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| [[Cambridge Charters]]
| [[Cambridge Charters]]
| [[Cambridge Researchers]]
| [[Cambridge Researchers]]
| [[CAMBRIDGESHIRE Officials]]
| [[CAMBRIDGESHIRE Documents]]
| [[CAMBRIDGESHIRE Court Records]]
| [[CAMBRIDGESHIRE Data Tables]]
| [[CAMBRIDGESHIRE Researchers]]
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| [[Corfe Charters]]
| [[Corfe Charters]]
| [[Corfe Researchers]]
| [[Corfe Researchers]]
| [[CORNWALL Officials]]
| [[CORNWALL Documents]]
| [[CORNWALL Court Records]]
| [[CORNWALL Accounts]]
| [[CORNWALL Data Tables]]
| [[CORNWALL Charters]]
| [[CORNWALL Researchers]]
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| [[Cullompton Charters]]
| [[Cullompton Charters]]
| [[Cullompton Researchers]]
| [[Cullompton Researchers]]
| [[CUMBERLAND Officials]]
| [[CUMBERLAND Documents]]
| [[CUMBERLAND Court Records]]
| [[CUMBERLAND Accounts]]
| [[CUMBERLAND Data Tables]]
| [[CUMBERLAND Charters]]
| [[CUMBERLAND Researchers]]

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Category Descriptions Adding a Town Conventions
City/Town Officials Documents Local Court Records Exchequer Accounts Data Tables Charters Researchers

Caerleon (Monm) Caerleon Officials Caerleon Documents Caerleon Court Records Caerleon Accounts Caerleon Data Tables Caerleon Charters Caerleon Researchers
Caistor (Lincs) Caistor Officials Caistor Documents Caistor Court Records Caistor Accounts Caistor Data Tables Caistor Charters Caistor Researchers
Callington (Corn) Callington Officials Callington Documents Callington Court Records Callington Accounts Callington Data Tables Callington Charters Callington Researchers
Calne (Wilts) Calne Officials Calne Documents Calne Court Records Calne Accounts Calne Data Tables Calne Charters Calne Researchers
Camborne (Corn) Camborne Officials Camborne Documents Camborne Court Records Camborne Accounts Camborne Data Tables Camborne Charters Camborne Researchers
Cambridge (Cambs) Cambridge Officials Cambridge Documents Cambridge Court Records Cambridge Accounts Cambridge Data Tables Cambridge Charters Cambridge Researchers
Camelford (Corn) Camelford Officials Camelford Documents Camelford Court Records Camelford Accounts Camelford Data Tables Camelford Charters Camelford Researchers
Canterbury (Kent) Canterbury Officials Canterbury Documents Canterbury Court Records Canterbury Accounts Canterbury Data Tables Canterbury Charters Canterbury Researchers
Carlisle (Cumb) Carlisle Officials Carlisle Documents Carlisle Court Records Carlisle Accounts Carlisle Data Tables Carlisle Charters Carlisle Researchers
Carshalton (Surrey) Carshalton Officials Carshalton Documents Carshalton Court Records Carshalton Accounts Carshalton Data Tables Carshalton Charters Carshalton Researchers
Castle Cary (Som) Castle Cary Officials Castle Cary Documents Castle Cary Court Records Castle Cary Accounts Castle Cary Data Tables Castle Cary Charters Castle Cary Researchers
Castle Rising (Norf) Castle Rising Officials Castle Rising Documents Castle Rising Court Records Castle Rising Accounts Castle Rising Data Tables Castle Rising Charters Castle Rising Researchers
Castleton (Dorset) Castleton Officials Castleton Documents Castleton Court Records Castleton Accounts Castleton Data Tables Castleton Charters Castleton Researchers
Castleton (in Sherborne) (Dorset) Castleton (in Sherborne) Officials Castleton (in Sherborne) Documents Castleton (in Sherborne) Court Records Castleton (in Sherborne) Accounts Castleton (in Sherborne) Data Tables Castleton (in Sherborne) Charters Castleton (in Sherborne) Researchers
Catesby (Nhants) Catesby Officials Catesby Documents Catesby Court Records Catesby Accounts Catesby Data Tables Catesby Charters Catesby Researchers
Caus (Shrops) Caus Officials Caus Documents Caus Court Records Caus Accounts Caus Data Tables Caus Charters Caus Researchers
Caxton (Cambs) Caxton Officials Caxton Documents Caxton Court Records Caxton Accounts Caxton Data Tables Caxton Charters Caxton Researchers
Chagford (Devon) Chagford Officials Chagford Documents Chagford Court Records Chagford Accounts Chagford Data Tables Chagford Charters Chagford Researchers
