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Cal_Year Cal_Date Regnal_Year Parties Subject Matter Roll/Case_No.
1668 20 C78/, no. []
1668 Hilary term 19 William Sherington of London merchant and John Collett of the Middle Temple London v. John Style (beneficiary reversioner) and Thomas Rooles (trustee) Residue of the lease of Hooe manor, Hants, in 1653 for 99 years bargained and sold to complainant in 1663 for £728 with defeasance on payment of £728 18s; complainants claim was for £1,667 in principal and interest (at 6%). C78/663, no. 4 [2]
1668 9 Jan 19 William Ward and Dame Elizabeth his wife late wife of Sir Benner Strutt decd v William Cusse;Adrian Quiny; Sir Phillip Woodhouse; Thomas Bart... & Blanch his wife; and Ann Strutt Marriage settlement and trust of lands in Holbeach, Lincs and Hodleighthorpe, Molenix and Cockfield, Suffolk. C78/749, no. 14 [3]
1668 10 Jan 19 John Smith v Edwin Smout by Francis Blake; William Swan & Alice his wife; John Cowden & Mary his wife; and Ralph Wingfield Mortgage by surrender of copyhold messuage in Drayton, Middx C78/736, no. 8 [4]
1668 13 Jan 19 Francis Vassall gentleman, administrator of Henry Vassall late of London merchant v. John Jefferyes C78/1915, no. 4 [5]
1668 27 Jan 19 John Hawkes and Richard Emery v John Manley Mortgage of lands in Spratton (no county given) by Lawrence Manley the defts father. C78/800, no. 13 [6]
1668 27 Jan 19 George Farmer of the Inner Temple, London, esq; Walter Cary of Eversden, Hunts & Elizabeth his wife, said Elizabeth being administratrix of Henry Woollaston, esq, her husband v. Sir John Henden of Biddenden, Kent, knight; John Payne; and George Evelyn C78/992, no. 14 [7]
1668 29 Jan 19 William Willoughby; Charles Hall; Robert Hall, clerk; Richard Hall; Oliver Bellamy; William Eastland; Robert Cole; Thomas Fox; William Towler; Elizabeth, Ruth and Anne Simpkinson als Simpson, infants by Charles Hall v Isabell Fox, widow; William Fox; William Leggatt; John Hynde and Mary his wife; William Willoughby the father; William Stowe; and John Stowe Bill (Hilary 1664) reciting agreement (c. 10 years earlier) to enclose the south field of Kettlethorpe, Lincs, and make new allotments, and that as this enclosure was so beneficial to the manor there had been a second agreement (Nov. past) to enclose all the rest of the commons of the manor, and alleging opposition by the defendants to further enclosure, and seeking confirmation of the agreement. [lands in Laughterton and Kettlethorpe, Lincs] C78/736, no. 10 [8]
1668 23 Jan 19 Thomas Spencley and Richard Carter executors of Stephen Edgar v William Dusgate; Edward Chapman; and another (not named) Payment of portions and legacies from debts due to estate of Stephen Edgar C78/724, no. 22 [9]
1668 1 Feb 20 Leonard Morland v John Shute and Anne his wife Reconveyance and alleged mortgage of lands called Michael Flatts and Powlands, in Westmorland C78/683, no. 5 [10]
1668 3 Feb 20 Ambrose Milway and Elizabeth his wife; and William Howell als Luck v Dame Sarah Howell, widow Legacies payable from testamentary settlement of unspecified lands in Kent and Sussex C78/724, no. 13 [11]
1668 3 Feb 20 John Lofthouse & Anne his wife; John Cundall & Elianor his wife; Thomas Willie; John Willie; and Richard Willie brethren of said Anne and Elianor all them younger children of William Willie deceased by Anne the wife of John Thackaray v. John Thackary and the said Anne his wife; and John Browne Trust settlement by William Willie of lands in Great Ottrington[Otterington], Yorks. C78/2035, no. 3 [12]
1668 4 Feb 20 Thomas Dibbing, John Dibbing, Joanna Dibbing and Mary Dibbing, infants by William Swanton v John Preston Legacies payable from personal estate of Gabriel Vincent C78/685, no. 2 [13]
1668 4 Feb 20 Sir John Robinson lieutenant of the Tower of London v Robert Wright son & heir of Calvert Wright decd and Anthony Prince administrator of the said Calvert Wright Debts of Calvert Wright payable from profits of sale of manor of Newnham Courtney [Nuneham Courtenay], Oxon. C78/686, no. 12 [14]
1668 4 Feb 20 Thomas Hoo v John Hoo Trust of lands in Woodcott, Warwicks C78/738, no. 18 [15]
1668 5 Feb 20 Charles Edward v Mary Williams, widow; James ap Evon and Frances his wife; Katherine William, spinster and [blank] daughter of Mary Williams; James Reynold and Theophilus Edward his son Debts and trust settlement of lands in Skenfrith, Co. Monmouth C78/715, no. 10 [16]
1668 5 Feb 20 Sir John Dinham alias Denham, Knight of the Bath v. Francis Phelipps, esq; and Elizabeth Lightfoote, widow, relict, and executrix of John Lightfoote, esq C78/1073, no. 12 [17]
1668 7 Feb 20 William Greenehill esq v. Thomas Greenehill Challenge of the will of William Greenehill concerning lands in Abbots Langley and the rectory of Harrow. C78/663, no. 1 [18]
1668 7 Feb 20 John Wilton gentleman v. Anthony Wilson C78/1911, no. 14 [19]
1668 8 Feb 20 Edward Tomlinson, an infant, by Oliver Beacher, gent, his guardian v. Elizabeth Tomlinson, widow; and Richard Tomlinson, an infant, son of said Elizabeth, who was assigned guardian to said Richard; and Robert Sherwood C78/992, no. 13 [20]
1668 10 Feb 20 Sir Robert Wingfield by Sir John Marsham v Sir John Jacob and others (not named). Maintenance allowance from trust of unspecified manors in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambs C78/685, no. 10 [21]
1668 10 Feb. 20 Jane Stracey daughter of Henry Stacey the elder and of Jane his wife, and infant by Peter Thorowgood v William Stracey and Henry Stracey the younger and Robert Johnson Mortgage of messuages and lands in Hornchurch, Essex. C78/736, no. 2 [22]
1668 10 Feb 20 James Baker of Evercreech, Som, gent v. John Baker and others (not named) C78/1073, no. 13 [23]
1668 11 Feb 20 Dame Elizabeth Morgan, widow and relict of Sir Anthony Morgan, knight v. James, earl of Northampton; Sir Thomas Cave, knight; Sir Thomas Price, baronet; Henry Farmer, esq; and Francis Bagshawe, esq C78/851, no. 13 [24]
