link[3,713] C33/182, p. (T1642) 514r
William Tailor; et al Hercules Loveden (M1641) Link[3,714] C33/182, p. 20r
Talbot Beach (T1642) Link[3,715] C33/182, p. (T1642) 581r
Mary Tale; et al Dunscombe and Kinsman guardians for Geston (M1641) Link[3,716] C33/182, p. 137v
Lionel Talmach, knight and baronet; et al Basset Cole; and Anne, lady Mordant wife (AND Charles Mordant, knight and baronet v. Balsett Cole; et al) (M1641) Link[3,717] Link[3,718], [3,719] C33/182, p. 144v, 171v, 271r
John Tamer Elizabeth Thacker; et al (T1642) Link[3,720] C33/182, p. (T1642) 597v
Tannatt Williams (M1641) Link[3,721] Link[3,722] C33/182, p. 101v, 112v
Rees / Richard Tannat, armiger & his wife William Bold, armiger (M1641) Link[3,723] (H1642) Link[3,724], [3,725]; (T1642) [3,726] C33/182, p. 120r ; (H1642) 262v, 293r ; (T1642) 550v
Robert Tannatt John Vaughan; et al (M1641) Link[3,727] (T1642) Link[3,728], [3,729] C33/182, p. 78v ; (T1642) 512r, 545v
Thomas Tannatt & Ann his wife Edward Evans; Gwenna his wife; Thomas Kynnaston; Hugh Morris; and Robert Evans (T1642) Link[3,730] C33/182, p. (T1642) 588v
Tapley Malbery (T1642) Link[3,731] C33/182, p. (T1642) 331r
Francis Tapliffe Thomas Parker (M1641) Link[3,732] C33/182, p. 69r
Nicholas Tapsill Thomas Wallis (M1641) Link[3,733] (H1642) Link[3,734] C33/182, p. 138r ; (H1642) 274v
Raphael Tarterawe / Tarterian, armiger William Ford, knight; Edward Ford; Henry Lygon; William Bosden (M1641) Link[3,735] Link[3,736]; (H1642) [3,737], [3,738] C33/182, p. 44r, 139v ; (H1642) 288v, 331r
Mary Tate; and John Spiers William Duncombe, armiger; Richard Kingsman, armiger; Francis Goston, armiger; and Francis Goston his infant son (H1642) Link[3,739]; (T1642) [3,740] C33/182, p. (H1642) 230v ; (T1642) 495v
Ellen Tatteresall, widow Anne Heyward, widow; Thomas Dakin; and William Naylor (M1641) Link[3,741] Link[3,742], [3,743]; (H1642) [3,744]; (T1642) [3,745] C33/182, p. 4r, 26v, 69r ; (H1642) 346v ; (T1642) 544r
George Tattershall, jr & Mary his wife George Tattershall, sr; and Nicholas Watts; William Biggs (H1642) Link[3,746] (H1642) Link[3,747]; (E1642) [3,748], [3,749], [3,750] (bis); (T1642) [3,751], [3,752], [3,753], [3,754], [3,755], [3,756], [3,757], [3,758], [3,759] (bis) C33/182, p. (H1642) 225r, 329v ; (E1642) 372v, 402v, 442r (bis) ; (T1642) 472r, 472v, 507v, 524r, 528v, 541r, 541v, 555r, 595v (bis)
John Taunton Robert Palmer & Katherine his wife (M1641) Link[3,760] Link[3,761]; (E1642) [3,762] C33/182, p. 60v, 91r ; (E1642) 420r
Taylor Giles (E1642) Link[3,763] C33/182, p. (E1642) 442r
Taylor James; and Crookes (M1641) Link[3,764] C33/182, p. 168r
Taylor Patrickson (M1641) Link[3,765] C33/182, p. 126r
Taylor Taylor; Newman & his wife (T1642) Link[3,766] C33/182, p. (T1642) 561v
Henry Taylor, gent Robert Rugg, gent; and Thomas Rugg (M1641) Link[3,767] (E1642) Link[3,768] C33/182, p. 86v ; (E1642) 431v
James Taylor William Terrell (H1642) Link[3,769] C33/182, p. (H1642) 243r
Richard Taylor Gregory Tanner (M1641) Link[3,770] (H1642) Link[3,771], [3,772]; (T1642) [3,773] C33/182, p. 110v ; (H1642) 299r, 330v ; (T1642) 557r
Dinah Taylor, widow Sampson Shelton (T1642) Link[3,774] C33/182, p. (T1642) 512r
Thomas Taylor; et al Thomas Capple (M1641) Link[3,775] (T1642) Link[3,776] C33/182, p. 109v ; (T1642) 536r
William Tayler; et al Robert Carr, earl of Anckram; and Stephen Boreman (M1641) Link[3,777] Link[3,778]; (H1642) [3,779]; (E1642) [3,780], [3,781] C33/182, p. 43v, 161v ; (H1642) 305v ; (E1642) 397v, 429r
William Taylor George Bland (H1642) Link[3,782] C33/182, p. (H1642) 207r
William Taylor Albion Chaire; William Walford; et al (M1641) Link[3,783] C33/182, p. 132r
William Taylor Lucy Bressie, widow; and Abraham Boone (T1642) Link[3,784] C33/182, p. (T1642) 523v
William Taylor John Marshall; et al (T1642) Link[3,785] (T1642) Link[3,786] C33/182, p. (T1642) 491r
Tegg Coles (M1641) Link[3,787] C33/182, p. 162r
Edmund Terold Therold Mark Corbold (AND vice versa) (H1642) Link[3,788] (H1642) Link[3,789] C33/182, (H1642) p. 305v, 309v
John Terrett Richard Colchester, armiger (M1641) Link[3,790] C33/182, p. 153v
Terringham Chester (E1642) Link[3,791] C33/182, p. (E1642)
Francis Tetherington Hugh Miller & Ann his wife; and Arthur White & Ann his wife (M1641) Link[3,792] (H1642) Link[3,793], [3,794]; (E1642) [3,795], [3,796], [3,797], [3,798], [3,799]; (T1642) [3,800], [3,801] (bis) C33/182, p. 173v; (H1642) 213v, 222v ; (E1642) 366r, 380r, 381r, 398r, 412v ; (T1642) 550r, 560v (bis)
Godfrey Thacker; and Gilbert Thacker Henry Berisford; and Simon Every (M1641) Link[3,802] Link[3,803] C33/182, p. 95v, 137v
William Thekeston, knight John Cage, gent (H1642) Link[3,804] C33/182, p. (H1642) 257r
John Thelwall, armiger Thomas Bulkeley, armiger (M1641) Link[3,805] (H1642) Link[3,806] C33/182, p. 169v; (H1642) 218v
Francis Themilthorpe John Thurston (M1641) Link[3,807] C33/182, p. 44v
Francis Theobald & Ann, lady Middlton; and Thomas Needham, armiger (E1642) Link[3,808] C33/182, p. (E1642) 448r
Thomas Heyward (T1642) Link[3,809] C33/182, p. (T1642) 561r
Thomas North (M1641) Link[3,810] (bis) (H1642) [3,811] C33/182, p. 169v (bis); (H1642) 338r
Thomas Stribley (T1642) Link[3,812] C33/182, p. (T1642) 519v
David Thomas Hugh ap Hugh; et al (M1641) Link[3,813] C33/182, p. 93r
Edmund Thomas; and Tristram Thomas William Wise, armiger; Christopher Emenso; Michael Oldworth; and Thomas Combes (M1641) Link[3,814] C33/182, p. 39v
George Thomas David Jones (M1641) Link[3,815] C33/182, p. 11r
Nicholas Thomas by Humfrey Thomas, father and guardian; and Humfrey Carter Samuel North; John Holmes; John Willow; et al (H1642) Link[3,816] (H1642) Link[3,817]; (T1642) [3,818] C33/182, p. (H1642) 203v, 331r ; (T1642) 558r
Joan Thomas William Mailerd & his wife (H1642) Link[3,819] C33/182, p. (H1642) 232r
John Thomas John Edwards (H1642) Link[3,820] C33/182, p. (H1642) 343r
Roger Thomas Alice Lloid; William Menland; Thomas Lloid; et al (E1642) Link[3,821] C33/182, p. (E1642) 448v
William Thomas, gent William Williams, knight and baronet (T1642) Link[3,822] C33/182, p. (T1642) 548r
Anthony Thompson, doctor in divinity William Wise, armiger (AND vice versa) (H1642) Link[3,823] C33/182, p. 529v
John Thompson Nicholas Eales; et al (H1642) Link[3,824] C33/182, p. (H1642) 207v
Moses Thompson Joceus Parland & his wife (H1642) Link[3,825] C33/182, p. (H1642) 216r
Thomas Thompson John Churchman; et al (H1642) Link[3,826] C33/182, p. (H1642) 214v
Thomas Thompson Nicholas Eales; et al (H1642) Link[3,827] (H1642)Link[3,828], [3,829] C33/182, p. (H1642) 206v, 240v, 287r
Thomas Thompson Hamond Upton; William Roades, executor of Francis Ascough (M1641) Link[3,830]; (H1642) [3,831] C33/182, p. 146v ; (H1642) 351r
Thorley Rawlings (E1642) Link[3,832] C33/182, p. (E1642) 428r
Thorne Thorne (H1642) Link[3,833] Link[3,834] C33/182, p. (H1642) 193r
Thornehill Hinde (E1642) Link[3,835] C33/182, p. (E1642) 437v
Thornehill Johnson (E1642) Link[3,836] C33/182, p. (E1642) 437v
Thornehill Stile, knight (T1642) Link[3,837] C33/182, p. (T1642) 538r
Francis Thornehill, gent; and Francis Rerresby John Allane (H1642) Link[3,838] (E1642) Link[3,839] C33/182, p. (H1642) 250r ; (E1642) 457v
Richard Thorneton, cleric & Elizabeth his wife John Thorneton; Henry Thorneton; and Suzanna Bucknell (M1641) Link[3,840] (H1642) Link[3,841] C33/182, p. 175v; (H1642) 212r
