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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1738 C78/, no. []
1738 23 Jan 11 Catherine Smith; Ann Smith; and Harriott Smith, infants v. Mary Smith; Elizabeth Smith; William Standfast, doctor of laws, & Mary his wife; Samuel Smith; and Abell Smith Dispute re. will of Thomas Smith, deceased, father of the infants against Mary Smith, then his wife , now wife of Dr Standfast. C78/1766, no. 5 [2]
1738 26 Jan 11 Mary Long spinster daughter and heir and only child of William Long yeoman deceased and also administratrix with the will annexed of his goods unadministered by Anne his widow and executrix v. John Costar re. indenture of lease 22 July [1714] between Queen's College, Oxford and William Long; messuage and tenements and four yardlands, meadows etc. in Toot Baldon, Lawrence Baldon, Marsh Baldon and Little Baldon Oxon; mistaken Christian names. C78/2072, no. 6 [3]
1738 9 Feb 11 Frances Rogers, widow v. John Watson re. loan of £300 secured on copyhold tenement with garden and outhouses in Twickenham , Middx C78/1711, no. 3 [4]
1738 16 Feb 11 Francis Barnes, clerk v. William Chappell; Ann James (since the wife of Thomas Rainell); Eilzabeth Taylor; Thomas Hayward; and James Powell re. William Barkley deceased, by indenture 15 May 1712 conveyed to Thomas Watson of Evesham, Worcs., deceased, all the messuage and premises called the Angell Inn, Pershore [WR10 1AF] with outhouses garden etc...to hold for 1,000 years... C78/1801, no. 12 [5]
1738 18 Feb 11 Josiah Robins v. Henry Lamb; John Palmer; and Elizabeth Lamb Re. Henry Lamb the elder, deceased, carpenter of Bishops Hatfield [Hatfield], Herts loan from Josiah Robins. C78/1827, no. 6 [6]
1738 23 Feb 11 William Mycock, & Mary his wife v. Timothy Bourn Nash; James Nash; Mary Nash, widow; Jane Spencer; Hugh Philips, & Ursula his wife; Elizabeth Baron; Richard Woodward; George Wingfield; George Fullwood; William Bedford; Frances Nash; Martha Nash; and Mary Nash re. marriage agreement 7 Aug 1688, Thomas Nash, clerk and wife Mary née Palmer; one messuage and nook of land called ?'Falks Place' in Astwood, Worcs. C78/1836, no. 4 [7]
1738 24 Feb 11 John Wyatt, gent v. William Sclater; Grace Sclater, widow; and William Hartiputt Re. the 1721 will of Sir Thomas Travell and his heir William Moore, deceased, and his heir cousin William Sclater. C78/1766, no. 4 [8]
1738 28 Feb 11 Thomas Allen esq v. William Barry gentleman & Mary his wife; William Parry gentleman; Hugh Pace; and Francis Lewis esq re. loan £800 by William Barry from Thomas Allen, indenture of lease and release 12/13 May 1731, secured on capital messuages, farms, lands, rights privileges in Llanvetherine & elsewhere in Monmouthshire. C78/1876, no. 7 [9]
1738 7 March 11 Ann Pearson, widow v. Mary Pearson, spinster; and Ann Senior re. loan of £600 to John Pearson, woollen draper of Nottingham C78/1761, no. 1 [10]
1738 14 March 11 Charles Talbot esq Sollicitor General (during the vacancy of an Attorney General) at the relation of the Right Reverend Thomas, lord Bishop of St Asaph; Robert, lord bishop of Norwich; and the Reverend John Bacon doctor of divinity dean of Norwich on behalf of themselves and others trustees for the application and disposal of certain charities given for the relief of such widows residing in the county of Norfolk and the City of Norwich as are the widows of poor clergymen who were formerly beneficed and did reside in the same county and city and their children

v. Edward Dove; John Mott doctor of physick; Thomas Groom the younger clerk; Abigail Mott spinster; and William Herring clerk doctor of laws

