Writings 1501-1550

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People for various reasons made certain writings and indentures to be enrolled in the common law records. They are listed here in the year they were enrolled, and that year is usually the same as the year of the original. The primary concern of this page is land transactions. Other writings may be included, but please do not include quitclaims of all actions or pardons or, generally, documents that were proffered in litigation. Charters of towns and cities should be linked under the name of the town or city in the geographical sector of WAALT.


  • E1530 A: Indenture between Rice Grufith de Carewe, Pembroke armiger v. William Rabynnysby citizen and merchant tailor of London: a bargain and sale concerning a cornmill and two walking or fulling mills in Herefordshire. [1] rcp
  • E1530 B: Quitclaim by Thomas Gent de Asheburne and Nicholas Gent son and heir apparent of the same Thomas to Anthony fitzHerbert knight justice of the bench in fee tail male of the lands in Norbury, Roffington, and Snelston in Derbyshire. [2] rcp
  • T1530 A: Grant by Leticia Ashby widowof John Ashby gentleman to Edmund Knightley armiger, Richard Throkmerton armiger, Richard Humfrey armiger, and Richard Bradford yeoman the manor of Foxcote, Northamptonshire and other hereditaments in Foxcote and Abthorpe for 40 p.s., of which 20 p.s. was paid immediately. [3] rcp
  • M1530 A: Gloucestershire. Confirmation of estate by Anthony Bradston of Winterbourne to John Webb in Winterbourne. [4] rcp
  • M1530 B: Buckinghamshire. Confirmation by Joan Fyllyns, alias Reynoldes, of London widow one of the daughters of William Broke de Chesham (Buckinghamshire) and Ane his wife to William Morys gentleman and fellow of Clifford's Inn , John Wygge, Henry Wygge de Rollesham husbandman, William Clerk de Wynge yeoman and John Scott de Risborough Monks husbandman of the manors of Hundrige and Rollesham etc. [5] rcp