John Thorner, gent; and Paul Thorner, his son by John Thorner Henry Longe; et al (M1641) Link[3,842] C33/182, p. 126r
Thorowgood Smith (E1642) Link[3,843] C33/182, p. (E1642) 462r
Thorowgood Penington; and Earl of Cleveland (E1642) Link[3,844] C33/182, p. (E1642) 462r
Edmund Thorowgood Michael Rivett (H1642) Link[3,845] C33/182, p. (H1642) 272v
John Thorowgood, knight Earl of Cleveland (E1642) Link[3,846] C33/182, p. (E1642) 374r
John Thorowgood, knight John Jenney, armiger; and Christopher Jenney (and vice versa) (M1641) Link[3,847] Link[3,848], [3,849], [3,850]; (H1642) [3,851], [3,852], [3,853]; (E1642) [3,854]; (T1642) [3,855], [3,856], [3,857], [3,858] C33/182, p. 56r, 74r, 130v, 179r; (H1642) 235r, 268v, 284r ; (E1642) 382v ; (T1642) 478r, 503v, 537v, 574v
Thorpe Readinge (M1641) Link[3,859] C33/182, p. 103r
Henry Thorpe & Anne his wife, administratrix of Thomas Bagwell Arthur Mansfield; Henry Fisher; et al (H1642) Link[3,860] (H1642) [3,861], [3,862] C33/182, p. (H1642) 195r, 235r, 309v
Thurlington Moore (H1642) Link[3,863] C33/182, p. (H1642) 248v
John Thurston Francis Themilthorpe (M1641) Link[3,864] Link[3,865] C33/182, p. 62v, 80r
Richard Thurston Richard Birkhead (T1642) Link[3,866] C33/182, p. (T1642) 488r
Thynne Golde (H1642) Link[3,867] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254r
Richard Tibbotts for himself as ex parte Robert and Samuel Tibbotts, his brothers John Westcott, gent (M1641) Link[3,868] C33/182, p. 142v
Thomas Timberlake; et al William Belfoure, knight; et al (T1642) Link[3,869] C33/182, p. (T1642) 512v
Mich' Timperley, armiger Thomas Burton (E1642) Link[3,870] C33/182, p. (E1642) 396v
George Tinchwaite & Elizabeth his wife Robert Atterbourne (T1642) Link[3,871] C33/182, p. (T1642) 516v
Tindall Langham (T1642) Link[3,872] C33/182, p. (T1642) 553r
Tirdman Twaites; and Tailor (E1642) Link[3,873] C33/182, p. (E1642) 458v
Tirwhit Hamerton; and Clarke (H1642) Link[3,874] C33/182, p. (H1642) 295v
George Tirwhitt William Brand (AND vice versa) (M1641) Link[3,875] (M1641) Link[3,876] (H1642) [3,877], [3,878]; (T1642) [3,879], [3,880], [3,881], [3,882] C33/182, p. 32r, 82r ; (H1642) 304v, 341r ; (E1642) 417r ; (T1642) 491v, 499r, 505r, 526r
Phillip Tirwhitt, knight and baronet Mary, lady Morrison, widow (M1641) Link[3,883] Link[3,884], [3,885] C33/182, p. 31r, 71r, 132v
Phillip Tirwhit, knight and baronet Cuthbert Baildon, gent; John Dodd (M1641) Link[3,886]; (T1642) [3,887] C33/182, p. 75r ; (T1642) 555r
William Tirwhit, armiger George Stroude / Strode, knight; et al (M1641) Link[3,888] (H1642) Link[3,889] C33/182, p. 174r; (H1642) 228r
Benjamin Titchbourne Dorothy Cowper (E1642) Link[3,890] C33/182, p. (E1642) 428v
John Titchbourne; et al John Scowerfield, sr; and John Scowerfield, jr (E1642) Link[3,891] (T1642) Link[3,892], [3,893] C33/182, p. (E1642) 417r ; (T1642) 506r, 575v
John Titchbourne Lady Margaret Sands; and Thomas Sands (T1642) Link[3,894] C33/182, p. (T1642) 489r
Robert Titchbourne Edward Stockey; Phillip Colley; William Ayer; and Thomas Gedring (T1642) Link[3,895] C33/182, p. (T1642) 541r
Titherington White; and Miller & his wife (H1642) Link[3,896] (H1642) Link[3,897], [3,898] C33/182, p. (H1642) 221v, 254r, 324v
Richard Todd, clerk & his wife Henry Rapier; James Moore; and William Venman (M1641) Link[3,899] Link[3,900]; (H1642) [3,901]; (T1642) [3,902] C33/182, p. 56r, 81r; (H1642) 233r ; (T1642) 493r
Todgose Sands (E1642) Link[3,903] C33/182, p. (E1642) 458r
Robert Tokeley, armiger George Rookes, sr (H1642) Link[3,904] C33/182, p. (H1642) 198r
Tombe Vallence (M1641) Link[3,905] C33/182, p. 29r
Richard Tomlins, armiger Edwin Sands (T1642) Link[3,906] C33/182, p. (T1642) 500v
Thomas Tomlin Robert Harvey; and John Farnis (H1642) Link[3,907] C33/182, p. (H1642) 234v
Thomas Tomlin; John Smith; Andrew Mathew; et al Richard Keeble, armiger; and Robert Buttes, gent (E1642) Link[3,908] C33/182, p. (E1642) 451r
Tomlinson Hallman (H1642) Link[3,909] C33/182, p. 329v
Nicholas Tomlinson; and John Tomlinson Margaret Hiet, widow (M1641) Link[3,910] (H1642) Link[3,911], [3,912]; (E1642) [3,913] C33/182, p. 14v ; (H1642) 256r, 322v ; (E1642) 437v
Robert Tomlinson William Sheppard; and Samuel Smith (M1641) Link[3,914] Link[3,915] C33/182, p. 23v, 172v
Richard Tompkins; and William Hautbuch John Belot / Bellet, armiger; et al (E1642) Link[3,916] (E1642) Link[3,917]; (T1642) [3,918] C33/182, p. (E1642) 436r, 445r ; (T1642) 538v
John Tompson; Arnold, William, Christopher, and Cisley Tompson by John Titchbourne their guardian Elizabeth Perrier, widow; Nathaniel Claiton & Margaret his wife (H1642) Link[3,919] C33/182, p. (H1642) 201v
Robert Tompson Edward Becke (E1642) Link[3,920] C33/182, p. (E1642) 424v
Thomas Tompson Nicholas Eales; et al (H1642) Link[3,921] C33/182, p. (H1642) 266r
Thomas Tompson John Dixon (T1642) Link[3,922] (T1642) Link[3,923] C33/182, p. (T1642) 475v, 549v
William Tompson John Marshall (H1642) Link[3,924] (T1642) [3,925] C33/182, p. (H1642) 284v ; (T1642) 503r
William Tonge, gent Robert Tonge (E1642) Link[3,926] (E1642) Link[3,927] C33/182, p. (E1642) 423r, 457v
Tonge Wimarke (E1642) Link[3,928] C33/182, p. (E1642) 407v
Tooker Abbott (E1642) Link[3,929] C33/182, p. (E1642) 457v
Tooker Spry; and Hickes (H1642) Link[3,930] C33/182, p. (H1642) 281v
Christopher Tooker John Carter, armiger (M1641) Link[3,931] C33/182, p. 111r
Tooley Abbot (H1642) Link[3,932] C33/182, p. (H1642) 339v
Henry Tooley Christopher Clarke (H1642) Link[3,933] C33/182, p. 308r
Mark Toote; and John Spiers William Duncombe, armiger; Richard Baisman, armiger; Francis Geston, armiger; and Francis Geston, infant son (M1641) Link[3,934] C33/182, p. 12r
Topham Blackall (E1642) Link[3,935] C33/182, p. (E1642) 461v
Thomas Toples Mary Ferne; John Stuffinge & Mary his wife (E1642) Link[3,936] C33/182, p. (E1642) 404v
Topp Haghes (H1642) Link[3,937] C33/182, p. (H1642) 211r
Lawrence Torkington; et al John Greene, cleric (M1641) Link[3,938] C33/182, p. 47v
Mary Tothill, widow John Tothill (T1642) Link[3,939] C33/182, p. (T1642) 522v
William Tovey John Jennings (M1641) Link[3,940] (H1642) Link[3,941]; (E1642) [3,942] C33/182, p. 89v; (H1642) 243v ; (E1642) 459r
Towerson Fletcher (M1641) Link[3,943] C33/182, p. 168v
Townsend Bayly (T1642) Link[3,944] C33/182, p. (T1642) 489v
Thomas Townsend Edward Wallis (M1641) Link[3,945] (H1642) Link[3,946] C33/182, p. 91v; (H1642) 239r
Townson Lough (E1642) Link[3,947] C33/182, p. (E1642) 461v
Towse Towse; and Squire (M1641) Link[3,948] C33/182, p. 168v
John Towse; Abraham Raynardson; and James Cole George Cooke (M1641) Link[3,949] C33/182, p. 79r
John Towse; et al William Wiberd; et al (E1642) Link[3,950] C33/182, p. (E1642) 385r
John Towse; and Abraham Raynardson John Sherwood; and John Joslin (H1642) Link[3,951] (H1642) Link[3,952], [3,953] C33/182, p. (H1642) 201r; (H1642) 214v, 225r
Simon Townesend Francis Williamson, now knight; and John Shuckforth / Shackforth (M1641) Link[3,954] Link[3,955], [3,956]; (T1642) [3,957], [3,958] C33/182, p. 33r, 34v, 56r ; (T1642) 514r, 556r
William Townsend Lady Jeminiar lately wife of William Balgrave, knight and now wife of Henry Killigrew, armiger; et al (M1641) Link[3,959] C33/182, p. 146r
John Towse; et al John Sherwood; John Joselin (M1641) Link[3,960] Link[3,961] C33/182, p. 74v, 135r