re. charity of 1684 to relieve the widows & orphans of deceased clergy in Norwich and Norfolk; purchase of lands & tenements by indenture 16/17 April 1691; rents and profits from this purchase; desire for incorporation [Norfolk and Norwich Clergymens Widows and Childrens Charity]. C78/2062, no. 3 [11]
1728 14 March 11 Alice Forth, widow v. Samuel Hawkins; Thomas Rogers; William Clarke; and Elizabeth Mason re. mortgage referred to Master Spicer of this Court to determine what should be paid. C78/1761, no. 10 [12]
1738 11 April 11 Catherine Knotesford of St George's in the Fields, Middx, spinster v. John Fortescue, esq; Hugh Browne, esq; Elizabeth Knotesford, widow; and Charles Knottesford re. will 27 May 1735 of complt's late father Charles Knotesford & descent of house, lands and premises in Inkberrow and ?Folkingham, Worcs; codicil to will. C78/1815, no. 1 [13]
1738 20 April 11 Stephen Bryan of the parish of St Michael in Bedwardine, Worcs v. James Peachy; Cresweil Hunt & Jane his wife; Nicholas Harris; John Heley; and Elizabeth Lee re. marriage agreement 22 July 1710, Creswell Hunt, apothecary, of Marston in par. Pencombe in Heref. & Jane Gwillim daughter of Tamberlain Gwillim of par. Kings Capel, Heref; capital messuage and farm & other messuages and tenements in Marston, Grendon and Pencombe. C78/2064, no. 4 [14]
1738 21 April 11 Daniel Betts & Mary his wife v. John Brooke; Benjamin Brooke; Robert Brooke; John Stillingfleet; and John Forster gentlemen re. will 4 Feb 1711 of Alexander Pollington (g-father of complt. Mary Betts); plantation in Seward division of island of Antigua. C78/1883, no. 2 [15]
1738 26 April 11 John Wylde, brother and heir of Richard Wylde v. Thomas Lewis, & Elizabeth his wife re. marriage agreement (indenture of lease and release, 8/9 Aug 1717) Richard Wylde (now deceased) and the defndt. Elizabeth; the will, 15 April 1718, of said late Richard Wylde; mansion house, orchands and lands; intent of will. C78/1778, no. 7 [16]
1738 29 April 11 ____ Fricker of Kingston upon Thames, gentleman, grandson of Robert Parsons the younger late of Isleworth, Middx, butcher & Elizabeth his wife both deceased v. George Greenwood and John Williams [damaged, faded document] re. marriage agreement, ?1668, Robert Parsons & Elizabeth ; £500 marriage portion, large messuage since divided, and thirty acres of land in Isleworth. C79/133, no. [17]
1738 29 April 11 John Reading only son and heir of Edward Reading late of Stalisfield, Kent, gentleman v. Sir Francis Head baronet; Dame Margaret Head widow; and Thomas Webb re. marriage agreement 11 July 1696, Edward Reading and dau. of Nicholas Salter; estate and manor house etc. in par. Stalisfield, Kent. C78/2067, no. 5 [18]
1738 1 May 11 John Trevanion esq. & Ann his wife one of the daughters of Sir Francis Blake knight v. Francis Blake Delavale [1692–1752]; Dame Elizabeth Blake; Robert Dormer esq one of the justices of common pleas at Westminster; and Fleetwood Dormer and Edward Delavale esqs re. will 1692 or 1693 of Francis Blake (complts Anne's g-father); £500 to be paid at age 21; Sir Francis Blake sole exec. C78/1861, no. 4 [19]
1738 2 May 11 Owen Bowen the eldest son and heir of John Bowen who was eldest son and heir of Owen John ap Owen or Owen John as he was sometimes called, who was the eldest son and heir of John ap Owen v. Evan Bowen and John David re. marriage agreement 3 Nov 1671, Owen John Ap Owen & Maud Thomas, spinster; messuage and lands in par. Langoedmore [Llangoedmor], co. Cardigan. C78/1758, no. 4 [20]
