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| Charles Goate; Thomas Moore & Elizabeth his wife; and Susan Goate spinster which said Charles, Elizabeth, anbd Susan are three of the children of Edward Goate & Grances his wifethe complainant Charles, Elizabeth, and Susan's late father and mother and grand children of Edward Goat their grandfather and administrators of Basil Goate the said complainants' late brother v. said Frances Goate widow; Edward Goate; Anthony Wroth esq; John Goate; Robert Smith & Frances his wife; Anne Lemon widow
| Charles Goate; Thomas Moore & Elizabeth his wife; and Susan Goate spinster which said Charles, Elizabeth, anbd Susan are three of the children of Edward Goate & Grances his wifethe complainant Charles, Elizabeth, and Susan's late father and mother and grand children of Edward Goat their grandfather and administrators of Basil Goate the said complainants' late brother v. said Frances Goate widow; Edward Goate; Anthony Wroth esq; John Goate; Robert Smith & Frances his wife; Anne Lemon widow
| [see above C78/1896, no.2] re. will 'last day of Aug' 1707,  of Edward Goate and his messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments in Botesdale, Suffolk and a great personal estate; bequests...
| C78/1896, no. 1 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no1896/IMG_0175.htm]
| C78/1896, no. 1 [http://aalt.law.uh.edu/AALT7/C78/C78no1896/IMG_0175.htm]

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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1724 C78/, no. []
1724?? John Langton an infant by Ann Langton widow his mother; and the said Ann Langton in her own right; Robert Dickenson; Henry Fisher; John Ribton; Isaac Stephenson; Thomas Watson; Eleanor Thompson widow; and John Harrison tenants by leases from John Langton deceased or the said complainants John and Ann Langton v. Catherine Vane; Henry Fletcher formerly called Henry Vane; George Vane; William Wanley; Margaret Bowes; Lucy Bowes; Robert Wanley; Sir William Pennington baronet; William Sandford; Thomas Howard; John Hutton; Robert Gibson; John Christian; and Thomas Fletcher re. boundaries of lands held by late sir George Fletcher (d.1700) according to the honour and manor of Cockermouth [Cumberland]; diverse copyhold and customary lands, tenements and parcels of tenements, in and parcel of, the said honor and manor, & holden of the Duke and Duchess of Somerset, lord and Lady thereof... C79/199, no. [2]
1724 21 Jan 10 John Pye of St Giles in the Fields, Middx, gent, & Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Elizabeth Stratton who was sister to Edward Delitha late of Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, citizen and haberdasher of London; William Stratton of Weybridge, Surrey, gent, grandson to said Elizabeth Stratton; Elizabeth Pricard of Penrin, Corn, spinster; Alice Pierce; Mary Serle; and Joan Hicks, all of Penrin; Jane Ball of Islington, Middx, widow; Samuel Lucas of Ratcliffe Cross in the parish of Stebeonheath alias Stepney, Middx, turner, & Sarah his wife late Sarah Ward; Sarah Blanchard of Limehouse in said parish of Stepney, widow; John Chatham, Kent, mariner, & Mary his wife; Elizabeth Bourman of Clerkenwell, Middx, widow; Thomas Watts of Ratcliffe Crosse [in Tower Hamlets], Middx, shipwright, & Susan his wife; Alice Wood of Richmond, Surrey, spinster and late servant to said Edward Delitha; Samuel Coxe, citizen and haberdasher of London now of Stoke Newington, Middx, & Hannah his wife, late daughter of said Edward Delitha; Ann Dyer, granddaughter of said Edward Delitha, an infant of about 10 years by Nathaniel Stephens, gent

v. William Delitha, gent; John Samwayes

re. indenture 26 Feb 1716 of Edward Delitha and William Delitha of Hammersmith, Middx one part and John Samwayes, sugar refiner of other part; Wardens and Company of the Mystery of fishmongers of the city of London under their common seal of 1 Apr 1619 did demise and let out to Edward Delitha, a certain piece of ground and several old messuages, tenements or houses and other buildings, standing and being on the west side of Billiter Lane [now Billiter Street] in the par. of St. Catherine's Creed-Church London... C78/1789, no. 8 [3]
1724 24 Jan 10 Gyles Redman; John Knipe; William Bracken; John Moor; William Collinson; James Towers; Ann Thompson; Lawrence Summers; George Hanson; Richard Thwaites; John Marshall; Thomas Waugh; George Gruby; Edward Fleming; Robert Hewby; Joshua Suart; Elizabeth Dooker; Thomas Lickbarrow; John Sanderson; Robert Johnson; Leonard Fleming; William Barrow; John Hall; Elizabeth Briggs; Thomas Robinson; John Addison; Brian Robinson; James Robinson; John Fisher; Gilber Ayrey; Leonard Cowpthwaite; Thomas Robinson; John Gilpin; Agnes Stephenson; Dudley Watker; George Bownas; and Henry Gibson customary tenants or owners of customary lands within the manor of Berneside [Burneside] and Staveley, Westmorland on behalf of themselves and the rest of the customary tenants v. Thomas Shepherd gentleman lord of the manors re. status of several customary messuages, lands, tenements, hereditaments and customary estates of inheritance, following a division of the barony of Kendal amongst the daughters and co-heirs of William de Lancaster baron of Kendal, Westmorland, alloted to the lady of the then lord Lumley... C78/1933, no. 5 [4]
1724 28 Jan 10 Sir Robert Raymond, Attorney General, at the relation of Thomas Pickering, clerk, Curate of Plaxtol Chapel in the Borough of Hale, Wrotham, Kent; and Reubin Baldwin, Nicholas Stephens and John Godden inhabitants of the said Borough; and Thomas Baldwin and Stephen Chilman inhabitants of the Borough of Roghey within the parish of Wrotham; and also the said Thomas Pickering, Kentim Baldwin, Nicholas Stephens, John Godden, Thomas Boldwin and Stephen Chilman as well on behalf of themselves as on the behalf of the inhabitants of the same Boroughs

