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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1677 29 C78/, no. []
Date completely unknown fragment Mentions: Sir Henry Hobart baronet; Sir John Hobart; John Canham; Elizabeth Hobart; Christopher Deighton C78/2023, no. [2]
William Love esq and Thomas Murthwaite merchant surviving executors of John Young of London merchant v. Sir Francis Windham baronet; John Loscombe; Elias Wrench; Anthony Gundry; John Marsh; William Young; John Taylor; Tristram Adams; and Simon Sampson C79/10, no. [3]
1677 13 Jan 28 George Porter, an infant of the age of 17 years and upwards, by Thomas Porter of the parish of St Martins in the Fields, Middx, esq, father and guardian of said George Porter v. Sir Denny Ashburnham, baronet; William Ashburnham, esq; and John Lawrence, esq C78/1061, no. 6 [4]
1677 20 Jan. 28 Robert Bisse v Richard Greene; John Yerbury; Nicholas Greene; Richard Couch; and Roger Crooke an infant Purchase of messuages and lands in Steeple Ashton, Wilts. C78/744, no. 4 [5]
1677 24 Jan 29 Henry, earl of Arlington; and Sir John Bennett, Knight of the Bath, executors of John Weekes, esq v. Anthony, earl of Shaftesbury; Anthony, lord Ashley; John Tregonwell, esq; Thomas Penruddocke, esq; and Sir John Hanham, baronet C78/946, no. 1 [6]
1677 25 Jan 28 Thomas Parkyns of Bunny, Notts, esq v. Henry Avery; Thomas Browne; and George Baker C78/1911, no. 5 [7]
1677 26 Jan 28 John Angier, gent v. Richard Robinson C78/1057, no. 8 [8]
1677 27 Jan 28 John Reynold, & Elizabeth his wife v. John Mark; Thomas Moore; Samuel Blunt; William Bawcombe; Francis West; Richard Towner; William Dickins; and Edward Millington C78/1726, no. 11 [9]
1677 29 Jan 28 John Pinder, gent; Robert Ryther, gent; Edmund Mawe; Robert Whitley;and John Maw, all freeholders, tenants, and residents within the manor of Epworth and Isle of Axholme, Lincs, for themselves and other freeholders, tenants, and residents who contribute to the suit v. Elizabeth Noddell; Joseph Noddell; Michael Monckton; Francis Monckton; John Bradborne; Elizabeth Noddell, spinster; John Laughton & Mary his wife; and Thomas __ingsby C78/861, no. 5 [10]
1677 31 Jan 29 Joseph Morwent; Richard Hicks; Richard Wastfeild; Robert Winbow; Thomas Loyd; John Wilkins and Elizabeth his wife formerly called Elizabeth Compier, spinster v William Leigh and George Chard Lands in Northnibly in Wootton Underhedge [Wotton-under-Edge], Gloucs. C78/890, no. 8 [11]
1677 Feb 29 Humfrey Jennens, esq; Christopher Horne, doctor of phisicke; Samuel Carter, barister at law; John Billingsley, gent; Robert Whiteall; William Elsemore; John Cotterell; John Caplewood; William Colemore; Abraham Colemore; Thomas Russell; John Baker; Thomas Fewtrell; George Wyrley; Thomas Wilson; William Bryerley; John Hunt; Thomas Rowney; Isaac Allen; and Thomas Hunt, gents, the Governors of the possessions, revenues, and goods of the Free Grammar School of King Edward VI in Birmingham, Warw v. Nathaniel Brookesby; and Joseph Withers C78/1011, no. 4 [12]
1677 3 Feb 29 William Rowe, clerk, curate of Wenbury, Devon v. Michael Harvey, esq C78/994, no. 5 [13]
1677 3 Feb 29 John Sellecke, doctor of divinity; and William Heath, gent v. John Pratt; and John Aish, gents C78/1198, no. 1 [14]
1677 6 Feb 29 John Debnam of London linendraper v. Jeremiah Croxon C79/17, no. [15]
1677 6 Feb 29 Thomas Hartopp of London, merchant v. William Hartopp, esq C78/1589, no. 1 [16]
1677 9 Feb 29 William Batten, son and heir of William Batten, esq, an infant of about 6 years, by Margaret Batten his mother and guardian; Benjamin Batten, second son of Sir William Batten, knight; Mary Leming, daughter of Mary Leming her deceased mother who was one of the daughters of said Sir William Batten an infant of about 12 years, by Thomas Talcott, esq, his guardian; William Castle; and John Castle, children of Marsha Castle their deceased mother, who was another of the daughters of said Sir William Batten, being also in infant, by William Castle their guardian v. Sir John Barkham, knight, lord Lyonberge, Sweden & Dame Elizabeth his wife, executrix of said Sir William Batten, knight; and Jane Ascough C78/906, no. 11 [17]
1677 10 Feb 29 John Watson the elder; and John Watson the younger v. Samuel Mansfield; and Isaack Stephens, executors of Jane Wright C78/906, no. 10 [18]
1677 10 Feb 29 Anne Priaulx; John Priaulx; and Peter Priaulx, the only children of John Priaulx of Salisbury, Wilts, doctor in divinity and of Anne his wife, being infants, by Richard Hill, clerk, their guardian v. Paul Priaulx, citizen and merchant of London, the plaintiff's uncle; Peter Priaulx of Melksham, Wilts, clerk; John Priaulx, the plaintiff's near kinsman; and the said Anne Priaulx the mother of said complainants, both of Salisbury, Wilts C78/1075, no. 7 [19]
1677 10 Feb 29 Gabriel Gartside of Rachdale, Lancs, gent & Elizabeth his wife; and Anne Radcliffe, an infant, only daughter and heir of Peter Radcliffe the younger of Mellor, Derbs, gent, deceased, by said Gabriel Gartside and his said wife, their guardians v. Peter Radcliffe; Henry Radcliffe; Samuel Cryer, gent; Robert Hide & his wife; Gilbert Thacher; and Edward Copley, esq C78/1273, no. 2 [20]
1677 12 Feb 29 Samuel Starling an infant by Jane Starling, widow, his mother v Guild of drapers of London; Sir Joseph Sheldon; Sir James Edward; James Hickson; Edward Wilford; and Emery Hill Annuity from trust of lands in London payable to poor drapers, Christchurch Hospital, and other charitable uses C78/790, no. 6 [21]
1677 12 Feb 29 William Hay earl of Kenoule, Scotland v. Katherine lady Brooke; Robert lord Brooke; Margaret countes of Manchester and Carlisle; William, earl of Bedford; Fowke Greville esq; Sir John Keeling knight late lord Chief Justice of the King's Bench; Sir Edward Turner knight late lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer; Sir John Gore knight; Sir James Altham knight of the Bath; Edward Russell the younger; and Arthur Fleetwood C79/12, no. [22]
1677 12 Feb 29 Charles Blackwell clerk and vicar of the parish church of ______ v. William Geeringe C78/2028, no. 10 [23]
