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| 9
| Jarvis Bradyate v. Stephen Browne the father; Stephen Browne the son, an infant; Samuel Daniel Charles Barwell; Anne Barwell, widow; and Anne barwell the daughter
| Jarvis Bradyate v. Stephen Browne the father; Stephen Browne the son, an infant; Samuel Daniel Charles Barwell; Anne Barwell, widow; and Anne barwell the daughter
| re. loan 11 Mar 1719 £200, complt. from Simon Barwell to pay debts; Thomas Allen £3,000 indebtedness to complt; messuage and land at Knighton, Leics.
| C78/1756, no. 5 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no1756/IMG_0490.htm]
| C78/1756, no. 5 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no1756/IMG_0490.htm]

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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1736 C78/, no. []
1736 13 Jan 9 Jarvis Bradyate v. Stephen Browne the father; Stephen Browne the son, an infant; Samuel Daniel Charles Barwell; Anne Barwell, widow; and Anne barwell the daughter re. loan 11 Mar 1719 £200, complt. from Simon Barwell to pay debts; Thomas Allen £3,000 indebtedness to complt; messuage and land at Knighton, Leics. C78/1756, no. 5 [2]
1736 20 Jan 9 Roger Hambly; and Walter Hambly v. Januar Hambly, widow; and John Bawden C78/1777, no. 5 [3]
1736 13 Feb 9 Samuel Nicoll gentleman; John Smith; and John Rufhead on behalf of themselves and the other creditors of George Newdegate esq v. Jenkin Newdegate an infant son and heir of said George Newdegate; Sarah Newdegate widow and executrix of said George Newdegate; and Francis Newdegate Re.Claim on annuity or rent charge of £260 from manor of Haughton [Hawton], Notts C78/2067, no. 3 [4]
1736 19 Feb 9 Robert Squarry v. Nicholas Ball; Mary Ball; and John Ball C78/1760, no. 12 [5]
1736 20 Feb 9 John Hooper Morse and John Morse gentleman deceased; John Walker gentleman; Joseph Webb; Edward Boare Parker; Ann Wilkins widow executrix of James Wilkins gentleman; Ann Morse widow; and Thomas Tanner executors of Jasper Morse; Daniel Hopton administratrix of Elizabeth Hopton; and John Mabbott & Mary his wife on behalf of themselves and other creditors by specialty of William Roach cheese factor deceased who contribute to the suit v. Rachael Raith widow and administratrix of WIlliam Roach clothier deceased who was only son of William Roach clothier and grandaughter and heir of William Roach cheese factor; Daniel Lapley & Mary his wife; and Benjamin Hockley executors and devisees of William Roach cheese factor; Hester Griffin an infant; Clement Lapley; Daniel Kill; and Peter Davies C78/2064, no. 5 [6]
1736 21 Feb 9 Richard Pitway v. Margaret Milward re. 1688 loan by John Topley, with property in Bidford [Bidford-on-Avon], Warwks as security. C78/1746, no. 2 [7]
1736 27 Feb 9 John Rose, gent, & Rebecca his wife who was the daughter and one of the younger children of Anthony Kemble late of Cirencester, mercer v. William Kemble and Richard Wayte re. will of late Anthony Kemble dated 24 Nov 1715 and property in Cricklade Street and Black Jack Street, Cirencester. C78/1849, no. 5 [8]
1736 5 March 9 William Wall of the parish of St James, Westminster, apothecary & Lucy his wife and Lucy Wall their only child an infant of the age of 2 years by the said William Wall her father v. Henry lord viscount St John of Battersea; Winifred Ichener widow; Elizabeth Wall; Nicholas Church & Elizabeth his wife; Thomas Church clerk; and Henry Thorpe clerk re. property of late Joseph Wall in Bupton alias Bubbton {Bupton in Clyffe Pypard par., Wilts] as security for loan of £800 from Michael Studholme. C79/161, no. [9]
1736 5 March 9 Sir John Woodhouse baronet; Sir Nicholas L'Estrange baronet; and Thomas Brand gentleman; Sir Nichola L'Estrange; and Thomas Brand being trustees for the said Sir John Woodhouse v. John Breese C79/64, no. [10]