1668 12 Feb. 20 John Barnes and John Wright; Joseph Keale and Francis Wisedome of Cottenham, Cambs on behalf of themselves and the owners & tenants of freehold or copyhold messuages in Cottenham v Katherine Hobson, widow and Thomas Hobson Bill (Trinity term 1668) reciting agreement (29 Nov. 13 Eliz.) to enclose demesne of Cottenham, Cambridgeshire, and make allotments of other parts of the waste, and decree (9 May 39 Eliz.) ratifying the agreement, and alleging that new owner of manor denied tenants their common rights and discarded the agreement. New decree ratified agreement again C78/1227, no. 5 [25]
1668 14 Feb. 20 William Saunders v. Sir Francis Goodricke, Edmond Smyth, Thomas Smyth, John Rotherham, and Thomas Saunders esqs. Enforcement of the will and testamentary trust of Thomas Saunders, father of the complainant, concerning lands in Bath, Soms; Flamstead, Herts; and the rectory and parsonage of North Elkington, Lincs. C78/663, no. 3 [26]
1668 15 Feb 20 John Foche and Elizabeth his wife v Thomas Paramore. Annuity payable parsonage and lands in Moncton, Isle of Thanet, Kent. C78/738, no. 19 [27]
1668 17 Feb. 20 Katherine Hadderidge administratrix of Henry Haddridge her father, and also administratrix of Henry Haddridge her grandfather; and Joan Haddridge infants; Reginald Dight v Joane Selleck, widow; George Upton; William Hawkins; Roger Blimman; Robert Blake; John Blinman; Grace Blake; Joane Upton; and Elizabeth Hawkins, infants by the said Joane Selleck; George Upton; William Hawkins; and Roger Blinman their guardians Reconveyance of lands in Halse, Somerset and annuity out of rectory of Plymouth, Devon C78/724, no. 17 [28]
1668 18 Feb. 20 Robert Prinean grandson & heir of Sir Francis Prinean decd, eldest son of Thomas Prinean, who was eldest son & heir of the said Sir Francis Prinean, infant by Thomas Exton v Rt. hon. Richard, Lord Gorges; Henry Stanley; and Michael Pearse Trust settlement of lands in Essex, Middx, Lincs, and Montgomeryshire C78/722, no. 7 [29]
1668 21 Feb 20 Peter Daniell v Elizabeth Greene executrix of John Greene; Arthur Stavely and Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters of the said John Greene; John Greene son & heir of the said John Greene; Hanna Greene, Anne Greene and Mary Greene infants and children of the said John Greene Purchase of premises in Thames St, London. C78/670, no. 11 [30]
1668 22 Feb. 20 George Style, his wife and others (not named) v Peter Hoskins Marriage settlement and trust of farm in Fiffehead, Nevell, and lands in Woodrowe, Dorset. C78/736, no. 1 [31]
1668 24 Feb. 20 Charles, Earl of Derby son & heir of James, late Earl of Derby sometimes called James, Lord Stanley and Strange v John Wynne son & heir of John Wynne son & heir of Peter Wynne; Nicholas Brereton; Thomas Ravenscroft and others (not named). Trust settlement of lands in Meuld, Flintshire C78/669, no. 11 [32]
1668 24 Feb 20 Agnes Hare an infant by William Hare her uncle v John Parsons of Oake, Somerset executor of Edward Parsons decd; John Ingram; John Chappell; Edward Bickley; Michael Washer; William Parsons; and John Parsons of Pitunster, Somerset Legacy payable from tenement in Oake, Somerset, and possession of 2 closes in Wilverton, Somerset C78/688, no. 12 [33]
1668 24 Feb 20 Robert Owen, gent & Margaret his wife v. Gervas Bennett, esq & Elizabeth his wife; Edward Walker; and Joseph Fowler C78/1261, no. 10 [34]
1668 25 Feb. 20 William Ogle son & heir of Thomas Ogle decd who was brother & heir of Gerrard Ogle, which Thomas and Gerrard were the sons of Lancelot Ogle decd v George Errington son & heir of Mark Errington Reversion interest in Dorras Hall [Darras Hall], Northumberland. Refs bill exhibited by Lancelot Ogle in 1638. C78/1212, no. 4 [35]
1668 28 Feb 20 Mathew Bowcherett & Anne his wife one of the daughters and executrix of Florentine Tanturier of St Anne, Blackfriars, London, merchant taylor v. Sir Francis Cottington knight; Francis Cottington esq; Lawrence Squibb esq; and Nathaniel Rashleigh C78/1911, no. 12 [36]
1668 25 March 20 Ralph Jeanes an infant by Grissell Foster, widow, his aunt; and Anne Hedger v Richard Tallis Legacy to poor widows of Norwood, Middx and mortgage of lands there C78/735, no. 9 [37]
1668 30 March 20 Mary Widnell als Wignall, widow v John Jeweller Redemption of mortgaged premises in Fetter Lane, London C78/670, no. 6 [38]
1668 9 April 20 Lodowick Dyer of Colmeworth, Beds v William Gery; Thomas Gery (now Sir Thomas Gery); Richard Newdegate, sergeant at law; Robert Leigh; and George Parker Accounts of profits of marriage settlement of the manor and site of Bushmeade Priory, Beds. C78/699, no. 2 [39]
1668 10 April 20 Richard Jones, gent v. Edward Smith; and John Chambers, gent C78/1565, no. 7 [40]
1668 11 April 20 George Browne only son & heir of Robert Browne v Thomas Spigwell, since decd, and Elizabeth his wife; Elizabeth Browne, since decd and others (not named) Trust settlement of lands in Taunton Deane, Somerset. C78/728, no. 8 [41]
1668 14 April 20 John Walker and Joseph Radcliffe executors of Katherine Hurleston; Humphrey, Rose, Honor and Phillippa Hurleston; Thomas Isaac and his wife v John Sydenham and Jane his wife; Owen Feltham and Mary his wife; Sir Francis Godolphin; and Martin Blake, clerk Trust settlement of manors of St. Mary Magdalen, Barnstaple and Pilton, Devon C78/717, no. 1 [42]
1668 15 April 20 Richard Reade v Edmund Dixon Penal bonds C78/670, no. 5 [43]
1668 17 April 20 Thomas East v. Jonathan Gaire clerk & Elizabeth his wife and Thomas Kyte C78/2035, no. 2 [44]
1668 20 April 20 Sir Francis Burdett v James Brooke; William Heyford; William Wilkinson; Robert Beard; John Spencer; Lyonell Copley; and Francis Rockley Possession and leases of manor of Rockley and ironworks and lands in Rockley, Wosper and Wosperdale, Yorks, and payment of debts of Francis Rockley. C78/677, no. 5 [45]
1668 20 April 20 Samuel Whyle v Robert Turton; William Roper; Richard Greaves; William Bissell decd; and Thomas Graves Mortgage of lands in Alchurch [Alvechurch], Worcs. C78/680, no. 3 [46]
1668 20 April 20 Judith Conn of St Leonards Shoreditch, Middx, widow v Sir Thomas Bide Discharge of encumbrances on lands in Nettlested, Suffolk. C78/749, no. 8 [47]