1677 12 Feb 29 Fenton Bynnes; Joseph Binnes; and Richard Binnes v. William Roberts; John Barton; Anthony Binnes; and Henry Binnes C78/1892, no. 15 [24]
1677 12 Feb 29 William Doughty gentleman v. William Hudson C78/1892, no. 14 [25]
1677 12 Feb 29 Barnard Weedon, gent; John Weedon, son and heir apparent of said Barnard; Richard Kilby, gent; John Cartwright, esq, doctor in divinity; George Bowers, ___ Gouch, widow; and Ferdinando Gouch, an infant, son and heir of Ferdinando Gouch, by said ___ Gouch, his mother and guardian; John Dodwell, jr; John Browne; Robert Bignell; John King; John Dodwell, sr; Edward Bowers; Laurence Lord, gent; Mathew Kilby; Richard Heycocke; Edward Swift; John Wise; Thomas Wellicome; Benedict Southam; Richard Hayle; Thomas Dodwell; Richard Gouch; and Sarah Low, widow, freeholders of diverse and several messuages, cottages, lands; tenements, and hereditaments within the parish of Soulderne, Oxon; John Coker, gent, as feoffee in trust for the town of Bissiter alias Burcester, Oxon, for certain lands and tenements lying in the parish of Soulderne v. Bryan Turner, the rector of the church of Soulderne [Souldern] C78/1015, no. 9 [26]
1677 13 Feb 29 William Coles, an infant, son of William Coles of Salisbury, Wilts, gent, by his said father and guardian v. William Coles, esq; and John Powell, gent C78/1075, no. 5 [27]
1677 14 Feb 29 Sir John Cubytt gentleman; Thomas Doodd gentlman; Phillip Gryme gentleman; Richard Gogill gentleman; Nicholas Thompson; Henry Gogill; Miles Skerrytt; William Cubytt; Thomas Gryme; Robert Thexton clerk; Mathew Greene the elder; Mathew Greene the younger Edmond Morris; Robert Bertram; Margaret Cubytt; Thomas Cubytt of Trymingham; Anne Spillman widow; James Dawson; John Clipperton; Thomas Thompson; Anne Thompson; Edmond Jewell; John Thurston; Richard Bertram the elder; Richard Bertram the younger; William Bertram; Isaac Slap; Robert Margretson; Robert Slapp; Thomas Slapp; Thomas Clipperton the elder; Thomas Clipperton the younger; Thomas Hast; Dorothy Brandon; Sarah Pate; John Rice; James Gray the elder; James Gray the younger; Thomas Punnyett; William Purdy the elder; William Purdy his son; margaret Akers; John Crome; Edmond Blackson; Miles Purgall; Robert Elden; Thomas Church; Thomas Cubytt; and Benjamin Cubytt of Appleyard Street; John Walby; William Love; Robert Love; Edmond Brigg gentleman; Richard Dix; Anne Dix; Alice Drory; James Crow; George Streeke; William Ryall; Richard Johnson of Norwich; Martha Hodson; Elizabeth Hodson; Robert Watson; Richard Thompson; Robert Gray; mathew Amys; Mary Dybald; Robert Primrose; Thomas Cawston; Thomas Flogden; John Mingay gentleman; Thomas Love; James Love; Edmond Myles; Myles Miller; William Jewler; Francis Gray; Andrew Carr gentleman by Mary Carr his guardian; Robert Bateman; Robert Swann; Thomas Elden; Richard Bond; Myles Thompson; Thomas Temple; John Everard; Richard Shale; Edmond Shale; Richard Carr; Richard Sale; John Neale; Aaron Smith gentleman; Thomas Blyth; Anne Bauchin widow; Simon Rise; Cecily Sauf widow; Nicholas Taylor; William King; Richard Pratt; Paul Clarke; john Richar gentleman; Robert Tilney; Thomas Tayler; Nicholas Allen; Elizabeth Woots; Robert Allen; John Beare; Thomas Pratt; Gabriel Saul; John Rumpe; Susan Fresar; Robert Moone; William Gogill; William Rye gentleman; John Wiggon; John Copeman gentleman; William Payne; Joseph Clarke; Humfry Wells; Samuel Annison gentleman; William Helwys in the right of his wife; Nicholas Elwys in the right of his wife; William Sadler in the right of his wife; Thomas Keale in the right of his wife; John Gryme; Isaac Newman; Robert Woorts of Edingthorpe; George Grix; John Blith; Thomas Hurry; Henry Sheriffe; William Purdy of Appleyard Street; Elizabeth Gryme; and Jane Gryme; Joseph Elden; Thomas Baxter gentleman; Henry Awstyne by Henry Awstyne and Richard Awstyne his guardians all copyhold tenants of the manor of Gynningham Lancastger, Norf, according to the custom of the manor to them, their heirs and assigns severally and respectively of diverse messuages, lands, tenements, and hereditaments situating in the several towns and villages of Ginningham [Gimingham] and Trymingham [Trimingham], Mondesley [Mundesley], Siderstroud [Sidestrand]; Overstroud [Overstrand]; Southrepps; Knapton; Paston; Edingthorpe, and Witton [Norfolk] v. Sir William Kant knight C78/1893, no. 11 [28]
1677 19 Feb 29 Rebecka Wright and Elizabeth Wright two of the daughters of William Wright v Richard Wood. Legacies payable from personal estate of William Wright. C78/1221, no. 5 [29]
1677 19 Feb 29 William Webb, gent v. Joshua Marshall C78/898, no. 7 [30]
1677 21 Feb 29 John Pickering, gent & Elizabeth his wife, one of the daughters of Henry Cliston, esq v. Henry Cliston; Walter Rudeing; William Rudeing & Abigail his wife; Richard Rudeing & Katherine his wife; Sir Christopher Calthorpe, Knight of the Bath; Robert Walpoole, esq; Gilbert Wigmore, doctor of divinity; John Burman; Edward Chamberlaine, esq; Thomas Cliston; and others (sic) C78/951, no. [31]
1677 22 Feb 29 Charles Killigrew, esq, Master of the Revells to the King v. Thomas Killigrew, esq; Thomas Elliott, esq; and Dame Katherine Sayers, widow C78/1164, no. -- [32]
1677 22 Feb 29 Robert Hutchins; and Malachy Pine v. John Kerridge & Mary his wife; John Terrey; and Robert Terrey C78/1283, no. 1 [33]
1677 23 Feb 29 William Cant an infant by Thomas Wetherell his guardian v. William Preston and others (sic) C78/2028, no. 11 [34]
1677 23 Feb 29 ____ Hichcock, gent v. Jane Buckeridge, widow, relict, and administratrix of James Buckeridge, merchant; and Edward Hichcock C78/868, no. 9 [35]
1677 23 Feb 29 William Derwas, gent v. Stephen Davies; Thomas Powell; and an other (sic) C78/947, no. 1 [36]
1677 30 Feb 29 John (?) Parkhurst of Catesby, Northt, esq v. Richard Broadgate, esq; Edward Broadgate; Edward Ladkins; Edward Prestidge; John Fisher; William Fisher; William Glover; Richard Glover; Richard Baseley; Thomas Baseley; John Baseley the elder; John Baseley the younger; William Baseley; William Turner; Thomas Turner; Edward Cleaver; William Cleaver the elder; William Cleaver the younger; William Cleaver son of said William Cleaver the younger; Richard Cleaver; William Pettifer; Richard Pettifer; John Hindes; William Taylor; Richard Marriott; John Burvill; Thomas Haycocke; William Rawbone; John Millner; WIlliam Waterhouse; Francis Cox; Richard Plackett; Andrew Cleaver; Robert Killesby; Augustine Blundell; Simon Cleaver; John Wright; Katherine Rawbone, widow; John Bignell; Guy Key; Nathaniel Shattswell; Jonathan Hacock; William Hill; and Thomas Townesend C78/1729, no. 1 [37]
