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E1311 A: Repair of Rochester bridge, Kent. [1]

M1312 A: Certiorari. Justices itinerant (13 Edward I). Repair of Chesford bridge, Warwickshire. [2]; [3]

E1313 A: Repair of bridges at Stratford atte Bowe. [4]

T1313 A: Repair of millpond for the king's mills that had been damaged to the impoverishment of the people. Dorset. Margaret queen of England v. John de Tynten jr, William atte Rewe, John le Gardiner, William Blaunchard, Robert le Heyward, Lawrence le Palfreyman, Stephen Paniot, John le Grennere, & Stephen le Weslh. [5]

E1314 A: Repair of the bridge of Bradley, Yorkshire. [6]

T1314 A: Repair of the bridges of Stratford atte Bowe and Stratford Langthorne. [7], [8], [9]; [10], [11]; [12]

T1314 B: Repair of king's highway between Stratford atte Bowe and Hammestratford [13] SJ

M1317 A: Distraint for repair of the bridge Longbridge in Shoreham. Hamo dre Morston v. Simon le Porter, Richard Whitegos, and John de Pelham. [14]

T1318 A: Certiorari. Eyre (6 Edward II). Presentment for repair of Sturry Bridge. [15]

M1318 A: Collection of assessments for cleaning and repairing the gutters and sewers in Holland, Lincolnshire. Thomas son of Roger de Frampton v. Walter Hardpeny and Adam his son. [16]

T1319 A: Repair of the bridge over the Avon at Chesford. [17]