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People for various reasons made certain writings and indentures to be enrolled in the common law records. They are listed here in the year they were enrolled, and that year is usually the same as the year of the original. The primary concern of this page is land transactions. Other writings may be included, but please do not include quitclaims of all actions or pardons or, generally, documents that were proffered in litigation. Charters of towns and cities should be linked under the name of the town or city in the geographical sector of WAALT.


  • H1351 A: Oxfordshire. Quitclaim of lands in Oxford (a shop of different levels called The Garite near the town square) from Hugh de Aston of Staffordshire to the Abbot of Osney. [1]
  • H1351 B: Quitclaim of the manor of Makkeneye from William of Makkeneye to Ralph Restwold and Juliana his wife. [2] rcp
  • H1351 C: Derbyshire. Quitclaim of the manor of Stretton from Henry de Stretton son of Osbert de Stretton parson of the chuch of Stretton in Derbyshire to Lord William de Bereford parson of Appleby, Lord Richard de Tadelowe parson of Mixbury, Lord John de Stene parson of Shoteswell, and Nicholas de Lichfield cleric. Wittnessed by William de Shareshull et al. [3] rcp
  • H1351 D: Sussex. Quitclaim of lands in Poynings from Thomas son and heir of Robert de Erle to Richard Laxman and Joan his wife. [4] rcp
  • H1351 E: Huntingdonshire. Agreement between William son and heir of William de Burford and John de Styvecle about an annual rent of 5 marks. [5], [6] rcp
  • E1351 A; Oxfordshire. Quitclaim by John son and heir of John de Baddeby to Lord Thomas de Baddeby his uncle of the lands Thomas holds in Wroxton. [7] rcp
  • E1351 B: Grant by William de Sheltwode cleric and Thomas de Chirchehull to William de Shareshull sr of a messuage etc that William de Broghton had in Swyneford juxta Comenore. [8] rcp
  • E1351 C: Quitclaim by Henry de Horne parsoon of Blachington son and heir of John de Horne to William de Roderham concerning the manor of Horne. [9] rcp
  • M1351 A: Quitclaim by Roger Nenard and Henry son of that Roger to John Salman and Isabella his wife concerning lands in Gelham Magna (Great Yeldham?), Toppesfield, and Hengham. [10] rcp


  • H1352 A: Oxfordshire. Grant by Geoffrey de Redynges abbot of Bruers and the convent to William de Shareshull sr knight of a term of 200 years in the manor of Dunthorp. [11] rcp
  • H1352 B: Berkshire. Grant by Agnes who was the wife of Gilbert Bullok de Barkham to John Oliver parson of Finchamstead and Ralph Restwold of a forest in Barkham. [12] rcp
  • H1352 C: Berkshire. Quitclaim by John Mautravers chivaler to Agnes who was the wife of Gilbert Bullok of the manor of Barkham and the advowson there. [13] rcp
  • E1352 A: Bedfordshire. Demise by Joan who was the wife of Thomas son of Walter de Daventry sr to John de Tamworth for life, of lands in Tingrith. [14] rcp
  • E1352 B: Bedfordshire. Grant of an annual rent of 20s by Edmund Bolestrode de Prestelee to Lawrence de Stoke by Clare and Clare his wife, the rent to be taken from lands in Bedfordshire. [15] rcp
  • T1352 A: Warwickshire. Quitclaim by Henry le Bray to the Prior of Kenilworth of 6 marks annual rent in Locksley. [16] rcp
  • T1352 A: Warwickshire. Grant by John, abbot of Combe (enrolled by Robert, abbot of Combe) to Lord Richard de Stafford knight and Isabella his wife to present two clerics to the abbot to celebrate and pray forthe souls of William de Campvill and Albreda his wife and their heirs. [17] rcp
  • T1352 B: Warwickshire. Quitclaim by Nicholas Ryvel parson of Glascote and William de Walton vicar of Newbold Panton to Roger son of Phillip de Newnham to Newnham by Kirby. [18] rcp
  • T1352 C: Gloucestershire. Grant by John son of Richard de Foxcote of Gloucestershire to Gilbert Chasteleyn knight of the manor of Rodebroke. [19] rcp
  • M1352 A: Northamptonshire. Quitclaim by George de Lungeville knight to John de Excestre and Mary his wife of all rights to a pasture in a Hardyngesthorne and Cotes. [20] rcp
  • M1352 B: Suffolk. Quitclaim by Thomas de Bergh to Robert son of Oliver de Monton of the manor of Freton had from the gift of Alice Puttok. [21] rcp