1677 1 March 29 Anne Shelton widow relict and administratrix with the will annexed of Edward Shelton and formerly the relict and executrix of Robert Johnson esq; Thomas Smithes citizen and grocer of London; Sir Robert Henley knight who heretofore married Constance now deceased one of the daughters and coheirs of the said Robert Johnson; Sir Edward Carterett, knight, & Dame Elizabeth his wife one other of the daughters and coheirs of the said Robert Johnson; Sir John Hales baronet and Dame Anne his wife one other of the daughters and coheirs of the said Robert Johnson; and Richard Hopkins esq & Mary his wife one other of the daughters and coheirs of the said Robert Johnson v. Richard Best; Lettice Stanhope; John Vaughton; and Samuel Astry C79/182, no. [38]
1677 1 March 29 Judith Parker widow and Stephen Parker her son v. Adlard Cage gentleman; Edward Atkins; and Henry Bernard esqs C79/65, no. [39]
1677 3 March 29 Mary Stubbs, relict of Richard Stubbs, merchant; and Edward Hurne, executors of said Richard Stubbs and demisees in trust of his real estate v. Richard Stubbs; and Charles Stubbs, sons of said Richard Stubbs C78/949, no. 7 [40]
1677 6 March 29 Robert Hiron v Elizabeth Hiron, widow; Samuel Hiron; John Hiron; John Ballard; and Thomas Phillipps Profits of lands in Westington, Gloucs. C78/1219, no. 4 [41]
1677 6 March 29 Sir Francis North, knight, then Attorney General, for the King and for George Conye, a poor English, Christian slave or captive and all other poor English Christian slaves or captives professing the faith of our lord Jesus Christ that then or at any time after did or should suffer slavery and captivity under the Turks and for the several poor of the several places and parishes after mentioned v. Charles Leigh, esq; William Gwyns; George Grindon; Andrew Worth; Nicholas Steward; and the Governor and Company of Merchants of London Trading to the East Indies AND v. Robert Leigh; and George Needham, since deceased C78/1015, no. 8 [42]
1677 6 March 29 Dame Sarah Corbett, widow, relict of Sir Vincent Corbett, baronet v. Sir John Bolles, baronet & Dame Elizabeth his wife C78/1057, no. 3 [43]
1677 7 Mar 29 Sir John Tufton of the Mote, Kent v John Hawtrey Debts payable from manors of Golds in Maidstone, and Shofford, Kent. C78/1226, no. 2 [44]
1677 7 March 29 Ford, lord Grey, baron of Warke, son and heir of Ralph, lord Grey, baron of Warke, and grandchild and heir of William, lord Grey, baron of Warke, being an infant, by George, lord Berkeley of Berkeley v. Katherine, lady Grey, the widow of Ralph, lord Grey; Ralph Grey; Charles Grey; and Katherine Grey, beings infants, younger children of said Ralph, lord Grey; Roger North, esq; Sir Michael Heneage, knight; Andrew Harrington; and John Middleton, trustees of said William, lord Grey; Sir John Pehlham, baronet; and George Eales, clerk, who with the said Sir Michael Heneage were trustees of said Ralph, lord Grey Manors of Epping & Gosfield, Essex C78/1589, no. 2 [45]
1677 7 March 29 ___ Knight v. Ursula Knight, widow; and William Allen & Katherine his wife C78/1011, no. 2 [46]
1677 8 March 29 Henry Wich, clerke, cousin & heir of James Wich late citizen & merchant of London v Thomas Witherden and John Langley Lease of customary messuages and lands in the manor of Biggin and Tamworth (No county given). C78/744, no. 6 [47]
1677 8 Mar 29 Samuel Foote; Richard Foote; John Richards; Robert Meade; Nathaniel Howe; William Midlam; John Gifford; Rupert Browne; Marmaduke Dayrell; Windham Dayrell; John Thomas; Henry Gervis; William Webber; John Bacon; John Roe; Peter Shorland; Symon Willmott; George Keate; Edmond Parsons; Walter Clatworthy; William Dixon and Katharine Orland, creditors of Gustavus Venner v. Ursula Venner, widow; Gustavus Venner, son of the said Gustavus by the said Ursula his mother; Edward Clarke senior and Edward Clarke junior C78/1295, no. 8 [48]
1677 9 March 29 Thomas Wagstaffe of Bishopps Tachbrooke, Warks and Frances his wife; Sir John Knightly of Offchurch berry, Warks; and Sir Thomas Samwell of Gayton, Northants, trustees for the said Thomas Wagstaffe and Frances his said wife v Ursula Cartwright, widow, and Thomas Cartwright her son, an infant Mortgage of lands in Bishops Tachbrooke and Tachbrooke Mallory, Warwicks. C78/915, no. 14 [49]
1677 9 March 29 Anne Williams alias Cromwell deceased; Carina Hetley the relict of William Hetley deceased; Elizabeth English the relict of Edward English ; John Temple; Thomas Nevill; Francis Neeve; William Clay; and Dorothy Rawson the executor of Richard Draper who married Anne Williams alias Cromwell deceased sister to Carina Hetley and Elizabeth English v. Sir Robert Carr knight and baronet son and heir of Sir Robert Carr baronet; and Dame Mary Carr C79/36, no. [50]
1677 9 March 29 Anne Williams the relict and executrix of Henry Williams alias Cromwell; Carnia Hetley the relict of William Hetley; Elizabeth English the relict of Edward English; John Temple; Thomas Nevill; Francis Neeve; William Clay; and Dorothy Rawson the executors of Richard Draper who married Anne William alias Cromwell sister to Carina Hetley and Elizabeth English v. Sir Robert Carr knight and baronet son and heir of Sir Robert Carr baronet and Dame Mary Carr C79/25, no. [51]
1677 30 April 29 Susan Raunce, widow v. Jane Knight, widow and Peter Gold C78/1930, no. 16 [52]
1677 4 May 29 Timothy Stanney, esq v. Hugh White; Sir Thomas Hussey; John Procter; Thomas Procter, jr; John Pocklington; Thomas Procter, sr; Anne Procter, widow; John Smith the younger; and John Colt C78/1282, no. 7 [53]
1677 5 May 29 Charles Crayker & Elianor his wife v. John Parrott & Judith his wife C78/997, no. 15 [54]