1736 13 March 9 Sir George Wynne baronet and Evan Lloyd esq v. John Lloyd the elder esq and John Llouyd the younger gentleman re. Loan of £30 from William Davis of Gower, Denbigh by John Lloyd the elder secured on messuage in Penyarth, Denbighshire. C78/2057, no. 2 [11]
1736 13 March 9 Amos Doidge; Walter Coade; John Bird; Samuel Brent; John Wallapp; Arthur Crew; and Elizabeth Mayow creditors and legatees of John Harris late of Manadon, Devon, esq v. Jane Harris, the widow and executrix of said John Harris; Elizabeth Harris; John Yeo, & Letitia his wife; Joanne Harris; John Harris of Hayne, esq; Nicholas Docton, Thomas Were; Thomas Hurrell; John Moreshead; John Harris of Hadford; Polexfen Bastard; William Harris; Harry Trelawny; John Elford; Thomas Martin; Samuel Addis; Letitica Haviland; Harry Elford; Gilbert Symkin; William Strong; Edmund Cross; Stilston Calmady; and Philip Boyne P.S. C78/1826, no. 2 [12]
1736 15 March 9 William Dyer, John Hamond, and John Grove v. Henry Polkinhorne C78/2079, no. 6 [13]
1736 25 March 9 William Haslewood; and John Haslewood on their own behalf and on behalf the other creditors of Bromwich Pope, esq, deceased v. Catherine Pope; Roger Pope; William Lacon Childe; George Weld; and Thomas Acton esqs re. loans of Nov 1714 and Dec 1731 from William Haslewood by Bromwich Pope esq, deceased C78/1775, no. 9 [14]
1736 25 March 9 William Killingworth; John Killingworth; and Barbara Killingworth, infants by Ann Samper v. Nicholas Grace; John Killingworth; Robert Killingworth, an infant by said John Killingworth, his father and guardian; Hammond Potter; and Robert Teyon C78/1766, no. 8 [15]
1736 25 March 9 Alice Forth, widow v. Samuel Hawkins; Thomas Rogers; William Clarke; and Elizabeth Mason Re. Loan of £440 by Elizabeth Mason from Alice Forth, security property in St Olave's parish, Southwark, Surrey. C78/1761, no. 9 [16]
1736 26 March Sarah Fly widow v. Benjamin Pitt esq C79/10, no. [17]
1736 14 April 9 John Hanbury, esq, eldest son and heir of John Hanbury, sr, & Ann his wife, daughter of Thomas Price esq v. Bridget Hanbury, widow and executrix of said John Hanbury sr; and Thomas Price, esq, son and heir and executrix of said Thomas Price C78/1777, no. 11 [18]
1736 4 May 9 Benjamin Hawkey v. John Stergotterick; Roberts Hart; and Thomas Carvelli C78/1757, no. 8 [19]
1736 12 May 9 John Masters, & Amy his wife, which said Amy was the widow and relict of John Thomas of Bristol v. Jonathan Braban; Henry Morgan, esq; and Anne Powell an infant by John Lyres, gent her guardian; and David Williams C78/1815, no. 12 [20]
1736 14 May 9 John Wingfield, esq, son and heir of John Wingfield of Greetham [Lincs], esq who was eldest son and heir of John Wingfield of Tickencoat [Tickencote], Rutl, esq, an infant by Elizabeth Wingfield his grandmother v. Elizabeth Wingfield and Margaret Wingfield, spinsters; Thomas Winfield; Oldfield Wingfield; and Anne Wingfield, infants; Sir Thomas Markworth, baronet; Thomas Trollop; and Savile Cust, esq C78/1752, no. 4 [21]
1736 17 May 9 John Trigg and Nathaniel Chambers, gents, executors and devisees of John Somerset of Acton, Middx, esq v. Dorothy Somerset widow; Richard Brickenden, & Carolina his wife late Carolina Somersett; John Southcott, & Clare his wife late Clare Somerset; Jane Hooper; Anne Somersett; John Frederick, & Henrietta Maria his wife, late Henrietta Maria Somersett; Elizabeth Somerset; Henry Scudamore, & Francis his wife; Margaret Barrow; Gabriell Powell; and George Sawyer C78/1761, no. 14 [22]
1736 22 May 9 Nathaniel Booth, esq v. Richard Crooke; Sir Charles Duckinfield, baronet; and Roger Roden C78/1766, no. 10 [23]
1736 26 May 9 Thomas Hungerford, surviving executor and trustee of Anne Knight, spinster and also executor of Anne Winte, widow v. John Knight; Catherine Winter; John Edwards of Bristol, & Jane his wife; Anne Hungerford an infant; Anne Winter, an infant; Samuel Cowpey, clerk; Doctor John Wynter; William Bayly, esq, & Anne his wife late Anne Rishton; John Edwards of London; Martha Creswyck; Thomas Taylor, & Anne his wife; and Robert King C78/1805, no. 3 [24]