1738 4 May 11 Isaac Danford and William Holbrow, administrators with the will annexed of William Danford and William Danford an infant by said Isaac Danford and William Holbrow v. Abraham Danford; John Sparry alias Sparrow; Daniel Creed; and Nathaniel Webb. re. orders and decrees concerning will of William Danford and what was due to defendant for principal and interest on the mortgage and on the bond.... C78/1845 no. [21]
1738 2 June 11 Thomas Penny v. William Browning; John Pullen; Edward Coldham; Elizabeth Williams widow; Thomas Gorham; and John Welles re. sale for £100, 30 Dec 1717 of parcel of land, abutting on the highway to Holloway, in par. St Mary, Islington, Middx by John Welles to William Chaffer. C78/2072, no. 5 [22]
1738 10 June 11 John Beaver brother and heir at law and administrator of Thomas Beaver clerk v. Jane Beaver widow otherwise Spencer re. estate £17,000 of Thomas Beaver [curate, Wath Upon Dearne] died Nov 1735, intestate; request for inventory and account of the estate. C78/2062, no. 1 [23]
1738 15 June 12 Anna Jeale widow v. John Jeale; John Jeator; and Samuel Dendy re. descent of farms called Goodwyn's and Stubb's [now TQ171475, in par. North Holmwood, Dorking, Surrey] following death of Michael Jeale in 1704 intestate, and the re-marriage of his widow Mary... C78/2072, no. 4 [24]
1738 15 June 12 Ann Raworth only child of William Raworth an infant v. Ralph Smalley; William Bauldy; John Heard; John Fisher; Stephen Base & Ann his wife late Ann Raworth widow; Sarah Raworth; Francis Raworth; Charles Raworth; Felicia Inings; Thomas Woodroffe gentleman; John Halam & Ann his wife; and Robert Fletcher esq re. will of William Raworth; descent of messuages, cottages and lands in Mapplewell [SK 522132], Longdale & Barrow upon Soar in Leics. C78/1891, no. 7 [25]
1738 15 June 12 Sir William Pendarves, knight, heir at law and also residuary legatee of Richard Pendarves, esq,m which said Richard was the only child and heir and also administrator to Richard Pendarves of London, merchant, his late father complainant's William Pendarves's late father's elder brother and which said Richard the son was also executor and residuary legatee of Elizabeth Pendarves his late mother also deceased v. William Beauchamp, & Elizabeth his wife; Arian Sweet; John Archer; Edward Periam Denham, alias Dennis Hammond, jr; and Miles Corbett re. descent of estate [in Cornwall] of Richard Pendarves, the father, died about 1696, £500 to £600 p.a. & personal estate of several thousand pounds. C78/1802, no. 9 [26]
1738 27 June 12 John Foxall and Andrews Jelfs v. Windsor Sandys; Myles Sandys; and William Sandys; Bennett Metcalfe; John Coxe; Littleton Lawrence; Edmund Awbrey; Thomas Penson; Elizabeth Sandys; Brown Sandys the infant; Anne Sandys the wife of the said Myles Sandys the son; Richard Brown the younger; Windsor Sandys; William Sandys; Alice Sandys; Ann Sandys; and Abigail Sandys, children of said William Sandys the son; Abigail Sandys the wife of said William Sandys the son; and Henry Cramner re. loan 21 Dec 1716, £3,000, by Windsor Sandys [of Brimpsfield Park] from James Montague & Thomas Powell; secured on woods, groves, coppices and woodgrounds called the Buckholt and Cranham Woods in pars. Cranham, Brimpsfield and Winstone, Gloucs. C78/1802, no. 5 [27]
1738 28 June 12 Eldridge Poole, gent, & Meriam his wife; and Lucy Poole; Nathaniel Poole; Joseph Poole; and Sarah Poole an infant by the said Eldridge Poole her father v. John Sympson, gent; John Browne, esq; Lancellot Tolson Tilly; and Cornelius Jesson, & Christobella his wife re. will 10 Mar 1701 of William Smith (father of Meriam Poole); annuities of £14 p.a. for 96 years to daughter and g-daughter in turn... C78/1837, no. 3 [28]