1677 7 May 29 John Warman and Mary his wife, sole daughter and heir of Michaell Asseldine, grocer, and also administratrix of the goods & chattels not administered by Elizabeth Asselden, widow, his relict v Jeremy Gough; Thomas Robinson; and Daniel Goodwyn executors of the said Elizabeth Asselden; and Benjamin Holley Title to lands at Kings Lynn, Norfolk. C78/860, no. 5 [55]
1677 7 May 29 Edward Backwell esq; Thomas Tyther; Francis Manby; William Barrett; William Richard; George Bowers; Richard Alcorne; Henry Cope; Peter Pretty; Alexander Randall; John Eaton; Robert Farr; Thomas Hawgood; John Garrett; Ellenor Bruffe; William Cleare; James Skinner; Alexandere Redding; Francis Tyten; Nichols Clerke; Randall Bell; James Wyburne; Edward Wake; William Wallis; John Threder; ____ Jolley; Elizabeth Boust; Peter Rousteane; George Pinckney; John Day; Michael Steele; George Drew; Richard Perrie; Nathaniel Hammond; Francis Ball; ____ Gumbleton; and John Stiffe creditors of Edward, earl of Manchester v. Robert, earl of Manchester; Margaret, countess dowager of Manchester; William, lord Croft; Henry Mountague and George Mountague esqs; Sir Lancelott Lake; William Harbord; Thomas Busby; William Moseley; Sidney Wortley esq & Anne his wife; and Michael Brigghouse esq C78/1914, no. 1 [56]
1677 9 May 29 Sir George Cary baronet; Richard Dyer esq; Nicholas Hele doctor in physick & Joan his wife; Roger Caunter the elder; Roger Hurrell; Robert Edgecombe; Richard martyn; Nicholas Colling; Robert Lovell; Solomon Tozier; John Crispin; John Harridon; William Chope the elder; Roger Chope; Jonathan Edwards; Richard Cunning; John Colling; Richard Burgin; William Partridge; William Chope the younger; Michael Partridge; Jasper Chope; John Lisse; Nicholas Phillipps; John Edwards; Agnes Shepard widow; John Sheapard; Margery Sheapard widow; Richard Hardye; and Thomas Sullacke v. Mary Chope; William Chope youngest son of the said Mary Chope and Peter Collins C79/12, no. [57]
1677 11 May 29 Henry Redman v. Samuel Keck, gent; and Thomas Manning C78/868, no. 4 [58]
1677 12 May 29 Thomas Burrell, son and heir of Ralph Burrell, gent, then an infant of about 19 years, by Patrick Crow, gent, his guardian v. David Wake Estate of Ralph Burrell. Messuages etc in Milfield, Northumberland. Refusal of his widow, who married the deft, to settle the complts share of his fathers estate. C78/1589, no. 4 [59]
1677 12 May 29 Phillipp, earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, brother and heir of William, earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, deceased; John Tregonwell; and Francis Wroughton, esqs, executors of said William, late earl of Pembroke; Stephen Liddiard; William Sadler; and Herbert Saladine v. Charles, earl of Middlesex; Thomas Hawles the elder; Thomas Hawles junior; John Hawles; and John Wildeman, esqs; William Ashton; and Joseph Copland C78/1057, no. 7 [60]
1677 14 May 29 Robert Gibbons by Robert Gibbons his father and John Hurle v John Moulton and Mary his wife Annuity payable from grounds called Bricefield and Bushy Close, Wilts. C78/744, no. 9 [61]
1677 18 May 29 Henry Powell of London merchant v. Sir Dionis Gauden knight and others (sic) C79/17, no. [62]
1677 18 May 29 Sir William Jones, knight, Attorney General; and Bodwin Cooper; ___ Yates; and Thomas Hedger, church wardens of Lambeth, Surrey, for the poor of Lambeth v. Sir Jeremy Whitchcott, baronet; and Sir Paul Whitchcott, knight C78/946, no. 3 [63]
1677 18 May 29 Elizabeth Browne an infant by Mary Browne, widow, her mother v. Robert Williams C78/1295, no. 6 [64]
1677 19 May 29 Thomas Goswell son and heir of Thomas Goswell decd and William Blackall v Francis Weaver and Elizabeth his wife administratrix de bonis non of Edward Bun Repayments of maintenance for orphan. C78/744, no. 1 [65]
1677 21 May 29 William Watson of St Giles in the Fields, Middx, perfumer, executor of Thomasine Davyes alias Norincott the relict of William Norincott v. Thomas Corbett; Richard Fowler; and Rowland Daugh C78/1911, no. 6 [66]
1677 21 May 29 Thomas Colston and Daniel Parnell gentleman v. Thomas Kirkeby; John Chard; Humfrey Gardner; and Lawrence Torkington C78/1892, no. 8 [67]
1677 21 May 29 John Barlow of White Waltham, Berks, carpenter v. Elizabeth White, widow and relict of Hugh White; and Walter White an infant C78/1164, no. 7 [68]
1677 21 May 29 Thomas Viye, gent v. William Cooke, gent C78/1275, no. 8 [69]
1677 22 May 29 Anthony Grubb gentleman v. Sir William Powell baronet; Richard Gwillym; Elizabeth Gwyllim; John Greene; and Richard Powell C79/65, no. [70]
1677 22 May 29 Sir William Jones, knight, Attorney General for the King and for Alexander Bolton, cleric, vicar of Shornebrooke, Beds; and said Alexander Bolton v. Sir Oliver Boteler baronet; and Sir Phillip Warwick, knight C78/861, no. 4 [71]
1677 25 May 29 Anthony Christopher v Abraham Wessell; Michael Pratt; George Miller; William Barker; William Newman; Isaack Foxcroft; John Cade; John Wright; Anthony Rawlyns; and Edward Snow Lease of Flaggmeade field and houses in Bermondsey Streete, parish of St. Mary Magdalen, Surrey C78/744, no. 5 [72]
1677 25 May 29 Sir John Knightley baronet v. Honor Dryden; Ralph Sneyd esq & Frances his wife; and Anne Pigott widow executors of Richard Dryden esq C79/65, no. [73]
1677 25 May 29 Henry Gay, gent; and Robert King, yeoman v. William Barker; and Thomas Downes C78/946, no. 6 [74]
1677 25 May 29 Richard Smith, executor of William Barton v. Nicholas Ireland & Alice his wife; Thomas Ireland; Mary Ireland; Elianor Ireland; and William Chandler C78/1104, no. 3 [75]
1677 26 May 29 William Francklin and Elizabeth his wife formerly Elizabeth Shapley; and Mary Jane Shapley an infant v Samuel Brightwell Testamentary settlement of goods of silk and profits from East India Company C78/890, no. 1 [76]
1677 26 May 29 Joyce Bridges v. Theodosia Carpender by the lady Pye her guardian; William Carpender; William Bowdler; Abraham Geward; and Jane Adams C78/2070, no. 20 [77]
1677 26 May 29 Sarah Brodnax, an infant under the age of 6 years, daughter of Robert Brodnax of St Andrew's, Holborne, London, goldsmith, by said Robert Brodnax her father and guardian v. Daniel White of Boxley, Kent, esq C78/1075, no. 8 [78]