1736 31 May 2 Mary Breedon of Caversham, Oxon [now Berkshire], spinster; Hester Breedon; and Elizabeth Breedon, sisters of complainant Mary Breedon, both infants by Elizabeth Breedon of Caversham, widow, their mother v. Anthony Blagrave; Edward Gore; and John Breedon, an infant Re. will of John Breedon (usually called Alderman Breedon) and manor of Pangbourne, Berks C78/1759, no. 2 [25]
1736 2 June 9 Thomas Atwood and James Atwood both of Bath, Som, glaziers v. George James C78/2064, no. 6 [26]
1736 7 June 9 Elianor Kidgell, widow of John Kidgell; and John Kidgell infant son of said John Kidgell by the said Elianor Kidgell his mother v. Francis Pyle, clerk; Abraham Fowler; and Henry Kidgell, infant son of said John Kidgell by Edward Redman his guardian C78/1827, no. 3 [27]
1736 9 June 9 The Wardens and Commonalty of the Company of Fishmongers of London in the parish of St George the Martyr, Surrey v. Edward Allain; Reginald Locber & Mary his wife; Jane Allain; Arabella Allain; and Elizabeth Allain C79/102, no. [28]
1736 22 June 10 Benjamin Hoskins Stiles, esq; and others (sic) for themselves and all other judgment creditors of Phillip, duke of Wharton and marquis of Malmsbury v. Phillip, duke of Wharton and marquis of Malmsbury, and the duchess of Wharton; Alexander Denton, esq, one of justices of Common Pleas; and others (sic) C78/1751, no. 2 [29]
1736 27 June 10 Richard Sheppard of Preston in the parish of Hitchin, Herts, esq, sole executor of Thomas late of Bramham Green in the parish of Stevenage, gentleman, on behalf of himself and the other creditors of the said Thomas Sheppard who contribute to the suit v. Thomas Sheppard and Richard Sheppard the sons of the said testator; Sir William Sanderson baronet, Dame Elizabeth his wife; Richard Hitchin; George Titmus jr; John Edridge & Elizabeth his wife C79/164, no. [30]
1736 28 June 10 Edward Phelips of Preston Plunkett, Som, esq v. William Mills, & Mary his wife; John Beer, & Anne his wife; Hillary Strode; Churchile Rose, esq; John Sweet; Raymundo Putt, esq; and John Hared C78/1757, no. 10 [31]
1736 29 June 10 Sir Edward Northy, Attorney General, at the relation of the Governors and Assistants to the said Governors in the rule of Government of possessions, revenues, and goods of the Free Grammar School of Elizabeth, late Queen of England in the Town of Ashbourne, Derbs and Nathaniel Boothhouse, clerk, vicar and Samuel Dakeyne, clerk, lecturer of the parish church of Ashborne v. Dorothy Spalden, widow; Elizabeth Figges; and Thomasd Taylor, gent, executors of Nicholas Spalden; John Spalden, nephew and heir of said Nicholas Spalden; John Beresford; Clement Rossington; and John Walker re. 16 April 1710 will of Nicholas Spalden retired coach harness maker of London C78/1766, no. 7 [32]
1736 1 July 10 Joseph Bateman, gent v. Mary Johnson, widow; and Edward Johnson C78/1747, no. 10 [33]
1736 7 July 10 William Fitch esq and Thomas Fitch his son v. Gideon Haydon esq & Ann his wife; Alice Haydon widow; Thomas Haydon clerk; William Coker esq; John Ackland; Nicholas Russell; and Margaret Bennett C78/2078, no. 6 [34]
1736 12 July 10 Sir Thomas Samwell, baronet, & Dame Mary his wife; Thomas Fruen, esq; and William Smith, esq v. John Cotton, gent; and Thomas Cartwright, esq C78/1786, no. 13 [35]
1736 13 July 10 Thomas Bright of Badsworth, Yorks, esq, & Margaret his wife, the only surviving daughter and heir of William Norton of Lawley, & of Margaret his wife v. Gabetis Norton, esq; Edward Norton, gent; Edward Norton, an infant, only son of said Edward Norton; and Mary Lowther, spinster C78/1766, no. 9 [36]
1736 17 July 10 John Browne, & Anne his wife, aunt, and next of kin to Perdue Shering who was only child of Thomas Shering v. Rebeccah Rayner; Thomas Rayner; Mathew Randall; Abraham Attkins; John Maulden; and William Corlewis C78/1752, no. 3 [37]