1738 1 July 12 Francis Matson esq; Thomas Hardcastle gentleman; and Richard Geldart v. Francis Taylard; John Dawson; Thomas Handley; Thomas Dawson; Christe Forster; and Francis Dalton re. ownership of sixth parts of impropriate rectory of parish church of Coverham, Yorks; rights to appoint clergy. C79/76, no. [29]
1738 3 July 12 Benjamin Godfrey of the hamlet of Bethnel Green in Stepney Middx, doctor in physick v. Elizabeth Toriano; William Ettrick; Charles Jenkins; James Jenkins; Robert Jenkins; and Nathaniel Toriano; and (added later:) Thomas Watson and Richard Grieve re. sale of estate at Barnes 26/27 Mar 1688 & land at Corwell [?Colwell], Crookham and Hetherslaw, Northhumberland by John Jenkins of Barnes[now suburb of Sunderland], co. Durham, to Sir John Jeffryson & John Edowes... C78/1760, no. 10 [30]
1738 7 July 12 John Trigg; and Nathaniel Chambers, gents, executors and devisees of John Somerset late of Acton, Middx, esq

v. Richard Witherston, & Dorothy his wife late Dorothy Somerset, widow; Richard Brickenden, & Carolina his wife, late Carolina Somerset; John Southcott, & Clare his wife, late Clare Somerset; Jane Hooper; Ann Somerset; John Frederick, & Henrietta Maria his wife, late Henrietta Somerset; Elizabeth Somerset; Henry Scudamore, & Frances his wife; Margaret Barrow; Gabriel Powell; and George Sawyer

re. orders and judgments concerning costs surrounding purchase of an estate [manor of Acton] by Christopher Lethieullier of Belmont, Hants. from John Somerset's sisters... C78/1812, no. 15 [31]
1738 7 July 12 John Trigg; and Nathaniel Chambers, gents, executors and devisees of John Somerset late of Acton, Middx, esq v. Richard Witherston, & Dorothy his wife, late Dorothy Somerset, widow; Richard Brickendon, & Carolina his wife, late Carolina Somerset; John Southcott, & Clare his wife late Clare Somerset; Jane Hooper; Ann Somerset; John Frederick, & Henrietta Maria his wife, late Henrietta Maria Somerset; Henry Scudamore, & Frances his wife; Margaret Barrow; Gabriel Powell; and George Sawyere [identical to above? ] re. orders and judgments concerning costs surrounding purchase of an estate [manor of Acton] by Christopher Lethieullier of Belmont, Hants. from John Somerset's sisters... C78/1812, no. 14 [32]
1738 13 July 12 Sir Thomas William Brereton, esq v. Dorothea Brereton the elder; And Anne Brereton; and Henry Troughton, gent re. marriage agreement July 1708, Richard Brereton [of Chilgrove & West Dean, Sussex] and Dorothea [or Dorothy] Troughton, spinster. C78/1788, no. 2 [33]
1738 14 July 12 Richard Juson v. Ann Juson, widow and others (sic) re. Joseph Juson and Ann his wife surrender 1718/19 of copyhold messuage in Chatford, in par. Condover, Salop; will of Joseph Juson. C78/1981, no. 3 [34]
1738 18 July 12 John James v. John James and Richard Pugh & Sarah his wife re. sale £260, 7 April 1730 by defendant to complainant, a messuage or tenement, lands and hereditaments in Colebatch, Shropshire; purchase advantage of near relative. C78/1966, no. 6 [35]
1738 25 July 12 John Harrington esq v. John Andrews and John Harrington infant by William Harrington his uncle and guardian re. marriage agreement 5/6 Sept 1726, John Harrington and late Mary Bushell; entitlement of complt. to £6,600; marriage at St James, Bath. C78/1853, no. 5 [36]