1677 26 May 29 Henry Scaife of Oundle, Northt, gent; and Mary Lynn of Southweek, Northt, spinster v. John Boteler & Bridget his wife; Noell Boteler; Henry Boteler; Edward Boteler; Bridget Boteler, Hannah Boteler; Elizabeth Boteler; and Rachel Boteler, children of said John Boteler; Thomas Hodgson; and Lawrence Parker C78/1164, no. 9 [79]
1677 29 May 29 Frances Munn widow administratrix with the will annexed of Quarles Browne late of London merchant during the minority of Margaret Browne an infant one of the daughters of the said Quarles Browne and the said Margaret Browne and Mary Browne daughters and coheirs of the said Quarles Browne and infants by the Frances Munn their aunt and guardian v. the Governor and Company of Merchants in London trading to the East Indies; Michael Dunkyn; Christopher Browne; Samuel Sambrooke; Peter Daniel; Herny Johnson; John Gurney; Richard Moore; and Thomas Canham C79/12, no. [80]
1677 30 May 29 Thomas Pope Blount and Jane his wife v Sir Charles Cesar; Charles Cesar; and Ralph Freeman Settlement of lands in Pressing Temple, Ryvenhall and Wytham, Essex C78/1221, no. 6 [81]
1677 30 May 29 Edmond Wiseman of Sparshall Courte in Little Hendred, Berks v. Richard Pettifer of Wanting, Berks Payment due to the complt for the lease of meadow or pasture called Great and Little Inland in the parish of Wanting, Berks C78/1443, no. 2 [82]
1677 31 May 29 Robert Colvill esq v. William lord Allington; Samuel Teige alias Thadeus O'Hara esq; Rose and Katherine O'Haras C78/2070, no. 21 [83]
1677 1 June 29 Katherine Leveson Gower; Richard Leveson Gower; and Jane Leveson Gower infant by Francis Charleton esq being the daughters and younger son of William Leveson Gower esq; and the Lady Jane his wife eldest daughter of the John, earl of Bath v. John, earl of Bath; the said William Leveson Gower & the lady Jane his wife; and John Leveson Gower their eldest son and heir; Sir John Bernard baronet; Sir George Downeing knight and baronet; Sir Cyrill Wyche knight; and Bernard Grenvile esq; and Dennis Grenvile clerke brothers of the said earl; and William Gower esq brother of Sir Thomas Gower knight and baronet deceased father of the said William Leveson Gower C79/65, no. [84]
1677 1 June 29 Rowland Okeover esq & Elizabeth his wife daughter and heir of Sir Thomas Pettus baronet the said Elizabeth being an infant by the said Rowland Okeover her husband v. Dame Elizabeth Pettus widow the relict of the said Sir Thomas Pettus and others (sic) C79/65, no. [85]
1677 1 June 29 Edward Looseley alias Eversley of Wargrave, Berks, yeoman & Martha his wife; and Martha, Mary, Sarah, Edward, Jane, Elizabeth, and Lydia Loosely alias Eversly, son and daughters of said Edward Loosely alias Eversly & Martha his wife, by said Edward Loosely, the elder, their guardian v. Joseph Bovington; and Elizabeth Lee, widow C78/1164, no. 10 [86]
1677 12 June 29 John Arnold, citizen and apothecary of London & Anne his wife, the sister and heir of Edward Cooke, gent v. William Cooke; Thomas Cooke; Thomas Browne; and Richard Creswell the younger & Elizabeth his wife C78/1164, no. 6 [87]
1677 19 June 29 Francis Vannacker of London, esq v. Peter King, gent; Anne Salter, widow and relict of George Salter; William Salter; and George Salter, children of said George and Anne Salter; and William Bright C78/883, no. 4 [88]
1677 20 June 29 Sir John Birkenhead v Sir William Hooker; William Hooker; Francis Glisson; Richard Bouchier; Francis Rogers; Hugh Webb; and Thomas Webb Title to encumbered lands in parishes of St. Dunstan in the West and St. Clement Danes, Middx C78/970, no. 9 [89]
1677 20 June 29 Sir James Phillipps, baronet, only brother and heir of Sir Thomas Phillipps, baronet, eldest son and heir of Sir Thomas Phillipps, baronet v. William Strode, esq C78/1602, no. 2 [90]
1677 20 June 29 James Harris v. Samuel Swinnocke; Andrew Pope; Thomas Bathe; Thomas Manley; Richard Adams; Mathew Petley; Thomas Mills; and James Clement C78/883, no. 3 [91]
1677 20 June 29 William Genew, esq v. John Leemknell C78/1015, no. 7 [92]
1677 22 June 29 Thomas Power; and John, lord Roos v. Richard Sapp C78/861, no. 1 [93]
1677 23 June 29 William Salesbury of Rugg, Merioneth, esq v. Sir Walter Bagott baronet & Dame Jane his wife; Elizabeth Salesbury widow; Edward Bagott; Mary Bagott; and Elizabeth Bagott the son and daughters of the said Sir Walter Bagott & Dame Jane his wife; and Eubule Thelwall esq C79/65, no. [94]
1677 25 June 29 Robert Hawley esq v. John, lord Pawlett; Richard Cutts; and Elizabeth Cutts C78/2024 no. 1 [95]
1677 25 June 29 John Burlase, gent & Joane his wife, sole daughter and heir and also administratrix of William Coke, gent v. Thomas Coke; and others (sic) C78/949, no. 5 [96]
1677 26 June 29 Nathaniel Parkhurst, esq & Sarah his wife; and Jervas Clifton, son and heir of Robert Clifton, esq, an infant, by Sarah Clifton, widow, his mother and guardian by this court specially admitted v. Peter Vanderput; Sir Robert Clayton, knight; Thomas Morris, esq; John Dent; and John Nicholls C78/868, no. 7 [97]
1677 27 June 29 Margaret Pattenson, widow, executrix of Robert Pattenson decd v Leonard Hickmott and Susan his wife; and Josias Pattenson Interests in lands at Biddenden, Kent. C78/860, no. 4 [98]
1677 27 June 29 Margaret Maidstone v Joseph Thurston. Possession of messuage and land in Horksley, Essex. C78/1226, no. 3 [99]
1677 29 June 29 Thomas Skevington & Martha his wife; and Thomas Skevington, jr, son and heir of said Thomas Skevington sr an infant by said Thomas Skevington his father and guardian v. Ricahrd Pearch and Moses Crouch C78/2024, no. 4 [100]
1677 29 June 29 Thomas Geareing, master of arts v. Edward Barbor, esq C78/951, no. 15 [101]
1677 29 June 29 James Halsall; and John Mathewes, esqs; and George Cressener, gent, executors of Richard Halsall, esq v. Alexander Halsall, esq C78/1015, no. 6 [102]
1677 30 June 29 William Bacon, clerk v. Martha Ashby, one of the executrices of Nathaniel Ashby; Edmund Rowe & Martha his wife, another of the executrices of said Nathaniel; Abraham Castle; John Hall; Thomas Cooper; William Spilman; John Carter; Nathaniel Carter; Margaret Rinett, administratrix of Monox Rivet; Thomas Wheeler; and Samuel Meadow C78/1015, no. 5 [103]