  • E1353 A: Staffordshire. Quitclaim by William son of Griffin de la Pole to William de Shareshulle knight and Dionisia his wife of the manor of Great Saredon. [22] rcp
  • E1353 B: Norfolk. Receipt by William de Shareshulle of 5 marks from John de Conteshale and Phillipa his wife and from Adam de Ludham by the hands of Thomas Cobald; the rent was owed to the Abbot of Osney and received in his name. [23] rcp
  • T1353 A: Quitclaim of actions by Thomas Wakelyn executor of Robert de Ardern knight to John Bardolf de Wyrmigeye. [24] rcp
  • T1353 B: Quitclaim of a debt by Thomas Wakeleyn executor of Robert de Ardern knight to John Bardolf of Wormegeye. [25] rcp
  • T1353 C: Quitclaim of actions by Hugh Symondes to Lord William de Aldebury late rector of Iccombe. [26] rcp
  • M1353 A: Bucks. Quitclaim by John Beek de Quynton to Richard son of Richard de Eccleshale and Clemencia his wife of all lands in Wolverton, Calverton, Filgrave, and Emberton. [27] rcp
  • M1353 B: Oxon. Quitclaim by John Daundelyn de Craneford to Lord Roger de Coteford knight of lands Turnesmere. [28] rcp


  • E1354 A: Berkshire. Quitclaim by John son of Richard Attewyke de Cherlton to Edmund de Bereford and John Loveday and the heirs of John Loveday of all lands that Richard de Attewyke his father had in Cherleton, Wanetyngge, Grove, WestLokyng and elsewhere in Berkshire. [29] rcp
  • E1354 B: Quitclaim by Walter Moton late warden of bishop of Hereford's woods at Rosse to John, bishop of Hereford of all rights in the woods. [30] rcp
  • E1354 C: Quitclaim by Nicholas son and heir of John atte Sydeneye to John son and heir of Stephen de Haffeld of lands Wisbergh and East Preston. [31] rcp
  • E1354 D: Quitclaim by Nicholas son and heir of John atte Sydeneye to Richard, earl of Arundell of Arundell of lands is Wisbergh and East Preston. [32] rcp
  • E1354 E: Quitclaim by Thomas Wade to Sarah, widow of John Loveday and John, their son, of lands in 'Streclee' and 'Runesford' [33]SJ
  • E1354 F: Quitclaim by Henry Stouman de Gathampton to Sarah, widow of John Loveday and John, their son, of lands in 'Strecles' and 'Runesford'[34] SJ
  • T1354 A: Surrey. Quitclaim by Robert son of William de Chisenhale to Thomas de Thorp parson of Bradewatere and Peter Polteman chaplain of all rights in the pasture Moriscroft in the parish of Leddrede. [35] rcp
  • M1354 A: Grant by Thomas de Bankwell lord of Lee to Lord John de Kendale perpetual vicar of Lewisham and Lord John Geffetok perpetual vicar of East Greenwich the manors of Lee along with its advowson, Scrofhold, and Detlyng, and a manor of called Baunkers. [36] Grantees then immediately had enrolled their quitclaim to Thomas de Bankwelle and Elizabeth his wife of Baunkers and a mill in East Greenwich with other rights. [37]. Separately, Kendall and Geffetoke grant the lands to Thomas de Bankwell to him and the heirs of his body and of Katherine, his late wife, with remainders thereafter. [38] rcp
  • M1354 B: Quitclaim by William de Morewode de Dristoke to William de Cotegrave citizen and tailor of London of lands in Newerk [39] and of lands in Northgate by Newerk [40] rcp
  • M1354 C: Quitclaim by Henry son of Henry AtteBroke to Lord Thomas, abbot of Osney concerning lands in Sandford and the hamlet of Ledwelle. [41] rcp
  • M1354 D: Grant for life by Katerina late wife of John de St John de Lageham to William de Shareshull the manor of Stauton St John. [42] rcp
  • M1354 E: Quitclaim by Lawrence Tannere of St Albans and Alice his wife daughter and heir of the late William de Gryttone to William Curteys of St Albans of a messuage in St Albans. [43] rcp
  • M1354 F: Grant by Adam Heyroun de Whathamstede to Helewise daughter of John Beyround of an annual rent of 4 marks. [44] rcp
  • H1355 A: Quitclaim by John Horspathe de Walingford to Lord William parson of East Brightwell, Nicholas de Lichfeld parson of Strattone, and John de Sten parson of Shoteswell of all rights in Walingford and Clopcote. [45] rcp