Towson Prickett (E1642) Link[3,962] C33/182, p. (E1642) 458r
Ann Toy, widow Robert Toy; et al (M1641) Link[3,963] Link[3,964]; (H1642) [3,965] C33/182, p. 34v, 99v; (H1642) 193r
Tracie, armiger Preistman; and Hodgkind (H1642) Link[3,966] C33/182, p. 324v
Tracie, armiger Stringer; and Stringer (H1642) Link[3,967] C33/182, p. 324v
Alexander Tracy, armiger Posthumus Priestman; et al (M1641) Link[3,968] (E1642) Link[3,969]; (T1642) [3,970], [3,971] C33/182, p. 156r ; (E1642) 417v ; (T1642) 507v, 575v
Paul Trafford John Gunton (T1642) Link[3,972] C33/182, p. (T1642) 359r
Traughton Walton (E1642) Link[3,973] C33/182, p. (E1642) 376v
Thomas Traunter Edward Corbett, armiger (M1641) Link[3,974] (H1642) Link[3,975], [3,976] C33/182, p. 82r; (H1642) 208v, 305v
Thomas Traunter James Rodd (M1641) Link[3,977] C33/182, p. 98v
Traviham Bacon (E1642) Link[3,978] C33/182, p. (E1642) 457r
James Travis / Travers Thomas Moore; and George Moore (M1641) Link[3,979] (H1642) Link[3,980], ; (E1642) [3,981], [3,982]; (T1642) [3,983] C33/182, p. 141r; (H1642) 233v ; (E1642) 381v, 416v ; (T1642) 477v
Nicholas Trebarfoote Augustus Wheare; et al (M1641) Link[3,984] C33/182, p. 88v
John Treenham / Tredinham, gent Richard Luxton, gent; et al (AND vice versa) (H1642) Link[3,985] (E1642) Link[3,986], [3,987], [3,988] (bis) C33/182, p. (H1642) 345v; (E1642)405v, 433v, 464r (bis)
John Trefusis & Lady Drake his wife Richard Stroud, knight (E1642) Link[3,989] (T1642) Link[3,990] C33/182, p. (E1642) 447r; (T1642) 539v
Richard Tregenow; et al Francis Buller, armiger (M1641) Link[3,991] C33/182, p. 85v
David Treherne ___ Sheppard; et al (E1642) Link[3,992] (T1642) Link[3,993] C33/182, p. (E1642) 374v ; (T1642) 489v
Edmund Tremaine, armiger, executor of Arthur Tremaine, armiger, father Jane Edgecombe; and Roger Edgecombe (H1642) Link[3,994] (E1642) Link[3,995]; (T1642) [3,996], [3,997] C33/182, p. (H1642) 255r ; (E1642) 407r ; (T1642) 517r, 531v
Edward Tremaine, armiger Ann Skirret, widow (E1642) Link[3,998] C33/182, p. (E1642) 436r
Edmund Trench; and Henry Lavender, creditors of Jonathan Newcomen Robert Rogers (H1642) Link[3,999] C33/182, p. (H1642) 345v
Trethwall Keigun; and Harris, armiger (H1642) Link[4,000] C33/182, p. (H1642) 437v
Trevillian Bicham (H1642) Link[4,001] C33/182, p. (H1642) 341v
Hugh / John Trevillian, armiger Margaret Fry, widow (H1642) Link[4,002] (E1642) Link[4,003]; (T1642) [4,004], [4,005] C33/182, p. 306v ; (E1642) 450v ; (T1642) 484r, 574v
Trevisa Courtney (E1642) Link[4,006] C33/182, p. (E1642) 441v
Richard Trewman Ralph Trewman; et al (H1642) Link[4,007] C33/182, p. (H1642) 209v
Thomas Trigge & Anne his wife John Hayle & Joan his wife, guardian of Joseph Cadle (H1642) Link[4,008] C33/182, p. (H1642) 346r
Edward Tripcomy; et al Joan Body (M1641) Link[4,009] C33/182, p. 80v
Tripp White (H1642) Link[4,010] C33/182, p. (H1642) 282r
Samuel Trotman, armiger Mary Davies, widow (H1642) Link[4,011] C33/182, p. (H1642) 243r
Trott Hodges (T1642) Link[4,012] C33/182, p. (T1642) 488v
Trusse Cooke (E1642) Link[4,013] C33/182, p. (E1642) 442r
Trussell Decro (T1642) Link[4,014] (bis) C33/182, p. (T1642) 494v (bis)
Edward Trustan, gent; et al Thomas Crudge; et al (M1641) Link[4,015] C33/182, p. 100r
Moses Tryon Thomas Heywood (M1641) Link[4,016] C33/182, p. 68r
Tubb Pugh (E1642) Link[4,017] C33/182, p. (E1642) 258v
John Tubb & his wife Edward Warren & his wife (T1642) Link[4,018] C33/182, p. (T1642) 538v
Tuber Riches; et al (E1642) Link[4,019] C33/182, p. (E1642) 420v
Tucker Abbot (H1642) Link[4,020] C33/182, p. (H1642) 338r
Tucker Best (M1641) Link[4,021] C33/182, p. 169r
Dorothy Tucker; et al John Reddall (H1642) Link[4,022] (T1642) Link[4,023] C33/182, p. (H1642) 346r ; (T1642) 579v
Tucker Warwicke (M1641) Link[4,024] C33/182, p. 169r
Walter Tucker William Mills / Willis; and Robert Martin (H1642) Link[4,025] (H1642) Link[4,026]; (T1642) [4,027], [4,028] C33/182, p. (H1642) 226r, 257r ; (T1642) 549r, 551v
William Tucker; et al John Hoskins; et al (M1641) Link[4,029] Link[4,030], [4,031]; (H1642) [4,032] C33/182, p. 22r, 72r, 103v; (H1642) 229v
Tudbolde Thomas (H1642) Link[4,033] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254r
Tudman Langston (H1642) Link[4,034] C33/182, p. (H1642) 283v
Hugh Tudor & Mary his wife Henry ap Hugh; Fulk ap William Blisley (or Fulk ap Hugh Blisley); and Hugh ap Robert (M1641) Link[4,035] (H1642) Link[4,036] C33/182, p. 22v; (H1642) 234r
George Tuke, armiger Randall Baskervile (E1642) Link[4,037] C33/182, p. (E1642) 383r
Josia Tully; and James Acton, executors of William Tulli Mark Tully (M1641) Link[4,038] C33/182, p. 25v
Mary Tully James Acton; and Josia Tully, executors (M1641) Link[4,039] (H1642) Link[4,040], [4,041] C33/182, p. 76r; (H1642) 225r, 266v
William Tully Josia Tulley; and James Acton, gent (AND Mark Tully v. James Acton and Josia Tully) (M1641) Link[4,042] (bis) Link[4,043]; (H1642) [4,044], [4,045], [4,046], [4,047] C33/182, p. 139r (bis), 169v; (H1642) 215v, 222v, 251a, 292v
George Turbervile, gent Hugh Dawbney, armiger (M1641) Link[4,048] (T1642) Link[4,049] C33/182, p. 75v ; (T1642) 545r
Thomas Turbervile George Simonds; et al (E1642) Link[4,050] (T1642) Link[4,051] C33/182, p. (E1642) 459v ; (T1642) 517r
William Turbervile George Simonds (T1642) Link[4,052] C33/182, p. (T1642) 547v
William Turbervile Robert Fewers; and Nicholas Westland (H1642) Link[4,053] C33/182, p. 308r
William Turbervile William Mather (E1642) Link[4,054] (T1642) Link[4,055], [4,056], [4,057], [4,058] C33/182, p. (E1642) 422r ; (T1642) 473r, 477r, 494r, 584v
Walter Turke William Wills; et al (H1642) Link[4,059] C33/182, p. (H1642) 240r
Turlinge Lawrence; and Kingsford (H1642) Link[4,060] C33/182, p. (H1642) 289r
Turner Hickes (E1642) Link[4,061] C33/182, p. (E1642) 441v
Turner Lowe (H1642) Link[4,062] C33/182, p. (H1642) 283v
Turner Aston (H1642) Link[4,063] C33/182, p. (H1642) 281v
Arthur Turner, serjeant at law Christopher Turner (T1642) Link[4,064] C33/182, p. (T1642) 542v
Christopher Turner Robert Bickerton; and Henry Addis (H1642) Link[4,065] C33/182, p. (H1642) 345v
Gartrude Turner; et al John Gold; and William Turner (T1642) Link[4,066] C33/182, p. (T1642) 535r
John Turner Katherine Savage, widow; et al (E1642) Link[4,067] (T1642) Link[4,068] C33/182, p. (E1642) 426r ; (T1642) 521r
John Turner, cleric Robert Pope; and William Pope (E1642) Link[4,069] C33/182, p. (E1642) 384r
Richard Turner Sara Ambler (M1641) Link[4,070] Link[4,071] C33/182, p. 27v, 42a
William Turner William Brand / Band, armiger; Robert Peirson; and Thomas Atterbury; Robert Band, armiger (H1642) Link[4,072] (E1642) Link[4,073]; (T1642) [4,074], [4,075], [4,076] C33/182, p. (H1642) 196v ; (E1642) 428v ; (T1642) 476r, 490r, 520v
William Turner Edmund Fettiplace, armiger; John Price, armiger; Robert Fellow; and William Backelor (E1642) Link[4,077] (E1642) Link[4,078]; (T1642) [4,079] C33/182, p. (E1642) 434r, 463v ; (T1642) 528v
William Turner George Lowe (H1642) Link[4,080] C33/182, p. 329v
Richard Turpin, armiger John Prettiman, armiger & Elizabeth his wife (M1641) Link[4,081] Link[4,082], [4,083]; (H1642) [4,084] C33/182, p. 75r, 123v, 152v ; (H1642) 263v
William Turston alias Tristrum Joseph Jackson; et al (E1642) Link[4,085] C33/182, p. (E1642) 422v
