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List of recipients of Henry IV’s general pardon 2c with date of issue of their copy based on C67/32, mm. 20-17

Recipient and Issue Date of Copy Additional Information Recipients not found on C 67/32
Johannes Creke de Flete in Holand in comitatu Lincoln’ (25 March1400)
Thomas Daccombe de comitatu Dorset, juniior (25 March 1400)
Thomas Daccombe de comitatu Dorset, senior (25 March 1400)
[vacat quar aliter superius: Andreas Coumbe de comitatu Suthampton (18 March 1400)]
Hugo de Leversegge, clericus (24 March 1400)
Nicholas Spicer de Redyng (26 March 1400)
Johannes filius Ricardi Herrees de Penneford (27 March 1400)
Willelmus Godefrey de coventre, wyredrawer (25 March 1400)
Johannes Pratte de Retford (27 March 1400)
Sara Oxwyke de Creton’ in comitatu Lincoln’ (27 March 1400)
Johannes Oxwyke de Creton’ in comitatu Lincoln’ (27 March 1400)
Johannes Dacombe de comitatu Suthampton (25 March 1400)
Johannes Wayte de Tichefeld in comitatu Southampton (25 March 1400)
Thomas Perye, bochier de comitatu Middlesex (18 March 1400)
Johannes Purcas de Bannebury, bocher alias dictus Johannes Bocher de Bannebury (26 March 1400)
Richard Neweport, civis et mercator London alias dictus Ricardus Spicer de Plymmouth marchaunt (26 March 1400)
Willelmus Calle de Parva Waldyngfeld (26 March 1400)
Robertus Colyns alias Robertus Jonesson alias Robertus bocher de Horblyng in comitatu Lincoln’ (20 March 1400)
Willelmus Chapman de Burton Querey (27 March 1400)
Johannes Rosse alias Johannes Ros de Farnelegh alias Johannes de Farnelegh (26 March 1400)
Willelmus Wryght de Frankfosse in comitatu Ebor’ alias Willelus Cartewryght de Frankfosse (26 March 1400)
Magister Robertus Bays, clericus (28 March 1400)
Thomas Wyssenden squyer alias Thomas Wyssynden (1 April 1400)
Johannes Latemer (27 March 1400)
Alexander Benfold de Bello (18 March 1400)
Johannes Wyse denior alias dictus Johannes Wyse de Pembrok (1 April 1400)
Willelmus Staunton dyspleyer alias Willelmus Staunton de comitatu Norfolk (2 April 1400)
Ricardus Parker alias Ricardus Hunte de Whitechirche in comitatu Suthampton (4 April 1400)
Ricardus Bonvyle de Plymmuth (3 April 1400)
Johannes Donne de Donyngton de comitatu Ebor’ (4 April 1400)
Robertus Parkere de Quenecamell (4 April 1400)
Johannes Saunt Chinerell de comitatu Derby (4 April 1400)
Johannes Tiler de Redyche (5 April 1400)
Johannes Russell chivaler (28 April 1400)
Johannes Mareys de Ikelyngton’, barbour (4 April 1400)
Thomas Dyngge de Wyssyngdene in comitatu Rotel (6 April 1400)
Johannes Dygyn alias Johannes Brook de Enysham in comitatu Wygorn’ (6 April 1400)