  • E1355 A: Quitclaim by Arnald Savage knight to John de Huntyngefeld knight all rights to Padelesworth. [46] rcp
  • E1355 B: Grant by John de Croxford to Thomas de Langeleye knight and Alice his wife of Thorpe by Kydelynton. [47] rcp
  • E1355 C: Quitclaim by John de Breouse knight to Lord William de Thorpe knight of the manor of Lothebourgh. [48] rcp
  • T1355 A: Charter by Thomas atte Strete de Wendovere, Bucks, to Simon de Kegworth and Amice his wife of one messuage in London in St Peter's Minor that used to be William de Watford's (citizen and fisherman of London) that lies next to the tenemtn was John de Stonore's, chief justice of the Bench, in which he lived. [49] rcp
  • T1355 B: Quitclaim by William de la Pole knight son and heir of Richard de la Pole knight to Lord William de Thorpe kngiht, concerning a third of the manor of Marham which was Robert le Veer's, and the land of Richard in Marham and Helpston and 2/3 of the advowson of Marham. [50] rcp
  • T1355 C: Grant by William de Shareshull knight sr to Nicholas de Loveyne knight of the manor of Staunton St Joan for the life of Katherine late wife of John de St Joan. [51] rcp
  • T1355 D: Grant by William son of William le Bonde de Grantham citizen and merchant of London to John Bluet de Saxilby concerning all his lands in Abketilby. [52] rcp
  • T1355 E: Grant by William de Shareshull knight sr to Nicholas de Loveyne knight and Margaret his wife the manor of Barton with certain exceptions, for the duration of the life of Katherine late the wife of John de St. Joan de Lageham. [53] rcp
  • T1355 F: Quitlaim by John Baret de Stony Stratford, brother and heir of William Baret to Thomas Asplon de Lillingston of the manor of Lillingston that was Elizabeth de Trafford's. [54] rcp
  • T1355 G: Quitclaim by John son of Edmund de Bereford to Simon Fraunceys citizen and merchant of London of the manor of la Donne. [55] rcp
  • M1355 A: Indenture between William prior of Merton and the convent of Merton on one side and Edmund parson of Manteby on the other, concerning the tithes of Manteby. [56] rcp
  • M1355 B: Grant by William de Shareshull jr to William de Shareshull father of the manor of Barton St Joan for the term of the life of Katherine late the wife of John de St Joan de Lageham. [57] rcp
  • M1355 C: Quitclaim by John son and heir of John Brend de Stony Stratford to William Burgh de Brackeley for lands in Stony Stratford, Wolverton, and Calverton. [58] rcp See case: [59] rcp