Chapel-en-le-Frith (Derbs) Chapel Officials Chapel Documents Chapel Court Records Chapel Accounts Chapel Data Tables Chapel Charters Chapel Researchers
Chard (Som) Chard Officials Chard Documents Chard Court Records Chard Accounts Chard Data Tables Chard Charters Chard Researchers
Charlbury (Oxon) Charlbury Officials Charlbury Documents Charlbury Court Records Charlbury Accounts Charlbury Data Tables Charlbury Charters Charlbury Researchers
Charmouth (Dorset) Charmouth Officials Charmouth Documents Charmouth Court Records Charmouth Accounts Charmouth Data Tables Charmouth Charters Charmouth Researchers
Chatham (Kent) Chatham Officials Chatham Documents Chatham Court Records Chatham Accounts Chatham Data Tables Chatham Charters Chatham Researchers
Chawleigh (Devon) Chawleigh Officials Chawleigh Documents Chawleigh Court Records Chawleigh Accounts Chawleigh Data Tables Chawleigh Charters Chawleigh Researchers
Cheadle (Staffs) Cheadle Officials Cheadle Documents Cheadle Court Records Cheadle Accounts Cheadle Data Tables Cheadle Charters Cheadle Researchers
Chedder (Som) Chedder Officials Chedder Documents Chedder Court Records Chedder Accounts Chedder Data Tables Chedder Charters Chedder Researchers
Chelmsford (Essex) Chelmsford Officials Chelmsford Documents Chelmsford Court Records Chelmsford Accounts Chelmsford Data Tables Chelmsford Charters Chelmsford Researchers
Cheltenham (Glouc) Cheltenham Officials Cheltenham Documents Cheltenham Court Records Cheltenham Accounts Cheltenham Data Tables Cheltenham Charters Cheltenham Researchers
Chepstow (Monm) Chepstow Officials Chepstow Documents Chepstow Court Records Chepstow Accounts Chepstow Data Tables Chepstow Charters Chepstow Researchers
Chertsey (Surrey) Chertsey Officials Chertsey Documents Chertsey Court Records Chertsey Accounts Chertsey Data Tables Chertsey Charters Chertsey Researchers
Chesham (Bucks) Chesham Officials Chesham Documents Chesham Court Records Chesham Accounts Chesham Data Tables Chesham Charters Chesham Researchers
Cheshunt (Herts) Cheshunt Officials Cheshunt Documents Cheshunt Court Records Cheshunt Accounts Cheshunt Data Tables Cheshunt Charters Cheshunt Researchers
Chester (Ches) Chester Officials Chester Documents Chester Court Records Chester Accounts Chester Data Tables Chester Charters Chester Researchers
Chesterfield (Derbs) Chesterfield Officials Chesterfield Documents Chesterfield Court Records Chesterfield Accounts Chesterfield Data Tables Chesterfield Charters Chesterfield Researchers
Chew Magna (Som) Chew Officials Chew Documents Chew Court Records Chew Accounts Chew Data Tables Chew Charters Chew Researchers
Chichester (Susx) Chichester Officials Chichester Documents Chichester Court Records Chichester Accounts Chichester Data Tables Chichester Charters Chichester Researchers
Chilham (Kent) Chilham Officials Chilham Documents Chilham Court Records Chilham Accounts Chilham Data Tables Chilham Charters Chilham Researchers
Chillington (Som) Chillington Officials Chillington Documents Chillington Court Records Chillington Accounts Chillington Data Tables Chillington Charters Chillington Researchers
Chinnor (Oxon) Chinnor Officials Chinnor Documents Chinnor Court Records Chinnor Accounts Chinnor Data Tables Chinnor Charters Chinnor Researchers
Chippenham (Wilts) Chippenham Officials Chippenham Documents Chippenham Court Records Chippenham Accounts Chippenham Data Tables Chippenham Charters Chippenham Researchers
Chipping Campden (Glouc) Chipping Campden Officials Chipping Campden Documents Chipping Campden Court Records Chipping Campden Accounts Chipping Campden Data Tables Chipping Campden Charters Chipping Campden Researchers
Chipping Norton (Oxon) Chipping Norton Officials Chipping Norton Documents Chipping Norton Court Records Chipping Norton Accounts Chipping Norton Data Tables Chipping Norton Charters Chipping Norton Researchers
Chipping Sodbury (Glouc) Chipping Sodbury Officials Chipping Sodbury Documents Chipping Sodbury Court Records Chipping Sodbury Accounts Chipping Sodbury Data Tables Chipping Sodbury Charters Chipping Sodbury Researchers