1677 2 July 29 Edward Twyne, esq v. John Rogers Coker, an infant; WIlliam Welsh, & Mary his wife; Henry Constantine, esq; Robert Pitt; William Wake; and Samuel Palmer C78/1729, no. 5 [104]
1677 2 July 29 Elizabeth Ironmonger, widow, late wife of Humfrey Ironmonger, gent; and Nicholas Hulme, gent, surviving trustee of said Elizabeth v. John Ironmonger C78/1729, no. 2 [105]
1677 2 July 29 Mountague Cholmeley, esq; and Frances Hall; Margaret Hall; and Elizabeth Hall, the daughters and heirs of Henry Hall, esq, infants, by Elizabeth Hall their mother and guardian v. Thomas, bishop of Lincoln; and John Adamson, clerk C78/1015, no. 4 [106]
1677 2 July 29 Valentine Chadwick, clerk & Mary his wife, administratrix of Charles Sharpe; Nicholas Sharpe, deceased; and Elizabeth Sharpe, deceased v. William Brett, gent; Thomas Kipps, gent; Ralph Sharpe, gent; Stephen Hulse & Elizabeth his wife C78/1061, no. 11 [107]
1677 3 July 29 John Jefferyes of London, esq v. Thomas Hatton the elder; and Edward Plampin C78/951, no. 6 [108]
1677 3 July 29 Edward, lord viscount Irwyn, son and heir of Henry, lord viscount Irwyn, an infant, by his guardian; and Sir Henry Stapleton, knight; Henry Slingsby; and George Townesend, esqs, surviving executors of said Lord Henry v. Dorothy Benson, widow and administratrix of Robert Benson, esq; William Benson; and Francis Lund C78/1015, no. 3 [109]
1677 4 July 29 Sir Francis North v Thomas Doggelt Trust of copyhold lands in Egginton and Clipston, Beds, to support a minister in the chapel of ease in Egginton and to pay towards public and charitable uses C78/790, no. 4 [110]
1677 4 July 29 Edmund Allen; John Whitchurch; Richard Gurney the elder; Richard Gurney the younger; William Vadry; William Cooke; Humfry Poodifoote; John Wright; John Juice; Anne Seare; Mary Seare; and Thomas Seare, infants by John Seare v William Duncombe; Richard Robinson; Richard Andrewes; Thomas Attwells als Welles; Edmund Duncombe and Anne his wife Bonds and debts of Edmund Duncombe payable from lands in Marsworth, (No county given) C78/1221, no. 7 [111]
1677 4 July 29 Thomas (?) Hodson; John Hodson infants by William Hodson their father and guardian; Samuel Hodson by the said William Hodson his attorney; William Hodson an infant by ____ Hodson his father and guardian; Thoma Hodson and John Hodson infants by Thomas Hodson their father guardian v. Thomas Halsey, esq; Sir John Francklin, knight; Roger Gillingham, esq; and Thomas Barnewell C78/2024, no. 3 [112]
1677 4 July 29 Sir William Jones knight Attorney General on behalf of poor inhabitants of the parish of Ashford, Kent v. Sir Thomas Twisden, knight and baronet one of the justices of king's bench; and Roger Twisden his won esq C78/2024, no. 2 [113]
1677 4 July 29 Thomas Norris v. William Norris C78/877, no. 7 [114]
1677 5 July 29 James Jefferson v Anne Lindall, William Atkinson and Christopher Lindall Debts of the late William Lindall, owed to Roger Noble and others. C78/875, no. 4 [115]
1677 5 July 29 Anne Hardreis, spinster v. Dame Anne Hardreis, spinster v. Dame Anne Hardreis, widow; and Peter Hardreis, doctor in divinity C78/1057, no. 5 [116]
1677 6 July 29 Thomas Wharton, esq, son and heir apparent of Phillip, lord Wharton; Goodwin Wharton, second son of said Lord Wharton; and Mary Thomas, widow, relict, and administratrix of William Thomas, esq v. John Price, esq C78/1596, no. 8 [117]
1677 10 July 29 Humphrey Davyes, gent v. Cope Rich, esq C78/864, no. 5 [118]
1677 10 July 29 Edward Wyvell, gent v. Benjamin Jacklyn C78/1057, no. 6 [119]
1677 11 July 29 Anne Nevill, widow, relict, and executrix of Richard Nevil of Billingbeare, Berks, esq; Katherine Nevill; and Frances Nevill, daughters of said Richard and Anne being infants, by their said mother v. John Nevill, esq; Henry Nevill, esq; Richard Ramsford, esq & Anne his wife C78/868, no. 6 [120]
1677 13 July 29 Thomas Moore, an infant of 11 years, by David Moore, gent, his father and guardian v. Thomas Agar, esq C78/1239, no. 2 [121]
1677 14 July 29 Langdale Sunderland of Fetherstone, Yorks, esq v. Robert Parker C78/876, no. 9 [122]
1677 14 July 29 Thomas Brookes of London, gent v. Henry Foorthe C78/951, no. 13 [123]
1677 16 July 29 Sir Henry Winchcombe baronet an infant; Thomas Hungerford ? doctor in physick his brother v. _________ Winchcombe widow; ______ ; George Miller; _____ C79/95, no. [124]
1677 16 July 29 Sir Thomas Exton, knight, doctor of laws; William Catique & Elizabeth his wife, executrix of Richard Berrington; Elizabeth Bambridge, executrix of William Bambridge; Thomas Woodham; John Harris, assignee of William Baker; John Jackson, executor of Dame Susanna Greene; William Wood & Elizabeth his wife, executrix of Thomas Read; John Pattrell, executor of John Pattrell; William Thomas, executor of Edward Thomas; Elizabeth Escott executrix of Charles Escott; Jonathan Welby, executor of Richard Church; Sir Richard Everard, baronet & Dame Frances his wife, executrix of Sir Jervas Elwayes, knight; Hannah Dongell, executrix of Robert Dongell; William Danvers; and Samuel Danvers, executors of William Danvers; William Swanley, executor of tristram Stevens; Robert Hancocke; George Viccars; William Palmes, esq, administrator of Anne Temery; Thomas Arnold, esq, executor of Samuel Arnold, gent; Rowland Jewkes, esq, the surviving executor of Jane Holman, widow, who was the executor of Richard Holman, esq; and Cornelius Burton, esq, administrator of Andrew Burton, esq, his late father, and being all of them creditors of John St John, late of Cold Overton, Leics, esq; asd also Edmond Tooke, esq; John Yateman, gent; and John Saunders, jr, gent, trustees for the said creditors and other creditors of the said John St John v. Nicholas, earl of Thanett AND v. Elizabeth St John, widow and relict of said John St John; Elizabeth St John the younger; Blanch St John; Lucy St John; Lewis Monnox, esq; John Cave; Charnell Cave; and others (sic) C78/946, no. 4 [125]
1677 16 July 29 Isaac Sawbridge v. Joseph Browne C78/997, no. 11 [126]
1677 17 July 29 Samuell Maydwell of the Middle Temple, London v Rowland Powell and Elizabeth his wife Mortgage of messuage in Thundersley and lands in Royly and South Bainfleete, Essex C78/1222, no. 4 [127]