  • H1356 A: Grant by John son of James Perers to John Doyly knight of an annual rent of 40 p.s. from the lands in Norton and Chissington. [60] rcp
  • E1356 A: Grant by Walter Freehorn son of Geoffrey Freehorn to Thomas Bromiz de Harewell of an annual rent of 9s from the lands there were lately Martin de Hescham in Chelreye and Cherlton by Waneting. And to Sarra late wife of John Loveday and Her son John of 3s rent from the tenements that were lately of Thomas Robynes and Alice his wife in South Denchesworth, Berks. [61] rcp
  • E1356 B: Essex. Quitclaim by Thomas Sprot de Somersham, Suff to Alexander Havekyn of Canterbury cleric. [62] rcp
  • T1356 A: Indenture, between Henry le Bayly warden of the perpetual chantry in the chapel of Chaddesden at the altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary, William de Abbeketelly, and Richard la Hay de Novo Burgo his colleague chaplains on one part and the Prior of Launde. [63] rcp
  • T1356 B: Yorkshire. Grant by John Scot son of Lord William Scot knight to Lord John de Thornhill, Agnes de Dronfeld, and John de Dronfeld and the assigns of John de Dronfeld: the advowson of the church of Heton by Almanbury. [64] rcp
  • M1356 A: Quitclaim by John son of Alice daughter of Margery Gyboun of Chelmsford to Roger de Kybwyth chaplain and Giles de Bernewelle chaplain of lands lately of John son and heir of John Way of Mulsham in Chelmsford, Spryngfield, and Mulsham. [65] rcp
  • M1356 B: Quitclaim by Henry de Clympefold son and heir of William de Clympefold to Lord Richard earl of Arundell of lands that Henry's mother had had in dower and that the earl has by grant of John de Cheyne in the parishes of Slyndefold, East Angemeryng and Yabeton in Sussex. [66] rcp
  • M1356 C: Indenture between William de Thorpe on the one part and John de Breouse, Sir William de Luthebourgh parson of Salle, Sir Thomas de Thorpe parson of Bradewater, and Robert de Ash on the other part. Lease of the manor of Luthebourgh. [67] rcp
  • M1356 D: Indenture attesting grant by John Loveday de Elvedon to John de Dagenhale of lands Loveday lately had by feoffment of the same John de Dagenhale in Chelreye and Cherleton by Wanting, Berks. [68] and [69] and Quitclaim by Martin de Hertham. [70] rcp
  • M1356 E: Worcestershire. Quitclaim by Thomas Saundres son of Thomas de Newbold upon Stour to the abbot and convent of Evesham of a messuage etc in Newbold upon Stour. [71] rcp
  • M1356 F: Berkshire. Quitclaim by Martin de Hertham to John de Chelseye concerning the manor of West Schifford. [72] rcp
  • M1356 G: Grant by John Golafre knight lord of Certeden to Thomas son of William Malyn de Chirchehull of a messuage etc., Idebury. [73] rcp


  • E1357 A: Kent. Quitclaim by Roger de Ashbournham to Lord Reginald de Cobham concerning lands in Boghisille. [74] rcp
  • E1357 B: John Sweyn granted to Hamo de Ware and Margaret his wife that they would not be challenged for waste in the 240 acres etc in Therfeld, Bokelond, and Berlee for the life of Margaret and that her or their executors would have free administration of the goods on those lands for a year after Margaret's death. [75] rcp
  • T1357 A: Indenture between Richard de Eyton and Robert de Wighthull & Elizabeth his wife, witnessing that Eyton had leased and granted to them all the lands and tenements in Great Tew and Little Tew for their lives. [76] rcp
  • T1357 B: Quitclaim of Joan daughter of John Inge knight to Lord Thomas West knight of the lands that Thomas acquired from William Wyke her husband in the parish of Tisbury, Wiltshire. [77] rcp
  • M1357 A: Quitclaim of Thomas son and heir of John Murdake knight to William de Shareshulle jr knight and Joan his wife of lands in Derneford that William has by grant from William de Shareshulle sr knight. [78] rcp
  • M1357 B: Quitclaim of Joan late the wife of Robert Flory de Luyton to Thomas de la Mare abbot of St Albans of lands in Luyton. [79] rcp


  • H1358 A: Oxfordshire. Grant by Richard de Stafford knight to Robert de Wyghthull & Elizabeth his wife of lands in Great Tywe. [80] rcp
  • H1358 B: Quitclaim by Alice Buxton to William Hardekyn de Manitre that William had from the gift of Robert Buxton in Manitre. [81] rcp
  • H1358 C: Warwickshire. Quitclaim by William de Peyto to Nicholas de Lichefeld cleric of the manor of Wyke in Cockton. [82] rcp
  • H1358 D: Warwickshire. Indenture between William de Shareshull knight and William de Peyto. The indenture attests that, whereas Shareshull was held by an obligatory writing to pay Peyto 100 marks, Peyto granted that if Shareshull paid 40 marks within two years, the obligation would be null and void. [83] rcp
  • H1358 E: Shropshire. Quitclaim by Giles de Erdynton knight to Robert Corbet de Morton knight of the manor of Shawebury etc. [84] rcp
  • H1358 F: Grant by John de Brumpton to Lord William de Heyford chaplain and Robert le Harpur of manors etc., in Middle Aston, Oxfordshire and Brumpon, Berkshire. [85] rcp
  • E1358 A: Grant by William Blowe staying at Cowyk to John Joce of St Neots cleric and Eleanor his wife of a messuage etc in Willenhale that Blowe had by gift from William Blowe his brother. [86] rcp
  • E1358 B: Quitclaim by Adam de Estlambrok to Thomas son ofJohn Tryvet knight & Alice his wife of an acre of pasture in Brademede in Bishop's Kingsbury. [87] rcp
  • T1358 A: Quitclaim by Thomas son of Thomas de Dallynge of London cousin and heir of Peter Mabbesson de Wychingham brother of the said Thomas his father to Nicholas vicar of Wychingham St Mary, Nicholas Bacheler chaplain, Ralph de Charewode, and Alexander Brythmere de Wychingham concerning rights in the lands late of Peter his uncle in Wychingham St Mary and that Nicholas, Nicholas, Ralph, and Alexander hold jointly. [88] rcp
  • M1358 A: Quitclaim by Stephen de Trafford son and heir of Elizabeth de Trafford to Thomas Aspelon de Lyllyngston concerning the manor of Lillingstone. [89] rcp
  • M1358 B: Sussex. Quitclaim by Hugh de Elnestede to Robert de Elnestede concerning lands in Pagham, Berghstede, and Ounynge, Sussex. [90] rcp
  • M1358 C: Berkshire. Grant by Gilbert de Okehangre to Nicholas de Kentwode and John his son of the manor of West Shifford. [91] rcp
  • M1358 D: Grant by Brian de Cornewaille knight to Thomas son of William Malyn de Churchill and Elizabeth his wife of a messuage etc in Foxcote. [92] rcp
  • M1358 E: Berkshire. Quitclaim by Gilbert de Okhangre to Nicholas de Kentwode and John son of the same Nicholas concerning the manor of West Shifford. [93] rcp