1738 25 July 12 Mathew Powell of Llantilio Cressenny [Llandeilo Gresynni], Monm, esq, administrator of Abigail Powell his late wife, who died without issue, who was one of the daughters and coheirs of Lakey Hill, esq, who was eldest son and heir of Sir Roger Hill, knight, and brother and heir of Roger Hill, esq, one of the younger sons of the said Sir Roger Hill also deceased v. Martha Hill, widow and executrix of Roger Hill and administratrix with the will annexed of Sir Roger Hill; John Coggs; John Applebee son and heir and executor of John Applebee then deceased and Elizabeth Maria Hill re. marriage agreement, 1 Oct 1714, Roger Hill and Martha (dau of Sir Isaac Shard); £6,000 and further sums. C78/1778, no. 8 [37]
1738 25 July 12 William Hull, esq v. Philip Drake, an infant, by his guardian re. marriage agreement 3 Jan 1721, John Drake and Catherine (William Hull's dau.), £1,000 and further sums... C78/1769, no. 10 [38]
1738 26 July 12 Joseph Goodchild and Sarah Goodchild infants by Edward Spencer v. Mary Goodchild, widow and administratrix of Joseph Goodchild and also executrix of Anne Spencer re. will 23 Nov 1730, of Anne Spencer; estate of £400; £50 legacies to complts; executorship of Mary Goodchild who was acting instead of late husband. C78/1822, no. 7 [39]
1738 26 July 12 John Brown; Lott Mael; Richard Calthorpe; John Camberlayne; and John Tavernor, gent, creditors of Henry Heron of Cressey Hall, Lincs, esq, deceased on behalf of themselves and all other creditors; John Singleton, infnat by Richard Harrison; Ann Bladen, infant by John Tavernor, on behalf of themselves and other legatees of said Henry Heron

v. Frances Fane, esq; Abigail Heron, widow; John Nicholas; Thomas Barnes; Dame Anne Frazier, widow; Patrick Heron the elder, esq; Patrick Heron the younger; Guise Hall, esq; Margaret Hall widow; Jane Hoar; Benjamin Hoar; and Henry Hoar, executors of Henry Hoare, esq; Thomas Crawford, & Elizabeth his iwfe; Benjamin Ingram; and Henry Iron, infant

re. debts of Henry Heron [1675-1730] of Cressey Hall [Gosberton]; and will 9 April 1726, of Henry Heron who devised his capital messuage, Cressy Hall, and his manors of Surfleet and ?Heckington, lands in Gosberton, Quadring etc. to John Nicholas [1691-1746] of All Cannings [near Devizes], Wiltshire. C78/1781, no. 12 [40]
1738 27 July 12 Thomas Backhouse v. William Moone; John Crossby the elder; John Crossby the younger; and Christopher Dalton re. alleged deception surrounding sale by Moone, Apr 1731, of messuage and tenement called Hollin in Caldbeck [Cumbria]; Duke of Wharton[1698-1731]. C78/2048, no. 10 [41]
1738 13 Oct 12 John Wilshere clerk; John Downes clerk & Elizabeth his wife; and Mary Bliss spinster daughter of the said Elizabeth Downes by ____ Bliss clerk her former husband v. John Wood & Elizabeth his wife re. loan £200, 1 Dec 1733, by John Wood from John Wilshere, secured on messuage called Sands with barns, gardens, orchards etc. in Frampton on Severn, Gloucs. C78/2072, no. 3 [42]
1738 13 Oct 12 William Dawson v. William, duke of Cleveland and Southampton; Philip Southcote, esq; and Ann, duchess dowager of Cleveland his wife; the Honorable Henry Vane, esq, & the Lady Grace his wife; John Paddy, gent, & the Lady Ann his wife; and Thomas Pulteney, esq C78/1769, no. 8 [43]
1738 19 Oct 12 Major Allgood of Brandon, Northumb, gent, the surviving executor of Sir William Blackett, baronet v. Thomas Grey, & Mary his wife; John Craigild; Thomas Pollinson; Margaret Atkinson; and Mabel Atkinson, two infants by their guardians Mary Atkinson widow and Abraham Dixon C78/1761, no. 2 [44]
1738 27 Oct 12 James Disbrow v. Joseph Kettle; Zachary Grey; Joseph Cock; John Campion; Samuel Wiling; Elizabeth Scarse; Arabella Hamond; William Towers; Edmund Waller; and John Willes esq Attorney General C78/2057, no. 1 [45]