Chipping Warden (Nhants) Chipping Warden Officials Chipping Warden Documents Chipping Warden Court Records Chipping Warden Accounts Chipping Warden Data Tables Chipping Warden Charters Chipping Warden Researchers
Chisbury (Wilts) Chisbury Officials Chisbury Documents Chisbury Court Records Chisbury Accounts Chisbury Data Tables Chisbury Charters Chisbury Researchers
Chorley (Lancs) Chorley Officials Chorley Documents Chorley Court Records Chorley Accounts Chorley Data Tables Chorley Charters Chorley Researchers
Christchurch (Hants) Christchurch Officials Christchurch Documents Christchurch Court Records Christchurch Accounts Christchurch Data Tables Christchurch Charters Christchurch Researchers
Chudleigh (Devon) Chudleigh Officials Chudleigh Documents Chudleigh Court Records Chudleigh Accounts Chudleigh Data Tables Chudleigh Charters Chudleigh Researchers
Chumleigh (Devon) Chumleigh Officials Chumleigh Documents Chumleigh Court Records Chumleigh Accounts Chumleigh Data Tables Chumleigh Charters Chumleigh Researchers
Church Eaton (Staffs) Church Eaton Officials Church Eaton Documents Church Eaton Court Records Church Eaton Accounts Church Eaton Data Tables Church Eaton Charters Church Eaton Researchers
Church Stretton (Shrops) Church Stretton Officials Church Stretton Documents Church Stretton Court Records Church Stretton Accounts Church Stretton Data Tables Church Stretton Charters Church Stretton Researchers
Cirencester (Glouc) Cirencester Officials Cirencester Documents Cirencester Court Records Cirencester Accounts Cirencester Data Tables Cirencester Charters Cirencester Researchers
Clare (Suff) Clare Officials Clare Documents Clare Court Records Clare Accounts Clare Data Tables Clare Charters Clare Researchers
Cleobury Mortimer (Shrops) Cleobury Mortimer Officials Cleobury Mortimer Documents Cleobury Mortimer Court Records Cleobury Mortimer Accounts Cleobury Mortimer Data Tables Cleobury Mortimer Charters Cleobury Mortimer Researchers
Cley (Norf) Cley Officials Cley Documents Cley Court Records Cley Accounts Cley Data Tables Cley Charters Cley Researchers
Clifford (Heref) Clifford Officials Clifford Documents Clifford Court Records Clifford Accounts Clifford Data Tables Clifford Charters Clifford Researchers
Clifton-upon-Teme (Worcs) Clifton-upon-Teme Officials Clifton-upon-Teme Documents Clifton-upon-Teme Court Records Clifton-upon-Teme Accounts Clifton-upon-Teme Data Tables Clifton-upon-Teme Charters Clifton-upon-Teme Researchers
Clitheroe (Lancs) Clitheroe Officials Clitheroe Documents Clitheroe Court Records Clitheroe Accounts Clitheroe Data Tables Clitheroe Charters Clitheroe Researchers
Clun (Shrops) Clun Officials Clun Documents Clun Court Records Clun Accounts Clun Data Tables Clun Charters Clun Researchers
Cockermouth (Cumb) Cockermouth Officials Cockermouth Documents Cockermouth Court Records Cockermouth Accounts Cockermouth Data Tables Cockermouth Charters Cockermouth Researchers
Colchester (Essex) Colchester Officials Colchester Documents Colchester Court Records Colchester Accounts Colchester Data Tables Colchester Charters Colchester Researchers
Coleford (Glouc) Coleford Officials Coleford Documents Coleford Court Records Coleford Accounts Coleford Data Tables Coleford Charters Coleford Researchers
Coleshill (Warw) Coleshill Officials Coleshill Documents Coleshill Court Records Coleshill Accounts Coleshill Data Tables Coleshill Charters Coleshill Researchers
Colne (Lancs) Colne Officials Colne Documents Colne Court Records Colne Accounts Colne Data Tables Colne Charters Colne Researchers
Colton (Yorks) Colton Officials Colton Documents Colton Court Records Colton Accounts Colton Data Tables Colton Charters Colton Researchers
Colyford (Devon) Colyford Officials Colyford Documents Colyford Court Records Colyford Accounts Colyford Data Tables Colyford Charters Colyford Researchers
Combe Martin (Devon) Combe Martin Officials Combe Martin Documents Combe Martin Court Records Combe Martin Accounts Combe Martin Data Tables Combe Martin Charters Combe Martin Researchers
Congleton (Ches) Congleton Officials Congleton Documents Congleton Court Records Congleton Accounts Congleton Data Tables Congleton Charters Congleton Researchers