  • H1359 A: Oxfordshire. Quitclaim by Thomas West knight to John Laundels concerning the manor of Little Minster. [94] rcp
  • H1359 B: Oxfordshire. Quitclaim by Richard son of Richard de Stanlake to John Laundels and Katherine his wife concerning the manor of Little Minster. [95] rcp
  • H1359 C: Quitclaim by Robert de Ippewelle to Thomas son of William Malyn de Chircheshull concerning tenements in Foxcote that has by demise of Agnes de Ippewelle, Robert's mother. [96] rcp
  • E1359 A: Quitclaim by Joan daughter of Ralph Bagot knight to Lord Ralph earl of Stafford concerning all right in the manor of Hyde by Stafford. [97] rcp
  • M1359 A: Quitclaim by John Boweles de Beggerye alias John de Meryet to William parson of Chineworth, Nicholas de Hele, and Richard de Wardemore concerning claims in Gotton and Bickleigh. [98] rcp
  • M1359 B: Grant by John Bowelles de Beggerye alias John de Meryet to William parson of Ashebritel, Thomas de Hornesbogh, William Trotym, and Richard Percehay de Wardemore concerning the reversion of all lands and tenements he had in Estecote in the parish of Carampton that Gilbert Randolph and Joan his wife hold of Bowelles for term of their lives. [99] rcp
  • M1359 C: Quitclaim by Francis son of Henry de Scoland to Thomas de Lodelowe concerning the manor of Little Freningham. [100] rcp See also [101] rcp
  • M1359 D: Richard son of Phillip de Maubaunk granted to William son of Nicholas de Bonevill, Richard de Lilleshull parson of Uffewille, and John Reynald chaplain the reversion of the manor of Horton in Sussex after the death of Letice de Vyens according to the form of a final concord. Letice freely attorned to them. The three joint tenants thus grant that Letice will have the manor for the duration of her life without any impeachment for waste. [102] rcp See also [103] rcp
  • M1359 E: Indenture between John son of John de Cherleton of Middlesex and Katherine late wife of Robert de Wykham by which Katherine granted certain lands in Middlesex and Buckinghamshire to John for the term of Katherine's life for 46s8d/year. [104] rcp. See M1359 F.
  • M1359 F: Quitclaim by Richard de la Lee of Oxfordshire to John son of John de Cherleton of Middlesex concerning the same lands as in M1359E that were held by Kathering late wife of Robert de Wykham from Richard. [105] rcp
  • M1359 G: Quitclaim by Thomas de Grey de Cavendish knight to Gilbert de Debenham and John de Cavendish concerning all lands and tenements etc., that John de Grey cleric, brother of Thomas, had in various named places in Essex. [106] rcp
  • M1359 H: Quitclaim by Thomas de Grey de Cavendish knight to John de Grey cleric, his brother, of only some of the lands listed in M1359 G. [107] rcp