1668 21 April 20 John Temple, Edmond Temple, Elianor Temple, Dorothy Temple and Stephanor Temple the younger children of Edmond Temple decd,infants by John Alston the elder v Sir Purbeck Temple; John Fyennes; and Stephen Temple an infant Portions and payments for maintenance and education payable from trust settlement of lands in Sulby, Northants C78/725, no. 14 [48]
1668 21 April 20 Sir Thomas Stephens of Sadbury, Gloucs v Robert Hill of the City of Gloucester, goldsmith Lease of lands in the manors of Barnewood and Wootton, City of Gloucester C78/749, no. 7 [49]
1668 21 April 20 John Kent, gent, administrator of Robert Kent, his late father v. Katherine Slaughter; Nicholas Skent & Margaret his wife C78/1078, no. 20 [50]
1668 22 April 20 Nicholas Prideaux and Bridgett his wife one of the daughters of Elizabeth Wilson, widow, who was the relict & executrix of Edmond Wilson, and late wife of Nicholas Blake v Sir Thomas Player the elder; Sir Thomas Player the younger; John Wilson; Thomas Tomlins; Robert Hickes; and the said Nicholas Blake Portions payable from trust of lands in Crayford, Kent. C78/688, no. 8 [51]
1668 22 April 20 William Reeves v Elizabeth Dudley, widow; Edward Goldegay; Richard Hodgkins; Thomas Stringar; John Bennet; James Field; Samuel Wall; Fulwar Skipwith; John Dudley; Thomas Dudley; Edward Dudley; John Dakyn; Joseph Poole and Elizabeth his wife Mortgage of lands and tenements in St. Mary Islington, Middx C78/696, no. 4 [52]
1668 22 April 20 William Dalben; William Gardner (administrator of Nicholas Nicholls); Katherine Tate, widow; Robert Russell; Charles Everard; Richard Barlow; William Brookes; William Baker; John Wood; Richard Brince; Robert Gilbert; and Edmond Fortescue; James Dobson; William Clifton, administrator of Michael Ginger; Edward Rumball in behalf of themselves and others the creditors of Robert Houghton of Skelton, Norfolk v Sir George Prettyman and Dame Elizabeth his wife late wife and relict of the said Robert Houghton; Charles Houghton, infant, his son & heir; Robert Houghton of Ranworth, Norfolk; and John Tuthill executors of the said Robert Houghton; William Meggs; William Whorwood; Richard Blanshard; and William Tuthill Debts payable from lands in Lewes, Sussex and unspecified lands in Suffolk and Norfolk. C78/724, no. 8 [53]
1668 22 April 20 Peter Barr senior of London, merchant v William Barr of Paris in the Kingdom of France; and Peter Barr junior late of London, merchants Debts. C78/749, no. 3 [54]
1668 22 April 20 Charles Newton; and Elizabeth Newton, infants by Walter Newton their father and guardian v. Thomas Hancocke, gent and Francis Robert, executors of Elizabeth Warter, executrix of William Warter C78/992, no. 16 [55]
1668 23 April 20 Mary Codrington an infant by Mary Codrington her mother v Charles White and Richard Gildon Marriage settlement of lands in Sutton Mandevile (No county given). C78/850, no. 4 [56]
1668 23 April 20 Arthur Hollingworth v. Francis Hollingworth; John Fields, executor of Alexander Fields; Reginald Bretland; John Eaton; John Doncaster; James Walker; and others (sic) C78/1274, no. 2 [57]
1668 24 April 20 Sir Nathaniel Hobart; Sir William Smith and Dame Dorothy his wife; Edmund Hobart, Frances Hobart & Anne Hobart children of the said Nathaniel Hobart v Sir John Hobart Annuity payable by will of Sir John Hobart from unspecified lands in Norfolk C78/685, no. 7 [58]
1668 25 April 20 Nicholas Grice and Elizabeth his wife, cousin & heir of Robert Valence v George Walsh and Anne his wife, relict & executrix of the said Robert Valence Title to lands in Herefordshire, Cambs, Middx and London C78/700, no. 14 [59]
1668 25 April 20 Thomas Nourse v. Thomas Potter and Jane his wife; Rudhall Gwyllym; Henry Milbourne; Godfrey Gardiner and William Rosser Debts of the deft Potter, who had married the complt's daughter, Elizabeth Weale, widow. C78/1412, no. 3 [60]
1668 27 April 20 Edward Wollascott executor of Roger Havard v Edmund Greene Retention of purchase money for manor of Willersley, Heref, because of encumbrances on it. C78/687, no. 11 [61]
1668 28 April 20 John Galping, vicar of Portesham, Dorset v Essex Pawlett; Andrew Riccard; William Weare; and John Pawlett Title to tithes of the vicarage of Portesham, Dorset C78/737, no. 2 [62]
1668 29 April 20 William Sydenham of Winford Eagle, Dorset v David Roberts and Frances his wife; John Hurding; John Hardy; William Rawlins Lease of lands in Winsford Eagle, Dorset C78/670, no. 2 [63]
1668 29 April 20 Henry Brabin v Sir Joseph Craddock; Thomas Jepson; Roger Lehunt; Richard Trotter; Marke Cottle; John Barbin; Anne Brabin; Mary Brabin; John Dwight; and James Sill and others (not named) Grant of office of Register and Principal and Publique Scribe concerning the exercise of all spiritual and ecclesiastical jurisdiction in the diocese of Chester C78/685, no. 1 [64]
1668 29 April 20 Dame Elizabeth Morgan, widow and relict of Sir Anthony Morgan, knight v. Thomas Preston, baronet; Henry Fermour, esq; James, earl of Northampton; and Francis Bagshaw, esq C78/851, no. 12 [65]
1668 1 May 20 Charles, Earl of Carlisle v Sir William Fenwicke, Edward Fenwicke, Mark Errington, William Fenwick, William Rea and Richard Gibson. Marriage settlement of the manors of Aynick Grange, Fenwick, Eastmatfen, Wallington, Fawterton Hall and other lands in Cumberland (sic) [Northumberland] C78/724, no. 7 [66]
1668 1 May 20 Phillipa Keatlewell of Alsford, Hants, widow, executrix of Timothy Keatlewell of Grays Inn, Middx v. Elizabeth, Frances, Mary, and Anne Keatlewell, infants, by Thomas Skipwith, esq, their guardian C78/992, no. 15 [67]
1668 1 May 20 Gifford Bale of Bray, Berks, gent & Joane his wife, late wife and relict of William Small v. Robert Warner & Dorothy his wife; and William Small C78/1262, no. 9 [68]
1668 2 May 20 Thomas Posthumus Holt v Dame Elizabeth Dallison, widow; and William Broxholme Debts payable from trust of profits of sale of unspecified lands in Lancs. C78/683, no. 4 [69]