1677 17 July 29 Mary Cavendish alias Cantrell, widow v. John Cantrell alias Cavendish and James Stockton C78/1926, no. 15 [128]
1677 17 July 29 Thomas Long, clerk v. William Bruton, esq C78/951, no. 14 [129]
1677 17 July 29 Thomas Goodwin, an infant, by Sir John Duke of Benhall, Suff, baronet, his guardian v. Nicholas Cutler; John Howland; William Whitfield; Nathaniel Hudson; Mary Rawsterne; Mary Gardner; Sarak Skipp; Robert Benson; James Whitfield; Robert Grymes; Thomas Lemon; Thomas Burroughes; Anne Winstone; Richard Sevile; John Dell; William Bradford; Thomas Cochett; Richard Wattle; Henry Neate; John Gray; William Browne; Peter Williams; Celus Titus, esq; William Rawsterne; and Elianor Lane C78/1057, no. 9 [130]
1677 17 July 29 Jane Penruddocke, one of the daughters of Edward Penruddocke, esq, deceased, late one of the brothers of Sir John Penruddocke of Salisbury, an infant of about 15 years, by Frances Penruddocke, her mother and guardian v. Charles Penruddocke, gent C78/1057, no. 4 [131]
1677 17 July 29 Thomas Gundry, gent v. George Browne, esq & Anne his wife; and Elizabeth Gundry C78/1281, no. 1 [132]
1677 18 July 29 Edmund Parker v Mary Wykes, widowve Annuity payable from marriage settlement of lands in Spreton, Sandford and Drustenton, Devon C78/890, no. 7 [133]
1677 19 July 29 Francis Clerke & Joane his wife; and Charles Clerke their son an infant by Thomas Beauchampe his guardian v. Elizabeth Langben; Nathaniel Chyles; Charles Chyles; and John Chyles C78/857, no. 6 [134]
1677 20 July 29 Thomas Smith the father and administrator of Jane Smith of Lower Pitterton, Warw, spinster his late daughter deceased and William Smith brother and heir of said Jane Smith v. Susan Hancock and Thomas Woodward C79/10, no. [135]
1677 21 July 29 Sir John Knightlie baronet v. Honor Dryden; Ralph Sneyd esq & Frances his wife; and Anne Pygott widdow executors of Richard Dryden esq C79/65, no. [136]
1677 23 July 29 Robert Blunt; Thomas Seaverne; William Weston; Richard Stephens; ____ Hill; ____ Lysons; ____ Say; William Langston; Francis Moore creditors of Thomas Hackett deceased v. Anne Hackett widow; John Biddle & Mary his wife; C79/65, no. [137]
1677 23 July 29 Sarah Williamson; Mary Williamson; and Bridget Williamson, spinsters; and also Hannah Williamson; Martha Williamson; Rabecca Williamson; and William Williamson, infants by said Sarah, their guardian v. William Patrickson; Henry Fox; and John Lambert C78/1602, no. 5 [138]
1677 25 July 29 Susanna Marlowe, widow v. John Maxye; Thomas Chaplyn; William Marlowe, also an infant; Joseph Beamond, doctor in divinity; Henry Parker, esq; and John Lambe, gent C78/879, no. 3 [139]
1677 25 July 29 Anthony, earl of Shaftesbury; Maurice Hunt; and Thomas South, gent v. John Norden, esq; Elizabeth Norden; Sir John Earnly, knight; William Trumball; and Walter Daniel C78/946, no. 2 [140]
1677 28 July 29 Edward, lord Ingram, viscount Irwyn, Scotland, an infant, son and heir of Henry, viscount Irwyn, late deceased brother and heir of Thomas Ingram, esq, who was son and heir of Sir Arthur Ingram, knight, by Sir Henry Stapleton, baronet; Henry Slingsby; and George Townesend, esqs his guardians v. Christopher Nevile, esq & Katherine his wife; Sir John Wright, baronet; and Tobias Jenkins, esq C78/1015, no. 2 [141]
1677 26 Oct 29 William Chudleigh gentleman and Nicholas Hookes esq executors of William Chudleigh v. Sir John Crooke; Dodsworth Crooke; James Chudleigh C78/2070, no. 18 [142]
1677 26 Oct 29 Sarah Jevon, widow, formerly wife and executrix of Samuel Graunt, gent v. James Graunt C78/864, no. 4 [143]
1677 27 Oct 29 William Sadler v Digby Kittermaster; Anne Kittermaster; William Holhoake; and John Sadler Mortgage of lands in Bentley, Warwicks C78/890, no. 6 [144]
1677 27 Oct 29 Sir William Jones, Attorney General, on the behalf of William Milner v. Gregory Geareing Payments due to the vicar of the parish of Denchworth in lieu of small tythes. C78/1443, no. 1 [145]
1677 31 Oct. 29 Thomas Lambert v Thomas and Martha Swayne Cancellation of bonds re debtor payable from the manor of Abrie, Wilts. C78/744, no. 2 [146]
1677 31 Oct 29 Sir Henry Massingberd, baronet v. Edward Palmer, esq C78/1589, no. 17 [147]
1677 5 Nov 29 Thomas Sherwill of London, merchant, since deceased v. Robert Starr C78/949, no. 4 [148]
1677 7 Nov 29 Richard Thorne of Putney, Surrey, esq v. John Dunsmore & Elizabeth his wife, the relict and executrix of Thomas Sutton C78/951, no. 12 [149]
1677 9 Nov 29 Thomas Tolson; Sir Richard Piggott, knight; and Humphry Nicholson v. Thomas Chebald & Margery his wife; William Chebald; and William Samborne C78/874, no. 6 [150]
1677 10 Nov 29 William Derkwich & Damaris his wife, relict and executrix of William Pype; and Margaret Pype an infant, one of the daughters of said William Pype and complainant Damoris by said Damoris her guardian v. Thomas Crosse the elder; Benjamin Mould; Benjamin Izard; Arthur marshall; John Baker; John Browning; and Thomas Bromhill C78/868, no. 3 [151]
1677 10 Nov 29 John Nowis v. Robert Merefield; Thomas Justy; and Henry Hutchins C78/898, no. 6 [152]
1677 12 Nov 29 Mary Dormer; Margaret Dormer; and Elizabeth Dormer infants by John Belson their guardian v. Mary Dormer widow; Charles Dormer an infant by John Dormer his guardian; Robert Dormer; and William Dormer likewise infants by Edward Webb their guardian; William Dormer; John Webb; and George Weedon executors of Charles Dormer deceased C78/2069, no. 7 [153]
1677 12 Nov 29 Thomas Evans & Elizabeth his wife v. Thomas Willey & Abigaile his wife; and William Collins C78/879, no. 2 [154]
1677 12 Nov 29 Thomas Evans & Elizabeth his wife v. Thomas Willey & Abigaile his wife; and William Collins C78/909, no. 8 [155]
1677 14 Nov 29 William Lyley, gent v. Barbarah Devevere, widow; and George Gamble, gent C78/1282, no. 4 [156]
1677 15 Nov 29 Elizabeth Spencer, one of the daughters and coheirs of the Honorable Richard Spencer, esq, deceased v. Mary Spencer, widow, relict of the said Richard Spencer; Gilbert, lord archbishop of Canterbury; The Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral Church of Canterbury; Robert Say, doctor in divinity; William Gee, esq & Mary his wife; John Venables, esq & Margaret his wife C78/868, no. 5 [157]