1738 4 Nov 12 Thomas Lloyd clerk; Mary Culcheth spinster an infant by Thomas Culcheth her father; Elizabeth Hughes spinster; and Evan Lloyd esq v. Robert Hughes esq & Jane his wife; Richard Hughes; Charles Penry; John Robinson; Charles Selby Amburst; John Roberts; and Robert Gay esq; John, lord bishop of St Asaph; Robert Morgan; and Robert Wynne doctors in divinity; Thomas Davies gentleman; Thomas Pemberton & Katherine his wife; and John Hankshaw & Katherine his wife C78/2063, no. 5 [46]
1738 9 Nov 12 Edward Harley esq eldest son and heir and also sole executor of his father the Honorable Edward Harley esq v. William Robinson & Ann his wife and Margaret Smith widow re. £100 loaned by complainant's late father, secured on messuage/tenement called Brook House in par. of Lyonshall, Heref. C78/2076, no. 4 [47]
1738 11 Nov 12 Walter Wastfeild gent brother and heir of William Wastfeild deceased v. Thomas Powell & Ann his wife, Thomas Haytor & Ann his wife, Rachell Powell, William Coleman, John Bedford, Thomas Beach, and James Powell C78/2079, no. 8 [48]
1738 14 Nov 12 William Head of London mercer & Mary his wife which said Mary is sole executrix and residuary legatee of Richard Cooper late of Newberry [Newbury], Berks gentleman her late father v. Richard Cooper esq C78/2060, no. 2 [49]
1738 16 Nov 12 James Border of East Ogwell, Devon, yeoman & Magdalen his wife two of the legatees of Richard Reynell late of West Ogwell, Devon, esq and which said James Border is also one of the specialty creditors of said Richard Reynell and William Ley of Ashburton, Devon, apothecary one of the simple contract creditors of said Richard Reynell as well on behalf of themselves as of all other specialty and simple contract creditors and legatees of said Richard Reynell and also Thomas Taylor; Joseph Taylor; and Rebecca Taylor all infants by John Wise esq and Robert Tapson of Ingsdon, Devon, esq (which said Thomas, Joseph and Rebecca Taylor are the only children of Joseph Taylor now the elder but heretofore styled Joseph Taylor the younger of Denbury, Devon, esq, by Rebecca his wife late Rebecca Whitrow the cousin and neice of said Richard Reynell) v. the said Joseph Taylor & Rebecca his wife; Elizabeth Fettyplace widow; Anna Reynell; Thomas Reynell clerk; and Christopher Serle; Thomas Coplestone; Thomas Bickford; Sir William Morrice baronet; Sir Thomas Reynell baronet; Charles Reynell; Isaac Pyke; Rupert Clarke; John Depford; and Nicholas Prout; Thomas Brown; James Venables & Frances his wife; and Jane Gould widow C78/2047, no. 6 [50]
1738 23 Nov 12 Thomas Pearse esq and Robert Norman merchant v. Philippa Walton and John Walton and Bythia Fogg and Catherine Fogg infants C78/2067, no. 6 [51]
1738 23 Nov 12 George Greene, gent, on behalf of himself and all other the creditors and legatees of William Greene, gent, who should contribute to the suit v. Joshua Greene eldest son and heir and executor of William Greene; John Greene; and John Greene his son; and John Carr eldest son and heir of Thomas Carr C78/1822, no. 8 [52]
1738 1 Dec 12 Elizabeth Graham spinster v. Rachael lady Hay; the Right Honorable Elizabeth St Leger lady Doneraile, Ireland; James Hayes & Elizabeth his wife; Samuel Walter; and James Blake C78/1951, no. 6 [53]
1738 4 Dec 12 William Dawson v. William, duke of Cleveland and Southampton; Philip Southcote, esq; and Ann, duchess dowager of Cleveland his wife; the Honorable Henry Vane, esq, & the Lady Grace his wife; John Laddey, gent, & the Lady Ann his wife; and Thomas Pulteney, esq C78/1769, no. 9 [54]
1738 9 Dec 12 Thomas Walford gentleman v. Edward Fouts and John Oldis C78/2067, no. 7 [55]
1738 12 Dec 12 Cornelius Tirrell, gent; and John Tarrant, gent v. Alexander Andrews, gent; Thomas Hooper; and Nathaniel Brice C78/1822, no. 9 [56]
1738 C78/, no. []