1736 21 July 10 The Warden and Scholars of St Mary College of Winchester in Oxford common called New College in Oxford v. James Edmonds clerke C79/102, no. [38]
1736 27 July 10 Sir Philip York knight Attorney General at the relation of William Adams clerk; Thomas Dorrington; and Robert Jefferys; Thomas Eastwick sr; and Thomas Morris being the Minister, Churchwardens, and Overseers of the poor of the parish of Norbury, Staffs v. Thomas Boothby Skrymsher esq; Charles Aderley & Dame Francis his wife C78/2076, no. 7 [39]
1736 27 July 10 Edward Woodward of London, surgeon, first cousin of Samuel Bull, late of Bedford, gent; and James Bull, cousin of said Samuel Bull and grandson of Thomas Bull, late brother of said Samuel Bull v. Clement Halsey C78/1780, no. 9 [40]
1736 28 July 10 Richard Johnson citizen and grocer of London & Sarah his wife v. William Ives & Ann his wife C78/2048, no. 7 [41]
1736 28 July 10 Attorney General at the relation of John Husbands vicar of Tottenham, Middx; and John Smith and Edward Lo ve, churchwardens v. Samuel Reynardson, gent, then one of the sworn clerks of the court; Abraham Reynardson, esq; and Mary Prideaux an infant by Phineas Chocke esq one of the sworn clerks of the court her guardian C78/1802, no. 10 [42]
1736 28 July 10 John Hall of Clapham, Surrey, esq, & Hester his wife, late Hester Brownsmith, spinster, daughter of Bezaliel Brownsmith since deceased v. John Gibbon; and Thomas Day; AND v. Urban Hall; Hester Hall; and Francis Hall infants, children of said John Hall & Hester his wife C78/1760, no. 16 [43]
1736 29 July 10 James Wellington and Edward Wellington two of the trustees of Richard Wellington esq deceased; Ann Wellington one of the daughters of said Richard Wellington by Ann his second wife and infant of about 7 years by the said James Wellington her uncle and Richard Wellington one of the sons and heir of Richard Wellington deceased by Mary his first wife v. Ann Wellington widow and relict of said Richard Wellington and George Wellington their son an infnat by said Ann Wellington his mother and guardian joint executors and residuary legatees of said Richard Wellington; Thomas Ponoyre esq and John Smith four other trustees of said John Wellington; Thomas Smith and Richard Woodhouse; Dorothy Woodhouse; and Mary Woodhouse infants by James Woodhouse their father and guardian and Mary Wellington C78/1955, no. 2 [44]
1736 29 July 10 John Willes, es, Attorney General at the relation of The Commissioners of the Royal Hospital at Greenwich v. James Hartley, & Alice his wife; Isabella Travers, spinster; Walter Cary; and Samuel Holditch, esq re. The right, granted by King William III, for Henry, Lord Romney to hold Wednesday and Saturday markets at Greenwich. C78/1788, no. 1 [45]
1736 3 Aug 10 Henry Cavendish of Doveridge, Staffs, esq v. Ruth Wilmott; Jane Bagot, spinster; Sir Jeoffry Palmer; Mary, James, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Frances Cavendish; William Windsor, Cavendish, Isabell, and John Cavendish (brothers and sisters of the complainant) C78/1780, no. 10 [46]
1736 4 Aug 10 Robert Scott, surgeon, & Henrietta Maria his wife, who was the daughter and heir of David Overay of Bedford, esq v. Thomas Woodward, gent C78/1789, no. 12 [47]
1736 10 August 10 William Addington and Mathias Rogers & Elizabeth his wife v. Ann Russell; John Russell; Samuel Gray & Sarah his wife and Elizabeth Bell afterwards intermarried with Richard Smith C79/102, no. [48]
1736 10 Aug 10 The Right Honourable James, Baron Darcy of Navan in the Kingdom of Ireland; George Bowes of Streatlam Castle, Durham, esq administrator of William Blackiston Bowes esq his late brother; Lawrence Brockett of Headlam, Durham, gentleman; Christopher Blackett of Newham, Northumberland, gentleman; and George Sanderson of Bishop Auckland, Durham, gentleman, executor of Elizabeth Wright late of same place, spinster v. Blackett Burton; Samuel Burton an infant; John Shylott; Ambrose Edwards; John Lodge; Thomas Hodgson; Thomas Shirley; Mary Burton, Hannah Burton, Alice Burton and Susannah Burton, spinsters; and Gilbert Spearman Lease of an estate in Keverston [in Staindrop par.] and Raby, Co. Durham by Sanuel Burton, late of Keverston decd and the deft Blackett Burton his son C79/100, no. [49]