Ann Turton, widow; and William Turton, executors of William Turton Timothy Jones (M1641) Link[4,086] (H1642) Link[4,087], [4,088] C33/182, p. 39v ; (H1642) 260r, 278r
James Tutt Edward Vincent; Alexander Goddard (T1642) Link[4,089] C33/182, p. (T1642) 525r
John Twisselton Robert Heath (and vice versa) (H1642) Link[4,090] C33/182, p. (H1642) 215v
Daniel Tyas Ann Evans, widow (T1642) Link[4,091] C33/182, p. (T1642) 536v
James Tyler; et al George, lord Berkeley (M1641) Link[4,092] C33/182, p. 34r
Mary Tynner, widow William Joll; et al (T1642) Link[4,093] C33/182, p. (T1642) 513r


Plaintiff Defendant Subject Matter First Volume Link Other Volume Links Final Decree Reference
Underhill Ravenscroft; and Norton (M1641) Link[4,094] C33/182, p. 162r
Thomas Underhill Anthony Towsend e (M1641) Link[4,095] (E1642) Link[4,096] C33/182, p. 37r ; (E1642) 406r
Underwood Foundtaine (T1642) Link[4,097] C33/182, p. (T1642) 560v
Mary Underwood, widow, relict of Robert Underwood Tobias Maidwell; Mary Underwood; and William Underwood (M1641) Link[4,098] Link[4,099], [4,100], [4,101]; (T1642) [4,102] C33/182, p. 13v, 27v, 55r, 74r ; (T1642) 560v
Mary Underwood, widow Robert Underwood; William Underwood; and Edmund Underwood (H1642) Link[4,103] (T1642) Link[4,104] C33/182, p. (H1642) 233r ; (T1642) 486r
William Underwood; et al Richard Piggott; et al (H1642) Link[4,105] (H1642) Link[4,106] C33/182, p. (H1642) 204v, 227v
William Underwood; et al Isabel Fairelonge; et al (H1642) Link[4,107] (H1642) [4,108], [4,109] C33/182, p. (H1642) 249v, 328r, 330r
Richard Unedale Nicholas Pescodd (And Nicholas Pescodd v. Richard Unedale; et al) (M1641) Link[4,110] Link[4,111], [4,112], [4,113]; (H1642) [4,114], [4,115] C33/182, p. 49r, 69r, 114r, 152r ; (H1642) 257v, 267v
George Unthwaite & his wife Robert Utterborne (E1642) Link[4,116] C33/182, p. (E1642) 368r
John Upfold Nicholas Harlinge; et al (M1641) Link[4,117] C33/182, p. 81v
Christopher Urlinge Giles Cois; et al (H1642) Link[4,118] (T1642) Link[4,119] C33/182, p. (H1642) 291v ; (T1642) 486v
Christopher Urlinge Giles Coyes; and William Uglthorpe (E1642) Link[4,120] (E1642) Link[4,121]; (T1642) [4,122] C33/182, p. (E1642) 376v, 436v ; (T1642) 537r
Jane Urry, widow; et al John Blake, sr; et al (T1642) Link[4,123] C33/182, p. (T1642) 484v
Utfield Sponge (M1641) Link[4,124] C33/182, p. 98v
John Uttinge William Coleman & his wife; et al (T1642) Link[4,125] C33/182, p. (T1642) 511r


Plaintiff Defendant Subject Matter First Volume Link Other Volume Links Final Decree Reference
Robert Valence, gent; and James Collins Augustine Futter & his wife (H1642) Link[4,126] (H1642) Link[4,127], [4,128], [4,129] C33/182, p. (H1642) 226v, 288r, 291v, 323v
Dorothy Valentine, widow Thomas Barnes; and Richard Lovett (T1642) Link[4,130] (T1642) Link[4,131] C33/182, p. (T1642) 495r, 510v
Mathew Valkenburgh, armiger Richard Streaker & Alice his wife; and William Wright, cleric (M1641) Link[4,132] (H1642) Link[4,133], [4,134] C33/182, p. 34r; (H1642) 193r, 346r
Elizabeth Vancourte, widow Elizabeth Vancourte, widow (sr); Nathaniel Vancourte, executors of Peter Vancourte (M1641) Link[4,135] Link[4,136], [4,137], [4,138]; (H1642) [4,139], [4,140], [4,141], [4,142]; (T1642) [4,143] C33/182, p. 15v, 110v, 139v, 156r; (H1642) 215r, 251r, 309r, 327r ; (T1642) 500v
Nicholas Vancourte, executor of Peter Vancourte John Loveday; Elizabeth Vancourte; Nathaniel Vancourte, executors of Peter Vancourte, sr (M1641) Link[4,144] C33/182, p. 60v
John Vannam, jr; William Vannam, gent Henry Plumbly; Richard Sharpe; et al (M1641) Link[4,145] C33/182, p. 16v
Samuel Vanpaine John Latch (T1642) Link[4,146] (T1642) Link[4,147] C33/182, p. (T1642) 576v, 578r
Samuel Vanpaine John Southwood (E1642) Link[4,148] C33/182, p. (E1642) 412r
Samuel Vassall Thomas Holloway & his wife (M1641) Link[4,149] Link[4,150], [4,151] C33/182, p. 154v, 168v, 170v
___ Vaugher; and William Joliens ____ Margaret Vaugher ____ Vawer son of William Vawer ___ Langley, armiger; Thomas ___; and John Tomlinson (M1641) Link[4,152] C33/182, p. 16v
Vaughan Acton (M1641) Link[4,153] C33/182, p. 156v
Vaughan Carpenter; and Inner (H1642) Link[4,154] C33/182, p. (H1642) 338v
Vaughan Carter (E1642) Link[4,155] C33/182, p. (E1642) 457v
Vaughan Hill (H1642) Link[4,156] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254r
Vaughan Thomas (T1642) Link[4,157] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595r
Griffin Vaughan Nicholas Lloid, gent; et al (E1642) Link[4,158] (T1642) Link[4,159] C33/182, p. (E1642) 404v ; (T1642) 590r
Vaughan Pugh (E1642) Link[4,160] C33/182, p. (E1642) 434v
Bainham Vaughan, armiger Thomas Roper, armiger / gent; and John Broughton, gent (H1642) Link[4,161] (E1642) Link[4,162], [4,163], [4,164]; (T1642) [4,165], [4,166] C33/182, p. (H1642) 228v ; (E1642) 379r, 430r, 450r ; (T1642) 506v, 553r
Edward Vaughan, armiger Humfrey Williams (M1641) Link[4,167] (H1642) Link[4,168]; (E1642) [4,169] C33/182, p. 102v ; (H1642) 274v ; (E1642) 400r
John Vaughan Meredith Mady, cleric (H1642) Link[4,170] (E1642) Link[4,171]; (T1642) [4,172], [4,173] C33/182, p. (H1642) 196r ; (E1642) 431r ; (T1642) 479v, 576r
John Vaughan Hugh Morgan ( / Hugh ap Richergh Morgan) (M1641) Link[4,174] Link[4,175], [4,176]; (E1642) [4,177] C33/182, p. 79r, 122v, 157v ; (E1642) 430r
John Vaughan Hugh Rutherch ap Morgan (M1641) Link[4,178] (E1642) Link[4,179] C33/182, p. 11v ; (E1642) 400r
John Vaughan, armiger George Butler, armiger; and Richard Fincett (H1642) Link[4,180] C33/182, p. (H1642) 256v
Mary Vaughan alias Hughes, widow Margaret Humfries, now wife of William Holmes (H1642) Link[4,181] C33/182, p. (H1642) 337r
Maurice Vaughan, gent, administrator of David Lloid Morgan David Phillip Willin (T1642) Link[4,182] C33/182, p. (T1642) 556v
Richard Vaughan Charles Harbert, cleric (M1641) Link[4,183] C33/182, p. 92v
Theophilus Vaughan, gent Richard Mountague (T1642) Link[4,184] C33/182, p. (T1642) 525v
Thomas Vaughan, armiger William Hill, gent (H1642) Link[4,185] (H1642) Link[4,186]; (E1642) [4,187] C33/182, p. (H1642) 305r, 307r ; (E1642) 393v
William Vaughan Ann Bulcot, widow; Thomas Morgan, executors of Thomas Bulcot (T1642) Link[4,188] C33/182, p. (T1642) 571v
Vavisor Palliser (M1641) Link[4,189] C33/182, p. 109r
Thomas Vavisor Christopher Towneley; Alice his wife; and Francis Vavisor (T1642) Link[4,190] C33/182, p. (T1642) 547r
Thomas Vawer; William, Mary, and Margaret Vaugher Phillip Langley; et al (M1641) Link[4,191] C33/182, p. 134v
Veysey Keck; and Smith (H1642) Link[4,192] (H1642) Link[4,193] (bis) C33/182, p. (H1642) 338v (bis)
Veizey Lowe (E1642) Link[4,194] C33/182, p. (E1642) 459r
Robert Veisey Thomas Smith; and Gervase Kerke, cleric (M1641) Link[4,195] (E1642) Link[4,196]; (T1642) [4,197] C33/182, p. 108v ; (E1642) 398r ; (T1642) 534v
Robert Veisey Jonah Hall / Hill; et al (H1642) Link[4,198] (H1642) Link[4,199]; (E1642) [4,200]; (T1642) [4,201], [4,202] C33/182, p. (H1642) 212v, 261v ; (E1642) 457r ; (T1642) 485v, 530v
Robert Veizey Jane Hicks, widow; William Mallard; Robert Dule; and Thomas Ward (E1642) Link[4,203] C33/182, p. (E1642) 408r
Walter Veisey; and Robert Veisey John Hicks; Robert Harris & his wife; Timothy Woodroff & his wife; Duncan Manto & his wife; and Suzanna Silvester (H1642) Link[4,204] C33/182, p. (H1642) 275v
