Writings 1551-1600

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People for various reasons made certain writings and indentures to be enrolled in the common law records. They are listed here in the year they were enrolled, and that year is usually the same as the year of the original. The primary concern of this page is land transactions. Other writings may be included, but please do not include quitclaims of all actions or pardons or, generally, documents that were proffered in litigation. Charters of towns and cities should be linked under the name of the town or city in the geographical sector of WAALT.


  • H1590 A: Indenture between Arthur Kempe of Pentlowe, Essex, gentleman AND George Kempe of Wymondham, Norfolk, esquier and Dame Mary his wife. In consideration of the sum of 2,000 marks paid to Arthur and in consideration of a jointure to be made to Dame Mary, Arthur bargained and sold and granted to George Kempe and Mary his wife Pentlow Hall in Pentlow, Foxhearth, and Bellchampe St Paul, Essex. [1] rcp
  • H1590 B: Indenture between John Banyster de Willingham, Lincolnshire, gentleman AND Robert Johnson of Kexby, Lincolnshire. Sale of the patronage and advowson of the rectory of Willingham to Johnson. [2] rcp
  • H1590 C: Indenture between Richard Thekeston of London gentleman and Henry Best citizen and scribe of London AND Michael Lowe de Tymmore, Staffordshire. Conveyance to Lowe of lands in Edinghall, Derbyshire. [3] rcp
  • H1590 D: Indenture between John Studd de Maldon, Essex, joiner v. John Kellendon de Malden. Bargain and sale by Studd to Kellendon of the lands in Malden lately held by Margery Stud, widow. [4] rcp