1736 10 Aug 10 Henry Husey, gent, son and administrator of Henry Husey, esq v. Edward Harvey, esq, son and heir of Edward Hervey, esq; Edward Trotman; and Henry Warner C78/1836, no. 3 [50]
1736 10 Aug 10 Thomas Grace, gent v. William Parke the younger; and Richard Gamble, gent C78/1786, no. 11 [51]
1736 10 Aug (10) John Swinnertonm, dyer, gent, & Mary his wife; and John Henderson, & Frances his wife v. John Austis, esq; Garter King AND John Austis v. John Swinnerton, dyer, & Mary his wife; and John Gaudy, & Frances his wife C78/1760, no. 9 [52]
1736 10 Aug 10 John Parry of Riverhead, Kent, innholder v. Knox Ward Claremeux C78/1752, no. 5 [53]
1736 12 Oct 10 James Collinson & Phillipa his wife late Phillipa Berney widow and relict of John Berney esq deceased; and Robert Berney gentleman son of said John Berney v. John Lacy C78/, no. 7 [54]
1736 25 Oct 10 John Dalling the elder; and John Dalling the younger v. Robert Sheet C78/1780, no. 22 [55]
1736 26 Oct 10 Robert Belleine v. Grace Butler, widow; and George Britland, esq C78/1769, no. 12 [56]
1736 9 Nov 10 Thomas Pilkington, gent; Bache Thornhill, esq; Nicholas Twigg, gent; Francis Staley, then an infant by said Bache Thornhill; Thomas Eyre, esq, since deceased; George Sparrow; Henry Bennett, esq, assignee of a commission of bankrupt awarded against Thomas Kemp and John Dickenson v. Thomas Jones; John Parry; John Jones; Peter Lloyd; and James Henstock C78/1761, no. 12 [57]
1736 18 Nov 10 Samuel Shepheard esq, Samuel Gatward, and Martyn Sandy esqs executors of Johnb Bromley and Henry Bromley only son and executor and devisee of John Bromley's personal estate v. Jamesw Bell & Margaret his wife and William Gallor an infant by William Yate his guardian C78/2079, no. 1 [58]
1736 11 Nov 10 Thomas Attwood and James Attwood v. George James C78/2064, no. 7 [59]
1736 13 Nov 10 Sophia Hayes an infant by Edward Whaley, esq, the wife of Charles Hayes and Sarah Hayes an infant, daughter of the said Sophia by said Charles Hayes by the said Edward Whaley v. Charles Hayes; Dorothea Dashwood; Sir Robert Dashwood, baronet; Richard Dashwood; John Thomas; Richard Harewell; John Baker; Charles Rombouillet; Thmas Graham; and Sarah Taylor C78/1830, no. 2 [60]
1736 13 Nov 10 Christopher Horsenaile; Joshua Cox; Thomas Nash; John Scott; Benjamin Hillyard; John Evans; Edward Manlove; Joshua Coomes; Henry Ely; Charles Thomas Lemon; Daniel Blackwell; and Joshua Smith v. John Greenhill re. jurisdiction in parish of St Andrew, Holborn split between county of Middx and Liberty of City of London. C78/1786, no. 10 [61]
1736 6 Dec 10 Charles Neville, esq v. Ann Orton; Dorothy Glynn; Thomas Burrell; Titus West; and Simon Kerrick; and (added later: ) Richard Taylor; and Frances Taylor, infants C78/1757, no. 11 [62]
1736 13 Dec 10 Susan Steavens, an infant v. Thomas Steavens, esq now Sir Thomas Steavens, knight; Richard Steavens; and Mary Steavens, an infant by her guardian AND Richard Steavens; and Susan Steavens an infant v. Sir Thomas Steavens; Mary Steavens; and Sarah Steavens, infants by their guardian AND Mary, wife of said Sir Thomas Steavens v. Sir Thomas Steavens; and Thomas Steavens; Susan Steavens; and Sarah Steavens infants by their guardian; and said Richard Steavens AND Richard Steavens v. Sir Thomas Steavens, & Mary his wife; Susan Steavens; Sarah Steavens; and Thomas Steavens, infants by their guardian AND Thomas Steavens an infant v. Sir Thomas Steavens, & his wife; and the said Susan Steavens and Sarah Steavens infants by their guardian; and said richard Steavens C78/1754, no. 11 [63]