Richard Venecombe Thoomas Milbourne (H1642) Link[4,205] C33/182, p. (H1642) 225v
Venner Noell (E1642) Link[4,206] C33/182, p. (E1642) 428r
John Ventres John Fouke / Fawkes / Faux; and Thomas Legatt, armiger (M1641) Link[4,207] Link[4,208], [4,209], [4,210]; (H1642) [4,211], [4,212], [4,213], [4,214], [4,215], [4,216], [4,217]; (E1642) [4,218] C33/182, p. 47v, 63r, 107v, 126v; (H1642) 193v, 241r, 244r, 288r, 295v, 327r, 330r ; (E1642) 373r
Vernecombe Milbourne (H1642) Link[4,219] (T1642) Link[4,220] C33/182, p. (H1642) 336v ; (T1642) 545r
Grevill Verney, armiger Richard Verney; George Verney; Elizabeth Verney; and William Bradshaw (T1642) Link[4,221] C33/182, p. (T1642) 536r
Ralph Verney, knight George Duncombe, knight (H1642) Link[4,222] C33/182, p. (H1642) 345r
John Verninge / Veringe: et al Joseph Carey, sr; John Carey, jr; et al (T1642) Link[4,223] (T1642) Link[4,224], [4,225], [4,226] C33/182, p. (T1642) 510r, 511r, 575v, 577r
Francis Vernon, armiger Ursula, lady Berty, widow (E1642) Link[4,227] C33/182, p. (E1642) 369r
Francis Vernon, armiger; and Thomas White Richard Payne; et al (M1641) Link[4,228] C33/182, p. 78v
Henry Vernon; et al William Collis (E1642) Link[4,229] C33/182, p. (E1642) 389v
Henry Vernon, armiger & Meriall his wife, administratrix of George Vernon, knight Francis Grosvenor; Thomas Stockton; Robert Cudworth; and Hugh Prust, gent (M1641) Link[4,230] Link[4,231]; (E1642) [4,232] C33/182, p. 81v, 116r; (E1642) 467r
Henry Vernon, gent; and Thomas White Richard Paine; et al (E1642) Link[4,233] C33/182, p. (E1642) 417r
Vicar Choral of Exeter Richard Rowe (E1642) Link[4,234] C33/182, p. (E1642) 412v
Viccarie Nicholls (H1642) Link[4,235] C33/182, p. (H1642) 341v
Viccary Gray (H1642) Link[4,236] C33/182, p. (H1642) 341v
John Viccary Mary Haynes; et al (H1642) Link[4,237] C33/182, p. (H1642) 195v
John Viccary & Suzanne his wife Peter Warren (M1641) Link[4,238] Link[4,239] C33/182, p. 108v, 131v
Peter Vignew Mathew Cressey; and William Awbrey (then vice versa) (M1641) Link[4,240] Link[4,241], [4,242], [4,243], [4,244]; (H1642) [4,245], [4,246], [4,247], [4,248], [4,249]; (T1642) [4,250], [4,251] C33/182, p. 34r, 55v, 79r, 129v, 163r; (H1642) 203r, 264v, 293v, 325v, 334r ; (T1642) 498r, 516r
John Vigures Augustus Drake, son and executor of Augustus Drake (M1641) Link[4,252] (H1642) Link[4,253]; (E1642) [4,254], [4,255]; (T1642) [4,256], [4,257] C33/182, p. 63v ; (H1642) 296v ; (E1642) 442r, 457r ; (T1642) 517v, 518r
Thomas Vincent, infant, by Simon Thompson & Jane his wife; James Fletcher & Elizabeth his wife Thomas Gardiner & Mary his wife; and Joan Vincent (T1642) Link[4,258] C33/182, p. (T1642) 502v
Sara Viney by John Cheeseman, guardian mary Viney, executrix of Samuel Viney (H1642) Link[4,259] C33/182, p. (H1642) 209v
Sara Viney; Walter Viney; and Thomas Viney by John Cheeseman, guardian Mary Viney, executrix of Samuel Viney (H1642) Link[4,260] C33/182, p. (H1642) 314r
Henry Vipand Margaret Barricke, relict of Francis Barricke; John Clarke; Thomas Mousey; and James Idle (E1642) Link[4,261] C33/182, p. (E1642)
Mary, viscountess Carlingford Robert Amstrover, knight & Mary his wife; Robert Anstrover; and Phillip Amstrover, son of said Robert Amstrover, knight & Mary his wife, infant (M1641) Link[4,262] Link[4,263]; (H1642) [4,264] C33/182, p. 56r, 176v; (H1642) 195v
Abdell Vosper Jane Kindon, widow (M1641) Link[4,265] (H1642) Link[4,266] ; (T1642) [4,267], [4,268] C33/182, p. 5r ; (H1642) 347r ; (T1642) 530v, 538v
Vowlford Woolley (H1642) Link[4,269] C33/182, p. (H1642) 248v
Francis Vuet, armiger Ambrose Elton, armiger; Edward Elton; Thomas Ashton, armiger; Thomas Cox; FitzWilliam Vuet, infant, by Ambrose Elton (H1642) Link[4,270] (E1642) Link[4,271]; (T1642) [4,272] C33/182, p. (H1642) 276r ; (E1642) 371r ; (T1642) 527r
John Vynall by Nicholas Newton Francis Whitebread; et al (T1642) Link[4,273] C33/182, p. (T1642) 575v
John Vyner, cleric William Smaleman (H1642) Link[4,274] C33/182, p. (H1642) 277r
Richard Vyner John Braine & his wife; and Anthony Shardlowe (H1642) Link[4,275]; (T1642) [4,276] C33/182, p. (H1642) 234v ; (T1642) 576v


Plaintiff Defendant Subject Matter First Volume Link Other Volume Links Final Decree Reference
William Waddingham Katherine Brabes (T1642) Link[4,277] C33/182, p. (T1642) 533v
Wade Wade (E1642) Link[4,278] C33/182, p. (E1642) 428r
Timothy Wade John Jacob, knight & Alice his wife, administratrix of John Egglesfield (M1641) Link[4,279] Link[4,280], [4,281], [4,282], [4,283]; (T1642) [4,284] C33/182, p. 1r, 48v, 138v, 165r, 176r ; (T1642) 532v
Thomas Wadesman John Maninge (M1641) Link[4,285] C33/182, p. 77r
Elizabeth Wagfield, widow Edward Mary Wingfield, armiger; et al (T1642) Link[4,286] C33/182, p. (T1642) 498r
Frederick Waggoner Abraham VanHowgarden, executor of Abraham VanHowgarden (M1641) Link[4,287] Link[4,288], [4,289], [4,290], [4,291], [4,292]; (H1642) [4,293], [4,294]; (T1642) [4,295], [4,296] C33/182, p. 19v, 61a, 93v, 113v, 124v, 151v; (H1642) 195r, 219r ; (T1642) 510v, 525r
Wagstaff Gramer (E1642) Link[4,297] C33/182, p. (E1642) 414v
Anthony Wagstaffe John Mead; Edward Ditchfield; and James Delew (and John Mead v. Anthony Wagstaffe) (M1641) Link[4,298] Link[4,299], [4,300], [4,301]; (H1642) [4,302]; (E1642) [4,303]; (T1642) [4,304], [4,305] C33/182, p. 15r, 19v, 124r, 174v ; (H1642) 254v; (E1642) 378v ; (T1642) 479r, 504v
Thomas Wagstaffe; et al Andrew Whentley & Joan his wife; et al (H1642) Link[4,306] C33/182, p. (H1642) 220v
Wake Webb (H1642) Link[4,307] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254v
Katherine Wake alias Lady Skeffington Edward Tomlinson (E1642) Link[4,308] C33/182, p. (E1642) 434r
Mary Wakelin, widow __ Mason; Nicholas Mason his son (M1641) Link[4,309] C33/182, p. 46v
John Walcott Kenelm Digby, knight; John Harris, armiger (AND John Fludd, gent v. said John Harris; et al; AND Hugh Creswicke v. Kenelm Digby, knight; et al.) (M1641) Link[4,310] (H1642) Link[4,311], [4,312] C33/182, p. 122r; (H1642) 196v, 242r
John Walcott John Harriss, administrator of Robert Oxenbridge, knight (M1641) Link[4,313] Link[4,314] C33/182, p. 172v
Thomas Walcott, gent & his wife John White, armiger; Thomas Goldingham, armiger; et al (M1641) Link[4,315] Link[4,316]; (H1642) [4,317]; (E1642) [4,318], [4,319] C33/182, p. 29v, 93v; (H1642) 188v ; (E1642) 428r ; (T1642) 580r
Waldron Cole (E1642) Link[4,320] C33/182, p. (E1642) 388r
Joseph Wales George Gipps; and Roger Baily (M1641) Link[4,321] (E1642) Link[4,322] C33/182, p. 30v ; (E1642) 423v
Peter Wales Mary Berte (H1642) Link[4,323] C33/182, p. 298v
Peter Walkelate; and Mary Walkelate by George Walkelate their brother and guardian John Birchenhead (M1641) Link[4,324] C33/182, p. 67r
Walker Dawson (H1642) Link[4,325] (T1642) Link[4,326], [4,327] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340v ; (T1642) 552v, 553v
Walker Nicholls (H1642) Link[4,328] C33/182, p. (H1642) 211r
Walker Norff (H1642) Link[4,329] C33/182, p. (H1642) 336v
Walker Strutt (E1642) Link[4,330] (T1642) Link[4,331] C33/182, p. (E1642) 459r ; (T1642) 537v
Walker Twaine (E1642) Link[4,332] C33/182, p. (E1642) 457r
Walker Willan (M1641) Link[4,333] C33/182, p. 169v
George Walker Robert Hare & Joan his wife; and Faith Hare (M1641) Link[4,334] Link[4,335]; (H1642) [4,336] C33/182, p. 171r, 172v; (H1642) 243v