v. Thomas Dallison the elder; Thomas Dallison the younger and Jane his wife; Richard Dormer; Charles Dallison; Henry Dallison; Phillip Bartholmew; William Collins and John Wheeler

re. deed 29 Oct 1638 of Thomas Stanley to Sir Henry [Harry] Vane and lands in boroughs of Hale and Roughway in par. Wrotham; status of Plaxtol. C78/1472, no. 6 [5]
1724 1 Feb 10 John Deakin v. Thomas Henn and Sarah his wife re. marriage agreement 5/6 Dec 1687 of William Bourne, jun. to Anna Medley; descent of messuage and lands in par. Bellbroughton [Belbroughton near Bromsgrove, Worcs] & two messuages with several shops in Digbeth Street in Birmingham. C78/1499, no. 1 [6]
1724 5 Feb 10 Elizabeth Alcott, widow; and John Alcott her son v. Francis Brydges, esq; and William Boswood re. Thomas Alcott (father of complt. John) and his messuage and certain lands in Bosbury [Heref.]; time out of mind he had enjoyed a watercourse... C78/1779, no. 10 [7]
1724 7 Feb 10 Nathaniel Cunningham, & Ann his wife; Jane Boucher; and Sarah Boucher, infants by Sarah Bucher, widow, the mother v. Francis Duprat Du Choran; and James Robethon re. will 2 Mar 1715 of Ann Allnett, widow of Michael Bucher; her considerable effects from her late husband and late father and various annuities, and her debts. C78/1737, no. 4 [8]
1724 7 Feb 10 George Freeman; and Benjamin Perrott, both of Bristol, gent v. Harry Bridges, esq, & Elizabeth his wife re. marriage promises of Sept 1717, Harry Bridges and Elizabeth Freeman (a dau. of complt. George Freeman) and Harry Bridges' divers manors, messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments £1,000+ p.a.in pars. Twerton or Twiverton, Compton Martin, Westbury [Westbury-sub-Mendip], Wedmore, Catcott, Broadney or Bradney and Huntspill, Soms. & manor of Chittleham Holt[Chittlehamholt], Devon & divers messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments at Keynsham, Soms. C78/1538, no. 1 [9]
1724 22 Feb 10 John Raby of Lincolns Inn, Middx, esq v. William Wekett, gent, & Mary his wife re. complainant John Raby's claims on the considerable real and personal estate of Walter Pigott, for advice and assistance in several long and expensive suits at law... C78/1731, no. 5 [10]
1724 10 March 10 John Locke of London, merchant v. James Nokes of London, merchant re. ordered and decreed that the defendant should pay unto the complainant the sum of £375 which the complainant paid for the two first actions bought in the Company of Insurance at Rotterdam,, as in the said decree is mentioned, with interest... C78/1673, no. 3 [11]
1724 12 March 10 Anthony Chamberlain, executor of Thomas Chamberlain, citizen and vintner of London, his late father v. Martha Peters, executrix of Elizabeth Ellis; and Stephen Perry re. ordered and decreed that the parties should proceed to an open account before Master Browning of this Court from the foot of the state of the account of the 24 November 1693 and that both sides should be examined on interrogatories as the said Master should direct and should produce all books and papers of account before the Master upon oath... C78/1676, no. 3 [12]
1724 12 March 10 Nicholas Buckeridge of West Ham, Essex, clerk v. Sir Jemat Raymond, knight; Adam Lugg, clerk; Samuel Brewster the son and executor of Samuel Brewster, esq, his father, deceased; Charles Brewster; William Brewster; Susannah Brewster; and the Society for Propagating the Gospel in Foreign Parts re. letters patent 24 May 7James1[1609-10] grant of St Botolph without Aldgate [EC3] with tithes to Francis Morris & Francis Phillips and their heirs and assigns; manor of east Greenwich, Kent. C78/1609, no. 1 [13]
1724 13 April 10 Mary Bond, the widow of Gyles Bond v. Anthony Bond re. debts of late William Bond of Elfsfield alias Eldersfield, Worcs., sums of money lent by complt. (his sister-in-law) when he was in prison; his property called the Hill House with yards, backsides, barns and stables in par. Eldersfield & a close called Barrfield , 14 acres and a close called Crowfield, 7 acres etc; promise to turn over his estate to her... C78/1737, no. 5 [14]
1724 8 Feb 10 Elizabeth Bayly wife of John Bayly, by Daniel Courtman of the parish of St Giles Cripplegate, London, her father v. Joseph Fitch; Jane Cart, widow, and James Cart re. will 24 Sept 1721, of Thomas Chew Cart [d.1722 aged 23], late of the City of London and his messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments in Dunstable [Beds.] and Sunning Hill and a considerable personal estate of ready money, plate, rings, jewels, South Sea, East India and other stocks, government securities, debts due on bonds, bills, etc; legacies held in trust for the complt. C78/1438, no. 2 [15]
1724 20 Feb 10 Ann Badmering; and Elizabeth Badmering, the sisters and heirs of Thomas Badmering and also administrators of the said Thomas badmering v. Thomas Pyke and Thomas Elliott re. ordered and adjudged that the parties should proceed to a trial at law at the bar of the Court of King's Bench in Easter term next, issue whether the said Thomas Badmering did by deed dated 15 August 1717 covenant premises.... C78/1788, no. 4 [16]
1724 24 Feb 10 Rowland Ingram, gent v. John Acton Manley re. loan £600 16 My 1665, by George Manley and wife Margaret secured on several closes of land in Chester; conditions, 'sur counzance de droit'. C78/1800, no. 10 [17]