1668 2 May 20 Edward Birch the younger and Margaret his wife v Edward Mountford Portion payable from manor of Bescott, Staffs C78/689, no. 2 [70]
1668 2 May 20 Sir Francis Duncombe, baronet & Dame Hester his wife, the relict of Agmondisham Muschampe, esq v. Walter Heylocke C78/1073, no. 11 [71]
1668 4 May 20 John, Earl of Bridgewater v William, Earl of Craven. Encroachment on boundaries of the manors of Ellesmere, Knotkin, Nesse, Strange, Dovaston and Kimaston, Salop C78/737, no. 1 [72]
1668 6 May 20 Richard Conquest v Maurice Thompson; William Webb; Humfrey Towne; Nicholas Cortellis; Richard Emry and another (not named) Mortgage of lands in Houghton Conquest, Beds. C78/728, no. 9 [73]
1668 8 May 20 Walter Hanford son & heir of Francis Hanford decd v Alisse White and Elizabeth his wife late the wife & relict of the said Francis Hanford; Richard Adams; James Winston; John Hanford; Edward Hanford; Thomas Handford; Edmund Bradshaw & Anne his wife; Barnard Beckwith & Margaret his wife; Elizabeth Clarke; Mary Hanford; & Winifred Hanford Title to, and annuity from, the manor of Wollashall and Nafford, Worcs C78/677, no. 6 [74]
1668 18 May 20 Sir John Sabine v John Sabyne his son & heir apparent and William Aleyne Marriage settlement of Eyne farm, Kent. C78/677, no. 4 [75]
1668 19 May 20 Robert Bridgwood v Robert Staff Accounts of trade with Portugal and Barbary Coast C78/749, no. 6 [76]
1668 22 May 20 Ralph Potterell v John Jeweller Mortgage of messuage in Pinks Alley in Fetter Lane, London C78/749, no. 9 [77]
1668 25 May 20 Michael Shotton and Elizabeth his wife sole daughter & heir of William Wharram decd who was son & heir of Thomas Wharram also decd v Robert Wharram; John Marshall; William Wharram; Ralph Wharram; and John Lambe Possession of messuage in Heslerton, Yorks. C78/686, no. 4 [78]
1668 26 May 20 James Taswell v George Musgrave and Dorothy his wife Portion to be raised from sale of manors of Lunnington and Southbrent, Somerset and Carswell, Devon. C78/750, no. 13 [79]
1668 27 May 20 Thomas Johnson eldest son & heir of Thomas Johnson the elder v James Leeming and John Robins Mortgage and trust of lands in manor of Northhall in Gorleston, Suffolk C78/686, no. 6 [80]
1668 27 May 20 John Godden, citizen & mercer of London v Anthony Aucher; Richard Aucher, eldest son & heir apparent of the said Anthony; and Edmund Aucher his second son Debts and mortgage of manor house and lands in Westwell, Kent C78/696, no. 5 [81]
1668 27 May 20 Timothy Tournear of Shrewsbury, Salop v Richard Streven of Frodsley, Salop; Edward Henedge; Richard Walker; and William Walker Possession of messuage and lands in Frodley, Salop. C78/749, no. 5 [82]
1668 27 May 20 Thomas Scarlett and John Scarlett administrators of Benjamin Scarlett v. Joane Bulbridge widow executrix of John Giles her late husband C78/1911, no. 13 [83]
1668 27 May 20 Joane Gaywood, relict of Henry Gaywood v. Edward Searle, esq, & Grace his wife, executrix of George Baker and also of Henry Gaywood her father C78/789, no. 11 [84]
1668 27 May 20 Nicholas Brett v. William Worthington C78/1262, no. 7 [85]
1668 30 May 20 George Baron, executor of Margaret Hodge, executrix of Nicholas Hodge, her mother v. Richard Dennis C78/1012, no. 6 [86]
1668 1 June 20 Richard Cressett v Robert Cressett his eldest son & heir apparent Marriage settlement of the manors of Upton Cressett, Conde and Holgate, Salop C78/687, no. 8 [87]
1668 1 June 20 Francis Dobson; Beatrice Chamberlaine, widow; John Chamberlaine, Anne Chamberlaine and James Chamberlaine her three children; Andrew Blanchard and Margaret; Michael Wellington; Margaret Lloyd; Henry Awbrey and Anne his wife formerly called Anne Sansum; and the Master, Wardens & Commonalty of the Company of Girdlers, London v John Padwick, executor of Edward Dobson decd Legacies from personal estate by will of Edward Dobson. C78/724, no. 12 [88]
1668 1 June 20 John Combers v Abraham Cheston for Mabell Watton, an idiot Title to entailed lands in Navefoot, Essex. C78/800, no. 14 [89]
1668 2 June 20 Symon Degg, esq; Wolloughby Manley; and William Gilbert, gent C78/867, no. 18 [90]
1668 3 June 20 Thomas Hodges v Toby Jorden; Lewes Roberts; William Yate; John Webb; Richard Stephens; William Selwin; John Guise; Henry Guise; Silvanus Wood and Bridgett his wife; Vincent Beverley and Elizabeth his wife; John Palmer and Anne his wife; John Phillipps and Hester his wife; Rowland Wood; Bridgett Wood; Frances Wood; Margaret Wood; Judith Wood; and Daniell Wood Marriage settlement of leases of manors of Brookethorpe, the Bourne and C78/685, no. 16 [91]
1668 3 June 20 Daniel Trotman; Richard Trotman; Thomas Trotman; Charles Trotman; and Joseph Trotman all infants younger sons of Edward Trotman gentleman secondary of the poultry Counter London by Susanna their mother formerly called Susanna Watts by the said Edward Trotman their father; Mary Page and Elizabeth Page infants daughrters of Sarah Page by Thomas Page their father; and Ann Hunt; Samuel Hunt; and Susanna Hunt infants by Sybil Hunt widow their mother v. Samuel Trotman; Edward Trotman the younger; and Thomas Trotman C79/93, no. [92]
1668 3 June 20 Lucy Chafin widow and Rachell Chiffinch an infant by said Lucy Chaffin guardian v. Dorothy Chiffinch and Thomas Chiffinch C78/1915, no. 5 [93]
1668 3 June 20 Richard Jones, gent v. Edward Smith; and John Chambers, gent C78/866, no. 12 [94]
1668 3 June 20 Sir Robert Markham of Sedgbrook, Lincs, baronet; and Anthony Markham, esq, brother of said Sir Robert v. Francis Peete, rector of the moiety of Sedgbrooke and East Allington v. Clement Conteur, rector of the other moiety of Sedgbrooke and East Allington commonly called the deaconry of Sedgbrooke and East Allington C78/866, no. 11 [95]
1668 5 June 20 John Reynolds of London, merchant v Ralph Hough and Rowland Reynolds Trust settlement of personal estate left in the form of a statute staple C78/670, no. 3 [96]