Giles Walker alias Lawne Deborah Gilbert; et al (M1641) Link[4,337] C33/182, p. 34r
John Walker Henry Evans; Richard Alford (H1642) Link[4,338] C33/182, p. (H1642) 235v
John Walker Thomas Lockwood, sr; Thomas Lockwood, jr; and John Dyson (M1641) Link[4,339] (H1642) Link[4,340] C33/182, p. 147r; (H1642) 207r
Richard Walker Jeremias Hall (M1641) Link[4,341] (H1642) Link[4,342]; (E1642) [4,343], [4,344] C33/182, p. 4v ; (H1642) 272r; (E1642) 382r, 390r
Richard Walker John Torkesey (T1642) Link[4,345] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595r
Richard Walker John Walker; Richard Walker; Robert Hinde; et al (T1642) Link[4,346] (T1642) Link[4,347] C33/182, p. (T1642) 532v, 573r
Richard Walker, gent John Wills; Thomas Blackbone; Isabel Thornbury, widow; John Thornbury; and Elizabeth Brent, widow (M1641) Link[4,348] C33/182, p. 97v
Sara Walker, now wife of Henry Andrewes, executrix of Ann Walker, widow Thomas Read; Edmund Read (deceased); and John Lane (H1642) Link[4,349] (H1642) Link[4,350] C33/182, p. (H1642) 190v, 306r
Thomas Walker Richard Rushworth; and John Murgatroode (M1641) Link[4,351] C33/182, p. 66v
Thomas Walker Humfrey Clearke; Gilbert Havers; and Hamond Waid (M1641) Link[4,352] C33/182, p. 178r
Thomas Walker Richard Willan; et al (T1642) Link[4,353] C33/182, p. (T1642) 533r
William Walker Richard Jepson (H1642) Link[4,354] (T1642) Link[4,355] C33/182, p. (H1642) 342v ; (T1642) 538r
Wall Booker (E1642) Link[4,356] C33/182, p. (E1642) 390r
Wall Corpe (H1642) Link[4,357] C33/182, p. (H1642) 274v
John Wall & Margaret his wife William Brewer & his wife (H1642) Link[4,358] C33/182, p. (H1642) 217r
Moses Wall & his wife Vernon Bowers & his wife (H1642) Link[4,359] C33/182, p. (H1642) 188r
Sara Wall; and Mary Wall, infants by Hugh Bowyer guardian William Saunders; and Dorothy Haile; et al (H1642) Link[4,360] (E1642) Link[4,361] C33/182, p. 304v ; (E1642) 390v
John Waller, gent John Clinch, armiger; Faith Bowman; et al (E1642) Link[4,362] (T1642) Link[4,363], [4,364] C33/182, p. (E1642) 406v ; (T1642) 492v, 504v
Robert Walles John Redman (M1641) Link[4,365] Link[4,366] C33/182, p. 90r, 90v
Richard Wallett Francis Wilcox (M1641) Link[4,367] (H1642) Link[4,368], [4,369] C33/182, p. 89v; (H1642) 230r, 306v
Henry Wallocke James / John Garforth; Thomas Lobsey, cleric; Dorothy Watson; et al (M1641) Link[4,370] Link[4,371]; (H1642) [4,372], [4,373]; (E1642) [4,374] C33/182, p. 83r, 169r; (H1642) 204v, 251r ; (E1642) 434r
Ann Walrond, administrator of Edward Walrond, armiger Henry Newman & his wife (T1642) Link[4,375] C33/182, p. (T1642) 535v
Henry Walrond, armiger & Elizabeth his wife Edmund Kenn; Anthony Issacke; et al (M1641) Link[4,376] (H1642) Link[4,377] C33/182, p. 71r; (H1642) 194r
William Waller & Mary his wife Richard Sayers & Mary his wife (M1641) Link[4,378] C33/182, p. 52r
Wallis Pickeringe (H1642) Link[4,379] C33/182, p. (H1642) 282r
Phillip Wallis Charles Vaughan, armiger; et al (M1641) Link[4,380] (H1642) Link[4,381] C33/182, p. 81r ; (H1642) 309v
Robert Wallis, cleric Edward Pickering (M1641) Link[4,382] (H1642) Link[4,383] C33/182, p. 51v ; (H1642) 282r
William Wallis Henry Mynatt; William Moule; and Arthur Gailer (M1641) Link[4,384] C33/182, p. 182r
Walls Wilkinson (H1642) Link[4,385] C33/182, p. (H1642) 211v
William Walls Edmund Turner, cleric (then, and Thomas Turner) (M1641) Link[4,386] Link[4,387], [4,388] C33/182, p. 17v, 56v, 71r, 103r
Walshan Russell (E1642) Link[4,389] C33/182, p. (E1642) 441r
Thomas Walsingham, knight; John Marsham, armiger, wardens of the Bridge of Rochester; and John Best Henry Clarke, serjeant at law (M1641) Link[4,390] (H1642) Link[4,391]; (E1642) [4,392]; (T1642) [4,393] C33/182, p. 27r ; (H1642) 306v ; (E1642) 404r ; (T1642) 587v
Thomas Walson Barham Haslin; et al (M1641) Link[4,394] C33/182, p. 48v
John Walter John Clinch, armiger; and Faith Bowman, widow (H1642) Link[4,395] C33/182, p. (H1642)
Walwin Sturmy & his wife (H1642) Link[4,396] C33/182, p. (H1642) 219v
William Wallwin Joseph Day; and Hanna his wife; William Ferryman; Ralph Johnson; John Luntley; and Mathew Hanson (H1642) Link[4,397] (H1642) Link[4,398], [4,399], [4,400], [4,401]; (E1642) [4,402]; (T1642) [4,403], [4,404], [4,405] C33/182, p. (H1642) 245v, 280v, 292v, 330r, 342r ; (E1642) 411v ; (T1642) 473r, 496r, 519r
Brian Walton, doctor in divinity Robert Armitage (E1642) Link[4,406] (E1642) Link[4,407] C33/182, p. (E1642) 413r, 434r
Frederick Wanchopp, doctor in medicine; and John Lear John Bickford; and Thomas Leigh (M1641) Link[4,408] (E1642) Link[4,409], [4,410]; (T1642) [4,411] C33/182, p. 106r ; (E1642) 413r, 434v ; (T1642) 551v
Frederick Wanchopp, doctor in medicine Phillip Holditch, sr; et al (H1642) Link[4,412] (T1642) Link[4,413] C33/182, p. (H1642) 245r ; (T1642) 551v
Wanwicke Wyard & his wife (M1641) Link[4,414] C33/182, p. 42r
Warberton Hussey (H1642) Link[4,415] C33/182, p. (H1642) 266r
Ward Cressey (M1641) Link[4,416] C33/182, p. 115v
John Ward; and Ward Richard Ward; et al (M1641) Link[4,417] (T1642) Link[4,418] C33/182, p. 79v ; (T1642) 483v
George Ward Samuel Dey (H1642) Link[4,419] C33/182, p. 246r
John Ward & Ann his wife George Gawdy; and Charles Rawlins (H1642) Link[4,420] C33/182, p. 310r
John Ward & Suzanna his wife John Barnard & Joan his wife (H1642) Link[4,421] C33/182, p. (H1642) 280v
William Ward & his wife John Barnard & his wife (T1642) Link[4,422] C33/182, p. (T1642) 490r
William Ward Christopher Cheffe (T1642) Link[4,423] C33/182, p. (T1642) 574r
Katherine Ward Joseph Ward; et al (H1642) Link[4,424] (E1642) Link[4,425] C33/182, p. (H1642) 244v ; (E1642) 443v
Phillip Ward, gent Charles Vaughan, armiger; et al (E1642) Link[4,426] C33/182, p. (E1642) 432r
Phillippa Ward Christopher Pollard; and Otho Stopp; et al (H1642) Link[4,427] C33/182, p. 297r
Phillippa Ward, widow John Pollard, gent; et al (E1642) Link[4,428] C33/182, p. (E1642) 430r
Richard Ward & Ann his wife George Gowdy, armiger; Charles Rawlings; et al (M1641) Link[4,429] Link[4,430]; (H1642) [4,431] C33/182, p. 40v, 101r ; (H1642) 272v
Roger Ward; and Robert Balls Richard Youngman; and Nicholas Ingate (E1642) Link[4,432] (T1642) Link[4,433] C33/182, p. (E1642) 453v ; (T1642) 568v
Thomazina Ward Anne Graunger, widow; and Thomas Graunger (H1642) Link[4,434] C33/182, p. 324v
John Waren Anthony Rooper (H1642) Link[4,435] C33/182, p. (H1642) 342v
Gilbert Wareinge Samuel Greaves; Judith his wife; Thomas Aston (M1641) Link[4,436] C33/182, p. 57r
Warford Leman (T1642) Link[4,437] C33/182, p. (T1642) 561r
William Warham Thomas Culpepper, knight & Lady Barbara his wife; and William Bennet (E1642) Link[4,438] C33/182, p. (E1642) 367r
Judith Waringe, widow Thomas Wroth, knight; et al (M1641) Link[4,439] C33/182, p. 32r
Henry Warmouth William Powre / Poore; and John Cosens (H1642) Link[4,440] (T1642) Link[4,441] C33/182, p. 308r ; (T1642) 512v
Edward Warne Thomas Wiffen (T1642) Link[4,442] (T1642) Link[4,443] C33/182, p. (T1642) 487r, 517r
Robert Warner Francis Keeler (H1642) Link[4,444] (E1642) Link[4,445] C33/182, p. (H1642) 281v ; (E1642) 366r, 374v
Samuel Wariner William Geere, armiger; and Robert Aston (T1642) Link[4,446] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595v
Warr Phillipps (M1641) Link[4,447] C33/182, p. 168v
