Enrolled Writings, Indentures, etc

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People for various reasons made certain writings and indentures to be enrolled in the common law records. They are listed here in the year they were enrolled, and that year is usually the same as the year of the original. The primary concern of this page is land transactions. Other writings may be included, but please do not include quitclaims of all actions or pardons or, generally, documents that were proffered in litigation. Charters of towns and cities should be linked under the name of the town or city in the geographical sector of WAALT.

Writings 1215-1250

Writings 1251-1300

Writings 1301-1350 Material available

Writings 1350-1359 Material available

Writings 1360-1369 Material available

Writings 1370-1379

Writings 1380-1389

Writings 1390-1399

Writings 1401-1450

Writings 1451-1500

Writings 1501-1550 Material available

Writings 1551-1600 Material available

Writings 1601-1650

Writings 1651-1700