1724 25 Feb 10 Mary Molyneux, one of the daughters of Sir William Molyneux, baronet, lord viscount Mariburgh, Ireland; Ann Houghton; George Kemp; Mary Cottam; Nicholas Starkey, esq; William Ackers; Thomas Allenson; Hugh Ashton; Elizabeth Abram; Henry Aspinwall; James Aspinwall; Richard Ashton; Daniel Arthur; Elizabeth Blackbourne; Thomas Benison; George Billing as well for himself and as executor of William Dawson; Alban Butler; Henry Dalton; Richard Billborow; William Blevin; John Banister; Ann Blackbourne; John Bernard; Roger Browne; Richard Baynam; William Barton; Ellen Billing; Peter Gilling; Thomas Bost; Joseph Baxter; John Conway; Elizabeth Croutch; Thomas Conway; Peter Clenton; Henry Cottam; William Champney; Mary Cornwallis; Lucy Dormer; William Dandy, gent; said William Dandy; and John Dyer, Henry Delauney; Thomas Deane; Weeden Perry; John ___; and Henry Parr being assignees of the John Earle; Thomas Ford; William Furnivall; Richard Gore; Richard Greaves; Sir William Gerard, baronet; Ann Grettson; John Heys; John Hughson; Charles Heyes; Philip Howell; Edward Holland; William Hunt; Peter Haughton; Agnes Hilton; William Jumpe; Richard Jameson; Robert Jackson; John Johnson; Alexander Jolley; James Knowles; Ralph Kirkby; Elizabeth Liptcott; Mary Lawrenson; William Lease; Thomas Lathom; Elizabeth Loundes; Sir Pierce Mostyn, baronet, & Dame Frances his wife; Marmaduke Maltus; Edmund Mason; Ann Moorhouse; Mathew Martin; Robert Mollyneux, esq; The Honorable Edward Mollyneux; Frances Mollyneux; and Elizabeth Mollyneux, son and daughters of the said Sir William Mollyneux, viscount Maryburgh, Ireland; Thomas Otwell; Charles Poston; John Plumb; William Pluckington; William Pooley; Anne Roson; Katherine Rymer; William Ratcliffe; Richard Robinson; Lawrence Rigby; Dorothy Wisby; William Sheppard Gardiner; William Shuttleworth; Mary Skelton; James Smith; Henry Sephton; James Spencer; Edward Storkley; Henry Stainmought; John Tootall; Robert Tinte; Sarah Thomas; Ann Tildesley and partner Thomas Brakholes and partner John tyrer; and William Walker; James Willington; Thomas Woolsall; Elen Winstanley; Mary Woodcock; Francis Worthington; Thomas Worthington; John Worthington; Mathew Worthington; Abraham Woolsall; Robert Wilson; William Webster; Robert Webster; Thomas Wilson; Joseph Young; Thomas Yapp, gent; Henry Eyre, esq; John Birch, & Ann his wife, she the said Ann being executrix of Alexandere Chorley, gent; Elizabeth Clayton, widow; and John Leigh, gent, executors of William Clayton, esq; Daniel Lawton, gent, administrator of John Lawton, gent, who was executor of Daniel Lawton, gent; William Nelson; and Thomas Mascow, executors of John Cook; Ralph Williamson, & Alice his wife, which said Alice is executrix of William Hurst, gent; and George Worden, executor of Elizabeth Wiggans; James Chadwick; John White; Benjamin Muchall, gent; Joel Freemoult, gent; and Joseph Twaddell on their own behalf and for other creditors of said lord viscount Molyneux who contribute to the suit

v. John, lord Carteret; Sir Rowland Stanley, baronet; Jonathan Case; Robert Gibson; Isaac Green; Christopher Gradwell; John Bamber; Sir Richard Molyneux, baronet, lord viscount Molyneux; Peter Osbourne, esq; the Lady Molyneux his wife; Sir Samuel Leonard, baronet; Sir Robert Worsley, baronet; Thomas Whittle; William sheppard; and Henry Tyrer

re. debts of late sir Wiliiam Mollyneux bart, viscount Mariburgh [Sir William Molyneux bart 4th Viscount Maryburgh,c.1655-1717 ] in kingdom of ireland, and his manor of Clayton [Lancs] and lands and grounds & manor of Bardsea and a capital messuage called Bardsea Hall [now in Cumbria] and lands and grounds belonging, manor of Aughton [Lancs] and several messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments & manor or lordship of Kingston Forges [Kington Forge], Heref... C78/1757, no. 4 [18]
1724 26 Feb 10 Benjamin Collier esq; Nathaniel Hancock; James Ledington; Edward Strong gentleman; John Hudson merchant; Sir William Staplton baronet v. Feliz Calvert Esq. re. undertaking for insuring houses against damage by fire, 40 years ago; messuages in par. St Clements Dane, £1,030 p.a. and messuages in St Martins Lane, par. St Martins in the Fields, Middx £347 p.a; indenture of release and assignment 29 July 1681... C79/129, no. [19]
1724 29 Feb 10 James Fugars; Robert Cockeram jr; John Bradford; and Richard Bradford v. Robina Fugars widow; Robert Gay; John Blagdon; Leonard Blagdon; John Greenslade & Grance his wife; and John Fugars re. William Fugars, d.3 July 1716 (defendant Robina née Gay's late husband) and his considerable personal and chattel estates; claims on estate.[Poughill, Devon]. C79/79, no. [20]
1724 3 March 10 William Cole v. FitzWalter Fox esq re. dispute between complt. William Cole and Walter Foy of Duntish Court in par. Buckland Newton, Soms. [sic, ?Dorset] concerning tythe milk... C78/1894, no. 3 [21]
1724 5 March 10 John Sancroft of Exning, Suff, gent, one of the brothers of William Sancroft of Exning [Suffolk], esq, on behalf of him the said John Bancroft and the rest of the creditors of the said William Sancroft v. Sir John Hynd Cotton baronet [3rd Bart. 1686–1752 of Madingley Hall]; John Sawyer trustees and executors named in the will of William Sancroft; and Elizabeth Sancroft; and Katherine Sancroft only daughters and heirs and also legatees named in the will of William Sancroft re. will 4 Oct 1717, of William Sancroft of Exning (d. Sept 1719) and his debts to complt.; his divers manors messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments in Suff. and Middl.. £700 p.a. & manor called Fressingfield with manor house, and also manor of Chessenhall alias Chippenhall in par. Fressingfield... C78/1820, no. 12 [22]
1724 5 March 10 Mary Mead, widow, relict and executrix of John Mead her late husband v. Robert Mead, & Ann his wife re. loan £150 July 1714, by Robert Mead & Ann his wife of Aylesbury, Bucks. from John Mead (complt's late husband) secured by pledge on Ann Mead's watch and jewels... C78/1819, no. 7 [23]
1724 7 March 10 John Roberts esq v. Phillip Middleton merchant; Thomas Seaman esq; Dame Joane Seaman widow; Thomas Were gentleman & Frances his wife; Joane Seaman spinster; Richard Berney; and Robert Beane esq re. agreement 29 Aug 1720, to sell by defndnt. Phillip Middleton to complt. John Roberts, an estate of farms and malthouse in Snettisham, Norf. C79/79, no. [24]
1724 12 March 10 Robert Serle youngest son of Gilbert Serle late of Testwood, Hants decd, by Anne his late wife, an infant by Arthur Vansittart his uncle v. Anne Serle relict of the said Gilbert Serle; and Peter Serle son and heir of the said Gilbert Serle, an infant by the said Anne Serle his mother; Sir Peter Hudson; Job Hanmer; Rebecca Vincent; and William Guidett re. marriage agreement 21/21 July 1713, Gilbert Serle [Searle, c.1687-1720] and Anne Vansittart, £10,000 portion... C78/1477, no. 1 [25]