Warren Jackson & his wife; and Phillipps & his wife (E1642) Link[4,448] C33/182, p. (E1642) 459r
Warren Throckmorton; Throckmorton; and Tands & his wife (M1641) Link[4,449] (E1642) Link[4,450] C33/182, p. 89r ; (E1642) 459r
Gilbert Warren Samuel Greves (H1642) Link[4,451] (E1642) Link[4,452] C33/182, p. (H1642) 231r ; (E1642) 375r
Gilbert Warren Margeret Kempton; and Thomas Hinde (?) (H1642) Link[4,453] (E1642) Link[4,454] C33/182, p. (H1642) 230r ; (E1642) 393v
Thomas Warren; and Robert Warren Arnold Banbury; et al (M1641) Link[4,455] Link[4,456], [4,457] (H1642) [4,458], [4,459]; (E1642) [4,460]; (T1642) [4,461] C33/182, p. 27r, 82v, 85r ; (H1642) 257v, 291v ; (E1642) 367v ; (T1642) 564v
Agnes Warrey Richard Bond (M1641) Link[4,462] C33/182, p. 94v
Warrington Freeland (T1642) Link[4,463] C33/182, p. (T1642) 473v
Thomas Warryner Robert Mowson; George Harrison; Edward Greene; Peter Warriner; et al (M1641) Link[4,464] (T1642) Link[4,465] C33/182, p. 93v ; (T1642) 595r
Warwick Wyard (M1641) Link[4,466] C33/182, p. 74v
Hester Warwick, widow Thomas Jucks / Jewks, William Jucks (/Jenkes) (M1641) Link[4,467] (H1642) [4,468], [4,469], [4,470]; (E1642) [4,471]; (T1642) [4,472] C33/182, p. 61r; (H1642) 219v, 248v, 331v ; (E1642) 419r ; (T1642) 561r
Thomas Washbourne Edith Billinge; John Freeston (M1641) Link[4,473] Link[4,474]; (H1642) [4,475], [4,476], [4,477], [4,478]; (T1642) [4,479] C33/182, p. 167r (bis); (H1642) 196r, 259v, 287r, 313r ; (T1642) 571v
Daniel Washington John Cox & Frances his wife (M1641) Link[4,480] C33/182, p. 36r
Laurence Washington John Browne (M1641) Link[4,481] C33/182, p. 19r
Waterhowse Puckeringe & his wife (H1642) Link[4,482] C33/182, p. (H1642) 339v
Robert Waterhouse, gent Cotton Herne (T1642) Link[4,483] C33/182, p. (T1642) 530r
Tobias Waterhouse, doctor in divinity Robert Godley (H1642) Link[4,484] (E1642) Link[4,485], [4,486]; (T1642) [4,487] C33/182, p. (H1642) 209r ; (E1642) 373v, 428v ; (T1642) 489r
Tobias Waterhouse, doctor in divinity & Elizabeth his wife Edward Fich, knight (H1642) Link[4,488] C33/182, p. (H1642) 213r
William Waters James Scudamore; John Aylworth; and Katherine Nelson (E1642) Link[4,489] C33/182, p. (E1642) 415v
Giles Wathen & Elizabeth his wife, administratrix of Ann Evans Francis Barnard; et al (H1642) Link[4,490] (H1642) [4,491]; (E1642) [4,492]; (T1642) [4,493] C33/182, p. (H1642) 190v, 249r ; (E1642) 408v ; (T1642) 478v
Watkin Edwards (M1641) Link[4,494] C33/182, p. 14v
Richard Watken Jeremia Hall (M1641) Link[4,495] C33/182, p. 16v
Watkins, knight Stoner (T1642) Link[4,496] C33/182, p. (T1642) 561r
John Watkins Richard Middlton (M1641) Link[4,497] C33/182, p. 94v
Watson Bligh (E1642) Link[4,498] C33/182, p. (E1642) 366r
Watson Bower (E1642) Link[4,499] C33/182, p. (E1642) 441v
Watson Haddam (H1642) Link[4,500] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340r
Watson Morris (T1642) Link[4,501] C33/182, p. (T1642) 528v
Alice Watson, widow, for herself and ex parte Mathew Thurston, infant Richard Mansure & Sibil his wife, executrix of Richard Thurston (M1641) Link[4,502] Link[4,503]; (E1642) [4,504], [4,505] C33/182, p. 15r, 110r ; (E1642) 372v, 423r
Charles Watson James Allington (M1641) Link[4,506] Link[4,507] C33/182, p. 94v, 122v
George Watson William Denton, cleric (M1641) Link[4,508] (H1642) Link[4,509]; (E1642) [4,510]; (T1642) [4,511] C33/182, p. 175v ; (H1642) 259r ; (E1642) 404v ; (T1642) 516v
Henry Watson Thomas Milkesopp executor of Thomas Milkesopp; John Haies & Dorothy his wife; Henry Chester & Dorothy his wife, administratrix of Thomas Ouby (H1642) Link[4,512] (H1642) Link[4,513], [4,514]; (E1642) [4,515], [4,516], [4,517], [4,518]; (T1642) [4,519] C33/182, p. (H1642) 193v, 209r, 225v ; (E1642) 370r, 390r, 409r, 423r ; (T1642) 550r
Lewis Watson; et al Mayor, Citizens, and Commonalty of the City of London (T1642) Link[4,520] C33/182, p. (T1642) 516v
Robert Watson William Watson; Edward Harvey; Edmund Sleigh; and Thomas Sotherne (M1641) Link[4,521] C33/182, p. 79r
Samuel Watson, sr, cleric Samuel Watson; and Joseph Darby (M1641) Link[4,522] (E1642) Link[4,523], (T1642) [4,524] C33/182, p. 78v ; (E1642) 389r ; (T1642) 486r
Thomas Watson William Jowet (T1642) Link[4,525] C33/182, p. (T1642) 530v
Walter Watson & his wife John Haddon & his wife (H1642) Link[4,526] (T1642) Link[4,527], [4,528] C33/182, p. (H1642) 226v ; (T1642) 509r, 518v
Wattes Creshe (H1642) Link[4,529] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340r
Francis Watts & his wife Augustine Funnell; et al (H1642) Link[4,530] (H1642) Link[4,531] C33/182, p. (H1642) 261r, 310v
Thomas Watts; and John Dent John Tayler; and Christopher Knight (E1642) Link[4,532] C33/182, p. (E1642) 389v
Wavis Hooper (E1642) Link[4,533] C33/182, p. (E1642) 388r
Wavis Pescod (T1642) Link[4,534] C33/182, p. (T1642) 545r
Weale Ward (E1642) Link[4,535] C33/182, p. (E1642) 417r
Richard Weate John Bennet; et al (T1642) Link[4,536] C33/182, p. (T1642) 573v
Jane Weaver Thomas Lother (M1641) Link[4,537] C33/182, p. 81r
Webb Cutts (H1642) Link[4,538] (E1642) Link[4,539] C33/182, p. (H1642) 280r ; (E1642) 441v
Webb Pratt (E1642) Link[4,540] C33/182, p. (E1642) 459r
Webb St John, knight and baronet (H1642) Link[4,541] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254r
Webb Webb (M1641) Link[4,542] C33/182, p. 33r
Edward Webb, cleric Bailiffs and Burgesses of the Town of Basingstoke; William Blunden; et al (M1641) Link[4,543] C33/182, p. 132r
Henry Webb Henry Mayo & his wife (M1641) Link[4,544] (H1642) Link[4,545]; (T1642) [4,546], [4,547] C33/182, p. 115v; (H1642) 188v ; (T1642) 499v, 575r
John Webb William Carelesse (H1642) Link[4,548] C33/182, p. (H1642) 244v
Thomas Webb Christopher Barrett (M1641) Link[4,549] Link[4,550]; (H1642) [4,551], [4,552], [4,553] C33/182, p. 102r, 156r; (H1642) 218v, 253r, 323v
Thomas Webb Ralph Blackston, knight (H1642) Link[4,554] C33/182, p. (H1642) 287r
Thomas Webb Richard Webb; and ___ Potter (E1642) Link[4,555] C33/182, p. (E1642) 394r
William Webb Richard Phillipps (H1642) Link[4,556] (T1642) Link[4,557] C33/182, p. 307v ; (T1642) 527r
Abraham Webber Thomas Were, gent (M1641) Link[4,558] C33/182, p. 73v
Elizabeth Weblinge; Tremore Sparks; and Stephen Bayly President and Scholars of Magdalene College, Oxford; and Edmund Morgan, armiger (T1642) Link[4,559] C33/182, p. (T1642) 520r
John Webster; et al Town of Shipdam (H1642) Link[4,560] C33/182, p. (H1642) 255r
Ann Weeks; Mary Mavericke; and Rachael Allen William Horsepoole; and Arthur Beswicke (M1641) Link[4,561] Link[4,562] C33/182, p. 59r, 121r
John Weeks, armiger Joan Battishall, administrator of Thomas Battishall lately her husband (M1641) Link[4,563] (H1642) Link[4,564]; (E1642) [4,565] C33/182, p. 59r; (H1642) 449v
Robert Weeks alias Weeks (melius: Wilks) Thomas Weeks alias Wilks (M1641) Link[4,566] C33/182, p. 51v
Thomas Weekes &I his wife Thomas ade; and John Graves (T1642) Link[4,567] C33/182, p. (T1642) 597v
Weighmouth Wingham (T1642) Link[4,568] C33/182, p. (T1642) 553v
Weight Wolverston (E1642) Link[4,569] C33/182, p. (E1642) 444v
Gerrard Weight John Smith; Anthony Nedingfield; et al (M1641) Link[4,570] C33/182, p. 67r
Suzanna Weight, widow, executrix of Michael Weight Richard Keylway, gebt; et al (and Richard Keilway, gent v. Suzanna Weight; and John Weight (M1641) Link[4,571] C33/182, p.