Connerton (Corn) Connerton Officials Connerton Documents Connerton Court Records Connerton Accounts Connerton Data Tables Connerton Charters Connerton Researchers
Cookham (Berks) Cookham Officials Cookham Documents Cookham Court Records Cookham Accounts Cookham Data Tables Cookham Charters Cookham Researchers
Corbridge (Nthumb) Corbridge Officials Corbridge Documents Corbridge Court Records Corbridge Accounts Corbridge Data Tables Corbridge Charters Corbridge Researchers
Corby (Lincs) Corby Officials Corby Documents Corby Court Records Corby Accounts Corby Data Tables Corby Charters Corby Researchers
Corfe (Som) Corfe Officials Corfe Documents Corfe Court Records Corfe Accounts Corfe Data Tables Corfe Charters Corfe Researchers
Corsham Regis (Wilts) Corsham Officials Corsham Documents Corsham Court Records Corsham Accounts Corsham Data Tables Corsham Charters Corsham Researchers
Cottingham (Yorks) Cottingham Officials Cottingham Documents Cottingham Court Records Cottingham Accounts Cottingham Data Tables Cottingham Charters Cottingham Researchers
Coventry (Warw) Coventry Officials Coventry Documents Coventry Court Records Coventry Accounts Coventry Data Tables Coventry Charters Coventry Researchers
Crafthole (in Sheviock) (Corn) Crafthole Officials Crafthole Documents Crafthole Court Records Crafthole Accounts Crafthole Data Tables Crafthole Charters Crafthole Researchers
Cranborne (Dorset) Cranborne Officials Cranborne Documents Cranborne Court Records Cranborne Accounts Cranborne Data Tables Cranborne Charters Cranborne Researchers
Cranbrooke (Kent) Cranbrooke Officials Cranbrooke Documents Cranbrooke Court Records Cranbrooke Accounts Cranbrooke Data Tables Cranbrooke Charters Cranbrooke Researchers
Crayford (Kent) Crayford Officials Crayford Documents Crayford Court Records Crayford Accounts Crayford Data Tables Crayford Charters Crayford Researchers
Crediton (Devon) Crediton Officials Crediton Documents Crediton Court Records Crediton Accounts Crediton Data Tables Crediton Charters Crediton Researchers
Crewkerne (Som) Crewkerne Officials Crewkerne Documents Crewkerne Court Records Crewkerne Accounts Crewkerne Data Tables Crewkerne Charters Crewkerne Researchers
Cricklade (Wilts) Cricklade Officials Cricklade Documents Cricklade Court Records Cricklade Accounts Cricklade Data Tables Cricklade Charters Cricklade Researchers
Cromer (Norf) Cromer Officials Cromer Documents Cromer Court Records Cromer Accounts Cromer Data Tables Cromer Charters Cromer Researchers
Croscombe (Som) Croscombe Officials Croscombe Documents Croscombe Court Records Croscombe Accounts Croscombe Data Tables Croscombe Charters Croscombe Researchers
Croston (Lancs) Croston Officials Croston Documents Croston Court Records Croston Accounts Croston Data Tables Croston Charters Croston Researchers
Crowland (Lincs) Crowland Officials Crowland Documents Crowland Court Records Crowland Accounts Crowland Data Tables Crowland Charters Crowland Researchers
Crowle (Lincs) Crowle Officials Crowle Documents Crowle Court Records Crowle Accounts Crowle Data Tables Crowle Charters Crowle Researchers
Croydon (Surrey) Croydon Officials Croydon Documents Croydon Court Records Croydon Accounts Croydon Data Tables Croydon Charters Croydon Researchers
Cuckfield (Susx) Cuckfield Officials Cuckfield Documents Cuckfield Court Records Cuckfield Accounts Cuckfield Data Tables Cuckfield Charters Cuckfield Researchers
Cucklington (Som) Cucklington Officials Cucklington Documents Cucklington Court Records Cucklington Accounts Cucklington Data Tables Cucklington Charters Cucklington Researchers
Cuddenbeck (Corn) Cuddenbeck Officials Cuddenbeck Documents Cuddenbeck Court Records Cuddenbeck Accounts Cuddenbeck Data Tables Cuddenbeck Charters Cuddenbeck Researchers
Cullompton (Devon) Cullompton Officials Cullompton Documents Cullompton Court Records Cullompton Accounts Cullompton Data Tables Cullompton Charters Cullompton Researchers
Curry-Mallet (Som) Curry-Mallet Officials Curry-Mallet Documents Curry-Mallet Court Records Curry-Mallet Accounts Curry-Mallet Data Tables Curry-Mallet Charters Curry-Mallet Researchers