1724 12 Mar 10 Thomas Hodges junior son and heir of Thomas Hodges and Mary his wife late Mary Hallett daughter and only child of Colonel John Hallett late of the Island of Barbados decd by Sarah Hallett his late wife since married to Robert Hales v. Sir Hans Sloane; Robert Hales and Sarah his wife; and Thomas Hodges senr. re.ordered and decreed 22 May 1723, before the Master of the Rolls, that the said complt. Thomas Hodges should stand in the place of the said defendants, the trustees, as to what money he had laid out and expended in recovering the personal estate of Col. Hallet... C78/1498, no. 9 [26]
1724 23 March 10 William Pym of Nortonbury, Herefs, esq, & Catherine his wife v. Charlton Wollaston; William Wollaston; Sir Thomas Cross, baronet; and Vigerus Edwardes re. will 2 Oct 1716 of William Pym (the complt's late father), and his farms, messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments in par. Norton, Heref. (sic) [?Herts]. etc; bequests and conditions. C78/1801, no. 10 [27]
1724 16 April 10 William Reeves an infant by Thomas Reeves his father v. Shadrak Pride; Thomas Lake; and Sarah Jeanes re. will 26 Nov 1713 of William Reeves Sr., and his several messuages, lands and tenements in Kingston upon Thames, Ockham, Cobham and ?Horsly the city of London, Middx .and Surrey £500 p.a. and personal estate of £3,000.; bequests. C79/59, no. [28]
1724 23 Apr 10 Edward Baines, clerke v. Richard Aston and Elizabeth his wife re. will Oct 1680, of Elizabeth Pierpoint bequest to niece Ann Butt; her moiety of messuage and several parcels of land at Riverhead in par, Sevenoake [Sevenoaks], Kent; marriage of Ann Butt with Edward Baines the younger of Enfield, Herts[sic]... C78/1488, no. 3 [29]
1724 25 April 10 John Whitebread, gent; Oliver Edwards, & Rachael his wife; Ive Whitebread; and Lettice Whitebread, which John Whitebread, Ive Whitebread, Rachael and Lettice Whitebread were all the younger children, sons and daughters of Henry Whitbread of Cardington, Beds, gent & Sarah his late wife and the said Ive Whitebred and Lettice Whitebread were infants by said Henry Whitebread their father v. John Gopp, & Joanna his wife; John Ive Gopp and Joanna Gopp; Richard Mapplesden; William Whitbread; James Ball; and Joseph Webster re. before sir Joseph Jekyll [1663-1738], the Master of the Rolls, Wed 24 July 3George [1717]; the Court declared that the will 20 May 1714, of the said testator John Ive was well proved... C78/1801, no. 4 [30]
1724 25 April 10 John Pyott, gent v. John Wood; and Joseph Lawson re. debts of complt. John Pyott to defndt. John Wood and others by reason that the defndt. had persuaded him to become 'drawn in' to defndt's acquaintances... C78/1572, no. 3 [31]
1724 28 April 10 James Blackely of Portsmouth, Hants, brother and administrator of Thomas Blackley; and George Huish of Portsmouth v. John Lock; Mary Hanway, widow; Jonas Hanway; William Hanway; Mary Hanway; and Thomas Hanway, infants re. sale for £5,000 of 500 South Sea Stock & mid-summer dividend by defnt. to complt; falure to deliver stock as promised when books of South Sea Company opened... C78/1794, no. 20 [32]
1724 29 April 10 John Carpenter of West Chittington [West Chiltington], Sussex, merchant v. Henry Steele; William Steele;William Howick; and William Gratwick re. complt. a timber merchant who left, in 1717, loads of timber at Bridge Key Wharf and Puddle Wharf, Sussex until he had sold and disposed of them; disposed of, without authorisation. C79/103, no. [33]
1724 4 May 10 Edward Gardiner, nephew and heir of William Gardiner of Whitbourne, Herefs v. Thomas Winton re. loan £61 in year[ ], by William Gardiner from Edward Prosser secured on lands lately inclosed, and premises in manor of Whitbourne, Herefs. C78/1539, no. 1 [34]
1724 7 May 10 John Aylberton & Catherine his wife v. Henry Bushell re. will 12 Oct 1698, of William Bushell (complt. Catherine's g-father) and his considerable real and personal estate; bequests. C79/194, no. [35]
1724 12 May 10 William Squire of the parish of St Margarets, Westminster only son and heir of William Squire late of Steining [Steyning], Sussex, apothecary v. John Terry & Katherine his wife; and Joseph Pixton & Susannah his wife re. will 16 June 1710 of William Squire (complt's father) and his great real and personal estate; conditions and bequests... C78/2049, no. 7 [36]
1724 12 May 10 Anne Brownjohn, widow v. John Beartlock; John Bell; Edward Collins; and Rice Jones re. late Mary Cook and her six messuages, tenements or cottages with their appurtenances in Battersea, Surrey abutting on the high street of Battersea leased from Lord High Bishop, Dean and Chapter of York; terms of lease. C78/1825, no. 6 [37]
1724 14 May 10 John Raymond esq v. Robert Bargrave and George Nevill executors of John Pagett gentleman re. will 25 April 1716, of John Pagett (former guardian to the complt. during his minority); bequests...; manor of Abbotts alias Abbottshall [Abbot's Hall] & Woodwards with appurtenances in Pettaugh and Helmingham, Suffk. C78/1899, no. 2 [38]
1724 15 May 10 Richard Hedges v John Asgill; James Cardonnell; Mortagh Griffin; and Anthony Hamond AND also Valentine Browne an infant by the said Anthony Hamond; William Weldon and Elizabeth his wife; Margaret and Frances Browne infants v John Asgill; James Cardonnell; William Llilley; and Richard Hedges Refs previous decree of 24 Nov 1713. Forfeited estates of Sir Valentine or Nicholas Browne C78/1399, no. 3 [39]
1724 16 May 10 Anne, Countess Dowager of Coventry, widow of Gilbert, late Earl of Coventry decd, who was second and youngest son of Thomas, late earl of Coventry decd v. William, Earl of Coventry; Sir William Carew and Dame Anne his wife; Calix Ley Leigh; William Peers Williams; Thomas Coventry; Henry Coventry; and Sir Strensham Masters re. will 24 Mar 1698, of Thomas, Earl of Coventry [ca.1629-1699]. manors, lordships, messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments in Gloucs, Oxon, Worcester, Warks and Middx; to wife Elizabeth his manor of Postlip and maor or farm of Cockbury... C78/1438, no. 1 [40]