William Weight John Lowther, baronet; et al (H1642) Link[4,572] C33/182, p. (H1642) 227v
James Welch Thoomas Lloid; and John Brumsden (?) (E1642) Link[4,573] C33/182, p. (E1642) 386v
Wells Birby (M1641) Link[4,574] C33/182, p. 88v
Wells Forden (M1641) Link[4,575] C33/182, p. 88v
Wells Upchurch (H1642) Link[4,576] C33/182, p. (H1642) 339r
Anthony Wells Richard Wells; and Humfrey Whitwicke / Wightwicke; et al (H1642) Link[4,577] C33/182, p. 318r ; (T1642) 512r
John Wells, gent Bridget Neale, widow; and John Neale, armiger (T1642) Link[4,578] C33/182, p. (T1642) 529r
Richard Wells & Margaret his wife William Browne; and John Edmunds (E1642) Link[4,579] (E1642) Link[4,580] C33/182, p. (E1642) 393r, 397r
Welsh Goose; Louther; and William Johnson (E1642) Link[4,581]; (T1642) [4,582] C33/182, p. (E1642) 396v ; (T1642) 553r
James Welsh; and Thomas Floyd John Brumsden; and Nicholas Webb (H1642) Link[4,583] C33/182, p. 318v
John Welton Jonathan Bonds; Peter Welton & his wife (H1642) Link[4,584] C33/182, p. 322r
Francis Wenham, armiger William West, armiger; et al (M1641) Link[4,585] C33/182, p. 119v
Mathew Wentworth, armiger Francis Michelbourne, executor of John Michelborne (H1642) Link[4,586] (E1642) Link[4,587] C33/182, p. (H1642) 248v ; (E1642) 414r
Mathew Wentworth Thomas Threele (M1641) Link[4,588] C33/182, p. 152v
Werdon Farrington (E1642) Link[4,589] C33/182, p. (E1642) 442r
John Were John Clist; and John Were (T1642) Link[4,590] C33/182, p. (T1642) 523r
West Clarke (M1641) Link[4,591] C33/182, p. 137v
West Cropley; and Davies; and Holte (M1641) Link[4,592] C33/182, p. 39r
West West (H1642) Link[4,593] (T1642) Link[4,594] C33/182, p. (H1642) 342r ; (T1642) 531r
West Westfield (H1642) Link[4,595] C33/182, p. (H1642) 324v
Francis West; et al Walter Combe; Peter Holloway; et al (T1642) Link[4,596] C33/182, p. (T1642) 472v
Francis West William Geer; John Vonn; and John Saunders (M1641) Link[4,597] Link[4,598] C33/182, p. 50r, 124r
Francis West William Greene; et al (M1641) Link[4,599] C33/182, p. 8v
Francis West William Gore / Geere; John Venn; John Saunders; et al (M1641) Link[4,600] C33/182, p. 71r, 102r
George West, gent Mary Petty; Richard Petty; et al (H1642) Link[4,601] C33/182, p. (H1642) 239r
Robert West William Horne & his wife (T1642) Link[4,602] (T1642) Link[4,603] C33/182, p. (T1642) 507r, 529r
Thomas West Richard Roch (AND vice versa) (E1642) Link[4,604] C33/182, p. (E1642) 369r
Westbourne Westbourne (E1642) Link[4,605] C33/182, p. (E1642) 411v
Westbourne Peasley (E1642) Link[4,606] C33/182, p. (E1642) 459r
Westby Capp (M1641) Link[4,607] C33/182, p. 112v
Westcott Silvester; et al (M1641) Link[4,608] C33/182, p. 100v
Westcott Sweetland (H1642) Link[4,609] C33/182, p. (H1642) 250v
Judith Westcott, executor of Ann Leeke and administrator de bonis non by said Ann of Roland Leake Ann Smith, widow; and James Holliwell (M1641) Link[4,610] C33/182, p. 150r
___ Weston William James Powell; Morgan Griffith; Howell ap Owen (T1642) Link[4,611] C33/182, p. (T1642) 550r
Edward Weston Robert Cuttes (H1642) Link[4,612] (E1642) Link[4,613] C33/182, p. (H1642) 254r ; (E1642) 440v
William Weston; and George Rogers George Borer & Ann his wife (E1642) Link[4,614] C33/182, p. (E1642) 451v
William Weston Lady Dorothy Cornwallis; Christopher Vere (E1642) Link[4,615] (T1642) Link[4,616], [4,617] C33/182, p. (E1642) 443v ; (T1642) 484r, 555r
Edward Westropp, infant, by Robert Thompson his guardian Robert Wolrich, armiger; and Peter Malbon, gent, executors of Lady Ann Walter, widow (H1642) Link[4,618] (H1642) Link[4,619]; (E1642) [4,620], [4,621] C33/182, p. (H1642) 277v, 323r ; (E1642) 375r, 440v
Thomas Westropp Richard Ellis; Thomas Ellis; Thomas Coppinge; et al (H1642) Link[4,622] (H1642) Link[4,623]; (E1642) [4,624] C33/182, p. (H1642) 287v, 313v ; (E1642) 389r
Edmund Westy; and Hugh Chappington Richard Gardner, jr (M1641) Link[4,625] C33/182, p. 154r
John Wetherall Robert Metham (M1641) Link[4,626] (H1642) Link[4,627]; (E1642) [4,628]; (T1642) [4,629] C33/182, p. 173v ; (H1642) 312v ; (E1642) 383v ; (T1642) 510r
Wetherhead Battison (E1642) Link[4,630] C33/182, p. (E1642) 457v
Wetnall Scaundrett (T1642) Link[4,631] C33/182, p. (T1642) 595r
Robert Wexham Silvester Stocker; and Thomas Seaward (T1642) Link[4,632] C33/182, p. (T1642) 548r
Whaites Freeman (M1641) Link[4,633] Link[4,634] C33/182, p. , 105v
Wharam Thorneton; and Horne (T1642) Link[4,635] C33/182, p. (T1642) 528v
Wharton Bindlose (E1642) Link[4,636] C33/182, p. (E1642) 458r
Wharton Utber (M1641) Link[4,637] C33/182, p. 108r
Michael Wharton, knight John Gresham, armiger (M1641) Link[4,638] Link[4,639], ; (H1642) [4,640] C33/182, p. 40v, 75v ; (H1642) 317v
Geoffrey Whatton Richard Spencer (E1642) Link[4,641] (E1642) Link[4,642] C33/182, p. (E1642) 439v, 462r
Wheateley Holliday (H1642) Link[4,643] C33/182, p. (H1642) 340v
Elizabeth Wheath, widow Robert Parsglove & his wife1a (T1642) Link[4,644] C33/182, p. (T1642) 554v
Wheeler Farmer (H1642) Link[4,645] C33/182, p. (H1642) 255r
William Wheeler, armiger; Robert Butler & Beatrice his wife; John Durdant & Suzanna his wife John Hanbury, armiger (M1641) Link[4,646] (H1642) Link[4,647]; (E1642) [4,648] C33/182, p. 168r; (H1642) 201v ; (E1642) 398v
Henry Wheeler Arthur Dew (M1641) Link[4,649] (H1642) Link[4,650] C33/182, p. 88r ; (H1642) 332v
John Wheeler & Suzanna his wife Mary Savage, widow; Christian Welford; James Wilford, executors of James Wilford; Thomas Creshield; and Olliver Whorewood (M1641) Link[4,651] C33/182, p. 181r
Mathew Wheelowes Richard Samuell,knight; and Richard Samuell (T1642) Link[4,652] C33/182, p. (T1642) 515r
William Whelpdale Richard Burton, cleric; and Richard Barton, cleric (T1642) Link[4,653] C33/182, p. (T1642) 534r
Wheper Gearse (E1642) Link[4,654] C33/182, p. (E1642) 437v
Thomas Whetcombe, gent Edmund Church, armiger (T1642) Link[4,655] C33/182, p. (T1642) 574r
Francis Whetson / Whiston, gent Robert Metham (H1642) Link[4,656] (E1642) Link[4,657]; (T1642) [4,658] C33/182, p. 312v ; (E1642) 427v ; (T1642) 524r
Roger Whiddon, armiger Charldes Vaughan, armiger (T1642) Link[4,659] C33/182, p. (T1642) 548v
Dorothy Whitacres for herself and ex parte John Whitacres her infant son Francis Fox; and Hugh Sheldon & his wife (M1641) Link[4,660] C33/182, p. 3r
Joan Whitacre Percivall Harte, knight; and John Carpenter, gent (H1642) Link[4,661] C33/182, p. (H1642) 234v
Lawrence Whitacre; et al, creditors of Robert Wallis Robert Kelway; et al, executors of Robert Wallis (H1642) Link[4,662] (H1642) Link[4,663]; (E1642) [4,664] C33/182, p. (H1642) 343r ; (E1642) 377r
Richard Whitacre Phillip Chetwind (E1642) Link[4,665] C33/182, p. (E1642) 422r
Elizabeth Whitby, widow Matilda Rowswell, widow (E1642) Link[4,666] C33/182, p. (E1642) 380v
James Whitcharte Michael Wyat (H1642) Link[4,667] C33/182, p. (H1642) 243r
Christopher Whitchcocke; and Stephen Slaney Thomas Mullineux (E1642) Link[4,668] (E1642) Link[4,669] C33/182, p. (E1642) 396r, 462r
Joseph Whitchurch Thomas Smith (M1641) Link[4,670] Link[4,671], [4,672]; (E1642) [4,673]; (T1642) [4,674], [4,675], [4,676] C33/182, p. 10v, 51r, 84v ; (E1642) 422v ; (T1642) 478r, 535r, 552v
Peter Whitcombe Edmund Church, armiger (T1642) Link[4,677] C33/182, p. (T1642) 507v
Richard Whitcombe, executor of Richard Whitcombe Richard Jure (E1642) Link[4,678] C33/182, p. (E1642) 385v
White Bishop (T1642) Link[4,679] C33/182, p. (T1642) 517r
White Field (H1642) Link[4,680] (T1642) Link[4,681] C33/182, p. (H1642) 281v ; (T1642) 486r
White Olliver & his wife; Clarke & his wife; and Dodd (M1641) Link[4,682] C33/182, p. 141r
White Paddocke (M1641) Link[4,683] C33/182, p. 62v
White Teage (H1642) Link[4,684] C33/182, p. (H1642) 281v
Henry White, gent & his wife; et al Thomas Horwood; et al (M1641) Link[4,685] (H1642) Link[4,686]; (T1642)