1668 5 June 20 Sir Francis Topp, baronet v. Thomas Oviatt the elder; Thomas Ryves, clerk; Honora his wife lately Honora Oviatt, the relict of Thomas Oviatt the younger; and Honora Oviatt, an infant and daughter of said Thomas Oviatt the younger, by the said Honora C78/1073, no. 10 [97]
1668 6 June 20 Sir Edward Smith and Dame Mary his wife v William Bevan and Frances his wife; Nesse Hill; Francis Wilkes; and John Farmer Bill (Easter 1666) reciting agreement (28 Oct. 13 Jas. I) to make several allotments in lieu of undivided common and indentures of leases (3 March 1659) for 21 years of the new plots, and asking whether common rights were suspended only for 21 years, or permanently. Case dismissed to the courts of Common Law. Langley and Ruckley and Broome, Salop. C78/688, no. 7 [98]
1668 6 June 20 Henry Raven v Hoo Steward and Margaret his wife Testamentary settlement of lands of the rectory of Croxton Norfolk, Thetford, Suffolk and Gray Friers, London. C78/749, no. 4 [99]
1668 6 June 20 Anne Quicke, widow v. Anne Browne administratrix of George Browne; George Tarrant; and Margaret Woodham C78/1297, no. 9 [100]
1668 8 June 20 Henry Davy of London, merchant v Benjamin Goslyn; John Bull; and Thomas Marston & his wife Shares in the ship "Concord" C78/736, no. 3 [101]
1668 8 June 20 Elizabeth Corbett relict and executrix of Vincent Corbett one of the younger sons of Sir John Corbett knight v. David Morris; Thomas Bowles; Dame Anne Corbett widow of said Sir John Corbett; Arthur Corbett; Henry Corbett; Anne Corbett; Alice Corbett; Dorothy Corbett and Magdalen Corbett children of said Sir John Corbett C78/2035, no. [102]
1668 9 June 20 Thomas Burnard, George Burnard and Joseph Burnard three of the sons of John Burnard the elder decd, infants by Anne Burnard, widow, their mother v Thomas Harvey Legacies payable from profits of financial trusts. C78/724, no. 14 [103]
1668 9 June 20 Archdale Palmer of Onelipp, Leics, esq v. Sir Henry Wroth of Durance, Middx, knight C78/1004, no. 13 [104]
1668 9 June 20 George Nottingham of Hessey, Yorks, an infant by Richard Lumley and Richard Smeeton v. Thomas Sutton C78/1297, no. 13 [105]
1668 10 June 20 Margaret Gibbon, widow relict & executrix of Anthony Gibbon her late husband v Edward Trussell and John Turner Agreements and accounts re partnership in Mercers' trade C78/683, no. 3 [106]
1668 10 June 20 Sir John Whittewrong, Sir Richard Pryce son & heir of Sir Richard Price, James Jones, Lewis Lewis, John Lloyd v Sir Henry Every, Lawrence Squibb & Dame Anne Every his wife and Anne Robinson, widow The debts of Sir Richard Pryce. C78/785, no. 7 [107]
1668 10 June 20 Sir Thomas Thynne knight v. Christopher Mayherne and Gyles Harding C78/2035, no. 5 [108]
1668 10 June 20 John Kerwyn, son of Benjamin Kerwyn v. George Cock & Mary his wife C78/1262, no. 10 [109]
1668 11 June 20 Sir Phillipp Tirwhitt of Stainfield, Lincs, baronet v. Charles Pelham, esq; and James Bolton C78/1725, no. 1 [110]
1668 12 June 20 Thomas Hudson gent v. Thomas Theed gent. Lease for a thousand years in 9 Elizabeth of lands in Morseley, Bucks., the lease subsequently devised. C78/663, no. 2 [111]
1668 15 June 20 Sir Nicholas Strode and Dame Katherine his wife, administratrix of Sir William Cholmeley decd her former husband and of Sir Hugh Cholmeley her son v Sir Hugh Cholmeley and Elizabeth Cholmeley and Margaret Cholmeley infants by John Savile their guardian. Trust settlement of the manors of Stakesby, Feileing, Whitby & Whitby Lathes in Yorks. C78/684, no. 12 [112]
1668 16 June 20 William Pierrepoint; Sir George Savill; Sir William Hickman; Anthony Eyre; Francis Stringer; and Francis Saundis executors of John Darrell v Richard Corke and John Lloyd Trust of lands in West Retford, Notts, given by will of John Darrell to establish a hospital in West Retford C78/685, no. 17 [113]
1668 16 June 20 John Browne of London, carpenter; and John Jordan of London, bricklayer v. Oliver Nicholas, esq; and James Stedman, esq C78/1004, no. 14 [114]
1668 18 June 20 Decree regulating the office of the six clerks and settling differences between the six clerks and the underclerks of that office. C78/739, no. 1 [115]
1668 19 June 20 Francis Nedham and Elizabeth his wife; and Thomas Nedham an infant v Robert Johnson; Elizabeth Moore, widow; Samuel Moore; and John Wayte Incumbrances on jointure lands at Burton Overy and Ilston, Leics. C78/669, no. 7 [116]
1668 19 June 20 Thomas Parker and Johanna his wife v Thomas Rand and Elizabeth Clerke, widow, executors of John Wood decd Legacies payable from personal estate of John Wood. C78/711, no. 11 [117]
1668 19 June 20 Sir St Andrew St John, baron; Rowland St John; Oliver St John; Barbara St John; Sibil St John; Elizabeth St John; and Dorothy St John, children of Sir Oliver St John baronet, infants by Dame Elizabeth Bale, widow v. Miles Fleetwood, esq & Dame Barbara St John his wife; Sir Thomas Alston, knight and baronet; and Sir John Robinson, knight and baronet C78/851, no. 9 [118]
1668 19 June 20 Sir Edward Alston, knight v. Sir Thomas Hampton, baronet & Dame Mary his wife; Nicholas Glynne, esq & Gertrude his wife; and William Alston, esq C78/851, no. 11 [119]
1668 21 June 20 John Pernell, citizen & draper of London v Richard Gregorie; Alexander Harris and others (not named) Damages claimed in respect of hiring and passage of plantation workers to Barbadoes. C78/735, no. 13 [120]
1668 22 June 20 John Mildmay v William Pease Cancellation of honored bonds C78/724, no. 11 [121]
1668 22 June 20 Henry Murray of Twickenham Parke, Middx, esq; Robert, earl of Cardigan; Sir Henry Puckering; Aldus? Newton of the priory of Warwick, Warw, baronet; and Anthony Kecke of the Inner Temple, London, esq v. Edward, lord Howard, baron of Escrigg, Yorks C78/992, no. 6 [122]
1668 25 June 20 Phillip Story and Martha his wife one of the daughters of Sir Thomas Allen v Sir Thomas Allen; Sir John Jacob; Allen Storey; Frances Storey; and Martha Storey Agreement re sale of manor of Everton and lands in Hunts, Beds and Cambs C78/683, no. 2 [123]
1668 25 June 20 James Ravenscroft and John Carter v Sir John Cotton and Dame Jane his wife Accounts re mortgage payments for lands in Girton, Cambs C78/688, no. 11 [124]