1724 21 May 10 John Weldale v. Dymocke Cawdron & Sarah his wife; Theophilus Buckworth; and Anne Harris widow re. sale 28 Apr 1721 £1,600, by Dymoke Cawdron to John Weldale, all his messuages, farms, lands, tenements and hereditaments in Heckington, Swineshead and Great Hale, Lincs. C78/1899, no. 3 [41]
1724 21 May 10 John Bartlett v. John Perry; and Richard Prater, esq re. demise 24 Feb 1713 by Richard Prater to complt. John Bartlett, a messauge and farm called Warminster with closes of arable and pasture in par. St Cuthbert at Wells [St Cuthbert Out], Soms., the orchards, coppices, timber trees and underwoods excepted... C78/1805, no. 1 [42]
1724 10 June 10 Thomas Falkingham v. Samuel Carter and Nathaniel Denny re. indenture of apprenticeship 28 Feb 1711, Nathaniel Denny bound to Samuel Carter, conditions. C78/1894, no. 5 [43]
1724 11 June 10 Ann Long; Richard Long; and Robert Long children of Henry Long late of Red Lion Square, Middx, esq, deceased, by Margaret Long his widow and relict all infants by Margaret Webb widow their grandmother v. Margaret Long widow of the said Henry Long; Thomas Long; Richard Hawkins; Robert Thornhill; Margaret Long the said Henrly Long's mother; Margaret Harvey; Sarah Long; and Jane Long re. marriage agreement 27 Feb 1719, Henry Long and Margaret Webb one of daus. of Richard Webb; monies in trust. C79/62, no. [44]
1724 12 Jun 10 John Spencer of the parish of St Giles in the Fields, Middx v. Richard Chase of the parish aforesaid; and William Hucks of the same parish re. will 20 mar 1720, of John Spencer late of St Giles in the Fields [WC2], the complt's late father decd. Messuage and farm in or near a place called Staughton Moor in the par. of Great Staughton, Hunts [now Cambs.] & Eaton Soan [Eaton Socon], Beds. and house on north side of Great Russell Street held by lease 6 Apr 1709, from lady Rachel Russell[c.1636-1723]... C78/1421, no. 4 [45]
1724 12 June 10 Hannah Hurst, widow, relict, and sole executrix of Gravely Hurst her late husband v. Nicholas Marshe re. ordered and decreed on 9 July that it should be referred to Master John Bennett of this Court to take an account between the said parties and what such account should appear to be be due on the balance of that account from either party to the other, should be paid at such time and place as the said Master should appoint... C78/1817, no. 3 [46]
1724 18 June 10 John Kirby gentleman v. Thomas, earl of Strafford [Thomas Wentworth, 1st earl of Strafford 1672–1739] & Ann, countess of Strafford his lady; William Guidott; George Tooke; John Landon; and William Hart re. articles of agreement 30 Aug 1722, to purchase the estate of messuages, tenements, yards, works, wharves, buildings grounds and hereditaments of late Sir Henry Johnson [c.1659-1719], father of Ann, countess of Strafford... C79/2, no. [47]
1724 20 June 10 James d Herwarth; and Sabine d Herwarth, infants by William Paul, gent, two of the younger children of Philibert D Herwarth, baron of Hunigon, Southampton, esq, & Sedide Azabe d Herwarth his wife v. Sedide Azabe d Harwarth, widow; Phillip Menard; James de la Mothe Blagny; James Robethon, executors of Philibert d Herwarth; Maximilian d Herwarth; Mary Anne d Herwarth; Israel Anthony Anfere; John James de Montledier; and Samuel Muller executors of Rosme de Graffenriedt; and Cesar Nogmer re. marriage agreement 10 June 1695, Philibert D'Herwarth [1644-1721] a native of France and Sedide Azabe von Graffenried [1674–1752], a native of Switzerland; laws and customs of Switzerland, 'it was, amongst other things, agreed husband should maintain wife in clothes and all other necessities, according to her quality'... C78/1796, no. 7 [48]
1724 20 June 10 John Taylor of East Markham, Notts v. John Hardman; John Reynolds and Mary his wife; Robert Spencer and Margaret his wife; William Keyworth; Lidia Keyworth, widow; and Richard Wilson and Elizabeth his wife re. William Taylor d. 12 Sept 1718, of Barcroft Hall [?Bycroft Hall in Morton] in par. Gainsborough, Lincs and his cottage and 2 acres in the common fields and closes of pasture and meadow land in Normanton, Notts; descent of property. C78/1498, no. 7 [49]
1724 22 June 10 Charles Mason esq; Thomas Trueman; and John Merreyman v. Benjamin Crackenthorpe re. loan £500 1715 by complt. Charles Mason from James Smith now deceased; secured on bond, penalty £1,000. C78/1895, no. 5 [50]
1724 23 June 10 Ellis Sparke of Moretonhampstead, Devon, eldest son and heir of Angell Sparke and Susannah his wife his late father and mother decd v. John Sparke; Richard Martyn; Angell Wrayford; Alexander Croote; Gregory Brockdon; William Sparke; Joshua Sparke; Elizabeth Sparke; Angell Sparke; John Bingham and Susannah his wife; John Bingham jun; and Angell Sparke Bingham re. marriage settlement 23 Sept 1693, complt's. parents Angell Sparke and Susannah, daughter of John Langdon; agreement to use best endeavours to purchase messuage and land, in some convenient place, in fee simple or for 99 years...; messuage called Steward alias Stewrish Wrey alias Overwrey, in par. Moreton Hamsteath [?Steward Farm in par. Moretonhamstead, Devon]. C78/1458, no. 7 [51]
1724 26 June 10 Mary Manley; Anne Manley; John Manley; Elizabeth Manley; Franny Manley; and Willielmina Manley infants by Nathaniel Sedgwick and also William Sedgwick and Robert Sedgwick v. John Manley & Mary his wife re. marriage agreement 20 Apr 1711, John Manley and Mary Sedgwick (complts'. father and mother); £1,400 in trust of Mary's estate and fortune to purchase £100 p.a in annuities for 99 years secured by Act of Parliament[St Olave's Church, Hart Street, London EC3]. C78/1917, no. 10 [52]