1677 17 Nov 29 Ferdinando Bucknall; and Thomas Tomlinson v. William Wylley; William Hall; Ralph Bucknall; Ralph Wayne; Dame Sarah Bucknall, widow; and John Bucknall, esq C78/861, no. 3 [158]
1677 19 Nov 29 Sir William Drake of Shardeloes, Bucks and John Drake an infant by Mathew Johnson v James Ravenscroft; Francis Withins; and James Perrott Portion payable from trust of the manor of Shardloes, Bucks. C78/1222, no. 3 [159]
1677 20 Nov 29 John Washington v. William Duhurst, & Margaret his wife; Robert Willison; Symon Washington; and Richard Washington C78/1602, no. 3 [160]
1677 21 Nov 29 John Cooper alias Butcher v. Robert Sparkes;John Laminaway; and Thomas Roberts C78/1636, no. 3 [161]
1677 22 Nov. 29 John Elliott v Thomas and Christopher Elliott Mortgage and trust of lands in Hitchingfield and Billingshurst, Sussex. C78/860, no. 3 [162]
1677 23 Nov 29 Thomas Taylor and Anne his wife v Paul Dodwell and Dame Elizabeth his wife; William Stratford and Susannah his wife; and Robert Taylor Financial trusts C78/890, no. 5 [163]
1677 24 Nov 29 Thomas Bennet; Christopher Granger; John Packer; Charles Rampaine; Christopher Sibley; and Joseph Cragg creditors of John Sibley gentleman v. Emery Hill; Richard Pagett; Thomas Mason; John Greene; Adam Langley; Mary Sibly; George Sibley; and Charles Sibley C78/1914, no. 8 [164]
1677 24 Nov 29 Henry Benson v. Caius Gabriel Cibber & Joan his wife; William Adams; and Valentine Shukburgh C78/868, no. 2 [165]
1677 24 Nov 29 Thomas Erle of Charborrough, Dorset, esq v. Edmund Butler, esq; John Olliffe, clerk; John Weare; Robert Weare, gent; Anthony Baker, by John Gillett his guardian; George Ballett; James Goadich; Phillipp Goadich, by John Cromplier their guardian; and Robert Best C78/1061, no. 7 [166]
1677 24 Nov 29 Susanna Bard, widow, relict of William Bard of North Kelsey, Lincs, esq; and Henry Bard, son and heir of said William Bard, an infant, by said Susanna Bard, his mother and guardian v. Christopher Benson C78/1164, no. 3 [167]
1677 26 Nov 29 John Parrett of Plymouth, Devon, instrument maker; and Nathaniel Parrett, an infant, by said John Parrett, his father and guardian; and Jane Harris of Plymouth, widow v. George Nations & Mary his wife C78/1231, no. 5 [168]
1677 3 Dec 29 Robert Halford, gent; Thomas Bubb; and Thomas Capner v. Thomas Castle C78/1104, no. 2 [169]
1677 4 Dec 29 Frances Munn administratrix with the will annexed of Charles Browne merchant during the minority of Margaret Browne an infant daughter and executrix of said Charles Browne and the said Margaret Browne and Mary Browne by the said Frances Munn v. The Governor and Company of Merchants in London trading to the East Indies; Michael Dunkyn; Christopher Browne; Samuel Sambrooke; Peter Daniel; Henry Johnson; John Gourney; Richard Moore; and Thomas Canham AND Francis Hodges and Edward Throckmorton v. Michael Dunkyn; Frances Munn widow; Margaret Browne and Mary Browne C79/95, no. [170]
1677 4 Dec 29 Anne Onyon, widow; Samuel Onyon; and Mary Bower v. Sarah Robinson; Margaret Curtis; and Mary Cakebread C78/906, no. 9 [171]
1677 4 Dec 29 Sir Anthony Chester of Chicheley, Bucks, baronet v. Robert Wynne, esq; John Shan, esq & Elizabeth his wife C78/1282, no. 5 [172]
1677 6 Dec 29 Francis Rainsford, esq, executor of Anne Lewis v. John Metford; Christofer Wilkinson; and Mary Beard C78/1589, no. 16 [173]
1677 7 Dec 29 Mary Wells, widow, executrix of John Wells v. William Howes, son and heir of William Howes C78/861, no. 2 [174]
1677 8 Dec. 29 John Melchior and Thomas Marshall v Daniel Whitefoote and Jane his wife; John Whitefoote, clerke; John Davy; and Bryan Smyth Trust of mortgaged lands in Hapton, Norfolk C78/790, no. 2 [175]
1677 9 Dec 29 John Holman of Weston Favell, Northt, baronet v. Thomas Baskerville, esq & Frances his wife C78/1179, no. 7 [176]
1677 10 Dec 29 Thomas Ankers v. John Nevett and Charleton Hill C78/2049, no. 1 [177]
1677 11 Dec 29 Richard Thompson, esq v. Robert Tustian & Mary his wife, executrix of Jerome Bullocke, an infant, by his guardian duly assigned by the court C78/1104, no. 8 [178]
1677 11 Dec 29 Martha Swettenham, late wife and executrix of Peter Swettenham her late husband v. William Swettenham; and Thomas Swettenham C78/1104, no. 4 [179]
1677 15 Dec. 29 Robert Cuddon administrator of Francis Cuddon v Tobias Blosse and Thomas Dey Mortgage of lands in Little Belstead, Suffolk C78/790, no. 3 [180]
1677 15 Dec. 29 Dame Jane Sheffield v Charles Dallyson Debts owed to Robert Offley and mortgage of the manor of Lissington [by Wragby] , Lincs. C78/1222, no. 2 [181]
1677 15 Dec 29 Richard Howe esq & Grace his wife; and Elizabeth Lyndsell an infant by said Richard Howe her guardian which said Grace and Elizabeth are daughters and coheirs of Edward Lyndsell gentleman deceased v. Richard Godfrey and John White C78/1892, no. 17 [182]
1677 15 Dec 29 John Pollard v. George Hamond C78/1759, no. 8 [183]
1677 15 Dec 29 John Goldsmith, gent, son and heir of John Goldsmith of Lincolns Inn, Middx, esq, an infant by Henry Chauncy, esq, his guardian; Thomas Jenney, administrator of Dina Jenney, eldest daughter of said John Goldsmith and the relict of William Jenney, esq; Elizabeth Jenney, an infant, only daughter of same Dina Jenney by said Thomas Jenney her guardian; and Elizabeth Goldsmith the youngest daughter of said John Goldsmith v. John Thruston, esq; and John Dey, esq C78/1729, no. 3 [184]
1677 15 Dec 29 William Secker, clerk, rector of Leigh, Essex v. Thomas March C78/1598, no. 4 [185]
1677 16 Dec 29 Samuel Sowton of London, merchant v. Peter Albertsonhoost of Stockholm, Sweden, mariner C78/949, no. 6 [186]
1677 17 Dec 29 Sir William Clifton, son & heir of Sir Clifford Clifton, by Symon Bennett his uncle v Dame Frances Clifton, widow; Willm Sacheverell; and Bridgett Holland, widow Marriage settlement of manors of Clifton, Wilford, Stanton Super le Wolds [Stanton-on-the-Wolds], Hodfacke [Hodsock], Blyth, Carleton [?Carlton-on-Trent], Kingston [Kingston on Soar], Carleton Baron [Carlton in Lindrick], Notts. C78/950, no. 3 [187]
1677 17 Dec 29 Mary Holford an infant by Thomas Walderne gentleman her guardian v. Jane Allott widow and John Wilson C79/95, no. [188]