1668 25 June 20 Sir Francis Dodington of Dodington, Somerset; John St Alban; and Andrew Dob v John Dodington; Sir Richard Temple; Henry Bedingfield; James Hayes; and Francis Williamson Possession of lands in Dodington and Ditch Farm, Somerset. C78/749, no. 1 [125]
1668 26 June 20 Stephen Jackson v Mary Jackson; Benjamin Solly; and Richard Bannar executors of Andrew Jackson Cancellation of paid up bonds. C78/670, no. 4 [126]
1668 26 June 20 Sir John Coell; John Phillipps; Thomas Lawrence; James Ravenscroft; Sir Demetrius James; and Edward Chamberlayne executors of George Bate decd; Alexander Reading; Anne Reeves, widow; Henry Farmer; Ambrose Holbeck; and Richard Kilbye executors of Thomas Appletree; and Dorothy Randall, widow creditors of Sir Francis Henry Lee v Sir Walter St. John; Sir Ralph Verney; Sir Richard How; John Cary; The Lady Elizabeth Lee, widow, executrix of Sir Francis Henry Lee; Sir Edward Henry Lee; and Francis Henry Lee Debts of Sir Francis Henry Lee payable from trust of manor of Coverley, Gloucs C78/685, no. 4 [127]
1668 26 June 20 John, Lord Mordant; Henry Nerwood; Andrew Newport; James Halsall; Thomas Armestrong; Thomas Nevill; Henry Rumbold; and Thomas Kynaston v George Nicholas and Edward Rumbold Trust of profits of office of Surveyor General of Customs great and small, subsidies of tonnage and poundage, imposts, impositions and other duties upon goods and merchandize imported into England, Wales and Barwick, or exported from them. C78/688, no. 10 [128]
1668 26 June 20 William Simpson, gent; and Thomas Rawson, two of the creditors of William Bullocke of Norton, Derbs, deceased, for themselves and other creditors of said William Bullock v. John Bullocke, son and heir of said William Bullocke, an infant, by Anne Gill, widow, his guardian AND v. Sarah Bullocke, relict and one of the executors of said William Bullocke AND v. John Otway, esq; William FitzHerbert, esq; Edward Gill, esq; Thomas Holt; and Thomas Burley, five other of the executors of said William Bullocke AND v. John Morewood, gen; aned Cornelius Clerke, esq, among others C78/1587, no. 13 [129]
1668 30 June 20 (Marked "vacat") Anthony Hobart, administrator of Prudence Hobart his late wife decd; and Jane Doe, widow, which said Prudence & Jane were daughters of Edward Ewre v Francis Ewre; Richard Ewre; Samuel Trottman; William Jones; Sir John Lenthall; and William Ockeham als Oakham Portions payable from manor of Odington [Oddington], Oxon. C78/686, no. 13 [130]
1668 30 June 20 William Blunt of St Andrews Holborn, Middx v Valentine Knight. Mortgage of lands near Grays Inn Lane, Middx. C78/750, no. 20 [131]
1668 30 June 20 John Cock, citizen and brewer of London v Robert Norwood and Elizabeth his wife; John Johnson; and Thomas Johnson Bonds in connection with brewery trade in London and mortgage of premises in Blith Lane, Hammersmith and Fulham, Middx C78/750, no. 22 [132]
1668 30 June 20 William Morgan one of the clerks of William Longueville, one of the six clerks of this court v William Saunders; Thomas Prichard; Richard Spour; and John Cole Mortgage of lands in Chertsey, Surrey C78/750, no. 25 [133]
1668 30 June 20 Francis Blake, William Blake v Sir Francis Henry Lee and Dame Elizabeth his wife, James Lord Viscount Say and Seale, Sir Anthony Cope, Francis Peacocke, Edward Henry Lee, Francis Henry Lee Estate of Sir Henry Lee, deceased; issues of several manors, and settlement of his debts C78/785, no. 6 [134]
1668 30 June 20 Edward Smith; Peter Rich; John Shorter; John Dyson; Thomas Sherley; and Edmond Lee merchant C79/93, no. [135]
1668 30 June 20 Parricke Archer esq v. John Preston esq and Richard Usher C78/1941, no. 7 [136]
1668 16 July 20 Thomas Watson of Holditch, Staffs v William Baddiley of Holditch Mortgage of lands in Holditch, Staffs. C78/713, no. 10 [137]
1668 3 Sept 20 Anne Hawes of London, spinster, grandchild of Thomas Hawes of London, esq, deceased, an infant of about 11 years, by John Stacy, citizen and grocer of London, her uncle v. Richard Hopkins; Nathaniel Hawes; Sarah Hopkins; Thomas Hawes; and Alice Hopkins C78/992, no. 4 [138]
1668 3 Sept 20 Edward Hooker v. William Lane, esq C78/992, no. 5 [139]
1668 12 Oct 20 William Ward and Dame Elizabeth his wife late wife of Sir Denner Strutt v William Cusse; Adryan Quiny; Sir Phillipp Woodhouse; Thomas Benet and Blanch his wife; and Anne Strutt Jointure of £500. C78/750, no. 24 [140]
1668 13 Oct 20 George Woodcocke & Mary his wife executrix of Mary Wilgrasse executrix of Dorothy Humberston the widow and relict of James Humberston by bill of revivor v. James Humberston an infant by Francis Humberston his father and guardian and the said Francis Humberston; William Humberston; Daniel Walton; and Edward Potter AND Samuel Wilgrasse an infant by his guardian and the said George Woodcocke & Mary his wife executrix of the said Mary Wilgrase in a bill of revivor v. said James Humberston an infant by the said Francis Humberston his father and guardian and the said Francis Humberston; William Humberston; Daniel Walton; and Edward Potter C79/93, no. [141]
1668 15 Oct 20 George Browning v Henry Bishop and Francis Thompson Bonds re grant of office of Deputy Postmaster in Exeter, Devon. C78/685, no. 12 [142]
1668 15 Oct 20 Richard Lawrence v. John, Lord Marquesse of Winchester Rent of two farms in Winterburne Stepleton, Dorset. C78/1414, no. 28 [143]
1668 26 Oct 20 Elizabeth Davis widow relict and executrix of John Davis v. Augustine Davis & his wife and Robert Needler C78/1915, no. 6 [144]
1668 28 Oct 20 Sir George Waterman, knight v. Ann Viner, widow C78/851, no. 8 [145]
1668 29 Oct 20 Jane Done, spinster and Sir James Thynn executors of Charles Thynn decd who was executor of Gresham Thynn also decd v Sir Samuel Jones; Sir John Jacob and others (not named). Statutes and debts of George, Lord Goring payable from lands in Sussex C78/685, no. 3 [146]
1668 29 Oct 20 Rowland Hale v Thomas Franklyn and Randolph Yarwood executors of James Warner decd Rents due from lease of land in Kentish Towne, Middx. C78/724, no. 10 [147]