1724 26 June 10 Francis Barnard, an infant of 12 years, by Anthony Alsop of Brightwell, Berks, clerk; and Thomas Bruce of London, apothecary; and said Anthony Alsop; and Thomas Bruce v. Robert Cooke, clerk; and Robert Sellwood, clerk re. will 2 Dec 1715 of Francis Barnard [or Francis Bernard] of Brightwell, Berks (now Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, Oxon.)and his considerable reaL and personal estate; manor of Moor Court and other lands in Lewknor, Oxon. C78/1760, no. 2 [53]
1724 27 June 10 Thomas Watts of Sow, Warw, gent v. William Ebourne, sr, of London, drysalter; William Ebourne, jr, an infant; Henry Greswold of Solybut [?Solihull], Warw, esq; and William Grove of Coventry, gent re. William Billingsley & an indenture of feoffment £1,000 21 Aug 1686, paid by Thomas Salford to John Conway, a messuage or tenement in Sow [Walsgrave on Sowe, now in Coventry] with barns, stables, outhouses, edifices, buildings, dove houses, yards, gardens and orchards... C78/1676, no. 2 [54]
1724 3 July 10 Arthur Squier v. John Baker Dowell; and Samuel Prigg (since decd) Marriage agreement 29 Sept 1691, of Robert Spencer and Elizabeth, the eldest daughter and one of the coheiresses of Sir John Baker [3rd Baronet, d.28 March 1661] late of Sysinghurst [Sissinghurst], Kent. Property in Kent. Refs complts previous bill of 1701 against Elizabeth Spencer, widow of Robert Spencer decd, and William Spencer who was brother and executor of the said Robert Spencer, Mary Dowell, widow, mother of John Baker Dowell, Roger Kirkby and Catherine his wife, Nicholas Amhurst and Penelope Elsworth, widow, now Penelope Combes, widow and administratrix of Richard Elsworth her former husband during the minority of her son Richard Elsworth. C78/1448, no. 8 [55]
1724 4 July 10 William Davy, cousin and heir of Mary Davy, afterwards Mary Awbry v. William Neale & Martha his wife; George Wale, & Elizabeth his wife; and William Awbry re. will 2nd of June 1684, of Martha Gilbert, widow of St Leonard, Eastcheap, London, and her messuage or tenement and farm called ?Gratb Tree farm with lands, arable, pasture, meadow and wood grounds, in or near the parish of St Peter in or near St Albans, Herts; legacies and bequests. C78/1736, no. 8 [56]
1724 7 July 10 Frances Britnum, widow v. Thomas Edmunds and John Edmunds re. loans by Thomas Edmunds from complainant Frances Britnum and extraordinary occasions that defendants could use to her great advantage in the way of his trade or business... C78/1728, no. 6 [57]
1724 8 July 10 Simon Mayne the elder esq v. Anne Lisle spinster executrix of the lady Anne Grimstone; Nathaniel Pigott esq; and James Franklyn re. indenture 20 June 1550, by Walter Phillips, Dean of Rochester and the chapter of that church did demise to John Fitch, gent., the rectories or parsonages of Haddenham, Cuddington and Kingsley [Kingsey], Bucks., with tithes, oblations, advowsons etc. to hold at yearly rent £88 1s 2d; indebtedness. C78/1931, no. 11 [58]
1724 8 July 10 Richard Horner; Evan Meredith; Robert Smithson; John Moore; William Weekes; and Richard Secker creditors of Harry Glascock gentleman for themselves and for all creditors of Harry Glascock who contribute to the suit v. William Glascock sr; William Glascock jr (father and brother of said Harry Glascock); Robert Glascock; and Daniel Dandy (excecutors of the said Harry Glascock) re. debts of Harry Glascock Sept 1722, the purchase money which he was to have paid for chambers in the Middle Temple... C78/1902, no. 4 [59]
1724 9 July 10 Thomas Till; and John Short, upholder, both of Chichester, Sussex, assignees of the estate of John Barnes under a commision of bankrupt awarded against him v Alice Woodyer the mother; Alice Woodyer the daughter; Bulstrode Peachy; John Barnes; Thomas Neville; Henry Steele; Joseph Gardiner and Margaret his wife; Elizabeth Barnes; Stephen Barnes; Joseph Barnes; Martha Barnes; Joseph Godman; and Mary Goodman widow Will of John Barnes the elder, late father of the deft John Barnes. Estate in Chichester including the Black Horse, also Hayshotts Farm at Hayshot [Heyshott], Sussex. Inability of John Barnes the son to settle all his father's debts. C78/1402, no. 5 [60]
1724 9 July 10 Thomas Moore grocer & Elizabeth his wife; Robert Smith & Frances his wife; and Anne Leman widow which said Elizabeth, Frances, and Anne are three of the children of Edward Goat & Frances his wife both deceased and grand children ofEdward Goat also deceased v. Edward Goate; Frances Goate; Anthony Wroth; and Thomas Moore; and John Turner esqs; Christopher Cresacre Moore esq; and John Forter [see below C78/1896, no.1] re. indenture 21 April 1699, and several lands, tenements and hereditaments of Edward Goat (complts' g-father) in the manors, pars. or territories of Redgrave cum Botesdale, Gislingham & Fitz Johns, in Rakenhall Superior [Rickinghall], Suffolk; Sir William Humble, baronet. C78/1896, no. 2 [61]
1724 9 July 10 Charles Goate; Thomas Moore & Elizabeth his wife; and Susan Goate spinster which said Charles, Elizabeth, anbd Susan are three of the children of Edward Goate & Grances his wifethe complainant Charles, Elizabeth, and Susan's late father and mother and grand children of Edward Goat their grandfather and administrators of Basil Goate the said complainants' late brother v. said Frances Goate widow; Edward Goate; Anthony Wroth esq; John Goate; Robert Smith & Frances his wife; Anne Lemon widow [see above C78/1896, no.2] re. will 'last day of Aug' 1707, of Edward Goate and his messuages, lands, tenements and hereditaments in Botesdale, Suffolk and a great personal estate; bequests... C78/1896, no. 1 [62]
1724 9 Jul 10 Agnes Whitter of the City and County of Exeter, widow v. Joseph Hawkins Mortgage by the deft of 8 tucking or fulling mills consisting of 4 wheels and 8 stocks in the manor of Duryard in the parish of St David, Exeter. C78/1437, no. 7 [63]
