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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1798 C79/, no. []
1798 1 March 38 Nathaniel Bramley clerk v. John Alt re. auction 19 Jan 1796 of close of 5a 2r 23p, in Sheepshead [Shepshed], Leics belonging to Nathaniel Bramley, bought by Richard Start on behalf of John Alt. C79/230, no. [2]
1798 23 March Christopher Hawkins baronet v. Richard Symons re. loan £300 13/14 Nov 1750 by Thomas Symons from George Blewett, secured on one eighth part of a messuage in par. St Hilary, Cornwall. C78/2080, no. 3 [3]
1798 31 July 38 Maria Perry v. Edward Phelips; Samuel Smith & Mary his wife; Thomas Smith; and Edward Williams re. will 13 June 1734 of John Lockyer of Ilchester, Soms; ownership of rents and profits of real estate of testator. C79/288, no. 1 [4]
1798 9 Aug 38 Alfred Roberts & Jane his wife formerly Jane Bean spinster; Sophia Bean; and Sophia Miller spinsters v. Luke Pocock & Mary his wife re. Bond 5 May 1783 Alexander Davidson to Nathaniel Barlow 85,733 arcot rupees 8 annas & 2 pies; will of Nathaniel Barlow and his great personal estate. C79/267, no. [5]
1798 7 Nov 39 Alice Griffith widow and Thomas Dykes v. Joseph Sheppard; Abraham Sheppard; Joseph Cockfield; Luke _____ ; James Maddocks C79/246, no. [6]
1798 15 Nov 39 Robert Barker of Hurley, Berks, esq v. John Perry of the parish of St Giles, Reading, Berks, bricklayer and Edward Edgerley of Hurley, carpenter C79/233, no. [7]
1798 20 Nov 39 Minor Canons of St Paul; Francis Rivington; Charles Rivington v. William Herris; Thomas Howard; George Beauchamp; Robert Smith the elder; Richard Firmins?; Robert Smith the younger; James Neale; Thomas Bailey; Charles Alexander Crickett; James Townley; James Bush; and Thomas Carr C79/272, no. [8]
1798 C79/, no. []