1668 31 Oct 20 Edward Weykes or Weeks of Kingston, Berks; Thomas Weekes of Kingston; Christopher Helme of Broughton, Lancs, administrator of Theodosia Townley decd; Edward Arthington; and Edward Freeman v Thomas Tempest and Anne his wife; Henry Arthington; and Christopher Townley Debts of John Plumpton payable from sale of manors of Waterton [DMV in Luddington par.], Lincs and Urslett or Woolfe, Yorks C78/684, no. 2 [148]
1668 31 Oct 20 Hugh Hunsdon v. Symon Sele C79/93, no. [149]
1668 4 Nov 20 William Knightley; John Mills; and Dame Mary Broughton, widow v John Broughton, William Broughton and Anne Broughton Trust settlement of lands in Issewyd, Denbighshire C78/750, no. 18 [150]
1668 4 Nov 20 Thomas, earl of Portland; and Anne, countess of Newport and Portland his wife, formerly wife of Mountjoy, earl of Newport v. George, lord viscount Hallifax; Sir John Coell, knight, a master of Chancery; William Legge, esq, one of the grooms and the King's bedchamber; and George, earl of Newport C78/1262, no. 8 [151]
1668 6 Nov 20 James Bridger v John Saunders and Robert Saunders his son Bonds re apprenticeship of Robert Saunders. C78/685, no. 8 [152]
1668 6 Nov 20 Sir John Lewis, knight and baronet v. John Fisher; Henry Fisher; Jane Pollington; Francis Keate; John Southby; Edward keate; William Langton; Richard Morse; and John Fisher C78/2033, no. 18 [153]
1668 6 Nov 20 John Stephens of Ratcliffe in the parish of Stepney, Middx, yeoman & Sarah his wife, sister and administratrix of Edward Myles of Ratcliffe v. George Cooke, esq; and George Cooke C78/992, no. 11 [154]
1668 9 Nov 20 William, Lord Grey, Baron of Warke; Sir Charles North son & heir apparent of Sir Dudley North, Lord North Baron of Kirtling and the Lady Katherine his wife late wife of Sir Edward Mosely decd and daughter of the said Lord Grey v Sir John Maynard; Joseph Maynard and Mary his wife; Nicholas Moseley; Oswald Mosely; Ann Moseley, spinster; Edward Moseley; Thomas Lee; Anthony Elcock; Ralph Lownes; and Edward Moseley Marriage settlement and trust of lands in Makeney, Wirkesworth, Chadson, Billaper and Derby, Derbys C78/685, no. 6 [155]
1668 10 Nov 20 Richard Wynne v Henry Wynne; Jane Wynne, widow; Morris Wynne; and Sir John Wynne Grant of the office of prothonotary of the Great Sessions for Carnarvon, Anglesey and Merioneth C78/750, no. 19 [156]
1668 10 Nov 20 John Loynold and Joyce his wife v Joane Blow, widow Legacy payable from personal estate of John Blow the complt Joyce's father. C78/850, no. 5 [157]
1668 13 Nov 20 Richard Mettricke v Thomas Norton Sale of lands called Readham or Readholme in parish of Danby Wiske, Yorks. C78/669, no. 9 [158]
1668 14 Nov 20 Joane Spencer, spinster v John Cock Mortgage of lands in Chertsey, Surrey C78/750, no. 21 [159]
1668 14 Nov 20 Edward Jacobb, clerk & Arunnell his wife; Mary Weekes; John Hacker the elder; and John Hacker the younger v. Hugh Stafford; Christopher Baitson; and Robert Wackerell C78/1078, no. 15 [160]
1668 16 Nov 20 Roger Norton v Christopher Barker; Henry Hills; George Sawebridge; Thomas Rycroft; Samuel Mearne; John Martyn; and William Kirton Agreement re office of King's Printer and printing of copies of King James' Bible C78/688, no. 4 [161]
1668 16 Nov 20 John Boldero; Arthur Boldero; and Charles Boldero sons in gavelkind of John Boldero deceased by Margery Boldero their mother and guardian v. Edward Trapps, esq; Thomas Sheppard & Katherine his wife C78/2032, no. 13 [162]
1668 16 Nov 20 Anne Troughton, widow, relict and administratrix of Thomas Traughton v. Sir George Waterman, knight; Richard Mart; and Robert Phillipps C78/851, no. 6 [163]
1668 16 Nov 20 Anne Hawes of London, spinster, grandchild of Thomas Hawes of London, esq, infant of about 11 years, by John Stacy, citizen and grocer of London, her uncle v. Richard Hopkins; Nathaniel Hawes; Sarah Hopkins; Thomas Hawes; and Alice Hopkins C78/992, no. 1 [164]
1668 16 Nov 20 John Bill of Canewood, Middx, esq v. Christopher Barker, esq; Ursula his wife; George Sawbridge; Henry Hills; James Smith, esq; Simon Smith, esq; John Lock, gent; Richard Smithesby, gent; and others (sic) C78/1271, no. 13 [165]
1668 18 Nov 20 Dame Jane Crofts of Ixworth Thorpe, Suff, widow, late wife of Sir Charles Crofts, late of Bardwell, Suff, knight; and Robert Wallopp of Farley Wallopp, Hants, esq; and William Heveningham of Heveningham, Suff v. Dame Alice Lingen; and Henry Lingen C78/992, no. 3 [166]
1668 18 Nov 20 Peter Victorian of London, merchant v. Henry Browne C78/1271, no. 12 [167]
1668 19 Nov 20 Sir Thomas Tyrrell and Anne Neale, spinster v Sir William Bowyer; Edward Pickering; Dorothy Weld; and Marmaduke Darrell Title to mortgaged lands in Fulmer, Bucks. C78/680, no. 4 [168]
1668 19 Nov 20 Rolfe Bayly, gent v. Thomas Bayly; John Bayly; and Nathaniel Bayly, executors of Thomas Bayly, clerke Portions payable from financial trust. C78/850, no. 3 [169]
1668 20 Nov 20 John Mitchell, esq v. John Hodder, gent, & his wife; Elizabeth Bowditch, widow; George and John Bowditch, gent; and John and Elizabeth Hodder, infants by their guardian C78/1725, no. 5 [170]
1668 23 Nov 20 John Cudworth, clerk, rector of Kinwarton, Warw v. John Fortescue, esq C78/851, no. 7 [171]
1668 24 Nov 20 Henry, Lord Marquess of Dorchester; Sir Jeffrey Palmer, His Majesty's Attorney General; Marke Cottle; Richard Storton; Sir John Mayne; and John Penrice v. Sir John Hewley and Dame Sarah his wife Messuages in St Buttolphs without Aldgate, St Buttolphs without Bishopsgate and the manor of Mettefoute Treasury in Hants, held in trust for the late Richard, Viscount Lumley and Dame Elizabeth his wife. C78/1414, no. 29 [172]