1724 9 July 10 Ann Wood, widow and executrix of Rowland Wood late of Freckenham, Suff, clerk; Ann Wood; Mary Wood; Frances Wood; Jane Wood; Susan Wood; and Rowland Wood, children of said Rowland Wood, infants by the said Ann Wood their mother v. George Stuteville; Samuel Baldwin; James Wood; and Elizabeth Sotherton C78/1820, no. 11 [64]
1724 9 July 10 Mary Scotting, widow v. Susannah Richmond, widow; Thomas Richmond, her son, an infant; Ralph Bucknell; Richard Freeman; and William Harley C78/1807, no. 9 [65]
1724 9 July 10 The Honorable Spencer Cowper, esq v. Robert Isaacson, & Mary his wife; and Henry Isaacson their son; Henry Grey; and James Bouchier C78/1785, no. 14 [66]
1724 9 July 10 William Davies of Newington, Kent, baker and Margaret his wife v. William Lilly C78/1478, no. 3 [67]
1724 14 July 10 Edward Kinsey Atkins v. William Wakelyn; John Grayhurst; The Honorable Henry Bridges, doctor in divinity, & Annabella his wife; Elizabeth Lovisa Bridges, spinster; Robert Bridges; Robert Atkins; Elizabeth Atkins; and Edward Carterett C78/1703, no. 4 [68]
1724 16 July 10 Sarah Courden, widow; Rebecca Buttler, widow; and Elizabeth Roberts, spinster the three daughters and coheirs of John Roberts v. Joanna Roberts relict and administratrix of said John Roberts Belcher; Henry Llewington & Sarah his wife C78/1940, no. 4 [69]
1724 16 July 10 Elizabeth Ledgere relict and executrix of Lawrence Ledger the elder late of Guildford, Surrey, tobacconist and John Ledger younger son of said Lawrence Ledger the elder v. Joseph Burt; John Russell; and George Mabank C78/1931, no. 10 [70]
1724 18 July 10 Thomas Lewis, gent v. Gabriel Lewis, esq; and Gabriel Powell, gent C78/1778, no. 15 [71]
1724 20 July 10 Thomas Taylor & Elizabeth his wife who was one of the daughters of John Leman esq v. Robert Naunton esq; William Lemon gentleman; and Elizabeth his wife C78/1905, no. 3 [72]
1724 20 July 10 Thomas Rogers, an infant, by Richard Rogers; Anne Rogers, spinster; Thomas Rogers of Carter Lane, London; William Rogers, jr, of Burford, Oxon, gent; William Rogers of Gloucester; and richard Rogers, jr v. Elizabeth Rogers, widow and executrix of testator Thomas Rogers, her late husband; William Rogers; Thomas Rogers, & Sarah his wife; Charles Cox, jr; and Richard Nash C78/1759, no. 11 [73]
1724 22 July 10 Walter Griffith of Kainton [?Kinton], Herefs, yeoman, & Alice his wife v. James Frapwell, & Anne his wife C78/1801, no. 9 [74]
1724 22 July 10 Charles Goodfellow, esq; and Robert Mainwaring, merchant, assignees under a commission of bankrupt awarded against Josias Meverell of London, merchant; and Thomas and William Meverell, gents; Catharine Meverell, spinster; Balthazar Cornet; and Sarah Cornet his sister an infant by said Catharine Mieverell her aunt v. Sir Thomas Webster, baronet; and George North, gent C78/1795, no. 1 [75]
1724 24 July 10 Roger Peck; Henry Wickenden; Anthony Hugylt; and John Chilley v. William Woolven; Elizabeth Hyland; and Anne Gratwick C78/1702, no. 5 [76]
1724 24 July 10 George Moore v. Richard Meynell, & Sarah his wife; and Isaac Crabb C78/1572, no. 1 [77]
1724 25 July 10 James Rainger v. Lawrence Saxon, & Amphillis his wife C78/1757, no. 3 [78]
1724 25 July 10 Susannah Kent; Charlott Kent; and Dulcibella Kent, infants by Deborah Rook their aunt v. William Constantine, esq; Chidiock Kent; Edward Searle, merchant; and William Brooking, esq C78/1504, no. 1 [79]
1724 1 Aug 11 Mary Middleton; Constance Middleton; Diana Middleton; and Anne Middleton four of the daughters and coheirs of Thomas Middleton esq, infants by Arthur Onslowe esq v. Richard, lord Onslow; Elizabeth Middleton widow executrix of Thomas Middleton esq; Thomas Onslow esq; Sir John Williams knight; and Richard Hockenhull & Elizabeth his wife C78/1895, no. 7 [80]
1724 2 Aug 11 Attorney General Sir Edward Northey knight at the relation of John Borlace esq; William Nicholls esq; and James Jenkins gentleman three of the inhabitants of the parish of Madderne, Corn v. John Daniel; John Rutt; George Veale; Abraham Chirgwin; Thomas Baynard; and George Williams the present vicar of Madderne; and John Honychurch; and James Hawkey C78/2052, no. 6 [81]
1724 12 Oct 11 Francis Mascall v. Right Rev Father in God Nathaniel Lord Crew Lord Bishop of Durham; John Mylott; Thomas Taylerson; Nicholas Conyers; Richard Hayson; and William Hayson Mortgage of life interest in Manor of Whithill and other properties in Chester le Street, Co. Durham. Refs proceedings in the Court of Chancery of the County Palatine of Durham C78/1472, no. 5 [82]
1724 13 Oct 11 William See of Pontefract, Yorks, gentleman one of the attorneys of the common pleas at Westminster v. Sir William Lowther of Swillington, Yorks, baronet C79/79, no. [83]
1724 14 Oct 11 John Woolcott of Sidbury, Devon and Deborah his wife formerly called Deborah Huysh; Anne Huysh; Mary Huysh; and Urith Huysh all of Sond [Sand in Sidbury par.], Devon, spinsters v. William Vincent and Elianor his wife and Elianor their daughter; Edmond Northcott and Susanna his daughter; Francis Huish, clerk; John Stoakes; and William Hill Mortgage by George Northcott decd, father of the deft Edmond Northcott of leases of property in the parish of Cliftheydon, Devon, to David Birchinsha. C78/1458, no. 4 [84]
1724 15 Oct 11 Raymond Blackmore v. Philip Henshaw Sale of lands in Brightling, Sussex. C78/1439, no. 6 [85]
1724 17 Oct 11 The Honorable Edward Hasley, esq v. John Walsham, esq C78/1538, no. 2 [86]
1724 20 Oct 11 The Principal and Scholars of Kings Hall and College of Brasenose in Oxford v. Thomas Kerridge esq and John Streat C78/2037, no. 15 [87]
1724 20 Oct 11 Joseph Huson gentleman v. John Burnham gentleman C78/1931, no. 9 [88]
1724 23 Oct 11 John Walker; and William Tuckey, both of Standlake, Oxon v. John Henwood; and John Cox C78/1539, no. 2 [89]
1724 27 Oct 11 Elizabeth Heard of Bradwell near Mare [Bradwell-on-Sea], Essex, widow and executrix of Michael Heard her late husband and also administratrix of John Beackwell her former husband v. Walter Serocold gentleman; Thomas Livings; and the Warden and Scholars of St Mary Winchester College, Oxford, commonly called New College in Oxford C79/137, no. [90]
