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'''1305 A:''' Leper used as an insult.  [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT4/E1/E13no26/IMG_0107.htm]
'''1305 A:''' Leper used as an insult.  [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT4/E1/E13no26/IMG_0107.htm]
'''E1315 A:''' Mentally incompetent tenant in chief.  [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/E2/KB27no220/aKB27no220fronts/IMG_0196.htm], earlier entry in regard to John Pipard, the mentally incompetent tenant in chief [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/E2/KB27no216/aKB27no216fronts/IMG_0022.htm]
'''E1315 A:''' Mentally incompetent tenant in chief.  [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/E2/KB27no220/aKB27no220fronts/IMG_0196.htm], earlier entry in regard to John Pipard, the mentally incompetent tenant in chief [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/E2/KB27no216/aKB27no216fronts/IMG_0022.htm] and [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/E2/KB27no217/bKB27no217dorses/IMG_0021.htm] SJ
'''E1319 A:''' John de Totenham surgeon.  Cambridgeshire.  No details.  [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/E2/KB27no236/bKB27no236dorses/IMG_0028.htm]
'''E1319 A:''' John de Totenham surgeon.  Cambridgeshire.  No details.  [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/E2/KB27no236/bKB27no236dorses/IMG_0028.htm]

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1305 A: Leper used as an insult. [1]

E1315 A: Mentally incompetent tenant in chief. [2], earlier entry in regard to John Pipard, the mentally incompetent tenant in chief [3] and [4] SJ

E1319 A: John de Totenham surgeon. Cambridgeshire. No details. [5]


  • H1346 A: Treatment of lepers in the Hospital of St Mary Magdalene of Ripon. [6] rcp
  • M1346 A: William de Stanes, citizen and apothecary of London. [7] rcp

H1349 A: Indictment of John son of William son of Henry de Nafferton, that in 1349 he burned the house of Robert Dreng of Driffield together with goods worth 40s. He pleaded not guilty. The jury say that John is a lunatic (Johannes lunaticus est) vexed three or four times each year by the infirmity of demencia (vexatus infirmitate demencie). On the day of the burning and eight days before and eight days following he was detained by that infirmity, having no notice or discretion of good or evil or of his own acts (nullam habens noticiam sive discrecionem boni vel mali aut de factis suis propriis) and was thus when he burned the house, so not by felony or malice aforethought. He did not try to flee but was taken at the deed. Acquitted and mainperned. [8]



  • E1354 A: London: John le Spicer of Cornhill, London, appealed of mayheme by Thomas de Shene of London, ' pessoner'. Defendant argued that he was a 'medicus' trying to heal Thomas [9] SJ
  • E1360 A: London. John atte Forde & Elena his wife v. William Philip chaplain. Appeal of mayhem by which Elena lost the use of her left hand. Defendant replied that she had a dangerous sickness that was difficult to heal; she asked him as a common doctor (comunis medicus) to apply his cure, and as a doctor he did so. Jury returned that defendant feloniously with a knife struck her across her left hand so that the nerves restricted and she lost the use of her hand. Plaintiffs recovered 30 p.s. [10] rcp
  • E1361 A: Somerset. Roger Taillour de Yevele leche. [11] rcp
  • M1361 A: Adjustment of court processes because the disorder caused by the Black Death. [12] rcp
  • M1362 B: Midwife: Yorkshie. John de Acastre & Isolda his wife v. William de Swanland lately bailiff of the city of York. Plaint that the bailiff had arrested Isolda when she was ready to give birth and imprisoned her at Kidcote on the Ouse bridge so strictly that no friend of hers nor her midwife could speak with or visit or comfort her from a Sunday to the ninth hour on the next Friday until John made fine with William for 100s for her delivery. [13] rcp








  • E1530 A: London. Qui tam prosecution for practice of medicine without examination. William Bouton goldsmith v. John Sevell surgeon. [14] rcp
  • M1530 A: Sussex. Presented that Joan Cuthbert spinster wife of Augustine Cuthbert de Cowfold yeoman in November 1529 with malice aforethought 'cum angoria et sorseria vocata Witchecraft et aliis venenis medesinis" she administered killed Stephen Broune son of Robert Broun at Cowfold. [15] After long process acquitted by verdict. rcp


  • H1590 A: Sale of various purging and diet drinks, potions, syrups, cordials, suppositories, and licorice. [16] rcp