1668 25 Nov 20 William Bent; John Bent, Elizabeth Bent, widow; Thomas Bent; William Trantham; John Heyricke; Anna Smith, widow; George Langton; William Groococke; Peter Ley; Thomas Redley; William Meadowes; Thomas Shenton; Patience Nedham, widow; Henry Gaunt; Joseph Salmond; Richard Bland; Ellen How, spinster; William Bodicote; Richard Walker; Michael Carter; John Moore the elder; Richard Hill; John Oram; Richard Wrightman the elder; John Moore the younger; William Browne; John Cooper; Anne Phellippes, widow; John Farmer; William King; William Wrightman; John Loseby; William Armston; Thomas Foxton; Oswald Stones; Augustine Lightfoote; Henry Compton; Thomas Hudson; Frances Goddard; Mathew King; Robert Newton; William King; Thomas Sykes; Richard Freeman; William Mason; Anne Phelpes, spinster; Francis Bent; Thomas Hill; Henry Marshall; Robert Charton; Richard Nedham; William Hill; William Knight; Christopher Wright clerk & Elizabeth his wife; Richard Smith; Joseph Smith; John Benett; Henry Bacon; and Thomas Olive, for inhabitants of Cosby and Littlethorpe, Leics v Morris Miles; Elitzer Stockton clerk; Richard Miles; George Bent; Frances Redley, widow; John Armston; Thomas Goddard; John Darby; John Parker; John Browne the elder; John Browne the younger; Thomas Nedham; John Bent; Henry Good; and Thomas Drew Customary bylaws about the number of horses kept on the common, and established payments. C78/669, no. 6 [173]
1668 27 Nov 20 John Ingram v Mary Hooper and others (not named) Mortgage and trust of copyhold lands in Taunton, Somerset. C78/724, no. 9 [174]
1668 27 Nov 20 David Jenkins, esq son and heir of David Jenkins late of Hensall, Glam, esq v. Dame Margaret Kemeys, widow and Sir Charles Kemeys baronet an infant C78/2033, no. 17 [175]
1668 27 Nov 20 Richard Higgs, Doctor in Phisick; and Abraham Gibbons v. Elizabeth Moncke, widow; John Sapcott and Elizabeth his wife, lately called Elizabeth Moncke; George Moncke, Anne Moncke, Samuel Moncke, Charles Moncke, Mary Moncke and Sarah Moncke infants by the said Elizabeth their mother George Moncke late of the City of Coventry, mercer. Trust settlement of messuage and land in Whitwicke, Leics. C78/1412, no. 2 [176]
1668 27 Nov 20 Richard Trevers, citizen and glassellor of london v. Barbara Chambers; Abraham Chambers; and James Reynold C78/1726, no. 2 [177]
1668 28 Nov 20 William Gostwick of Watton, Herts son & heir apparent of Sir Edward Gostwick of Cople, Beds together with Charles Gostwick & Rowland Gostwick younger sons of the said Sir Edward Gostwick by Phillip Boteler v Rt hon Sir John Kelyng; Sir Rowland Litton; Sir William Beecher; and Sir George Blundell Profits of trust of manor of Willington, Cople, Puttenhoe, Ravensdon and Goldington, Beds C78/696, no. 3 [178]
1668 28 Nov 20 Dame Dorothy Dacres; Dudley, Lord North; Richard Barrett; and Richard Owen administrator of Challoner Chute decd v Challoner Chute an infant, son & heir of the said Challoner Chute decd; Thomas Leonard; Henry Barker; Mary, Countess Dowager of Anglesey; Roger, Earl of Castlemaine; and Arthur George Payment of debts and annuities from personal estate. C78/750, no. 23 [179]
1668 30 Nov 20 Andrew Brandon v Richard Clarke and John Stint. Property of Giles Harding in Munster, Ireland. Lease and conveyance of properties C78/785, no. 9 [180]
1668 30 Nov 20 John Whitehead and Anne Whitehead, infants by Thomas Bettsworth and Anne his wife, their mother and Richard Coldham v Thomas Newton; John Alderton; and John Child executors of John Whitehead decd Trust of Money and lands in Surrey C78/800, no. 12 [181]
1668 4 Dec 20 John James, an infant by John Lord & Anne his wife, his mother and guardian v. Peter James; Samuel Freeman; and Samuel James C78/867, no. 15 [182]
1668 4 Dec 20 John Dove, esq & Anne his wife, lately wife of Clement Austen v. Sir Thomas Cullum, baronet; Joseph Sheldon, since Sir Joseph Sheldon, knight; John Rigdon; John Morris; Robert Cleyton; and Nicholas Charleton C78/1073, no. 9 [183]
1668 7 Dec 20 The Honorable Bridgmen and Burgesses of Henley upon Thames, Oxon v. William Reading and Richard Blackman C78/1928, no. 3 [184]
1668 7 Dec 20 Ann Norwood, widow and relict of Alexander Norwood, esq; Carolina Norwood; and Allenata Norwood, daughters and coheirs of said Alexander Norwood, infants, by said Anne their mother and guardian v. James Huxley, esq C78/1012, no. 15 [185]
1668 7 Dec 20 Robert Widdrington v. Cuthbert Car; Edward Gray; Charles Brandling; Sir Henry Widdrington; Gilbert Swynhoe; John Clavering; Ralph Clavering; Robert Delavale; Robert Tempest; Gilbert Errington; and Charles Errington Defts jointly bound with the complt for raising of £200 in 1643 to be paid to Sir Thomas Glemham, Commander in Chief of the King's forces, to persuade him not to proceed with an order to burn houses and provisions in Northumberland, ahead of an advancing Scottish army. C78/1297, no. 11 [186]
1668 8 Dec. 20 Sir William Bromley v Walwin Clarke; John Clarke son & heir apparent of the said Walwyn; Edward Underhill; Francis Oldfield; Thomas Moreton & Elizabeth his wife; Sir Bainham Throckmorton; Francis Bagshawe; Richard Wilcox; William Duncombe senior and Ursula his wife; William Duncombe junior; Francis Duncombe; Mathew Duncombe; and Ursula Duncombe junr Debts payable from incumbered lands in Oxhill, Warwicks C78/669, no. 10 [187]
1668 8 Dec 20 William Chislett esq v. Thomas Burges and John Parris and others (sic) C78/2035, no. 1 [188]
1668 8 Dec 20 Thomas Nourse v. Thomas Potter; Francis Walter; and William Howell C78/1297, no. 12 [189]
1668 14 Dec 20 George Spurstowe v. Dame Anne Corbett, widow; Sir John Corbett; Sir William Pultney C78/1297, no. 10 [190]
1668 16 Dec 20 John Annand of London, merchant v. Sir Martyn Noell, knight; George Robinson; and Thomas Noell, executors of Sir Martyn Noell; and Timothy Taylor C78/1003, no. 14 [191]
1668 18 Dec 20 William Hart of London, esq, grandchild and heir of Alexander Levingston, esq, son and heir of Richard Hart, doctor of laws, & Diana Levingston his wife, also deceased, which said Diana was sole daughter and heir of said Alexander Levingston and the said William Hart was also administrator of his deceased father Doctor Hart v. Hannah Trenchard, widow; Thomas Levingston; Robert Levingston; Sir Davie Cunningham; and Thomas Sturges C78/1725, no. 3 [192]
1668 19 Dec 20 John Dawson & Susan his wife; Anne Perry; and Robert Hollis v. James Wilford; and Guilbert Yard C78/993, no. 11 [193]