1724 29 Oct 11 Archibald, earl of Ilay v. William, lord Forbes; and William dale of the parish of St Paul, Covent Garden, Middx, esq C78/1675, no. 4 [91]
1724 30 Oct 11 James Downes, jr v. James Downes, sr; and Nehemiah Lyde C78/1795, no. 2 [92]
1724 30 Oct 11 Eleanor Grimes, widow v. Frances Hickeringill, spinster C78/1707, no. 8 [93]
1724 31 Oct 11 Abraham Fowler v. Elizabeth Marshall widow and relict of Gilbert Marshall esq C79/78, no. [94]
1724 31 Oct 11 Edward Hulett; Thomas Deareing; John Hopkins; William Gray; Walter Gray; Robert Crode; John Welch; Edward Brice; John Newcombe; and Joshua Hickman v Fitzwalter Foy Manor of Duntish in the parish of Buckland, Dorset. Enclosure of commons. C78/1402, no. 3 [95]
1724 31 Oct 11 William Boswell v. John Perry and Humphry Parsons esq C78/1894, no. 4 [96]
1724 3 Nov 11 Randall Playdell of Gloucester, gent v. Remmett Freeman, esq; John Hobbs; and Richard Haywood C78/1759, no. 10 [97]
1724 6 Nov 11 John Wagstaffe v. Henry Wagstaffe; Robert Bell; William Edwards; and William Edwards an infant; and Jane Stockhill C78/1770, no. 11 [98]
1724 7 Nov 11 Josiah Ebrall v. William Old C78/1783, no. 10 [99]
1724 9 Nov 1 William Jackson, gent; and Anne Jackson, widow v. Edward Jackson, & Mary his wife C78/1704, no. 1 [100]
1724 9 Nov 11 Jasper Horsington; and William Brooks both of St Buttloph without Aldgate, London, brewers and copartners v. Richard Thornhill; and Samuel Heckford of Clements Inn, gent C78/1676, no. 1 [101]
1724 9 Nov 11 William Arkins v. John Fletcher; Edward Gregg; Robert Jolly; and William Sinclair C78/1472, no. 4 [102]
1724 11 Nov 11 Francis Barker, widow, administratrix with the will annexed of John Hibbert v. John Burridge, esq; and Isaac Weare, gent C78/1800, no. 8 [103]
1724 11 Nov 11 Sir John Osborne v, George Maccartney; and Charles Otway C78/1472, no. 8 [104]
1724 12 Nov 11 Richard Rawlin v. Ursula Toll, widow C78/1934, no. 4 [105]
1724 12 Nov 11 Samuel Fitche v. John Youron C78/1896, no. 3 [106]
1724 12 Nov 10 Carolina Cornwall, spinster, now Carolina Goodall wife of George Goodall and executrix of Francis Cornwall who was one of the younger sons of Sir Gilbert Cornwall knight and late baron of Burford, Salop, and administrator of Edmund Cornwall one other of the younger sons of the said Sir Gilbert v. Thomas Cornwall esq, son and heir of Thomas Cornwall who was son and heir of said Sir Gilbert Cornwall and Thomas Innwood, & Elizabeth his wife C78/1821, no. 1 [107]
1724 14 Nov 11 John Durden, & Mary his wife; and Frances Whitaker, spinster v. Richard Belasyse, esq; Thomas Belasyse; Thomas, lord Viscount Falconberge; and George Benson, esq C78/1765, no. 8 [108]
1724 17 Nov 11 John Duboys and Richard Duboys infants sons of Major John Duboys late of the Island of Barbadoes brother of Thomas Duboys of the same island esq v. Catherine Hole wife of Joseph Hole and others (sic) C78/1917, no. 4 [109]
1724 17 Nov 11 William Bateman, & Sarah his wife v. William Roach; Christopher Williams; George Bush, & Sarah his wife; Stephen Sommerell, & Elizabeth his wife; Francis Hathaway; Samuel Hathaway; Mary Hathaway; Stanton Bateman the elder; Stanton Bateman the younger; and Susanna Bateman C78/1754, no. 1 [110]
1724 18 Nov 11 Thomas Folliott Walker of Wooton, Salop, gentleman & Anne his wife; and ____ Walker only son of said Thomas Folliott Walker & Ann his wife and infant by said Thomas Folliott Walker v. Rowland Baughs esq; Richard Salway esq; and William Bradley gentleman C78/1931, no. 8 [111]
1724 20 Nov 11 Sir Jasper Cullum of Hawsted, Suff, baronet and his only son and heir apparent; John Cullum, esq v. Dame Ann Cullum; and George Burton, clerk; and Edmund Howard, gent C78/1788, no. 7 [112]
1724 20 Nov 11 John Triquett v. Abraham Rondeau, & Magdalen his wife; and John Bosanquett C78/1703, no. 1 [113]
1724 21 Nov 11 George Mussell of Goodmansfields, Middx, gent v. John Adlam of London, gent; and Thomas Gerrard of London, gent C78/1676, no. 4 [114]
1724 23 Nov 11 William Northmore of Cleve, Devon v Benjamin Reed clerk Defts loan to the complt. C78/1400, no. 1 [115]
1724 2 Dec 11 Charles Eatton, esq v. John Alkin; and James Greenwood, & Susan his wife C78/1818, no. 4 [116]
1724 7 Dec 11 George Edwards of Curdridge in Bishops Waltham, Hants, yeoman v. William Heather C78/1570, no. 2 [117]
1724 8 Dec 11 Price Devereux, esq, & Anne his wife v. John Davies, esq; and Edward Jeffreyes C78/1539, no. 3 [118]
1724 9 Dec 10 The Lady Elizabeth Egerton, daughter of Jane, late countess dowager of Bridgwater v. Scroop, earl of Bridgwater; and John Pierce, gent C78/1807, no. 10 [119]
1724 10 Dec 11 Humphry Hodgetts v. William Salisbury Mortgage by Henry Firebrace late of Stoke Golding, Leics of property in Stoke Golding. C78/1448, no. 1 [120]
1724 10 Dec 11 Claudius Amyand, surgeon v. Capell Billingsley, gent C78/1795, no. 4 [121]
1724 10 Dec 11 Isaac Fernandos Nunes, merchant v. John Goodere; and the Governor and Company of Merchants of Great Britain trading to the South Seas and other Parts of America and for Encouraging the Fishery etc C78/1795, no. 3 [122]
1724 10 Dec 11 John Isam; Joseph Ayloffe; Edward Corbett; and John Blechendon, doctor of divinity, executors and trustees of William smith, esq v. James Moore; Arthur Moore; William Moore; Robert Smith, esq; The Honorable Henry Berkley, esq C78/1745, no. 4 [123]
1724 15 Dec 11 Henry, earl of Bradford v. Anne, lady Torrington; Lancelot Burton; and Thomas Gibson esqs C78/1931, no. 7 [124]
1724 15 Dec 12 George Bridges; Anetta Bridges; and Delicia Bridges, the son and daughters of George Bridges of Constantinople in Turkey, merchant, infants, by John Lordell of London, merchant, & Anne his wife, their next friends v. John Hanger of London, merchant, executor of said George Bridges C78/1570, no. 1 [125]
1724 17 Dec 11 Thomas Stokes, gent, & Elizabeth his wife v. David Petty; Stephen Skinner, sr; and Stephen Skinner, jr, gent C78/1795, no. 6 [126]
1724 C78/, no. []